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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 9, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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for you ♪ ♪ and everything secretly recorded tapes of the house intelligence chairman reveals why the gop may not be publicly pushing for the impeachment of the deputy attorney general. we'll have details ahead. >> training cldren to commit school shootings. the latest disturbing charge coming out of that new mexico compound and thets five ad responsible. >> a new york congressman is facing charges of insider tradingnd lying to the feds all in an effort to save those involved over three quarters of a million dollars. >> space force, get ready for new details on america's newest military branch that will soon take on the universe. and are you game for the grid iron burger challenge lookt that thing. 7 unds and it's not for the faint of heart. "early today" starts right n.d
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>> g thursday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. we begin this morning with breaking new overnight. what police are calling an act of senseless violence in philadelphia. a gunman killed two people and injured four others in a drive-by. shooti the suspect here is still at large. police say the suspect inside a light colored mini van fired at six people standing on a street corner, firing at lst 11 shots using what appeared to be a hig calibeapon, possibly a rifle. >> the victims were rushed to the hospital. one is in critical condition. police are continuing their arch for the gunman as an investigation is underway. a motive remains unknown at this time. >> also breaking just a fs ho ago, another powerful earthquake in i indonesia threatening more homes and lives in an area that is already devastated by a massive quakeea ier this week. early this morning a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rumbled t island of lombok causing several buildings to collapse. the area is still recovering fr last sunday's 6.9 mag ktude
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quake tilled at least 227 people according to the associated press. >> shocking new revelations are emerging from that squal make ship compound in new mexico. the authorities say the children found there were being trained to carry out school shootings. authorities found the 1 starving children there friday and later the remains of another child. five adultsave been charged with felony child abuse as investigators scramble to further ukavel this d mystery. nbc's gadi schwartz has the latest details. >> reporter: in the desert of new mexico,at allns so disturbing they're difficult to believe. >>hese kids they were keeping here that never even came out. >> reporter: in court the five d adults believeo be the parents of the 11 children rescued from filth and starvation in this new mexico compound. court documents allege the children were being trained with assault weapons to commit sool ootings. >> there was a shooting range built on the west side of the propr:ty. >> reporhe sheriff describing the suspects as muslim extremists. reports suggesting the may
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somehow be related to a controversial faith leader in brooklyn who has been linked to the 1993 world trade center itmbings. auths say a secret message sent from inside the compound led them to the kids. eenote saying, we are starving. investigators had searching for a 3-year-old boy named abdul gani wahaj believed to be kidnapped by his father. court documents sayg the father wanted to perform an kper sizz many on the child. they found an arsenal of loaded firearms and 11 emaciated children age 3 to 15. 3-year-old.abdul the during interviews they were told about a small body in a tunnel or toilet room in the compound. >> we discovere his remains yesterday o his birthday. >> a horrificisvery with new chilling details growing more alarming by the day.di schwartz, nbc news. >> a newly uncovered secret recording revealing a page from
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one republican's play book. in an exclusive clip obtained by msnbc's the rachel maddow show, california congressman devin nunes talking about why hard line conservatives dropped theit bi impeach deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. nunes, wse chairs the h intelligence committee and is an ardent supporter of president trump made the statement during a republican fund-raiser in spokan washington in the the end of july. it was recorded by a progressive member who attended the event. nunes says they the impeachment push on hold because of then supreme court nominat of brett kavanagh. >> the senate would have to start -- t senate would have to drop everything they're doin- and start to start with impeachment of rosenstein and then take the risk of not getting -- not getting kavanagh confirmed. so it's not a matter of -- it's matter of timing.
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>> that isn't the only part of the exclusive tape making headlines this morning. the congressman als a spokeut why republicans need to maintain the majority in the midterm eltions, saying it's essential to protecting president trump from any legal scrutiny that may arise from the investigation in a russian ection meddling. >> so therein lies what looks like your classic catchhe2 situation -- it puts us in such a tough spot. if sessions won't unrecuse, mueller won't -- we're the only ones, which is really the danger. that's why -- i mean, we he keep all these things. we have to kee the majority. if we do not keep the majoritgo all of thi away. >> congressman nunes did not respond to msnbc's calls for comment. >> a new york congressman is promising a legal fight after he was indicted on insider trading charges. representative chris collins
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pleaded not guilty and was released on $500,000 bail. oo says he'sng forward to being fully vindicated. >> the charges that have been levied against me are meritless and i will mount a vigorous nse in court to clear my name. >> house demedrats sla collins who is up for reelection. minority leader nancy pelosica said the ame people deserve better than the gop'sco uption, cronyism, and incompetence. nate mcmry said thewamp is alive and well in washington, d.c. nbc's stephanie gosk has mor >> on the evening of june 22nd -- >> reporter: u.s. attorney laid out time lines and phone records, proof he says that republican congressman christopher collinsew of n york is guilty of insider tradi f and lying tobi. >> cgressman collins acted as if the law didn'tpp to him. >> reporter: collins, his son cameron, and his son's future
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father-in-law steven zarski face 13 criminal counts altogether including securities fraud and false statements to investigators. the crimes revolve around the lian pharmaceutical company innate. according to the indictment on june 22nd last year, innate's ceo informed his board of directors, inclung collins, that the company's critical drug trial had failed. news that was not yetpublic. congressman collins was at a picnic at the white housete and mi after getting the news according to prosecutors, collins calledis son to tell him, breaking federal law. cameron collins m ted quick save his money. >> he sold stock based on thatd in information and he also took that illegal inside information and tipped others. >> reporter: days later, the stock would plummet. according to the indictment, the insider trading allegedly saved the defendants and others over three quarters of a million
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dollars. all three pleaded not tilty, whil congressman's attorneys pointed out in a statement that their client did not benefit co says he's going to stay in office and run for reelection in november. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. thank you. >> south carolina police say a whitean who sped through a stop sign and was slurring her words allegedly cited her race and intelligence as a reason why shhouldn't be arrested. after racing past a stop sign at 60 miles perffour in b ton, south carolina, police say 32-year-old lauren cut shaw told therresting officer she shouldn't be jailed because she's, quote, a very clean, thoroughbred white girl. according to the police report, cut shaw a egedly pushe further saying, quote, you're a cop. you should know what that means. authorities say a breathalizer test showed her alcohol level at .18%. that's over double the legal limit. police jailed the real estate agent onultiple charges including drunk driving, speeding and marijuana possession.
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>> a 51-year-old man is behind barsitn connection starting a 6200 acre wildfire in california. police have taken a forest gordon clark into custody on suspicion of arson accused of igniting the massive holy flyer through the national forest advancing into riverside county. according to jail records clark is being held on $1 million bond and is expected to appear in atcourt today. police didn't comment on the specifics that led to clark's b arrest, say witness statements and physical findings at the scene led them to believe it was crk who ignited the flames. officials say the raging inferno is only 5 contained. >> incredible images after mud and rocks went flying through the air during eruption in switzerland, swiss media reported strong rainstorms hit the the river of mud from the swiss alps gushed down a mountain stream before striking local villages. the mud can be seen rushing past homes and overtaking streets. it destroyed several road signs. vehicles wtee repdly hit by the debris, but there were no
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injuries. video on social media also showed the flow of mud spewing onto a bridge as mwee mud spt beneath it. on lookers watching from that bridge could be heard frantically shouting and telling each other to watch out. >> nbc meteorologist bill karins. we hav't had any hurricanes -- >> ah, ah -- >> what i saying is, still mother nature is letting her be known with all the things we're seeing. >> obviously everyone has a camera, too, we get to see so much of it before we would have never heard of it, didn't know it was happening. we have thunderstorms rolling through new york city overnight. we're watching those on the north shore of long island. everything is quieted down a little bit. areas of the south still numerous showe and thunderstorms especially west texas and areas just south of little rock. so for today, c thisd front, this boundary will slowly be sliding into the us showers and storms from jackson to atlanta, new england should be clearing it out today forry day. slightly lower humidity levels, too. and unfortunately on friday, we'r going to remain with that chance of storms all through the
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deep south. that's a look at the bther story of the day. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. so, it looks a lot worse th it's going to be. typical summertime hit and miss showers and thunderstorms, a lot of the day will be dry. it will be sunny and it will be hot. this afternoon will kick additional storms off.ta about hot today, san antonio getting close to 100 degrees. and so the weekend forecast unfounately going to see more wet weather on the east coast. >> broke it to u at ast. we've been warned, bill. thanks. there was an umpire last night at the yankees white sox h game got quite an earful. it's not what you might think. take a look. the second base official was caught pulling a live moth from his r. yeah. he got a little help with tweezers. he finally got the buzzi in his ear to stop. the little pest was eventually set free, but oh, mygoodness, can you imagine that? you're wondering, what is that? what is that? he never expected a live moth. > he did it himself with tweezers, amazing.
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leading the news, vice-predent mike pence is headed to the pentagon today to reveal plands for the president'sropofol posed space force. white house officials tell nbc news penceill discuss t next steps forward in the formation of the new military branch which will be the first in more than 70 years. here to talk about it with is nbc's nick ee carbahol. good morning, nick ee. >>ood morning, phillip. we want to hear what a space force could look like. that's what we'll hear when the vice-president pence saks at thepentagon. we should get a report from the pentagon about that as well. if you'll recall, thisas not been without controversy. some critics say it could harm petieful space exploraon and within the military some say it just adds another level of bureauacy and a lot of what a space force could cover is already covered by the air
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force. today -- in the past several ryys defense secre james mattis has been down playing some of that controversy. here's what he had to say. >> we are in complete alignment with the president's conce about protecting our assets in space that contribute to our security, for our economy. er are going to have to address it as o countries show a capability to aack. >> reporter: so not quite a glowing endorsement, but ulmately congress willave the final say in whether or not a space force happens. >> and we will see if the president gets the martians to pay for it. thank you. >> they are slapping strict new sanctions on russia. once implemented it would cut off hundreds of mflz illions o dollars in russian exports. it comes after the lethal nerve agt used to kill spies.
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president trump and his team getting tough with mueller about a possible interview. nbc's peter alexander has the details. >> reporter: from president trump a stiff punishment. new usvankss fsia's poisoning of an ex-spy and his daughter in prit an last march. followinge fie criticism and embrace and relentless what he branded -- >> the witch hunt. >> reporter: he aued his administration has cracked down on moscow. >> i have been far tougher on ssia than any president in many, many years. maybe ever. >> reporter: the new sanctions likely to cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in exports of sensitive national security equipment to russia. according to a senior state department official. a second more paful wave could ground russia's national airline from entering the u.s. if tremlin doesn't demonstrate it won't use chemical weapons again and refusespen-site iions by the u.n. conditions uely to be met. russia has denied any
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involvement in the u.k. poisonings. pressure, some from top itical republicans, to unleash the penalties after blowing past a congressional deadline be to take action. all of it coming as mr. trump's lawyers formally rejected r special counsert mueller's latest proposal for a presidential interview, pushing for a narrower range of questions in the russia investigation. rudy giuliani telling nbc news there is room to negotiate, while calling for t inqui to end. >> we do not want to run into the november elections. so you back up from that. this should be over with by september 1st. >> reporter: rudy giuliani tells nbc news his position remains that questioning the president about possible obstruction of justice is off. limi among the questions now is robert mueller open to morego ations or will he subpoena the president? frances? >> all right, peteralexander, thank you. >> all right. this you have got to see. it's cald a grid iron burger and it's 7 pounds. there is a big pay out, too, for
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the second unite the rig rally is a few days away but lawmakers in virginia have already declared a state of emergency as police in d.c. work on plan for everyone's safety. a traffic stop in
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st. goerges county turns into a shooting and the driver escapes. and left to find what's left for one of the administration's 4 itiatives, space force. >> announcer: "neday" starts now. it is 4:00 a.m., good morning, everybody, aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us for "news4 today." the rain has moved out a of the ar it starts to wind down, how do you like that? >> yes, melissa mollet is here to talk about the commute this morning. >> yes. that'shy aaron got tongue-tied. >> i just didn't kno what to say when i saw you. >> it comes with emotion. >> is that what it is? >> it's like he's never coming back. >> you surprised everybody. >> that's right. i ran out of vacation days in the


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