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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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video from a shooting that claimed the life of a little girl. >> police say they've now recovered the vehicle used by a group of gunmen bhe shooters are still out there. >> tonight we're hearing from the family of that 10-year-old victim as police search for her killer. >> news 4' pat collins joins us live at the scene in northeast d.c. this evening. pat? >> reporter: take a look over my shoulder. youan see friends and family members gathering here at the murder scene. 're expecting the mother of the victim to come here in a short time andalk about what ppened here. in a few moments, you're going to see tt surveillance video of the gunmen who opened fire in this clay terrace court. you'll see the gunmen get out of the car, but pay close attention to the driver's side door. thdriver's door never opens which means there was probably someone behind t wheel the whole time. that would make suspect number
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five. now pice have recovered the killers' car, but those killers, they're still at large. the black infiniti sedan used by the killers in this clay terrace attack reovered by pol today. sources say it was located in the oxen hills section of prince george's county. the murder victim, makiyah wilson, gunned down in front of her home. she was just 10 years old. at the place where it happened today, mike deangelo, he's makiyah's uncle, and he has a strong message for the gunmen responsible for this. >> you know what you did was dead-wrong. you broke a lot of hearts. you know, when you pick up that gun, you take the life of a daughter, a mother is broken hearted. now she's stuck with a funeral that we're not even prepared --
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a lot of these families are not even prepared for epthis. >>ter: when makiyah was shot and killed, her 18-year-old sister was with her. in fact, thewa teenageshot and wounded in the arm. in another sad twist to this story, that teenager has been arrested by police f a parole violation in virginia. an action that has doubly upset mayah's family. >> she not only got hit but ees been arrested. they won't let her nor talk to her mother. her mother can't get to her. we've got to stops. t she not only lost her daughter, have some compassion. we're human at the end of e day. >> reporter: i saw that teenager in court tod. she was crying. she had a bandage on her right arm. she's being held until virginia authorities pick her up. the judge said -- she said to the teenager, i'm sorry for your loss. it's just unclear how this will
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come to an end. pat, back toyou. >> all right. a very sad twist to that story. thk you, pat. a 29-year-old american university graduate charged with being a cgeert russian ant has now been denied bail. maria butina is accused of being engaged in a years-long conspiracy to work covertly in the u.s. as an undeclared agent of the russian federation. in order to advance the country. of her home news 4's chris gordon was in the courtroom today when the judge rule butina wouldot be released. he joins us now live with those new details. chris? >> reporter: well, jim, osecutors say she is a secret agent who used her student v.a as her cov >> maria butina. >> reporter: news 4 obtained this video of 29-year-old maria butina graduating from american
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she got a master's degree in international service and cyber policy, but new court papers say butina is a covert russian agent who was posings a student. the court papers say she attended class and completed courses with outside help. butina posted on her webte that she studied tai chi. today we wenthere and showed her picture to the owner and a personal trainer. they both say they don't believe they and never saw her there. >> based on the photos that we've just looked at for, like, the last ten minutes and stuff, i would say it's not the same woma i'm sorry. >> reporter: the government says butina is a flight risk if released from custody. she's already moved out of her d.c. apartount and avoid justice by going to an embassy or diplomatic compound. she's been indicted for acting as a foreign agent at the direction of a high-level official in the russian government. federal procutors here in d.c. have her laptop and phone as
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evidence. they say she worked u with a. citizen to manage introductions to people with influence in american politics, including an organization promoting gun rights. which has been identified as the nra. ifutina is convicted of being an unregistered foreign agent for russia, she cou face up to ten years in prison. her lawyer entered a not guilty plea on her behalf and said this is not espionage, this is not a case, this is simply a student of foreignrs aff who did nothing illegal. that's the latest from the u.s. courthouse. jim, back to you. >> all right. a story that certainly gotome legs there. chris gordon. chris, thank you. pat? just in,n lockdow now lifted on the campus of american tiversity. students were told shelter in place today after someone reported seeing a man with a gun near the campus on new mexico avue. police and secret service agents searched all of the buildings on
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campus, but no problems were discovered. now to a story that is graphic and one that some of you disturbin a local man says he feels like he was sexual assaulted by a d.c. police officer who was searching him during a recent police stop that was caught on video. no the man is suing that officer. news 4's mark segraves spoke with the man and has reaction now from the chief of police. mark? >> reporter: yeah, jim, as you said, this video is graphic. it shows the police officer repeatedly searching the man in his private areas while he protests and while his friends and family watch and record with their cell phones. this was the scene last september outside the home of m.w. cottingham aunt. police had stopped to question cottingham and others about an open bottle of alcohol when cottingham gave policerm sion to search him. the video shows the officer touching cottingham repeatedly in the front and rear of his
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crotch area. cottingham can be sn and heard objecting repeatey. >> man, don't do that.te >> rep today the aclu of d.c. filed a lawsuit against that officer >> it's humiliating, you know? something i relive over and over again. it happened on my birthday, so ver a memory that i'll forget >> i think it's emblematic of a larger problem with culture here in the district, where mpd treats members of the community, particularly african-american members of th community, presumptively as suspects. >> reporter: last week at a d.c. cocil hearing, police chief peter newsham was asked about the officer's actions. o.>> i've seen the i haven't seen that kind of detail you're explaining. it looked like it was an the ropriate touching by officer. he's been removed from that particular unit and he's been disciplined for that >> reporter: for cottingham and the aclu, the chief's answer isn't enough. >> i would like him to be fired,
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to be honest. he shouldn't be an officer on the force if he doesn't k to deal with and address the public. >> reporter: now, the police department and mayor bowser's office declined to give us any further comment s on thry because they say there is a pending lawsuit. we can tell you that officer involvednas been officer in d.c. for four years. he remains on full active duty todaon in the s district. we also want to point out that they are not suing the city or the police department, only the ficer. in order to sue the city, they would have to prove that this was actually a department policy that led to these actions. that's the very latest here in northwest. jim, back to you guys in the studio. >> all right. mark segraves. mark, thank you. now first on 4, the school resource officer who accidentally fired his weapon inside aoo middle s in alexandria is back on regular duty. carl savoie pleaded guilty to one of two charges he faced. indicted him on reckless handling of a firearm and destruction of property.
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he wasllowed to plead guilty just to the destruction of property charge. voie'sun fired inside george washington middle school back in march causing damage but no injuries. he also has to do community service and pay restitution for the damage. metro's largest union says tonight it's making goo progress with the transit agency after a second consecutive day of meetings. atu local 689 sat down with metro brass today to try toheron out t differences. the union says there are no formalhe agreements but t two sides will meet again next monday. union members have voted to authorize a strike. a strike is forbidden under metro's bargaining agreement with the union, but workers have been without a contrt since july of 2016. meanwhile, get ready for some delays on some major roads inontgomery county. three big reservicing projects are set to binhere. the first starts next week. that project includes lane
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closures on connecticut avenu from east/west highway to manner road and chevy chase. there will also be resurfacing later ts yea on rockville pike in rockville and montgomery vegetable avenue in gaithersburg. all the work is expected to be donenext fall. they are finally headed home. the 12 boys and their soccer coach who spent more than two weeks trapped in that cave in northern thailand released from the hospital. today we got to hear from them as they g a chance to understand just how many people around the worldad followed their ordeal. erika gonzalez is in our newsroom now with more. erika? >> hi, pat. as you mentioned f, we are hearg for the first time from thewh bs survived. healthy and out of the hospital. the wild boars took turns with the mike sharing their stories of survival. they had no f and say they drank water that dripped from within the cave. they told how they played
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checkers to keep their up and their new-found t appreciation fi navy s.e.a.l.s. they show the picture they drew of the fallen s.e.a.l. and plan on giving to his family. you can see all the messages around it. the youngest member of the team comes up to the microphone and reads what each of them wrote to the man who sacrificed his life for theirs. they developed such a tight bond, in fact, with the s.e.a.l.s, one of the boys said they were like fathe dreams for the future are different because of them. >> translator: i still want to be a professnal soccerplayer, but i have another profession. i want to be a ase.a.l. member ell. >> reporter: the boys said their venture into the cave was a careless one and apologized t their parents. they vowed to be more thoughtful in their decision-making in the years to come. really, really sweet hear them all say they wanted to --
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most of them to say they wanted to be professional soccer players and navy s.e.a.l.s. >> grateful group of boysre t thank you, erika. a new twist today as the president answers more questions about russian meddling in the u.s. elections. what he said today tt needed clarifying for a second day in a ro nbc's mark murray will join us ve to help make sense of it all. plus, two young lives lost in a deadly crash. tonight, two sets of parents talking about their losses. while trying to find answers in the case. doctors tracking aas inc in heart attacksng amo expecting mothers what they say could be the cause of the rise. the pattern change that we saw coming overnight last night humidity,shine and low not just today but right on through the end of the week been but another patte change, big time pattern change into the weekend. weekend. we'l
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a second day in a row, the white house has been forced to clarify comme s made president trump when it comes to russia. at the start of a cabinet meeting, one of the reporters asked mr. trump if russia poses a current threat. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> thank you very much. >> let's go. >> the president said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. >> press secretary sanah huckabeers a few hours later, we should note despite
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her response, the president did actually go on to answer a question after he looked directly at that reporter who asked the question and the one he said no to.s joining with a closer look at the president's comments over the past few dayss nbc's senior political editor mark murray. so, mark, this is the third in a row we're talking about the president's comments when it comes t a russi election meddling. his response to that question goes against what his director of natncnal intelli said just a few days ago. >> yeah, jim. this has been a familiar pattern in the trump era, where the president ends up saying a statement that might bero corsial. the white house or even the president himself walking it back. then the president retreating back to the original statement, the white house trying to clarify again. e all its up doing is creating a lot of confusion and have a lack of clarity. but what was unmistakable on monday when president trump was in helsinki with vladimir putin were the comments that he made that he didn't try to walk back vladimir ng that
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putin's defense when it came to election interference was very strong and powerful. the president ended up saying. he also blamedes both count for the detearation of relations between the united states andru ia. those are comments the white house hasn't taken back. so in its totality you can say that t president was incredibly friendly to vladimir putin on monday. >> mark, a wide array of republicans, as you well know, on the hill have taken issue with the president's pemarks thest couple of days, but aside from tweets and statements that we've heard this week, are there any signs of them planning to respond in some way? >> the answer is no. there was some talkut a sanctions earlier in the week, but that obviously was a lot dre forceful before the president's firial or a little bit walk-back yesterday. but weee have a lot more tweets and some i wish he wouldn't go there. some ctical statements but not a whole lot of action. jim, i think youailed it. that, to me, is the most important thing because after
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all congress isn't a subservient branch of the united states government, it is an branch to the executive, and yet we have seen time and time again congress basically taking a backseat on a lot of these actions. >> mark, quickly, any chance we'llind out what was sai in the one-on-one meeting with vladimir putin? >> well, democrats want to be able t interview and at least have the translator testify. i think that sets up a battle ere the white house might end up saying that that's executive privile and that conversation is privileged. jim, democrats do want to get an answer to that, but if you don't hear from the translator, it's hard to see if anyone's going te get to bottom of what was actually said. >> yeah, only thosewo and two in the room. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we inve you to keep it right here for all the latest from the nbc political team ahead on "nightly news" starting at 7:00. barack obama released the book "the audacity of pe" in october of 2006, just about five minutes later the then freshman senator annousted his f run
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for the white house. today we learned about pay major book dealth for a freshman nator often mentioned in talk of 2020. penguin press says senator kamala harris of california will release a book this coming january. it's entitled, "the truths we hold: an american journey." harris says it will be about the core truths in american life. harris, who served as california's attorney general, was elected to the senate in 20. >> just weeks ago, harsh words between maryland gubernatorial candidatesen baker and jealous. jealous won that primary.ll today both men came together for one common goal in our pgeorge's county bureau chief tracey wilkins reports on what's helping unite the two. >> reporter: prince george's county is booming, led the region in job crtoeation , than to new bigmall businesses like this ercong space -working
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hyattsville. >> it's a co-working space. is >> reporter: tric turnaround of prince george's economy is pt of the reason he and former gubernatorial rival ben jealous are meeting for t first time since the democratic primary. >> the county exec knows how much i respect him and have for a long time. >> reporter: ben jlous sayse needs county executive baker and prince georgians to win the election. >> it's about winning with maximum turnout. that's what we'll be focused on. w>> reporter: baker prince george's county in the primary. it was one of two counties jealous lost. as the larst democratic voting block in maryland, it's mportant jealous wins it in november. baker says he's going to help. >> the primary's over. you know, now we' got to come together and we've got to make sure that ben is the next governor. >> reporter: baker says his work to suppo jealous begins
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tonight with a unity dinner in hopes of unifying the entire decratic party around jealous'. nominati in hyattsville, i'm tracey wilkins. news 4. a day at the beach ends with a trip tta the hospil after teens are bitn in near simultaneous shark attacks. plus, storm team 4 tracking the return of humidity. when you can expect this change in
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nice cool low humidity kind of day. nde kind that we want to just relish in bask in. >> yeah. >> we want to continue. >> i'm trying to think of a word. this is kind of like a denver summer afternoon. >> denver summer. >> upper the low hum in there. that's a nice afternoon. they don't hav>>any green -- no, we don't. >> no mountains. looking outside. today bot a day at all. high temperatures at or a little bit below average.ak we'll that with sunshine. without the humidity it's definitely feeling a lot moree. comforta look at that picture right there. looking out towards au, tyson's corner in the distance. temperature of 87 after a high of 88 a little biter ear the wind direction a big factor. k about it all the time. when it's out of the south we get the very warm and humid air, but thif is oute north. bringing the air down from
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canada. continuing to move on down these are incrediblebe n. 77 winchester, more like 80 there. garrett county, maryland, only 68 right now. the mountains of west it is a gorgeous day. 84 degrees in heytown. dry air all across. no rain on storm team 4 ruar. an actually see with the visible satellite, the clouds meandering on down across our area. cumulus clouds that formed. you can see the front offshore. that front bringing a lot of rain yesterday around our area now moving off. nothing but clear skies from d.c. all the way up to the u.p. ofth michigan. jet stream, you can follow the clouds down to the south towards the carolinas and back up once they get off the coast. this is the area of low humidity and where temperatures are a little below average. 79 in chicago. buffalo, 76. 86 in lexington.
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105 in dallas today. 96 in houston. normally when i show a map like this, yeah, but the air is coming this way. it's not. it's going to be staying down there for quite some time. no 90s. may hit one or t think we're going to hit 90 much over the next ten days.e' tomorrow, get close, 88 degrees. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. theou make your way into day on friday, high temperature of 89 degrees. 89 on friday. 83 on saturday. could we hit 90? yeah, we could. with low humidity, it's notba humidity starts to creep up on saturday and sunday. so do the rain chances. 50% chance of showers to the east. most of us will be dry with a high of only 83. cloudy and rather breezy conditions as the coastal love moves 87 on monday. look at this, a very unsettled week for the last week of july. unsettled with temperatures at or even a little bit below average, but will be soupy,
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very humid all next week. much more on that pattern change as well. see you back here at 5:45 asel ia joins me. >> get out the spoons for the soupy week. thank you, doug. ly on 4 tonight, newly released video in a high-profile de clysh. why this wreck involving food truck and a family's van could have been much worse. a after devastating car wreck here on the fairfax countt parkway, tonor the first time you're going to hear from loved ones of the young victims and what they meant to is communit plus, the dangers of childbirth for new and expectant mothers. doreen again doreen on the
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. a look now at some ofto our stories today. police have recovered the vehicle they think a group of nnmen used a mass shooting that killed a 10-year-old girl in the district.s investigatoround the car in prince george's county, but at this point they are still looking for the gunmen. and bail denied. a judgeed r today that 29-year-old maria butina will remain in p custodyding trial. she's charged with being a covert russian agent. the formeni americanrsity student seen here graduating in may is accused of acting as an unregistered agent in the u.s. butina's lawyer says she did nothing illegalulr unla today the aclu of d.c. filed
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a lawsuit against a d.c. police officer for a questionable stop and frisk. police stopped to question m.b. cottingham. video shows an officer touching cottingham repeatedl front and rear of his crotch area. now at 5:30,t will be a hard road, those are the words of a father mourning the loss of his young daughter. >> this was one of two young women who died over the weekend in a crash along fairfax county parkway. you can s the brake marks on the side of the road. david culver talks with the victims'arents. >> reporter: cards fro his daughterreow precious keepsakes for tony washington. >> happyirthday to my best friend. >> reporter: at 21, tony says his daughter worked hard, t jobs, including at this home depot. tonight her smock framed and
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signed with messages from co-workers. >> it is very hard. it's very hard. >> reporter: early sunday morning, tanisha w riding in the car with three other friends. erey were out for the night. somehow the car off the road. >> you can see tonight traffic is once again flowing here along the faiyax count parkway. you wouldn't even know what happened here if it weren't f these two simple crosses. representing two young lives lost. >> she made you feel like you could do anything. >> reporter: the other young life lost sunday, jocelyn herndon. her mother desperately hoping it wasn't true. >> i just started calling theal hosp trying to see if i could get some real news. of course you don't want to believe that something like that is true. >> reporter: tonig liz biggeeli is surrounded by her girlfriends and granaughter,jocelyn's little girl, alea. >> we never missed an
5:33 pm
opportunity to tell each other, to hold each other, to kiss each snu . >> reporter: two families coping withiloss. >> it be a hard road. it's going to be a hard road. >> reporter: tonight, several loved ones are on that hard road in search of healing. in reston, david culver, news 4. >> davideached out to fairfax county police today. they tell him they are still investigating the c and have not ruled out alcohol or speed. they could ao file charges. we are working a breaking story in downtown d.c. d.c. police say they are responding to at least a dozen drug overdoses. three people are unconscious at 4th and east street. sources tell news 4 they think this is linked to a bad batch of the drug k2. police say they've had over 100 calls for overdoses in just the last couple of multiple agencies met, in fact, today to discuss the problem. we're speaking tohi the fire
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tonight and we're going to have updates right here on news 4. >> tt's frightening. erika, thank you. montgomery county often ranks asr one of region's wealthiest jurisdictions. despite that, the countyaces a major issue when it comes to homelessness. today countyfficials held a ceremony to remember more than two dozen homeless individuals to have died in the p year. the county also announced a new effo focused on ending homelessness for famils by 2020. a recent survey found more than 800 individuals experiencing homelessness in the . coun from news 4, your health now that is surprising to most of us. the world health organization says more american women die from childbirth-related complications than any othertr co in the developed world. >> doreen gentzler is here with more about the maternal mortality rate here in the district. this is very disturbing. >> those.s. numbers are pretty shocking, but even worse than
5:35 pm
that, m maternaltality rates in d.c. were nearly double the national average local leaders want to find out why. >> shinking about this now because -- >> reporter: tanira is expecting her first baby in august and she's getting some prenatal advice from be anna green from a d.c. nonprofit. she feels fortune to have this kind of support. >> my sisters, for instance, well, comparedo thessistance that i'm getting from mama toto's they didn't have good birth care. so i'mhe first of my seven sisters to go natural and be properly educated and supported> eporter: t . >> the mission was to provide support and access for women of color, particularly low-income women of color who didn't have access to theseypes of services and didn't know they have options. >> reporter: mama toto's village supports pregnant and postpartum women by offering education,
5:36 pm
birthing plans, labor services and -- >> why are we seeing a higher rate of maternal mortality in d.c. compared to our not just compared to our neighbors, why do we see a disparity in our city. >> reporter: d.c. counc aman charleen is shocked by the numbers. in a city with some of the best medical care in the nearly 41 deaths for every 100,000 deaths in d.c., the most recent statistics from the decade that ended in 2014. that's double the national average. >> but if you were to break that number down east and west,alhich is going to break down on a lot of other lines, which are going to b both ce, class, income, you're going to see a huge disparity between east and west. the number in the east is actually higher than 41. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: some of the problems are easy todentify. the lack of access to care on the city's east side where hospitals have closed or stopped offering maternity services.
5:37 pm
some women just d't know what services are available. also, new t mothers muste care of themselves and bab onn erdman is head of the women's associatiohealth -- she wants women to know how important it is to get care after givin birth, too. >> about 50% of women die after caey leave the hospital. that's a number. >> reporter: councilman allen has passed legislation to create a committee to find solutions. he says it's crucial that health care providers and nonprofits work together. >> whether you're looking at a midwife and a due la, whether you're looking at your more traditional ob-gyn,re those the providers who can create the network so every mother and mother-to-be has the access to care they need and knows where to get it. >> i talked with councilman allen's office just a little while ago. his plan has been passed by the full council, approved by
5:38 pm
congress andore importantly, funded as of october 1st. maryland and virginia already ve similar panels in place looking into this subject. we all know that the district has focused for many years on infantit mort >> right. >> and a lot of effort has gone into bringing those num down, and there has been some success. this is the first time -- the first look at maternal mortality. hopefully there will be some success from -- as a result of this. >> glad they're looking at it. >> yes, indeed. >> thankou, doreen. >> important light to shine on it. doreen, thanks so inch. com up, the effort to ban plastic straws gains momentum but not everybody is on board with the action. why one woman says banning them could creat problems for people with disabilities. plus, a call for a crackdown. why drinks like soy and almond milk may soon be forced to get a nestname. day, record rainfall in the area, d.c. seeing almost
5:39 pm
3 inches of rain. aside from that, it's been incredibly destroy this month. a few m dry days and then the tables start to turn. summertime is a great time to get awa before you pack your bags, we're here to help you pick out the right luggage. >> soft bags, hard w cases,rd handles and things. susan hogan is testing out the top brands f us. she's going to help you figure out
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it's a hot button issue for some in thend foodtry. now the fda is signaling that it
5:42 pm
could enforce a standard that could impact your almo coconut and other beverages that use the term milk. regulator may asked makers of the plant-based products u to the word milk because standards define it coming from one or more healthy cows. milkav producers been calling for this crackdown for years. the good food institute which advocates for alternatives sers the t milk should be permitted with modifiers for nondairied beverages. now to something a lot less healthy, folks, as many of you are getting reney for d iowa state fair reviewed its menu thatlu is more than 50 brand-new options. also something that amounts to triple porker. a pork belly burger topped with pulled pork and everybody's favorite, bacon. chomp down on apple egg rolls. basically fried apple pies with
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sauce. dipping wash it down with pickle beer. other options, cookie dough spaghetti. eeanything you want fried. you say deep fried and you've got me. he friedy goodness, apple pies sound good to me. >> that does. coming up, the push to ban the plastic straws gaining high-profile support and momeum from a compa based right here in our area. susan hogan joins us with details. plus only on 4, the newly released video from a school bus that shows just how much worse a deadly accident iolving a food nv
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5:45 pm
for the first time, we are seeing video of a speeding food truck just moments before it hit r. ashburn family's car, killing
5:46 pm
a mot the man behind the wheel was sentenced to more than a decade in prison last week and only on news 4 this evening, you are bureau chief, julie kerry, has the video evidence that led to the guilty verdict. >> reporter: friday afternoon, september 8th, school kids being dropped off to start their weekend. the bus driver had no idea of the horrifying moments about to . she just stopped on watson road to let two kids off the bus. >> have a gat weekend. >> thank you. >> reporter: sometarng came g up around her, traveling so fast it was a blur on the bus camera. the food truck nearly hitting the children about to cross the sroad, but when laid on the horn, they froze and were saved. >> did you see what that was? >> what happened? >> oh, my god. >> >> reporter: a parent outside the bus who came to pick up hert child rg as both women trying to figure out what the vehicle was that sped what was the name on that truck? >> oh, my god, my heart's
5:47 pm
pounding. >> reporter: regaining her omposure, the school bus driver rolled ony to find tragedy just ahead. the food truck had barrelled through the stop sign and slammed into an ashburn family sedan, crushing it. the driven erin kaplan was killed. her three kids and a grandma gravely injured. >> that's him. >> to base, please. there is an accident on evergreen mills and onatson road. the vehicle that is in the accident is at vehicle t ran my red lights and almost hit two of my kids. >> reporter: last week, dane was sentenced to1 1/2ears in prison. for the school bus driver, it's a memory that haunts her every time she passes the intersecti. >> it's a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. i will tell you, both tho times during the day, i just pray for the peoplvo ed. >> reporter: in loudoun county, julie kerry,
5:48 pm
>> on news 4 at 6:00, you'll hear some of the first words om the food truck driver after the crash. >> one of the largest hotel companies in the world is making a small change that will have a impact on our environment. marriott international says it's going to rove all plast straws and stirrers from hotels around the world. this comes just a week after starbucks said it's ditching plastic straws. consumer reporter susan hogt heads up on marriott's big announcement and she's here now to tell u what she learned. >> well, that's right. this is really a big deal. think about it, plastic straws take hundreds of years to decompose and they often end up just sitting in our oceans. mayor y maiott has more than 6,500 properties across 30 brands worldwide. once fullyd, implemen the company will be eliminating the use of more than 1 billion straws per year and about a quarter billion stirrers.
5:49 pm
this is about changing our behavior, too. you will no longer automatically get a straw with your drink. if you request one, it will be made of paper. >> we've been working on thisea for over a now. it's something that we believe will be vitally important for our hotels as part of our sustainability goals for 2025. we want to reduce landfills by 45%. this is ane key compont of that. of therter: already many marriott properties have switched to paper straws. we got a first lk a the big switch at the w hotel right here in d.c. asor the plastic stirrers, they are also being replaced by bamboo. >>sarriott tells it will take about a year to make this full transition. we'v also learned something else while we were covering this story that sparked a lot of conversation. pronounce the name of the hotel for me. >>arriott. >> marriott. >> guess what? we are wrong. >> no. >> marriott,he actual pronunciation they tell us is marriott, it rhymes with
5:50 pm
chariot. >> who knew that? >> all these years. >> i know, right. they tell us we arefe ply fine by calling it marriott. most of their family and the workers there, they will cal it, you know, marriott, but we'll continue to call it marriott. now you know. >> they can call us -- >> that's right. exactly. anyway, that's just a little tidbit for you. >> an interesting one. thanks, susan. sticwell, the days of p straws at starbucks may be numbered, but while many people are praising t, mo some people with disabilities are saying banning the straws would cause morers aility in their lives. one maryland resident, andrea lavont has muscular dystrophy. straws are her only option because she can't lift cups to her mouth. she carries themve around where she goes. she's worried about the impact the straw ban could have for her and others like her. >> i require use of a strawr in oro drink anything.
5:51 pm
i'm not able to get a cupo t my mouth due to muscle weakness. >> now starbucks tells u do plan still to offer straws in their stores for people with disabilities. there is also a push by lawmakers in the district to ban jraws. council memberk evans says he would ask for an exemption for hospitals who need the straws for their patients. back here in our area, we are less than a year a from new professional soccer team stting up in northern virginia. d.c. united announced in december of last year that it would launch an affiliate team in loudoun county. today they revealed the logo. t is. the loudoun united fc will play at a brand-new stadium set to open at bowlen park in leesburg. it'sxpected to hold 5,000 fans and include a training facility. we shotd see tha debut next spring. >> boy, soccer is just blossoming everywhere around our region.
5:52 pm
it's cool. >> yeah. >> yep. >> it's also -- it's also cooler outside. >> it is. >> we're loving it. >> down to the salt line the last coupl of nights for the all-star game. guess who showed up? wayne rooney. >> you did run into him. >> i ran into him coming out of the bathroom. it's one of those things you go to sha someone's hand, no, they just came out of the bathroom. if you're watching, welcome to d.c., my friend. out there today, guys, present of sunshine. a beautiful day. 98 is w what saw on monday. yesterday the heat index well in the 90s. today, nonexistent. plenty of sunshine out there rightow. national harbor looking great towards the potomac. monuments looking great. plenty of green. rain out 3 inches of yesterday, that's helping to keep things green today. the current temperature down to 85 by 7:00, 80 by 9:00. temperatures will fall fairly quickly. we may be cooler t
5:53 pm
7:00.t by in the suburbs, the 06s by 11:00 tonight. a nice start out there to your thursday. 84 degreesn gaithersburg and leesburg. 83 at dulles and 83 in annapolis. it doesn't get much better than this inhe month of july. of.ain to speak no chances of rain, tomorrow or into the day on friday. plenty of high pressure over us right that means really nice weather. next four days, great tomorrow, great on friy. we'll call it a fantastic friday. high temperatures in the upper 80s toround 90 degrees. then the weekend comes and we see a completely different pattern change here. a chance of showers on saturday. better chance, though, of showers and storms s onday and this sets up what will be not only a terrible beach weekend but amelia this pattern change is going to stick with us most of next week, too. >> yeah, doug, when we were n,froofting this afternust looking at monday, tuesday, wednesday, even through the llowing weekend and we keep the chance of showers and
5:54 pm
thunderstorms in the forecast just about every day. as doug was saying, this weekend unfortunately not looking like a great bea weekend. friday's going to be just fine. partly t mostly sunny skies. the water temperature now 76. then we move into saturday. not only is it windy at theh ben saturday, but it's looking like rain and thunderstorms at times, and some heavy rain is possible with temperatures around 7zy br out there on sunday with scattered showers and thunderstorms looking likely. back here at home, the weekend is not going to be a washout, it's just not-p pictufect. there is a chance for showers on saturday, especially in washington and areas off the east, but there is a better chance for more widespread showers and thunderstorms on sunday. mainlyuring the afternoonnd evening hours, but can't rule them out during the morning as well. at point, i wouldn't cancel those outdoor plans. i would start thinking of a plan "b." this is kind of a tricky system to forecast. it's going to continue to evolve. we'll get a better idea over the next few days. tomorrow a perfect day for
5:55 pm
gardening. pretty mucn a car copy of today. the experts at merryfield garden center tell us to plant flowering plants with cool colors. here they are, silver lavender. you have that in your garden, right? sounds pretty. >>nend the purple i've got all of those. i've got all of i mean, who doesn't, right? next couple of days, guys, yeah, we'realking about showers. you've been watering the lawns. you've needed to because we' been so d in july. not going to be dry next week. take a look at the temperatures, mid to upper 80s.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
new this afternoon, shark s off long island. a boy and a girl have been injured in two separate incidents. >> this has been frightening for telks up there. greg from our sstation in new york reports. >> repter: if this seems like a movie script come to real life, in manyt respects is. two young people apparently bitten by a shark on two different lns on fire island within an hour of one anot ar. we're her bay shore, about 14 miles from fire island where the pair of attacks occurred today. one of the victims was a 13-year-old boy. the other a 12-year-old girl. both were bitten on their legs. both treated now at area hospitals and the injuries not
5:59 pm
believed t serious, but officials do tell me that it appears a tooth was remov from the leg of the boy. that tooth is now bng analyzed to try to determine exactly what kind of a shark mayave been involved in this. >> my daughter was not 10 feet off the shore, up to her waist. all of a sudden i see her panicking and i see something -- i coun't tell what it was, but kind of flapping about. >> reporter: we're also hearing that an 8 to 10 foot shark has been captured in the waters off of fire island. no way of knowing whether that shark may have been involved in the attacks. the 13-year-old boy attacked was a camper from a local town here on long island. his fellowus campers were reunited with their parents here. those parents breathing a big si a of relieer the turn of events today. again, two young people abarnlt bitten by a shark but fortunately their injuries not serious. in bay shore, long island.
6:00 pm
now at 6:00, gunned down steps from home. >> i can't eat. i can't think. it's like you got the soul -- your life sucked out of you. >> reporter: the new clue in the search for a 10-year-old girl's killer. growing confusion as president trump aears to contradict u.s. intelligence about russia's role in our election. [ inaudible question ] >> thank you m veryh. >> press, let's go. >> making new allegations about the accused russian age who prosecutors say tradedor sex f access into washington's most elite circle. uspl, backlash as another major company announces plans to ditch plastic straws. >> i'm having to fight for something as simple as straws, i think it's just ridiculous. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. firstor at 6:00, the hunt the masked men behind the murder of a 10-year-oldl. g surveillance video captured the barrage of bullets fired into


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