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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 18, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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now at 4:00, hunting the gunman in the deadly shooting of a d.c. 10-year-old. >> i can't eat. i can't think. it's like you got the soul your life sucked out of you. >> they have one key piece of evidence, the car the killers were in when they opened fire here in the courtyard. >> these are the hugs the boys in that cave have been waiting for.wh they'll do now for those who never gave up on them.ll
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aneged invasive search. d >> youon't have anything on me. >> don't do that. n you don't have anything me. >> the new lawsuit following this police stop in the district. changing minds. ♪ i'm not going to give up an r&b star opens up about her years long battle with depression. and a fiery consistent goes all wro s. nbc4 at 4:rts now. first to that senseless shooting that claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl. >> police have recovered a big clue, the vehicle they believe the shooters used. the gunmen areut still o there and police still have a whole lot of unanswered questions. >> thating early monday evening along 53rd street and northeast, pat collins joins us at the scene. pat? >> reporter: leon, in a brief moment you're going toee rveillance video opt gunmen who opened fire here in this
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courtyard. kwl you'll seet the gunmen get f the car. it's an image hard to get. jumping out of the car. a hail of bullets. a 10-year-old girl shot and killed in front of her home. since this happened monday night in clay terrace, police have been looking for the killers' car, a black infinitiy sedan. that suspect car recovered today in princgeorge's county. the murder victim, makiyah wilson, she was a fifth grader at the d.c. scholars charter school. gunned down near the dooay of her house. shot and wounded, her 18-year-old sister. she was there at the time. at the place where it happened today, mike daeangelo, makiyah' uncle was there with a painting of the youngti murder v done in her honor by noted artist.
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mr. deangelo said this has devastated the family. eat.can't i can't think. my son's been crying. it's like youot g the soul -- your life sucked out of you. breaking news now. most of american unive ity is on lockdown after reports of a man with a gun. >> police tell us tha a man was spotted this afternoon on new mexico avenue in northwest. the lockdown at the wisconsin avenue building only have been lifted. all the other buildings on campus, including the main campus area are still on lockdown. police are going buildingy building right now. people who o are campus have been told to shelter in place. we've got a crew working this story. we'll bring you updates on air and on the nbc washington a a ju soon as new information becomes available. we have more breaking news now. a d.c. police officer sued for a frisking caughtn camera. erika gonzalez at the live desk with video that shows how this
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whole thinghappened. >> pat, the aclu calls this a shocking and unjustified invasion of privacy and a violation of basic dignity. thes lawsuit s this happened during a police search last september in the bellevue neighborhood. because of the te of day and the graphic nature of the video, we are choosing to freeze the video before the graphic touching takes place. the officer named in -- the searchedred after he showed the officer a small amount of marijuana he had and gave the officer permission to pat him down, but says the officer wen toofar, aggressively touching him in sensitive areas. when cunningham protested, he said the officer handcuffed him and continued to searc h using invasive tactics. the aclu says the chief saw the videt week during a d.c. council hearing and acknowledged it looked like it was inappropriate touching by the officer. we've attempted to get
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additional comment from d.c. police today. they say they do not comment on pending litigation. rom the live desk, i'm eri gonzalez. >> thank you, erika. let's go across the globe now. for the first time since their rescue, we're hearing from the 12 boys who spent 18 days trapped inside the cave in thailand. nbc's janis mackey frayer was there when the boys were released from the hospital. >> reporter: in high spirits and good health, the thai soccer team thatld captivated the w smiling for the cameras and revealing details of the ten days they were missing. with no concept and notng to eat, l they say thk the cave's walls to drink their minds tired only thinking of food. out of the darkness, two british divers found them. >> translator: i was quiteal med that he was a foreigner. i did not know what to say to hi i said hello, and then he said hello back. it was a miracle.
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>> translator: their mental state is very good. they are strong healthy, as well as mentally. whether you are -- strong physically and mentally. >> across the town where the boys ve, families are getting ready for a homecoming like no other. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, thailand. . >> w says soccer players aren't tough. >> they are. >> pretty good considering what they've through. >> absolutely. so good to see them. you know their families are thrilled. >> you know that's for sure. >> lionel, i'm sure you've heard about the plastic straw ban. >> starbucks is one of many businesses banning the straws to help the environment but the ban is getting some backlash from one group that says they rely plasticra stws. scammers aren't just interested in our social security number and your credit cards ese days. get this, folks, they're also
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snatching cash rigf out your kids' college savings accounts. we're working with you on how t protect your money. brand-new details on the next royal wedding and how the members of the public can apply to get on the guest list. a beautiful day today. highpe tture, 88 degrees so far but much less humidity, much more comfortable across the area. i'll show you l howg this lasts, though, and what it means to the weekend. see you in a minute. great time me is a to get away, but before you pack your bags, we're here to help you pick out the right luggage soour things arrive safely. >> so many options out there. softrd bags. cases. weird handl things. she's going to help you figure out which suitcase is best to your trip. your trip.
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today and the next two day couldn't be more perfect, but storm team 4 is calling for some changes in store for the weekend. we'll tell you when to expect thendext rain how much and for how long. back with his forecast in three minutes. a consumer alert tonight for hackers a new tacti are using to try to steal your money. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with what you need to know to protect your hard-earned savings. susan telit us about >> that's right, leon.
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accounts, such as your pet's name. you,is a bonus tip for when answering those additional security questions some sites throw i lie. be sure, though, to remember that lie so you don't get locked out of your own account later on. back to you, pat. >> all right. that doesn't sound fair. >> i know. >> all for the warning. >> thank you, susan. >> here is another reason to tell your teager to put down the cell phone. >> a new study links prolonged screen time to attention deficit disorder. researchers in southern california found that teens who are heavy users of computers anp smarnes were unable to focus elsewhere. heavy digital users were twice as likely to develop symptoms of adhd as their peers. they tracked high school students for two years in this study, but experts are cautioning they're not saying this means tech use definitely causing attention problems. a glimpse new assessment about liver cancer deares. mericans are dying from liver cancer, that's according
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to a recent report fro the centers for disease control. aths from liver cancer have spiked in men and women and for most ethnic groups. experts blame increasing obesity and therowing number of baby boomers diagnosed with hyepatits c. there is still a long way to go until businesses and residents there can get back to normal. city leaders announcing that main street will open to traffic at 5:00 p.m. on friday. there will be some parking restrictions,specially on lower main street. closed since the devastating floods at the end of may. police will still have a 24/7 presence in that area. turning now to the weather down here. it's pretty nice out there. >> gorgeous. ove the humidity. can we just keep it like this for awhile? awhile. talking the next two, three days before t when they do change, they're going to change in a much different way than we've seen over t o last coupl months. an interesting pattern change.
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coming up he enjoy what we've got now. some beautiful weather. take a look at our camera pointed out towards american university and off in the distance -- you can see plenty of clear skies and brigh blue skies out there, too. a lot of goodha visibility we continue to see. as we look towards the temperature right now sitting at 88 degrees. wind out of the north at 44 miles per hour. it's 88 in d.c., yes, but look at the rest of the temperatures. gaigtberg. 70 in oakla. that's just amazing what's happening out there towards the mountains right now. a gat mountain day for us, though, no rain. we're not going to see any any time soon. the next three days will be completely dry, today, tomorrow and into friday. you can see the flow coming in. watch the clouds. they're moving right onown from the north, bringing us that
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dry canadian air. as i widen out here, look at the jet stream. traveling all the way to the south and well o into the atlantic. that's the cooler air. that's the dryer air. there is no heat in this area at all. 86,lexington, 79, chicago. buffalo at 76. weather. pushed the heat well down to the soutbi we're talkintime heat, dallas at 103 today. that heat, however, not moving our way. we are not going to see temperatures into the low 90 i don't have a 90 on the entire ten-day forecast, as a matter of fact. for tomorrow it's that northerly windgain. another great day warm with low humidity. plenty of sunshine with the temperature. around right around the average high for this time of y89r. egrees on friday. still looking good there. here is the change, saturday into sunday and then all of next look at this. a chance of rain every single migh well keep it on even
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day. into next weekend. i'm trying to leave a littl of hope here, but we're going to run into a pattern. notice the temperates, into the low to mid-80s the entire time. the highest number we have is 88 degrees. i don't see any 90s. it's going to be aather wet one. we're talking chance of storms this is not rain all day long the entire time, but it does look like a very wet atmosphere. a lot of humidity. things get a little soupy as w make our way saturday into the weekend. if you're heading to the beaches, wait until you see that forecast. amelia joins me at4:45. >> all right. soupy, oh, my goodness. thank you. justnto our newsroom, a judge has denied bail for a 20-year-old gun rights activist charged with being a covert russian agent. maria butina accused of gathering intelligenceern an officials. the government argued the former american university student is a flight risk. seen here graduating back in may. the judge in the case ruled
4:22 pm
butina remained jailed while she awaits trial. she's facing charges of acting as an unregistered agent in the u.s. at the direction of ali kr official. her lawyer said today this is no espionage, this is not a spy case, nothing alleges maria did anything that was illegal or unlawful. nbc4's chris gordon will have more from court coming up at 5:00. meantime, more damage control at the white houhe. todayresident was asked if russia is still targeting our elections. appeared to say no. the white house says that's not the case. >> -- asked the president, is e russia still targeting the u.s.? he said no. is that what the president actually believes? td he understand the question? >> president said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. >> now, the fact remains that president trump has yet to publicly call out vladimir putin for interfering in the 2016 election. susan mcginnis on capitol hill
4:23 pm
now to break all of this down for us. susan, where do we stand o this? >> -- i think that the united states has been -- >> reporter: -- broke with u.s. inlligence agencies, indicating he does not believe that russia is trying to attack america's democracy. [ inaudible question ]>> thank you very much. >> reporter: hours later, the white house says he was misunderstood. >> the president said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. we believe that the threat still exists, which is w we're taking steps to prevent it. >> reporter: a day after he was forced to clarify whether he believes russia interfered with the 2016 election, the president insisted he is standing up to russia. >> there's never been a president as tough ons russia i have been. >> reporter: that claim falling flat with this former ambassador to russia. g> this is becoming a joke. it is becom absurd. it makes our president look weak. it makes our country look weak. >> reporter: meanwhile, lawmakers are demanding to know what trump and putin said behind clos doors in helsinki with
4:24 pm
only their interpreters present. >> we want the interpreter to come before the committee. we want to see the notes. >> i don't have any idea what occurred. it just a press conference? was there anything substantive that came out of it? >> reporter: russia seems to know, announcing it's ready to move on agreements hee leaders red. a new recall to tell you about this afternoon. fordas recalled nearly 550,000 cars and suvs to fix a gear shift problem. the issue can cause some vehicl to roll away unexpectedly. the recall includes ford fusion sedans, thers y 2013 through 2016, and ford escapes, 2013o t 2014. ford advis drivers to use the parking brake. so far there have been n crashes and no injuries linked to that problem. that's good news. did queen elizabeth throw subtle shade at president trump
4:25 pm
during his visit to the uk? >> fewashion statements have a lot of people reading between the lines. erika gonzale m is here withe on that. >> reporter: the queen is known really ing these beautiful and ornate broaches, but it's three in particular that are causing quite a stir. first up is a vintage yellow gold and diamond piece that was gifted to her by the obamas in 2011. she wore that piece the day mr. trump arrived in the uk. cond is this particular broach that she used on day two, when she actually met with the trumps. it is a palm leaf and it is the same one that her motheore to the funeral of king george vi. stly, the matriarch was seen wearing a broach on mr. trump's final day in town. ta was ament piece from canada, a country with which president trump has h some blic strife with. the queen doesn't typically comment on political matters so it's pretty unlikely we're going to hear what prompted thchoice in the broaches, but, of course,
4:26 pm
there is a lot of speculation on >>cial media. yes, there is. isn't there? there is another royal wedding on the horizon. >> similar to prince harry and meghan markle's wedding, the public is invited. marry london socialite jack brooksbeck. at windsor castle october 12th. the couple invited some 1,200 members of the public. the public has a chance to enter a obattle, but qualify you have to hold a uk address. we can't do it. >> love in the air in great britain these days. >> in spades. >> a lot of it. a popular r&b star opening about her struggle to survive. michelle williams is taking to get control of her depression and why the former destiny's child singer says she's proud of herself. banning plastic straws mayh the environment but for many people with disabilities, using those straws is not a question of how much they care abt sea turoutl
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now at 4:30, gone in an instant. two young women dead after ara horrific on a northern virginia road. how their families now are dealing with something they never expected to happen. changing michelleams has been open about her struggle with depression for awhile now, but now the former destiny's child
4:30 pm
singer is takin a major step to get help. with nunn hitting the mega millions jackpot last night, once again the jackpot has soared. what to do, though, if you do win. backow to that tragedy of on the fairfax county parkway. two young women died in a crash here over the weekend. intersection near walnut branchy road, i know the area. for the first time, we're hearing from the victims' families. >> reporter: ton flowing once again here on the irfax county parkway. you wouldn't even know about two devastating losses i iteren't for these two simple crosses on the side of the road. it all happened on sunday morning in the early morning hours aroundt'2:00, t when police here in fairfax county say that an acura mdx somehow veered off the road, wen to the side and two lives were lost. there were four people in the
4:31 pm
car altogether, but the two young women who were inside have been identified as tanisha mccoy and jocyn hearnden. both in their early 20s. >> i keeper expecting to walk in or text me on the phone and say i'm my way or something like that. as the days go on, it becomes more real because i'm not hearing fro sher. will be really missed. it will be a hard road. it's going t be >> reporter: the losses not only being felt by the victims' family members but also by others here in the reston community. ahead on nbc4 at 5:00, you're going toear just how they're being remembered from those who work with them t andse who were friends with them. the questions that still remain in the investigation o wreck. reporting in reston, virginia, eam david culver, news 4.
4:32 pm
>> david did out to fairfax county police todayth they tell hi are still investigating the crash and have not ruled out alcohol or speed. they could also file charges. the -- >> have you eeen called for a basketball foul before this? >> no. >> this is t first time? >> that's my first basketball foul. >> you heard that right. someone called the cops after a pickup basketball game got a little too real for them. here is video from l.a. fitness in erling, virginia. this video is causing an uproar one of the guys on the court felt he was fouled too hard and he called the authorities. this fall -- foul fallout, i should say, is today's talk around town. taylor thomas is here to talk about taylor, as you know, anybody who has played or even watched a pickup ga, you know sometimes things get a little, you know, rough and tumble. that's the way g the games played these days. >> absolutely. >> it's no surprise to anybody. david culver talked to a couple
4:33 pm
of guys playing in that game, and they're trying to caulk everything up, notentioning what was going on there. trying to keep a lid on things. it turns out no charges were filed in this case and they also went out of way to not talk about the races involved. what are your listeners saying about this? >> first of all, it's ridiculous. it seems like it's an epidemic in our country. if it's not every week, it's every other d t or close that, people calling law enforcement for matters that don't require it. many of our listens said maybe there should be something on a local or national levelhat we explain to peoe what warrants a police involvement and what doesn't. i know it seems trivial, but that oucall,ook valuable resources off the street to handle a matter that didn't require it. now, of course, we hcalls, lots of calls -- >> i'll bet. >> this is bobby from ketering. >> that doesn't happen where i'm from. nobody does that. that's against man law.
4:34 pm
we don't call fouls -- no blood, no foul. you definitely don't call the ops. >> just a waste valuable resources. >> i tell you, the guys i play with, you do something like that, you never get picked again. >> that's it. >> can't play in tt gym now. let's switch gears here now. another story that has taken a lot of people by surprise. former destiny's child sinilr michelleams is sending out a message on social media and say shg ehash struggled w depression for years and it's time for her to get help. taylor, as you know, there is still a stigma t in black community surrounding mental health. what are your listeners saying when they hear a this? >> our listeners are applauding her for coming out and putting her face to depression and mental health issues within the black community there is a stigma. there is a level of embarrassment. a levelf weakness. our listeners are hoping by her coming out the way she's coming out that perhaps there can be a national dialogue that we can begin talking aboutma this. families are dealing with it. they also want to point out that
4:35 pm
they think that this i a great opportunity for, you know, people -- people assume when you see a person, they look good, driving a nic car,hey must be doing well. this is the perfect example of you never know what somebody is going through lisa reached out to us from d.c. and wanted to share her thoughts. so glad she's getting help. seeking therapy is not dirty. therapy is not dirty word. for our culture, i hope that we can have open dialogut depression. it's so important. >> leon, che recently released a report showing that african-american women are not only less likely to be treated for depression but they're also less likely to seek help or even acknowledge they may be depressed. >> i hate to say it, o but if community does not face that, that could prevent us from addressing so many other issues affecting us domestically. this could be a real sea chang >> this i the first step. >> good deal. thank you so much. ta>or thomas. ews 4 is committed to
4:36 pm
shattering that stigma surrounding depression. you can find a list of resources including the national suicide prevention hotline in our app. pat, oveto you. relationshipon cflicts. we all have those. but we'llxplain why a nth. hurricane season is fast-approaching. are we ready for i that's the question. what we learned today about recovery efforts in texas, florida and puerto rico.e what's being d prepare for future storms. yesterday, we've been incredibly dry here for the month of july. but over theeekend, that starts to change. you can see we have scattered showers and tnderstorms in the forecast saturday, sunday and monday. so what does that mean for your doug and i will break it down coming up.
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. i it's remarkable thatwoke up look inside my brain and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving menew life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital
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defining medicine. bail denied for a woman
4:40 pm
accused of being a secret agent imr russia. >> haanly joining us with a look ahead at what's coming up at 5:00. >> she's a former au student and a gun rights activist, but the fbi says she was also a lot more. ris gordon was i the courtroom today where she was ordered to remain jailed until her trial. he's going to explain what prosecutors say she was willing to do in order to gain influence over american politicians and what her defense attorneys are now saying about it all. plus also news for our health at 5:00 tonight. concerns about the numbers of american womenyi from childbirth-related commissions. coe u.s. with a higher rate than any other our g will join us live to explain why this is a serious problem right here in washington. when we joinou in about 20 minute on news 4 at 5:00. back toor younow. >> thanks, jim. okay. if you're married and you fight with your other half a lot, this
4:41 pm
could be bad for your health, according to a newtudy. researchers in nevada and michigan conducted a 16-year-long study on married couple here in the u.s. they fouea adverselth effects like loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, increased headaches and men seemed to b suffering more, but previousud ies have also pointed out the benefars of mal bliss, includin married people living longer,etting sick less often compared to single orpe divorce le. >> $422 million. that's what the megamillions jackpot has grown to. somedy's hope for an early retirement. no one won last night's drawing. plenty people lining up to buy tickets ahead of iday's drawing. the winner gets to choose between taking a lump sum or annual payments. the lump school will still giv you a cool $254 million.
4:42 pm
od how about it's just som who buys one ticket? they'll be the one that get it. >> are you buying? are you playing? >> i ain't saying. if you don't see me here in a couple of days,ou'll know. >> that will be a clue. >> all right, folks, this byar most sta pretty much a perfect day here, but the humidity is on its way bac >> storm team 4 is back, too, after the break with big coming for the weekend. plus why people with disabilities wan plastic straws to be more flexible. also, afraid of heighr fire? the video of an "america's got talent" act gone horribly wrong. >> got talent but no grip. couldn't believe it when i saw it. >> but > ♪
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there's a lot of volkswagen in every volkswagen. during volkswagen smile and drive days, you can lease a value-packeds 2018 tiguarswagen just $189 a month. days, ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪as long as the suns up... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪ ♪and every moment,
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♪yogotta make it last. all thone amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country visit both p for only $30 per day. i'm erika gonzalez in the newsroom with four things to know i you are just joining us this afternoon. police have recovered the
4:46 pm
vehicle troy think a of gunmen used in a mass shooting that killed a10-year-old gir in the district. investigators found that car in prince george's county, but at that point they are still looking for the gunmen. all right. a new lawsuit against a d.c. police officer accused of inappropriately touching a man during a search last year. the aclu filed the seangainst sean lojacono. we froze the video before the inappropriate touching takes place. the aclu says the officer violated the man's fourth amendment right to unreasonable seizure.d all clear at american university. most of the cpus on lockdown today after reports of a man with a gun in a building onew mexico avenue. police have been going from building to building out of an abundance of caution. we can tell tou nowt lockdown has been lifted. people had been ordered to shelter in place, but, again, nobody was found and the all-clear given. ford's latest recall,
4:47 pm
50,000 escape and fusion vehicles. it stems from a faulty part connected to the transmission. for example, you might putr the n park and the dashboard would show park, but the car would still be in gear and that cause the vehicle to roll away. we've got information you need to know in your nbcn washing app. search "ford recall." pat, leon, back over to you. >> thanks, erika. many people are giving kudos to starbucks for helping the environment by banning plasticw st also backlash here. >> amy choe talks with some people withisabilities abo how this ban could affect their lives. >> i actually have startedrr ying straws with me. >> reporter: before andrea can leaveto her house, she haake sure her wheelchair is well-stocked with straws. she h muscular dystrophy which causes muscle weakness. >> this is as far a i c get it into my mouth. if it weren't for the straw, i
4:48 pm
wouldn't beble to drink it. >> reporter: she's started everw dayith a starbucks for years, but she says the news of the ban on their plastic straws haswaeen hard toow. >> i'm having to fight for something as simple as straws i think is just i-s ridiculous. it impedes and impacts our ability to live our fullest lives. >> the coffee giant puttingte o a snt that said, starbucksl offers and w continue to offer straws to customers o who ne request them in our stores. sttbucks' recent announcem about straws will not impact the ability of those who need straws to access them. we don't't say that care about the environment either. >> amy is a lawyer with the national disability rights network. they're triesing to raise awareness on the issue. i think the reason why people with doibisabilities are so ups. i don't think i was considered by many people the negative impact that it could have. >> reporter: as she continues her coffee runs, she says just to beeafe she'll stashing away straws whenever she can.
4:49 pm
>> i have friends nowhat are just grabbing me straws whenever they see em, just because we don't know, you know, what the outcome is going to be. >> reporter: she says paper straws aren't a good option for her because they fall apart in hot drinks and she says she can't use reusable straws like because she can't clean in northwest, amy choe, news 4. ng> d.c. lawmakers are also considering banlastic straws, however, council member jack evans has said he would ask for an exemption for hospitals that need the straws for their patients. talking about the weather. the all-star game missed it by one day. today would have been perfect. be perfect day and night to out there. >> oh, yeah. >> was it bad last night? >> not after thero storm blew h. >> a little humid. >> the really was. we saw the storms come through. we said the game would be fine. no problem at all. watching a thunderstorm right during about the fourth or fifth inning coming right to december and it fell apart right when it
4:50 pm
got here. >> you get a gold star, doug. >> the guy i was with, doug says there is something called the d.c. split. i bet we're going to get that tonight. >> weid gethat. baltimore got hit pretty hard night with rain but d.c was dry, even though places like bethesda saw rain. frederick, severe storm around 9:00. look what that brought us. that was the front that came through last night. wow, look at picture. a gorgeous shot from national harbor ride now. plenty o sunshine and warm temperatures but the humidity is not a factor. 88 degrees. temperatures dropping fairly quickly this evening because of the low humidity and clear skies. in into the low 70ys b suburbs into the 60s. you'll wake up to vy nice conditions tomorrow. 83 right now inaiersburg. 85 in reston. no rain. we're not going to see any rain. next couple of days, no rain either. dealing with plenty of
4:51 pm
for the next couple of days. look at this. sunshine tomorrow, sunshinendn fridayhen we get to the weekend. the weekend here not all that t bad, but letk about the beaches. amelia's in the weather center. the beaches this wweekend,ve had great weather at the beaches all summer. this is not going to be a great beach weekend. >> exactly. and, unfortunate based on the forecast right now you're dealing with two factors that make it unfavorable to be at the beach this weekend. the first being rain and storms. i'm not just talking about showers. there is the chance for heavy rain at the beaches on turday, and we're also dealing with winds, windy conditionsay on satund breezy on sunday. so take a look. if you're heading there and looking for a three-day weekend, nice. at least is looking a mix of clouds and sun and the temperature around 78. the water temperature comingn at 76 degrees. 76 for a high at the beaches on saturday and 77 on sunday. rain and thunderstorms are looking likely on saturday. on sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms is what you can expect at the beaches, based on the forecast right now.
4:52 pm
back here at home, it'sgot goo be a washout. here is saturday or sunday. a few scattered showers and thunderstorms out tn saturday, especially if you're east of washington. east of i-95. but overall, there is a better chance for some rain on sunday. but, again, because of the fact -- it's not a washout right now. don' cancel outdo plans. this is a bit of a tricky forecast, especially on saturday. 's going to continue to evolve and we're going to have to continue to update it over the next few. da >> it all depends where the area of low pressure comes. that may become a nor'easter as it moves u the coast. northeasterly m winds as es up the coast. it sets up a pattern here. the pattern is going to be much more hu warm with a chance for showers and thunderstorms just about each day. a fairly wet pattern as we make our way into the last full week of july. >> all right. thank you, doug. well, did you see it? a heart-stopping moment during nbc's "america's got talent" last night. >> this game with the night's
4:53 pm
final act. a husband and wife trapeze rformance and the judge cuts round. a thrilling stunt. in the fal ments, the husband, who was blindfolded, by the way, dropped his wife. you see that? the couple's 2-year-old sonhi a grandmother were there watching in the audience. thankfully the couple had covered the floor with a thick protective mat, so the woman was not injured. >> despite the mishap, the dges voted to advance the couple to next month's live round of shows. the judge cuts continue next tuesday night on nbc. i'm thinking that mat probably saved that marriage. what do you think?ha >> that's i'm thinking, dude, you can drop anyone but your wife. that's going to be a long ride home. that had to be a long ride home last night. oh, my >> we're sure it was. >> i shouldn't laugh but i am. >> we're glad she's okay. >> we're glad she's okay. all right. en a hurricane hits, it can be devastating, as you know. >> an update on those ho are
4:54 pm
still struggling from last year's hurricanes and what's being doneem to help plus, it could cripple the leaving tro system and a lot of people looking for a ride to work or home. metro est on a possibl st
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
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a reminder for millions of us today abo the power of hurricanes. red cross and onstar want people to be prepared as we enter the peak of hurricane season. capitol hill lawmakers met today to find a way to help those still struggling to recover from last year's hurricane. nbc's jay gray has more. >> reporter: so far the water and winds have stayed calm, but as we move now into the heart of hurricane season, the american red cross and onstar warn don't dolet your guard. >> you want to build an emergency kit. you want to have a plan. you wan to b informed. >> reporter: the emergency call servicere operators medical dispatch certified and handled hundreds of thousands of callst during lyear's storms.
4:58 pm
>> they can provide you with critical emergency medical instruction until first onders arrive. >> reporter: or provide directions for those evacuating the strike zone. while survivors of last year's storms continue t try toap out a way back. >> it is critical we do what we can to help communities rebuild smarter and better. >> reporter: on capitol hill today, house committee members discussed the ongoing recovery after more than $370 billion in damage lasyear. >> all disasters begin and end locally, so, you know, what are we asking fema to do? we support the locals on the one hand and manage, oversee and dictate how they contract on the other? now we have -- >> to provide some oversight for this. >> reporter: lawmake calling on fema and other agencies to refine their preparation and recovery efforts. >> it makes no sense for us ton ue to rebuild the same way disaster after disaster. >> reporter: with the possibility of another on the
4:59 pm
way. jay gray, nbc news. right now at 5:00 -- >> they are going to have to f answ it. >> getting closer to the killers. the new clue today in the case of the 10-year-old girl gunned down when a group of men jumped outr of a d randomly shot into an alleged invasive search. >> you don't have anything on me. >> don't do that. >> reporter: the police stop lawsuit. o a spy secrets. the day in court for the woman accused of operatings covert russian agent. what prosecutors say she was willing to do in her quest to rge influential connections. and headed home. >> and then he said it was a miracle. >> the 12 boycu r from a cave recount the moment they were saved. and good evening. it lasts just a matter of seconds. this dturbing surveillance video from a shooting that
5:00 pm
claimed the life of a little girl. >> police say they've now recovered the vehicle used by a group of gunmen bhe shooters are still out there. >> tonight we're hearing from the family of that 10-year-old victim as police search for her killer. >> news 4' pat collins joins us live at the scene in northeast d.c. this evening. pat? >> reporter: take a look over my shoulder. youan see friends and family members gathering here at the murder scene. 're expecting the mother of the victim to come here in a short time andalk about what ppened here. in a few moments, you're going to see tt surveillance video of the gunmen who opened fire in this clay terrace court. you'll see the gunmen get out of the car, but pay close attention to the driver's side door. thdriver's door never opens which means there was probably someone behind t wheel the whole time.


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