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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 31, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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at's why. >> good one. >> no peanut allergies t thfrpblts first test for the mueller probe. paul manaforteads to trial today. california in flames. the new trole and fierce fight against the wild fires raging across the state. the guardians of the galaxy defe theirdire. why the stars of the marvel movie are calling to rehire james gun after he wasired arch offensive tweets. destkpwaoeuzingt as a baby in a tas aquarium. how they realized something was fishy. "early today" starts right now. jury selection begins today trial of er president trump's former campaign chairman. paulanort is the first to
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stand trial in the russian meddling probe, however his charges don'tisnvolve time with mr. trump. >> instead they stem from thead millions he while working for the russian-backed government of ukrain. he's accused of bank fraud and tax evasion. this comes a president trump and his legal team continue to push bacagainst robert muellerer's investigation. here with the very latest, tracie po gs. >> reported morning everyone. let's start with that manafort trial. prosecutors will argue that he earned $ million from advising the ukrainian government, allies of russia, and from lobbying for uniteden here inside the states and that he hid that $30 million from the irs so he didn't have to pay taxes. so it's not about russia. it's not about the trump campaign. in fact one in a -- one lawyeri he name russia might not
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even come up but here is where it's significant. if he is nvicted and facing jail time t cld be significant leverage to get him to talk about what he knows from being inside the trump campaign. meanwhile rudy giuliani is questioninging whetherhe actual russia investigation should be focusing on collusion. >> i've been sitting here looking at this federal cod trying to find collusion as a crime. collusion is not acrime. >> reporter: meantime back to the manafort tria that cou take several weeks and we're told it could be quite mundane the name russia might not even come up. >> thank ly 100 wild fires are still blazing through over 1 million acres up and down the west coast. in nevada the perry fire outside reno continueso spread rapidly across more than 42,000 acrers
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and is 15% contained. near 20 of those fires are scorching california, leaving resources stretched thin. 1 hundred $50 million have already been spent on emergenc firefighting the dangerous car fire exploded over 103,000 acres and destroyed homes near redding. but thousands more structures threated. >> reporter: this is the fire fight crews are waging on the front lines afterot ripng to redding in northern california. the car fire tore through more than 1,000 structures. at least six have lost their lives. melody bledsoe wrapped a blanket around her grandchildn. >> you can move than family
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and then you lose everything on top of that. >> reporter: the inferno so powerful -- their home was incinerated in minutes. >> it took us years to buy this place, first home. >> reporter: the car fire is still threatening 5,000 structures. across california 17 wild fires are raging. outsideosemite a second firefighterer killed in that blaze and now a new threat in wine country. the mendocino complex fire threatening 10,000 structures. >> everything is extremely dry and it's like the perfect recipe for a major fire. >> reporter: the perfect storm for another monster blaze with with perhaps the most dangerous days yet to come. the mendocino mplex fire behaoeupbld me is actwo separate
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fires threatening to merge into one. if hillsides would be completely engulfed in flames an local communities would be wiped out. federal judge has ordered all migrant children be moved from a texas facility that used psychootropic drugs on children without their consent. prozack are used as quote chemical straight jack skwt given regardless of condition. the judge said only those who pose a risk are to stay. the attorney general from 20 states in the district of columbia are urging jeff sessioe and m pompeo to revoke permission of a man to nest instructions on the
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internet. at least eight of those state attorneys general are preparing a lawsuit to try andtop t instructions from becoming available. the cast of "the guardians of the galaxy" are calling for the directorer to come back. tweets dating back to 2008 contain jokes about child rape, aids, and the holocaust. they write his apology now and from years ago we believe is from the heart. we are winding down july and heading to august and we're certnly feeling like the. >> the tropical humidity is s going toy with us for a couple days here. the rainfall so far has been manageable but the flo threat will increase. watch alabama, north egeorgia,
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ountains in north carolina. i think those are the spots we can watch closely. the winds just out of the south how much rainfall are we talkling? the areas of red is two inches. note this is highest totaless and then through the southern appalachians. i think that's our greatestth threat i days ahead. now here's a closer look at your day ahd. showers and thunderstorms right now along the ohio river and in cincinnati. yowlver a chance this afternoon to get a few additional storms and just about everybody from carrya to the southeast that umbrettau just in case today. when we come back, we'll look at the heat numbers in the west. at just 24 yearsold, joshua perry announced his retirement from football after sutain
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leading the ns fre clues in the desperate search for a missing university of iowa lludent. tibbetts was last seen jogging in her small home town and now they say there's evidence to suggest she may have returned to her boyfriend's house and she was doing homework late on the night she disappeared. since molly's disappearance police have followed hundreds of tip but so far more than all
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turned up empty. $100 million lawsuit has been filed in that fatal duck boat tragedy that killed 17 tourists. it alleged the owner put lives risk in an incident that was predictable. and could he been avoidable. in adition to the suit filed o behalf of the indiana family who lost five family members a second wrongful death lawsuit was filed b half of three sisters who lost both parents in the accident. a florida woman says her sick daughter died they assumed she couldn't y. the victim's mother said they were more concerned about whether she could pay than providing immediate care. they'll a faceisciplinary hearing. >> reporter: just a week after givinging birth grystalloway
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started having medical problemses. after showingign oafs stroke, her mother make as chilling call to 911. . >> reporte describing slumped over the bb,h her lips were swollen she was drooling. >> she said mommy, my head. >> reporter: two fire medic units were dispatched but instead of checking on her daughter they asd if she could aford the ambulance bill. >> the whole conversation was seat my daughter couldn't afford an ambulance beche had just had a baby. they didn't do any vitals, temperature as my daughter is under the covers screaming and begging them to take her to the hospital >> reporter: her mother ended up driving crist canal to the hospital herself. she later died.
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>> this woman needed to be transported to the hospital. our medics did not do their job. >> reporter: they're investigating. the medics now ondministrative leave face disciplinary hearing. still ahead a new wnkle and more grey hairs to motherhood. the thies who stole a shark from a texas aquarium. overwhelming air fresheners can send you running...
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♪ surveillance video captured stealing a shark from the san antonio aquerium. th're seen casing the aquerium. when minutes later a man sticks shs hand in the tank and grabs the ark. he disguised the shark as a baby in a strollerer. one suspect is under arrest but heid make it all the way wham the shark. h apparent already had an aquarium ready waiting. >> i would think the shark a wouldn't be to live out of the waterer for that long. did.ently it he wanted that shark. >> he did. i can't imagine that conversation to get the other two people involved. >> and somebody had a stroller. so they're taking it from their own baby. a warning from an olympic
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star and his wife. they're opening up for the first time since the tragic drowning of tir infant daughter. speaking out to savannah guthrie about an unimaginable loss hoping their message can help save the lives of other children. >> she had no- fear >> reporter: it's been seven weeks since they lost their precious baby girl, emmy. her room sits untouched. >> whyid you want to get the word out? >> i think it does i someay help to heal that maybe we're preventing it from happening to someone else. >> rrgorter: , her two sons and 19-month o emmy were at neighbor's house. >> we would go back a forth which was all of 15 feet all the sudden it was too quiet for me and i said where is emmy and the door that leads to the backyard
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that was h closed this tiny sliver of light coming from the side. it made my heart sank but oak thinned door and she was floating in the pool. and i ran and i jumped . >> morgan pulled emmy from the water and startede cpr wh her neighborer called 911. >> there's not day that goes by that i don't pray for the opportunity to go back to that day. and make it different. >> they want other parents to be individualant and know -- >> it'ser the number one way you can lose your kid. >> reporter: they're expecting a new baby in octobernd they say 's their older chilled cann are that have guided them through their darkest days >> when they talk about her they ways had a smile on their
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face. and it allows tuse bring our focus back to the things we'd still have toe incredibly grateful for. >> so heart wrenching to hear morgan miller is teaming up with another mom whose son levi drowned the very same day. s savanns down with both of them coming up on "today". very important discussion. >> and every day with that room still untouched the reminder. still ahead could it be final jeopardy for host alex trebek? >> a plus close shave with the law. it lands a homeless man with a job. still nervous about finding a new apartment? yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know.
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fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue or throat, diiness or confusion. (woman) we found our tresiba® reason. find yours. (vo) ask your health care provider about tresiba®. while the world turns upside down heres president obama is up to. he and his wif michelle were dancing at jay-z and beyonce concert. waving his hands in the air like he just don't obama care anymore. m> giving birth be associated with aging. they found that forry child a mom has her cells may age up two years. they compared things like and resuchers eddiscov the
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relative age of a mom's he bistry the number of children she had accelerate aging. it's something moms reeh know with the gray hair, tougher to lose the lbs are re. but there a these things happening. not really what we want to hear. >> but for every kid you get that much more joy in your life i'm sure. >> that's what they tell us. >> thanks for getting old for me on behalf. who is the next host of "jeopardy." alex trebek said there was a 50/50 chance he would return to "jeperdy" after his contract expires i 2020. but he mentioned two worthy successors. -- and attorney laura -- who saidhe honored trebek even
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knew who she was. i got to say that is the jobs on television. you got to stay on, act like you know stuff. >> pat say jack has the next best job spinning the wheel. and helping a homeless man shavend prepare for a job interview. the man who goes by phil starts his new job today. tallahassee police officers lped him gather his documents to speed up the process. a reminder of how a little kindness can go a long way. hopefully yowl are re have an amazing first day on the job. >> got to finish the papererwork. a toddler does her part in the fight against wild fires.
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this morning, details in the two homicides in the district. and today is the day where the trial of paulanafort begins. sheena, how about the weather? >> today, anoer day lik yesterday. cloudy and showers around as we go throughout the tuesday.
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"news 4 today" starts gnow. d morning, everyone. thanks for joining us for "news 4today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm angie goff.
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>> we will start with chuck and sheena. they're here with a look of all of the rain we're getting. >> we' in the rainy pattern again. we had this yesterday. but now, we're seeing fog. >> it rainedt the beach early. as i was coming to to, the sky just opened up. not good. >> no fun forin dr >> we're in fourth place for st fourth-wetuly on adraecord. we have today left. we could inch our way into third place, depending on the timing of the showers. raindy, a little right around virginia. it is a rain-free start, but it is sll wait outside. temperatures mid-60


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