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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, it's now an historic emergency, the largest fire ever in california now bigger than the size of los angeles. a monumental fight for f crews on theront line, why experts are warning, this is the new normal breaking news, late word a grim discovery, that desert compound where 11 children were rescued in a police raid. the staritness back on the stand. dramatic new tur in e trial of president trump's former campaign chairman. nbc news exclusive, parents anguished over the tragic loss of their son who died waiting for help but never found him. >> it's really hard to -- it's hard to go on everyday without him. >> tonight, their new call to action, how to
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fix 911 to better send aid to other children. a new warning about the safety of self-driving cars after a series of high profile crashes, the nger that has researchers sounding the alarm. a 6-year-old toy tycoon, his reviews so popular on youtube, he's now worth millions. tonight, how he did it and how other kids are making it big. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. frs it's a whole new territory. the firefighte growing into the hoargest fire ever. it hasands more structures in its path. joan as the mendocino complex fire, its rampage s sh sign of stopping, moving tonight in multiple directions, one of 17 fires leaving crews st tched thin across the state as temperatures soar. miguel almaguer is
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there tonight.ha yo been covering fires in that region for years. what's different about >> reporter: the scope, the strength, power of this fire is unbelievable. when it came through this area it incinerated everything in matter utes. we can smell smoke here and new evacuations have just been ordered behind the ridges behind me. and it's making history. seirefighters have neve anything like it, the mendocino complex fire explong to the largest inferno in california history. it's ripping across mountains and neighborhoods. >> cws are doing their best to get in there but the fire is outrunning us. >> reporter: with 11,000 structures threatened, we were on the front lines with firefighters as 75 homes were destroyed. crews are doing all they can to beat back these fl countless others were narrowly saved. tonight, 1000 firefighters stretched
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thin acrs california many working grueling 24-hour shifts. frs across the state, more than 2,000 destroyed, 619,000 acres up in smoke. >> look at that. >> reporter: fueled by record ht, the fires are creating their own weather, spinning at 150 miles an hour, forcing immediate evacuation. >> it already came up er the hill and it was racing us and it was catches us. >> reporter: so far this year, fires have claimed at least nine lives, a death toll the most destructive fire, still burning near redding has left and apocalyptic rgasteland in its path. the t fire in california history and biggest in the nation is still on the move with the most dangerous days still ahead. miguel almaguer, nbc cews. lakeounty. i'm anne thompso wildfires are no longer contained to a season in california,
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this is now a year round battle. frs >> i think this is the new normal we ll see in california. >> fanning the flames, scientists increasingly point to kilometer change with power plants making our world warmer. >> take epic drought and higher temperatures, you have all the z -- ingredients for wildfires. >> today, in 14 states, alaska to arizona, large fires are burning. from the university of idaho, experts say climate more than doubled the forest fire area in the western u.s. since 1984. this summer, europe is burning, too, sweden, portugal, and greece, where more than 90 op le died. record heat there and here, caused by a j loopy weaken stream not moving hot air along. yes, scientists blame climate change, too. >> when you melt the
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rc sea ice in thec and change the temperature patterns in the atmosphere you actually change the jet ream. you change it in a way that you slow it down. >> reporter: fire and heat altering landscapthe northern half of the world. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. les turn to the trial of president ump's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, the star witness back on the stand today getting personal and manafort's attorneys totaking aim tryin rip apart the credibility of his former right hand man, rick gates. our correspondent was om in the courtroor a dramatic day. >> reporter: in two days of testimony, rick gates has said he never told accouants the actual amount of money paul manafort made because manafort told him not to let them know how many millions of dollars were paid for the political consulting work they did for ukraine's president, ctor yanukovych. when it dried up and
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manafort's income fell he was hit with a big tax bail. he e-mailed gates, wtf. how could i be s.blind-sided like thi gates said he made up documents to help manafort get bank loans to buy houses with the ukrainian money. >> and when their turn came to question gates, he said he used money he stole from manafort t a secret life in london, carrying on an affair in apartment and admitted to helping an investor in las vegas falsify financial documents. whene had trouble recalling what he told robert mueller's prosecutors about his past frauds and lies. downing said, ven't they confronted you with so many lies you can't remember any of it. after manafort left the trump campaign, gates stayed on until the inauguration and said it was poible he submitted personal expenses there. lawyer, kevin downing, was upbeat at days end. manafort kept asking favors from gates. manafort e-mailed a
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banker who helped him get a loan should be considered for secretary of the army and get tickets to the trump ingural. if it's tuesday, election day, voters are casting special election ballots including a special watched election. it has been repuican r decades. president trump swooped in days ago campaigning for the republican candidate, troy bderson. if democrat, danny o'connor makes an upset or comes close, it could be a sign of trouble for november. creating controversy with the crackdown on illegal immigration, an exclusive nbc news report revealed a new plan in the white use that could target over 20 million immigrants living in the u.s. legally. peter alexander is traveling with the president in new jersey. what's the administration looking at here?
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>> reporter: hey, lester. good evening to you. the trump administration is preparing toake its hard line approach to immigration to the next level with a program that would make it more difficult tsfor legal immigr in this country to become citizens or simply to get green cards, according four sources with knowledge of the plan that could be announced before the end of this month. she white house effort led ior advisor steven miller would ke attizenship or legal tougher to obtain if anyone in their household has ever used public assistance programs in this country including perhaps obamacare or food stamps, the ldadministration c do this by itself, we are told. it would not need congressional .approval. lest >> peter alexander, new jeey. thank you. there are breaking developments on a d story we tol you about last night. 11 children rescued in a makeshift compound in a desert. several people charged with child abuse and
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they have grim discovery. the remains of a young boy found on the property, still no confirmation if it e missing 3-year-old boy whose disappearance triggered that raid. now to the new plea tonight from the parents of missing iowa student, mollie tibbetts who vanished who vanished without a trace three weeks ago after going out for a run. her family begging anyone with information to come forward and if someone iholding her, to please let her go. more on stephanie gosk. >> reporter: tonight, mollie h tibbetts parene whoever may have taken here to watch this. >> if you're with molly noyou viously don't mean to hurt her. this has gone far enough. you need to stop now and need to face the consequences. >> reporr: three weeks ago the 20-year-old university ofowa student vanished after leaving her boyfriend's
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apartment for a run. >> if she came back, i don't care about who the person was if we had her safe and sound. >> reporter: her wallet aco uter left behind. mollie's iphone, earbuds and tb fiit are still missing. police say dalton jack, her boyfriend, is not a person of interest. he was miles away when she disappeared. her last message to him, an image over snapc>>t. rom the picture she sent me it looked like she was indoors. >> reporter: there is a growing reward fund and tips keep coming in. >> about noon we raised over $300,000 and gerated over 660 leads. >> reporter: the search is growing, stretching across farms and fields. >> i just miss mollie. >> not knowing if she went missing on a run or made it back . to the house >> reporter: the family says the s hardest timee late at night and in the morning, when all they can do is wait for word about moie. stephanie gosk, nbc news. we take a turn now to an nbc news exclusive.
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we first told you about the tragic death of kyle plusback in april. the teenager called 911 twice when he waped in a minivan and died after first responders found him. -- first responders failed to find him. his pants are making a plea to 911 to fix the systems so no one feels the pain they have. they spoke with our blake mccoy. >> kyle, if you kyt , he was an unforgettable kid. >> reporter: it's been four months since jill and ron plush st their 16-year-old son, kyle, he died trapped in aar after calling 911. >> help, help, help. i'm stuck in my van outside the seven hills parking lot. >> the seven hills what parking lot? >> he called the one entity that he knew would be able to help him. >> reporter: kyle was pinned by e third row seat of his minivan while reaching for tennis
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gear, using siri to call 911 twice. but dispatchers had trouble hearing him and patrol officers couldn't find him. unable to breathe, he died waiting. i probablyon't have much time left. so tell my mom that i love her if i die. >> reporter: you still haven't listened to the 911 call that kyle made? >> no. kyle and i were very close. we went throh a lot together. it's really hard to -- it's hard to go on every day without him. >> reporter: jill and ron are now turning their anguish into action, starting the kyle plush answer the call foundation, advocating for 1 upgrades to systems across the country. >> the 911 system is about 50 years old. >> reporter: new technology, better training and something called smart 911. anyone can sign up online for free and provide information to help dispatchers, like medical conditions, car, make and model and emergency
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contacts. kyle's death has pushed cincinnati to upgrade its >> i think he's looking down on us and i think he's very proud of what we are doing. >> reporter: making sure hwip find others in time. blake mccoy, nbc news, cincinnati. a follow-up now to our top story last nht after dozens were shot in chicago this past weekend and 12 were killed. police there are beefing up patrols, adding more than 4 ficers to the west and es, ands increasing by 600 on the weekends. some officers will have to work h mors, others will have their days off canceled. we've been hearing for years now some day soo self-driving cars will change the way we get around. is w report out today raising safety concerns about vehicles with automated assist features iluding the autopilot function already available on some newer models. gabe gutierrez with the alert. >> reporter: earlier this year,
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this tesla crashed into a highway divider in califoia, lling the driver, another slammed into a parked fire truck in utah. both had the autopilot featur on. today, in a new report, the insurance institute forighway safety said the system may not stop steered vehicles and may a lead you intash if you're not careful. >> if you get the impression you can let the system do the driving for you, you could find yourself in trouble. >> reporter: five car models re tested. mercedes, bmw a volvo included. on a track, the group found two of the teslas, model s 3, hit a stationary balloon when they had adaptive cruise control on. they tested all the vehicles but tesla's model 3 failed to stop cars ahead of them. ey did not return our request for comment. but this bmw dealership did invite us into the showroom and stressed driver assistance technology is only an
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added layer of safety. >> reporter: should people rely on these features? >> absolutely not. a situation a driver needs to remain engaged. e no substitute for human on the road. >> reporaying driverless features aren't worth it. yet. >> i think it's kind of aba hald idea and people are trusting it a little bit too much. >> reporter: the insurance institute says its findings reinforc the idea of the technology on the road. still ahead tonight, the mini mogul taking over the toy aisle of the world's largest retailer. how he made $11 million last year and is only 6. a share, dangerous encounter at sea caught on camera. stay with us. care, my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. and, now there's new crest gum & enamel repair. it gives you clinically proven healthier gums
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needles. fine for some things. but for you, one pill a day may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". so at an age when most kids are learningw add and subtract, this 6-year-old boy is busy multiplying his millions. he already a toy tycoon with a huge following on social media. now, he's going into business with a chain every shopper knows.
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business correspondent, jo ling kent has his incredible story. >> reporter: the world's biggest retailer is turning to a 6-year-old named ryan for help. the popular toy reviewing youtube star of ryan'world, with his parents showing off the new line of toys he's created for walmart. the company trying to take advantage of his ar 1 billion monthly video views that generate an estimated $11 million a year, making the first grader the on youngest per forbes list of highest paid youtube stars and ihe latest social mediluencer jumping from their own pages into the retail world. >> when it comes to youtube in particular,hi i the retail brands are targeting the younger generation because au generation becse they see them as being relatable and slight aspirational and consider a
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trusted resource. >> reporter: recently, an instagramta will sell for nordstrom with the golden retriever with 3700 stagram followers. >> a lot of people are interested in the gear i'm using in my pictures. >> reporter: 40% purchased after seeing it on social media. 70% of 18-34 year-olds would rather buy a product endorsed by a non-celebrity. >> kohl's and target are pursuing the same strategy. so far, it seems to working. some of ryan's new toys at walmart have already sold out. lester.f some oryan's new toys at walmart have already sold >> thanks. coming up. it's off the market. we'll tell you who won the bidding w for a beloved piece of tv history. and the alzheimer's association is going to maket happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers.
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bargained for when a shark mped up at him. a tourist hot spot this summer. the secret bidder of been revealed the brady house in los angeles, hgtv. they announced it w hgtv. lance bass thought he was the winning bidder before hgtv's bid was accepted. they will restore it to its previous glory. how's that for a renovation. wasn't mike brady an architect as i recall? we're going on a treasure hunt for the world's longest yard sale. alice is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with hormone receptor-positive
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find at this annual summer tradition. the world's longest yard sale, 700 epic miles of deals stretching through six states. night, we're hitting the road with some expert treasure hunters in our nightly snapshot. >> reporter: if the walls in their california house could talk, they'd have a lot to say. this is a really interesting map of kentucky. >> this is old linens from a sale. >> reporter: nrly every item displayed in their w ho purchased at the world's longest yard sale. >> this is where mason jars go to die and pie racks, forever forever and ever. >> they've gone every year for 12 years, this year from santa ana to chattanooga. every summer for four days along highway 127, from michigan to alabama, people are selling and searching for vintage treasures. >> we meet people from california, florida, ohio, michigan, oregon, washingt>>. 700 miles of thverything you
7:28 pm
can ink of from silverware to rustic tines. billiard balls. >> you see stuff you grew up with and say, i have to have that. for some reason you haveo have it. >> 30 years ago the sales started toco age people to take detours and visital l towns they'd never dream of visiting. >> we meet people from california, florida, ohio, michigan, oregon, washington. >> 700 miles of everythi can think of from silverware to rustic tines. to billiard balls. wi> you see stuff you grew u and say, i have to have that. for some reason you have to have it. >> not just what you can fiin your trunk. the sale started 30 years ago to encourage people to take detours in small 0 towns they >> for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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lights, camera, caccess. >>heers. >> breakfast with "bachelorette" becca and fiance garrett. was it this chrisarley impression that won her over? >> i went on "the bachelorette" to meet a beautiful and go on one hell of an


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