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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 23, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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and came forward. >> those seven men in custody now. police tell us there are still three men out there on the loose. our scott macfarlane at the live desk with the breaking andbi dist details. scott? >> good afternoon, leon and jim. we or told it began when ama le passenger saw a man committing a lewd act and took his picture. it tirns out he was wanted for committing other sex crimes on metro trains.ol last nighte say they caught him. >> he was at the pot manning avenue metro station yesterday, had someone doing a lewd act, exposing himself. we got the information and with the hel of the public we were able to locate the person within surs and make an arrest. >> metros last night's arrest is the schgt arrest for indent exposure. they're looking for at least three more suspects wanted for reported sex crimes. news 4's christ gordon has details coming up on news 4 at 5:00. for now, back to you.
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>> thank you, scott. a 7-month-old baby missing for three days out of northeast d.c. has been found safe. police say the mother reported the baby missing after the woman she asked to watch the baby never returned the boy. as police searched for the baby and forthomas, investigators learned the babe by was actually safe at the police station. we're working right now to find out more information about what exactlhappened there. now to presidential poll techs and a potential new problem for trz. yahoo! news just reported a bill that would have significantly bolstered the nation's defenses against election interference has been held up in the senate at the behest of the white house. amhe provisions, it mandates every state conduct an audit after a federal election n. a statement to yoo news, a
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white house spokesperson said the department of homelan security has all the authority it neighborhoods to help improve election security. clayton alexander is standing by with more on today's developments. >> reporter: that's something to certainly have lot of people talking on capitol hill. another thing people are talking about on the hill, michael cohen, the president's former attorney and fixer making it clearine's spe out. now it appears another one o of the president's long-time confidants might be ready to join us. today another trump associate apparently ready to talk. nbc news confirmed "national enquirer" publisher david pecker has beenranted immunity by prosecutors in the michael cohen case. that means f he'sree to tell what he knows about a hush money payment to karen mcdougal. cohen admitted he paid money through pecker's company at the direction ofandidate trump. the president complaining to fox news about his former attorney taking a deal.
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>> it's called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal. >> i don't know how you can beat somebody who has doneat g job. i'll tell you what. if i ever got impeached, i think the market would crash. >> for michaelcohen, today a warm welcome from some in new york. some lawmakers want to welcome him to capteol hill to ify. > we want to bring him in t our committee so that's can tell us what the president knew, when he knew it. >> this comes as the president is further escalating tensions with his own attorney jgeneral. >> jeff sessions never took control of the justice department. >> sessions saying he took control the day he was sworn in and his department will not be improperly influenced byca poli considerations. >> reporter: the president was also asked how he would gre reresponse so far. his answer, a plus. back to you. >> blayne alexander, thanks so much.
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well, right now traffic is back to normal on the beltway in prince george's county, but check this out. if you took it toork this morning, maybe you got caught in this traffic mess caused by truck crash. >> nooer allentown road, prince george r county fire andcue officials tell us two people were taken to the hospital. >> onenerson listed i serious condition right now. the other in critical. >> aca s seen on i-395 around noon, d.c. firefighters returned to the scene after an suv caught fire near the c streetst e in southwest. fights say no one was injured, but it's not clear exactly what caused this suv to catch fire. >> chopper 4 also over the scene of a ddly construction accident at the height school in potomac. mo rgomery countycue officials say crewser w lowering this portable structure when he became trapped. he died as crews worked to scue him. we're still working to learn
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more about h exactlyow it happened or what typ of safety asures were in place. budding football player, a 10-year-old child, a loving father, just some of the youngest faces in a growing trend of gun violence in d.c. that trend reached a dubious milestone last night, 100 homicides so far this year, up significantly from last year. news 4's meagan fitzgerald talked with some of those closest to the problem, the families of these victims.
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you don't want to bury your child. >> on july 16th, she realized she'd have to buryr- 10-yd daughter ma kaya, killed outside of her homeer while on way to get ice cream. >> how i feel is beyond words. it's unbearable. >> the pane is indescribable. mayor bowser and councilman mcduffy say they're doing what they can to stop t violence by providing resources, jobs and opportunities to people who need it most. or >> we'ved really hard with the office of neighborhood safety and engagement to bring resources to the areas where we're seeing some of the highess raf gun violence. >> the city says their plan is working and grieving parts and loved ones say they're counting on it. reporting in the district, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. now to the growing dangers in the tropics. you're looking live a hawaii's big island on your left there.
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you can see palm trees blowing inndhe already kicked up by what could be the strongest hurricane to impact the island in a quarter century. >> on the right of your screen you see a loop ofheystem on satellite and radar which is currently a category 4. expected to weaken quickly. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. folks should expect up to 30 inches of rain in some spots? >> exactly. that's going to be the biggesth issue w hurricane lane, the amount of rain it's dropping on hawaii. here is the latest radar image with satellite. almost all the islands getting at least som rainfall from this hurricane. now a category 4 hurricane. the good news, it'sxpected to weaken quick lip over the next day or so. maximum stained winds at 130 miles an hour, moving northwest at about seven miles an hour. here it is, early friday morning in hawaii,till max winds at 110. it is downgraded to a category
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two. then it mak thankfully this nice west early turn. we're not expecting necessarily landfall, but that doesn't really matter. when we don't get landfall, we're not aor muched about the winds, still it doesn't matter because of the amount of rain this storm system is dropping on parts of hawaii is going to lead to big flooding issues. storm surges going to create a lot of damage there into the meekend. back at we're at 79 degrees. it's gorgeous out there. by 9:0 p.m. around 72. jim, how long does this awesome weather last? i'll break it down coming up in y full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> we could get used to this. thanks so much. new pictures show the damage that tuesday's heavy rains did to a school in northeast d.c. the damage a little inconvenient for students and their parents stil that's becau students can't go to class at eliot-line middle school. instead buses are shuttling to the garnet patterson middle school. this will happen through at
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least tomorrow. parents can pick up their kids and drop them off directlyt garnet patterson. new informion on the death a college student from iowa. llie tibbetts' body was found in a corn field. 24-year-old cristhian rivera has been charged if her death, accused of illegally living and working in the u.s. on fraudulent docu'snts. charged with first degree murder. >> tiets' story is raising safety concerns for a lot of women who run. in fact, 30% of women surveyed by runners world in 2016 said they've beenollowed by someone in a car on foot or while on a bike. nearly 60% of women under 30 say they experience harassment on runs. safety experts tell us be proactive and protect yourself. always tell somebody where you're going and how long you'll
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out there. use a tracking app like find my friends t share location information. when it comes to those listening music devices and buds -- >> listening to music you need to be running and doing this, what's going on around me? who is around me? is somebody coming up behind >> experts say running in heavily populated and well-lit areas will also deter someone from sneaking up on u. how about getting rid of the buds altogether? >> it's a weirdy. dichot you've got that as an issue, but so much help available to you dej tally with all the apps able to track you. >> we saw then victim iowa, she had a phone. that's frightening in and of itself, too. 30%, what a huge number of women who say they've been followed. that's frightening. >> creepy. ohio state has suspended footba coach urban meyer for his handling of domestic abuse allegation a >> it has lot of folks talking on social media. what did meyer know and when
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e of his former assistant lving coaches? the findings of two-week investigation. >> the next time you travel internationally, you may notice new security measures in placof ficials say they've already interceptedmpters trying to enter the country. the first day of loudoun county coming with big changes for the youngest of
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utteppingde today feels a bit like fall. that humidity is coming back. amelia will have the heat in t foreca forecast. ohio sta university has suspended coach urban meyer for what he did or failed to do after an assistant coach was accuse of domestic violence. a lot of people feel the university did not go fargh en >> i want to apologize to buckeye nation. i fl load my heard, not my head. >> a coach benched for the first three games of the season. >> at each jun gure ie zach smith the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: at the center of the ohio state university investigation, how urban meyer
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handled claims o domestic assault against formernt assis coach zach smith in 2015. and this response q to astion at media day last month. >> i never had anyio conversatn about it, so i know about it. >> reporter: but days later, the situation snowballed when zach smith's ex-wife courtney told smith add assaulted her multiple times, even claiming she had shared photos of her injuries with urban meyer's wife though never charged, coach meyer fired zach smith. it led to the suspensions of both the head coach and athletic director. >> he did fail t take sufficient management action. >> reporter: swift reaction fbum ckeye fans online voicingor supp while others say the punishment is just a slap on the brift for one of the most
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popular and successful coaches in college football. wendy wool folk, nbc news. an nsa contractor who leaked a classified document to the news media will spend the five years behind bars. her name reality winter. she learned today herdu fate ng a sentencing hearing in georgia. the -year-old was charged last year with copying a classified u.s. report and mailing it to an unnamed news organization winner pleaded guilty back in june and apologized in court. this is the longest sentence ever given for a federal crime t involving lea the media. one of our nation's most iconic bdges isn bad shape, and in a couple weeks, the memorial bridge is going to shut down for one full week end. this closure is not only goi affect cars, cyclists and pedestrians, but boaters as well. the bridge will close at 7:00 p.m. on friday, september 14th, and it will stay closed until 5:00 a.m. the following monday.
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crews are going to move barges onto the river and lower support beams into the river. e entire project is going to replace the bridge deck. it's t expected take some 2 1/2 years. >> well, as they say, summer ain't over yet, folks. there are still plenty of things to do outside and enjoy ts grea weather. that includes the maryland state fair. the fair opens iness than an hour at 5:00 tonight in baltimore county, right outside of towson. there are rides, games, plenty of great food or bad food, however you want to look at it. tickets are ten bucks for adults, five bucks for kids. anyone under five gets in free. >> of course everybody wants to outside and eat something fried on a stick in weather like this. >> oh, yes. in our weather meeting today we were talking about the story we have coming into weather at this time. laura and were like, we want a corn dog. >> funnel cakes. >> sounds amazing. ngat's also ama is the
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weather today. >> fantastic. >> fantastic. that's the perfe word forit. we're looking at another great day tomorrow. we'll start off comfortable. it's warm during the afternoon. those humidity levels nice and low. check this out, the raging water at great falls. these are live views from our opper camera. we're getting a break from the rain. ar to date this is theixth wettest year on record. also jim and leon, have you been noticing more dragonflies i've noticed them when i've been running. i posted why on my facebook page. you can head there and check it out. gorgeous again tomorrow. we're looking a a fantastic weekend. it's hot, feeling like summer and that's appropriate because it's kind of the last unofficial weekend of summer out there with a lot of kids heading back to school on monday. then it's hot andid h next week. we're not done with the 90s just yet. currently temperatures coming in around 80 degrees.
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at 79 in washington, 81 in fedrick and 79 right now in culpeper with plenty of sunshine out there. here isinomorrow mo 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m., temperatures from the mid 50s, winchester at 5 to 65 here in washington. really comfortable. another great morning to walk or bike to work. walk the kids to school, just fantastic out there. windows-open kind weather tonight. beautiful at the bus stop. nice for recess tomorrow with the temperature aroun 80 degrees at that point. pickup, we have sunny skies and a temre of 85 degrees tomorrow. a touch warmer than today, but overall is going to a fabulous friday out there. here is why, too. the hidity levels remaining nice and comfortable. in fact, we keep low humidity around through saturday. on sunday, it does start to feea little humid out there. and next week it's openessive. ou factor the heat and humidity trog, it's going to feel about 10 degrees almost every day out there during the
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afternoon hours. wave re tracking a heat for sure next week. saturday, though, back here at r 85 degrees a high. sunday it's hot with a high around 90. it's humid again on monday. that's when the mugginess moves back in with a high of 9 degrees. here is your forecast, your ten-day forecast on tuesday, mid 90s. again, feeling more like 100. 95 owednesday. this is new from yesterday. now it looks like chance for afternoon thunderstorms out there, kind of the popcorn hit-and-missrs thunrms thursday, friday and saturday of next week. that's going to help to keeat or tempes a little cooler. not going to be as bad out there becaus we'll have more clouds and a few thunderstorms to cool things down. this weekend, labor dayd. week right now sunday not looking too bad and we'll work on improving that chance for thunderstorms on saturday. >> there's time for that. from dragonflying to flying fish. did you know kwish like to sky dive. utah wildlife officials sent
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this video today, they are literally catapulting schools of fish out of a airplane there to stock high mountain lakes. >> crazy. a thency says it transported theby fisround takes a lot longer and is morstressful. because the fish are so small, most can survive the drop. they say the survival rate is between 95 and >> what about the survival rate in the guy in the boat below? >> absolutely getting hammered by fish. >> if'm lying may god strike me right now with a fish the my goodness. ben affleck and jennifer garner back together if. >> not exactly. but the two were spotted together in a car where they were heading next in your hollywood headlines. ea speeding our children. the news 4 i-team uncovers an alarming number of traffic violations and crashes ns.r our school
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(announcer) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspowhn invitation to discoveyou really are. come up for air. asheville. discovery, inside and out.
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ben affleck going back to rehab. >> it was his ex jennifer garner who staged the intervention to get him some help. that tops today's big stories
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out of hollywood. sources tell e news h affleck been drinking since monday. garner picked him up at his home nd l.a. a took him in yesterday. affleck has long struggled with alcohol. he went to rehab back in 2017 and t vowed stop drinking. gar nr and affleck have three children togeer. aerosmith rocker stephen tyler fed up with the songs being used during political rallies. president trump used several of his songs earlier thi week. tyler's attorney sent out a cease and desist rally saying the use of the songs gives a false impression that tyler is endorsing the president. tyler insists it's not about politics. he says he doesn't allow anyone to use his songs without permission. we're learning more details about aretha than franklin's funeral. h representing h song freeway of love. expected performers include
4:26 pm
stevie wonder, jennifer huon, yolanda adams and jennifer holiday. her funeral is set for august 31st. >> you think that will have hig? rati going to be amazing. now to a different celebrity, this one celearating rs in d. v. talkin about ben's chili bowl. w thisk marks six decades sense the landmark u street cation opened. >> it's beginning to feel like a part ofhistory. from my parents' beginning here, it was we're just to serve the people. >> the gext time you by there, you may notice the new street seens, rev represented jesse jackson and mediaogul kathy hughes have their spot on the famous mural. >> i was down there yesterday fohe celebration. the line was wrapped around the counter twice. we keep s that video. i'm still craving a half smoke.
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>> did you get yours? >> i couldn't. to work get >> getting you ready for school, of course. ly after years as the only public school district in thein region not og universal full-day kind gar dn, lolyoun county has fin caught up with the times. david culver is there for the we'll explain how new technology being tested at air importance has helped officials capture an i'm poster trying to capture an i'm poster trying to
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some of loudoun county's youngest students may be getting home a little tired right about now. the school system officially started full-day kindergarten countywide. david culver was at ashburn's mill runme eleary as the staff prepared for theird exten school day. >> reporter: a big welcome back for students in loudoun county. teachers and staff, their summer is overs students, t is the reality of class. there's excitement that comes with the first day of school and changes here in loudoun county.e [ ringing ]. >> reporter: you hear that? that's the bell. the youngest of students will be there from the start of school to the very end.fu ll day kindergarten in loudoun county. >> we're essentially doubling our students' educational experience. it's going to set the tone for
4:31 pm
our students as they move into the rest of their educational yareer. >> reporter: not ore they feeling the excitement here of the first day of school, but they're also a issuing caution, especially for those of you who live and work here in loudoun i'm going to walk you through some of the changes and some of the things they want you to prepared for as students head back to class. in ashburn, david cuer, news 4. >> as the kids head back to class, a news 4 i-team investigates a rising number of traffic veelgss and crashes near our schools. >> we can't report this enough. that includes people speeding near scott lane has more. >> we found nearly 600 crashes in school zones in fairfaxco ty alone since 2015. about 200 each in loudown and
4:32 pm
presence william county. itan include speeding, distracted driving or reckless driving. we found hundreds of cases in montmery and prorj county since 2015. hundredsf speeding violations in d.c. the mother of a girl hit and killed w to seneca valley high in 2012 told the i-team driefs have to be more cautious. >> you have to pay close attention, be aware of your surroundings. we've still got a whole -- a go >> loejal legislators proposed new laws to make school zones safer. in virginia speed limits, in maryland, as blem considering an order that every school board impose a safety review. the u.s.paducation rtment is trying to clarify a reporthat it may allow states to useun federal to guy guns for teachers.
4:33 pm
nbc news has learned the departmehe did look into possibility. they were responding to a qu texas and oklahoma. those states were wondering if stent and academic enrichment grants could be used to purchase firearms. those grants don't specifically outlaw firearm purchases. the education department is considering allowing secretary betsy devos tose her discretion. no decision is 'em nant. new developments on the sexual assault claims made against azia argento. jimmy benefnett says he was too ashamed to say anythita. in ament he says, at the time there was still a stigma to be in the situation as a male in our society. didn't think that people would understand the event that took place from the eyes of a teenage boy. nnett claims argento assaulted him in 2013. he was 17. she was 37 at the
4:34 pm
nto says the allegations are absolutely else. p francis will arrive in ireland as the church continues to grapple with that growing sex abuse scandal. nearly 80% of the country is catholic, but the church has faasd a bac because of recent sex abuse reports. they've detailed tens of thousands of children who suffered a wide range of abuses many catholics say the church turned a blind eyend showed its hypocrisy. pope francis plans to visit wit victims during his visit. in dub len,s ne prepari preparing communion wafers ahead of the pope's visit. the breads a only mad of flower and water. they're sheeted and cut before being stored. this is the first visit by a ipe toland in nearly 40 years. o closer home now, we want
4:35 pm
to givura shout-out to own angie goff. >> she was honored last night with the media innovator award at the salute her beauty and diversity awards that recognize women of diversity. >> the sipped kated radio show cafe mocha hosted the event. way to go, angie. >> i think we need to tweet or en sta graham her congrats. heat's all she responds to. >> i bet did that all last night. >> you know she did. good for her. rightai now is lashing hawaii's big island. hurricane lanehr teatening to be the first hurricane t make landfall on the island in decades. >> it's a far different story in our area. hi, lauren. >> you can see i've got the sunsne coming down. it's beautiful out here. low humidity. humidity coming back. one thing you can't see, the pollen. we'll be talking about the
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poll that's coming up in
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we've got breaking news. check this o on the bw parkway. right now live pictures fromr choppe 4. the southbound lanes are closed. a multivehicle accident there. this is at 410 r orerdale road. you can see those southbound lanes are closed and tffic is backed up we understand it at least a mile. all this happenit at the hei of rush hour. we're going to stay in touch with chopper 4 and find out what's behind it. no word so far of any injuries. >> from lane closureshere to store closures across the country. dozens more sears and kmart stores slated t close this november. 46 in all. the closuresome as a result of declining sales. the company calls it a critical component in its retail baansformation. in may, the company announced 100 store closures. this latest rou includes
4:40 pm
locations across the u.s. fair oaks mall is the only local store that made theli . liquidation sales are set to begin next >>week. new details ahead of the 2020 summer olympic games in tokyo. the international olympic committee president says the games will focus more on women and will take place in the heart of the city. >> tokyo promises to be more urban, moree fem and much younger than the programs before, and this is indeed great progress by having an urban nter. >> the committee says the games will see the highest number of women competing at ans olymp ever. whether it's going through customs or boarding s, your facel flig is now becoming your boarding pass and your id. >> if it makes it faster, i'd be
4:41 pm
ppy. the facial recognition technology tested at reagan international airport, but does it work? officials say yes, it does and there's been proof. we've been holding our eath all sum long. will it or will it not rain on the weekend. storm team 4 willow tell you h to prepare for this upcoming weekend. idris elba was asked if he was going to be the next james bond. on s pdtty directly no. what do george c and dwayne johnson have in common, they are both the top of the forbes highest paid actors in hollywood list. robert downey junior chris hemsworth and jackie chan round out the top five. nickonas in town for a concert after the nats game benefiting strikeout slavery whichenefits human trafficking. his band taking over the spot in
4:42 pm
georgetown andur spies tell us he stopped by clyde's as
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4:45 pm
four thungs tonow if you're just joining us. metro says it's arrested the seventh person thisonth for committing lewd acts on the rails. the latest arrest came last night aft a womanofook a pictur a man in the act.e metro polic say they're looking for at least three more suspects. christ gordon hasore on that coming up at 5:00. a dubious milestone for the district. the city dealing with its 100th homicide. last year at this time there were just over 70 homicides. the city says it's working hardw to crack dn on violent crimes and is making progress in that effort. mixed reaction after ohio state university decided to suspend urban meyer for three games without pay. he's been criticized after not
4:46 pm
taking action after hearing domestic vinlence claims a once of his assistant coaches. hawaii is braci for its strongest hurricane in nearly a quarter century. right now the system is a category 4 storm. it could bring parts of the big island as as 30 inches of rain. the storm is expected to weaken. an update coming up on that soon len we check in with amelia. jim? >>e it when we can say we've got it better than hawaii. that never happens. a brand new high-tech layer of security being deployed a dulles international airport. facial recognition software is now b tng used double check the passports of arriving passengers. as our northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports, it's already identified someone trying to enter the country with somebody else's passport. >> reporter: i'm at the international arrivals area. customs and border protection started usingia the f
4:47 pm
recognition software on monday. by wednesday they snagged their first imposter here is a look at how it works. a traveler presents their passport. in.t photo is scanned then a new photo is taken and compared to the one on the passport. on wednesday the system's first bust. a mang arriv from brazil presented a french passport. but the facialn compariso software revealed the picture on it did match the one taken by the screener. when the man was pulled aside for more intee screening, he reportedly grew nervous. his real passport was found inside his shoe, showing he was from the replic ofcongo, the man not allowed to enter this country. travelers arriving at dullesay they welcome the new technology. >> sounds like it's good to. if it worked the other day, it's extra security and doesn't affect the te we're getting rough the airport, i'd be all for it. >> reporter: as for privacy
4:48 pm
concerns, n complaints among the people we spoke with. >> whatever i for thesecurity, i would support it. >> reporter: dulles airport one of 14 in uhe countryng this technology so far. julie carey, news 4. a massive shutdown on the red lean h been headaches for thousands of onriders. ly on 4, an update on the cork thatse sod many problems. wendy is in the news room with a look at what else is new coming up at 5:00. hi, wendy. >> they have uneven atforms, falling concrete. what's not to love? those are some of the problems that forced metro to st down the rhode island avenue station and part of the red lean. first on 4tonight, adam tusk gets a look at the work being done and finds out when this it'sct will be done and if going to be done on time. also, a the age of 54, this woman is not like so many other students. a ahead 5:00, the challenges that set her life off course and the program t gt ising her a chance to rebound. amy cho will bring us he story. i'll see you in a few minutes
4:49 pm
with those stories on news 4 at 5:00. >> we'll look forward to it, wendy. thank you. coming up next at 4:00, we're checking the weather. we're looking at the situation in the aloha state getting hammered. >> that radar looked pretty ugly. >> that's the thing with lane, now a category 4 hurricane, the amount of rain it's going to drop on parts of hawaii. already 18 inches reported in one area. take aing loo. here is the state of hawaii. you can see honolulu labeled there. this is lane impacting the it could make landfall. that's not the mane concern. we'remakes landfall, looking at higher wind speeds that could lead tmore damage. no matter what, this is a slow moving system that will lead to big flooding issue in parts of hawaii again, 10 to 20 inches of rain is likely, up to 30 inches is possible. we're talking about 30-foot waves. that's definitely going to cause some dama.
4:50 pm
hurricane-force winds are expected in spo tomorrow. i've posted a little bit about that on my twitter page. right now here we' at 79 degrees. barely a cloud in the sky. look at this wind diresion. this what you want insummer. wind out of the north at eight miles per hour. ulother great night out there and fs start tomorrow on your friday, finally friday. 64 degrees at 7:00 a.m. just gorgeous out there. by lunchtime, want to eat ouoors with theemperature around 80 degrees. 3:00 in the afternoon we hit our high of 85 which is pretty normal for this time of year. plenty of sunshine tomorrow night, your friday night. open up the wen doughs, fire up the grill. fabulous, 7:00.m. a temperature of 79. with all of this nice weather, w we're dealih pollen out there. with more on that, we'll send it tside tolauryn. are those mosquitos getting you? >> reporter: i was justetting ready to text you to tell you to
4:51 pm
bring bug spray out for the 5:00. the 's mosquitos all over place. i'll take it. i asked to be sent outside. it's gs out here. the pollen is up here in the d.c. area if you find yourself reaching for the claritin or som of those tissues, sneezing quite a bit, it's due to the pollen. trees are rather loth big really thing right now that we're watching,s, the we high, and mold is high. ragweed pollen is picking up right now. so again, usualhe h in may hness get a little h around here with the ragweed. so again that is running pretty high right now. and all the way through the weekend, we're going to continue to see the plen levels rise. we have no rain out there, even through the weekend, lking good. 85 for saturday, 90 on sunday. dry with plenty of sunshine. the humidity starts to creep in,
4:52 pm
but not until late saturday night. by the time we get to sunday, look at the temperaturgr. 90 s. we'll have the humidity as well. if you're headed to the beaches, my igoodness,s going to be a butte. weekend. a little cool. temperatures rightround 80. beautiful for friday, saturday and sunday. sunday at the beach as the humidity comes back as well. but we'veot the heat and humidity coming back. summer is not done with us as we head into next week. >> absolutely. next week we're talking about a real heat wave when you factor in the heat and humidity. it's feeling about 100 degrees. en over 100 degrees at least monday through wednesday. first, here is your four-day forecast, mid 80s tomorrow and saturday. hot again out there on sunday arting to feel a bit humid. it's oppressive on monday. that 94 feels more like 100. tuesday and wednesday much of the same. hot and humid, feeling like 100 or higher during the afternoon hours. thursday, friday and saturday, this is leading into labor day weekend, we could see some late
4:53 pm
day showers bring minor relief to the heat and humidity levels. bottom line, jim and le,njoy the gorgeous weather to night, on intohe weekend before the mid 90s and mugginess returns to the area. >> believe me, we will be enjoying it. , coming hurricane lane is edging closer and closer to hawaii as amelia told us, unleashing what experts say could be a potentilo fing disaster. and then coming your way at 5:00, pot for pain. could medical marijua
4:54 pm
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asheville. t.discovery, inside and ou an update from the tropics. a category 4 hur coop barreling towards hawaii's big island. these are live pilk tours from .he big isla palm trees swaying in the winds
4:57 pm
gusting up to 70 miles an hour. nbc's jay gray is in honolulu as residents are bracing for impact. >> reporter: there is a sense of urgency, anneasy tension across these normally laid back islands. >> hawaii i going to be impacted by hurricane lane. the question is how bad. >> reporter: a massive and powerful storm con vensing those who usually hang by the motto "hang loose" d to lockn neg that might break loose. >> you do n need direct strike to have major impacts from a hurricane this >>strong. eporter: evacuation centers are open, but space is limited. earlier this year atate report found less than 280,000 shelter 4paces available for the million people who live on the islands. >> just want to remindto everyo e prepared to shelter-in-place. 14ays of food and supplies and watedi mecine, other necessities that they would
4:58 pm
have. >> reporter: time to prepare is running out and supplies are running low. lines have been long at grocery stores and gas stations. streets are being blocked. mudslides are a concern. warnin t now stretch to famous beaches here. >> amateur hour is over. please guys come on back to the beach. >> reporter: with lane, anun lcome visitor to this vacation paradise, now just hours away. jay gray, nbc news, holulu. right now at 5:00, cracking down on sex crimes. >> we've had someone doing a lewd act, exposing himself. >> metro announcing thees arrts of several people for committing lewd acts on the train, and the search for other offenders is not over yet. marking a grimm milestone. >> you don't want to have to bury your child, bury your loved ones. >> a rise in gun violence as the city sees its 100th murder of the year. what's being done to stop the
4:59 pm
violence before it escalates? a s new layer ofurity at a local airport already having how police c a man trying to sneak into the country i plain sight. we begin tonight with breaking news. there is a major backup on the bw parkway. >> it is rough going a lot of folks out there on the road tonight. we want to show you live cctures frompper 4. this is the southbound side near the exit for riverdale >>road. we're told this crash involved one car, and right now only one lane is open we will continue to follow this and bring you updates. this is the bw parkway. eware if you're heading home tonight. also a crackdown on crime on metro. >> metro transit police say they've charged seven men so far this month for ens dents involving indecent exposure, and more anests are the way. >> news 4's christ gordon at
5:00 pm
judiciary square metro station to tell uth about . that's a lot of people -- >> reporter: wendy and jim, thi is t kind of crime so upsetting that most people look away, pretend they don't see ything and fail toroeport. but m transit police say they want to hear about these offenders so ty can get them off the trains and buses so many of us take to get around the district, virginia and maryland. metro says a woman rider saw a man exposing himself. she took his picture and notified metro transit police. her quick reaction resulted in thef arrest 31-year-old alfonso davis. >> we had someone doing a lewd act, exposing himself, doing lewd act. we got the information and with the help of theic pu we were able to locate the person within hours and make an arr:st. >> repor davis is the seventh suspect arrested this mo


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