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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 27, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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reached out. >> how ngerous is this fir >> the fire is extremely dangerous. it's so explosive and unpredictable, it puts us in a hazardous situation. >> thefast-moving fire taking down everything in its paths with another death reported overnight. as eircuations grow, the fes become less contained. >> a potential bombshell and new headache forhe white house as former trump attorney michael cohen says the candidate knew in advance of a russian trump tower meeting. plus stormy daniels' attorney says three more alleged mistresses have surfaced. >> a dangerously out of control female driver leads pole on speed car flipping chase. >> from the kindness of one
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officer to a homeless man, the amazing story and power ofsi ve people. >> plus sir paul mcdart any cart any goes back to his roots. "early today" starts right now. good friday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> andme i'm phillip. breaking news overnight, the so-called car fire continues to blaze through california. largely uncontrolled and now has left oneerson dead. >> we have had the private hire dozer operator fatality. as we mourn the loss, we also battle a fire that is moving extremely quickly. >> cal fire reports that the ble exploded over 28,000 acres, destroying 15 structureng and threateearly 500 more. and it's only 6% contained. nbc's m fire is in the >> reporter: on both ends of the state,ir fighters in california are losing the battle to save homes.
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these explosive conditions fuelled in part by record breaking heat. >> i'm just upset and scared. >> reporter: the most dangerous fire in the state threatening 53n structures and american jewel. the fergusonire is just a few miles from yosemite national park. the rugged terrain so dangerous, a firefighter has been killed >> how dangerous is this fire? >> fire is extremely dangerous. it's so explosive andpr unictable that it puts us in aazeally hardous situation. >> reporter: with yosemite shutdown and thousands of tourists hastily evacuated, the park's iconic beauty is shroude in choking smoke. campgrounds. yosemite falls. and the valley floor eery quiet. the first time fire has closed the park in 28 years. >> we have changing fire conditions. it's just not safe. r >>orter: from the fire lines to the frying pan, 30 mhelion
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acrossest are cooking in the heat. sacramento, tucsonvegas, all hitting record highs thisweek. but in california it's firefighters feeling the heat. >> we are just petrified about our home. >> reporter: in yosemite, the race is on to protect a majestic park. in the valley known for its incredible auty, this is a sight no one wants to see. >> that wasr miguel almag reporting. >> in breaking news surrounding the infamous 2016 russia meeting atr,rump to a source knowledgeable on the matter telling nsi news pnt trump's long-time lawyer michael candidaterts the then knew about the meeting between his son donald trump, jr. and a russian lawyer. and an what could b breakthrough in the russia election meddling investigation, the source ss that coh is willing to tell special counsel robert mueller that trump's son informed him about theit-down beforehand. at that meeting russians were expected to give damaging information on hillary clinton.
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don junioras previously denied that his father knew anything about it. nbc'ss tracie pos joining us live from washingtostwith the lan this twist in the russia probe. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not onlyon didd trump jr. deny, the president denied he knew about this meeting in vance. noources and people who have been following this say this cod be a smoking gun if the prosecutor is able to prove that the president knew about this in advance. it could be the beginning of a case of collusion. donald trump,jr.'s attorney says it is simply not .tr and the president's attorney is questioning the credibility of wher this information is coming from. the president's former lawyer, michael cohen whodes now under l investigation. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he's just not credible. i would h not accept as a witness as a prosecutor. if mueller has any other kindf case, this is the kind of witness that can really destroy your whole case because any
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ounder of fact loses confidence in the case when rely on a guy like this, when you rely on a guy where before you finish with him,e going to have such a string of lies, you just can't trust him. >> reporter: the man he's talking about i under investigation for hush money payments to women who cla they d affairs with president trump that he denies. one of the women, stormy daniels, her attorney now reprents three more women who claim they were paid hush money as well. so the plo thickens. we'll continue to not only monitor developments on this, but of course the presidenits r this morning as he may respond. phillip? >> do not kw how much thicker that plot can get, trie, thank you. >> developing now, the white house says a military plane carrying what is believed to be the remains of 55 american servicemen killed during thear koreans on its way home. the military plane made a rare trip from a u.s. base in south korea to a coastal city in the north to retrieve them. when they arrive in the states, aeries of examinations will
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determine the remains are humane and whetherare actually american or allied troops. 65th and over marks the anniversary of the end of the korean war. president trump tweeting after so many l years, this w a great moment for so many families. thank you, kim jong-u this exchange also marks the first visible result of president trump's sum wth the north korean leader. over 7,000 u.s. soldiers are listed asng missi from the korean war, with 5300 of the remains believed to still be in north korea. of >> it was an historic day for facebook on the market, b certainly not one it wanted. shares of the social media giant plunged 19% losing $119 billion in just one day. y any s the worst ever american company. the fall off comes as face bk faces scrutiny. can they recover from this? nbc's tom costello has more. >> reporter: the sell-off wasnd staggering unprecedented. facebook losing $119 billion in
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market value, the worst sinye ver for a u.s. company after this profit warning from ceo mark zuckerberg. >> we're investing so much in security that it will significantly impact our profitability. >> reporter: zuckerberg himself lost$15 billion in the sell-off. coming after two years of scandals and investigation >> it seems as though you turned a blind eye to this, correct? >> congressman, i disagree witht that assess >> reporter: from russian election med skplg disinformation to the 87 million users whos was compromised by cambridge analytica, now facebook users are t phtening theirvacy settings and the number of daily users is dropping. >> so you could argue there is a lot of rage out there against facebook being but where do people go express their rage? they go to facebook and instagram. >> reporter: facebook insists it making changes to address privacy and dsecurity. an it's still dominates social media worldwide. from london to berlin, the vegas strip to tokyo, also owning instagram, messenger and what's app.
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despite the stock sell-off, it's only back to where it was in may. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> roseanne barr returned to primetime tv for the first time sinceir herg from abc and the cancellation of her hit reboot roseanne. well, that was ohe now infamous tweet last may where she likened former obama white house senior advisor valerie jarrett to an ape in a wide raking interview with fox news show sean nnity, barr reiterated her tweet was not racist. >> the first thing was shock that they were saying it was racial when it's political. everybody started saying i was a racist, which is like the worst thing that you can call a jewish person, especially one who like me grew up with holocaust survivors. >> barr also a issue direct apology to jarrett but with a twist. >> i'm so t sorry that youught i was racist and that you thought that my tweet was
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racist, because it wasn't. plus i'd tell her, she's got to haircut. i mean seriously. >> as for her twitter account, barr said her kids taken it away from her forever. abc will launch a new roseanne spin-off called the connors featuring all other characters on october 16th. >> newly released police dashcam footage shows a south carolinas woman' dramatic attempt to flee from deputies trying to make a traffic stop. officials sayhey chased this woman through fields, residential area and a main road. she rammed four deputy cruisers several times before her car flipped over several times. it ejected her and landing on the side of the road. no deputies were injured here, but this woman was taken to the hospital. police later identified the driver a 22-ar-old brittany nicole jefrs. she was wanted for outstanding warrants. >> hit by pitch just caught one of their yankees a superstar aaron judge suffered a chip fracture to his right wri againsthe kansas city royals. he did stay in the game till the
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third inning before being pulled. the yankees said he is not expected to needrg suy, but he'll be at least w threeeeks before he's able to swing a bat in game again. >> man. red sox would have done that, been some throwing down. rock legend paul mccartney gave beatles fans a big star by rocking out thursday in the birth place of beatle mania. here's nbc's joe fryer. reporter: on the streets of liverpool, beatle mania is alive and w il. >> my dre to go back in time to the '60s and see them. this is the closest i'm ever going to get. >> liverpool! >>eporter: no needor a time machine. paul mccartney took the cavern club stage for a surprise concert. norte norte >> reporter: the beatles played the original cavern club from 1961 to3 which is why the band is known as the band's birth place. you could say sir paul was
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reborn. >> we playedhere. we didn't know if we'd ever have any future, but we did okay. >> reporter: the intimate giga announced with just hourti no drew a massive crowd with fans lining up for the free tickets. only about in.lucky souls got rare chance to relive yesterday. joe fryer, nbc news. >> really is like a once in a lifetime thing. >> see who is going to turn up after crossing abbey road. let's turn to nbc meteorologist bill karins to see what a great sweekend. >> ioing to be a nice weekend. if we get there first we havlto dee d with severe weather. a cold front coming through. it's going to be a beautiful day, beautiful morning in chicago st. louis and the great lakes. there is still enough humidity utwe'll get thunderstormsf this. 30is million plus at in albany, baltimore, washington, d.c., harrisburg
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areas hit hard by the flooding earlier this week. storms will only last half hour, 45 minutes, they'll be in, they'll beout, but they'll hit you this afternoon and evening. we have a large area in kansas and northern texas and oklahoma all the way to nebraska has a chance for severe .stor mostly wind will be the threat in both areas. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. 's a closer look at your day ahead. as i mentioned, there is fantastic weather to be had today. if you're in michigan or indiana or illinois. after the hot s mer you'vehad, this is a beautiful early fall air mass. polis today 79 degrees a mostly sunny. we will take a look at the weekend forecast and some of the great weather. we'll be on the >> all right. we'll hear about it. thank bill. fast forwarding into your weekend box office, tom cruise is looking to stunt his way back to the top with mission impossible fallout. the 6th installment of the franchise is eyeing a franchise best. $135 million globally this opening weekend. standing in its y are two
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sequels, equalizer 2 and mama ba here we go again. both had opening weekends of their own. >> heavy hitters there. washington, tom crut e. >>ll be tough, bill is talking about great weather. it's going to be a tough one. lot of us will be hitting theaters. >> we'll see about that. ahead the deepening mystery of a doctor and close shave with the law. you got it from your parents. and they got it from theirs. it's your skin, and it can protect you from millions of things. so we're here to help you protect your skin. walgreens pharmacists and beauty consultants are specially trained to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901. now all walgreens brand sun care products are buy one get one half off.
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shocking developments in a gh profile murder mystery in houston. a renowned cardiologist who treated former president george h.w. bush gunned down while riding his bicycle to work. >> authorities say it was a targeted attack, but who did it and why? nbc's tammy leitner has thest la in this deepening mystery. >> reporter: police reveal a renowned houston cardiologist was likely targete by his killer, leaving more questions than answers. >> this is truly a who done it om top to bottom. it's a perplexing case. >> reporter: new video shows
3:46 am
dr. mark hausknecht in the final images. they show t doctor in blue scrubs ridg his bikeo work just like he did every day. not far behind him, another man on a bike trailing hausknecht seen heraring a bulging back pack. inutes later police say the gunman rode in front of the doctor and filhr shots while facing him. the medical examiner confirming hausknecht guide of gunshot wounds to the head, torso and upper extremity. investigatorss releasing thi sketch of the suspect. friends and neighbors now retracing the killer's path, searching fes c >> did you see anythingl?unusua >> reporter: and asking residents to check their home surveillance cameras. >> we want to solve this murder, a senseless murder. >>eporter: police continue to investigate why someone would murder a man who dedicated his life to saving others. tammy leitner, nbc news. >> still ahead, the curious case
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the highly anticipated charlie's angels reboot due for a 2019 premiere has found its leading ladies. the original crime fighting women in the '70s tv series
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jacqueline smith s farrah fawcett and kate jackson, wer succeeded by drew barrymore and lucy lieu in the first movie. kristin stewartl amy scott w take over the legendary roles. elizabeth banks joins theas cas role., formerly a man's >> seeing a pattern here. every 20 years or so, whole new crew. call it a case of like girlfriend like boyfriend. brad pitt's style evolution, sarah started a now viral thrthd about actor and his girlfrie micking ways. we did a little dicking through the archives. here's brad with gwyneth paltrow in the mid '90s. he goes a little more brunet heen he started dating jennifer aniston. transforms with an gentlemjeli jolie. matched her hair style almost to a tee. this is incredible once it wast pointed this is not just these four examples. many. >> ias like really?
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the role of carry math i son on homeland has changed her life, and the emmy winner's most important proct to date, her growing family. our sunday sit-down with claire danes plus the politics and news on "sunday today." you can catch us in the morning or set the dvrat and us any time you like. for now we'll send it back to you, frances and phillip, and we will see you on sunday morning. >> see you then. >>r let's h about the weekend. bill karins again. >> talk about the good stuff or the b stuff. good stuff is in the ohio valley and great lakes it continues saturdays. it begs to push into th northeast on saturday. july heat continues from texas to the southeast. t you're not goi get that cool down yet. many areas of the west will stay hot thi weekend. including seattle in the '90s by the time we get to sunday. heavy rain and thunderstorms ossible in areas of kansas, nebraska and oklahoma. maybe even kansas city and st. louis on your sunday afternoon. we'll be right back here on "early today."
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good morning, everybody. storm team 4 weher alert for at
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"news 4" begins with a storr team 4 wea alert. >> after a week's worth of rough weatr, buckle up. we may not be out of the woods quite
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things quiet now. but this afternoon may sound a lot different. go morning, everybody. i'm chris lawrence, in for aaron. >> i'm erika gonzalez. these storms could bring wind, lightning and more >> we need to check in with chuck and sheena with a look at the focast. >> a quiet start. what a beautiful day yesterday was. that was a nice chance to exhale, dry things out a littl bit. >> ias out yesterday, in the heat and humidity, if you were out there f more tha an hour, it was very hot. most of the area was dry. toy is going to be different. most if not everyone today, is gohug to seeerstorm activity later on. we have a weather alert for today. this is for strong to severe storms that could have damagiin winds and the timing is going to be later today. 4:00 p.m. to 9:00p.m., that's what it looks like currently.
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