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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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upwards of 1 inches of rain and some areas 10 inches of rain. don't need to see a lot more but we'll get a lot more. >> we'll see 2 to 5 inches of additional rainfalo more rain tomorrow and wednesday. >> we have some showers around and not a whole lot of rn today in most locations. the heaviest rain was up in baltimore and martinsburg and gates hug. right aroundhe myth atlantic and this line right here is the line coming right through downtown, and this will come through downtown over the next hour or two. numerous showers the same line and heavier rain up along the baltimore area and right into the d.c. metro area and look at this in king george county. i'll show you the heaviest rain righ along the beltway in 395. always a mess this time of night. goo be even more of a mass as we continue to see it move in order as we come through falls church a arlington area and bethesda. the whole line shifting very
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slowly east, but it'sin all m up from the south. again, flash flood watch in effectntil 2:00 a.m.n wednesday. yeah, flash flood watch in wnes into early thursday morning. what to expect the next couple of ds and what to expect next? see you here in ten minutes. >> by now you know the weather will big story this week and we have you covered. coming up in the next half ho, a second sinkhole in montgomery county leads to detours,and, remember, to download our nbc washington app to get alerts about your conditionn any neighborhood you're living in right now hanthat's sent right to your cell phone? now to a tragic ending to a career firefighter. knitn flynn was a husband, a father and a friend. he died on the job this morning battling this fierce fire at a home inil clar, maryland. flynn spent 13 years with the howard county fire department. it is the first line of duty death in that department history. news 4's derrick ward is at the
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scene where the community is mourning this devastating loss. errick? >>indeed, and the sense of mourning and sadness is palatable here in clarksville, maryland. only was he a husband and a father and a career firefighter, also volunteered at another fire company, so this was his life, and sadly i it was pursuit that have career choe that cost him that life, and the fire at this house early this morning. a lightng strike caused this fire just before 2:00 a.m. >> around 1:30e saw a very, very, very bright flash and then a very loud not normal, l lightning hit. it was definitely a lightning hit. >> firefighters quicklyrrived on t scene and began attacking the blaze from the outside and inside. firefighter nathan flynn was one of those on the internal attack. >> as theer fire fighters making their way inside the structure, fire fighterser flynr fellgh the floor, from the first floor to the basement. >> a rapid rescuen team went
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after the may day call and located flynn amid the smoke and flames consuming the basement. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> we hope this day will never come. we grieve together as a community, a we're re-mined of the risks and dangers faced by all of our first responder every day. >> reporter: companies from neighboring counties would go in and the fire wouldo to seven alarms. though the loss wammgreat, this ity is collectively mourning an even greater loss. >> we want the flynn family to know and the extended fire service family thate're here to support them in every way possible. >> he's a brothe andur job now is to make sure that his family and our brother are laid to rest with dignity and with all the honors we can provideo him. it's also our job to take care of t family forever.
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>>eporter: maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags be flown at half staff in honor of firefighter's flip. lso made a statement expressing his grief and condolences. we've also heard a statement from the homeowners, nyian and jat sediqqi actually returned to this house for a bri period. janet sediqqi, at one point a council candidate, says ahat th devastated by the loss of firefighter flynn. she also says that their hearts go out to his family. they say the structures can be rebuilt, but loss of a loved one is irreplaceable, and i think that sentiment is permeating this couy right n as they deal with the aftermath of this fire. we're live in clarksville, derrick ward, news 4. >> very, very sad and frightening to thi that a lightning strike can do all that. thank you,errick. >> indeed. >> now to a death investigation into virginia that police are
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calling suspicious. a man in his 80s found dead in a home near potomacard in alexandria. news 4's pat collins has been love e street avenue today and, jim, what have you learnedr >> rr: they are calling it suspicious, but cops, they are handling this -- they are handling this lird a case of . cops in and out of this house all day long. the body of a man found here this morning. they have identified him as 82-year-old jerry scott, a longtime resident of alexandria. police have described this as a spicious death. the scene extends beyond the houseo this alley back here. look at the crime scene tape around this dumper and then take
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a look in the backyard. the can see some holes i siding of the house. are they bullet holes? police have spent a lot of tymeer trying to figure owl of that. >> agnes gonzalez is a neighbor and she says police wereut knocking on doors this morning. >> yeah. one of the cops same and hed there was a murder. like we had no clue because we didn't hear anything. >> reporter: were you surprised this happened here on your block? >> yes, yes, yes, very surprised. >> reporter: now two years ago this house was the scene of another incident. shots fired. police look for the relative of the man what lives here. swags.s a bear kid a door busted down, a search and nothing found. so what's the cause of net i
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this incident this morning. cops say they are waiting for the medic examiner to determine that. doreen, back for you. >> a lotf nkquestions, t you. the gunfire happened on 53rd street near east capital, and we're told a man was taken to the hospital. police say he was not conscious or breathing. this is the same neighborhood where 10-year-old makiyah wilson was shot and killed last week. police say fr guysot out of a black car and opened fire into a crowd that evening. so far no arrests. it's not clear if these two crimes are now to politics. president trump is going after some of his most vocal critics in a new and surprising way. he is threatening to strip them of their security clearances with former cia director john yennan at the top of the list. last week'll recall brennan
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branded mr. trump's performance in he will ink i, throwsnous afterhey sidedwith. russia. >> the white house making the unprecedented announcement that president trump is trying to revoke security clearances for several past intelligence chiefs, inc former cia director john brennan and former fbi director james comey. >> because they have politiciz and in some cases monetthed eir public service. >> reporter: all of them served under president obama and each has pushed back pubically on the trump administration. >> he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and itoeeds stop. >> reporter: president trump also casting new doubt on the russia investigation.
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in a slew of tweets once again calling it a witch-hunt even after saying he believes intelligence reports that russia meddled in the election. overnight the president's focus squarely on iran unleashing this harsh warning teted in all caps. never ever threaten the united states again or will you suffer nsequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. an ominous response to iran's president warning about harsher sanctions. war with iran, rouhani says, is the mover all wars. today thete wouse denying president trump is using tough talk with iran to shift attention away from russia. >> i think the president has the ability unlike a lot of those in ocus onia to actually more than one issue at a time. >> meanwhile as the white house focuses on revoking security clearances of six former intel chiefs, at least sue said theirs wa already deactivated when they left the job.
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according to a tweet ben witt, msnbc analyst, he says during a text conversationith james comey this afternoon he recently denied a temporary clearance. he didn't want to see any classified information because he didn't want the president to accuse him of leaking it. jim? >> interesting. yol right, blayne alexander, thank 15 weeks to go before the mid-term elections and we havena snapshot of what voters all across the country are thinking. a new nbc news "the wall stree journal" survey suggests president trump's overall job oneoval rate ticked up point from june to 45%. 52% of registered voters disapprove of his job performance, but the president's standi among his base, the republicans, is at an all-time high of 88%. he loses support, however, when it comes to his handlin of russia. only 26% of voters approve while 51% disapprove. now, youw need to k half this poll was conducted before
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president trump's summit with vladimir putin and half was conducted after it. new at 6 when you need a ride with a ride-sharing compant you tou'll get home safely but a prince william county woman says lyft driver sexually assaulted her last week. policest ar' mir sammi handuk. the woman says he was about to drop her off and then attacked eer. this happened in gainesville area. she contacted lyft and then called police. handuk is charged with rape. he's been locked up without bond. when we come back next and only on news4, history on the nmove. how a old helicopter is getting new life more than 30 years after it was used in this daring rescue. >> games like this one playing out all across northergi va as the super saturated ground is bringing down trees and some on power spots.
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i'm adam tuss, more news 4 coming up. and com up, aeno
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>>d do we n tell you that we've had some of the wet test da record?est days on doug and amelia are tracking the conditions for us. >> it's not going anywhere after our wild weekend. let's start with transportation reporter adam tuss who is live
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along the potom in arlington. adam? >> oh, my goodness, guys. so much rain over the last couple of days, and did you know that if you're driving in this kind of weather you shouldou reduce speed by a third. you should not use cruise control d, of course, should have your windshield wipers on and your headlines on. take a look right now a the water continues to rage here. this is all that have water that's saturating tma ground and ng travel tricky. >> all this rains making the rive irs roll. >> yeah, it's too much. >> trees down. traffic stopped and some close calls out there making driving a bit uneasy right now. >> it's scary driving on these roads. i'm worried a tree is going to come down at any moment. >> reporter: mary talking about the recent deluge especially in northern virginia. >> oh, my gosh, it's crazy. i was watering my grass a week ago. >> yeah, all have you to do is take a look at great falls here
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on the virginia side to see just how much rain has fallen. normally this river flowing pretty well, but right now it's absolutely ging, and all of this water is sat rate the ground and causing some problems all over. take aook at this photo tweeted out by fairfax county politician o the weekend. this driver in the great falls area had to be rescued after this car was submerged and n there's b plenty of closed roads and long waits to get through some areas, and more rain is in the forecast. guys, i just vekd vdot's information website for travel. there's still plenty of roads that are closed, either flooded or have other weather-related issues across northern virginia so beareful. back to you. lots of reasons to drive more slowly when the weather is like this. ank you, adam. >> our team coverage continues now with doug and amelia. >> they are tracking the conditions from storm center 4.
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when are we greg going to get some>> relief? later this week. this will be a multi-day event, so far saturday, sunday, yesterday and two. five days of excessive rainfall. we could end up with inche of rain in this stretch and then we get a break ant same pattern sets up again. >> out there right now very warm and humidnd we have shower activity just clouds an thea and weary startingo t see that rain. comehr tough at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and by 11:00 things i will cathe city. this is why. you've got a line of rain, and you can see that outside of that, a couple other areas, new storm and new downpour, another little line kind of making its wayac towards the baltimore
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area let's go on in and zoomon in to our southern region. fairfax, atam tuss getting rained on and in towards prince george's county and charles county. this storm will make its way towards wearinton and let's zoom n on it one more time and this heavy rain through falls church and right along route 128 and 7 and as you head out it will hit the american legion bridge any. >> it's extremely wet weather. you see the cloudsay down south towards new orleans and around and up into our we're getting moisture from the bahamas. it's coming out of the bahamas right through our region and going all the way up into canada. we saw a similar pattern to this in the month of may, a wee --
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the mount of july. >> yeah, absolutely. didn't see a cron of rain across the area. that's not the gays tomorrow andnence. take a look. what you're looking h right here is one equipmented -- and this is on top of what we're alreadd damon buf there's 1 enlope to 1 envelope ihis, an a -- that's on top of -- >> with that much ying hoe can you prepare for this weather? >> of you head out the door check our nbc washington ap and catch thweathercast here on news 4 and avoid driving when you're noticinai heavy and
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if you're out there traveling never drive through a foded ad. turn around, don't drown, and as we continue to get rain, make sure gutters are clear of debris so you have a place to go. a lot of floodings iss across our area. that does create some verys seri flooding concerns. so we'd hold off on getting the car washed until thursday. the loundy fair, also hold off until thursdaynd the commute, doug, we'll continue to deal with wet roads at times but at least sunshine is back on thursday. >> yeah, and just taking a look at this. close to 8.5 inches o rain the last couple of days. the wettest july only, 11th.6 inches, two inches away t andt could come under the driest three-week period for the first weeks o july. 80 degrees tomorrow and 83 on wednesday. we will dry off a little bit on thursday, friday and saturday before the rain and then the thunderstorms moveack in as we head towards sunday and into
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next week. will need a coue of dry days. >> that's not good news. >> thank yodoug. >> take a look at the incredible video, condo scheduled for demolition, hnd this is nowow it was supposed to end. what went wrong. >> and tragedy after a duck boat sinks in a storm killing 17 people. what we're learning n about the frantic moments on brd as new clows
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on the beach a lot of us have soon a loose umbrella tumbling across the sand in the woman, but a woman in ocean city was impaled in the chest by a beach umbrella onwiunday. esses say a big gust of wind carried the umbrella int the 46-year-old woman from pennsylvania. we're working to learn her name and h she's doing. last week a beach umbrella pierced the ankle of a woman at are jersey shore. >> that's to believe. new developments tonight into the duck boat tragedy i branson, missouri. today investitors lifted the boat from under 80 feet of water this. comes three day disease after e boat sank during near
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hurricane winds killing 17 peep. nbc's sarah dolloff has a cser look at just what went wrong. >> reporter: divers back in the water monday inns b, missouri, securing cables to the sunken duck boat before bringing surface.e the boat emerging from under 80 e et of murky water. unused lckets still hanging from the roof. >> the regulations require that onpe board for all passengers and the decision to -- to don those pfds is made as an operational decision for the captainn board. >> the wreckage now goes to the ntsb which is investigating thursday's sinking that killed 17 people. including 9 members of tia coleman's family. i don't know how i'll do it. >> her husband and three children among the dead. >> since i've had a home it's always been filled. it's always been filled with little feet and laughter.
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>> reporter: officials say wind conditions thursday evening were near hurricane strength with waves as my as 6 feet. the tour boat condition has voluntarily suspended operations during the investigation. meanwhile a private inspector has comeorward sayinge warned the company about a potentially dangerous flaw last summer. >> since my inspection i've convinced my family not to ride athe ducks. earch for answers amid heartbreak in the hed. > back home, we're in weather alert mode because of the rain and floodinconcerns. >> doug is back to tell us just how long we'll have to wait for things to dry off. >> reporter: massive amounts of rain causing huge damage in our region. coming up on news i 4,l tell you about the sinkhole that could affect your commute. >> this rescue captured headlines yore than 30rs
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we're already soaked but get ready for more rain.on the condi have already led to some challenges for drivers from downedrees to this gynormous sinkhole in germantown, and there's a second one nearby. news 4's aimee cho has more on e cleanup. >> let's start with doug who is in the storm center to tell us what's happening right now. ug in. >> reporter: you mentioned the cleanup.
6:30 pm
that will be something that we'll be talking about for days because of the continuous flooding a rain that we're seeing of the right now, not everybody is seeing the rain. most of us are on the dry side and it hasn't been all that wet of a day in most locations. seeing heavy downpours and here's some of those downpours and this is out towards the falls church area right now seeing sne of that r coming down. you can see that rain there and can see it on the radar picture. storm team 4 radar showing that rain making its way up to ne south aice the line right here. this line right here continues to move up to the north, but earlier it was moving a little east and now it's starting to migrate back to the west and that tells m this rain here to parts of charles county about to hit fairfax county. another pretty good storm around the warrenton area. howers along the beltway and 95. i'll zoom into this area and show you where the heaviest rain is north and east ofic qua around woodbridge and mt. vernon
6:31 pm
and burke. you're seeing raier now. that's the shower we're looking at from our studios coming up towards the american legion bridge in towards portions of the potomac out towards river road anoer one out towards warrenton. they are few and far between. do expect them to be heavier during the day tomorrow and more widespread and seeing showers towards annapolis and heads up thning us a move out. all that have coming from the tropics, a veryiktropical air mass making its way over our region and will be here the next couple of days. we'll show you when this ends and what to expect tomorrow and. wednesda that's the biggest days with the rain.t talk about thacoming up in as. few minu >> doug, thank you. as the rains keep pounding our area,es sinkh have become a problem. we've seen two of them open up in separate parts of montgomery county. aimee cho continues our look at gaithersburg with the issue that's causing problems for
6:32 pm
drivers. >> reporter: you can see the entire chunk of road is just missing, and as you can see they are working hard trying to pr concrete and part of job is making sure the ground is stable enough so that it doesn't collapse again. though the rai has stopped for now, repair work is just beginning on this sinkhole on game reserve road and also under way on father hurley boulevard near winfield driver. >> really makes you stop and thin t >> reportes neighbor archie tolbert says it's the first time he's sometthng like in person. >> when you see something like that on the news, it's like that can't happen to my house, but, duh, i does. >> reporter: crews also reir the sinkholes in a race against time trying to get it all done before the next rainstorm. and though the roads around the les are closed, crews tell news 4 some people have heen ignoringlosure signs and driving through anyways, something first responders frown
6:33 pm
upon. >> we prefer not to put ourselve in danger by putting somebody out of moving water and the car. >> reporter: with all the damage throughout region some people are not letting the rain put damper on their plans. >> i came here to see if we'll have bingo tomorrow night and hey are always on top of things. not upset with it. we just wanted to make sure we can do our bingo. >> and cre here are hoping to have game preserve road reopened by fday. gaithersburg, aimee cho, news 4. >> the hour-by-hour forecast is on our nbcn washing app whenever you need it along with the storm team 4 radar. just open it up and set weather as your home screen. >> family and friends are mourning the tragic death of a popular washington restaurant manager. christian broer died frida night. he was shot outside a country club after attending a weddinga
6:34 pm
near a earlier this month. he leaves behind a wife and 9-month-old daughter. a man is charged in the case and is set a toppear in a georgia courtroom on friday. >> new information about the bizarre murr of a prominent doctor who treated former president geoe h.w. bush. police in houston have released hecomposite sketch of the suspect. accused of killing a cardiologist named dr. mark hausnek who was riding his bike to work on friday morninghen a gunman on a bike shot and killed him. he was on a team of doctors that tweeted former president george h.w. busn 2000. now to a moment that's going ral from the u.s. senate race in virginia. tim kaine and his republican challenger corey stewart faced off on their first debate and described president trump on russia and the crowd and senator
6:35 pm
kaine laughed. >> we have a president who is standing up to the russians and now, senator kaine -- now we have senatoran kaine who to declare the russians the enemies. >> if there's anything that demonstrates there dife between us it's corey stewart saying that president trump is standing up to the russians. president trump is c to the russians. >> hundreds of lawyers wer in that audience. saturday's debate was held at the virginia bar assoction mmer meeting in hot springs, virginia. senatorin and corey stewart will face off on another debate september 26th in mcclean. nbc 4 will host the debate. nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the pred" chuck t will moderate. wild video cominga up. condo building collapsing in a matterf seconds, and it's all on video. still ahead, new details about what happened along this busy
6:36 pm
stretch of miami beach. the prince george's county school system has a new leader. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4, we have a one-on-one interview with the one-on-one interview with the interim ceo as she
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look at this the building crumbling to the ground in miami beach. construction crews were 12-story complex this morning when it collapsed. all the workers are accounted for,ut one man was found in the street inti cril condition. investigators want to know if the crew followed all the appropriate safety protocols. these condos were build in the '60s. they were born torn down to make room for a luxury high rise. >> a change in leadership is rey for new direction. scandals have dog prince george's county public schools lately. monica goalsson there to turn thiner around. >>oots run deep in the
6:39 pm
county, and our bureau chief tracee wilki glins hexplains ho is already shaking things up. >> i'm sure under her leadership we'll start a new chapter. >> new chapter, right direction, al statements expressed as sherm baker announced that monica gdson will be the any interrupt ceo of thenc p george's county school system. >> i've been in prince george's county public schools for 27 h years,e never desired to go anywhere else. >> she's a prince george's graduated fromnd potomac high school and served as deputy superintendent for teaching and learning. chief operations officer and associate superintendent in prince george's county schools. before that she a principal at wise high school and a principal at frederick douglass highchool but she's taken the lead of an embattled school system after the controvsial transition of her prencessor kevimaxwell, the school board chair and board member heading to cou on assault charges. the state is investigating
6:40 pm
inflated graduation rates for the second time, among other issu >> we won't have those same kinds of issues that we had about. i'm confident that have. >> wor is beginning with cuts and central office staff. she's looking for $1 million in cuts after controversies over pay raises for some stuff members. >> the structure that i've created, though it's fewer people, it's what i believe will make us a more efficient schoo system. >> reporter: dr. goldson says downsizing central office staff will give her more money to work with changes within the school system, including looking at salary for teachers an principals and the possibility of issues there. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> and as the school year apoaches we want to make sure kids are prepare. it's almost our time for annual backpacks for kids initiative. this yeaiv we hope to out at least 4,000 backpacks to elementary schools outhroughout area. if you want to help please bring a new sbackpack, schooplies
6:41 pm
or donation to the woodmore town center in glen arden this thursday. >> history on move. up next, a helicopter tak to the sky once again beforela nding in its new home as the museumtraction at a >> first, here's doug with our weather. >> yeah. tracking some heavierhowers that are now developing right now around the stafford county aroo. take aat this one. this one is starting to move north and west and heads up ound fairfax and manassas and loudoun county and montgomery county. the next couple of hours going to b rather
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well, our summer soaker continues. check out these live shots of the sky and all this wet weather isessing up the roads and toppling a lot of trees. we still have a fews d of rain left. doug and amelia willave the latest forecast in just a few minutes. a it' piece of our nation's history and a part of local history, a big part.ou soonl be able to experience it up close and in person. the park police helicopter, the one that was uses to save five people from the frozen potomac river after the deadly air florida crash in 1982 will be the centerpiece of the newna tional law enforcement museum here inhington.k news 4's maregraves got an exclusive preview. >> reporter: it was a bitter cold day in january 1982. 78 people died after air florida flight 990 crashed into the 14th street bridge, plunging into the potomac but thanks to the heroic efforts of park police chopper pilot don
6:45 pm
usher and his pilot gene windsor five those people on board of the plane were saved, literally lucked fe frozen river by two men and this helicopter in what many consider one of the greatest rescues in aviation history. a few years after the rescue, the chopper was retired from police service replaced by larger and stronger helicopters. eagle 1 washen sent to th department of interior where it was used for decades, but a few years a it was scheduled to be scrapped. that's when the national law enforcemen museum stepped in and restored the chopper to its original condition. >> the last time we showed you the hicopter it had been reaasembled and restored and was sitting in a hangar at pa police headquarters. well, it had to be takenapart again and then reaasembled here inside theth museum. 's the only way they could get it to fit inside and getting this hospital from its storage hackary into the new museum which is now under construction
6:46 pm
wasn't easy. >> now as we speak it's being reaasembled to its original form, and it will beth lifted t ceiling on display to all the visitors to ourum muse >> reporter: one of the most daring parts of that rescue iso when pil don hushusher tipped t skid into the water so h partner could reach the last victim. >> go-go ahead and come >>down. t will show the side of law enforcement that sometimes ogpeople necessarily rze and that is in this case the heroic efforts of the pilots and the operators of this aircraft and the rescue and the saving of lives during that air crash. >> reporter: and the helicopter isn't the only large displayite them a had to be brought in during construction, and another one of the marquee exhibits that you'll see once t museum opens is the pickup truck used by an
6:47 pm
arkansas wildlife police officer who is in the shootout and check this out as they were driving away the suspect's open fire. >> once it's completely e assembled and completed, eagle 1 will lift off for the final time whern it will hovere new atrium of the national law enforcement museum. in the newsroom, mark segraves, news 4. >> national law enforcementns museum o this october. much more coverage behind the scenes can be found in our ppc washington >> our photographer shot most of those images. back to our forecast. we're again in weather alert modele tonight. s check back in with doug and amelia in storm center 4. hello, again. >> hello to the rain that contins to fall oarts of the area. some of us have stayed dry almost all day.hi wa this line moving closer to the d.c. metro area moving west to eas and all of a sudden it's going back to the west.
6:48 pm
it's what happens with this kind of a scenario and i'll show you the rain in just a second. we expect more rain tomorrow. >> just because we didn't see a lot of rain tonight mean we won't see a lot tomorrow and wednesday. storm team weather alert days as well. the loudoun county fr gets underway today, a littlef bit o rain in through parts of loudoun county and tomorrow a little bit more in the way of widespread rain and not the same fair days and will have days thursday, friday and saturday as they wind down there. a lot of that stuff is indoors like the goats. you get to see the goats. show you what's happening right now. a few showers in towards ldoun county and also towards fairfax county are under the gun right now. again, d.c. w getting hit. these showers moved this way and now moving back. seeing numerous shower activity developing across our region. the heavies ofshowers, let's zoom on into this area. zoom on in for me, ameli i want to zoom on into fairfax county and this store heading into parts of prince william county and coming through the
6:49 pm
woodbridge area. the yellows and oranges and red. heavy ows you very rainfall moving on in here, and was stop this and show you this moving in at 30 miles per hour, take a look athere this is going be to. chantilly at 7:24, watch out at clifton 7:07 and reston 7:31. intense day as far as rainfall goes today, and we rea y think tomorrow and tomorrow night and wednesday is when we really have the >> absolutely.rns. that's going to be the biggest concern heading through the next coup of day areas of heavy rainfall that lead to more flooding. we've already picked up so much rain. 8 inches alone here in wash wgton andll add another 2 to 5 inches on to that through wednesdaytovening. rrow we could see gusty winds out there and because of how saturated the ground is from the past rain fall that we've had the last few days, that will help to bring down some treescr potentiallys the area. again, really keeping an eye on lead to y rainfall to flooding concerns. out there tonight and tomorrow
6:50 pm
morning for the commute. some wet rds andy tomorrow evening we're thinking more widespread rainfall, and that's going to make a slow go of things. take a look at the rainfall outlook. that means widespread raind that doesn't mean an all-day rain. when it's not raining it's mostly cloudy, and it'seeling extremely muggy and tropical out there. that's because this moisture isf being fedm the tropics, and we continue to keep high humidity levels around thursdayr ay, even on into saturday a little bit as the rain chances start to o diminish,e sunshine is back on thursday with most of us dry, maybe an olated shower o thunderstorm later friday and, again, on saturday. if you have weekend plans right now, the forecast is looking okay, but this all started last tuesday with the all-star game where we saw a record of 2.8 inches of rainfall rig before the game got under way and saturday was another 4 inches of
6:51 pm
rain. no record yesterday, doug, but we saw an inch of rain here in washington and today not much rain across the area and again not that case again tomorrow. >> we don't need a lot to become one of the all-time wettest julys also and happened within a week. would like it to stop but i won't. tomorrow and wednesday rain and weather alert days. thursday 88 and friday 91. very hot and humid wther. the heat index on friday 959 to 100. very humid conditions on through saturday and then a return to a rainy pattern thats stunday into all of next week, so get ready, guys and keep those umbrellas handy. cranky. der we're >> exactly. y> i know i'm sorry, that was fault. >> mondays are b enough, doug, you know better. > coming up, superman comes to d.c., and why his head coach isn't worried
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i got the cape. i wipedt off. it was a little bit difficulty and had a couple of holes in it so i had my seem stress put i togeth and got it cleaned and i was looking forward to putting the cape back on. >> yeah. he has a seamstress >> you don't? >> he has arrived. >> i'll tellhe you. saying all the right stuff and has brought a sense of humor. dwight leading things off landing in d.c. dwight howard rocking that superman cavearlier in his career and now as the newest manner of the washingtonza s. howard says he's feeling as good today as he did back in that video back in 2008. the lizards introducing dwight howard earlier today and howard comes with quite resume. an eight-time all-star and five-time all nba first team defensive player of the year. but the knock on dwight, his attitude and howard is joining his sixth nba team in his 14-year career, but he says john wall reached out to himbout
6:56 pm
coming to d.c. and playing with such a talented team was the difference for him.s new head coach scott brooks isn't worried about his new center. he knows it's all about one thing. >> he's at this time of his career. it's about wing and taking the team to the next level. we have a lot of guys on this team that are in that position in their careers and wha he brings to our team is you don't just find off the street. it's a high-level player. >> i feel like we have a real opportunity in the east to -- to make it to finals, you know. i know a lot of people are talkg about the bostons and 76ers and everything like that. i think r we'reight there with these guys. have a unbelievable coach and this city is hungry, and we all want to winhi and i we'll have a great year. >> in a similar boat, the all club trying to get back to being o of the
6:57 pm
best in the national league trying to find their groove with the secondthalf o season under way. tonight game one of a seven-game road terrorism not the best weekend for the nionals. it started with max scherzer and strasburg getting into it in the dugout. both pitchers here, and they say everything is fine. they talked it through and then it ended with thels natio getting back to .500 despite over tee hours of rain delays. at 49-49, 1 games back in the n.l. east, this team knows it's ti to turn things around a now. >> enough is enough really. yo know, we can talk all we want about, you know, when guys get healthynd a going and all this and all that. but, you know, really, to pull up our big boy pants and get things moving the right direction, and i think the willingness to do that and and, you us. we've got to go out there and d> it. till a lot of baseball left.
6:58 pm
just like cherry blossoms in d.c. means spring is on the way. training camp now is just around the corner. here's some of the keyou dates need to know. ursday mning at 9:45 and fan appreciation day and fireworks are sure to take over as the new york jets are coming in for joint practices. never know what you have when the same practice but even so pack then sunscree and umbrella and plenty ofat. our first foul ball bounces into the stands. i don't know if you've seen this. thtle guy in the front row. >> oh, no. >> misses it so the guy behind himas the ball and exactly, doreen, everyone on social media is saying, no, give it to the >> y kid. >> nbc sports chicago is reporting that that guy that snagged the ball. >> what? >> he already had four balls and already gave the to kids in his section, so it's kind of like don't jge a book by its cover
6:59 pm
because it looks like he kept the ball and shared other balls. >> that's the pture we'll remember thgh. >>ou p
7:00 pm
tonight, president trump's unprecedented new threat targeting former t national security chiefs. threatening to strip security clearances. is he usi the power of the presidency to silence critics? also, the fallout threat to is there a strategy behind the bluster? the mystery after the mass shooting rampage into. why did a gunman dressed in black suddenly open re on a busy street? >> the scariest thing is nobody knew it was going on. >> 15 people shot, a 10-year-old girl among the dead. dangerous weather from coast to coast. bracing for severe oo flds in the east, baking under scorching heat in the west. who is watching you when you hop in an uber or lyft? a driver fired after live streaming


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