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tv   Today  NBC  July 23, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good rning. breaking overnight, mass shooting. a gunman opened fire on busy street in toronto, killing at least one woman, wounding 13 others. >> i heard at least 20 shots. then i saw the carnage as i ran do the street. >> the shooter also dead, the motive unclear, but police not ruling out terror. we'll have the latest on the investigatio >> war of words. president trump fires off an explosive tweet overnight in all caps. warning iran'so leader stop threatening the u.s. or else. what started the president's latest international incident? we're live at the white house. >> searching for answers. that ill-fated duck boat will be
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raised from the lake in branson, aissouri, an inspector claiming he rd red flags about a design flaw a year ago. and a community comes together to remember 17 victims, 9 from just one family. >> all that plus weather inrning. dren rain in the east, record heat in the south, and out owest, n end in soithd for either. >> ride oversharing, a driver for uber and lyft is suspended for secretly recording hundreds of passengers. >> so arethers doing the same? and welcome to shark week as millions tune in for the annual summer event. we'll take you inside a shark tank live, today monday, july 23rd, 2018. from nbc snews, thi is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1an rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us.
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andgh waking b and early with us on a monday morning. >> happy to see you. we want toet to the breaking news. overnight, a deadly mass shooting in trunto. >> at least one person was killed, more than a dozen oers injured. kristen dahlgren is here, following the developments heovernight. >>gunfire was captured on video. the shooter, a man dressed in all black. this morning, he's alsodead. police say they're not jumping to any conclusions as they investigate. overnight, theou terrifyin of gunshots ringing out in toroo's greektown section. one of canada's busiest and most popular gathering spots. >> i heard at least 20 shots. then i saw the carnage r as i down the street here. >> i thought it was fireworks ai t. because it was rapid fire, and then a pause at theom end,e more fire. we saw people starting to run in our direction. >> the spected gunmaneen on this video posted on social media carrying a shoulder bag,
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suddenlystops, pulls out a hand gun, and begins fing at heme, apparently at random. police and first responders quickly swarming the neighborhood filled with restaurants and cafes packed with people. enjoying a warm sunday evening. police exchanging gun fire with the shooter who was killed. but not before 13 peopl were shot and one woman was killed. >> other than the shooting, we have a young lady that is deceased right now, and we have a young girl, i believe 8 or 9 years old, that is in critica state. >> the motive for the shooting still unclear. >> i'm keeping everything open. i'mooking at absolutely every single possible motive for this. when you have this many people >>ruck bygunfire, it's a grave concern. hile gun attacks have traditionally been rare in canada, tonto is grappling with a recent increase in gun violence. violent sotings more than doubled in the past three years. >> we have a gun problem in that guns are too redably available
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too manypeople. >> we have also seen terror incidents in canada recently. y indication about whether that's involved here? >> authorities have acknowledged that. they're not ruling anything tut s point. that's all they'll say. they still haven't released the gunman's identity. they're looking into all possible motives. >> thanks. also breaking overnight, an escalating war of words between president trump and iran. the president tweeting out a headline grabbing threat in all caps. kristen welker has the latest on this. good morning. >> hey, hoda. good mning to you. president trump, who has been on defense over his handling of russia, is trying t pivot to another foreign policy flashpoint, over mr. trump sending out that tweet in all caps, both explosive and unexpected. the president is drawing a line in the sand and appearing to dare that country's president to cross it. overnight, president trump unleashing a twitter tirade, warningranian president hassan
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rujuany, if iran threatens the u.s., it will face consequences. the president tweeting, never, ever threaten the united states again or you will sufferue conses the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. we are no longer a country tha will stand for your dementedrd of death. comes in respon to ruhahny threatening the country. telling a group of diplomats the united states should avoidti in the government. saying america should know that peace with iran is the mother of all peace andar withran is the mother of all war. the war of words comingust three weeks before the trump administration is poised to suspended anctions under the 2015 iran nuclear deal. trump pulling the u.s. out of that obama negotted dealeant
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to prevent tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> we will be instituting the highest level of economic sanctions. any nation that helps iranitn quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the united states. >> bigger sanctions from the trump administration scheduled to take eff in november are aimed at cutting off virtually all of iran's global oil market. pompeo y of state mike during a speech sunday to a largely iranian american audience in simi valley, californin. laun his own harsh attack of iran's clerical and military rulers. deit shows iran is run byha something resembled the mafia than the government. >> the president's threat to iran reminiscent of his fire and fury comments directed at north korea. >> and he's not just tweeting about iran,kristen.
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he's also tweeting about the russia investigation. a lot going on on that front, too. >> absolutely. and amid criticism he hasn't been tough enough on russia, president trump is again lashing out at his predecessor tweeting overnight, so president obama knew about russiaefore the election. why didn't he do something about it? because it's all a big hoax. now that tweet is coming under scrutiny. thpresident's assertion that russian meddling is a hoax comes after the president spent last week trying to clean up comments he made in his hsinki summit with president vladimir putin in which mr. trump indicated he believed putin'sl den of election meddling over american intelligence. it's coming as the president is planning a second putin mmit. kristen, thank you. >> one week later, we're righth back westarted. now to new developments on the deadk boat accident in
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branson, rimissou. this morning as the community remembers the 17 victims, an inspector said he warned the company last year about a design flaw that could increase the boat's risk of sinking. ron mott is in branson for us. good morning t you. >> hey, good morning to you. this community still in shock about wdt happe on this late thursday night. 17 lives los ranging in age from just 1 year old to 76. we should warn you, some of the video you're about to see may be tough to watch. ♪ amazing grace heartland.eak in the a community coming together in branson, missouri, to remember the 17 lives lost in the devastating duck boat accident late last week. >> those that were once stngers to us quickly became family. and we did what families do. we held hands. we hugged. and we cried together. >> among the victims, steve smith and his son lance, who were visiting from arkansas.
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their family shattered. >> iw just don't k how we're going to make it. >> lance' sister lauren managed to escape and wasble to get another child on the boat to safety. >> she felt really bad because she said i saw children all around me in the water screaming. and she said, theer waves so high, she said it kept pushing me away. >> kia coleman was on the duck boat when it started taking on water. she now is returning home to indiana without her husband and her three children. >> iayas g, i said lord, please, let me get to my babies. i got to get to my babies. >> in al nineembers of her family were killed in the accident. >> i don't know how i'm going to do it. since i had a home, it's always been filled. it's always been filled with little feet and laughter. >> the ntsb says the thunderstorm that hit table rock lake thursday night had winds just shy of a category-1 hurricane, whipping up 4 to 6
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waves. federal investigators now hope a recovered video recorder will provide answers. the owner of tuc boat company, ripley entertainment, said the safety of their guests and employees is their topio ty. according to officials, the company has voluntarily stopped tours during the investigation. the ntsb says they're fully cooperating, but private inspector steven paul now sayar hed the company last summer about a design flaw that could increase the risk of the boats sinking. >> that water would get up into the exhaust and eventually seize up the engine, which also drives the billage pump for the boat, so iteouldn't be a to evacuate its own water. >> later, the salvage operation to bring the boat out of the water is expected to get under way. maybe midday, they'll te able bring the boat out of the water. in the meantime, we should let you know all t survivors who have been hospitalized have all haen died. >> such a tragedy.
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thank you very much. this morning, new disturbing details coming to light about the deadly hostage stand' off at trader joe's in los angeles this weekendnd what led to the suspected gunman's rampage. miguel almaguer has that story. good morninin good mo the deadly shootout police pursuit and hostage situation all camo an end at this grocery store in a trendy section of los angeles. it was thehe middle of day when the gunman stormed in, and a crisis played out on live tv across the nation. >> they're going isc to re the girl. >> before it came to an end, the desperate moment of the hostages who fle to safety. women, children, the elderly. running foriv their across parking lots and scrambling out of windows. as the gunman stormed the building. >> my heart is still beating 100 miles per hour. >> the suspect, 28-year-old gene atkins, who later srendered wi hostages by his side.
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the three-hour standoff began at this trader joe's. a grocery store turned battlefield wn police say a high-speed chase and shootout ended with atkins taking as many as 50 people inside hostage. during the cross fire, store manager was shot and killed. her brother tweeting, i'm sad to say she didn't make it. my baby sister, my >> an oeeds help. >> it all began saturday afternoon when polic say atkins shot his grandmother seven times after an argument and forced his girlfriend into a car. during the police pursuit, investigators say atkins opened fire and was shot in the arm, crashing the car into a pole before entering the silver lake with the shootout and crisis captivating the nationn rea time, president trump tweeted during the tense standoff.
7:13 am
watching hostage situation very closely. active barricaded suspect. shaun garros fount a ladder and began evacuating employees from the back of the store. >> gunfire, i knew i needed to fit. a way >> people trying to escape out of the ladder out the window. >> hours later, policay atkins eventually agreed to allow the young and elderly to leave unharmed. shoot aid i'm going to these people one by one. >> a dayt the grocery store turning into a nightmare for those trapped inside. >> trader joe's says the shooting is the most tragic day in compa history. it's unclear when the store will reopen. police have still not determined who fired that fatal shot at the store manager. guys, back to you. >> miguelal guer, thanks. >> we move to the wild weather impactingens of millions coast to coast. drenching rain, no let-up in ai sight, rng flood concerns up and down the east coast, and out
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west and down south, it's the heat baking folks. we'll get to al in ae lit bit. first, let's get to tammy leitner in a sweering dallas, texas, this morning. good morning. >> good morning. this is normally a very busy running trail, but only a few bravs souls out t morning. and that's because the temperatures are expected to climb into the 0s today. >> so dang hot out. >> today, folks in the southwest and west arein swe through blistering heat. temperatures in the triple digits. >> oh, my gosh. in my car, it was like 113. >> houston is opening five cooling centers across the city. officials ready in case it gets worse. >> n we see that wd more in other parts of the city, we are epared to open even more. >> in phoenix,here temperatures are expected toso to 115 today, rescue crews responding to numerous reports of hikers suffering from
7:15 am
heat-related in the east, from d.c. to new york, heavy downpours dnching areas already staggering from a weekend of severe storms. dangerous flash floods causing havoc throuout the mid-atlantic. this 20-foot-deep sink hole opening near germantown, maryland, closing a in north na, three people died in separate incidents. the storms creating dangerous rip currents. oh, mygosh. they need help. >> in florida, this boat forced torod on new smyrna beach. lifeguards helping to rescue 11 people. anotherine rescued after their boat capsized. meanwhile, two men at this house were hurt moving furniture during a severe storm. >> a tree fell on at least one person. cpr in progress. >> across the south, golfball sized hail and twisters. one in alabama turning a walk down the aisle into a run tindoors fors couple as a
7:16 am
tornadoeatened their wedding. backere in texas, more than 8 million people are at risk for h an excessivet warning and this is expected to stick around until friday. savannah and hoda. >> thank you. stay cool. >> all right. so what's up next with all this heavy rain? al is up in boston this morning. hey, al. >>hey, guys. good morning. craig melvin will be joining me. we're getting ready to go up the new england coast on our great outdoors trip. we're in sand pierpark. we're going to take you for a ride on that. first, let's get you to what's going on. that's up and down the eastern seaboard, a mess. we have qua omega block high pressure, both ends o the country, upper level low. you can see the secret stream bringing in 20 million people at risk for flash flood watches or warnings. as the systemontinues to push through over the next several days, there's -- it's not moving. nothing is going to move. all this moisture will continue
7:17 am
to fuel storms. we havk a flood r for the mid-atlantic states, and look at the rainfall through friday. we're talking rainfall rates of 1 to 3 inches per hour in the noheast, the mid-atlantic, the southeast and atlantic states. as we head to florida, we're also looking at heavy rain there, anywhe from 3 to 5 inches. could be as much as 8 inches of rain up and down the i-95 corridor. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:18 am
good morning, i'm chuck bell. cloudy skies overhead and areas of heavy rain coming into the d.c. metro area. thunder and lightningoving north of i-66, headed over thet c, and eventually into parts of montgomery co fty. thst wave of rain will be in and out of here in no time, but there's leely to another round of rain later today, and more rain chances all the way throughomorrow and wednesday. >> when we come cback,ig melvin is going to join me. we have a tricked out rv. our friends at nbc 10 helping us out. we're having a fantastic here. back to you. >> boston looks good on you, al. can't wait. >> coming up, imagine being recorded on your way to work, on the way home, without any idea the internet is watching you. this morning, a big old dust-up affecting users of uber and lyft. >> plus, sharks are among the most intriguing and fear inspiring cre on the planet, and guess what.
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kerry sanders is set to dive with them live. it's happening. but first, ts is "today" on nbc.em thlive. it's happening. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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this is a breaking news 4 today news >> 7:26 now on this monday,ial 23rd. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff. weontinue to follow breaking news out of howard county. we want to get to nicole live in clarksville. nicole. >> aaron and angie, i can tell you tragically, the firefighter who was injured in this clarksville fire has succumbed to his injuries. we're told he fell through the floor of this home here on woodscape road and was pulled from the home, taken tohe hospital in critical condition, and suced to his injuries there. a tragic morning for the howard county fir department. we'll continue to bring you more information as we learn it, and of urse, you can follow us on our nbcashington app.
7:27 am
back to you. >> all right, nicole, thank you. >> now to a heads-up for metro riders. two red line stations are closed for repairs. rhode island avenue and line station over the weekend. free shuttle buses are here to help out. >> good morning. first 4 traffic alert i germantown. father hurley boulevard blocked. germantown road i your alternate. the beltway, look how wet it is. it's a mess all over the place, and a live look 66 at vienna metro, no big issues there. le>> a weather day. your forecast is next.
7:28 am
good morning,yb evy. a possibility of another inch or more rain. heavy rain right now from washington to louden county,
7:29 am
headed to the panhandle of west virginia. this is lifting northbound. it will be out of here in the next our two, but we're likely to have more. >> another update in 25 minutes. >> now back to "today." s? multitasking isn't for the faint of heart . i'm in! it takes experience, skill, hey babe. do you have my credit card? i can't find it. nope. i haven't seen it. i'll keep looking. and a bank that helps you take care of business from anywhere. you know, we could use more guys like jim around here. bb&t. all we see is you.
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we are back, 7:30 on this monday morning, july 23rd, 2018. thetinnual tra of shark week is getting under way. we decided to mark the occasion and kerry sanders decided it was a good idea to go swimming in a tank live on our program, which he's going to do in about ten minutes. >> not withdlhose fri sharks either. e're going to check in with kerriane moments. let's get right to today's headlines and breaking news. one person was killed, another 13 wounded after a gunman opened fire in toronto late sunday night. it happened in a busy residential area with restaurants and cafes. a 9-year-old girl is among those wounded. she's in criticalcondition. the gunman was shot and killed in a fire' fight with police. a
7:31 am
it's not random shooting. they have not ruled out terrorism. >> the war of words is escalating between president trump and iziranian counterpart. the president evtweeting, ever threaten the united states againr youill suffer consequences the likes of which fewtohroughout h have ever suffered before. iran's president said on sunday america should knowt peace with iran is the mother of all peace and war with in is the mother of all wars. in pmay, mr. trum announced the u.s. was withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal and threatened the highest lel of sanctions against the country. >> from the southwest to the northeast, millions of are dealing with extreme ouather. the s is baking under a potentially dangerous heat wave. places like phoenix, las vegas, dallas, all seeing triple digit temperatures. houston is opening five cooling and in across the city the east, it's the rain wrk from d.c. to new york, heavy downpours drenching areas already sggering from a weekend of severe storms.
7:32 am
al will be back in a moment with the fstl fore >> why don't we go to golf now? francesca molinari became the first italian to win a major championship on sunday, outdueliol toprs like tiger woods and jordan spieth. there was a uray tie for second. tir, by the way, finished in a tie for sixth. ran mormolinari takes homy nea $2 million. >> a lot of people were watching >> interesting results there. now, to a story getting a lot of attention. especially if you ever use the ride-sharing services. a driver for both uber and lyft has been suspended for secretly cording passengers o camera for the world to see. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with details. she's already shakiad her >> this is a creepy one. this morning, millions of american will open their phones and hail an uber or lyft, and be on their way. butf hundreds people in
7:33 am
st. louis are outraged if it was revealed their rides were being recorded and streamed live over the internet. these pictures show dozens of unsuspecting uber and lyft customers being recorded without their consent and streamed live overinternet. their driver using them to build an onlineg, follow even referring to passengers as content. >> we need some content. we haven't had content. it's been a couple weeks since we had good content. >> first reported by the st. louis dispatch, customers unknowiny revealed personal conversations,ar essing moments and even where they live to stranges online. >> the riders spoke to were shocked they were on camera. they had no idea. and a lot of them felt violated. >> the videos racked up thousands of views on the gaming website twitch, where many would
7:34 am
leave commenters. >> they would rate women, judge passenger, mock the conversations people we having. >> but while many riders are angry, the video may not be illegal. missouri is a one-party consent state, meaning only the driver needs to be aware that as ride being recorded. in one video, the driver does appear to take steps to stop showing passengers' homes. >> take privacy not showing you exactly people's houses anymore. >> but quickly admitting he may not always rember to do so. >> i'l probably forget half the time, but i like to pretend like ll remember. >> he did not return nbc news' request for comment but told the post iddispatch he eventually put a four-inch sticker warning passengers there was a camera in the car, adding he used camer for safety reasons. he also did it to make money, according to the paper. apparently earning $3500 througr suiptions and donations
7:35 am
through twitch hisnt is no longer active, and the website tells nbc news they don't comment on specific dividuals, but says in part, we do not allow people to share content that invades others' privacy. this is not the first time an uber or lyft driver has recorded passengers. but in most cases, the person behind the wheel makes it clear a camera is on. he wassuspended by both lyft and uber after the initial report was published. an uberer spoken tells nbc news the troubling behavior in the videos is not in line with our community guidelines. while lyf says the safety and comfort of the lyft community is our top priority. >> think of all the kind of private conversations y might have while sitting in the back of one of those cars. do we have any idea who wasna d in this or what people were recorded? >> according to the st. louis dispatch, this guy gave about 700 rides since march. families and students. there are some pubfic res, a
7:36 am
tv news reporter, and interestingly, the lead guit guitarist for the band alice n chains was in his car. >> thank let's check of the weather. al's up in boston on a road trip with craig. look at you guys. >> that's right. >> we're ready. getting in a winnebago later. >> are you ready? >> they're a coming with us. warm, muggy air, butre now near as bad as it is down south. take a look, where we have excessive heatatches and warnings stretching from the pacific northwest all the way to the gulf coast. 67 million people at risk. and especially down throute s and into the southwest. scorching temperatures. temperatures, not heat indexes. triple digits from san francisco, los in triple digits, and portland, oregon, 97 today. as we move into tomorrow, the heatcontinues, stretching from dallas where it's going to be 99 to 98 in l.a andwednesday, that heat climbs
7:37 am
up the west coast. and continues to scorch. 102 in medford. sacramento, 100. phoeni will see 114. look at palm springs, 120 degrees. feels like it's the north pole here. s going on around the country. here's what's happening ipyour neck of the woods. good morning. we'll not have to worry about any hot weather anytime soon, but we need to watch out for the rain. heavy rain still across large parts of montgomerynnd lou county. these rain drops are going northbound. mo rain coming in lat in the day today. flood watches have been posted for the rest of today into tomorrow. we're lickly going to have to keep the flood watches up for the next several days as there's an 80% chance for heavy rain today, tomorrow, and wednesday. we've got so much going on here i boston before we get on the road trip. thanks to our friends a nbc 10.
7:38 am
we have theic viral p who sang the star-spangled banner. >> we have a band that's going to join us. > we're going on a boat, on a pirate ship. we got chowder andob a rr roll. you know how you make a lobster roll? >> go ahead. >> you push it. >> what >> push it. >> i get it. >> that's the seventh time i ehave heard that j this morning. >> it just gets >>funnier. a long road trip for you, my friend. >> you have no idea. >> thank you. still ahead, natalie wood's sister speaks out about new eviden in the hollywood legend's mysterious death. >> and our sitdown with lin-manuel miranda. what he's telling us about his passion project. >> and another hit from the '90s is getting are boot with a twist. carson has that. >> first, an opeying firsthand look at sharks from kerry sanders who is about to swim with them live. there he is, ready to rock,
7:39 am
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this morning on in depth, today's shark week. it's finallyhere. >> of course, most of us would never, ever, ever dream of swimming with sharks, but then again -- >> could have a nightmare about that. >> kerry sanders is not like a lot of people. he's at the oklahoma where this guy is about to get up close and personal with some bull. shar kerry, good morning. >> well, good morning. i'm at the entrance here in the tank into the tank with those bull sharks. ten of them. a re doing this to dispel myth. bulls are among the most aggressive sharks in the world'b oceans the myth is they're out there searching for humans, to attack but you'll see as i go in there, if everything works as we expect, that everything is going to be fine. the sharks may be interested in me, but nothing more than that. i'll explain in a moment this really strange suit i'mwearing, but first, let's look at the
7:44 am
amazin for decades, sharks have both intrigued and terrified us. even if stati mically we'reore likely to f diem a coconut falling on our head. the blockbuster movie "jaws" gave the shark a b rap. "jaws" was pretty hard on sharks in general. i think it kind of painted a th monster. >> marine biologist john money is the deputy director at oklahoma aquariums he say in reality, sharks are not looking to attack us. >> it's not an attack. usually the bite is exploratory. they're looking for food. they're hunting fish. >> those accidental attacks are more rare than you would think. they happened on average 80 times a year worldwide. more than half of them in thees united stat and most of those in florida, although last week, weaw two kids bitten off the coast of new york's fire island.
7:45 am
the attacks within an hour of each other. >> i could have lost a leg, but i didn't. >> of the rk465 known s species living in our oceans today, the bull shark is one of the biggest and boldest. it's considered the third most dangerous after the tiger s grk anat white. it can grow as large as eight feet long and weigh up to 500 pounds, and its teeth are like razors. the strength of a bite could break bones. but as long as we leave them alone, experts believe they are not interested in eating us. >> we're not on the menu.'r the really not a threat to us. >> or so i hope, since i'm now down here with bul sharks. well,ys i'm now down here, and you can probably hear me breathing a little heavy because this is -- this should not be scary, but it is in my mind, nonetheless. it's not sething tha you are
7:46 am
used to. and these guys, again, the thi most aggressive. interestingly, i am the first person that they have allowed to come in here that doesn't wor here. so it's a bit of a challenge. as i noted, was goio tell you what i'm wearing. this is chain mail. this is sort of like the knights of the roundtable from king arthur. told that if a shark decides to come bite me, it won't be able to penetra the suit, but in all likelihood, it may break a bone. and if you want to know why i'm a little unsettled, there's p a paramedics on the top just in case. guys. >> kerry, can you see any of the sharks from where you are right now? >> i can. there's a couple behind me. and the sharks -- let's maybe they're afraid of me.
7:47 am
look like they have all gone to the back end of the tank right now. one thing i was told by those who come into the tank on a regur basis is that the ubbles actually scare away the sharks. so what i'll do, here comes one right there, just turned. let me hold my breath for a 's moment and l see if a shark comes by. >> good idea. >> well -- >>on't hold it too long. >> well, there'sen bull sharks in here, and i see two or three right over here. and let's see if they're about- to they're turning back. so i can see the sharks around me. you don't see them right now. >> we doee them, kerry. you are -- we should point out to everybody, you are, again, a certified scuba diver. you know what you're doing down there. tell us what feeding time is
7:48 am
like for those sharks. >> well, feeding time actually happens on the surface here at the tank. and what they do is they drop the food in just a couple times during the week, and there's a lot of precautions that take place. just to give you an idea, allowing me into thistank, they only get in this tank themselves about once a month. and that's just to clean the windows in the tank. so i is not common for people to get into this tank andor sharks to come by this close. but i'm feeling -- i'm in my mind that i should be more -- i guess i feel like att this point t the sharks are not going to bother me. but it's still in the back of my mind, this concern that they may decide to get curious. >> wow.
7:49 am
kerrou're giving me some anxiety with that heavy breathing. thank you souch for showings that. >> we appreciate that, kerry. wow. >> that whole segment we did. >> what about hoda saying it's feeding time. >> i didn't t seehe shark going -- >> you see a few sharks, the bull sharks were close to him that we could on screen. it looked like he wasn't turning his head tooch >> still coming up, should you trade in your smartphone for an d school flipphone. remember them? we'll tell you about the experiment that changed one woman's life. first, these messages.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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>>his is a news 4 today news break. >> 7:56, for your time right now on this monday, july 23rd, 2018. i'm angie goff. let's get to melissa mollet with roads to avoid. >> germantown,ig slowdown here. father hurley bouleva shut down, big sinkhole. your alternate, take 118 instead. beltway, you can see all of this green, the yellow showing you where it's raining across the area. it's slow almost everywhere right now. southbound 95, a brand-new crash there. >> thanks. we have a check on your rainy forecast next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
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7:59 am
good morning, everybody. another storm team 4 weather aler day for you today. this first wave of hea rain is moving in mare nnd now. it will soon be inia pennsylv there's more rain to the south. that's coming our way for later this morning and again later on this afternoon. stay ready for rain. 80% chance of more hvy rain, not just today, but for the next several days as well. a waterlogged stretch, more than 8 inches of rain in the last >> thank you. more local news in 25 minutes. but for now, back to "today" after this brab. the 2018 escalade is ready to move. our best offers on the 2018 escalade are here. join us for the made to move sales event. get 0% apr financing for 60 months,
8:00 am
plus $2000 down payment assistance when financed through gm financial on a 2018 escalade. >> it's 8:00 on "today."ng comi up, breaking overnight, ru gunfirepts on a busy toronto street. at least two people killed. dozen more injured. >> i heard at least 20 shots. then i t saw carnage as i ran down the street. >> this morning, police still searching for answers. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> plus, crack in the case? >> tell the truth for once and for all. >> natalie wood's sister speaks ou about the 40-year mystery surrounding the star's death. >> i think it just escalated to a point where she was either struck or. push
8:01 am
>> what she said she's now learned about her sister's final hours. >> and helin for win. we go one-on-one with lin-manuel miranda for an exclusive look an hami next act. >> we always intended for t hamiltcome to puerto rico. then when hurricane maria happened, we sort of doubled down on the commitment. >> the star opening up about his latest passion project and hi he's still not throwing away his shot. today monday, july 23rd, 2018. >> bring the beat in. >> we're the daly family. >> on the "today" show. >> with my daughter for her 18th birthday. >> here with my uncle. >> here from tallahassee, florida. >> denver, colorado. >> from alabama. >> mississippi.
8:02 am
>> good morning, welcome to "today." a rainya. pl happy crowd. so happy to have you with us on a drizzly monday morning. > we'll get out there in a second. al and craig are in boston for the kickoff of something special. >> let's get to the news. 8:00, and weew have breaking police in toronto investigating a deadly mass shooting aftergu an opens fire on a street last night. 2 people we killed, 12 other wounded. kristen has been watching this as develops overnight. >> police still have not identified the gunman, but they will say he's a 29-year-old man, and this morning they're still inying to figure out his motive. this mo police still at the scene of the mass shooting in toronto's greektown section, one of canada'sst b and most popular gatheotng s. overnight, the terrifying sound of gunshots ringing out on danforth street.
8:03 am
>> i thought it was fireworks at first. it was rapid fire. we saw people starting to run in our direction. >> i heardea atst 20 shots. and then i saw the carnage as i ran down the street here. >> the suspected gunman seen on d on socia pos media carrying a shoulder bag, suddenly stops, pulls out a handgun. and begins firing at people, parently at random. police and first responders quickly swarming the neighborhood filled with restaurants and cafes packed with people. a enjoying warm sunday evening. police exchanging gunfire with the shooter who was killed. the motive for the shooting still 'munclear. >> keeping every open. i'm looking at absolutelyvery single possible motive for this. when you have this many people struck by gunfire, it's a grave concern. >> while gun attacks have traditionally been rare in canada, toronto is grappling with a recen increase in gun violence.
8:04 am
violent shooters more than doubled in the past three years. >> we have a problem in that guns are too readily available to too many people. >> at thishour, police are not ruling out anything, including terrorism. the investigation continues and we'll continue to keep you >> thank you. president trump is ramping up the rhetoric with iran in an all-caps twitterbu , he warned iran's president to never, ever threaten the united states again o y will suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. on sunday, president hassan rouhani warned the u.s. n to escalate tensionsith the isl republic. earlier this year, the president pulled the u.s. out of theran nuclear deal and ordered new sanctions against the nation. >> ins, te the faa is investating what caused a world war ii era plane with 14 people onboard to crash. it happened over the weekend as it tried t takeff at an airport north of austin. video shows the vtage plane
8:05 am
dipping dangerously to the left side of the runway before hitting the ground and bursting into flames. one perso suffered significant burns. h seven othersad minor injuries. the plane was headed for an air show in oshkosh, wisconsin. >> we have the news covered. how about a morning boost? sometimes we need encouraging words from our best friend to help us conquer the challenges we face in life. that's what happened with two girls in pennsylvania. young abbey whispers words to get rosy to try out her motorized wheelchair. it works. rosy was off, when the itop abbey is there with more words of inkerjment. she ao helped place her hands tryhe handlebars so she c one more time. she's off again. the real joy is captured in theiriggles and their eyes and in rosy's smile. that, by the way, is what we call friendship. >> love those little girls. >> we have a lot moreahead, including new evidence in the mysterious death ofly hod
8:06 am
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nature gives me... energy. ♪ clarity. nature gives me... wisdom. ♪ courage. ♪ drive. ♪ nature gives... give back. nature valley, proud supporter of the national parks. back with today's talker. it's been nearly 40 years since natalie wood drowned in the waters off the coast of california. >> what happened that night still remas a mystery and an open police case, and wood's family is still f desperate answers. joe fryer has the tanswers. mystery surrounding natalie wood's death, in recent ars, her sister has been relentless in her effort to keep the case moving forward. now a new podcast reveals police
8:11 am
have new evidence and lana is calling for her sister's husband to speak out. >> tell the truth for once and for all. >> the sister of screen legend natalie wood searching for answers in her attimely lana wood ravining new details she says she has learned about her sister's last hours aboard a yacht. >> i believe that there was a horrible fight onboard the splendor. i think it just escalated to a point where she was either struck or pushed. >> the interview is pt of a 12-part podcast called fatal voyage hosted by dylan howard. >> what we have uncovereds both exclose and powerful in putting together a case for foul play. >> wood drowned in the waters off catalina island in 1981. her husband, robert wagner, was
8:12 am
also on the yacht. just five months ago, investigators named him a person of interest in the decades old case. wagner has long denied any involvement in wood's death and spoke about it in 200 before the case was reopened. >> came to the conclusion she had slipped on the swim step on the aft endf theoat and had hit her head and rolled into the water. tr tragic tragic night. earlier this year, the l.a. county sheriff's department aracterized wood's drowning as a suspicious death and questioned wagner's version of events. bruising on natalie's body and a >> you look at the bruising and she looks like the victim of an assault. >> the podcast is pmising to reveal details from natalie wood own unpublished memoir. >> in that, she describes a volatile relationship. th the glamorous couple was drinking with a hollywood celebrity, their friend, christopher walken.
8:13 am
wagner, now 88, wrote in one of several books about events leing up tois wife's death. we got into an argument and i slamme a wine bottle on the table, breaking it into pieces.a lie got up and went from the salon to the master cabin. he said the last time he saw her, she was fing her hair i the bathroom. nbc news reached out to wagner and was told he declined to comment. the case was reopened after the boat's captain said he lied to police first investigating wood's death. >> i made mistakes by not telling t honest truth. >> the podcast was launched this wouldeek on the day that have marked natalie wood's 80th birthday. she died at just 43 years old. charges have been filed in case which remains one of hollywurd's most eg mysteries. >> joe, thanks. >> let's head up the road tobo on and check in with al and craig who are about to hit the
8:14 am
road. hi guys. >> good morning. we have special guests coming up in just a second. first, we'll get toalour natiforecast, and let's show you what we've got for today. we're looking at a lot of wet weather in the northeast. you can see from the gulf coast all the way into nengland, we have a lot of wet weather making its way through. it's going t be bringing anywhere from 3 to 5he inc of rain or more byhe time w get into friday, from the northeastl new d, mid-atlantic states, all the way down to florida. the other big story, the at. not only triple digit temperatures but heat indices through the gulf that are well above triple digits antonio, corpus christi, lake charles, and shreveport, and joining us here, two of boston's yo kim taveras and steve. >> thank >> perhaps you recognize them from this video that went viral.
8:15 am
♪ god bless america my home sweet home ♪ >> did you have any idea this was going to blow up the way it >> no idea. no idea at all. >> we were not prepared for the posetive resp it was awesome. >> here's the thing. it spawned like this slew of other videos out there. police officers dancing. but you were the first t ones sing. we have seen some liplip-syncin some karaoke. >> you're going to help us going to our local. >> take it away. ♪ here's what's happening in your neck of the wood ♪ >> yeah! good morning, everybody. i'm chuck bell. not sging for you. you'll realize , but you're glad i'm not singing. outside, heavy rain in northern
8:16 am
maryland, and more rain to the south. that'soming our w for later on today. keep the umbrella handy. floodatches rema in place for the rest of today and into tomorrow. be on the lookout forur high-standing water across the region for the next couple days as a possibility for heavy rain continues for today, morrow, and on into wednesday. >> officersim and steve. >> thank you. thank you. >> boston's finest. this is good chowder. we get good chowder fm boston. >> yeah. just getting started. >> we're just getting warmed up. t>> wow,se officers. my word. >> so good. >> that was awesome. >> thank you. >> we'll see you in a bit. here's a question. do you wan to spend less time with your face in your phone? carson is in the orange room with a suggestion. >> guys, first, i want to get the officers "the voice." here's the deal with the phone. 29-year-old katie made the bold decision, she traded her smartphone in for one of these
8:17 am
old fashioned flip erphones. remethese? she told "the new york times" that constant access to social media madoo her feel anxious and sad, so she's had this flip phone for five month and she's sharing ways others can prepare if they wt to make that swap. let's look at some of her things. srst,rt by removing all social media from your current phone. this is like a weaning off process. then pay attention to geography. now, you have to rely on printed directions ing for and those things. and because texting can be clunky on the flipphone, she says you should get used to actually talking to human bngs more oftike this. remember, we used to talk to people. social minia users wei in. lindsay said i'm never going back to a flip said my dad has a flip phone, and frankly, i'm jealous of him. we asked would you ever trade your smartphone in for a flip phone. what do you think? >> . >> you're right. 78% to 22%, you're not willing yet. like it or not, several
8:18 am
developers areat cg social media free devices and there are rumors samsung is currently working on a foldable phone, something that could resemble this flip style. so maybe there will be something in the middle, or we could all go back to the brick.>> isn't that such a status symbol? >> it came in a briefcase. >> satellite phone. >> you have some pop start? >> i do today. a lot to get to. wel start with dennis quaid, signed on to play former president ronald reagan. that film will launch in 2019 and will focus on the many relationships he built throughout his life. and megyn kelly had an portunity to sit down with quaid at the reagan ranch andow askedis past relationships have affected him. >> meg ryan. >> my most successful relationship in my life. we met, you know, i was a big deal. and then my career went like
8:19 am
that, and she was like this. and then we gout out in the streets of new york, and it b woul like meg. i have to admit it, i did feel like i dippeared. i didn't think i was that small. but i was. >> it was a grounh oppoy. >> it was a growth opportunity. i learned from >> he also talked about some of the darker moments in his life, specifically about his cocaine addiction and subsequent sobriety. megyn has a lot more of that in the nt hour. >> up next, prince hegeorge. celebrated his fifth birthday over the weekend, and kensington palace released a new photo of the prince to mk theoccasion. the photo was taken outside clarence house after his younger brother was christened earlier this month. look at that toothy grin. he sure is cute. prince george is third in line to the throne. we want to wish him a belated happy birthday. >> finally, buffy the vampire slayer will beon back so getting a reboot.
8:20 am
the hit show wrapped after seven seasons. now the show is following in the footsteps of others getng revived, getting the reboot treatment. they plan to cast an african-american female as the lead for the series. no word yetn who's been cast nor expected launch date, but a lot ofe peopl talking about it coming back. that's your pop start today. >> all righ carson. we'll continue your block, speaking of stars. savannah had a chance to catch up with hamilton star and creator lin-manuel miranda. you had aniv ex interview. >> we chatted at the unielted palace theater, but lin-manuel was far from the bright lights of broad way yesterday. he was in puerto rico and an important announcement as he shines the spotlight on an issue kose to his heart. lin-manuel miranws how to get his voice heard. hamilton is the most celebrated
8:21 am
broadway show, but he transcends broadway. he's become a cultural icon. >> love l ise and love is love is love is love. >> tell me about this beaiful theater. >> so yeah, we're not downtown. we're not in the theater 'rdistrict. wee on 175th street. this is t united palace theater, the fourth largest eater in manhattan and like most of the world doesn't know it exists until today. h today,s here to share an importantbo announcement aut his next act. >> we know that hamilton is coming to puerto rico. >> yeah we alwaysintended for hamilton to come toriuerto . then when hurricane maria happened, we doubled down on the commitment. now the focus needs to be not making a dime on hamilton puerto rico but how can we help. >>s mirand family is from puerto rico and he's become one of the lisland'sding advocates. >> we have a humanitarian crisis onhaur s. >> the goal is basically as puerto rico slowly recovers from hurricane maria and gets back on
8:22 am
its feet, not to leave behind e artist we're going to create this arts fund. basically every penny will go to this arts fund to sort of help revive arts, and when i say eaarts, i cultural institutions, dance companies, theater companies, iependent artists. and i'm really pleased to help in that way. >> what do you say when people say, goas, puerto rico so many needs, why fund the arts? isn't that sort a of luxury in a time of need? >> full stop, yes. prk prg has so many needs. since hurricane maria hit, i have been partnering with the hispanic federation. i feel so grateful we he raised at this point $41 million. so the work with puerto rico doesn't stop. this is just sort of taking on an additional lane. >> lin traveled in many lanes
8:23 am
this days, from staing in the new mary poppins returns to making his directorialn debut a show he once starred in. his soon releasing a book based on histweets. >> this is entirely at the request of twitter. so i say good morning and good night on twitter.e thore like pep talks being a theater person, having an audience in yourocket is dangerous. a dangerous thing for us. >> ready to perform. >> i have ars. >> he's not the only performer in the family. his eldest son sebastian is showing signs. >> i he munall gs, so to have an audience. >> so he lik to give monologues? you're throwing me a lin-manuel miranda word. don't you think there's something about bringing s milton to puerto rico that saying to puerto rico, you matter? we care? >> absolutely.s and i important to have eyeballs on puerto rico.
8:24 am
then make money for folks on the island who need it. >> have you thought about opening night and what it will be like? >> i am 50% excited, 50% te>>ified. ou still know all the words? >> well, i'm pretty sure my shot is well dodged in there. >> are you going to be growing out the hair? >> i think i'm wigging hiout. i it's too late. the other sort of thing i'm really looking fward to is when i was in hamilton in the first crazy year,e when my l changed, the most peaceful three hours of my day were when i was on the stage, because your only job is to be hamilton, but it's a 14-course mealor an actor. you get to do all the things. you get to fall in love, win a war, have an affair, you get to experience loss. you get to experience friendship. and to ride that ride is to
8:25 am
ride, is toho live a wle life in miniature. i'm looking forward to doing that for my people. >> i ntld a l more on the geeking out part? >> me o. you know i couldn'te normal, and i wasn't, but d he'sng so much. he loves his neighborhood. that beautiful theater is in her neighborhood. he is moving, but it's in the neighborhood. totally committed. and he's got a new baby, i think he's 5 months old and he told me 's got no slee they're in the bed with the toddler, baby, and dog. >> if you want to see the complete interview, it's at "today."com, importantly, announcing they're going to give all the money that hamilton puerto thco raises to arts. >> just ahead, our celebration of the great outdoors. allen craig in ston, rea to start their camping adventure. >> plus, everything you need for your own outdoor trip, but first, your local news. own outt
8:26 am
your local news. good morning, 8:26 on this, monduly 23rd. let's get to melissa mollet with a look at your traffic. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads her this morning. germantown, father hurley boulevard between middlebrook road and crystal rock d blocks because of a sinkhole. person trappeda in a vehicle, montgomery county fire and rescue on the scene, and outer loop, a crash in the right lane. >> thank you. we'll have a check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
another storm team 4 weather alert day. the possibility of heavy rain exists o lattoday. right now, the heaviest of the rain is in northern marynd.
8:29 am
just aew showers here. more heavy rain across tidewater virginia. ood risk remain very high. >> the latest news and weather in the nbc washington app any time.
8:30 am
t is 8:30 on a monday morning. july 23rd, 2018. check it out. we have brought the great outdoors to thehi plaza, al and greg get to enjoy it in boston, setting off on their road they're going to fill us in on that in a second. check out our crowd here, you guys. >> great. >> i love your hat, carson. >> thank you. >> you look like captain spper
8:31 am
on the uss minnow. >> i feel like gilligan. > if you're feeling inspired by craig andal's adventure, we've have everything you need if you're going to go outside, whether you're up for a camping trip or maybe you want to go to grill.k yard and >> and there's no need to stress about the weather. we'll have outdoor games t whole family can enjoy rain or shine. >> can i do my crowd moment? >> do it. i >> where amanda? amanda is here. okay, amanda. amanda is a dental and where is that? >> mccullen stevens dentist in alabama. >> she says that the tv is always on whe people are getting their teeth cleans with the "today" show. you want to say o.hell >> hey. >> it's great day when you get your teeth cleans, you take care of business. thank you, honey. t >> gre distract the dentist when they'reou working on
8:32 am
teeth. >>, guys really exciting news. th one and only keith urban is taking over our stage. it's happeningext thursday. here are our choices for one of his songs. wasted time or somewhere in my car. if you want to choose something, use the #keithtoday. say which one you want, and tune in next thuray. we'll see what you picked. >> why don't we send it back to al and craig? hey guys. >> herear we we got a little music here. ♪ >> you are watching andg listeno -- >> the william diamond jr. fif and drum corps, between 8 and 18
8:33 am
years >> award-winning group. >> yeah. >> they're just terrific. they oet me bang the drums earlier. t. that was nice. wish we had seen t you had the hat and everything. >> had to take the hat off. >> very nice. >> that's a nice hat. >> thank you very much. >> love it. very nice. william diamond jr. fe and drum corps. all right, let's show you your weather. see what's going on. we finish here, we are heading up theoa to maine. georgetown island. the forecast, f anddrizzle. >> uh-oh. >> 72 degrees. we shall see. they're sounding the horn for look at the ahead. heavy rain up and down the east coast. record highs through texa then as we get into the midweek period, the rain continues on thst the record highs continue in the southwest, and thursday, thes showtart dying down in the northeast, but the heat expands out to the west.t' that's w going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, everybody.
8:34 am
i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. cloudy skies and r pockets ofn still across the area. the heaviest of the rain is in southern pennsyania, but more heavy thunderstorms along the tidewater parts of virginia. that'sin c northwest bound. our rain chances remain very high for the rest of todand honestly, our rain chances continue on into tuesday and weesday. rawell, melvin and i are here in boston. and in fact, we're doing o best captain morgan right now. this, we're on the formidable, this was a privateer vessel.
8:35 am
they were legalized pirates who helped protect our seas during the revolutionary war. > unfortunately, this ship was captured by the british on its maiden voyage, right? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> but that's not important. what is important is we got out of t office. god bless the road trip. our advente gins in boston, mass, but before we head out on the open road -- mr. roker, welcomaboard. >> thank you. wow. >> i take to the high seas. >> al roker. >> just one of the many p stops on this excellent adventure. and i've got company. >> this is easy. >> more americans are hitting the road now than ever before. affordability and convenience two big factors. this year, an estimated 77 usmillion olds will be camping. up 6 million from just three
8:36 am
years and driving the trend, a younger, more diverse group made up mostly of millennials and gen-xers who make up 7 out of 10 rvers. >> besev day er. >> it's all in the family with three generations of rv enthusiasts crisscrossing the country each summer. >> my daughter wasi1. wanted her to have the same experiences i had growing up, making lifelo l friends ands and lots of memories. so we're going to niagara falls with a camper this summer. >> mr. roker. hye sir. ready. l away. >> wow. >> well done, gentlemen. mr. roker, you're a natural. >> as for me, i set a course to il on by the uss constitution. >> it's the uss constitution.
8:37 am
>> the oldest commissioned naval warship aflo in the world. the navy ship was named by george washington himself, and she still packs a punch. that's the gunner. fire. >> we've got a little fire power of our own. >> may god help their souls. all right, let's get out of here. and that's how you start your trip off with a bang. how about a nice pirate shantak to us back into port. and a song. ♪ home again let the waters roar jack ♪ ♪ long we toss now we're ashore jack ♪ >> the weather is starting t take a bit of a turn, captain. >> we ought to head back to port. >> i thi so. the barometric pressure is dropping. it's notgood.
8:38 am
>> great idea. glad i thought of it. >> he's cracking himself up. >> i feel like mr. krabbs. >> two. quick questio where is the road trip heading? drive? i >> you got the bigger bed so i'm driving. we're heading to maine. rit after is. >> going down east maine, plum island, georgetown island. >> going to do lobstering. >> clamming. >> antiquing. >> what do they call this sail? >> i don't know. >> it's the spanker. okay. >> of course, it is. >> another ful day of that. >> all right, guys. just ahead, all the ingenious camping gear you're goingo need for wherever your summer adventures take you. this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. get your yes for less at the newest ross store on rhode island avenue.
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8:41 am
we are back with more of our special great outdoors "today" fun. damp, but it's still fun. whether you're camping or heading to a picnic or the beach, sometimes the weath doesn't always cooperate with your plans, but kind of like today. >> that's right. we haved gathe must-have gadgets to help you enjoy your activities and hopefully stay dry. brian is an outdoor enthusiast. did i get your last name ght? >> yeah. >> cool. we're going to do the lightning roun first, you need a good rain jacket. this is out dry by columbia. it's super breathable. that's great. next thing, bugs come out after the rain. >> yeah, ah, yeah. >> big me.
8:42 am
this is thermacell radius. you push the button onhe front. it sprays a 100-square-foot area. >> in your camp site? >> in your camp site, yr backyard. >> what about other things you could get wet? >> dry bags, you roll them up, completely water proof, submersible. >> your phones? >> your whole self. >> should w ventuut this way? >> we have thisice tent. >> this is from big agnus. >> what do we have here? >> we're going over here. this is t rooftop tent. >> no, it is not. >> the biggest thing in camping rit now, the roof nest sparrow. basically, they're great because the set-up time takes like ten seconds. >> oh, my gosh. >> do i get a ticket? >> what's itike upthere? >> unbelievably comfortable. honestly. there' aadding underneath, a sleeping back in here, plenty of room. and i'm 6'2".
8:43 am
it'sgreat. it really is great. >> so why not just put that on the ground? >> well set-up time, you can leave it on your car, it turns whatever car you have into a camper. >> no more bugs and you're off the ground. >> expensive? >> this one is 2495, but really great. >> i'm going to finish my nap. >> nighty night. >> where doe go now? >> the speaker right here. >> this is cool. >> waterproof? >> waterproof, this thing actually floats. it's called the eco bo>>der. his has little cup holders. >>e' play some music for you here. >> carson is going to love this. we should put that in his tent.> here you go. >> he's loving he. >> we have these lucy lights here. these are awesome. you can crge them up before they go out, then they have a solar panel on top. you can lighthem up, they're good to go. >> i like yourco er.
8:44 am
>> the coolest cooler. it h a corkscrew, a built-in speaker and a blender. >> we have expert advice here. how are yo >> i'm good. >> what's the name of your st reaurant? >> barbee in texas. >> not only do you have gadgets, you have tips for us as welle >> have this cool grill, and then we're going to show you a couple tips on what to do with jalapenos to intensify the flavor. you can put them right in the grill. >> right on. >> rightnhe grill. and if they're bigger, you can put them on top. >> that is awesome. >> what you're trying to do is intensify the flavor. you can use that and any other flavor on the pizza, like additional toppings or make a pesto out of it. >> you have another tip for us, for riillers, t? >> olive oil on the grill. >> what does that do? >>es m it not stick. >> you brush it right on? >> yeah. >> what is this? >> that's a pretzel we made with
8:45 am
the vegetables. it's okay if it drizzlese loti stick. >> i like the floating tents. >> this is amazing. can everyone see this? >> what do these do? >> tree . they're fantastic. they come with stands. you can hang them from a tree. it's like a floating tree house. >> how cool isthat? are you loving it? >> she loves it. >> brian and adrian, thanks t youboth. for more ideas, head to coming up next, from gear to game. we'll have entertaining ways to spend time with your family in the greatoutdoors. first, this is "today" on nb krrb. >> carson, look at him. he in his happy place.
8:46 am
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simple. easy. awesome. introducing new packages with customizable streaming tv options. enjoy more choice and faster speeds-- giving you the ultimate value. click, call or visit a store today. that looks fun. so we're capping off our mornint in the g outdoors with fun, games, activities, thingswh the e family can enjoy.
8:48 am
and lori, good morning. obviously, with a family and bad weather, there's nothing you can do about it. but you have activities you can do none the >> we have all of the weather covered. to every trip a little rain must fall. we'll start with rainy day art. you can see we have mom erin and her son christopher working on some. the k here is you want washable markers, which most parents, don't you have them in your home? >>yeah, wedo. >> we do, too. you colorn watercolor paper or a heavy cardstock. when it starts to rain, y ave it out, and when you get it back, it looks like a waidrcolor. the like it. a different way to participate in art. >> ach these your dren? >> unfortunately. just kidding. this is their favorite thing to do. gemma and leo, let's show carson and all of america our puddle jumpgcontest. turn around. this is what they love to do
8:49 am
when it rains. guys. turn the other way and basically, what we want to see, we didmakeshift puddle, but outdoors there's always puddles and you make a contest. who can make the biggest splash, jump inhe the h puddle. >> this is owning the weather. my daughters go put their boots on and want to do this. >> it's cheap, it takes up a lot of time, and it keeps them off screens. >> a legit game for them. >> you can even do trophies, medals. >> great job. thank you so much. now -- >> let'sth sho how we do frisbee tic-tac-toe. we use rope, which you might ou have in garage. everybody has flying disks. you know how it works. vertically horizontally. >> a great idea. e have savannah and hoda here as well. >> oh. >> hoda got the 500. >> but a 0 just happened.
8:50 am
>> this is the ladder toss. >> hardro >> pbly in your garage. you use paper to assign a different point we use bean bags. >> 400. >> you can see howt much fun i is. i have to tell you, it's n that easy to get it on there. >> it's hard. that's why we're so excited. >> you can kck somebody else's off. you can knock the 500 off. >> we're in. >> and down here at the end. >> this is spike ball. have you seen this? >> everybody is doing spike ball in the beach. if you're not doing spike ball in 2018, are you even alive? it's a version of voly bal. it's best played with four people. we're doing it with two for space reasons, but it's the idea. >> let's do it with four. >> we can make teams. >> like volleyball, your opponent gets three hits on it. >> you can rally one to .
8:51 am
yourse >> bump, set, spike. >> thank you for doing the correct order. it's around $60, but it's super fuy you can p it in your backyard, at the beach. you'll see it everywhere. it's taken over everyone's instagram feeds. you can get it anywhe spike ball. super fun. and it gets really competitive. there are no boundaries as well so you caneally make theame nice and big. >> looks fun. i can see adults working in drinking rules to spike ball. rain or shine, you're set either way. thanks for the great ideas. >> all right,ac we're bk in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we'rehe back in great outdoors. hoda and i and the skipper. separated at birth. >> omg. >> gilligan and carson. >> i like that.
8:54 am
>> looks like you in high school? >> let's check in with al one last time. >> here we go. hit it, craig. craig is an haonorary member of the william diamonde jr. fnd drum corps. we want to thank all the folks from sand pier park, our friends at nbc 10, the crewf the formidable pirates. the boston sail-off restaurant. >> are you going t grab the first leg? >> i'll drive the first leg. this is the rvo we're going be driving up to maine. so guys, we are ready to go. any requests for us to bring anything back for you guys? >> lobster. >> definitely lobste >> all right. >> and y rselves in onepiece. >> in one piece. okay, guys. >> drive safe. >> seat belts on. bye-bye. see you guys later.
8:55 am
>> boston, you've been great. >> we ao want to quickly give a thanks to our friends at nature valley who did an incredible job of decking out our plaza this morning. >> looks really good. >> megyn kelly is up next. let's get a check of your local news, weatr, and these messages. happy monday.
8:56 am
this is a news 4 today news break. >> hi. good morning, everybody. 8:56 on this monday, july 23rd, 2018. i'm angie goff. let's get to melissa and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. taking a look add the traffic alert. a couple problemsg just add to the pain is all this rain. the radar. outer loop, a crash on the right side. the shoulder is blocked there.
8:57 am
270 soutound, montgomery village avenue, some lanes blocked ther very slow. and in germantown, father hurlry, still have lanes blocked for the sinkhole. >> moren this weather alert day next. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
going to stay cloudy and cool all we'll peak in the upper 70s and low 80s for highs today with high chances for rain. already some scattered showers across the area, but heavier rain across tidewater is heading our way later in the afternoon. and high rain chances for the next couple days as well. watch out, flash flood watches have been issues they continue for the next few days.
9:00 am
good morning, everyone. welcome to the program. aym megyn kelly. we begin t with a story out of florida that has a lot of people talking and surveillance video that captured the whole incident. before we get to this,, thou please help me welcome our panel to discuss making the rounds today. nbc news correspondent stephanie gosk, nbc and msnbc dan goldman and co-host of "in principle" amy holmes. welcome to youall. so clearwater, florida, a guy goesnto the convenience store -- it's like a convenience store, like gas station type thing, and he


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