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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pittsburgh, the heat index even gher around 100 to 105. that's why we have a heat advisory in effect. right on down into parts of southern maryland. the entire part of the eastern shore. hagerstown, martinsburg and winchester, as well. does not inclu frederick or loudon. don't worry about that. still on the hot side. doesn't matterf you're in it or not. heat index close to 100 through most locations. tomorrow into thursday, we'll continue to see that chance of that heat index over 100 degrees and right on through thursday. storms possible thursday and more showers on friday. that will bring down the temperatures considerably. we'll talk about that as we head into the labor day weekend because we're tracking that for you, saturday, sunday and mondto. have some chances in there and i'll let you know how you can be affect. >> doug, thank you. unplanned stuff for passengers today. riders thothht they were o blue line and quickly realized they were but they were going the wrong way. >> adam shaking our head
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transportation reporter adam tus inside. you learned of a second incident? >> that's right. this w the second time in two days that a problem happened at the rosalinde station. lue line train was supposed to continuendn the blue line it went to courthouse and everybody had to get over there and yesterdayetro tells us hat a silver line train actually got rerouted to the blue line and went to franconia springfield. this is the second time in two a dand all of this has to do with signal issue at t rosalind station, something that meo is trying to pinpoint right now. metro says at no point was ny anyone in danger because the trains were on the right side of the track but, still, guys, this is something that is flat out onot supposed t happen. the transit agency having a bad couple o days and let's not forget what happened saturday here at the mcclain station when an eight-car metro train literally separated f theth
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and sixth cars came apart. we had a picture that have to show you. metro now tells me that because of thabs dent over theeend 36 rail cars had to be held out of service today, so all of this has been going on over theup la of days, and a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what's hng with metro. all i can tell you it's lucky period of re in a light ridership. if this starts to happen next week or the week after, that we'll get some serious explaining. thankfully nobody hurt in any of the incidents. guys, back to you. >> sumner august. that's the silver lining. ss>> adam out in front of it for us, adam, thank you. they are the people who hels kidsely cross the streets in our communities. >> but this afternoon we saw extra pneice at elementary after a driver yelled racist and derogatory words and then threatened a crossingnouard. police are looking into this the. it happened near lafayette y ementary in d.c.'s chevy chase neighborhood and te looking at it as a possible hate
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crime. news 4's pat collins is there re with details? >> they are calling it the man with the blue nissan car. they say hehreatened a crossing guard, that he threatened to run over thatcr sing guard, that he told the crossing guard that he shouldn'r beng in an area around white kids. >> the words in this police report chilling. >> told him this an him that. >> oh, wow >> mgeez. >> o gosh. >> that's horrible. >> when people in this neighborhood saw that police report, saw the words that were said, the threats thatere made, it was most upsetting. >> you don't really expect that to be happening in your neighborhood and statement, i mean, ignorance is all over. i mean, to do that to a crossin
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guard. >> to do that to anybody, that's horrible, you're right. >> they are there protecting us. >> he is a human being, he has a right to be working here. that's not right. >> police are all around theen eltary school just in case, just in case the guy came back. yyou see,esterday as the school crossing guard was guiding kids down the street a driver in a blue nissan car ban shouting anti-hpanic words and making threats. police say they are investigating it as a suspected hate crime. >> the man in thear said words we can't repeat on television t andeatened to run the crossing guard over. he told that crossing guard that he didn't belong in thi area around white kids. >> now the crossing guard targeted yesterday temporarily transferred today to another school for his own protection. the now the man in the blue
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nissan car left and made a u-tu and cam back and told the crossing guard that he was an ex-marine and used to shoot people like him at the border, and then he threatened to run over the guardce again. pore working the case. jim, back to you. >> let hope they find that guy, so disturbing. pat collins, pat, tha you. a teenage girl viewed her relationship with her eighth grad teacher as boyfriend/girlfriend. that was some of the testimony from a girl who said her former shop teacher sexually assaulted her. our bureau chief julie carey is at the fairfax county courthouse with details you'll hear only on news 4. julie? >> reporter: this young woman, she should be attending her first year of classes at a virginia university. instead, show's in a fairfax county courtroom telling jurors what she heard before her and
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herme f teacher in 2014 and evidencers entered new that they hope will back up the claim. this is the storage closet inside the middle school where the teenager said the teacher inappropriately touch her. timothy threlkeld was once the etch teacher of the year. visibly uncomfortable the teen answered prosecutor's questions about how intimate contact began, first with kissing. did he ever touch your private areas, y,, she sa my breast, my butt and vagina and in the sh rm closet she testified threlkeld made her tou him. introduced as evidence a thick black binder containing 600 pages of texts between the two exchanged in just a few weeks time. the improp relationship was discovered in june of 2014 when the alleged victim's older system caught her with threlkeld on a planned movie date at the
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reston town and school officials were alerted the, but the girl told them then that the two had only kissed. the prosecutor was asked why did you not reveal all that had happened? because she was scared of what happened and scared. > reporter: but on cross-examination threlkeld's attorney said it was the teen who had a kroush on her teacher and hem beliched one incident in a diary entry. the defense attorney alsoin poted out that that closet where the alleged acts occurred was much different than this photo shows packed with boxes back in 2014. she questions whether two could have even fit in the space. now it's important to note that timothy threlkeld surrendered his teachingk license b in 2014 when he was confronted with the kissing allegations. this is moving into the third day and will he take the witness stand in his ownefense? jim, back to you in the studio. >> julie carey live for us, julie, thank you.
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new tearful tribute today to senator john mccle. his friend south carolina senator lindsey graham delivered an emotional address on the senate floor today. speaking aut the things he learned from the man known as a maverick. >> he was a difficult man. he could be you haveo but the joy that you received from being with him will sustain you for a lifetime. >> graham went on to say if we all strive to be a little like john mccain it would make this a reat nation. mccain's impact goes well beyond the beltway. today news 4's meagan fitzgerald spoke to the mother of a fallen sailor about the tragic connection her family has with senator mccn. >> every morning i get up because i know he would want me to get upor >> reporter:onths rachel eccles has fought through the pain and heartacheha so tt she can live for her
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>> sam has given me that strength. >> reporter:tic think eccles was onhe "uss mccain" when it collided with a merchant vessel killing ten sailors. timothy was one of them. in the weeks and months following the crash there were so many questions as to why and how this happened. the forefront of fight -- >> he was a true crusar for the men, the men and women in the militaryen >> reporter:or john mccain. he wanted to know what happened. what is causing the u.s. navy to have all of these >> reporter: for mccain took the time to meet with the parents fallen sailors and even meeting individually >> it was a humbling experience for a pson that could relate on so many levels, on so many he literally sat across from me, and he choked back the tears. >> reporter: this crash was personal. >> and he just showed mect
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es of arizona, of the ship that has -- his grandfather and hits father wasn, "the mccain." >> reporter: the uss mccain" was named in hon of john mccain, his father and grandfather, all american heroes. it was the same destroyer thatr el toured on the anniversary of her son's death. she and her daughter flew to japa for a memorial service where the ten heroes were honored once more. she met her son's friends, toured the ship and went to his favorite places. >> i literally brought peace. peace came overus. reporter: rachel learned that senator mccain passed away when she returome from japan. she was saddened but also comforted int knowing ter son is in a better place alongside another great american hero. >> those ten sailors are in the foreground next to the mccains, and they will always be honoreda they wilays be recognized. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. ew we have details about
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senator mccain's funeral. actor warren beatty, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and former vice president joe biden will all serve as pallbearers at his memorial service on saturday and the public will get c ance to pay respects when he lies in state at the u.s. rotunda on friday. it will be openn from 1:00e afternoon to 6:00 at night. more on the arrangements in the nbap washington p. when we come bk tonight on news 4, a racial insult or an unintentional mistake? a local police officer in the middle of a social media controversow that's h going viral. why his boss is apologizing for it this ndening. >> a a new school year means aw nechool name for one high school. why shegd the name of a g confederateneral is getting action as the students return. >> nowlane is headed out of town, and it's going to get
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super busy at the airports. i'm adam tuss. i'll t
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o the hot side for sure. 92 gaithersburg and 95 raston and 92 in leesburg and 99 towards annapolis. heat index nea 100 in most locations. we'll talk about how long thist heat lnd what to expect for that labor day weekend. i'm back in justbout nine
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minutes. >> nearly 3,000 people died as a result of hurricane maria slamming into puerto rico. that's more than double a recent estimate. it's 45 times the original count. the new numbers com from researchers at g.w. and an independent by puerto rico's governor. they looked at the deaths betweente last ser and february and found a 22% spike in expected deaths if the storm had not hit. researchers sgi the ol number only reflected deaths directly related to the storm, ot those caused by the widespread communications and the breakdowns t >> hard to believe that this weekend is the last up official weekend of summer. a lot of us will be flying out of town one last time and news 4 got a rare look behind the scenes athat it takes to gear up for a weekend like this. adam tuss has our story. >> reporter: airlines report some record activity at our
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airports this summer and this upcoming labor dayek d, let's just say it's going to be one final party. the crowd already building. airlines say it will be one of their busiest labor day periods lockely, and there's a lot at stake like little travellers who want comfort. this family flying to italy. what are they looking forward to the most? >> watching tv. etting the perks certainly key, especially on long flights, and that's where these guys come in. >> reporter: united offering us a rare look inside their operations center, everything from the weather to bags to special requests from the ptai capta captain, to connectg flights, l being coordinate right here. they say their operations will pick up dramatically this thursday. >> last w checked labor day
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week this year, about 22,000 more customers than last year. >> reporter: that's just at dulles. according to transportation august was by part busiest month for air travel last year. this weekend the biggest concern is weather, once lightning gets in that red ccle and is within five miles, all ground operations have to stop. >> from what we see so far there's a chance of thunderstorms heren the east coast. also a lot of customers flying. >> reporter: eac team has 40 minutes once a plane lands to get it turned and and take o of. allf this is going on behind the scenes while travelers like emma and marchello get to relax. at dulles international, adam tuss, news4. >> reporter: without offering any proof or any specific examples president tru introduced a new conspiracy
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theory saying google is biased and trump saying that a search of trump news dis headlines for stories he doesn't like, stories he calls fake news and he says it's rigged to shut out conservative media. we goggled that phrase and fou a fox news story as one of the top results. this afternoon the president expanded his reaction beyond just google. >> if you look at what's going ok, theyitter and face better be careful. google and twitter and facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. 's not fair to large portions of the population. >> reporter: by the way, the president is one of the most ominent twitter users. google for its part released statement saying it never ranks sech results to manipulate political sentiment. the company says its goal is to find the most relevant answers and they are constantly improving the algorithm.
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s. >> well, the new school year now underway in our largest region. our largest school district throughout the area. fairfax county students and staffs are back in class and students at one falls church area high school r school are returningnt to a differe building with a different name. david culver with mixed emotions over at the new justice high school. ♪ >> reporter: welcomed by the beat of drumser and che of peers, students embarked on a a school year, walking into building draped with a new name. ♪ >> definitely a big chang like it's going to take some time getting used to. t's now justice high school ncepeha>> rr: carrioredte the name ofonfederate general jeb stewart. >> this is a highly diverse ohool, and have it have a name that's inclusive is im
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rtant. >> reporter: after several meetings and passionate debate from both sides, the board voted last fall to rename it justice. students now wearing new team uniforms. started at jeb stewart high school. >> reporter: what does it feel now to be walking into justice high school? i like it.great. it feels new. >> reporter: while there is a lot of excitement built up around t new name of t school, some say it's going to take some time to get usede to it, s time to adjust. >> i voted for stewart but it is what it is, you know. >> reporter: you'll embrace it as what it now? >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: the superintendent greeted students and stressed it is not aut the name on the outside. >> the most important name in our school system remains the name of the teacher that's in front of that kid every day and the principal leadi those teachers. >> reporter: we'll still have school srit no matter what. >> reporter: focusing on the positive. in falls church, david cull
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version news4. >> we are the best. come on, we are the best! >> reporter: the new school year may also mean more time online for your kids. coming up later, angie goff takes a look at some of the tools toeep your kids safe. >> and dna
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. oh, it was thick out there. took the dog for a walknd he
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came back in like 20 seconds. >> they do it quick today. >> evebody did. i was just outside doing a little bit of a check myself. people coming min, goodness gracious. when is this stopping? >> we have a couple more it will stay on the hot and humid side and then we'll feel some relief as we head through the woke yep. out there right now, no relief in sight. hazy, hot and humid and still sitting at 93 degrees. winds out of south at 10 miles per hour. that's right off the river so a little cooler right there. that thermometer and take a look at the area elsewhere. 95 leesburg and 94 manassas and 949 in baltimore and 9 frederick and 93ow overds huntingtown and 94 inks frederrg. you get the heat index overall 100. 106 in annapolis and 104 manassas and 105 in fredericksburg. once again it's in effect till is being tonight. it's in effect until tomanrow
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it most likely includes the rest of the area. doesn't include loupty and fauquier county, still some relief in the city. leesbu and fredericksburg you hit the 100 mark. tomorrow we'll continue to see hot and humid weather.d no storms arour area and we did talk about the chance for storms back towards the i- corridor and that's what we have right here. port royals, watching this storm slowly make its way acrossso an of the mountains over towards the blue ridge. that's few and far between. not much at all in this area and the rest of the region. right back towards chicago and chicago big storms north and westhands the big front. high pressure is dominating and going up, over and aroun that's the area of hinchlt you see it right on top of us, and that's why we've seen the heat all the way from st. louis and
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kansas city and new york up to the boston area. hot and humid conditions today, again for the day tomorrow and thursday tracking a system that will bring us some stormy weather thursday intoer friday. yey it was looking a little bit more like the chances of strong to severe thunderstorms and i don't see that happening on thursday.f a couple stronger storms and not area wide thunderstorms. now more of a sttered variety looking like with that front that sags across our region on friday. much cooler weather, too. 78 not cool at all tomorrow morning. warm and humid and 95 for the relative humidity, and 95 degrees just for the tem hrature and tt index over 100. much cooler on friday. ill muggy with a chance of showers. 84 degrees an back up close toe 90 deg as we head towards the rest of the labor day weekend. not a bad labor day weekend. amelia joins me in a few m minus wie on what to expect or
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this weekend's forecast. >> a local police officer in a social media firestorm. a comment that went viral. why his boss is now iologizing fo >> plus, a judge blocks the release of blueprints for a 3-d printed gun. why the owner of the company that makes them believes that rulingctually takes his side in the case. and a fiery surprise caught on
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a prince george's county police officer is caught on camera saying something that'sia sparking racl outrage tonight on social media. s and now the police chief apologizing for the officer's comment and explaining it was a mistake. >> bureau chief tracee wilkins has a stor y one'll see here only on news 4. >> you guys have questions? >> reporter: during a prince george's county policns communiy deation for kids, a canine handler says something that is sparking a racial controversy on the internet. >> for instance, if a black bad guy is running and drops his cell phone -- >> reporter: this video has spread around the internet withp oneting getting nearly 30,000 the chief responded with his own video posting. >> during that presentation one our handlers made an unfortunate remark. the reality is that that officer
5:31 pm
misspoke. >> reporter: responses on facebook on the officer's words and the chief's apology were critical saying apologies not accepted.e those w no unfortunate remarks and unacceptable in to 18. another says if you say racist things, that makes you a racist. >> ie talked to the officer and he's very troubled by the response that this is illiciting inpa cson to the record of service. when we showed the video to people toutsid community center. >> if you say black guy, you mean black guy. why did jt yout say a person? >> this community doesn't expect us to be perfect. >> reporr: thevents happened over here in this field outside the community center. the justice department is instigating the prince george's county police department after 100 officers filed complaints alleging
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discrimination. all the officers have been the u.n. going training. a rabe once convicted of secretly taping women is back in the headlines. a proposed settle of a class ction lawsuit that totalled more than $15 million and would award them at dleest $25,000 each. this authorities arrested the man in 2015 aer finding a recording device in washington's capil. he was senned to -- this settlement. ti police are investi allegations of sexual abuse at a
5:33 pm
middle school. a staff member has been placed on administrative leave after legations that the employee may have engaged in inappropriate conduct with one or more children. according to a pice report, the alleged abuse occurred between last september and this month. we're working to find how the more details about theseon allega >> now as questions about new sexual abuse allegations continue to swirl aund the catholic church, a change in tradition here in washington this year he did attend. his. >> in past years this mass blessing teachers probing for the nt school year was led by cardinal donald wuerl, but today he was absent. some members are struggling with recent allegations against kuril
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ndat he -- while he served in pittsburgh. this -- we' here toy the to make sure that the vat kwan in n inpendent, and i stress independen a former cardinal of d.c. called for the pressig nation of pope ancis including cardinal wuerl, pope francis and others bein aware of the. sbo at this power his.
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>> reporter:ardinal wuerl denies any alleged knowledge of anyrongdoing and the statement in part says cardinal wuerl indicated during his entire tenure as archbishop no one has come forward to say to him cardinal mccarrick abused me or made any like claims. as bishop of pittsburgh, he removed priests from the ministry upon hearing of claims of abuse, that he was a leader in child protection significant steps to assist survivors. chris gordon. news 4. >> and just today, pennsylvania's attorney general said more possible victims have come forward sce that grand jury report. shapiro says they will try tout pros the new cases if they are prifn, but he couldpr run io lems because of the statute of limb sexual relations. >> i'm doreen gengdsler.
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a fairfax county police officer has been charged with the dea of a 38-year-old girl. 38-year-old jason collie was indicted in the. we're still looking into th circumstances of this case, and as soon as we get more details as soon as we get more details we'll bring you an update r
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♪ you said you're not le me, ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ le geico motorcyc great rates for great rides.
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>> we'll be hot and humid through thursday and during the afternoon and evening hours we'll have cooling showers and thunderstorms. they could linger into the holiday weekend. o the lates the timing and impact coming up in ten minutes. >> see you . >> a huge crowd of mourners has been lining up since last night to pay theirct res to the queen of soul. aretha franklin is lying in repose at the wright museum of african-american history in detroit. in addition to her gold-plated n casket, frank is also dressed from head to toe in red in honor of her death -- of her delta theta membership. >> when she sang a song, sang a song. >> strong. >> it touched you. >> she's putting her love into people now for more than 60
5:40 pm
years, and this is the result. >> the wright museum hosted a similar viewing forivil rights icon rosa panchlgts later this week we're expecting a musical tribute with some pretty big names, including stevie wonder and 2k3w4r5dies knight. ht well, this m make you give up smoking. a california man is recovering after an e-cigarette exploded in his pants. >> ecew. >>ity camera captured the moment he was check out some televisions in the back of a storage room. >> ow! >> in anaheim, california, can we see that up more like firecrackers going off. there it is. the victim suffered burn markets but it could have been worsebe use the room was filled with cardboard that did not catch fire. >> hot pants there. >> well, the owner of a 3-dun printing company in texas says he's selling blueprints on line for anybody who wants to make
5:41 pm
one. despite a federal security ruling that bars him from doing so. cody wilson held his own pre. he said setting them online for download does not go against the >> everyone will continue to get the files and i'll continue tond sell them a it will be a stupendous success because of l of the tensf thousands of signups i've secured on my website. >> plasticuns a not detectable when it comes to security nor are they traceable. 19 states and d.c. south an injunction to stop a settlement that the company reached with the company to place the bans on
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the university system of the investigation of the death of fastball player jordan mcnair and the culture of that football program at maryland. that meeting was two dayserefore the play their season opener. sherree burruss joins us with what the interim head coach had to say today. i well, wendy, interim head keach matt canad trying to help his players win games on the field but also mourn the loss of teammate and friend jordan mcnair. the terps practicing this afternoon and getting ready for gameinumber one agast the texas longhorns. maryland begins its season stilg mourni a teammate while
5:45 pm
preparing to face a t 25 program in front of tens of thousands of people at fedex field. itterim head coachanada leading the teamh d.j. durkin on leave, proud of what he's seen from the players in such difficult circumstances. >> the players did a tremendous job ofus focing on each other and continuing to think about, talk about, grieve about and find different ways to play for jordan and that's something our organization is doing and how we're hand lung that. focused on the safety and -- it the a process forr, whate we're excited about school getting ready and this it's game we n.
5:46 pm
>> all right. sherree, thank you. parents, we have an importt recall alert for you tonight involving a popular children's medicine. our consumeror rr susan hogan is here with the details to keep your kids safe. susan? >> pfizer is recalling som of its children's advil bubble gum-flavored medicinew e company is concerned about accidental overdoses due to confusion with the dozage t cut -- the dosage because they are printed in mill liters. check o our nbc washington app and search advil recall for more information. >> well, if it seems like there's been more tourists walking around the district, you're right. $2 million people from overseas
5:47 pm
joined the b touristiness that directly supported 75,000 job and tourists spent more than $7 billion at local businesses. tourism officials are working at a new ad campaign aimed at getting people out of the tourist areas and intohe city's diverse neighborhoods where all the restaurants are these days. >> thi fallhey will host its first ever black restaurant week in the city highlighting black restaurants and black culary and b talent, too. restaurants will offer discounted lunch and fixed prize foro dinner, it will run from november had the through the 11lth. a f roster of what restaurants will be taking part will be areleased coming up in just a couple of weeks. >> was thatn albany sneeze? >> you know, this place mes
5:48 pm
me -- >> we a know. right. >> hot and humid. >> andeeds are extremely high for allergy sufferers and maybe me apparently too. >> temperature-wise we're in the 90s all across there sitting at 92 degrees at the airport. 89 degrees. humid, humid, humid. that's exactlyhat we'lle seeing. the heat index at 11:00 tonight could be clo to 90 degrees at 11:00. e very hot evening us a m your way out and about. gaithersburg 99 and so 1 baltimore and 102 and manassas so 4. heat advisory in effect fof much he region. it's through 8:00 tonight because after 8:00 weee things settle a little bit. at least sun is down. tomorrow i think it's area-wide. maybe even in the areas we're not seeing it today. a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow. we do have a couple of storms,
5:49 pm
nothing in the d.c. metrore it will be back towards the blue ridge and shenandoah vale and where we're looking at right now. wood tock a ltle earlier as it makes its way towards the mountains and this continues to die off. storms a bng spent way up into canada and in the heat and humidity which is not going anytime soon. ameola draper is working the is 1 but she's not going anymore. >> we talked about the heat and humidity. i'm not a doctor but i play one onv. you're allergic to weeds or mold ever. >> i nope -- right now and this is going to be the case tomorrow, even on into thursday. it's still really uncomfortable
5:50 pm
outside. take a look. what you'r looking at right now is the temperature versus the feels like temperature or the at index. 96 degrees for a high tomorrow and feels more like so 5. 92 on your thursday and feeling like 100. our temoratures drop on friday. a high of 83. still muggy out there, but least on friday that 83 feels kind of like 83 and plenty of clouds out the on friday. take a look at your rape outlook. you can see where that temperature cools. talking about widespread showers and sed thundershowers andrm thundersand a. >> best chance of rain is during th afternoon hours and the plenty of dry. thunderstorms will on thursday will help of cool us down as
5:51 pm
the -- it does not lower the humidity levels, but the weekend will feature plentyf dry time. headed to the beach, a great weekend to head to the beach because it'lways a great weekend to head to the beach. temperatures in the low 80s. best chance i think for a few re will be ms out t on saturday and labor day at the beach, doug, looking nice. y very >> think about this. the water temperature is 77 degrees. thinking about getti in, yeah, this is the time of year to do it. 96or tomorrow and heat index 5. 83 on a chance of showers an storms return on saturday and we get back into a summer like patternnd a chachs showers an thunderstorms every day. monday, tuesday, wednesd heat wave, but a little one. only 990. >> after making it through this, we can handle it.yo thanu. el> if you have an adopted dog,
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you l have some kind of mixed breed. mine is all mixed up. now there's a way for you to know exactly what kind of dog you have. here's randy mack from our sister station at nbc los angeles with a closer look at how dog dna tests work. ♪ >> come here, baby. >> she is just the most specks dog in the world. >> reporter: when our pet mean that much to us, w weant t knowingig -- that's what gina h haer dog tested. >> she's wicked smart like a german shepherd and has the frsonality o a golden retriever. >> we can tell you what your dog is down to a "t." >> reporter: a dna testing company say its scientists used more than 200,000 genetic markers to dlerm -- to determine
5:53 pm
your potential issues. >> it cou reall zero in on medical issues. it could save a lot of time and money and pain on the bet. >> this doctor says many dna tests are gd products, but he warns the tests don't always provide black and white answers. >> any results that you get you need to talk to your veterinarian about and contactp the com and make sure you. whatever the lutz -- they completely changed our lives we possiblying do anything without th they are the kids and the reason why we do everything that we do.
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>> this industry isn't regulated. again, these results are not black and white. it's a new school yearme whh s kids maybe spending more time online. >> don't you know, it but how do u know you can keep them safe? our angie goff takes you wanted to save on prescriptions... so you went online... and goofso lost in a mumbo-jumbs that your brain went offline. our proprietary search tool analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in.... before you conk out...ys to help lower at you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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>> with a new school year unfolding kids be using the internet angie goff here with tips and tools to help kids your kids
5:57 pm
safe >> alicia was just 13 when she was tricked on the internet. >> on new year's day a man she thought was a boy she met online kidnapped her, taking her from her home nearburg at a -- ia al >> reporter: the doctor says parents should show keel -- that's the part that tancht testimony and you see an ifnd president picture. >> restrict devices in the room atbedtime and create a contract between you and your child with realistic rules. free downloads are available at common sense in shannon lee's house having a
5:58 pm
phone is a privilege. >> there's times wn they can't be on the phone, during dimmer. he they also monitor other aspects and biggest line of defence is educating your child. >> make sure your children are thero delete button on the internet. one picture can stop them fromn gettingthe college they want. >> and take note last brother harvard revoked for some offensive stuff they posted online. 70% of investigators say it's okay toheck your child's e-mail. >> now at 6:00, new reaction from a witness after a drivertt s a school crossing guard on the job. see how it played out and what's
5:59 pm
being done to protect students. >> plus, an alarming incident on metro as trains wind up on the wrong line. that sent riders to the wrong stations for the second time in as many days so what's to blame? >> first, dangerous heat grimg the region, and it's notet lting go for several days. >> that's why we're n weather alert mode. dowling is tracking the sditions and the high numbers >> temperatu 92 all up and down richmond and d.c. 959 high temperature in the hagerstown area. not just theeed but t humidity. currently we're still over 100 in most locations. so 4 baltimore and 104 quantico. leesburg coming in at 105. that's why wehe haveeat advisory in effect until 8:00. that the comes down but i do expect it to be up again and the heat indices very close o if not more than what we saw out there during the day today.
6:00 pm
shu surpass that 105-number. tracking storms f thursday and friday. friday is really more of a shower event than any kind of storms and then watching your d labo weekend. got plans labor day weekend? that forecast is coming up for you in a little bit. da thank you, doug. >> an now to a breaking news story. a fairfax county police officer has been charged tonight in connection with the death of his baby girl? 38-year-old jason colley of monrovia, maryland said hern himself. police say he injured his l daughtert year. the child died a month later after an investigation that lasted more han a year. a maryland jud signed -- we'll have more updates as we g them. a serio


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