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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  August 27, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the madden qualierournament yesterday afternoon.
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st night, federal agts. they say the shooting was durin a game being lreamed during that tournament. they quickly realized someone shooting. one of the injured players is from d.c.t lack of security at these evets made it easy for something to happen. >> don't have strict gun laws in florida. tofor thenament itself, they ned to start applying police force in the area to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the gunman was in jacksonville for that gaming tournament. it's unclear what caused him to go on that shooting rampage. lustin finch will have a live report from the s expo center. that's where a gaming tournament is going to happen this week. the entire nati is
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mourning john mccain, planning to honor his life and legacy from here to arizona and washington. everything starts at arizona state's capital. a memorial service will be in arizona. his body will be flown to washington and will lie in state at the capitol mccain be laid to rest in anap snapoli annapolis. as for the processo fi his senate seat in arizona, the lieutenant governor must decide who replaces him inna the se. and then, there will be an election in 2020. d.c. police are investigating a double-shooting in northwest. police tell us that one man was killed, marking the 101st yomicide thisr in d.c. a second man is undergoing surgery, we understand. police say the shooting happened just after midnight in the 1900 block of 9th street. police would like to hear f
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anybody who may know something about this. d.c. police investigating a shooting that injur ed a man in northeast washington. this was not far from gallaudet university. he dro himself or was driven to where officers were called crews saw an suv with bullet holes being towed from that scene. here's a look at top stories. we could learn details of ther mur makiyah john tis expected to go before a d.c. judge. and police have put out the arrest of a second man. makiyah was 10 years d. mollie tibbetts' funeral was held yesterday in iowa. the funeral tame just ys after the medical examiner revealed
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he 20-year-old died from multiple blunt force injuries. tibbetts dis appeared in july. thousands of studen are headed back to school. today is the first day of lasses in prince willia county. we hope you have a great start to your school year. it so exciting. watch your speed this morning, too. manassas city police will be lookin forspeeders. the department is conducting its scol awareness campaign. extra officers will be out enforcie ining speed restrictio school zones. work is under way to ease gridlock for one of our most congested areas of the. ar this affects the eastbound lanes. th closures started at 9:30 and
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d eat 5:00 a.m. the capps broke a long losing streak this summer. now, the washington mysticsre looking to give our city a second championship. they beat the atlanta dream in the sumemifinals yesterday. the dream fell short. the mtics win gameone. game two, tomorrow in atlanta. if they make it past the five-game semifinals, it will be themystics' first time ever in he wnba championship. >> wouldn't that be nice? coming up, scare on stage for beyonce and jay-z. the man who tried tom follow the
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backstage. it's a growing concern all over the country. ouri-team takes a closer look at the role of school resource officers and how many are keeping your kids safe.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> families i chicago are waking up to an indescribable tragedy. eight people were killed in a housy fire terday. six of those victims were children. their ages range from 3 months old to 1 ye6 years old. le word on what caused the fire. but rega of what caused the fire, nothing will bring back their kids. beyonce and jay-z are okay after a scary situation this weekend. >> a man jumped on the stage and bolted towards them. >> one, two, one, two, three. ♪
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you see him righ there. this was saturday night, as beyonce and jay-z were wrapping up thenc ert in atlanta. a man r shed thege and ran toward them. he didn't get very far. yo see security sprinteo into actionve the two singers. >> beyonce's publicist posted g theyfter the show, say are just fine and looking to their -- looking forward the next show. it's ha t to believet someone would try that, knowing how much the security would be at that concert. unbelievable. this morning, before you step outside, it is mild, it'sm gy out there. and temperatures will be in the 0s by lunchtime. going feel like summer this afternoon. many areas feeling like100 degrees. we'll show you that much the heat will last before the rain returns.
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here's the live desk. we're learning new details in the death of baltimore police homicide detective shawn suitor. according tour affiliate in baltimore, the boardie revng his death, concludes he took his
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own life with his srvice w weapon. we will follow now, back to you. join us in a moment of silence for an arizona legend, and true american hero, senator john mccain. >> we're continuing our coverage, honoring t life and legacy of john mccain. yesterday, the arizona amondbacks paused to remember the senator before the game with the mariners. the dallas texas and arizona cardinals had a moment before kickoff. closer tohome, tributes are pouring in as the capitol readies for the senator to lie in state late week. > tracie potts has more on plan >> reporter: we're going to see mccain arrive on his final to journey in wasn on thursday. he will lay in state at the capitol on friday. the national cathedral ceremony,
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that happens on saturday. president obama and former president george bush, both xpected to spea and the private memorial and burial will happen onol ann on sunday. lots of condolences pouring in fromcolleagues. president trump tweeted condolences to the family.ju in trudeau said that john mccain inspired millions. and then, sometimes more personal stories from his former colleagues, like john kerry who also served inam vi, who had big differences over the war which they solved. he said mccain was a man of gut and grace. one of the more memorable comments. millions remember the war hero who turned into a politician and spent 36 years here in washington. >> tracie potts the hill this
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morning. thank you. still ahead, we have more on the nation honoring senator mccain. in the next half hour, a live report fromar zona, with news 4's jay gray. women's equality day over the weekend. one d.c. a cappella group celebrated the special day with a special song. ♪ ♪ i'm with my mothes daughter ♪ >> this is a social justice a cappella group in the distance. they're part of the museum. many say there is still a lot on work to beand there's a push in virginia to finally get equal rights amendment passed. they sound beautiful. >> as more studentreturn to the classroom this week, the news 4 i-team is asking how effective are your schools.
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>> they're reviewing where resource officers a in the districts. there's a growing number of offers butewer than safety advocates say are needed. >> reporter: the d.c. gion has hundreds of school resource police officers, from fauquier county to d.c. many cunties are hoping to add more. but many major local school districts are falling below a national standard. the national association ofho resource officers recommends that every school have an officer and one full-te resource officer for every 000 students. the i-team found nearly 40 local high schools are close to that recommendation, having more than 2,000 kids and just 1 police officer on the beat. >> the reality is, we need so many more of these officers. our school system continues to grow and our population continues to explode.>> reporter: tonight, as part of our full i-team news
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investigaon, we go on the beat with the schoolce resour officers to see what they face each day. and why it takes a certain kind of officerso work with students. and what local schools are doiny when all below the national recommendation. for now. scott mcfarlane, news 4 i-team. each orning, we'reorking for you, trying to help you and your family get ready for the school year. thank you to all of you at home who helped us with our backpack for kids drive. we were able to provide 4,000 backpacks kids across the area. some of the kids picd up the backpacks and were treated to lunch at zee burger. this is part of the hope house. good eats, good backpacks, good >> just the idea of having new school supplies, preparesou
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mentally. you know how it feels to be ready. >> a burger and a milkshake also has its own value. >> like a day, th makes you feel better. >> noidng. hopefully all of the kids have a great year at school and start r early on t s.t.e.m. learning, science, technology, engineering and math, where most of the jobs o the future lie. math ain't easy, it's supposed to be fun, not easy. outside on a monday morning mr. jefferson's memorial there, at the tidal basin. it's not much of a rain chance for today.ev y rain chance today is west of blue ridge, into the shenandoah valley. around the city, we don't need to worry about it. we don'te need min. these are rain surpluses for the year. 30 inches ahead in washington. 30 inches at dullll uesdulles.
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76 degrees now in washington, with a lighnd out of the south. that is going to be ahw soterly wind, as this big area of high pressure inches its way closer to the eastern seaboard. it opens up the pump of heat and humidity. be ready for the returnf 90-degree days. we haven't been above 90. hat forecasts a high of 92 degrees today. i mentioned a slight chance for atray shower or thunderstorm. our resolution model has continued. the last two or three hours in a row, this thunderstorm chance is iong and to the west of the blue ridgeto the shenandoah valley. not much of a rain chance around the city. temperature-wise, 76 dowown. 68 in leesburg. 71 in fedarcyksburg. for kids that have the day off, that's the dwindling number of kids that can go to the pool
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to ay. very htoday. temperatures in the low 90s. a little backyard barbecuing this evening. it will be plenty rm and a little on the muggy side. most of us can grill outside without much of a concern over rain. hot, hazy and humid weather. the heat index is likely for tuesday and wednesday. temperatures start to trend wnward. but rain chances trend upward, just in time for thday weekend. the labor day weekend is on the weekend. the lowest chance on the holiday itself. good morning,sa meli >> good morning. look at the brand-new problem. southbound laurel right side blocked by arash this morning. the left lane is open. that helps abit. in silver spring, after randolph road, that right lane is blocked by the work zone there. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems. a tiny slowdown, southbound 95.
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they're there after the beltway. n't have anything reported. northbound 95, quantico to the beltway, on time.67 iles per hour going to get there in 17 minutes. if you continue on 95, no problem on prince george's county. we look at 270 here coming up. >> thank you. our hot, wet weather has caused a spike insq mtos around here. today, the fairfax health department will try to ge ahead of the problem there. work crews will be sprayinosfor mosqu that will happen between 8:00 a.m. and noon at ted grefe park. officials want to make sure they prent the spread of the west nile virus. there you have it. hawaii wins it. >> look at tha f another oneor hawaii.
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honolu honolulu's team wins the litle eague title. they were crowned champions in williamsport. proud momma. holt led the way with eight hits outs and allowed two the entire game. >> pretty impressive. the state's third world series title in 13 years. >> impressive. congratulations. look at this. the miami dolphins' football player makes a tackle and gets lost on his way to the sideline. this was saturday after the baltimore ravens.i afte alan alan onso made his way to the other side of the team. he was disoriented after flippiflip ing upside-down on that tackle. you have a big move, you go
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where you want >> that's how hard they get hit out there. >> that's true. mom. >> sorry. tonight kicks off the first part of the finale of "american ninja warrior." >> the stage oneud incl eight obstacles for the warriors. you watch this and it's nuts. watch out for gavin ross. the sprint canoeist was invited to las vegas. he was in the philly qualifiers. "american ninja warrior" at 8:00 here on nbc. still ahead, stunning allegati against the pope by former high-ranking vatican official. what the pope says about it. also ahead, keeping your child's identity safe. thedevices you use every day that can put them at risk. what you can do today to change that. stay with us.
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"news 4 today" star now. >> this is what happens.
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>> when you have an ethnic anchor team. this is eun yang, back from vacation >> i'm glad she's back, too. >> it is monday. it's hot. it's back to school for several local school districts, including prince. county. >> will the weather and the roads cooperate this morning. that's the question. answers. some >> we will get your commute. we begin with chuck bell and sheena parveen. good morning. >> good morning. i'm glad to have you back. summer vacation, winding down to an end for everybody. >> yes. >> good-bye, kids. >> you're too excited about this. less children around thing. >> there were a lot of kids at the >> going next weekend. i hope it's packed. >> there will be fewer. >> i hope there's so many kid there's. >> i'm the guy that blows the whistle, adult swim time. kids out of the pool.


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