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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 26, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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little while, enough to get us through the weekend. even thoug we might have showers and storms between. >> you may be able toet a little tan back. >> i might. is that what you're telling me? >> i spray mine on. >> that's what you're doing at 2:00.m. >> yes. >> i thought i saw something in the weather center. spray tan has got to be safer on the sun, right? outside on a relatively cloudy morning aund here we will get shin sunshine this morning. dense fog advisory in the shenandoah valley and parts of maryland, as well. rain chances, mostly dry. and torrow's rainhance is focused on a four-hour or five-hour window. 74 in arlington. 68 in gaithersburg. 70 in frederick. afternoon highs today, back u 88 degrees. only a 20% chance of a shower.
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if you're beach bound this weekend, a little rain chance on saturday. sheena will have that forecast coming up. sandy spring, chopper 4 just getting over the scene here. we do a have lanes blocked because of a downed tree. we'll get a live picture of that comi up. northbound g.w. parkway, the slowest run after the crash near stout line. indian highway, little delay there, headed inbound. no major impact right noin r loop and outer loop of the beltway, looking good. earlier crash up t here near connecticut avenue. that's cleared. we see a tiny bit of a delay. imagine havinyou're having e
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sitdown dinner and it's interrupted by a falling ceiling. >> that is what happened to folks dining at the ser restaurant last evening. parts of the ceiling started falling. that's a lot of eventually, evybody evacuated rae restaurant. patrons and rest workers were stunned. >> it was rainininside. that's the only real way to describe it. once it started going, it was king ceiling tiles with it. it took marble out of the seafood bar. it was enough volume that quickly enough in a it did a lot of damage. >> the restaurant will not ble ab to reopen for a few weeks. >> it was a wild night for weather all around the area. lo at this video. d.c. fire eeted this video of a mail truck off of the road there. the driver was nowhere to be found, the driver was later found okay. two other peoplead to be rescued nearby on grant road, after their car was stuck there. you look at this rain pouring into a red line train, during
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rush hour. it created a miniflood near the train door. over takoma park, storm drains were overflowed. m thishole cover was no match for that. and downedrees are stopping everybody this morning. >> justin finch f when things could clear up. >> we're on russell road here in alexandria. a lot ofeople take russell down to king street. but not this morning because of the work going on behind us. perhaps you can see, we have several utility trucks down here, working on one downed tree. it's blocking a lane of traffic out here on russell eroad. roblem spot is at russell and east windsor avenue. two cherry kick pickers atwork. dominion energy reporting that 285 cusmers have been knocked
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offline with theirltower as a ref this happening, as well. crews have been at work since late last night, working to restore power. the target time is between now and 7:00 a.m. and first, they have to get the debris out of the way and get th lines working. if you're driving in this area of alexandria, usese rus road to get arnold. today, you need a workaround. you might the thinkg it's not raining so the work might get done sooner tha later. as of right now, you will see tieupsn russell road. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. we have breaking newsw. virginia state police have issued anmb alert. we go to chris lawrence with more on that. >> a man abducted a teenage girl and they could be traveling through virginia right now. want to get to pictures. virginia state police said grace
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galliher was taken by rich d they were seen at a motel in marion, virginia. right now,nvestigators think they're heading north along i-81.s as far what to look out for on the roads, here's what the fbi wants you to see. they may be in this 2004 navy blue chevy trail blazer with a tennessee tag. i posted a link to all of thi information on my twitter page. >> it's 6:05. a confrontation during a police investigation led to a shooting. >> the spect fired at the officer first and then, the officer shot back. the incident happened in d.c., just over the city line near new hampshire after in northeast. the suspect was conscious and
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breathing when paramedics took him to the hospital. d.c. police handling the investigation. he oversees robert mueller's russia investigation and this morning, some republicans want him removed from office. lawmakers have introduced articles of impeachment against rod rosenstein. they are accusing him of blocking oversight of the investayation. they s he withheld documents from congress and made misleading statements. a vote could happen this week. house democrats opse the impeachment.ey all the move a panicked and dangerous attempt to undermine a criminal investigation to protect president trump as the walls are closing in around him and his as ciates. vladimir putin will not visit d.c. during the middle o election season. his visit to the white house has been pushed back. national security adviser, john bolton, diocribes the dec in a tweetyesterday. mr. trump believes the next meeting could happen, quote,
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after the russia witch hunt is over. that news broke just before mike pompeo faced some tough questions from democrats and republicans on the his biggest co, his recent meetings with the leaders from north korempand russia. said he knew, when he asked to the translator that was in the room with the president.h >>en't. >> i understand the game that you're playing. >> mr. secretary i don't appreciate you characterizing my questions. my questions are to get to the truth. we don't know what the truth is. >>ecretary pompeo assured senators that the u.s. would not allow russians interrogate diplomats which was suggested at the trump/putin summit. today is the deadline for all migrant children to be reunited with their parents. they were separated from their parents after entering the u.s. el illegally. >> the separations received
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bipartisan backlash from wm ers. the department of homeland security said more than 2,500 children were separated from their milies. more than 1,100 have been reunited so far. the exact number stillated is unclear. 463 migrant parents have been ported without their children. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen told congress, she nfident that they could meet the deadline. one democrat said he didn't see how that was possible. new this morning, you can ve a life and save some money on gas. the need for blood donations is at a high, critical self. donations typically drop off over the summer but the need is nova is givingards for donations. you can contact the closest center for details and hours. excfring new 34
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million miles away. this morning, we could be closer to answering a long-asked question. is there life on mars? >> exciting or scary? >> right? >> ilian scientists say they have found water. research signals indicate a large body owater. it sits underneath ice about a mile thick. scientists say it could be sludge but it liquid wa water, we know, is essential for life. >> love that theeteorologists e so excited about this stuff. you and i were in the back of the scienceclass. coming up, if you're thinking about buying a home but you don't think you can get the cash together, therbe some help for you. >> we're going to tell you which community is offering up financial help. and uber and lyft make it easier for us to get around. are they creating traffic jams yr drivers? one report says,es. lucoming up, a possible soon.
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sheena? >> today, we're going to see a nice break from the rain. otherwise, we're going o to the dry side. chuck comes back with a close look at the afternoon and a close look at your weekend forecast. right?
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> police in nevada say drowsy driving is likely to blameor a crash on the nevada highway. this video is tough to watch.
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you can see the flagger here wave to slow down an oncoming semi. you see him on the side of the he just dove out of the way as that truck barreled into four parked vehicles. osis was in a construction zone. two people in the cars were killed, three others hurt. they are expected to survive. n at this point,charges have been filed. oh, my god. >> that's a rattlesnake. >> is it really? >> dad is calm, cool and collected and the kids are freaking out. that's how this family on vacation in north carolina found out that rattlesnakes can swim. the family was obviousd scared. the s ready to whack the snake. the snake went under the vote and swims away. >> if i can't see you, i can't trust you. >> fortunate thing here. it was a timber rattlesnake, which are more dangerous than copperheads or cotton mouths. de that would be the scariest part that it went the boat. >> with sharks and snakes, nobody wants to go swimming anymore.o >> don't the water, folks.
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rk> plenty of you will be using uber or lyft to r dinner this evening. >> the ride sharing services could be slowing everybody down by adding more cars tohe roads.ha the study saysride share companies have added 5.7 billion miles of driving to america's nine biggest cities, including d.c. it gs on to say that 60% of ride share users would have walked, biked or used metro or not gone out at all before that type of service. >> no doubt there's some good and bad in the overreliance on uber and lyft. i will say, i know people who are giving up their cars because a uber and lyft functioni almost an insurance policy. you need to get somewhere? that's positive. >> the d.c. council voted in favor of a tax on riharing services. that money raised by the tax fu could go t metro. it's no secret. our area can be expensive.
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and prince george's county is giving help to people ho buy the firs. the goal is to help renters who are having a hard time coming up with downpayment and closing costs. middle-income buyers can get loans. first responders, nurses and teachers can get even more money. >> i knew i wanted to get a house. i knew that the program was going to be able to make my dreams reality, which is getting a house. >> we've got so much more information on the housing assistance program. you'll find that in our nbc washington app by searching home help. and happening today, news 41 working to make sure your kids are ready for class. if you want to help, you can bring a new backpack, school supplies or donation to the wo more town center in glenarden. you can make a donation online, just search backpacks. chuck is here, we get to dry out for a day. i presume because of the rain we had, it's going to be extra
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sticky and humid toe. >> it will be veryhu mid. people assume that humidity is part of june anyway. we'll have more sunshine today than we've had in the last six daysombined. that will be a step in the right next. yesterday, it was two-theirs of an inch at national airport. dulles airport, over an inch yes. 9 1/2i ichlgs in the last two weeks. an bwi didn't get much rain for the month. they're above 12 inches in rainfall, most of that coming in the last two weeks. with all of the rain around, not necessarily helping the gardens. your forecast for today, gardening early t morning, good luck. it's probably mutddy out there. if you notice theg brown of
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your lawn or plants andake it down to your gardening center. that's the tip of the way. for today, our rain chances are low. today, a little shower moving over the chesapeake bay this morning. a very small chance of rain today. that chance comes later on this afternoon, into early this evening. the average of rain chances today is way less than the last couple of days. not expecting a big impact from rain. that doesn't make it a 0% chance. only 10% or 20%. tomorrow, evenwormer. and there's a 40% chance tomorrow here's future weather, and 4:00, nline of showers forming that front. that comes i about 4:00 p.m.
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and 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. keep that in mind, if you're beach-bound for the weekend. here's a check of the five-day forecast. no more than an isolated rain chance. weekend, saturday, will be the better half of the weekend. high 88 degrees and mostly dry on saturday. sunday's rain chance comes in after 3:00 or 4:00. and thatounty lead us into the rainy pattern. always a good reminder to youb load download the nbc 4pp store. beltway here showing you the top of the beltway outer loop has more volume. but no probable. looking good around here. had some earlier delays. it looks a little slow. it's not that bad, once we see it in person. this is slow, as well.
6:20 am
broad branch road near 27th street. northbound indian head highwayd he right side blocked by the crash. and this is the red we were talking about on northwest. northbound g.w. parkway ingh th lane there. that is just growing. it's grown quite a b in the last couple minutes. maryland, 270, germantown to the spur. 60 miles per hour is the speed. get there in 12 minutes. top of the beltway, 33 hour.s per 66 inbound, 95 northbound in virginia. both of those lo remember to listen to wtop 102.5 f.m. when you hop in your car today. thank you, melissa. still ahe, what's good for your heart may be good for your head. another reason to keep the blood pressure low. stay with us. ou
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e watching "news 4 today." >> there's a new feature once ok that will let you simultaneously watch videos with your friends and family. it's called watch party. it allows people i groups to watch live or recorded videos together while interacting in real-time. they just took this from a real
6:24 am
watch party when you have people sitting in a room. >> what is ol is new again. >> i'll tell you. you will be able to comment and reacto the comment there, as the host adds more videos for ngu to watch. the feature is bffered to all facebook groups around the world. >> when you host one of those parties, youav don't to shove everything in a closet so people don't see how dirty your place is >> unless you're farway and it bringing you together. >> it's a wash. >> this comes after a disastrous -- disastrous day for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg.rl >> he lost neaa quarter of his net worth and has fallen from the fourth richest person to the eighth. zuckerberg lost nearly $20 billion according to "forbes."
6:25 am
on top of that, his company's stock took a hit after missing analyst expectations. zuckerberg is worth $64 billion. >> only $6billion? buyingill have to start ramen noodles. a new study finds that ewering high blood pressan benefit your brain. lowering high blood pressure can prevent early fo research found those getting n eir top blood pressure pressure level dow 120 can prevent the memory problems that come with alzheimer's disease. but experts say it's too soon to say it can prevent alzheimer's.l there's no cure for alzheimer's, there's new hope in the fight against it. a new drug, appears to slow the progression of the disease. the drug removes buildup called amaloyd plaques in the brain. >> the next step is fast-tracking the drug for approval.
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>> it's important to detect this as early as possible. >> absolutely. good morning. we have low clouds and fog as you get your day but we have a drier day in the forecast. the sun will finally come back a toda well. i'll show you the afternoon and haat you can expect. we'll talk about as we head into the weekend, too, coming up. new security measure may be coming to fairfax county schools. a live report coming up. a live desk. metro workers killed an unruly rider. we're hea the
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"news 4 today" starts now. a lot left to clean up after days of rain. your commute cou be just as chaotic as when the rain was falling because of theflooding. >> this is broad branch road in d.c. last night. parts of it is still closed this
6:30 am
morning. for the first time this week, our radar is mostly clear this homorning. about that? 6:30, your time on a thursday morning. good morning, everybody. >> let's get right to chuck and sheena. finally, a forecast for t that is not dominated by the rain headlines. >> i know what you mean. we almost need to take asq egee across the entire dmv to wipe the moisture down. >> that's not going to happen. >> i don't have a squeegee that g. or that time, either. >> we'll make time. as it heats up, it will be humid, sticky, kind of steamy out there. this morning, low clouds and low fog. 74 degreeswa in ington. it is muggy when you step outside. enns dense fog to the west. in d.c., the visibilit is fine. if you get to manassas, we're looking at near a quarter mile
6:31 am
visibility. just patchy fog as you are making your way out the door. normally, nice and dry. the big area o rain has moved offshore. today will be better than it has been. mid-80s by lunchtime. utings will heat up around here. we'll talk a what you can expect as we head into your weekend coming up. let's talk to melissa. >> northbound g.w. parkway after spout run. if you have to take g.w.arkway this morning, you're going to have to allow extra time. there's no great alternate. hopefully this will be done soon. >> inner loop and l outerp ooking slow up top, in a typical spot here this morning. broad branch road near 27th street. rain blocked there.
6:32 am
trees and wires down northbound indian head highway, the right side is blocked by the crash. we have a liv a look a trouble spot in alexandria this morning. take a looke' here. thsome damaged wires here and tree debris, covering russell road and east windsor avenue. the street there remains osed. news 4's justin finch will be back with a live report in 15 minutes. virginia state police have issued an amber alert for grace galliher. the 17-year-old was believe to be abducted by richard tester. the pair was seen at a motel in marion, virginia they may be heading north in this car. it's a 2014 navy blue trail blazer. it has tennessee tags. breaking this morning, we've
6:33 am
just received the police dispatch call from tuesday's stabbing at the metro heights station. >> we go to chris lawrence with more on that. >> this gives us more insight to wh happened. the manager was working just after midnight. to her y man came kios she started to fear for her life. this is a clip we just pulled from the dispatch call. >> i have the station manager land lined, he is saying she stabbed the man the kiosk. >> you're lking at video from that scene. that man is jeremy bond. he was upset about a delayed service that night. bond pounded on the windows of the manager's booth. and iten, he went inside and h her. after that, that's when he was stabbed. bo we'll get information.
6:34 am
time, 6:33, a look at our top stories today. a community gathered to stay good-bye to makiyah wilson. her mother followed as her body was taken from a cayrch to the errace neighborhood where she lived. hundreds lined the street as loved ones mourned her loss. family and friends will say good-bye to a blur d.c. restaurant manager's funeral. christian broder's funeral will be at 11:00 a.m. he died last frihiy. he leaves a wife and a 9-month-old 11 gop law have launched a bid to fire deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he's the man overseeing robert mueller's russia investigation.
6:35 am
the articles of impeacenent accuse rein stone walling republicans' request for information in the investigation. the measure is unlikely to pass without the support of the house nsadership. roin has been seeing the investigation since attorney general jeff sessions recused himself last year. an appeals court says news organizations do show the video surveillance of thes valentine day shooting at parkland high schooleq theysted the video to better understand the first responders. that school shooting t encouraging other schools to take a look at their security systems. >> and fairfax county is looking intoor millions ofsecurity measures. megan mcgrath hamore from falls church. >> reporter: that security review was ordered in the wake of the soting in parkland.
6:36 am
it calls for enhanced lockdown drills with one a year happening during the lunch period or between asses. the plan calls for replacing outdated locks and requiring classrooms to be locked at all-times. also, the hiring of 18 mental health professionals. this will allow the sc system to have mental health experts in the middle and the elementary schools, as well as high schools. at middle schools and resource officers in elementary schools, those are not a part of the atcommendations. it was determined additional discussion was needed. back to you. >> megan, thank you. we're halfway through july but some families are waiting to find out final past school year. the school system says a technical error is to blame. new copies are being sent out
6:37 am
and should be received by next friday. are you ready for football season? the redskins return to the field in just hours. we're going to get you rea
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just hours away from day one of redskins training camp. the hometown days get ready for the upcoming football season. jay gruden is already thinking big picture. you can go to training camp, too, aou long as have the mobile fan pass. one of our hometown favorites on nbc's "world of o dance" had tack up their tap shoes last night. ♪ja project really delivered an
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energetic and tertaining routine last night. e the judgn said they were so sharp and so crisp, compared to last week. but it wasn't enough. j. lo, neyo and derek hough gav the otoup higher scores. they move on. u can catch "world of dance" on nbc 4. good morning, everybody. 6:41 on your thursday morning. li'l friday, we like to call it. pool d s for you. moshine than we've had in quite some time. pmperatures in the 80s. if youfer to swim in the ocean, temperatures at the coastline will be the low to mid-80s, just a chance forer shat the beaches. we have the ten-day forecast coming upsh coming upsh cra on the beltway,t still nervous abfinding a?
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> oh, mgod.
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a ceiling caves in after days o heavy rain. we hear from the owner who watched it happen. get ready fha on your commute. roads flooded and others blocked by downed trees. >> but the forecast, conditions are mostly clear in our area as you start your thursday. storm team 4 and traffic are working for you asou wake up. first at 6:45, some breaking news. the u.s. embassy confirming anu explosionde of the compound in beijing. a man detonated whatas describe as a firecracker-like device at the embassy there. you see the video o the response. you than the bomber, if will, no one else was injuredre . we're hearing reports that there may have been a secondincident. chinese media reporting that a woman sprayed herself inli ga outside of that same embassy. russian predent vladimir putin will not visit d.c. later this year.
6:46 am
hisisit to the white house has been delayed. peter alexander has the >>ason. eporter: just moments from now, that proposedumt between president trump and vladimir putin, it was scheduled to be here in washington as early as this fall, is now on hold. the national security adviser, joton, saying in a statement wednesday, that the president believes the meeting should take place after, as he says, the russia witch hunt is over. and after the first of the year. it should be noted thathe special counsel, robert mueller, has never set a timetable for his russia investigation. frankly, the kremlin has yet to commit to any u.s. trip, saying the two leaders would have other opportunities to meet. on capitol hill, the secretary of state mike pompeo was under fire at a senate hearing, where democrats and the republican chairman there took aim at
6:47 am
yesterday's widely pan helsinki summit. back at the white house, the president ignored questions about putin and his personal attorney, michael cohen. the white house has banned a geporter from a presidential event for shout questions. the white house press assoation calling that move inappropriate, and weak. >> a lot of ground to cover this mornin peter. we'll see you in a few minutes. today is the court-ordered deadline for all migrant children to be reunited with their parents. they were separated from the parents after entering illegally. more tan 2,500 were separated. more than 1,100 have been reunited so far.nt 463 migrant pahave been deported without their children. kirstjen nielsen told congress, she was confident that they could meet the deadline. new details in the deadly duckoat tragedy.
6:48 am
our affiliate is reporting that the boat failed previous u.s. coast guard inspections. in 2018, the inspectors noted a leak in a wheel well. in 2016, the detective edetecto working. the problem was a missing fuse, which w replaced. the duck boat was built in 1944. 17 people were killed when the boat sank at table rock lake. a investigation led to a shooting. the suspect fired at the office first andhe officer fired back. this incident happened in d.c. just over the city line near new hampshire happen northeast. the susps conscious and breathing when paramedics took him to the hospital. the officer was not hurt. police tell us trat the man whon the tracks at the gallery place metro, was the same person that was wanted for shooting someone in headquarters.rv
6:49 am
llance captured what happened yesterday morning. you can see him jumping from the platform on to the track. he is accused of shooting a man on the sidewalk near the entrance to i-395 on tuesday. t then he was onhe tracks at the metro station, oer riders thought he needed help andame to his aid. >> i was just saving a human being. to ends up to be -- assisting, i guess, the policetain a guy who is a suspect. it was a good deed, i guess, you know? >> police say they found a semiautomatic handgun when they arrested him. he has a history of jumping on to track. and co arrested for assault in arlington in october. right no thecleanup continues after days of heavy rains arno s around the area. d.c. fire teted this of that mail truck that had driven off the road. the driver was nowhere to be found, the driver was later found okay. ano other people had to be rescued nearby on road,
6:50 am
after their car was stuck there. downed wires and trees are causing problems in alexandria this morning. the stin finch has more on cleanup efforts there, justin. >> reporter: good morning. russell progress on road throughout the morning. the impacted area here is the 2200 block of russell road. crews are workinghere. veral crews left a short time ago. they're working to restore power because trees downed lines wait down here. and crews are working to rescor the power. about 289 customers are impacted, hoping to have the power restored as soon as 7:00 a.m. but the clock is ticking at this point. thea that's the trouble spot here is east windsor avenue off ofad russell the drivers take russell road down to kings. today, you t haves happening in the way of that. if youwo live an in this
6:51 am
area, russell road is going to be impacted by the crew work going on behind us here. we're live in i'm justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> thank you. 6:51 folks out for a nice sitdown dinner had the meal interrupted by a falling ceiling. >> that is what happnied to folks ng at the ser restaurant last evening. parts of the ceiling started falling. that's a lot of water. eventually, everybody evacuated the restaud nt. patrons staurant workers were stunned. >> it was raining inside. that's the only real way to describe it. once it started going, it was taking ceiling tiles witit. it took marble out of the d seafr. it was enough volume that quickly, it did a lot of damage. >> good thing is nobody was hurt but the restaurant won't be able to open for a few weeks. >> after all that, we get one day of repriev >> and most of tomorrow.
6:52 am
>> i think we earned it. >> i think we earned it. most of the rainfall for the month of july has come between last saturday and yesterday. i thinkt's just unbelievable this point. it's been raining day after day. we're finallyeeing a break today. we're going to see the morning with fog in the area. a dense fog advisory to our an area seeing patchy fog this morning. as we go through the morning, we will see the clouds lift and get out of here. looking dry on the radar. this is all of theth rai caused us the wet mess since saturday. it's fshore and today will be much better. we'll see the shine later this afternoon. 72 in clinton, you're walking the dog or you need one, this is smoothie. he's available for adoption at the humane rescue line. this morning, 8:00, 75 degrees,
6:53 am
muggy. we say humid today and sunny temperatures will heat up to near 88 degrees. it will be steamy out there. by theafternoon, we have a chance of a stray shower.ay satu august 18th, the clear the shelters event. you cano go the washington app for information on that. future weather, mainly dry, 3:00 p.m. showers, maybe a stray shower. we'll have thunderstorms move into the evening. we have a risk tomorro later in the day, for some of them to be strong to severe. in your weekend, saturday looks decent by sunday. we have a rain chance, but if you'reeang to the beaches the weather looks pretty good. next week, we could have a rainy pattern similar to what we saw this week. good morning, melissa. look ing at the roads here. chopper 4 at this problem. this crash is a little on the on the e and a little
6:54 am
right side. it is slow getting through this. it just happened about eight minutes ago. two other problems that have just happened. rockville northbound at nntrose. arlingtonthbound g.w. parkway after spout run crash. allow some aextra time on that area. broa branch road, 27th street. down tree and wires from last night. avel time, look good on 270 southbound. that crash is northbound at montrose. top of the beltway, slow here. this is starting tohe add to pain there. at rockville pike, talking about a n crash there on 66. that's going to add to delays. that's inbound. 66, not bad. 95 northbound.
6:55 am
reason to wtop 10he5 f.m. you hop in your car today. new this morning, you can save a life and save money on gas. the need for blood donations is at a high, critical self. donations typically drop off overhe summer but the need i growing. nova is giving gas cards for donations. you can contact the closestce er to you were hours. we are hosting our annual backpacks f kids drive. >> if you want to help bringing a backpack, school flies or a donati at the woodmore town center in glenarden today. go to search backpacks. here are four things to know this morning, the fairfax county school board is set to vote on a
6:56 am
proposed safety plan this month. they decided to replace old classroom locks and hire mental health staff. an amber alert on behalf of the fbi. dpras galliher was abducted by richard tester. we will post more details in ou nbc washingtop. for the first time, we are hearing the police dispatch call from the stabbing at the metro station. and had t very irate defend herself. >> d.c. police say the station something stabbed jeremy bond of rockville. he entered her chaosing and attacked her. bond die at the hospital. >> 11 gop lawmakers have lost aed by to impeach rod rosenst n rosenstein the lawmakers accuse rosenstein
6:57 am
of stone walling theirr request nformation in the investigation. and the four-way rest, 88 this afternoon, with more nshine. 91 tomorrow before late-day thunderstorms. the weekend, the dri, ha saturday, and more showers come back in the second half of sunday. > real pain here the top of the beltway. shopper 4 showing you the problem. we are vy slow because of a crash taking up part of the left side and part o the right side of the road. >> thank you for joining us for news 4 thday. "today" show will be acxt. we'll be in 25 minutes. >> make a great thursday, everybody.
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. goodng morni. breaking news. an explosive device detonates outside the u.s. embassy in beijing, the blast sending security forces scrambling. at least one man hurt and taken into custody. we're live with the very latest. floods and fires overnight. downpours adding to days of misery in the east. entire neighborhoods now under water from historic flooding while out westro a danus wildfire inches closero yosemite forcing thousands of tourists to evacuat that fire just one of dozensin burng out of control this morning. those stories plus downward spiral. new details on what may have triggered dem


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