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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 20, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> we're going to begin this friday evening with the forecast because stormm 4 says tomorrow is going to be a weather alert day. two systeoving our way. >> check it out, folks. one to the south and one to the we and the dmv and the weather bullseye this weekend. some ofld us c see several inches of rain tomorrow. >> let's check in with doug in the storm center to tell us what the timing is for all of this. is there any momt we c go out and get things done without getting soaked? >> 6:00, company a.m. that's going to be about depending on where you live. most of us will see rain just about all day long off and on and satellite anded radar, cloud cover across the region. sunshine outn and there, too, and back to the well. you notice these storms coming yourea way. severeer and tornado watches and warnings into parts ofatonnecticut. the same system that brought the same weather back towards iowa and missouri yesterday and now this systemtho yhe sou is one we're rea watching. these are going to combine and this moves right up the coast
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and gives you the potential for a lot of rain. one computer model and take a look right along the i-95 corridor two to thr inches of rain tomorrow night alone. i'll have much more on this. and thein t for you will break it down and we'll show you how wet the nexs week i going to be. see you back here in 15 minutes. >> now, of course, a g to make sure you have our nbc owashington app your cell phone. set the weather on your page and get the echour-by-hour ft before you head out this weekend. it was a horrifying scene and now we want to shift to southern missouri where 17 people, including some children, have been confirmed dead at a popular vacation spot. >> it was one of those duck boats that you often s here i our area. it was hit with some severe weather that brought some incredibly strong wind gusts, as you can see from this video that youe showing officials in that state say weather was just one of the factors. >> everybody else tried to
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figure out the life vest we'll try to figure out was it operator error? who was in the water? should they have been in the water? nbc'she catie beck has tatest from branson. >> those poor people >> this v shows the final moments before duck boat packed witht tourists down. two of thehi ampbious vehicles desperately trying r toch dry land but only one made it. >> oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> oh, no. >> severe thunderstorms packing 60-mile-per-hour winds turning the normally calm lake inso br missouri, into a stormy sea. >> oh, my gosh. >> the duck boat moved out of sight. >> and oh, it's going under. >> we need a water rescue. will be a duck that has capsized. we have 3 approximately0 individuals in the water. >> jenny carr and her husband jeff were having dinner on nearby showboat when she started
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shooting the terrifying scene on her cell phone as it unfolded. emergency crews for multiple agencies located the sunken vessel and were able to pull some of th survivors out of water. some of the victims were children. >> it's been a very trying and long night. please keep all the families respond and all the first responder personn in your thus and prayers. >> ripley entertainment, the company that owns the tour boats, released a statement er ght writing in part this incident has deeply affect all of us. we will continue to do all we can to assist the families who were involved and the authorities as they continue with the search a rescue. >> catie beck, nbc news. >> and just into news 4, 's missouovernor says 9 of the 17 people killed in that accident were from oneamy. two members that have same family survived. authorities say it could take several days to get to the duck boat at the bottom of that lake.
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presint trump now appears to be the subject of a secret recording. the "new york times" reporting that the president's former attorney michael cohende record a conversation about a possible payment to a former "playboy" tdel who allegedly had an affair withmp. that conversation apparently came just before the election. "the wall street journal" reports it also occurred after the publisher for "national enquirer" purchased the rights to the man's story. no payment wound up being made and the president and white house are not story concerning government employees' paychecks, and you'll only see it here on news 4. a paycheck problem in the district first thought it affected hundreds of people and it's far worse. news 4's mark segravesep rorted out. they failed to withhold social security and medicare taxes thi year and today he learned the problem dates back 30 years, mark? >> that's right. district officials still don't know the extent of the maoblem. ho people impacted or how
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much this will end up costing the d.c. governmentnd ultimately every d.c. tax paar. >> it's a line item onust about everyone's pay stub, the withholding tax for social security and medicare. last year district officials acknowledged that a routine aut discovered hundreds of employees who did not have the taxes withheld for as lange as ten yeared that trigger a larger audit. what they found was the problem had been going on for lonanr en years. >> the problem goes back approximately 30 years. >> reporter: the director of the d.c. department of hum resources tells news 4 her staff employee hroug records by hand to find out who else may have been impacted. >> we're reviewed thousands of records, and so now of those thousands we've reviewed several ndred will receive notices. >> this notice was sent to hundreths of current employees this afternoon. in addition to notifying employees a correcting the problem the bowser
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administration has implemented several other steps. as for how this happened, gibson says it was the perfect storm of problems over three idecades. s really human error as well as technology error and migration to different types of technology so that is what drove the mistake. >> employees will not be responsible for repaying the taxes. that will fall to the d.c. government. >> i hope a year from now i can call you and say this is solvedi th where we are. whether we find more people or not is -- the audit conditions. >> so what is thet governm doing to help people understand these employees if they are impacted by it? >> yeah. first, they will make evebody hole and the government, as i said, is responsible for paying back the taxes, n the employees, but they have done a sires of other things. hired anen indnt contractor who will do a more thorough audit. they will have self-audits of their payroll taxes and they
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will now centralize all of the payroll process. used to be done agency by n agey an the department of human resources will do it.d crea full time tax retirement team and there's a dedindted phone line that number is 208-727-1578. call that number if you are a retired employee, a former employee, a current employee, and you'll see if you've been impacted and how to take care of it if you are. >> thanks, mark. they met, on social med but the relationship quickly soured and then things went downhi from there ending with bullets flying and a woman in the hospital. w this just last night. news 4's chris gordon isive in tacoma park who heard the whole thing go down. chris? >> reporter: well, wendy, i spoke with two witnesses who tell w me theye here last night at this apartment house in the 830 a block of flower avenue. they say they heard the fighting that led to the gunfire.
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>> there was fighting up there and he shot her. >> tammy margolin was with her underneath the apartment where the shooting took place at 8:00 last night. she says she saw the suspect leavingg carryina gun. >> he ran out and jumped over the fence back over here. >> tacoma park police say the vict met the man on a social media map. investigors won't reveal which app they used. >> while they were in her residence an altercation occurred between the two of thed whicho him shooting her. >> a neighbor was sitting next to the househthen the fg and shooting took place. she spoke to me but doesn't want her face shown. >> i heard her calling for help saying that she was shot so ira inside and went in to grab my phone andent in and proceeded to her apartment and called the police. >> she was shot in the left
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shoulder. >> the victim was taken to a local hospital. she's expected to be okay. news of the soting has upset neighbors here. a lot of hospital traffic because there's a hospital down the road and normally a safe neighborhood. >> tacoma park police say even though they are searching for an armed gunman on the loose they t don't beliet it poses a danger to this community. they believed that this was an isolated act of violence. that's the latest live in tacoma park. back to you. thank you. today the man accused of kill five people at the "capital gazette" in annapolis was officially indicted in anne arundel county. jarrod ramos is charged with five counts of first-degree murder as well as attempt it had murder and assault. ramos is accused of opening fire at the "capital gazette" back on uni
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june 28th. investigators say he held a grunl against the paper after a report about a harassment charge. an alexandria man will spend three years behind bs for making threats against students at howard university. today he was sentenced to 33 months behind bars. prosecutors say he posted a threat online in 2015. in that threat her, promised to killan africmericans at the university. a judge considered the threats a ordered e so rust was to pay howard more than $6,000 restitution. there are disturbingal new gations against cardinal mccarrick. he's been accused of abusing a young boy. the victim is a son of a family friend of msarrick's who say he was 11 when mccarrick first exposed himself. the alleged sexual abuse lasted
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for two decades. pope francis ordered mccarrick removed from the ministry afterh allegationed fondled a teenager years ago in new york city. mccarrick has beneath the allegations. a man ordered to never come to d.c. after being arrested foe jumping white house fence, but the court order doesn't keep him a'sy. ow accused of another brazen security breach. scott macfarlane explains. a former substitute and basketball coach is sentenced to more than 30 years in prisonor sexual assault and child pornography. i'm tracey wilkins. comi up on news 4, whyor prosec say there's still work to be done in this case. and, of urse, i'm tracking for the rain for you as it makes our way. tomorrow, weather alert for your saturday and a look at how these two stormsome together c
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storm team 4 tracking rainn monto our area as early as tomorrow morning. >> but how muchoms going to in and when is it going to hit us? doug will break it down for you s than ten minutes. a convicted child predator is behind bars tonigh but prosecutors say there is for work to do in this case. christopher spates confessed to sexually assaulting children and creating childy porn. toe received a 30-year sentence. this comes as investigators trying to identify vtims.
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our prince george's county bureau chief tcee wilkins has e latest. >> it s.contin >> 35-year-old coach and substitute teacher have been sentenced t 30 years for sexual assault charges. >> he offered his home to those childrnd came over to his filmed them. >> many of the victims played for the south county sports academy where he choched. those work with him say they had no idea. >> so you're etional aboutin? >> yeah, yeah. >> he was, you know, he was a friend. a he was friend, and we didn't notice. there was nothing -- i tell anything. >> other victims attended students at bradbury heights elementary andapital heights where he was a substitute teacher. >> he was so sinister thatal he conducted a scheme that would allow him to gain access to children who were growing up
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in single parent homes to position himself to person who could be helpful to a single moment. >> the media drop box reported seeing an abundance of pornography in his adown. a traveling basketball coach has been charged in two countie he was also sentenced to 30 years in federal court >> i wither 'still identifying victims.e' thstill a host of images and faces that police are still revicuing. >> prors have set up a hotline for folks with information. if your child was coached or hught by speights and you believe you maye been a victim it's important to reach out to investigators. they are still trying to identify victims. go to nbc and search hotline for that number. upper marlboro, tracee wilkins, news 4. police officer already on suspension is in trouble again. captain thomas hart was arresyed erday. police say he assaulted someone who he knew. hart is a-y r veteran of the
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prince george's police department. he was already suspended for two months after accused of forging a signature so he could withdraw money from an account he shares withis ex-wife. only on news 4, a man once arrested and banned from theec districtse he jumped the white house fence is accused of anotherit brazen sec breach. scott macfarlane broke the story online just a few minutes ago. he's in our newsroom to tell us how it went down this time. scott? >> court records say the u.s. secret service arrestedonathan tran of california yet again. white ar h jumped the house fence and stayed on the wwn for 1 minutes and made it to a toor of thte house before he was arrested. two secret service employees lost their job shortly after. this all happened a couple months after president trump's inauguration. in a plea deal he was sentenceda to probation ordered to stay out of d.c. according to newra files was
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arrested again last week. the documents say the 27-year-old man unlawfully tried to enter the office of republican congressman devon nunez of california, a vocal supporter of the president and a key figure in the investigation of russian interference in u.s. affairs. police found a tct call knife, k chist and several books in tran's room in the nearby hotel one of the books was trump's art of the deal and as tran toldce of he wanted to testify before congress about the russian dossier. o comment from congressman nunez' spokesman. the judge has sentenced him to 15 days in jail and after his releasee he'll b more closely monitored. scott macfarlane. i-team. >> scott, thank you. now to the mcdonald's tainted wsalads, an warn you the details to this story are not pretty. the number of people sick eating those salads has now
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leaped to 163 across ten states this. outbreak has s three people to the hospital so far. the fda says a parasite that's often found in fecal matter is the cse. the fda warns it could take up to six weeks before symptom of this infection show up. n.> primeay on ama online bargains for everybody and a chance for thieves to steal your packages when they get delivered. what do you do to make sure the new purchases get inside your house? >> plus, two weather systems come our way and bringing a bunch of rain with them. doug's timing out arrival and nthe impact o our weekend. nthe impact o our weekend. htay wit
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doug. we said you were about to be busy. started. this is going to be a pretty wicked weekend, huh? >> and we're coming off what's been a very dry month of july with the exception of this week and we saw three inches of rain and other than that we've seen almost zero rain across part of the area and this next week completely different ande've likely been telling you it start tomorrow. out there right now another great afternoon andeally going to be very nice tonight if we've got some plans to get out. 83 degre and windut of the southeast at 10 miles per hour. a mix of cloud and sun and a beautiful friday and that's why
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i like to call them fantastic friday. 85 degrees currently in fredericksburg and huntingdon 84 and traveling towards ocean city towas 50, looki great this afternoon but the beaches are not going to be nice. over the nextouple of days closer look at that and a few minutes. right now radar pictuothing to show and take a look at this. we do have a flash flood watch and for the eastern shore tfft's int for the day tomorrow. i expect this to be extended into our area but we are expected to see a lot of rain pecially i-95 and eastward. this is all because of two systems, the system spinning up to the north. continues to sport north of chicago and it has severe weather associated with it and that severe weather is moving towards kentucky wit more tornado warnings current out on out there. now, also this system, we've got this one spinning down to the south. these two will come together and that will help to bring this one intoreur watch this one right here. watch it move right up the coa
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into our region by tomorrow afternoon. you notice back to the west of e blue ridge, i'm thinking a lot less in terms ofal rai by tomorrow morning at 6:00, 7:00 a.m. we're looking at rain, most i-95 eastward and even during the afternoon. if you live back to the west,ck rappahan county, i think west of the blue ridge and left of leesburg to warrington you're looking better and you can stile see rain and the heaviest bay.towards chess beak not a good beach day or by a day. back with more on wha to expect tomorrow. >> so many people coming up to up this afternoon saying i have outdoor plans tomorrow, i have a barbecue, a birthday party and people are come outyo house. and if you can't move it doors and off to the metro area and off to the east. probably cancel the plans and back like frederick was saying loudoun and fauquier countynd rther back to the west, could still be dealing with showers and if you have to pla it
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completely safe. can't deal with any rain for your event. still want to cancel your plans. how aboutsu sunday. ay is actually looking like the better of the weekend and mainly dry conditions and scattered showers and later storms during the afternoon and evening and if your plans were to head to the pool sunda cancel those, but something around the mid-morning and midday hours i think be okay. with the rain in the forecast on saturday, foding is possible and, again, it's really washington and areas off to the east. es, there is plenty more rain in the forecast next week. wait until you see the ten-day forecast and here's the planner for tomorrow. rain moves in around 7:00 a.m. and temperatures in the 70s throughout the day and once the rain moves in it's pretty much continuous throughout the day. can't say it enough especially washington and off to the east. scattered showers for arehe off to west. doug, we're looking at this flash flood watch as you
5:26 pm
out well off to the east towards the eastern shore and new jersey and philadelphia. do think that's going to be expanded into at least parts of our area with heavy rain andot and that could lead to some areas of flooding. >> that's why we're calling it a weather alert day. 76 for a high and 81 for sunday and as we're talking about the nexts, ten d we've got rain in almost every single day for the next ten days. guys, we could see upwards of 3 to 6 inches or more as we make our way through the next week or so going to beet time for sure. >> hunker down. >> yes, indeed. a major shift in the navy allows women to let their hair down. what other members of the y service say t need to address next. >> usually when we tell you about packagethefts, it's around the holiday but amazon prime day has been a day that's tempting. just ahead, i'll wake you through ways to protect yourself
5:27 pm
and secure your goods. >> plus a man accused of a disturbing crime and how visit
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welcome back at 5:30. i'm wendy religioner. >> i'm jim handley. >> a look at our top stories. at least 17 people have been confirmed dead after a tracic nt involving a duck boat in southern missouri.
5:30 pm
that boat had been out on the water last night when severer weathenk the vessel. investigators say the victims range in age from just 1 to 70. nine of them are from the same family. a woman is expected to be ek after police say a man shot rt he m len on a social media app and witnesses say there was figh eventually gunshots, that at a home on flower avenue in tacoma park. the woman taken to the hospital is expected to be >>okay. nly on news 4. paycheck pblems for government employees. we first told you that d.c. failed to withhold social lastity and medicare taxes year for hundreds of government employees, but tsay new 4 learned that problem dates back 0 years. working toe're still confirm exactly just how much people are impacted and how much it will cost. >> a man from alexandria is facing an animal cruelty charge after two of his cats turned up dead and one more turned up
5:31 pm
injured. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey with a story you'll see only on news 1. >> ryan mccusky is a healthcare executive who lives in alexandria, but the health of his cats, the source of an animal servicesn. investigat this search warrant document reveals that in late april mccusky called the alexandria animal welfare league to askis abouttion of a dead cat. thre days later he brought in an injured cat into this springfield vet clinic, and in mid-may he showed ups at t animal hospital with a cat name gato. mccusky told the vet that ga had gotten into a tube of super glue and was choking but that's nothat the vet found. she found electrical tape wrapped tightly around the cat's neck and other signs of strangulation and that's when she called animal svices. the investigation led to a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty against mcgusky. his attorney says they have no comment on the allegation. this case the latest example of local animal contrfficers
5:32 pm
investigating injuries to animals much like other police agencies would investigate injuries to people. animal abuse cases are important, increasingly recognizing red flags for potential other issues. >> there's been research and linksrom animal t abuseo abuse on humans, in particular hemestic violence. >> reporter: butases can be especially challenging. animal cruelty law is complicated. >> the second challenge is you have a victim who can'tell you what happened. the animal can't say to us this is what happened. so youy much have to go on circumstantial evidence a lot of times. >> reporter: gathering evidence and investigating animal cruelty cases, that's the focus of a special class for law enforcement next week in loudoun county. we'll tell yut more a that at 6:00. in northern virginia, julie carey, news 4. nor virginia the judges do have the power toan pet ownership for up to four years
5:33 pm
after someone has been convicted but animal right advocates a would like to see that done mor ofte >> tomorrow night the community will gather to remember who ar-old makiyah wilson died in her mother's arms monday nightfter four gunmen opened fire in her northeast neighborhood. at the time wilson was get a treat from the ice cream truck. d.c. police are still looking for t killers. the vigil starts at 7:00 saturday night at 53ee strt near cloud place in northeast d.c. just about half an hour from now cyclis will gather in old town alexandria and ride together in memory of a murder victim. brad jackson was found dead in o hisice late last week. bicyclists are planning to ride from big wheel bikes on the waterfrontver to the murder scene on king street. in're told the victim's son will be r his dad's bike. a new jersey man is facing charges in the case. >> so many of you snt the
5:34 pm
week by clicking buy and now some of the purchases should be beginning to roll in. for som customers the packages just vanished. david culver is looking into concerns and is live in the clarendon neighborhood of arlington. david? >> reporter: wendy, this is generally a story we tell you out during the holidays. here it is july, but it seems that amazon prime day has created this surge in online shopping. and that in turn has become very mpting to thieves who want to take the deliveries right from your front porch. >> prime day had many of us logging on and having some things towards a digital shopping cart and waiting for n keeping ng and ama you updated throughout and sending push notify kagsz and photos of packages on your doorstep and tight some customers are finding those deliveries have vanished. >> had a we're reaoy trying remine the public is take the opportunity away and don't leave the package unattended.
5:35 pm
>> it said delivered, butsmazon really good about sending another one. >> she has installed what other homeowners have used to catch thefts, a ring monitoring system. >> if someone walks up to my point i can click on my porch and i can watch them. >> sometimes i don't get home until late sto i wante make sure that no one was grabbing my packages a >> reporter:bby and sharon are both local teachers and prime day meant stocking up on their pplies. to be safe abby prefers to pick her deliveries up right ihere. tarted using the amazon locker so i wouldn't have to worry about my packaoming up missing because it stays, you know, it's placed in awh locker h is secured and you can only access it it if you have a code or barcode that's e-mailed rectly to me. >> a few other ways to make sure that no one else snagss. your go >> if you're expecting a package track it. if you know you're not going to be home send it to a secure location such as a friend, a family member and maybe even
5:36 pm
your place of work. >> you're looking at one of those amazon alternatives. this is the lockem sys that they have set up right other in clarendon and they have names, too. this one's name is merpoith. ce warning don't let your delivery company know and let you know when age pac will get to you. if you think it's theft they need to know, too, because they can stop the cycle. >> did they say meredith has your package now. is that why they named them? >> reporter: i think they named th just so they have an identity. alexa has a name and everyone else does, too. >> let's start naming our things. >> all right. >> thank yoth david. e's other ways to protect the packages and fedex allo you to designate a spot where they can leave your package through the delivery manager. packages can be shipped to the fedex or the ups stores and you can pick them up there. the postal service will leave packages at the local service.
5:37 pm
in order to safegua your deliveries open the nbc washington app and search the word package. >> folks, this is what main street in exiot city looked like two months ago, the historic flooding decimating buildings for the second time in two years. residents spent the past two months clearing out the muck and debris lef b behind the flood. about 30 minutes ago most of main street opened to traffic and city leaders also lifted the ate of emergency there. these are live pictures from chopper 4. the there's still significant work to be done on lower main street. that part will be remain closed to traffic. >> a big jackpot just got whou need to know about tonight's mega millions drawing. and the new nfl policy that puts nationa anthem protests back in the spotlight and why the league is putting its plan on hold. and take a being loo. here's how the rain limb pact
5:38 pm
ou area roads tomorrow morning. just fine tomorrow morning, but during the midday afternoon and evening hours we'll be tracking heavy rain i spots with isolated flooding issues. doug and
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mega million millionaires. theil jackpot is $422lion and nobody has won it since may. 's red for the taking. check the winning numbers on our nbc washington app later on. >> the nfl is calling aou tim on its new anthem policy that penalizes players who take a knee, but the controversy is far from resolved. the policy freeze came just hours after the miami dolphins reveed plans to potentially suspend athletes who take a knee. two months ago the nfl said players must stand or stay in the locker room while the anthem is played. some are calling the move to hit the pause button a win for plers. >> if a win for every player that wants to continue to have their message be heard. >> the league and players so,n said a joint statement that the policy freeze will last for several weeks while talks continue. nfl players have been ting the knee to protest police brutality
5:42 pm
and socialinjustice for more than two seasons. last week the navynnnced the women could let their hair down a little bit allowing tails and some hairstyles and now the servicemen say they want to let g some hairw on their face. a sailor's facebook post with the #wewantbeards has been shared thousands of times. the navy band beards in s a good chance this one will not be lifted. aside from lookingrofession alt navy wants its sailors to be able to wear fire fighting masks and breathing apparatus without interference. and a quiet space helps create a cultural shift. just aahead in harris' heroes how one group is helping some young people blossom. >> rainy weather moving in, folks, not just for aay or two. doug is back with a
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
oh, it's going to be a good weeken clean out your closets and maybe see a movie. doug is back cn just aple of minute to tell you just how messy it's going to get. >> well, in the hustle and bustle of the city, it's sometimes tougho tell a peaceful place. >> one d.c. organization started with an idea of creating safe food-producing green spaces for low-income udts, and the idea has really taken off. >> leon harris is her to introduce us to this week's hero. >> love this one, because it's a n, win, win in so many different ways n.nine years city blossoms has created a cultural shift in community out there. they are empowering young people to take control of their health while also becoming entrepreneurs. ty blossoms is this week's harris' heros. >> this is like a little piece
5:46 pm
of heavethe middle of the city. >> that's why we're city blossoms. just moved hererom georgia two years ago and i was at soccer practice and i wasoming pa the greenhouse and i was like so intrigued because it was so b and pretty. >> and i just found out so much about food access and so many people don't eat. it's crazy. >> you're trying to change that. >> not only do we learn how to grow this stuff, we also make value-added products sojut's teaching us how to make this into something tha we can, you know, make money f and keep our garden going, and that's what they have taught us, you know, be the change that you want to see in the world. >> they had a tomato. unbelievable. >> what we really try to do is just create the space and the put ohe too there hand maybe convince the young people to come outside and kind of see
5:47 pm
where they take it. >> these young kids s to love it. >> they are fantastic. >> so proud. >> these young pple that yo saw today that run mighty greens, and at the farmer's market in columbiats heigh or in pepworth. >> when you saw the markets, talking about the work, like th are just -- they are really good salesmen and sales poem,y and t always donate 20% of their food so to the food bank or martha's table. >> oh, that's great. so it's a win, win, win. >> yes. >> in your best dreams what's the future of this look like? >> in my best dreams my dreams would become my girl scouts. there would be mhty green all over the world. >> that's -- i did not expect that answe >> that's a good one. >> that's what i'm thinking, mighty greens all over the world, taking this thing global, by. >> let me get out of your war.
5:48 pm
>> i wouldn't get in her way either. >> it's wonderful. >> folks, if you like to go visit one of these cityom blo gardens, i call them to oases,u just check our website. >> nice to see them get bpassionate about somethik in our roots. >> and the help of their neighbors and it's great. never saw so many different colors of carrots. >> who knew. >> going global. >> look out. >> thank you, leon. >> well, today isn't just any ordinary friday. it's mctuallys day. did youy in on this date 1976 viking 1 became the first spacecraft to operaten mars. >> the smithsonian's national air and space museumelebrates every year with a party and mars specialists come to speak about current and future msions on
5:49 pm
the planet. >> neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon 40 years ago today. when they planted the american flag on the lunar surface, ited ma a major triumph for our nation and space exploration. decades after the apollo 11 mission, nasa and oer agencies are traveling farther than ever and are more focused on unmanned missions, butom somenies including blue origin owned by amazon's jeff bso's are abl to take some civilians to the edge of space. >> back here on earth people cleaning up after a spring of throughs came yesterday. iowa's governor assessing the damage. >> she didn't have enough time to get in the badement and her husband on the phone and let out a scream and can you imagine how helpless he felt on the e
5:50 pm
othe and while it's oshl and devastating, he saidhu my and could be planning a funeral. >> 17 people were hurt in those storms and no one was killed. >> and we have a drastic change in our forecast and in ourm pattern fe last couple of weeks. >> yeah, yeah. >> very dry the last couple of weeks. seen one or two days of rain in the entire month of july. that's going to change big time. we had a very, very wet week and said we'll have the nice day and that's exactly what it is outside. >> mix of sun and clouds and temperature-wise in the low 80s. 83lo degrees withs continuing and 818 by 7:00 an dropping to 74 degrees by 11:00 so still nice. going to be out for dinner, going to be a perfect night fairly low humidity. 84 leesburg and towards ow annapolis and towards huntingtown and ft. bellemore coming down. storm team 4 radars dryou'll
5:51 pm
stay that way. notice what's happening back towards west virginia. that's the next part of our next storm system bringing in strong systems into west virginia and these storms developing back off to the west. severe thunderstorms warnings and storms aomorrow. we'lually have it make its way towards the regio dragging this one to the ball and that s stoyed to the west there and continues and just pump moisture our way and all the way into next week. we were talking ver stormy conditions all next week. upwards of 3 to 6 inches of rain between now and the end of next week. some locations could pick up more andt starts with tomorrow. notice 8:00 a.m. here we are with rain. notice over towards the chesapeake bay. boating tomorrow, it's a bad idea. would not get out on the bay or potomac tomorrow. more rain i-95 eastward and more
5:52 pm
showers back to the west.hi we do this should be mostly all to the east of the blue ridge here today. te heavi rain will be along the chesapeake bay and around our region. heading out on your saturday, we want to take you zone by zone to show you who is going to get what and where. >> i'll startitthe southern charles including charles, prince george, stafford county and fredericksburg as well. if you live i this area you'll see very heavy rain and tomorrow alone you'll pick up one to three inches, potentially more and withat rain we'll see flooding in spots. of d.c. met area, no only- and washouts are likely in prin george's and anne arundel county and flooding is psible
5:53 pm
especially with all the rain we saw on tuesday right before the l-star game so the threshold for flooding in our metro zone is pretty low soou ife traveling tomorrow in the metro zone especially later in the day, remember, never drive through a flooded roadway.rn our wes zones from frederick, loudoun and fauquier county wnd princeliam county, under an inch and just some showers at times. if you're going d to have time as well and when it's drybe youl noticing the humidity. higher humidity levels and plenty of clouds. flooding is unlikely in our western zye and hig unlikely out in the mountains with just a few showers outround hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester and royal. otherwise mostly cloudy skies. again, not a lot of rain, doug. farther west you go tomorrow, the less rain you can expect, and then sunday everybody morning. a dry >> and then another repeat of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.le weather because of all the rape on i-the 5 eastward. 83 on monday and 85 on tuesday
5:54 pm
and humidity really rampi up here and the rain chances, guys, will stick with us all the way through the ten-day forecast. this is something we'll be tracking with you very closely as we me our way through the next couple of days. he thank you, doug. just, the story of two generations turning the tassel. >> a grandmother returns to school for her diploma and walks across the stage with her grands. aimee (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
5:57 pm
a d.c. grandmother goes back to high school to get her diploma, and hergrandson graduates right alongside her. >> it's lovely. the news 4 aimee cho tells us this is about more than just a ploma. ♪ >> when you walkcr as the stage at graduation, usually your family is in the audiee cheer you on, but today two generations from one family up on stage together. >> congratulations 2018, the pest is yet to come. >> thank you. >> demonty bros and sandra brooks burr grandson and grandma, t growing upy always had each other but neither had a high school diploma so they enroed at the goodwill excel high school and became clas iates. >> wheirst started i'm like what am i getting myself into. it was a struggle but it took my
5:58 pm
dedication and determination i was going to finish. i was not going to stop. >> it was kind of exciting to me. i mean, a the teachers are kind of cool. >> and the two helping each other through the long hours ofa homewo through delonte's learning disability. >> it was a little hd at times, but i -- i got used to it. y >> if ang man like him can come in after being declared unteachable, he's proven them wrong, it's great. >> no, he had h own little homework. >> today they took the stage one after another. >> delonte lewis brooks. >> sandra brooks burr. >> in the fall both will head to
5:59 pm
udc, the next stop on their grand jury. >> extra proud. >> real proud. , in northwest, aimee cws 4. heartbreak and horro after a duck boat packed with tourists capsizes during a storm in missouri. the death toll stands at 17 including children and tonight we know nine of the victims were from the same family. >> and you're seeing new drone video and that storm system isv out of missouri and heading into our area and it's bring a lot of rain our way. we've got team coverage of the tragedy for you. >> let's start with doug kammerer. he's tracking the big changes ahead for us, doug. >> ao they are going very big changes as we make our way into the weekend here. a beautiful day and nice evening tonight and by tomorrow morning we start to see the rain move ecin. it's allse of two storm systems. one, the same storm system that brought all the severe weather yeerday back to the wes and
6:00 pm
the other storm system, the one farther south. this one is spinning down here along the carolina coastline. that's the one that's going to move into o area. here's the one back to the west. that's actually going to help to lift this into area, and that's why we're talking about rain for your saturday and really this system, combined with an area of high pressure off the coast, tries to give us rain just about all next week. take a look at the rain totals. this is just through tomorrow. upwards of 2.6 inches of rain in d. this is one computer model. notice, not much at all back e towards the b ridge. we'll be talking much more about by hour take you hour to show you what to expect for the weekend coming up in 15 minutes. ew thank you. tragic details on the doug boat that capsized in missouri ptoday. >> 1ple died. the victim, one victim as young as 1 and another a old at 70. >> that boat was caught in the middle of a raging thundereorm with mhan 30 people on board. nbc's jay gray is in branson,


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