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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  August 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's 6:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. a i'on gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> some breaking news in prince george's county. we're told a fire started inside al'sountry kitchen. and then spread to several other businesses and buildings. justin finch is onhe scene now. we'll have a live report in a moment. >> first, weant t check on the forecast and your commute this morning. jack taylor in for melissa with cklook at the road. let's start with cell and the forecast. a nice picture but we're in weather alert mode. >> we'll he to sta through tomorrow, as well. the rain has temporarily ended here in town. it's a pretty picture outside this morning. a lot of clouds and a lot of humidity in the air. flash flood watches have just been extended on until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. locally, not everyone is going to get rained on today.
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but like dulles airport got over an inch of rain dayest and more possibilities for heavy rain coming up tomorrow. right now, radar shows most rf thn off to our southwestern side. couple of sprinkles here, along the cross of northernk n into southern charles county. no heavy rain for your thursday morning commut you go ahead and download our nbc washington app, you have our forecast. and better ystill, get automatic push alerts if flash flood warnings are issued. temperatures are in the 70s this mornin 76 in arlington. 68 in leesburg. high today, a sultry 88 degrees. your rain chance stands at 70%. gardening forecast coming up. we'll start with the
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breakingof newur structure fire in upper morarlboro. plan ahead for this. i-70 moving eastbound. the vehicle fire on the right side of the roadway. i have a left lane getting by. it has cause some early slowdowns. heads-up up at old dominion. we have a downed tree in the roadway. that stretch will be closed until further notice. hopefully they get it cleaned out quickly. >> thank you. your time is 6:02. following breaking news out of prince george's county. >> a well-known diner caught fire overnight. firefighters are on the scene, as is justin he's live with the latest. justin, what can you tell us? >> hey, there, aaron. good morning. on the ground, cruise are working to clean up tt fire that we've been look at all morning. i'll step out of the way. it is al's country kitchen,
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appears to be where that fire began this morning cloo 1:30. and it spread to nearby businesses. looking at right now. crews have a flashlight shining on the damage the. i want to look at pictures there overnight. the fire jumpingrom that roof overnight, spreading throughout the building. including three apartments, as well. backn the ground, the cleanup effort is under way. i'm joined by dana brookn who alk us through the challenges that the firefighters aced this morning. how difficult wasit? >> there were 100 firefighters on the scene along with the fire chief. they got herr rat quickly. it was contained after 90 minutes, which, given the case of the extent of the fire was really good. with businesses closed, there was no other cncilians to
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n ourselves with. and the three residents who lived above the businesses were able to evacuate, unharmed and receive assistae on scene. >> do we know if fire alarms helped them to escape to safety. >> investigators are on-scene. >> we might have some ibird's e viges from chopper 4, showing t extension of the damage. we were mentioning that closures will be in place as we continue to work on the scene. >> correct. currently all of the roads are closed around the fire. we're starting to open the roads up now. the one road or the section of roads that will remain closed is main street between water and pratt street. >> as you j be seeing closures at this time. fire crews are hard at work. this was a big fire overnight,
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three alarms. f 100 firefighters called to the scene. one firefighterid suffer from heat exhaustion, he was treated on-scene. we're live in upper boma, i'm justin finch. back to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news right now. virginia state pice have issued a critically missing adult alert. chris lrence is athe live desk with the latest. >> virginia ate police need your help to find an elderly man. ok at your screen. this is john wimbush. he's years old and police say he was abducted insv martle, virginia. that's way down south. we're talking the border with north carolina. here's why it importao our area. virginia sta police think wimbush may be headed towards northern maryland. a woman may be driving him in a
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pathfinder. that trip is about five hours. they may be in our. ar if you spot them, give police a call right away. you can imane how worried his family is right now. >> indeed. chris lawrence for us at the live desk. 6:06. and this morning we learn mu detanew details in a police-involved shooting. officials are expted to release the name of a police offir that shot an alleged murder suspect. the officer said he heard gunshots coming from a liquor ore. as he was running towards the store, he noticed a man was running in his direction. the officer yelled for the man to drop his weapon. when he didn't, the officer shot him. witnesses said it was a chaotic pltuation. >> pwere running towards where i was at. i was like, what's going on? and the shots were loud. i knew it was close to me. >> before encountering the officer, the suspect allegedly
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shot and killed someone inside the liquor store. the victim and the subg ct were argut it's unclear if they knew one another. we're looking at police body camera video showing what led to a police shooting. >> robert white wa bshot and kiy an county police officer in june. white was unarmed. ant to warn you that thi video is disturbing. e e officer shot while he continued to cha him. we froze the video before the shots were fired. ansecond officer's body camera showed white get ucharge at the officer. white yelled, do it again.d the two contin struggle. the officer fired several more shots, killing white. we asked a retired d.c. homicide detective to analyze the video and asked what he thought about it. >> as unfortunate as it is, it is justified.
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it's a justified shooting, hands down. the officer was clearly justified because his life was in danger. >> the state's office says the shooting appeared justified. no charges wail be filed t the officer. it is one of president trump's most direct attacks on special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. and this morning, mi reaction is in. yesterday, the president tweeted, quote, attorney general jeff sessions should stop th rigged witch hunt right now before it continues to stain our country any further. the president's critics call the tweet an obstruction of justice ump lawyer rudy giuliani he says t tweet was an opinion, not on order. >> he used the word should, not the word must. he didn't direct him to do it and he's not going to direct him to do it. >> the president also bashed the tax fraud trial agpaul manafort, slamming the case as a hoax. manafort's trialesumes this morning for day three.
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prosecutors say they are ahead of schedule and could wrap up tomorrow. but the big question is whether the star witness will testify. manafort'sormer business partner, rick gates, pleaded guilty to charges earlier this year and it's thought he could testify. yesterday, though, prosecutors kented that gates may not the stand. manafort's lawyers blamed gates for the alleged crimes during opening statements. testimony resumes at 9:30.en hag now in montgomery county, police are trying to find an iraqi teen that went missing in cvy chase. 17-year-old abdalla ahmed is part of a student group staying at the 4-h conference center. he was last seen early monday at the conference center wearing black jeans and flip-flops. ahmed is 5'7", weis 140 pounds, has brown eyes and black hair. developing this morning, tens of thousands of people in northern california under evacuation orders. you're looking at w video of
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the carr fire. this fire is nearly twice the size of sacramen now. it's been burning for more than a week. this mning, it's only 35% contained. the fire has already destroyed more than 1,000 homes and is responsible for 6 deaths. one of college football's most successful coacheis off the field for now. >> ohio state placed urban meyer on paid administrative leave as it investigates claims he knew about allegations of domestic abuse against one of hisan assi coaches. zack smith was fired after his ts surfaced that ex-wife filed for a rdetraining orie in an intervavailable on, courtney smith says the abuse began while smith was a grad assistant for urban meyer in florida back in 2009. >> he picked me up by my shirt and threw me up against the wall. >> a columbus affiliys that meyer helped counsel them during their marriage.
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meyer will remain on leave until the investigation is complete. want to show you new video this morning of what some are calling the miracle in mexico. a plane was plunging to the ground and burst into flames and everybody made it out alive. we're going to see what was happening inside the cabin of that plane as it went wn. this may be disturbing forome. this an a flight that had just taken off in bad weather. eda passenger onboard recohe moment the plane started its freefall. ngyou can hear babies cryi, passengers screaming, everybody terrified here. the plane smacked into the ground, bellydown, just beyond the runway. more tha100 people, including the crew, had just seconds to escape before the jet burst into flames. one passenger from thego chi area spoke to the "today" show about the impact. b >> we wecing for impact. once the actual plane stopped, we could see the flames on
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either side of the engine because we hit the ground and kind of rolled. not rolled but skidded. it's just a blessing that i'm here to tell the story. >> about 85 people had minor injuries there. officials in durango, meetco, says theas hit by wind before the crash. police inlp philaa say two dogs killed a toddler. officers found several dogs attacking a 2-year-old in his home. they shot and killed one dog. the toddler was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. all of the dogs involved in the attack belged to t homeowners. and right now, no charges are filed but the investigation is ongoing. federal prosecutors revealed a massive hacking operation that involved stealing millions of credit and debit card information from millions of credit and debit cards. three ukrainian men were using
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card readers and selling the numbers on the dark web. losses are believed to be in the tens of millions of dollars. heads-up, parents. diaper prices are on the rise. the price of pampers are expected to be 4% more. procter & gamble says the cost of materials to make the diapers has increased. other procter & gamble products expected to cost morede inclu bounty paper towels and charmin toilet paper. a mother in florida is warning other families about a frozen treat that sent her son to t spital. it's an ice cream known as dragon breath.
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her son had tnguble breat after eating this treat. if the air is cold enough, it could freeze some of the liquid in the ice cream that could end up in your lungs. people want to eat it because it looks cool. doctors sayeehey'reing more casesitf tick turning into red meat allergies. it's estimatbout 5,000 people have developed an allergy to red mea after a tick bite. in some cases, it takes years to develop. >> patients would eat a seak or a cherger for dinner and they would wake up in the middle of the night with hives, swelling, breathing problems. >> the chance of getting a red meat allergy from a tick bite are pretty low. wearing long sleeves and pants and using dug spray with deet can protect you from tick-borne illnesses. we are working for you for
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your health. despite the known risk of opioid abuse and addiction, prescriptions for painkillers have not decreased. opioid ows that prescription rates have leveled off but are higher than a decade ago. researchers say americans consume seven-times more prescription opioids per person than people in the u.k. this is what happens when you leave your car unlocked in colorado. and bear becomes trapped inde. sheriff's deputies has to use a ro open the door and there he is. >> they're not getting close to the car. >> apparently he was napping ybe that's how they got the rope around t handle. the bear left this mess in the car. >> look at the damage. >> apparently looking for a banana. he went in probably for the
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b banana and wouldn't get out. a m tsage from sheriff, lock your cardoor. >> he probably wanted a ham sandwich or something more substantial. >> thought it was a twinkie. that will do it. there's a new study o that finds heavy drinkers and nondrinkers have a higher risk of developing dementia. french researchers monitored thousands of adults for 25 years. ey found that those who drink regularly or abstain complety are more likely to develop dementia compared to light or moderate drinkers. >>inova will ban plastic straws. it will eliminate the straws and reduce plastic items in all of its hospitals across northern virginia. the health systemisays it uses 3 ion straws each year. it wants to ensure that the plastic does not find its way into the chesapeake bay and other waterways.
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it will offer straws to the disabled. the ban begins on america cycles day, november 15th. strangers are rallying around the georgetown university freshman who was disowned by his parents for being ga seth owens was co-valedictorian at his high school in florida. he's on a partial scholarship to georgetown. when his parents found out he was gay, they sent him to conversion therapy. t wht didn't work as they wanted it to, they cut him off. seth found himself homeless and unable to pay the remaining i $2,0tuition. >> letting me walk out the door, they were saying, we don't care weere you are staying and don't care if you're safe, our religious beliefs are more important. >> his teacher set up a gofundme page to raise tuition and so far it's raised $110,000. that will cover the remaining tuition and hopefully help
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not be homeless and deal with the other things. >> nice to see the communityyi ra around him after dealing with such pain with his parents. can't be easy. the strong storms and heavy rain have had harsh consequences in the chesapeake bay. crews are working to get the duprd debris out of thewater. ere's not a time for when swimming can resume at the beach. y can enjoy the beach, they can enjoy the jetties, they can enjoy the picnic areas. but there's too much debris in the water. >> workers filled 22 trucks with debris trying to clean up the alply. but there'ty of work left to be done at other slips and harbors. probably going to add insult to injury with this. >> oh, yeah.
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don't blame them for putting the no-swimming order out there. it wouldn't take much for someone to get caught on the gr nd. i feel bad for boaters, too. it's the best time of year to have a boat. youisk damage to thehull. enjoy the pretty sunrise this tmorning. abou only thing good in the forecast. in the next hour and a half, the tsun is low o horizon, as it comes up this morning. very humid outside. but it's good-looking start to the day. the rain chance stands at a high 70%. radar shows springles in maryland. but the heavier rain is in west vi finia. and tst batch is going to stay west of the i-81 corridor. there will be plenty more where that came from, though. here's a look at future weather.
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an opportunity for thunderstorms in northern marylan until 2:00 in the afternoon. the afternoon ride home today can be impacted by rain. it doe't look like much here in future weather. rain chances increasing dramatically between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. this evening. and any of the individual stormp can d a quick half an inch of rain. cranking out 1.2 inches at national airport today. an opportunity for another inch tomorrow. not everyone is going to get if. ou get under the showers, a quick inch or two of rain is possible toany. coming again tomorrow. here's your five-day forecast then. rain chances today. rain and thunderstorms likely again forow tomo saturday, most of that rain comes before 10:00 in the morning. sunday, no more than an isolated shower. monday, may actually be our first dry hiy. i most of us will not have to worry about rain on sunday or monday. agai that saturday rain chance, jack taylor, is mostly
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from 10:00 a.m. and before. i think the saturday afternoon plans will be all right. thank you, sir. chopper 4 has been flying over upper vemarlboro the structure fire. the cleanup and investigation will take some time. main street will be closed between pratt and water estree. justect it to be a slowdown. we have hiccups coming northbound on route 4. that right shoulder that stays until about 20 minutes ago, you the raiane blocked because of a broken down vehicle. questi we have better news out of hagerstown, after the rest area. the vehic fire has bee put out. everything is on the lashoulder. are made. but the travel lanes are back open. it's 6:21 right now. still ahead, working forwi you details on fraudulent amazon charges. who is
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. it's 6:24 next time you check your finances take a closer look at your checking account. >> nbc 4 responds has confirmed fraudulent amazon charges impacting customers at one of the largest banks. working for you. what you need to know to protect your money. >> a virginia teacher reached t to usfter she noticed hundreds of dollars of unauthorized charges on her wells fargo debit card.
6:25 am
she made the discovery after her si er saw a friend's facebo post, warning of fraudulent activity between wells fargo and amazon. both sisters bank wh wells fargo had each had unauthorized charges to amazon,g back months. they bothed a wells fargo and used amazon. these are small enough charges that they were easy to miss. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and you missed them. >> i missed them. >> reporter: they called wells fargo and canceled the cards and started spread the word. >> everyone in my social circle, when i brought this ise up, they all said, wait a minute, i have a charge. and wait, i saw some charges, too. thought nothing of it because they purchase things from amazon all the time. >> reporter: wells fargo and amazon tell us they beeve the issue has been fixed. wells fargo says this unfortunate experience is debit card fraud. no wells fargo systems or accounts have been breached. the bank wouldn't say just how were impacted. but it does appear to be limited to customers in virginia. now, she was able to get all of
6:26 am
r money back from wells fargo. but another was only able to get a portion of it from the bank. we'll tell you why that is a 5:00 and also how you can protect yourself. n this morning, a safety scare. ome invasion caught on a couple's pet camera. next at ,6:30 a clear look at the suspect and a a warningut the weather that helped him get inside. another weather alertay today. if you're going to do yardwork oro gardening, it first thing this morning before it gets hot or humid. with all of the rain we had lately, you may b wondering what kind of plants doelin this? hibiscus and cardinal flower will thrive in the soggy soil we have. >> thanks, chuck. we have breaking news while you were sleeping, a popular maryland restaurant up in flames overnight. we're live at the scene with a closer look the damage any
6:27 am
y possible traffic impacts. that's
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news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> a much drier start to your day than we sawesterday. while the rain isn't falling over our area right now, the threat of flash floods will be high all tra breaking news right now in upper marlboro. take a look at this video. a huge fire sparked inside a popular restaurant onain streetovernight. this was the scene at al's country kitchen a while ago. >> zac taylor is looking at how it's impacting roads. we need to check in with chuck bell and them storm t 4 weather alert today. >> the weather alert for the
6:31 am
possibility of more heavy rain and the saturated ground already ince potatilace, any rain could into a flash flood concern. skies are mostly cloudy on our thursday morning. flash flood watches have been extended to 8:00 friday morning. only southern marylan and the neck has been out of the flash flood watch. not much of a rain threat in the very short term for the morning e. but later on in the afternoon, a 70% chance for showers. current temperatures in the low to mid 70s around town right now. it will be a warm one toda plenty of heat and humidity. temperatures in upper 80s today. a 70% chance of rain coming in th eveninghours. going to be stormy around here for tomorrow. jack taylor, y over to for a check on traffic. >> ks. upper marlboro is a focal point this morning. coming inbound on the far right side of the roadway, had a vehicle that was in the far right lane.
6:32 am
that d a shouldering the overnight hours. and thankfully, i believe, based on the chopper shot, they may have the lane open again. the structure fire investigation andg cleanup continu upper marlboro. maryland topside of the beltway at new hampshire avenue, accident activity on the right side of the roadwano a new accident in that area once you get the fire trucks and the flashi ining lights. that's along the left side. hopefully minor in nature and >hey can pull it out of the road. e're following some breaking news this morning. ufire has destroyed a well-known diner ier marlboro. the fire started around 1:30 this morning. as you can see, the flames were intense. >> justin finch has been at the scene and has an update on the scene and the closures in the
6:33 am
area. >> as jack just mentioned, main street between water and pratt will be closed until further ti . crews continue work on this fire scene here. the heart of it just behind me here. talking about al's country kitchen here. really a mainstay in this area. this i chopper showing you the extent of the damage to this building here. several floors engulfed in flames overnight. several businesses impacted, as well. bails se restaurant, a bonds office, a subway and bridal shop and al's countryhe ki i believe we have one more piece of video looking live at the cleanup under way. the closures and the damage to this block of buildings that damaged tee apartment units. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you.
6:34 am
president trump is thanking kim jong-un for hereturning remains of u.s. service members killed during the koan war. this was one of the issues agreed upon in june at the summit in singapore. the president said, i'm not surprised that you took this kind action. also, thank you for your nice letter. i look forward to seeing you soon. vice presi officials and dozens of veterans at pearl harbor for a ceremony to receive the possible remains of 55 american troops. those remains will be taken to thg lob in hopes of identify them. houston belief believe this man killed the prominent doctor about two weeks ago. pappas' mother was one of his patients. she died in a surgery. investigators believe that may behy pappas shot and killed the doctor. the man accused of killing l his girlfriendbe in court today.
6:35 am
defense attorneys wi try to suppress statements that he made to detects during the investigation. prosecutorsay he shot his girlfriend because he was leading a double-life. she was reported missing after not shing up for the first day of school at wild lake high school in howard county. he denies with her murder. do cbs is hiring two high-profile law firms to look into o allegatf sexual harassme harassment so far, moonves has not been asked to step down. it may feel a little early, but school is back in session for some kid in our area. >> it's not just the first day back for students. alexandria public schools has a new man leading the way. megan mcgrath is outside of tucker elementary school, where te new superintends expected to greet kids this trning.
6:36 am
megan, good mornin you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a lot of us are still in tion mode. but for students at samuel tucker elementary, they're headed bacs to class t morning. tucker runs on a modified school calear. the students have two week-long breaks that happen in the spring and the fall. and the students can take vacation then or participate in programs. they will be greet by a new superintendent. dr. hitchings is a product of alexandria schools himself. he's been a teacher and a principal. now, classes here at tuckergi be at 8:00 this morning. we're starting to see tivity. a couple of staff members inside of the school. for other schools that run on the traditionalar cale they don't start today. those kids have a longer break. they will be going back on h.ptember 4t
6:37 am
tucker elementary, back to close today. back to you. .> megan mcgrath live for us in alexandria, thank you. we want to remind you, as you start your back-to-school shopping, if you pick up other supplies, consider giving them to our backpack drive.>> bc 4 will be at apple federal credit union kingstowne branch. if you can't stop by, you can make a secure donation online. go to and search backpacks. still ahead, chargg blast. an explosion inside ae homeing blamed on something your family may have plugged in right now. first, a criminal caugh creeping. this was on a pet camera. the scy way he managed to make his w. inside that's a good reminderor all that's a good reminderor all of f u
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> welcome back. it's 6:40. before you invest inri an ele scooter you need to look at this video. this recent video was recorded in beijing. you can see a man stand up and wac over to unplug an elect scooter in his living room. seconds later, the living room just filled up with smoke. >>hat scooter was just destroyed. thankfully the man and his child and the dog were able to escape bere the explosion. >> happened in seconds. an arlington couple never thought their pet cam would help policeoind who broke i their house. the thief is roaming through the house looking for items to steal. the homeownersay say he got with laptops and some jewelry. he broke in through a window that was closed but not locked. arlington police is hoping that you will recognize the guy you see here and call police.
6:42 am
good morning,everybody. thursday off to a cloudy start this morning. rain chance today, 70%. if you're going to the reds/nationals game tonight at 7:05, a delay or a postponement is certainly a possibility. if you're planning a trip to the beach, saturday could be on the rainy side. but sunday looks a-okay for the trip over the bridge. >> chuck, the continued activity in upper marlboro. chopper 4 is flying over our cident fire, closed at the cleanup and investigation that is ongoing.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
welcome back. it's 6:45. we're tracking a storm team 4 weather alert. it won't be too wet this morning. we have bad news to tell you. he threat of flash floods is very hightoe. our chuck bell is back with a ecast in a r full f few minutes. then, jack taylor will check on your roads. >>lo fng breaking news right now.
6:46 am
the damage caused by an intense night fire. you're looking at some of the images here. this is what ite looked l when 100 firefighters arrived on main stre around 1:30 this morning. that popular diner there is destroyed a of their homes. out >> justin finch has been following thistory for us this morning. justin, what's going on now? >> we areooking at a cleanup effort by firefighters. also, they're surveying, going inside what was al's country kitchen, which was t site of that fire this morning. outside.ebris and crews are inside, looking up. the roof isgutted, as well. i want to take you to a better look from chopp 4. this is a bird's eye view of this building. the fire, again, breaking out tose to 1:30s morning. brought under control in about 90 minutes.
6:47 am
this fire was rising to three alarms dhere. everal businesses were damaged as a result. a chinese restaurant, a bail bridal fice, a subway, shop and al's country kitchen. what made this firec elly complicated for crews is they're all connected, the chief me.s and that made for a maze of getting around inside, as he akied to down the fire. the response is still ongoing. thehief tellingme, they're looking for hot spots. you will see a presence as you the areun this morning, take a listen. >> crews are inside mopping there's several hot spots. we want to make sure we have thc firepletely out. >> that's a critical point, making sure all hot spots here are out, so there's noflare-ups going forward. we're seeing cars move about, this area, main street, between pratt and water are going toos
6:48 am
as the work here continue continues. one firefighter sufferedexeat ustion on the scene. he was taken care of and did not require transport to the hospital. three residents whose homes were danieled upstairs, they were able to escape safely. >> that's goonews. justin finch, live for us. the minutes before the hour. prince george's county police expected to release the name of the officer who shot and killed a murder suspect. the officer said he heard gunshots store.from a liquor as he was running towards the store, he noticed a man with a gun was running in his direction. the officer yelled for the man to droenhis weapon. e did not, the officer shot him. before encountering the officer, the suspect shot and killed someone inside the liquor store. police bodyre camera yo about to see is graphic.
6:49 am
>> the video shows rober white charging an officer anand badgujar. white yelled do it again. wosecond camera showed the struggling on the ground. officer badgujar fired several white.ots, killing right now, virginia state police need your help f this critically missing elderly man. his name is joh wimbush. lice say he was abducted in west virginia. south, atlle is in the the border with north carolina. here's why it's important to our area. virginia state policeelieve wimbush is heading north towards maryland. a wan may beriving him in an nissan pathfinder with unknown tags. call police if you spot them. montgery county police ar
6:50 am
trying to find anra teen that went missing in chevy chase. 17-year-old abdalla ahmed is st part of ent group staying at the 4-h conference center. he was last seen early monday at the conference center wearing black jeans and flip-flops. ahmed is 5'7", wdsghs 140 pounhas brown eyes and black hair. reaction is coming in this morning after one of president trump's most direct attacks on social counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. yestday, he tweeted, quote, attorney general jeff sessions should stop is rigged witch nt right now before it continues to stain our country any further. the president's critics call the tweet an obstruction of justice. but rudy giuliani says the tweet was just the president's opinion. >> he used theord should, not e word must. he didn't direct him to do it and he's not going to direct him to do it. >> the president also bashed the tax fraud trial against paul manafort, slamming the case as a hoax.
6:51 am
psecutors say there ahead of schedule in the manafort trial. they could wrap up ass early tomorrow. but we'rein waiting to fd out if their potential star witness will testify. manafort's former busi partner, rick gates, pleaded guilty to charges earlr this yearnd it's thought he couldst ify. yesterday, though, prosecutors hinted that gates may not take the stand. testimony resumes at 9:30. one of college football's most successful coaches off the field for now. ohio state placed urban meyer on paid administrative leave as an investigation about what he knew of domestic abuse allegations of one of his assistant coaches. smith was fired after his ex-wife took out a restraining der against him. in an interview available on, courtney smith says the abuse began while smith was a grad assisnt for urban meyer in florida back in 2009.
6:52 am
he picked me up by my shirt and threw me up against the wall. >> meyer will remain on leave until the investigation is complete. kicking, punching,ven pepperpraying were part of a brazen robbery at a wig store in silver springs. itappened friday night. employees tried to stop thieves om taking wigs. and that is when the situation turned violent. the fight was down in aisles. wigs were used in weapons. at one point, one of the with ts sprayed a woman pepper spray. after the suspects escaped, one man came back andicd an employee several times and then ran out with an $80 wig. the thieves are on the loose. let's check back inith chuck bell for more on the forecast. any rain expected today, chuck? >> i think you know the answer to that question. a high chance of rain aroundlm
6:53 am
heret every day for weeks now. and the rain has been adding up. since june 1st, the beginning of rmmer, we've had double our averagenfall in washington at national airport. double our average rainfall at lles. and nearly triple our average rainfall at bwi-marshall. arly 2 inches of rain just since june 1st at bwi. no surprise, with that kind of saturation, flash flood watches are in place for almos all of the news 4 area today. a few rain drops in parts of the shenandoah valley. most of the rain is in the mountains of west virginia. that will moveast of the blue ridge and affect the i-90 corridor just in time for the 5:00 sh and thunderstorms up and down the i-90 corridor. tomorrow, once again, tropical air in place, rain likely to
6:54 am
begin a little earlier tomorrow, as early as lunchtime. and pockets of heavy rain could affect the friday afternoon commute, as well. and more heavy rain likelyate friday night into saturday morning. rainfallts amover the next couple days could easily be in spots. two t threeore inches of rain. here's your ten-day forecast. saturday afternoon, night will be mostly rain-free. let's go to jac taylor now. >> our continuing story with the breaking news iner u marlboro. we have main street block between water and pratt street. the structure fire, will have cleanup and investigation g. ongo i-70 out of hagerstown, still slow. there was a vehicle fire after the rest area. everything is put out andhe mov to shoulder.
6:55 am
29 on i-66,y activ involving a tractor. trailer. a new crash beltway,maryland, over the top of new hampshire avenue, only two lanes are getting by. hopefully they clear that quickly. back to you. all right. check out these little leaguers all-stars. d.c.'s mamie johnson little league team has their eyespr on e, trying to make it to the world series. the young team is traveling to bristol, connecticut, for the regional tournament. >> they are the first eam to winn-american the 12 and under championship. the first game is on sunday. and ty're four games away from the world series. >> wishing them the best of luck. so awesome. apple is cruisjog towards a milestone. it could be the first u.s. traded company worth $1 trillion.
6:56 am
after a stro third quarterly report, the tech giant's shares are to make the biggest earning in a year and a half. gher priced iphones is behind that surge in earning. the average cost of an iphone is up 20%. it's 6:56. four things to know, an overnight fire destroyed al's country kitchen on main street in upper marlboro. the fire spread to other businesses. three people inside t building when the fire broke out, managed to make it out safely. the roads in that area will be closed for several hours as fire cre s investigate the cause. trump's callso end for the russia probe were his opinion, not an order. critics disagree, calling the twitter attack, anbsuction of justice. more reaction on the "today" show. two law firms will investigate claims of sexual harassment against less moonves. moonves is expected to stay in hisition during the
6:57 am
investigation. cleanup continues at the chesapeake bay. so muchri dhas been churned up that swimming is shut down at sandy point state park. workers tell us they took 22 truck loads out. and more volunteers will be needed to finish the >>work. igh rain chances for today and tomorrow. ash flood watches remain in place. stay weather alert for toda ve the app ready to go. any alerts will be pushed directly to your phone. that is "news 4 today." thank you for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. enjoy your day. enjoy your day.
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crash chs. dramatic new video of that plane crash in mexico from inside and outside showing the passengers'a frantic scmble to survive and escape the burning wreckage. this morning new details on thee stigation and the actions of the crew that saved everybody on board. ready to talk? president trump reportedly eager to sit down with robert mueller as the special counsel outlines new ground rules for a potential interview. also why did the presidenton his own attorney general to end the investigation right now? we'rlive at the white house. forgotten no more.


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