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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and tonight we have rain and storms moving in. good evening. >> here we go, folks. >> it's crazy because doug says these colors are on the move, and, boy, we are almost there, folks. take a look here.r a storm oe district right now. wow. that is dark there. is is the view from one of our city cameras. these pop-up showers houpening all our region today. >> and we have live team coverage yet again on what is to come. let's start with doug and amelia, who are monitoring the conditions yet again from the storm center. do you guys feel like you'repe tr in there? >> yeah, you know, it's been amazing. we continueo see flash flood watches, every day this week, we've had flood warnings foree and streams. we have that again for parts of the area. >> a flood warningust issued for parts of northern virginia. that's going to go until 10:45 this evening. >> this is the final day of thi intense rainfall. we may see another shower or two
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tomorrow and into friday, but loe flash watch is in effect until 2:00 a.m. back to the west, steady rain. some of this at the heavy side. notice parts of loudoun county, fairfax county and princewi iam county and areas of -- zooming in on this area, though, i want to zoom in and show you exactly what i'm talking about, guys. very heavy rain around dulles airport. you can see that heavy rain and the flood warning is in effect for all the streams and creekt in t area. this affects herndon, sterling, the poolesville area, manassas, centerville, look what's happening right now right downtown. you see that rain happening right oolr the cap building right now. right over -- right over -- right over the mall as well. we're going to continue to watch this incredibly heavy rain. some o that rain around the clarksburg area right now.
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storm team 4 up around the afternoon, up around 270 shows you where some of the rain is. that area seeing very heavy rain, too, to the south of where we are in the clarksburg area. we'll continue to monitor this all afternoon. anythi else pops up, guys, we've got it for you. help re asking if your with our weather coverage. if you see any weather damage or flooding and can safely take a video, we would love to see that. our nbc r to download washington app as well. you will have doug's forecast in the palm of your hand. we've got some new video this evening of chaos inside a metro station. a man wanted in a shooting jumped off the platform t get away from police. this all happening at the gallery place metro station. officers tackled him and took him into custody. ws 4's mark segraves takes us through this dramatic video. >> reporter: it was this morning's rush hour when metro police spotted t suspect here at gallery placeth station. suspect took off and headed
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over to this railing and went over the side. if you look closely, you can see the man in this surveillance video as he's falling. it turns out he was wanted for shooting another man yesterday t afternoon jus a few blocks from the d.c. police headquarters. it was about 6:00 yesterday evening. police say 29-year-old -- shot a man on this ycorner, o a vague description of the suspect was sent out but it was enough for metro police to spot him on surveillance video minutes after the shooting. this morning, twoet police officers spotted him. >> able to confront him. they had a brief conversation. at that point in time, he flees and jumped over the wall. >> reporter: the suspeand dangerously close to the third rail. she was on heway to work and shot this video. >> i could hear n,commotio screaming and yelling. the gentleman was on his backs on the lights that ran along the
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far side of the wall. >> reporter: kim was standing or the pla and could see him fall. you can see kim and another man going tohe suspect's aid. >> i saw another train that's to come because you could see the light in the tunnel. i thought maybe i would have about ten seconds to maybe move this man. >> reporter: police found a semiautomatic handgun on the suspect. he's been charged with assault with intent to kill, pos assion unlawful gun and unlawful entry. in the district, mark segraves, news 4. w have breaking news. vladimir putin's much-criticized visit to the white house is goingo be pushed back. national security adviser john bolton breaking tha news on twitter. he says, president trump believes the next meetinghould ppen after the, quote, russia witch hunt is over, end quote, and that the two leaders will meet next >>year. the trump/putin meeting earlier this month was a big topic today on capitol hill as
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senators grilled secretary of state mike pompeo. the president and putin, of course, met privately with only translators in that room. lawmakers want to know if mr. trump granted putin any concessions. that led to some sharp questioning from democratic senator from new jersey, bob menendez. >> did he tell you what transpired intw the hour meeting? >> i had a number of conversations with president trump about what traepired in eeting. i think i have a pretty complete understanding. >> good, did t you spe-- >> at one point, senator menendez accused the president of being misleading and . untruthf secretary of state pompeo made clear that mr. trump accepts the intelligence community's conclusion that russia did meddle in the 2016 election. and today, an accused special agent for russiaas in federal court in the district. maria butina's attorney wants her released from jail until there is a trial. butina is accused ofng gathe intelligence on american officials and political organizations.
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her attorney pushed back on those accusations that she tried to trade sex for influence. and a man who police say was stabbed during a fight with a metro station managing earlier this week has now died. this evening, we're leareing bout that man's pass as we look at new questions about the metro worker's action. news at4's collins live once again in the friendship heights area. pat? >> reporter: wendy, the stabbing incident at the friendship heights metro station is now a homicide. but was it justifiable? police are working on that. the man killed at the metron stat has been identified as 28-year-old jeremy bond. the woman who stabbed him identified at 29-year-old shontay taylor, ati metro s manager. it was a confrontation that had deadly consequences.
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the dead jan,emy bond, lived at this home in rockville. >> wow. none of that should have happened. >> reporter: that's mike, one of jeremy bond's housemates. >> he seemed like an okay guy. i never really -- didn't really see that side of him. i didn't see that side of him. i mean, i guess if you're upset with a -- driving in, you know, trying to get to work and everhing and all at, but, wow. >> reporter: now, this incident ha after midnight tuesday morning. according to the police report, bond was t upsett the red line train was running late. he went in to the station manager's kiosk, struck the arm.on manager in the they say she then stabbed him in the chest with a pocket knife. the chief says this could be self-defense. >> we believe right now that there may be a viable cla self-defense in this case, and that's one of the things we have to look at. >> reporte according to court documents, last november jeremy bond was arrested in rockville.
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ithe said he was nearly hy a car. they say he busted out the windshield of that car. he was charged with malicious destruction of propertyut those charges dropped after he paid for thatwindshield. police continue to investigate this stabbing case. so far no charges have been filed. tonight, then same quest we had last night, are metro workers allowed to k carryfe on the job? because of the ongoing investigation, metro says, no comment on that. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. well, it is something that no parent wants to do and a mother in t district had to do it today. she buried her young daughter. >> makiyah wilson's mother said her final good-bye today. people lined the str of her neighborhood as that tiny white
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casket made the journey to church. 10-year-old makiyah was caught in the crossfire of gunfire as she went to get some ice cream. the gunmen still haven't been 4's meagan fitzgerald has more now on what -- how she's being remembered. >> reporter: family andds fri who knew makiyah wilson will tell you that she was their princess. so today with the help of an entire community, they made sure this 10-year-old girl received a fairytale farewell. her casket carried by a horse-drawnarriage making its way to the neighborhood where makiyah grew up and where she died. >> we reay are trying to hold strong because this is, like, this is a hard thingor us cause that's my little cousin. >> reporter: hundreds of family members and friends trying to stay strong while makiyah's life was remembered. id makiyah had a great love for sports, music and games. >> reporter: makiyah wilson had
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hopes and dreams for a future that was sure to be bright, but 6ton julyh, she was shot andki lled when four gunmen opened fire in the courtyard of her home. >> this is an outright violation and you should be held accountable for it, whoever they are. >> reporter: at her funeral, faith leaders urged the community te help pol find the men who ended makiyah's life. >> some of you know them. [ inaudible ] >> now is the time to stand up and name them. there is a reckoning that has to take place. >> reporter: that's the prayer for a family devastated by an unimaginable loss. they wan justice for makiyah. >> they're just messing with people's rdreams. orter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. firefighters in howard
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county are getting ready to say a final good-bye to one o their own. veteran firefighter nathan flynn died in the line of duty on monday. he fell through the first floor of this house while btling this fire in clarksville. three people were saved as t home went up in flames. flynn's memorial service is saturday at mount christen chur -- christian church i's maryland. he being remembered as a dedicated firefighter, husband and ewther. nesearch on your risk of developing alzheimer's disease. motherhood does play a role. those new findings. break down help in the housing market. the marylan housing authority stepping up with more affordable places to win. >> check those lottery tickets. local winners in last night's mega millions drawings. getting ready for more rain,
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folks. doug and amelia are back with when we' start to dry out. stay with us.
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we're back now wita live look at storm team 4 radar. doug and ameliaonitoring heavy rain and thunderstorms still to come tonight. they're back with the timing and who iost at risk for flooding. that's in just a couple of minutes. wendy? working for your health now, there is a new study thathe
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suggests t more children a woman has the less likely she is to develop alzheimer's. a look at this research,hich is kind of interesting. >> it is interesting. this was a pretty big study, wendy. 15,000 people, women that researchers looked at, they found that motherhood could affect your risk of alzheimer's disease. the study found women who had three children or more were 12% less likely to develop dementia compared to women who only had one child. the reason why still unclear, but it could be tied to hormone changes during pregnancys researchdd a mother of three has to get pretty good at multitasking and that could build up what are called brain reserves which delays the symptoms of alzheimer's. researchers looked at women who had miscarriages. one miscarriage increased alzheimer's by 3%. the study points out wen who have had miscarriages may have
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underlying health risks that may also turn out to be a risk factor for dementia. here is why this is so important. more than 5 million americans suffer from alzheimer's. nearly 2/3 of them are wen. alzheimer's is a progressive disease of the brain that leads too emory loss and there is cure. the findings were presented this week at the annual alzheimer's conference in chicago. the study did not look at women who did not have any children. this is not recommending that women start havingore children in order to prevented alzheimer's disease, but what this research could do is down the road lead to preventive asures that are hormone-based to prevent alzheimer's. >> it's something. we've got to learn so much more about this. s we were just discussing, so many studies aboutzh mer's disease that give conflicting information. we still have a long way to go. >> yeah, we do. thanks, doreen. >> thank you both. promising news about a drug used
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to treat alzheimer's. the drug companyn bioj is about to announce what they say could be a breakthrough in treating the disease. there is also new research about blood pressure and your risk for alzheimer's. nbc news medical correspondent looking at res is all of this. catch his report tonight on "nightly news" with lester holt after news 4 at 6:00. let's g back to that lovely forecast that we have. >> you know, theeh scened us isn't getting any better just yet. how long do we have to wait, guys? >> well, guys, the scene behind us quite amazing. it's really pouri in parts o downtown. you were saying what? >> it looks like dawson outside. what is the down in the "batman" movies? >> gotha take a look at this right now. nhis is from our station here i rt noboy, it is just nasty out the right now. you can see thena nat cathedral. you see that making its way on through the area right now and
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you also notice as we move off towards the left a very, very t heavy rain t is making its way towards parts of northeast. i'll zoom in on this area coming up a ltle bit later. goodness gracious, 14th street, 16th street under the gun right now. georgia avenue, same it is just a nasty, nasty region.across our we have rain around the area, but this is the real area ofhe y rain. heaviest through loudoun county, fairfax and montgomy counties as well. also down towards prince william county. drive camera around the germantown area. i just got off the phone with our photographer who is nowiv g in the truck. told him to go down quins orchard road. light to moderate rain right now. the streets are extremely wet. that's going to be the case overnight tonight, and, of course, we're heading into the evening rush. make sure y to giverself plenty of time and your loved
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ones extra time to get home as well. if you have your windshield pers on, by the way, make sure you have those lights on. let's stop this right here. ti want zoom into this area right here. did i not put that in play m pe? go ahead a it in play tode, amelia, then we can zoom in. riround sterling. here is the big storm right here right over 16th street ints through pf fairfax. but this area right here, lightning, thunder. this are here all seeing very, very heavy rain. because of that, we have a flood warning now in effect for creeks an streams until 10:45 tonight. easternlo oun, western fairfax and most of prince william. it's going to be a long night night, guys. a long couple of hours. tomorrow looking a lot better, amelia. >> almost a complete 180. the sunshine is back and we're talking about mainly dry weather, if not for the entire day, most of the day. ly a small chance for a shower
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or thunderstorm throughout the afternoon. high of 88. mix of clouds andin sun more sun for the afternoon hours. still loahot and humid with a h temperature of 88. outdoors headed tomorrow, the weather is finally cooperating. the humidity is going to stay oppressive through friday, but it does start to feel better for the weekend. only feeling a little bit humid out there saturday and sday. saturday actually looking really nice outside. but, of course, we have jay-z ceand bey at fedex field friday and saturday evening. guys, i wantn, to menthere is a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms to move through friday night, mainly between about 4:00, 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. if you're heading to that concert, you d want to stay weather ready. otherwise temperatures there in the 80'ss. xtremely muggy. more comfortable out there saturday night. most of us willet be comy dry saturday evening. just a small chance for a atower, thunderstorm and temperatures forday's concert, doug, around 80. if you have friday night concert, it could be a delay down there, but onkrall i t it should be okay as the night
5:21 pm
wears on. >> that's something we're going to be watching as the front tries to move into the area. one thing for sure, the wokkend g okay for the most part. high of 92 on friday with a heat index close to 100. look at monday through friday of next week. a good chance of showers and thunderstorms just about each and every day. t that could lea localized flooding again. much more on this cing up at 5:45. >> doug, thank you. >> someone takes a hatchet to the president's. hollywood st >> next at 5:00, the search for the suspect and the one eyewitness account of the crime. new signs of life on mars. g ameliang to take us through the discovery and what it could mean. as the new school year's approaching, news 4 wants to make sure your kids areep ed. tomorrow is our annual backpacks for kids initiative. this year we hope to give out at least 4,000 backpac to the elementary schools in our area. if you want to ,help bring a
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nl call or goe today.
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we have some breaking news right now. we want to show you a horrible scene. this is a car that has flipped over in a crash at 7th street d pennsylvania avenue in northwest washington. this is close to the national archiv building. we're told a person is trapped in that scene. no word if the person's injured. we're going to keep an eye on
5:25 pm
that. as we were talking about, thet woime of day, rush hour. >> that's a horrible -- that's a huge coordinator foreople getting out of town. >> that's bad. well, a big discovery on the planet mar researchers discovered a large body of water. >> so, does thisean mar has potential to harbor life? pe takes a lk ateorologist drael ia that. amelia? >> wel wendy and jim, it certainly makes you question life on mars. we're potentiallyetting closer. italian researcher said radar scans of the red planet suggest a stable reservoir of salty liquid water about 12 miles across les a m beneath the planet's south pole. the researchers say there seem to be other similar lakes as well. so if this is true, so many questions start to come up like, does this explain where mars' ancient oceans went? could this support futur human development and could there be
5:26 pm
extraterrestrial life forms there with such an ideal habitat? however, not all are convinced about the findings. onea n scientist referred to the rultds as plausible but not quite a slam dunk. stay tuned, guys. >> pretty fascinating. thanks, amelia. heavy rain still going on as local streams and creeks are swelling with all this water. we are live with team coveragey' of to weather alert. >> and we're just seeing a new pop-up storm in the district. check this out, folks. this is the view from our tower cam. pretty ominous. doug's back after a short break with the impact these storms. just to make you feel like you're in the know, we have t 6-month-old who is having a good hair year, and she is continuing to be an internet sensation. we're going to take a that. at pump uthe volume. p
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now at 5:30, a weather alert. consourselves lucky you're indoors. it'sasty out there, folks. storm team 4 radar covered again tonight in rain. >> we have live team coverage to keep you ahead of the trouble sp ws. let's stah doug in the storm center. you know, the one thing you can say about thiste weather s that we've had the past five days, it has really been visually impressive, you know? if you're a photographer, you've been going through a lot of pictures. >> well, because all the humidity, alle the moist in
5:30 pm
the atmosphere, it's almost like you're looking ats florida sto here because they come out of nowhere and all of a sudden you get big downpours. that's what we were looking at earlier with them mushrloud we saw. the heaviest rain coming through northern virginia, in and around the district back to the west, winchester, back towards martinsburg. watch out in the areas, especially the hilly areas. we may see some of the creeks and streams come out of their banks. i want to zoom innt here, parts of loudoun county, right around the middletownar , through 50, sterling, herndon and reston. big time rain. this is really coming down right now. rois storm we've been watching in andd the district. into parts of the northeast, along 16th street a georgia avenue. making its way to -- i want to show you this one from a vantage point here. our tower camera oveca the tol right now, that is just
5:31 pm
a nasty looking showe another s is starting to develop. that's the one right now there. you see that storm been watching for the better portion of the last hour right over d.c. making its way to the north -- to the north. very rare you see that coming through the region. we'll continue to keep you posted ae these storms m through our region right here from the storm center. chopper 4 captured this rain pouring out of the clouds over frederick earlier today. >> heavy rains have flooded some areas along the monocacy river. >> boy, is it brown and rising, too? that's where we find news 4's chris gordon tonight. how is it y looking where are right now? >> reporter: well, jim and wendy, it really isn't raining here for the last hour, hour and a half, we' been watching how much you're getting down in the washington suburban area. here in t fredericy say that the monocacy could pose a danger of more flooding if there is heavy rain here. now, the city o frederick has a
5:32 pm
very elaborate water management systemhat is designed for water run-off to avoid the poibility of devastating floods like they had last may, but today as we went around frederick, people are expressing fears about new flooding. the ball field in rfrederick's baker park isovered with water. grassy areas are soaked. >> the big concern is if the bankss overflow, whaoing to happen to the houses right over normally baker park ends up a big orlake. >> rr: bruce tells me his basement is already flooded from the heavy rains so far this week. >> usually they would tell me when there is a chance that there is going to be a flood. m below the reservoir, where i live. they'll evacuate me. >> reporter: the flood here in frederick in may left a lot of homes with basements flooded
5:33 pm
from sewage backup. ed says he's taken precautions so it won't happen again. >> i bought sandbags and hoping the wind doesn't blow them. since then any rain r anythin we have had, i have had absolutely no problems. >> reporter: the monocacy river cr this afternoon at 20 feet. that is above flood stage. people who come here to frederick city park say thean c see a difference in the monocacy river today. an the water came up pretty far, as you see, you know, 30, 40 feet i up this ramp, and it's flowing very fast. >> reporter: now, the monocacy floodedome fields here in frederick today but nothing more serious.ey again, the will be whether or not they have more heavy rain. that's the latest live in frederick. wendy, back to you. >> all right. chris gordon. one place that was spared from flooding -- they need it to be spared.
5:34 pm
chopper 4 flying over this ternoon. looking pretty goodlong main street there where they are still rebuilding. they sawai heavy r yesterday but nothing like the floods they dealt with back in may. we invite you t download our nbc washington app. it is free. set weather as yourgn homepage. p to get breaking weather alerts right on your phone. police have arrested a man for destroying president trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame. officials say they believe a man with a guitar case walked over to the star, pulled out a pick ax and started destroying it early this morning. check it out. a security guard was nearby when the damage occurred but because the sidewalk is public property the guard did not have jurisdiction to try to stop him. a witness says he briefly confronted the man with the ax. >> i'mlike, why are you hitting the star? you know, man, what trump do to you? he just came and started hitting it. then he went around the corner and i think he left.
5:35 pm
>> that high pitch could have scared him off there, huh? police say the 24-year-old suspect is being held for investigation of felony vandalism. lady gaga and bruno mars are among the musicians sending prayers and wel wisheso demi lovato lovato is stilhe hospital, he's recovering from an apparent drug overdose. a representative say she is awake, surrounded by her family. paramedics called to her hollywood hills home yesterday. the 25-year-old pop star has struggle f with addicti years. she indicated in a new song she had relapsed after six years of sobriety. we've got a gentle reminder tonight to buckle up. virginia state officials say the number of people killed in car crashes this year who didn't buckle up is the same as ttis last year, 138 people have died in the first six months of thisr. one of the most alarming figures released today by the virginia department of transportation and
5:36 pm
motor vehicles, the number of people ages 15 to 20 who died not wearing. seat belts that's doubled compared to the same period last year. ns rankif local restaurants. the numbers you're going to want to check before you make you next dinner reservation. that story coming up on news 4 at 6:00. ut first, a story all new at 5:00 tonight. the county offerg a new support system to home boyaruyen our tough housing market. >> it feels so gre
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5:39 pm
. all right. breaking right now. we want to take you back to these live pictures in downtown d.c. this car has flipped over in a crash. it's 7th street and pennsylvania and northwest. right here at the height of rush hour, traffic as you can see at all four lanes, at this intersection all shut down. this is by the national ahives building. we have learned that a taxi is involved. the driver,ehear, is okay. we're going to keep an eye on this and bring you any updates they come in. traffic going across, too. all right, football fans. here we go. we've been waiting months. redskins training camp is finally here. >> yay!e our crew m the trip to the redskins' home away from home in richmond. sherry burress joins us now where weather is already an issue down there. >> reporteeah, wendy, even
5:40 pm
just on the drive down here to richmond from cd.c., gotght in a little rain. it's going to be something that we're planning on dealing with all week. it looks like we've got a little bit of a brieak here from the drizzle. something that might be a problem. the redskins are one of thend l of teams in the nfl that travel for preseason. ad coach jay gruden explained how there are pluses and minuses to not aeing home to start the preseason. >> training camp is training ca. it's all about being together as a group and fitting together and getting chemistry and learninth system at practice and getting better. there are benefits to stay home. the biggest benefit i the bubble, as you can see the rain out here. it's going to have a maj -- we'll have to slush around there one day and we might have to go to an indoor place, come in here, get a good workout in.
5:41 pm
we'll have to adjust our plans accordingly depending on how bad the fields are and if there is lightning. >> reporter: the team was able to get in their conditioning between some of the rain showers. for us, we are prepared. rain boots, jackets, umbrellas, something we know we'll have to le, too, just like the players. >> you're suited up if they aren't. sherry, good stuff. we'll check back a little later on. then there is this -- this is a 6-month-old little girl and instagram let's guess why. her name ishengo and she has 100,000 followers on instagram because of that hr. nfact, her parents started a hair diary to keep track of this -- this abundance -- >> oh, my gosh. some of us shoulde so lucky. >> also apparently has a bubbly
5:42 pm
personality. >> infectious, i hathink, is they said. >> i think that's -- it says that right here. yes. we were calling that our creepy or cool segment. >> cool or creepy? you decide. well, right now dark skies over the district. doug and amelia tracking the areas of heavy rain and storms, too. amelia? >> the rain heavy enough toave me flood warnings issued by the national weather service. you can see them here in green. these are going to last until these are going to last until abt 11:00 p.m.ou t
5:43 pm
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where... ah... oh, hello! ah, i missed it. it's my mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don' her i told you that. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. correctional officers on the front lines dealing with inmates eno suffer froml illness. tonight, those officers share stories of rescuing inmates who attempt to commit suicide. >> a series of cases in one local jail shows what those officers are facing and what's being done to help both the
5:45 pm
officers and the inmates. scott marland and our news 4 team have our "changing minds" report. >> reporter: it doesn't take long after theell door slams for some inmates to consider a drastic escape of sorts. >> i had already planned it out, i mean, i had a plan. >> reporter: this woman who asked we call hnia did time in d.c. and virginia jailed and tries to kill herself. >> i think if you take a person who never had mental health issues prior, once they're incarcerated, the conditions are very conducive, almost encouraging one to not want to live and to die b suicide. >> reporter: nia horded pills to dull the pain when she slit her wrist with a plastic utensil. jail staff found her and rushed hero the hospital. >> it always stayed in my mind, no matter how bad it gets, can always end my life. >> reporter: a news team investigation reveals staffers
5:46 pm
at local jai and prisons have responded to and in many cases rescued inmates from suicide just under 400 times since 2015. a series of rescues here at the montgomery county jail. >> how many of you have responded to a suicide attemp how many of you possibly have saved a life on the job? >> reporter: corporal stephen fultz and katherine boward saved an inmate who tried to choke herself. >> she had a set of headphones wrapped around very >> reporter: officers found an inmate who tied a bed she around hisck. >> 1,000 thoughts went through my mind. i couldn't grasp the fact it was real. >> reporter: this video obtained shows officers in the facility scrambling to help the officers. >> you were four months into the job at that point. >> yes, sir. >> what was going through your mind >> it seemed unreal.
5:47 pm
it definitely did. >> reporter: weeks earlier, a momenthese guards say they'll never forget when an inmate leapt from a high ledge in the jail. >> i lookee up and was jumping. >> reporter: corporal andy martin stepped below the and caught him. >> he was diving, as if into a pool? >> and you decided to just step beneath him? >> yes. >> reporr: it's an issue with which jails and prisons nationwide are grappling. u.s. justice department records say between 40 and60% of inmates have some mental health issues. >> america's jails and prisons have become, y kno mental health treatment facilities. >> reporter: montgomery county corrections director robert green says officers train to detect signs of suicidal tenden ses. >> wheneone is intent on harming themselves, a brief moment, a brief cond, it's n about just the sheet or the towel or a shoelace. an individual can jump off of a tier. rl reporter: but not all can be saved. r this month, a convicted killer hung himself inside a
5:48 pm
jail. maryland state prisons say they're paying inmates to perform suicide watch. virginia state corrections requires annual mental health training for all eloyees. d.c. corrections recently addedt suicide-resist cells with fewer choking hazards. >> what can be done? >> be more willing to see the people like yourselves and members ofour own family. >> reporter: putting guards on he front lines of not just our jails, but a mental health crisis, too. scott m,cfarla news 4 iteam. >> if you are somebody you know is struggling with a mental health issue, we have information to tell you where to get help on our nbc washington app. look under "changing minds." all right.he let's get latest on the weather. i think we're hibernating in re tonight, right? we're not leaving the building. >> i've been living here for five days. >> ordering stuff tonight, jim. it's your turn. >> chinese. here i we go. appreciate that. you know it's weather alert night. that is sushi nigor us.
5:49 pm
that's what happens. we might have to get on that. still happening right now. the rain is really comg down. we're at the final day of this heavy rain but it's kind of like going outith a bang right now. >> so close to the finish line, it's like you can see it and you just have to give that last little push to get to it. >> mother nature giving us a little push with very heavy rainfall coming down in parts of therea. parts of northern virginia, really under the gun. loudoun county, fairfax county, montgomery county. look at the line that developed all the way down t fredericksburg. back to the west, stey rainfall around winchester. in and around the d.c. metro area in through d.c., those showers and thunderstorms. i want to show you what's been happening. this is the area i've been zooming into. coming down in places like ng ster right over dulles, centerville, herndon, great fall now moving in towards portions of theac pot and
5:50 pm
bethesda. storm team 4, our photographer right now driving in and around this reg right here. this area is under a flood warning. not a flash flood warning but a flood warning until 10:45 tonight. heads up around creeks ands. stream this is going to be the case, driving one of these back roads right here, not a nice night fon driv at all. i want to zoom into this area, the heaviest rain. we could fee ash flood watch at any time here because we've seen a couple of inches of rain -- startingup to see a of inches fall. look at middletown. extremelyn heavy r along 15 and 50. downtown, just dark as night right now. we continue to watch these stms move in and around the d.c. metro area. these are all going to move throughvernight tonight. through the next couple of days, getting a bittle bitter tomorrow but a lot to deal with overnight tonight. amelia? >> absolutely. that's why everybody's still under that flash flood watch
5:51 pm
until 2:00 a.m. by tomorrow, we finally get a break. we start off the day, still humid and still mild and mug72. egrees at 7:00 a.m. with some cloudiness out there. incr tsing sunshine as day wears on. just a small chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm, most,f not all of your day looking completely dry, but it's hot and humid with the high temperature of 88 degrees. experts at the garden center tell us, potting house plants is a great rainy day project. so you have something to do tonight if you didn't already have 1,000 other things to do like the laundry, getting dinner ready, repot those house plants tonight, especially if they've been in the same container for three to five years. mainly dry friday and into saturday, still dealing with the mugginess tomorrow and friday. friday feeling close to 100 degrees when you factor in the humidity. the humidity level does finally drop on saturday. that 86 actually feels like 86. we are going to be watiging
5:52 pm
friday for the chance to strong to severe thunderstorms moving through the t'area. >> tright, amelia. still tracking the flood warnings out here. i want to show you the areas in green here, montgomery county, loudoun county, western fairfax county, prie william county, paige county, southern shenandoah. ain make its way out by tomorrow. hot and humid, as amelia was not looking bad on saturday, 86, 85 on sunday. a repeat event, anothfive-day chance of rain around the area. maybe more. i don't think we see too many weather -- i don't think we'll be five days weather alert, guys, butis something we've got to track for sure. >> all right. we've got that citi open. i was talking to you all next week. >> i've got to go repot my house plants. they've been in that for like 20 years. oh, my sh. >> my yard's crying also.
5:53 pm
>> i feel sad for them all of a sudden. >> i know. well, the coast guard has a brand-new ship. check it out, it's named after a fallen american hero. >> coast guard officials commissioning the fast response fttter named petty officer who was the first member of the coast guard killed since the vietnawar. >> he died back in 2004, preventing a a suiciack during operation iraqi freedom. ruck w ruckenthal awarded the gold star and the purple heart. someone's life has changed forever in califora. they won last night's $522 million mega millions jackpot. >> matching all six numbers, they were in san jose. there were all winners in west virginia, 91,000 tickets sold in the commonwealth were ewinners. >>idn't even do that. five tickets in virginia.
5:54 pm
each won10 00 bucks, including a ticket sold at a-eleven in manassas. >> last night's drawing what fifth largest in the game's history. with housing prices on the rise in the d.c. region, the idea of ati firs home is just a dream for so many families. i' tracy wilkins. coming up on news 4, what prince george's county is doing to get people in houses like this one. traffic in d.c. go han in hand. uber and lyft have certainly changed the way we get around, but some people say they're contributing
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
rising home costs in the d.c. region are leaving some first-time buyers locked out of decent houses. in prince george's county, the government is working to get people over that hump. tracee wilkins talked to folks who say t help is needed now more than ever. >> a lot of folks are born and raised here that can't afford to live in the neighborhoods they ew up in. >> reporter: jeff is worried about the housing market in his home county of prince george's. >> a lot of the first-time home buyers now have student loans that areig really that becomes a barrier to them isting credit, which something that folks didn't used to have. i think that's a unique challenge that our local government has to help out with.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: home costs in prntce george's c are rising like the rest of the d.c. region pricing some first-time home buyers out of the market. >> we found that the biggest problem from folks transitions from renter to homeowner is coming up d with thn payment, assistance in closing costs. >> reporter: first-time hom buyer programs, including one new program targeted for middle income buyers t looki purchase homes costing up to $462,000. the county will own $15,000 in closing costs and down payment. they're also offering up to $20,000 for police officers, sheriff's deputies, teachers, nurses and emts. 22-year-old jonathan heads toos g on his condo tomorrow, after receiving down paymentlp from a similar program in the county. >> i offered 125. >> that must feel great, just to even say that. >> it feereat. it feels so great just being able to say that i'm able to own
5:59 pm
own.ace of my >> reporter: 0% interest loan is expected to be paid back because they t want funnel this money back into the program for other home for more information on the program, go to nbc washington and search "home health." i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. a >> look these dark, ominous clouds over capitol hill. stm team 4 tracks more heavy rain. we've been in weather alert mode for five days now. it's not letting up yet. >> yeah, here is a shot from our drive cam in north potomac. ood warnings in effect for parts of northern virginia and maryland through tonight. a f wsh floodch for just about everyone until tomorrow morning. >> chopper 4 up over t monocacy river in frederick as we watch for more potentialng floo some areas have gotten more than eralot of water over s days. when is all of this going to end? >> enough is enough. doug and amelia startin things
6:00 pm
off for us from storm center hey guys. >> coming to an end overnight tonit and into tomorrow. we're no longer going to have to worry about this, but the next couple of hou we definitely are. >> flood warnings postedun for es up in virginia and in through northern maryland. >> this is a reston camera, just nasty out there. the dulles toll road lucky nasty. just a nasty, nasty night for sure. one air that has seen rain for the last two hours. that area under a flood warning as well. look at this line that has developed now. we saw a line earlier back to the west that has jumped through the bridge wing, carole county, montgomery county, prince william and fredericksburg now coming into charles county. extremely heavy rainfall. back to the west, moderate rain around winchester, martinsburg and iyo 81. w


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