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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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pope's new policy on the death penalty. >> terps to the mall will n be the same. the changes coming to thetore known for gizmos and gadgets you definitely don't need but just can't ignore. and we are focusing on two big stories right now at 4:00. one is the heavy rain coming down in parts of the region. flood warnings have been issued. >> and the or the amtrak train ide of union d just outsirailedu station with nearly 200 people onrd boa passengers were stuck on the train for h anr after it happened. >> adam tuss reports from there now. >> adam still having a ripple effect hours later. tell us about it. >> reporter: absolutely, leon. all up and down t northeast corridor there's delays that formed because of this derailment. you mentioned, thankfully, that everybody is okabut vre
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passengers are also being told to check their schedules now. people on board this trai it depends on who you talk to and where they were sitting. some say it was complete panic while others say it wasn't that lmd. the traint to union station and that's when it happened. >> all we heard was the loud noise and then we felt it and then he stopped and then the te fire department and everybody stormed the train. people were freaking out wondering what was going on and that's when the conductor told to us stay calm, everything is fire. >> according to fire and ems the lead train had one set of whemes ff the train. it happened in a tunnel below union statio about football field and a half below the platform. the train had made its way all the way from new orleans. >> i was actually standing up getting my luggage, do and i almost lost my balance, but that was about it. >> reporter: all passengers reported to be okay. the delays did start to mount as the train was supposed to continue up the northeast corridor. >> it's sort of like, you know, if you ever sat on the tarmac in
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a plane for like two hours. >> reporter: for now most passengers just happys that i all over. quite a ride for these travelers today. now that train actually did continue up the northeast corridor. it just has aewocomotive that's pulling it this afternoon. guys, back for you. >> thank you so much, adam tuss. now to some more breaking news. a amber alert issued f child kidnapped today at reagan washington national airport. virginia state police say this-year-old girl is i extreme danger. she's just under 5 feet tall. investigators a belie woman also asian, possibly around 40 years of age, wearing a bck dress, took the child. you can see the picture there of the woman they are looking for now. they were last seen leaving the airport. news 4's shomari tonen is his way to go there and find out more informationhi about situation, and anyone who knows anything about it contact the metro washington authority immediately. it is a weather alert day in the district.
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check out the radar behind us. it's really coming down out there. >> as it has been pretty much on and off all day. d.c. and parts of the suburbs are already under flood warningg th the evening commute. let's go to the storm center ang meteort sheena par convenieparveen and amelia draper join us now. >> we had heavy rai and flooding concerns, too. >> the g.w. parkway, saw incredible flooding in parts o the parkway. a repeat out there with heavy rain moving through. take a lookto at team 4 where we're noticing flood warnings across the area. they are in parts of southern fauquier and southern prince william and fairfax counties and up through the district, arlington and alexandria and parts of prince george's county. these flood warngs are in effect until the evening as late as 80 tonight. the heaviest rain along and east of i-95 with a lot of heavy lightning espially around the anne arundel area moving towards
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annapolis. very, heavy rainfall there. flood concerns there. flooded roadways in parts of prince william and fauquierco ties. if you come across a flooded road, don't driveuhrough it. nly need 6 inches of moving water to carry vehicle the sun goes down, especially since you don't know you -- don't know how deep the water will be. we're not done with the rain just yet. after the rain t movesough still a chance for scattered showers and rain overnight tonight. just aboutndeverybody, pat leon, is under a flash flood watch that's through at least tomorrowhi morning. i that's going to be extended because more heavy rain is in the forec more on that coming up around 4:15. >> and amelia you know that all this rain adds to the threats that we're dealing with out there. the rain-oekd grounds and storms being blamed for an unimaginable
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warrenton. >> a huge tree fell on a he at killed this teen who had just been tucked into bed. it's a sight that brings tears to the eyes of neighbors, a little girl'slue bedroom crushed by a fallen tree. the911 call came around 10:25p. rm.unde rsto e had fallen and trapping a child. emergency crews arrived>>quickl. he tree had fallen through the roof and through the ceiling on to the bed and pinne her and -- and they tried frantically everything that they could to try to free the victim and couldn't. >> reporter: the little girl was pronounced dead. dispatch calls recording the conversation as her dnttraught pa had to be evacuated from the home. the structure was unstle and in danger of collapse. >> i'mith the deputy and the mom and dad. they are being escorted away from the house epnow. >> rter: today fauquier county sheriff's deputies back at the house protecting the
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family's privacy. ighbors say the family had only been in the house a short time moving in earlier this summer from another neighborhood in warrenton. residents here on high meadow place just getting to know the little girl who loved. softball they are now mourning her loss. this mom's 10-year-old had played with the victim. she asked we only use her voice. >> moy heart breaksoice a a mom to have to go through something like that, but definitely having met her a few times. she's very sweet girl. >> reporter: in warrenton, julie carey, news 4. a security scare on capitol hill blocked streets for a time this morning. capital police discovered a vehicle with a weapon and ammunition parked along new jersey avenue. robert combs of georgia was arrested and chargedar with fi violations. police say there's no evidence linking this incident to terrorism. a prince george's county icon is no more. al's country kitchen among the homes and businesses destroyed
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by fire ernight. the restaurant's located nextcoo the urthouse which made it a go-to spot for years. news had4 owes justin finch reports. >> reporter: the damage is bad, enough to stop people inks thei trnd enough for others to come see for themselves. >> this is the scene and it's weird that this is not be here anymore. >> reporter: above a gaping hole from this-mile-an-hour street building best known for al's countryki hen. >> just devastating. good people. they have been here for years. >> reporter: and then this. about 1:30 a.m. fire ripped from the rooftop of al's and some 10e ighters were called in. the prince george's county fire chief told us the fiery coitions and the building's layout made for a challenge. >> it became difficult to find our way through the maze there so it was determined once the fire came through the roof it wasac time to everybody out and attack fire from the outside. >> several adjoining businesses were damaged, too, including the
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china taste restaurant and a subway sandwich shop. daniel rush's job was, too. he works next door toal's at washington and great bail bonds. he says al'ss a family-owned restaurant that feeds customers like family, family with pretty demajobs. >> lawyers, judges, correctional officers, police officers, you d know, they wou come in before they go to court. >> reporter: by 3:00 a.m. the control, and r those businesses were not the onlys one burned down. tennants living upstairs had to evacuate fast. >> three residents who lived above the businesses were able to evacuate unharmed and received assistance on scene. >> reporter: herrs lat cleanup and hot spotse wer stamped out as canines o were the ground helping investigators uncover what sparked this three-alarm fire. one firefighter treated for hea exhaustion here on the scene. besides that, no other injuries to report and for that firefighters here are very grateful.
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in upper marlboro, justin finch, news 4. >> and an investigation goesme . of the folks who lost their homes are now being helped by the red pat?ss. >> we are getting our first look at a man shot and killed by police officer in prince george's county. investigators say the officer is sitting at a red light and heard shots and came across david hall who they say also h g a that he had just used to kill someone. that shooting right in the middle of thefternoon. let's get right to news 4's meagan fitzgerald who is live in oxon hill with details. >> reporter: yeah, pat, we've been talng to friends and family members of the victim shot behind me in thiuo l store just identified as 25-year-old ronald whitfield. we're told that there was some sort of altercation t between two men, and within minutes both of them were dead. a shooting in broad daylight. it happened just after 1:00 p.m. on wednesday at this liquor
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store on livingston road in oxon hill. this woman didn't want to be identified, but she works directly across the street from the scene and is still shaken up. >> just heard the shots and i picked up the phone and called police. >>ter: a man shot and killed this storehat alex worked in for years. he wasn't there when the shooting happened but knew the victim well. >> he's a good dude, not a trouble-maker. >> reporter: a prince george's county police officer happened to be yard away at a stoplight when the victim was skit and ed and that officer came running over, and was forced to shoot and kill the suspect who refused to drop his gun which was recovered from the scene. there's still a lot of lingering qustions about why t confrontation started in the first place, but people who work aroundy here ey are grateful to the officer who quickly responded. >> i'm glad the officer waser very, very thankful, because that could have been us right here.
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>> reporter: and the officer who shot and killed that suspect has been identified as a ten-year veteran of the sforce. ame is corporandlre aw routine administrative leave while this investigation continues. meanwhile, police are asking anyone who has information about this case to come forward. back to you. >> thankou meagan fitzgerald. the woman keeping the books for paul manafort says she didn't know about his foreign bank accounts. records show manafort used those accounts to pay for millions in luxury items. prosecutors allege that manafort began committing bank fraud and tax evasion to keep up his lavish lifestylefter lucrative dealsn ukraine dried up on him. he once ran president trump's campaign forive months. his alleged financial crimes were uncovered during the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. when we come back, another look at what's going on with this rain and thiser weath alert right now. >> storm team 4 tracking storms that are going to be hitting us during the evening commute and also looking ahead to flooding
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concer for tonight and tomorrow. after the tomorrow, cleaning out the chesapeake. crews at the bay working quickly to clear after debris took over the waterway. and passengers describe their sense that something was wrong before their plane took off in mexico. why one woman says she can't believe she
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flood warnings issued across the area as heavy rain continues for the afternoon commute. we'lebe in weather alert mod through at least tomorrow morning. storm team 4 will be back here in three minutes tracking these storms for you. take a will be ats these fout there on the beach. they are not going for a swim. they are out therelu eering. >> that's right. they are pitching in on cleanup efforts to remove that debris from the chesapeake bay shoreline. the beach is now closed to the swimmers because it's not safe from all tunk out there. >> reporter: news 4's chris gordon is live at bay ridge which is one of the many community beaches around annapolis. chris? >> reporter: pat, asou can see behind me trees, tires and plastic have washed up on this beach, and very little has been done to clear it. not so at sandy point sta park where today dozens of volunteers showed up to help in that
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cleanup effort. >> i think they are here now. >> reporter: volunteers are helping to clear the remaining debris. ey are literally beachcombers. we found this family from beijing, china vacationing in napolis and volunteering. the grandmother is 71. their daughter is 7. volunteers are working with cleanup crews with state parks acroryland. they are making great progress in the cleanup here. >> as you might recall esterday, there was so much heavy equipment and so many chainsaws being run we couldn't have possibly had volunteers out. we mad p so muchgress yesterday that we invited the public to come out, and we've responseat >> reporter: 10,000 visitors a day come to sandy point during weekends in august.
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many are wondering when the beaches her will reopen for swimming. >> we've got to talk to the health department and theme depa of the environment. we've got to get some more work down out on the beach. hard to sayexactly, but our hope is to be open again to the public this weekend. >> reporter: but t cre are a lot munity beaches on the bay this one n river like at bay ridge that are filled with tree trunks and dangerous debris. the oming up at 5:00, impact all of this debris is having on boaters in this are and new questions that are being raised about the quality of the water the bay with all of this flooding. that's the latest from bay ridge. back to you. >> boy, that'sin am and you can see with thng rain hit even going t's not to let up there so it will make the p even more difficult. thanks, chris. >> looking at more of that stuff between tonight a tomorrow? >> more rain and heavy rain falling in parts of the area out towards where chris is,eaainly
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of 95. even though the mainline has gone through, still a chance for showers overnigh tonight. i real dethink that that line that i was tracking yesterday tt the would stay west back around frederick, loudoun, fauquier counties. t mother natureugh had a different plan. unfortunately it moves through the d.c. metro area later in the evening bringing rain to just about everybody. again, wish that hadn't happened. it wane in the forecast but it did. as we take look ahead in storm team 4 weather ale mode area, tracking flooding issues and showing up in parts ofie fau and prince william county. areas of flooded more rural roads out in those locations. never drive through a flooded road and continuing concerns throughout the day with more heavy rain in the forecast. i think we're all over this wet weather. we just can't catch a break. again, more heavy rain and sparks tomorrow, especially late in the day during the afternoon and eveng hours. the weekend though still looking
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thankfully dry. it's goi to be humid out there, folks, both saturday and sunday. down around waldorf and clinton, marylandnd bowie a annapolis, you're under the gun right now. this is going to be traveling over the bay bridge. a lot of lightning, blinding w rain aer collecting on area roads is going to make for a slow go for some of usto ght. here's a look at the bigger pictures. notice the showers out around the petersburg area whichgill brs the chance of rain during the later and overnight hours tonight. here's a look at the latest flood warnings. you can see the areas here in green are under flood warningth ugh the evening hours as late as 8:30, for southern fauquier and prince williams, fairfax, arlington, alexandria, the district and prince george's countys. again, the flood warnings going through the evening hours everybody under a flash flood watch at least until tomorrow morning. right now at 75 degrees. i think we'll see the temperatures jump back up and
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skies are mainly cloudyerut this evening. temperatures in the 70s to near 80 by 7:00 p.m. and it's muggy out there and still the chance for more showers overnight tonight with the temperature around 75 degrees. tomorrow they is rear weather impacts very similar to today. the biggest concern will be heavyat rainfall. ould lead to some flooding issues and could also see some gusty winds. at this point the ground is so saturated that it doesn't take much to bring down a tn'e. rule out isolated hail tomorrow, maybe a small threat for ante iso weak tornado, but the biggest concerns tomorrow will be heavy rain and gusty wind especially during the afternoon and evening hours. there's a chance for a morning shower tomorrow with plenty of heouds around throughout day. we start off at 74 degrees. a high temperature of a83, by tomorrow night friday, scattereu rain anderstorms with a temperature of 76. here's the four-dayorecast. eena and i will have the ten-day forecast coming up around 4:45. pat andleon, look at the
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weekend. maybe morning showers on saturday and after that we'll keep it mainly dry. it's hot, but hey, it's summer. at this point all we wan is no rain in the forecast. >> you got that right. we deserve it. it's been long ough. >> thanks, amelia. by now you've seen the video of that aeromeco plane that came down. >> and investigators are now combing through the wreckage hoping to determine why that plane went down with 65 americans on board. plus, ivanka trump opens up about her father's immigrant family separation policy. family separation policy. why s calls it a low
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we're under a weather alert with alerts rolling throughout the area. stay with storm team 4 for the next two and a half hours as we track the storm warning. some of the passengers who survived that aeromexico flight earlier teek are also heroes. they scrambled to the cockpit and saved the pilot moments before the plane was engulfed in flames. this afteanoon we'reng from some of the passengers and we remind you everyone did survive though this video may be passengeg to some >> reporter: inside as the plane violently slams to the ground
4:25 pm
the left engine bursting into flames. passengers terrified. >> and the airplane hit he ground, and it began to bounce and go so it was like we were in a box and somebs shaking us. >> rep the emergency measures worked very well. >> reporter: ishat a surprise because everybody trains. >> in the real thing it's very different so it's airle we didn't have anyone dead. >> reporter: father sanchez speaking fm his hospital bed in durango escaped the burning plane with ake b arm and lacerations. >> i have to have a metal titanium plate put on myarm, but i'm going to need a bionic one. >> reporter: it was taking off just as a powerful storm blew through with heavy rain, high nds and hail. as the plain headed down the unway picking up speed, aviation experts say it may have en hit by a violent downdraftn know as a microburst. is it possible that a microburst, that the air pushing
4:26 pm
down forced the plane to aashed. >> of course it' possibility. >> the two black boxes like these have been recovered and are now being analyzed. pastorrs a who took this heart-stopping video says he's gratef to be alive. >> sometimes we take our life for granted, and i'm so gla that i'm alive. >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news, durango, mexico. >> still amazing when you see e pictures. at last check 22 of the passengers were still in the hospital with mostly minor injuries. the pilot who was rescued is also among them recovering from neck and back injuries, but doctors s that he should fully recover. ea it's pretty amazing, isn't it? >>y is, wish them all well. >> coming up, an update on a high school student who went through a very nasty split with his parents because h is gay. t almost cost him a chance to go to georgetown university, but then the community stepped up in a big way. we'll show you how. >> and we're in weather alert mode as strong thunderstorms move through the area. that's right.
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wre intorm team 4 weather alert mode and this just into our newsroom. the flash flood h watch now been extended until 6:00 a.m. on saturday morning. this includes just aboutod ever in our area. , king you're in staffo george counties and parts of southern maryland you're not in the flash flood watch.
4:30 pm
however, you could see heavy rape. everybody has the potential for heavy rain, not just right now but throughout the day tomorrow, especially later in the day. take a look at what we're tracking right now on storm team 4 radar around annapolis and heading over the bay bridg impressive thunderstorms. very heavy rainfall and lot of lightning and some gusty winds as well. blinding rain around the annapolis area right now. no severe thunderstorm warning, but i wouldn't be surprised if the national weather service d issue one with that thunderstorm. here's a look at the flood warnings across the area. all of the areas here inre are under flood warnings through this evening. this includes the district and parts of arlington and alexandria and fairfaxin and william and fauquier county through prince george's county. still a chance for showers to movendn overnight more heavy rain in the forecast tomorrow. sheena and i will break down how that impacts the weekend coming up in ten minutes. >> the weekend can't getere
4:31 pm
soon enough. >> bring it on. >>s, tha amelia. a train derailed just outside of union station this afternoon wit nearly00 people on board. authorities say the lead engine of the train had one set of c wheelsome off the tracks in a tunnel below union station. all of the passengers are okay. the train was en route from new orleans to new york. there's still residual delays right now along the northeast corridor. a 10-year-old warrenton girl killed last night in the mid of severe weather. a tree crashed into lydia gergos' home and trapped her. friends are setting up and go page to help the family. an amber alert issued for 12-year-old jen jing ma is in extreme danger. investigators believe a woman,
4:32 pm
also asian around 40 years old wearing a black dress took the child and left the airport. they were last seen leaving washington reagan anational. >> historic milestone today for apple. it became the world's first pubically traded company to reach evaluation -- to reach a valuation of $1 trillion. it happened after its share rhodes to an a all-time high of $207.5 a share. apple is up 22% so far this year. a d busy at the white house press briefing. tp members of the administration camether to outline the steps they are taking to stop foreign i interference u.s. elections. this comes as the president gets ready to leave town for the next week and a half. s nbc'san mcginnis is live now on capitol hill to sort through all of it for us. susan? >> reporter: well, pat, the president's intel chiefs tried to provide a united front today gathering at the white house and talking about russianlection interference and what they plan to do about it. president trump's intelligence
4:33 pm
team presented a united front at the white house today a rirming thatussian election meddling is real and the u.s. is fighting back. >> we acknowledge the itthreat. s real. it is continuing, and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate election that the american people can have tst in. >> free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and it has become clear that they are the target of our adversaries w seek as the dni just said to sow discord. >> there's no one in the administration obviously who is working on how we can that candidates who are running this year have their campaigns protected. >> reporte and it follows facebook's revelation of a foreign influence campaign designed to designmerica ahead of the mid-term elections. the president has repeatedly dismissed ordo played russian interference focusing instead on
4:34 pm
discrediting russian collusion. special cosel muell is changing their o areaf interest. >> i don't think he wants to do it an his lawyers don't think he should do it. >> reporter: the president with one eye on the russiarobe and the other on the mid-term elections and winning enough republican supportn o hold congress. he'll try to do just that at some campaign rallies while he's gone from washington for the ne 11 days. >> thank you, susan. evanka trump breaks with her father onal issues during a wwide-ranging interv today. the president's daughter and senior white house adviserng speauring an axios event and she was asked about the high point and l pointsuring her time in the white house, and ivanka trump said that one of the lowest points w seeing the family separations at the border. >> that was a low point for me as well. i feel very strongly about that,
4:35 pm
and -- and i am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children. >> on theigh points miss trump cited the president commuting the sentence of alice johnson, the woman who was serving a life offenses.or drug during the interview she also says she does not consider the news mediate enemy of th people. right now detectives say they know who killed a prominent cardiologist, but they don't know where the armed killer is hiding. a manhunts underway for joseph james papayas accused of shooting and killing houston doctor mark hausnecht. >> the suspect's mother wasen a pa of the doctor and died during surgery over 0 years a i,
4:36 pm
t appears that this may be a 20-year-old grege. >> policamed papayas as the killer after people recognized him in this surveillance video. the doctor once treated former president george h.w. bush. the catholic crch back in the headlines after they change the teachings on theeath penalty. >> pope francis calling the death penalty inadmissible because it attacked the inherent dignity of all humans. the new policy was approved in may. the previous catechism or church teaching said it didn't exclusion capital punishment if it was, quote, the only possibly way o effectively defending human life against the unjust aggressor. the vatican calling the new teaching an evolution of the rm former policy. >> what pope francis is saying is that no matter howrious
4:37 pm
the crime, there's nothing so t bat it takes away the human dignity and certainly the church always a teachut redemption, too, and some hope for rredemption. orter: pope francis has long been against the death penalty, insisting that it can never be justified no matter the crime as youim just heard mention. prison ministry continues to be a mainstay of thepontiff's vocation. pat? >> thanks, erika. now an update to a story we told you about. a student entering georgeto university this fall only to find out his parents refused to pay his tuition after finding out his gay. seth owens's parents are christian and are against homosexuality. since news got out about his tuition trouble a gofundmenage has b flooded with donations to help him pay for school. so far more$120,000 has been raised. owens is from florida and w co-valedictorian of his class. his parents have disowned him.
4:38 pm
>> in letting y o walk the door they were saying we don't care where you're staying or if safe. our religious beliefs are more important. >> owens earned a partial scholarship from georgetown. the university works with students whose financial circumstances change after admission. well, the red skins are getting red for the first preseason g ne a week from but they are in training camp right now at the moment and, of urse, being inamp it's about getting players ready for the gason but it's also a chance for fans to up close and personal with their favorite athletes. today one member of e burgund and gold is taking that relationship to the next level. >> i'm sherree burruss in richmond, virginia. a lighter practice for the a redskillow them to spend a little more w timeh the fans. >> coming up, how one player helped lifelong redskins fans fi out aittle bit more about their growing family. >> thank you, thankyou. >> the only time.
4:39 pm
>> pretty cool. >> only time to get excited when your football explodes. only time to get happy about it. >> and the smoke is >> i wonder what that means, you'll see. >> this is week 12 for kid from d.c., a week that they will never forget. >> that's right. >> or a week 12 kids will neve >> we're talking about the mamie johnson little league team. they won the d.c. championship. today they got to meet the nats. >> so exciting. e pros wished the little leaguers luck on their quest to make it to the little league s. world ser the team of 12 and 13-year-olds is traveling to the regionalur ment in bristol, connecticut. their next challenge comes on sunday when they face a team from staten island. they have got a lot of fans in is newsroom. >> you know that's right. good luck, guys. brookstone announced it's going to close of it stores located in mallscross the country. today the retailer filed for
4:40 pm
chapter 11 btcy protection. it blames less foot traffic in the malls. brookstone plans to continue operating its stores at airports, online and wholesale operations with hoes t sell them. the company last filed for bankruptcy protection ino 14. >> yeah, of course, the airport is a perfect place to go buy a drone. exactly what you want to buy at abrookstone. >> or something else that you really don't know but looks hecool. >> all stuff looks cool to be honest. coming up,arrests, fines and injuries. >> the warning about the latest viral stunt. ♪ >> you may have heard about is. if you haven't we'll tell you. this stunt has people around the world dancing and jumping out of moving cars. >> wellt's a weather alert day. we're tracking a lot of thunderstorms around d.c. and much of maryland. take a look at this. in the past ten minutes aside from the heavy rain with flooding issues, we've seen 93 lightning strikes.
4:41 pm
amelia and i are back in just a bit to break down the timing and a look
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we havs flood warni in effect through the evening commute. there is heavy rain coming down oure right now. >> and we're going to be in weather alert mode through at least tomorrow morning. storm team 4 is going to be back here in four minutes tracking these storms for us. meantime, byow you've seen or heard nooubt about the kiki challenge. >> if not, y're about to see the latest trend taking the internet by storm and why you should avoid this. >> theo hayes from our sister station wbal in baltimore has a look a this newest >> reporter: sabrina is among thousands around the world taking to the intert to show off dance moves in the kiki
4:45 pm
challenge. people areoming up with all kinds of ways creating the challenge while usually dancing to rapper drake's hit song "in my feeling." ev act will smith recorded a creative rendition, but the problem with the challenge is people are hopping out of cars still in motion and inome cases getting hurt. in this video lexi robinson who lives in geoia say she was tipsy when she went too far hopping on to the food of the car falling off and fortunate only getting a minor injury. th national transportation safety board has put out a warning against the challenge and even local police advising against it. >> it's all fun and games. have to be smt. >> reporter: baltimore police haven't seen anything locally they are too concerned with, but he's familiar with the danger. >> i saw an incident where a gentleman jumped out of a car, and he was doing the dance, and on the upposed to jump hood of the car that was coming and slipped on some oil and got hit by the car. >> reporter: acc to the cdc every day in the u.s. nine people are killed and 1,000 injured because of distracted driving. t's the reason taking on t kiki challenge safely in a
4:46 pm
proper environment like the maryland academy of dance where these ladies popped it out. that's the way to go. in baltimore, theo hayes, wbal, tv 11 news. >> that's some of the tameless video we've seenf this particular challenge. we've seen people who get run own cars. ir >> reporter: did you see the will smith video? >> didn't see that on t >> reportek it to new heights and probably a lot of people are trying to outdo hi >> but he wasn't in a moving vehicle, was he? >> no, he wasn't in a moving e, vehiut he was on a bridge. >> on a bridge, okay. >> just as dangerous. >> monty phon about idiot olympics and the final event was can you hit yourself with you own car? seeing it every single day. be careful, kids. parents are helping their kids to up their video game and their wins in this one particular game. "the wall street journal" is reporting the highly popular game fight has become a social proving ground in theiranords,
4:47 pm
there's parents out there who lose the game over and over and they are so worried about their kids that for $20 or so an hour these parents are hiring help getting tutors to teach their kids how to win the game. >> kind of hard to uerstand that. good news for bookworms in frederick county. the library is temporarily waiving fees on overdue books. from the 24th through the 26th if you borrow you can return books with n penalties. a young man enrolled in a school in our a area earns scholarship named for an american war hero. >> one of the stories coming up new at 5:00 and it's a great one, too.ri wender is in the newsroom with more on a story of a grat student namedli naiev. >> it is a great story. this young man'sn father was interpreter for the u.s. forces in iraq and killed by al those circumstances put this
4:48 pm
young man on a path bringing him to our area wheree became the latest recipient of a scholarship that honors a football player who lefthe nfl to go fight overseas. david culver will have his story. one you definitely wanto tsee. also a consumer alert that will have you taking a closert look a your bank account. how thieves are using bogus charges, eosnng people hundreds of dollars. what y need to look out for and how you need to protect your money. we'll see you with those and all the thunderstorms moving through the area this afternoon at 5:00. >> all right. you got it. thanks, wendy. speaking of those storms, let's get right to that. >> amelia? >> we have some heavy rape right thnow in parts o d.c. metro-year and into southern maryland. when i say heavy rain we're talking about a lot of lightning. we've had so much rain that ooding is going to be pretty easy out there. take a look. here's what i'm tracking storm team 4 radar. you can see very heavy rain moving across the bay area right now. bay bridge likely a mess.
4:49 pm
clinton, maryland, just north and east of the area, seeing very heavy rain. bowie seeing some of this and also tracking some light showers on the top of the beltway, and you can see the beltwayn prince george's county likely a mess for the evening commute tonight and seeing some activity develop up around the wheatonnd arearound the spur and down through waldorf. heading down into parts of st.'sma county, for the most part it's just showers there and mainly to the north. leonardtown seeing a few light sprinkleards calvert beach into cole vermont county. bigger picture right now, you can seett's not j this one line. we have more rain back to the west. in between petersburg and forming alongi-81. tracking this heavy rape right now. we'll see a break for a few hours. the nationals should be able to start the game tonight and then more rain is posheble during late evening and overnight hours. remember, as i show you the flood warnings here, never drive through a floodeday roa especially at dark. you just do not know how deep lat water is. take ak.
4:50 pm
here's the latest flood warnings. these are in effect through toni 8t until about0 p.m. for parts of fauquier, prince william, fairfax counts and rough arlington, alexandria and the distribute and prince george's county. as w look to tomorrow, there's more heavy rain in the forecast, especially during the evening with more on the timing for the rain, we'll send it over to sheena. >> hey,mea. yes, more rain for friday, obviously not good, the flash flood watchike amelia just showed you has just been extended through saturday morning. you know more rn is coming. you don't even need much of it at this point. uture weather as we go throu tonight. we still have a fair shot at seeing some showers thunderstorms well off to our west. they could be moving into areas like thehendoah valley across 81 as we go through the evening. the rest of tonight, still a chance of passing showers. that's midght. w let's look at tomorrow morning. for the morning commute there's 8:30 friday mning. we'reooking mostly cloudy and a lot of models have actually
4:51 pm
agreed on tst and i by lunchtime where they are also agreeing on scattered showers developing and that's 2:0 p.m. tomorrow. widespread showers and we're not done yet. tomorrow evening we could even see some heavyain move through, and that's been pretty consistent and also the timing of friday night rain. plans to head out friday night. you'll need the umbrella. we do expect more rain t move through overnight into early saturday morning. saturday.0 a.m. we have more showers and this could be the end of it for the weekend. that's the good new once that clears out we start to dry saturday and the second half of the day can't rule out a straight shower and heading to the beach, rain chances tomorrow. they will b smaller at the beach as we go through friday and saturday is when we h better chance of rain around and sunday is looking like the dryer day, temperatus about the mid to upper 80s and also it's going to stay humid and let's look at the extended forecast. amelia. >> good news the wke is looking mainly dry. stay humid through the weekend and through most of next week.
4:52 pm
here's a look at the storm team 4 n-day forecast. high temperature of 82 because of more cloudins out there. temperatures saturday and sunday, near 90 degre. a hot summer weekend and plenty of dry time after morning rain chances andext monday and tuesday. keep it dry with highs in the low 90s. thunderstorms on wednesday of next week and lower humidity on thursday and more storms possible on friday, but at least for the weekend into the part of the week it's looking mainly dry. pat and leon? >> justurus. did sheena break her alarm clock? >> i know, right. welcomo it the 4:00 news, sheena. >> never see her at this day. >> p.m., not a.m. >> speaking of things that are records are say made to be broken, and one 10-year-old swimmerins celebrat just that after beating one of michael phelps' longest standing records.s name is clark kent and known as superman, of course. he dreamed of breaking tco
4:53 pm
re in the 100-meter butterfly and did it smashing phelps' record by a full second. >> when i looked at the board and getting out of the water, it's like wow, i meet michael phelps' record. yeah, i was really overjoyed that i beat michael phelps' record. and a full second, that's an eternity. michael phelps' record was held for 23 iears. he set when he was just 10 years old. of course clark kent's goal to swim in the olympics. so keep an eye on him. he also wants to be a black belt. ay be on his way to that as well. >> i see gold in his future. >>lu ably. >> our weather alert continues for the rest of the night stay with storm team 4 for the latest track. t plus, how some kids are already backo school in northern virgini a.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the calendar just turned to august, but some kids are already getting back on that
4:57 pm
school bus andw starting a school year. it's all part of a modified schedule to prevent summer learning loss. news 4's megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: in august many students are inn vacat mode but not the students at tucker elementary in alexandria. irday is actually their f day of school. >> good morning. >> reporter: no, your eyes aren't deceiving you. those are bchooluses full of kids. it may be the beginning of august, but for students at samuel tucker elementary in alexandria it is also the beginning of the school year. >> i feel excited to see my friends again. > i like school because i like to learn in math and we do lots hand lots of work. >> reporter: tucker elementary runs on a modified school calendar. instead of one long summer break students have two two-week
4:58 pm
breaks in fall and sprin a shorter summer recess. the kids can take time off or participate in intercession programs and continue the learning. >> we start a month before our traditional calendar colleagues. it provides opportunity for our students to not participate in that summer learning loss, so it's aig advantage for kids. >> what do you like about at >> because they get to teach you something over like spring break and stuff and my favorite class was frenchla c. >> happy to have you back. >> reporter: back-to-school clothes and backpacks aren't all that's new today. there's also a new .uperintendent for alexandra city schoo dr. gregory hutchings jr., a product of alexandria city schools themselves. the start of ts schoolear is especially exciting. >> come back home it's a fee i can get coming home and when i'm walking around i'm seeing things very familiar to me, and there's no place like home so i'm happy to be back to be able to serve this wonderful community.
4:59 pm
>> reporter: tuckerlentary is the only alexandria city school that's starting today. everybody else is o the traditional calendar, and they start on september the 4th. in alexandria, megan mcgrath, news 4. >> right now at 5:00, we're in weather alert mode with a lot of thunderstorms causing flooding concerns. >> most of the area under a flash flood watch through tomorrow morning and that could be extend. >> and a family is dealing with a tragic loss after aree comes down during a storm killing a 10-year-old girl in her bedroom. >> they tri frantically everything that they could to try to free the victim and couldn't. >> jt ahead, how neighbors are coming together to help this family. >> and nearly 200 people were on board when a train derailed while leaving union station. tonight the impact on the eving rush as passengers described the moment they were jolted from their seats. >> "news 4 at 5:00" ts now.
5:00 pm
>> we begin with that weather alert. ood warnings around our area after the heavy rains came down this afternoon. t take a lookis. you can see the radar behind us. it's still quite busy. lots of colors on things and lots of colors going on. on the roads here's what's going on. this is what it looked like on the g.w. parkway between the airport and 395. heavy rain once again creating quite a miss. amelia draper is joining us from the storm center. >> well, wendy, we' see this pattern break down over the weekend. the next week a few chances in the coming days. these warnings will go until 8: into parts of fauquier and parts of alexandria and the district and prince george's county. all these areas in green are heder a flood warning. you can see heavy rainfall that prompted the flood warnings is now mainly along and east of


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