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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hummus, but is it actually good for us? it is pouring outside of our studios right now. might have just heard the thunder. this is in northwest washington where we're standing right now. i'm pi' m leon harris. >> and i'm patawson muse. let's get to storm team 4's chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> one storm north of downtown and inside the beltway ane another on culpepper county. both have gone severe. severe thunderstorm warming into culpepper county, and this is thene that's really been lighting up the radar.adar. look at all of thisni lig. you see this area and this area of lightning rtht here j to the north of washington, d.c., so if you're in betts did a, chevy chase and in through d.c.
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and towards college park, are you now under the gun with this thunderstorm. again, sever thunderstorm rning for this area in the yellow. that is until 4:45 including eas of chevy chase and college park right here, this is right along the b.p. parkway. out just north of 50 around the chevrolet area and into parts of northeast d.c. and heading up around 16th and georgia avenue. we'll continue to seehe strong storms move through the region. another one down towards culpepper c this one not as much lightning with this as there wasrl r, but there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect till 4 sack. one of the thing i'm watching for as back through my graphics. we've got a line of storms. very strong line anchf you w us in west virginia, heads up for this line of'l storms. watch this the rest of the night. we know it's hot and humid. we've got more stos on the way not just today and into tomorrow
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as well. we'll see you back heren ten minutes unless we get another warning, and thewe'll bring it to you right away. >> a fairfax county mother of 2 cused of killing her 5-year-old daughter is warned by a judge to cooperate with h lawyer. >> those judge's words coming after veronica youngblood told th judge she didn't want an attorney. she's charged of second-degree murder and she's accuse of the shooting her older daughter. julie carey joins us live with more on this. for the first time we're hearing from a family memb t. >> reportet's right, leon. today i spoke to the paternal r great-grandmotf the victim from her home in missouri, talked to her by phone. as can you understand, family absolutely devastate bid what s happened ounday night, and she says the surviving daughter, a teenage girl, had undergone three surgeries and is still fighting forif her now as for the victim's mother, she appeared in court today and didn't mention the girls. in fact, she barely spoke at
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all. appearing in court on a tv monitor veronica young her head and refused to look into the camera. the judge tol her she faced a second-degree murder chargfor the shooting death of her daughter. -year-old brooklyn was found sunday night in this apartment dead from a gunshot wound to the head. when the judge asked youngblood about an attorney she said quietly i don't want counsel. you understand that is very serious charge. teyoungblood rep i don't want counsel, but the judge told her due to the seriousnege of the ch the court is going to appoint counsel. the public defender's office will handle the case and more charges are likely in connection with the shooting of youngblood's older daughter. as news 1 reported yesterday youngblood was involved in an ongoing contemptious custody dispute with her husband who was retiring from the navy this week and under the a courteement the entire family was relocating to missouri so both parents could stay inv in the
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girls' lives. the ex-husband agreed to pay youngblood's represent the and other expenses, but just weeks ago she moved into the new apartment after filing court papers sayg she didn't want to go to missouri. she said she found a new job here a wanted t get primary custody of the 5-year-old daughter. the shooting sunday night camee dayse she was supposed to leave for missouri. even though the older daughter is veronica youngblood's from a previous relationship, her ex-husband hasaised the girl as his own and with her mom now in jail charged with murder he's left to keebedside. back in the studio. >> such a sad story. thank you. right now prince george's county police are searching for suspects after aeenager was shot and killed last night in tacoma park. police got a call about the shooting just after 7:00 on n a hampshirenue. they say 16-year-old kevin wilson jr. was shot several times. he was taken to the hospital and died a few hours later
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news 4'bouts what happened. she will have an update ahead at 5:00. right now in our area and across the country, police are planning events aimed at building a betr bondith the communities they protect. >> it's part of a program called national night out. it often includes things like barbecues, and one of those events in the district is setting up just blocks away from where 10-year-old makiyah wilson was shot and killed half month. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has the story in northeast d.c. >> i talke to the family of 10-year-old makiyah wilson today and they saihi you know, event here couldn't have come at r earlier time, at a bet time. i talked to her uncle who is hoping that the community has a sense ofrgency in light of his 10-year-old niece who was gunned down a few blocks away. it's beenhr weeks since he lost his 10-year-old niece makiyah, and heel willyou the paper of her loss doesn't easier.
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>> it's been extremely painful. so many different emotions. >> reporter: but through his grief he's trying to change the community where makiyah was raised and where she died. >> we should be filling each other with love, not bullets. we should be protecting each other. we should be building these kids and pulling into the cup of life for these kids, this because they are our future leaders. >> reporter: blocks awayakrom whereah died, crews are setting up for national night out in marvin gay park, a fun event with the community and police, and the mission is clear. it's designed to presentme c and get neighbors involved in the process so other don't have to suffer a loss like makiyah's. >> it will be very effecve if there's a lot of communicating in the midst of that. if we go up to total strangers and reassure them that they love them. >> reporter: i talked to the chief who tells me that they are getting closer and closer toma ng an arrest in the case of makiyah wilson's shooting. they are also asking the
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community with any information to come forward. reporting in northeast, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> ate symbolic p over breastfeeding outside of the white house today. protesters say they want the government to stop trying to derail breastfeeding inpi deve countries. peta organized the demonstration. it says u.s. officials are putting business interests with infant formula manufacturers first. earlier this spring the united nations affiliated world health asmbly approved a resolution saying breast milk is healthier for bmuies than forla and the u.s. delegation did not agree th that language. another dramatic day of testimony at the trial of former trump campaignau manager manafort. his former protege back on the stand and even after manafort left the campaign hesked gates r a lot of favors, including keeping tabs on cabinet hires. blayne alexander is tracking the testimony for us this evening. >> reporr: yeah, even triedo get a cabinet level position.
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secretary of the army for a baer that he once worked with. paul manafort p hd not guilty to all of these charges, but for two days we've watched his one-time protege give testimony thatp could h send manafort to prison for life. they once worked side by side. now, face-to-face in a federal courtroom. paul manafort, president trump's former campaign man and manafort's one-time deputy rick gates today t sing thend against his former mentor. >> paul manafort was staring bullets over at gates, his former protege, f who worked him for ten years and started as an intern and gates was not look g atmanafort. >> reporter: manafort is facing lthe possibility ofife in prison for charges of ban and tax fraud in the first trial t related special counsel robert mueller's investigation. according to gates, manafort was motivated by greed ordering gates to hide money in foreign accounts. >> he is now the ultimate witness against paul man amortgage because heay can we
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worked together and here's what manafort was thinking and what he set out to achieve. no question this is potentiallyl potenty devastating testimony for>> manafort. reporter: manafort's charges are orelated lobbying work with theainian government, not his time oru the t campaign. gates has admitted to his own crimes, even revealing he stole monerom manafort, one of many possible attack lines for the defense. >> mr. gates is a criminal. mr. manafort is an accused criminal. criminals tend to hang out with criminalso what you're seei here is not at all unusual. >> reporter: and experts say even if a jury does not trust gates, bank and tax records will sake the government's case. so what president trump saying about all of this? well, today nothing, but last weekete t asking why the government did not tell him manafort was under investigation when he worked for the campaign. pat? >> blayne alexander, thanks, blayne. sorryial thieves have struck again inarlington. they are after air bags, and they have already stolen dozens in the last couple of months.
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news 4's aimee cho explains what's going on there. >> reporter: imagine coming out toour car to find this, the windows shattered and the air bag gone. this the is one of dozens of cars targeted in crystal city, anice say another 20 cars were hit in the past few days. >> part of rlife. orter: this man lives on a street that's been targeted before. though his car has stayed safe, some of his neighbors haven't been so lucky. >> i mean, it's going to happen again eventually, because once they see you ireplace, it mean, they will come and strike again. >> reporter: police say theal thefts uly happened hat night when no one is around. it's been an ongoing problem in the area. this video showing cars in alexandria whose air bags were stolen a month ago and they haven't yet figured out if the onses arected but they say the thieves tend to go offer newer modelda h you can see used honda air bags re listed for hundreds of dollars. >> that's really what these suspects are targeting are
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vehicles that they can steal the air bags and resell them and make profit off of it. >> reporter: one of the ways that police say you can keep your cars safe is by getting a steering wheel lock, open it up your steering wheel like that and take a key and lock it and that way thies ve a tough way of getting to the air bag. >> if you see somethingsu icious, you see people out that are peering into vehicles, go ahead and give us a investig catalel. that >> reporter: in arlington, aimee cho, news 4. >> keep the >> got to look out for yourself. got to be careful out there. >> it's a lunchtime favorite for a lot of people, wanting to snack on something healthy. >> but is hummus really good for yo consumer reporter susan hogan has an answer coming up next. plus the long running divorce of one longtime hollywood couple brangelina has hit a new level of drama, we'll say. and i'm continuing to track severe storms right now. three severe thunderstorm
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warnings, oneor culpepper county until 4 sack and this one for d.c. and prince george's county and montgomery county will until 445 and the newestor warningerkeley county and tshington county and also until 4:45 i'mcking this line. we could see more severe storm warnings coming up over the couple of minutes. i'll b backe
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breaking news coming in just moments oak. storm team 4 just issued a
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weather alert. isolated storms blasting the district and pars of northern virginia right now. doug will be back in his forecast in three minutes. hummus, it's not the most popular dip around. salsa is far more popular. >> but it's growing mor and more popular over the past several decades. hummus showing up on theop 's kitchen tables and in their shopping carts, but is it really good for you? that the question. consumer reporter susan hogan has a closer look. the popularity of hummus is spreading. the traditionalece of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juices, spis and olive oil deliver a simple dip in seconds. but is it healthy? >> if there was a nutrition contest for dips, hummus would win t top price in the best all-around catego a. >> reportewo tablespoon serving of hummus packs quite ap nutritionalch including heart healthy fat, two to thr grams of protein and about three
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grams of fiber. most of hummus' health benefitm come fe chickpeas. they are chock full of key nutrients and just b vitamin, calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, panassium zinc and they are a part of class of le guims calls pulsed which havn shown to offer several health benefits. >> the research suggests that peop who eat a lot of pulse do tend to weigh less and have lower levels of cholesterol and fewer cases of heart disease and diabetes even certain types of cancer. >> reporter: but the two tablespoon serving can have 50, 60, 70 calories depending on brand so be mindful whenou're dipping. and when you are buying store bought hmus "consumer reports" suggests paying close attention, of course, to the sodium content. me brands add more than others. so read that label and look for a brand that has about140 milligra
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milligrams per serving or less.a to you. >> i'm glad she didn't tell us it's unhealthy because we love hummus >> i do. >> who eats just two tablespoons. >> now there's a problem. >> there's the catch. a little bit of a problem. >> thanks, we've got storms out there. doug, how is it going? >> a couple of storms. three warnings right now. one includes montgomery and prince george's county and d.c. no longer under the warning. we heard the storm coming through here. a lot of rain with these storms. a lot of lightng associated with these storms, too. take a look at what it was bringing aittle whilego across portions of our area. 've got another warning now that was in culpepper. k at's been allowed to expire t.expired at 4 texpire. this line is reallyg start intensify. we could see a new warning at hamshire county in towards
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frederick county virginia at any time. that's something i'matching for. zoom into the strongest storm around our region. notice it's just moving out of the d.c. metro area. had it for the metro county and prince george's county and right along 495 where it meets up5. right another college park and theea ik there towards this portion of the beltway. as you make your way on out towards laurel, i'll show you where this is heading. right around groans belt, adelphi, chillium, all seeing heavy rainfall. taken the lightni these are the areas still under the severe thunderstorm warnings. these go for 4:45 for adelpen and again, parts of -- parts of 29 here right in through parts of montgomery county. watch out. this storm means business. another one down towards south and around the culpepper area. 're watching this storm moving two culpepper right now. no longer severe, and i'm looking at less lightning with this storm now. that tells us this is wakening ittle bit but it's still on
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the strong side. heads up if you're in and around culpepper and remington area. make sure you stay inside. this is a storm that we'll be atching moving east, and there's numerous storms forming in through parts of spotsylavnia county. t this. this is the one where we could have the strongest winds with. this is actually where a line of storms, making itsou way t berkeley springs and around the ancock area and washington county. again, morgan county in towards berkeley county, west virginia. this one a ton of lightning, and as i widen back out here, you can see what's happening. we've got the storms -- a couple of storms moving through the d.c. metro area down through parts of northern virginia, but look at this line. this line really hasntensified over the last half hour or so and that's why i think we could see more warnings associated with thiswe line. e expecting this to move in towards the i-81 corridor so if you live in hagerstown down thndugh martinsburghis area, these are areas you need to watch out. s we move on through t temperatures, they have all come down as a result of the rain.
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rain has hit all of our locations here. manassas around washington and ganhersburg. 79 winchester, but look where the rain has not yet. still, 94 degrees, and that heat index ov 100. 91 degrees it in fredericksburg so it's a hot one for sure and it's going to stay that way wmorrow as well. a repeat oft we're seeing. 77 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and 87 by nn and 93 degrees and a storm chance coming in at 3:00 again tomorrow. ie think could see another round of strong to potentially severe storms during the day tomorrow and if you didn't see it yet today you may see it tomorrow. isolated storms on thursday and peratures still close to that 90-degree mark and tomorrow 94. heat index between 100 and 105 in many locations. the weekend, yeah, more showers not a washout but more showers and thunderstorms will be out there. we'll see higre tempera into the mid-80s as we move on through into next week as, well. gue'll continue to track any of these storms as they continue to fire up this afternoon. >> all right. we'll see you in a few.
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thanks, doug. t and we wo remind you that our annual backpacks for kids campaign is going on right now here hat ne-- here at news l you can us tomorrow at the edit unions or rownion t go to our website and find out how to make a secure donatil. >> and wil history be made this season? >> it has nothing to do with what goes on between the goal posts. >> and when it comes to coffee, are you getting the best buzz k?r your buc
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a we were looking for cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our nter. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at there's a new push to remove prident trump's star from the hollywood walk of fame. last night the city council voted unanimously to urgehe city of los angeles to remove the star. the resolution lists a number ou reasons, ing the president's immigration policies, his denial of russian election meddling and his treatment of women. e president owes stwa-- the president's star was unveiled in 2007 and completely destroyed twice. some other hollywood headlines to g to this
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evening. new drama surrounding the divorce of one-time power couple brad pitt andin aa jolie. >> in a n court filing today pitt sayt he hasn' paid any meaningful child suprt in the last year and a half. she's seeking a court order to force his han the agreement the two had when the two separated is not exactly clear. atn spokes for brad pitt did not comment. and pink has cancelled another concert. she's still in the hospital in australia. the pop star is being treated -- show's in sydney, australia. this is the third conce she has postponed because of a gastric virus. doctors will revaluate her later today. >> screen legend robert redford sounds like he's retiring. during an interview about his old movie "the old man and the gun" red ford told "entertainment weekly" it's, e, quotor me -- that's it for me in terms of acting. i believe that's what he said.df d is 82 now. he hasn't ruled out directing films in the future.
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we'll see. >> if he's looking for something new to do maybe he can look at the next story. nfl fans will see history on the shrines this year, and this has nothing to do with the game of football. for the first time there will be male dancers as part of two tea cheerleading squads. one of the dancers postedur pi and videos as he's getting ready to kick off the season with the l.a. rams and th new orleans saints wil have a male cheerleader on their squad. have male er teams stuntmen as part of their shrine entertainment. well, that will be somethin to se >> keep an eye out. stray bullets shatters windnd pierce the sides of a local home. >> just look behind me. it's not hard to s that this used to be rural farmland wide open. you can understand why fol would hunt and do target practice here but now it's a bustling subury,n communnd just ahead we'll show you how it's become the target of som recent shootings. and we are in weather alert mode right n. isolated storms pounding the district in parts of northern
4:27 pm
virginia. > >>utting boards if you're like me are used every day but are we cleaning them correctly. tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. consumer reporter susan hogan will show us the right way to clone a cutting board so your family doesn't get sick. it's not as spl as soapim
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continuing to track severe weather right now moving through our area. rightigow some time thunderstorms in through prince george's and anne arundel county and moving out of d.c. right now. another towards culpepper county and in and around the redericksburg area and this severe thunderstorm warning continues to be in effect until 4:45. her warning for prince george's county. this storm has really weakened now. it no longer is in montgomery county at all. most of the storm is through anne arundel county. no warning withru anneel county and a lot of lightning along the savag area and laurel and right around the river. that's where we're seein the heaviest rain. down to the south. culpepper seeing some of the hey rain and spotsylvania county and orange and madison county. all of this is moving towards fredericksbu and in and arou fredericksburg. look at this line that has really developed over the last
4:31 pm
hour. a severe thunderstorm wning in effect until 4:45 to berkeley county and parts of washington this includes right around hancock and right on down towards hamshi county as it makes its way towards frederick county, virginia. stay with us, and we'll be sure to bring it out with you. >> youitot doug. some lightning andullets piercing several lountdoun coun homes. vid culver is here with the story from just outside leesburg, virginia. >> reporter: you're in your home this time of day, you're settling in for the evening and perhaps watching some tv and hear a hear comes crashing downf youd not one, but at least two, perhaps even more bullets have pierced through your home breaking one of your windows. that's the reality for several neighbors, in fact, right here in loudoun cnty. just outside of leesburg. it's one of the most recent
4:32 pm
gstrings of bulleng into home. the sheriff's department says they are looking into this trying to figure out what's behind this most recent incident and county leaders are talking to homeowners and realizing there's a greater concern here. the most recent haven't had anyone hurt or injured but they could turn deadly. they are talking about plans that could prevent this going down the road and ultimately they say helping to keep one of theastest growing areas safe. you can see why this is perhaps an area where they t can doget practice shooting and even hunting. at one point not too long ago this was that area. today it's a growing suburban community. rerding outside loudoun county. i'm david culver, news 4. >> new developments now o a grisly discovery made at laguardia airport.n an ameri airlines cleaning crew found a dead fetus in an airplane bathroom this morning. the flight arrivedrom
4:33 pm
charlotte, north carolina last night. the fetus appeared to be about 20 to 30 weeks. the medical examiner will make a finalpoetermination. authority police along with theueens district attorney are now investigating to determine what happened. >> a business that promised to help some people make big bugs on amazon is being shut down. >> jim and went rein the hanewsroom with a look ats new tonight at 5:00. >> hi, wendy. >> hi there. you know that business collect more than $15 million from customers >> and now its owners are under investigation. officials tell us it was part of a get rich quick scheme. >> susan hogan is going to explain how it works and what's next for people who may have fallen victim to this. >>ahlso d at 5, n as 4 iteam investigation into the mass shooting in the annapolis newsroom. >> and a police chief who was frustrated by the limits of the tonight he'll tell the news 4 i-team what he's doing about it. >> people know that we need to
4:34 pm
strengthen something here. this can't keep happening. we've got figure something out. g>> so we'ng to see you soon with those stories and a lot more. it's a busy tuesday. the rain just went through here like a monsoon. >> i think we're out of the woods right we are. it was cats and dogs. thanks, thpat. >>ks, guys. athlete and members at the tokyo olympics will just have to give a glance in order to get into the olympic village and all the venues. organizers unveiled a new high-tech facial recognition system today used at most venue entrances to speed up securit it's the first time in olympic history that comprehensive facial recognition system is being u ad for maturity of employees. creators say facial recognition is more secure than traditional security procedures. >> we are now just two days away from seeingsk the rs back on
4:35 pm
the field in game action. sherree burruss is down in richmond, and she's got sboe news thursday's preseason opener. >> the final afternoon pctice for the washington redskins here in richmond, virginia, before their first preseason game with the new england patriots. wide reiver jamieson crowder and two others will not take the field. coming up at 5:00 we hea pmore from tyers and what they are looking for in that game. sherree burruss, news 4 htorts. row we're in weather alert. check out the live pictures. that is road inth nst washington that we'll show you completely flooded out with cautio tape. storm team 4 is tracking all of this rain for the evening commute. and seeing o twitter that the thunderstorm in parts of washington was so intense in one neighborhood it was causing car alarms to go off so we're tracking some really stron thunderstorms right now in parts of prince george's and anne
4:36 pm
arundel county andhis isn't it, guys. take a look. doug and i also keeping a very close eye on this line of rnunderstorms in far western maryland into wes virginia. we'll time it out and more storms in the forecast tomorrow. storms in the forecast tomorrow. thlatest after t breake .
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up
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and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. okay. coffee lovers. we're about to give you a jolt of reality when it comes tog gettin your caffeine fix. >> the price of your coffee shops take a lot of flack for selling overpriced coffee but perhaps they shouldn't. consumer reporter susan hogan with more about how much buzz youet for the buck. >> oh, that was good. >> i stole that one. >> ll, what is your go to for coffee in the morning? if you're looking for that f caffeine, we're working for you to help figure out how to invest wisely forf your cup joe. a new study fst compared the price of a 16-ounce cup of
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coffee at the arforemost pop covey go-tos. we've got starbucks at 4.65 and dunkin' donuts 2.75 and while mcdonald's is definitely the cheapest cup of coffee it does not pack the cav each punch you're craving so to determine the best way to determine which brand is giving you the best value is to show you milligrams of caffeine per dollar. 7-eleventh coffee i best pet for your pure caffeine fanatics coming in at 129 milligrams perf dolllowed by starbucks at 124.5. mcdonald's at 121 and dunkin' donuts barely making 100. 100.4 milligrams per dollar. getting your caffeine fix is really cheaper at starbucks than m wonald's. >> would have thought. >> and most doctors recommend we don't consume more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. that's equal toll about four cups of coffee and you at ten
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cups. >> that was back in the day. >> that was back in the day. >> not anymore. >> past sock i'm done. >> but if you're going toave want to make sure it's worth it. >> that packs its bunch. >> starbucks offer a double caffeine shot. >> don't understand that. isn't that crazy? i know. >> why not have an espresso then. >> there you go. thank you, susan. >> you're welcome. >> the world's smallest wearabln device do a whole lot for your health. >> it can actually tell you when enough is enough when it comes to the sun. >> and dog days of summer condition, speaking of the sun. storm team 4itracking hum the rest of the week and the the rest of the week and the pop-up storms that are still nervous about finding a new apartmt?
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yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. i'm scott macfarlane at the news 4 desk. am amber alert has just been
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issued for a girl and her old dmother, 48-yea rodriguez rub t. they s pair were kidnapped over the weekend on south main street in harrisonberg. they are believed to be in 2000 volvo tractor trailer and they could beeaded to new york, we're told. we'll keep monitoring the situation a give you updates as we learn more. for now at the live desk, i'm scott macfarland >> thanks, scott. >> four things to know this season and let's get you caught up right nowa fairfax county mother in court facing a second-degree murder charge in the death of herht da brooklyn. veronica youngblood head and told a judge she didn't want a lawyer but the judge appointed a public defender in the case more charges are likely to come. here across the country police are planning to hold events to build bter relationships for the communities in which they one of the national night out
4:46 pm
events as they are called are in marvin gay block a few blocks away from where 10-year-old makiyah wilson was shot and killed last month. so far no arrests have been made. homes being shot o in loudoun county. several homes were hit and no one was shot. loudoun county deputies have seen cases like these before. some of the neighbors sere have beying indoors for safety concerns. loudoun county chair randall says it's common xperience for shooting a gun in that area. >> and we're in weather alert right now. olated storms blasting parts of our region impacting the evening commute. doug is back he with his forecast in just three minutes. pat? >> it could be the most important toolhto f cervical cancer since sunblock. researchers at northwestern iversity say they have a device that could warn you when you'reotarting get sunburned. nbc's sabrinauc sa shows us how this works. >> reporter: like many of us adria hall grew up spending summers outside and in her adult
4:47 pm
life she's been diligent abouty ap sunscreen, but one morning her husband noticed something. >> i had a littlesharpie dot on the pack of my right arm and he says whas that. reporter: the dot was melanomaki hall had thecancer removed and took part in a northwestern university study involving the world's smallest wearable device. >> we know that a melanoma survivor are at a much higher risk of developing a sondo melanoma so there's more impetus to protect yourself from the sun. >>heeporter: resea developed this uv sensor. the wearable devices fetter-light, waterproof, wafer thin and the size of a tic-tac and they can be affixed to clothing or sunglasses. >> you can really put it anywhere? it commontes the data to an app on your phone. users can personalize the app
4:48 pm
with skin type, health amilymation such as history and location. >> it will tell you, for example, here's how much time you have to remain in the sun with those set of conditions and with the datarooming this device before you'll get burned. >> users will sewn an hour glass graphic to count down the minutesefore a possible sunburn. >> by having a sensor that's able to provide you real world information it gives the control back toot you. you're guessing anymore. >> cosmetics company l'oreal has jumped on board to make the project widely available. now hall is happy to see more skin health awareness and helps warrants use the new technology cto protectldren at a young age. >> it's an alarm i don't have to set. if i don't hav to self-regulate. so much better. is ow this wearable device in the final stages of manufacturing and it's set to hit the market sometime. next ye >> now when it comes to damage done to the skin by the is up,
4:49 pm
lighter skin seems to be more susceptiblehan darker skin. special note for african-americans. doctors say we're not doing enough to protect ourselves from skin cancer. in fact a recent survey finds the majorityf o african-americans don't use sunscreen an doctors blame years of misinformation for that. has hard because, you know, you had years and years and years of what you don't need and that's not true. we do need it. >> although melanoma is 20 times more common in fair-skinned people. it's often diagnosed late in african-americans, and that makes it far more deadly. the longer it goes untreated the are wife deadly who makes me use it y and frs never did. played ball outdoors and never thought o using it, nothing we were coach on. >> i use it when i'm in ane sun
4:50 pm
end toto use i i times. we're learning. do better. especially with your face. >> the sun notig problem now in the area. it's the other stuff. >> yeah. it's the storms that we've got going on, a just as quickly as they came through the d.c. area they are out of herepa already s of baltimore and parts of northern virginia and parts of west virginia and rtilly g in on the action and many of us will see more storms throughout the rest of the evening. take a look to show you what's been happening with the storms. they came through here very quickly and once again look at this, oneerson rescued from high water and this is 27thre northwest washington. this is an area that we've seen flood time and time again this year alone. i don't know if that person tried to drive through a flooded roadway, but, please, never drive through a flooded road. i cannot say it enough. this is a live shot right there, and can you still see the water on the high side andhis is the y it looked earlier. downpours at northwest coming down and you needed the umbrellas and told you to keep it with them and look at the heavy rain makoug it t and making driving quite difficult
4:51 pm
as it made its way on through here about an hour ago inside the d.c. metro area. the driveway still dry. down towards anne arundel than line is one i'm more about back towards the west. inside the district, the beltway is goingo be dry with the exception only up toward the laurel area an up towar laurel and around savage and rain i-95.d still seeing the rain and the lie.tning is gon heavy storms are gone and annapolis is about to get one though. this one making its way down along route 50. culpepper under the gun and now it's moving into spotsylvania county, around fredericksburg, you see the lightningtart to increase around to the west and watching rain here in berkeley county, west virginia, right along the potomac. heavy rain and you widen out and you notice this line. i'm waiting. we could see a severe
4:52 pm
thunderstorm warning for thiser storm right at any time. this would be for frederick county, virginia, berkeley county, westginia and moving into an area of frederick county, virginia winchester has had a flood warning today so we could see he e issues with that for next couple of hours. please, once again, never drive through flooded roads. we saw storms yesterday and not done yet. tomorrow we could seeore and more on what we'll see during the day tomorrow. >> in the dog days of summert' where hot and humid and get the afternoon thunderstorms in and because othe heat and midity among other factors we're dealing with very heavy rainfall and gusty rains e and maybn a little bit of hail. for tomorrow as you start to plan out your wednesdays, between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m. when we're tracking thunderstorms. some of them could be on the severe side. again, the biggest concern is going to be heavy rainfall that leads to some isolated concerns and can't rule out gusty winds in any thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. that cou lead to some wind damage across the area, and a low led to for hail or low end
4:53 pm
weak tornado. however, i can't rule themut completely. so the weather definitely having a bit of an impact on your wednesday. outdoor exercise, you'll definitely want lots of water. gettorg out there in theng it will be fine and heading to the pool the earlier ther. bet if you're there during lunchtime you're likely okay and during the afternoon hours we'll tck e hit and miss thunderstorms once again. that means yourednesday evening commute will be wet in some locations with very heavy t rainfall bei biggest concern. what we're also tracking hand what we're all tired of at this point is the humidity. oppressive levels continue tomorrow at's still muggy out there. don't get a lot of relief and, doug, over the weekend, we're in the oppressive area once again. some storm cnces into the weekend, but it's not looking like a washout, especially on saturday. >> right now on sat we're going for a 40% chance of storms. we do think there's a better chance on sunday. again, tomorrow, 60% chance of storms and some of them strong and possibly severe just like
4:54 pm
today. 94 degrees and 90 on thursday and near 90 on friday, and then this weekend a little cool w are more cloud cover. on sunday and monday, pretty good chance of some rain. hopefully not flood potential rain, but that's something we'll be watching. we've been so wet over the last month. we do not see any more rain, and, yes, we have more coming. >> all right. everything is getting positiony and moldy, doug. >> mm-hmm. >> thanks, doug. >> thank you. next at 4:00, wil ires in california make history. e becomes the biggest one ever in the state. we'll take you right to the front line. thent 5:00, a newsroom shooting has people a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
extreme at,umidity and pop-up showers all across the region. storm team 4 is tracking a whole lot of weather for the evening commute tonight, but better days await, folks. storm team 4 is back in a matter of minutes. firefighters in californi are battling a new fire.
4:58 pm
it's called the holy fire just idoue mendecinof fire the northern part of the state is now the largest wildfire ever in the state's 'sstory. >> nay gray has the latest. the mendecino complex fire continues to rage out of control, and now firefighters confirm it's thest lar blaze ever in california. thengwin fires bur side by side just miles apart have scorch more than 455 square this mostly rural to point, though the blazes have forced new evacuations and threaten as many as 11,000 structures right now. >> wow. look at that. unbelievable. >> reporter: close to 0 wildfires continue to burn across the state driven by hot, dry conditions and years of drought, parched underbrush creating a fuel source and allowing the flames pushed by strong winds to rush from hillside into neighboring communities forcing tens of
4:59 pm
thousands from their homes. managed to grab kids and get in the car and t by time she got in the car fire was o both sides of the property. >> reporr: residents rushing out as fire teams continue to rush in. 14,000 firefighters and at least 200 active duty army soldiers are battling the fires right now with no end in sight. jay gray, nbc news. right now at 5:00, storm team 4s keeping an eye on that radar tracking the strong storms that have moved through our area. >> boy, did them. a lot of you saw the light anything and heard thunder over the past hour. we d sure. u also felt the heavy rain. take a being loo. this is what i -- take a look. the skies darkened and then opened up. >> it led to one at least one
5:00 pm
water rese. these are pictures from broad panch road and 32nd street in rock creekark and that street closed tonight. >> doug kammerer joins us from the storm center with the weather. the weather word for most of us, has this blown through? >> most of us in the d.c. metrom area, this s came to the d.c. metro region about an hour ago producing the vvyy h rainfall and the other warning is for culpepper county. still storms around fredericksburg. this is a brand-new severe thunderstorm warng including frederick county virginia, berkeley count and jefferson west virginia and extreme portions of clark county. north and west of winchester. look at all the iense lightning with this storm. this storm is moving our area. a flood warning was issued close to the winchester area, so once just like we saw on broad branch road, turnnd ardon't drown. we don't need to see any more flooded roadways out there and see


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