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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 7, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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yeah, i ow. ♪ breaking overnight. over 443 square miles the fire at the mendocino complex has grn toecome the largest wild fire in califora history. onl the h drone attack in venezuela, how safe are we here for a similar attack? blockbuster testimony from one-time partner, rick gates, lies, secret off-shore accounts and more. facebook, youtube and other tech companies are deleting content. get ready for mor record weather coast to coast. and jennifer garner's rescue following a terrifying kayak trip that went off track.
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"early today" starts right now. m frances rivera. breaking news. many parts of california are still up in flames with the mendocino complex fire exploding into theargest wil fire in history, according to cal fire. it's charred more than 83,000 acres which i over 1/3 of the size of rhode island. thoseaging flames have torched the mainly mountainous train of clear lake. the mdocino complex blaze is comprised of two fires that have combined to become one massive inferno. with more than 11,000 still threatened. warm weather strong dry winds continue to plague the nearly 4,000 firefightersg battlinthe flames on the ground while they rert that the river fire is 58% contained. the ranch fire is only 21%
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contained. an explosive twist. prosecutors bringing the witness to the stand on day five. manafort's former ght-hand man, rick gates admitted to committing crimes with manafort, as well as embezeling hundreds of thousands of dollars. the tax kharpblz manafort faces stems from their work with with the pro-russian government and predate the time with donald an trump. d now manafort's defense team will focus on attacking the ex-aid's credibility. legal analyst has more from the court room fireworks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, philip. yesterday afternoon, almost at the end of the day the government finally called its star witnessn the manafort
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trial, his former aid and front, rick gates. andike all cooperating witnesses, rick gates had a lot to fess up to. he started out the day by co eessingentially to a long list of crimes he committed that he confessed to to the gornment and that he entered into an agreement come into court a testify against paul manafort. and you better expect tha manafort's defense attorneys are going to probe this issue and exploior it f their defense. they're going to call out everything that rick's done in the past. all of his lies and point thaout jury venchally that this man is a ot believe but definitely fireworks yesterday in the courtroom. meanwhile gates will continue testifying this
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morning. they're heexpected to question former aid for another three hours and then the defense will get their chance wit try pautsz with what we can expect and a possible meeting withpecial counsel, robert mueller. >> reporter: let's start with for because as you kno months they've been trying toe negotihis possible interview with the president and the mueller team. now the latest. take a lk. rudy giuliani says he has real reluctance about president trump doing this interview and about allowing anybo questions obstruction collusion between the campaign and any possible russian actors. they're fine with president talt about that actions the president may or may not have taken after he wasfi in , the firing of fbi director james comey, those types of questions they'reryg to severely limit and that's where theio
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negoti stand right now giuliani says he's going to sunday letterer as early as today to outline what they think is appropriate for this possible interview. there could be a decision in the next week or so and that trial continues today with rickon gat he stand talking about his actions on behalf ofaul manafort. today cross examination. so we are expecting to hear whether or not -- or how they will challenge him, the embezelment he admitted toet an r that makes him a reliable witness. a new pusngthis mor to from theesident's sta walk of fame. tingunanimously on a resolution to remove the marker. ivhe re his star in 2007 for his working with the miss universe pageant.
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just least month a man took a pick taobgs it. and a man shattered the star hammer.ledge instead siting trump's quote disturbing treatment ofomen. the resolution doesn't necessarily mean the l.a. city counsel will follow through and remove it. he latest numbers from chicago police indicate that since friday at least 74 people were shot, 12he of were killed. the city is facing growing complaints to athres perpetrators. chicago's police chief is urging residents to do more as well. >> there are too many guns on the street. too many people within cr record said on the street. >> that violence is concentrated onhe south and west side. here's ron allen with more. >> reporter: genae pattererson was out at a party when police say two gunman opened fire.
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>> my baby just left the house. 20 minutes later i got call saying my baby got shot. >> reporter: five other also wounded, including an 11-year-old boy. >> my baby didn't deserve this. she did everything she's suppose tkaod as a teenagerer. >> reporter: shockd and grieving relatives from the mostly black and latin relatives waiting for word about loved ones. and they urge residents to do more to help. >> we as ave city in corner have a accountability and responsibility. if you know who did this, be a y'ighbor, speak up. >> reporter: t facing growing complaints it goes unpunished. more than 80% go unsolved. no suspects arrested yet in this weekend's oongs. ron allen, nbc news. big tech standing in
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solidarity against alex jones. now facebook and youtubere following suit after apple crack down on the radio host fames for conspiracy theories. for violating the company'smm ity standers. jones has come under fire in recent days over allegations of hate speech. he confirmed the latest crack down tweet saying quote google, apple and facebook have been exposed for supporting chinese style censorship and now they're imposing the unconstitutional sensorship on thumarecon people." according to cnn thewi stat roll out a an app that will let militarymembers overseas cast their ballots. it was tested dinging west virginia's primary this yea
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secretary ofta phasays he's confident it's clear. the mother/daughter duo had to be rescued after getti hrausz at sea in stockholm. she shared a sna shot fro the pre-middle school get we paddle as hard as we could and end up in the shipping lane?" i'm afraid so. but she said there were upsides like the sunset sw her daughter never complained. her new film camping outdoors and going awry. >> some peep may be going hmm. the fire story of course explosions ahe mendocino fire complex. we' we're areas of excessive heat
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warnings for nevada and now we're going to watch the heat wave developing in the northwest and on the other side one more day of oureat advisories. 31 million people under heat advisory up maine. today will beumid and we'll see thunderstorms along the cold fronter to rr. one of the things we saw with the hailstorm in colorado. this was the cheyenne mountain zoo and w thereasba ball-sized hail fell. two birds were killd and 300 cars in thearking lot. s officialsay 3400 people were zoo when soft-ball began to fall. pretty incredible stuff there in areas of colorado. now a look at thetoeather closer ou for your day ahead. well, the thunderstorms continue in areas from chicago to
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indianapolis. even a tornado warning -- pretty incredible. there's video of hai fall nothing to the grizzly exhibit. it's pretty incredible stuff. i had to put it on my twitter feed. @bilkarins. >>ot to get a shout out. not many things are more american than baseball. with help from the cliveland indians, he was able t reun waoeut his wife and two sons. he was fino scop hilybl b toys for a thate long hug. >> hope he doesn let go while he's home. a protests to the white house and spacex blast. life is here... [telephone ring] oy-hoy. alexander graham bell here...
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white way headed to the nation's capitol as broadway performers led by rosie o'donnellst pro the trump administration in front of the white house. they sang "america theau ful". >> threat president know that on no alive, awake and we are woke. were not going away. n't home president w for the performance. however, he is staying at his go resort in missouri. spacex has done it for the first time they relaunched the powerfulalcon 9 rocket. it blasted off from cape canaveral, florida just moments ago. eight minutes later the rocket smoothly landed on a spacex
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drone ship inta a. be this rocket could also the first to launch an orbtle mission. until now they ravei tired rockets after two launches. thehoing alleged assassination attempt in venezuela. six people are under arrest accused with trying to kill the president wit a drone. u.s. officials say the threat from drones is a very real one. >> reporter: as venezuelan president speaks at military event, suddenly a loud his sec detail swarms and huzals him away whiles sol in the street scatterer in panic. what but his government says thisde vio shows it was an attempt to kill him using drones carrying plastic explosives. with more than 1 million drones registered in the u.s., they worry terrorists could use them
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to fly over physical security on the ground at political or sporting events here. >> anyone can buy a drone online for a few hundred a dolla use it in an attack. >> reporter: in 2013 gman lice watched helplessly as a drone flew retkubdirectly at an merkel and crash under to the stage. others send outct eronic suginals to disrupt them, causing them t to flythe ground. in the netherlands, they've ught birds to grab them in flight and take them away. the government says current law prevents even testing counteron technology in the u.s. the department of homeland securitys pressing congress to changeaws restricting with aircraft and the radio at frequencies thontrol them.
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explosion. it was caught on camera in northern italy. that fuel tanker smmed into a truck on the highway. setting offlast so powerful part of the roadway collapsed. this was near buloanau where two people were kled and up to 70 injured, some severely burned. was.u can see how big that in the middle of the longest ever job growth streak, they've put out the list of toughest bs to fill. the toughest job to fill is construction.oo despite benefit said, many businesses don't put in the time for on-the-job training. farmers anding a ar agriculture. 911 dispatchers. nba star lebron james hasn't en to l.a. long but he's already making a splash in hollywood. he's set to produce "shut up and
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>> announcer: "news4 today" starts now. just about 4:00 a.m. right now. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang yesterdays was hotut today could be
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hotter. we want to start with a look at yourforecast. >> announcer: jack taylor is standing by with a check on your commute, but let's start with sheena parveen -- and laurenri kets. >> lauren worked late last night. did you sleep? >>le i for like three hours. i rolled in lik a hurricane. >> she slept on her way to work. >> i god. thing we're not dealing with any sev weather. >> just humidity. >> yes. we are looking good in terms of any storms this morning. nothing happening on the radar right now. if we back this up a little bit we're looking at temperatures that are going to be in the 70s right now andar then w actually topping out in the 90s once again today. that heat index will come up into right around 100 degrees. of course, my maps aren't working on this early tuesday


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