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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 20, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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detectives on the ground as those two wounded officers are now in a shock trauma hospital recovering from their injuries here. many here on the ground telling us among the rank and file, this was a very, very close call. >> i've got to tell you, the t relit we're feeling right now is really hard to put into words. we have two officers who areet baltimhock trauma, and from what we understand, they have ea non-life ttening injuries at this point. >> reporter: two officers wounded here close to 10:30 last night as they were serving a warrant to a top-level apartment here off the 2700 block. th were part of a nine-member special operations division serving a they knocked on the door, we are told, announced themselves, and no one at the door opened. so they had to use a device to get inside. once they did get inside, there was a person there armed with a shotgun. that person did fire at the officers, striking two of them,
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one in the shoulder, the other in the arm and hand area. they were able to get treatment very quickly here on the scene before being helicoptered to baltimore for treatment. we can tell you back out live, some relief for the prince george's police department is those injuries do appear to be non-life threatening. at least one officer was alert and able to speak. another could be in need of surgery at this time. the officers nor the suspect have been identified at this time. one other person in thatt apartmlso was taken into police custody. it is unclear, though, if those two people were the target of this warrant. we're live here in princege geor county, i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thank you, justin. it's 4:31 right now. as you start your thuray, we're also working on the forecast and commute. >>s melis in with a look at the roads, but we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and a look at theeorecast as inch closer to the weekend. >> yes, indeed.
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closer and closer with each passing moment to the weekend. i hope wou have some funkend plans. the weather is going to cooperate for the most part with youraturday plans. if you have stuff to do outside sunday, you may want to startre inking that. your thursday morning, though, all is quiet. a little fog ross par of central virginia in the shenandoah valley. no real weather related travele ishis morning. 71 in arlington 64 at dulles airport. temperatures generally in the low 70s across most of prince george's county a southern maryland. the daily grade for today, a-plus for your weather grade today. 82 degrees, a fair amount of sunshine. not much, ifhi an, in the way of a rain chance. what to put the kids in today, well, back to shorts and sunglasses. don't forget that sun block as well. a good looking day today and a go night for baseball tonight down at nats ballpark. game time temperatures in the 70s. let's go to melissa and pdoase t tell me there's trouble on u.s. 50. >> outer loop afr 50, aittle
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bit of an issue. two left lanes get by the work zone there. he rest of the beltway looks good. as we look at 270 from fredrick down to the spur, going a little quick here. 72 miles per hour is going to get you there in 25 minutes as you're headed southbound. northbound, no worries here morning. you're looking good on 270 northbound eastbound southeast freeway, the ramp to the 6th street there in southeast still shut downe for thire investigation. aaron? >> all right, melissa. thank you. now to that developing story in southeast melissa just mentioned. more than 100 senior citizens lost their home in this massive fire in southeast washington yesterday. is video shows you just how intense those flames were at one point. this is near the navy yard. the roof could not handle the heat and the flames here. it partially collapsed in this part of the building. >> that heavy fire broke out at the arthur capper seniorts apartmn 5th street southeast just after 3:00 p.m. neighbors saypl pwere running through the halls yelling fire, fire, get out.
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>> one of the majorue isss, residents said, was that the fire alarm never went off. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at that building on 5th street lesoutheast. peut there yesterday told me they didn't hear the fire alarm, didn't see the sprinkler system go off. what did we hear from fire officials about thatissue? >> reporter: well, they've heard those reports too. we can tell you that. that certainly is going to be a big part of this investigation. did the alarms work? did the smoke detectors go off? d the sprinklers work? we don't have a definitive answer at this point. certainly a bstion lingering out there. as you look at the scene live, you can see we have another shift of emergency vehicles that have come i they've set up those tower hoses there. they're not actually spraying water at this point, but they're standing by just in case there is any kind of a flare-up this morning. this was just a massive fire. many residents telling news 4, as you just mentioned, they didn't hear the alarms, that it was people who went through the building banging on the doors.
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that's how they were alerted. the flames spreading very quickly along the roof line and in the attic, jumping from onef part oe building to another. many of the residents have mobilityelssues. they r on walkers and wheelchairs. so that made for a very challenging evacuation. now, firefighters weren't the ly ones making rescues. 100 marines from the nearby navy yard ran to the scene to help. some of the marines rnto the burning building with wheel chairs. in some cases, they literally carried residents to safety. the mayor last night thanked those marines for their much needed help. >> i am grateful to them for running to theta asse of our fire and em personnel. the chief told me all of those hands and strong backs made a big difference for the residents here. >> reporter: 161 occupied units inside the building.
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they were all everybody has accounted for. there were three people taken to the hospital, but it's ourta undeing everybody is going to be okay. the residents who did not go home with family members in the area, they are being housed in a nearby recreation center.ia of course, off are working with the red cross and other d.c. agencies to try and find a permanent situation for them. a very, very chaotic, a vy frightening, and very serious situation here as smoke was pouring throu this building. you had the residents with limited mobility. everthne, gh, got out. everyone accounted for. and those injuries not life threatening. back to you. >> all right. megan mcgrath, thank you. now, evacuating thatbu ding yesterday was challenging because so many of the residents can't move, as megan mentioned. here's video of one firefighter taking a woman to safety. you can see how much care he's king to move down that ladder with her. we've learnedhat is kevin mccray jr.
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his father was also a d.c. refighter. he died in the line of duty while responding to a huge high-rise fire back in 2015. it's 4:37.w o another developing story. we're learning more about the jogger who was stabbed to death in t logan circle neighborhood. her name is wendy martinez. she was a georgetown grawa who engaged last week. this is the man police are lookinr. he was caught on surveillance footage just moments before the attack n 11th and p street northwest tuesday night. th picture shows him wearing a mustard colored shirt. shows shot right here the knife still in his hand. coming up in our next hour,e we'll b live with more details on the investigation. 4:37 right now. comie up,s sidelined because he was homeless. now a football player has sother shot at becoming a star. you'll want totick around to hear this inspiring update. and still ahead, she's a
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your time is 4:41. back with newly releas rveillance video showing a serious fire along metro track. >> this happened insidehe benning road metro station back in august of 2015. that fe burned 20 feet of the third rail, which l had to be replaced. this is the first time most of us are hearingbout this. the website greater greater washington obtained that videoy sterday. but it does raise new questions about what they've known about station risks. this happened just a few months before a powerful track fire at the federal center southwest station. new video showing a good reminder to lock your ca even if you think you live in a safe neighborhood. deputies in fauquier county are looking for the menfo responsib
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a series of thefts from unlocked vehicles. the crooks are targeting subdivisions. this video is from a homein cama he bealeton area. they urge residentso lock vehicles because that usually prompts thooefs prompts thieves to move on. simple as that. the national insurance crime bureau is out with itsankings of the hottest wheels. the honda civic claimed the top spot there. the accord, once the favorite, drops one place toecond. the '97, '97 years were both the most s tlen for nose models. >> i think people think it has to be a fancy car, but it'sy typicahe cars that are more out there. >> yeah, the ford f-series pickup trucks, camry, rounded out the top. >> let's check in with chuck. >> what, you got a chop shop in your garage? >> i'm reading what they give me.mb >> it's sep. that means beach weekends are still in fashion across the area.
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if you're headed to the beaches, tomorrow and saturday will be the nicer of the days. a little chance for rain on sunday. ten-day forecast c ten-day forecast c om
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in congress, i'll stand to . i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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welcome back. at 4:46, we're tracking breaking news out of pnce george's county. two police officers were shot gh over it happened while they were serving a warrant at an apartment in district heights both wer air lifted to shock trau in baltimore but are expected to be okay. the suspected n shooter is in custody. we'll have much more on what happened ahead in a live report at 5:0 we also have tracking a developing story in the district. more chan 100 seniorizens displaced after a fire tore through their apartment building in the navy yardth neighborhood. is still not clear what caused the flames everyone is accounted for, we understand. crews are still monitoring hot ots this morning we'll take you there for a live report and a look at the damage ming up at:00 a.m. 14 before the hour now. the woman accusing supreme court nominee b kttanaugh of sexual assault is making more demands. more witnesses must testify, and she still wants thebi to
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investigate before she'll go before the senate. >> but the senateop says testifying next monday or we'll move on without you. news 4's tracie potts is following the latest from whcapitol hill. is the president saying about the accuser? >> president trump says he's dr. us to hear wha christine blasey ford has to ark say, although he is standing by his nam knominee, judge kavanau and says is hard to believe something like sexual assault happened 36 years ago. the president has not saidhe th ould contact the fbi to open an investigation, which is what dr. ford and her attorneys are asking for. he says t fbi is not interested and that they've already done a background check on judge kavanaugh. meantime, here on capitol hill, the senate judiciary committee is trying work out details of a possible hearing or interview on monday. they insist on monday but say that dr. ford can do it blicly, privately. they'll even send people to california to talk with her.
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no word o that so far. she now has a 10:00 a.m. deadline tomorrowo submit documents if she plans to testify on monday. r >> allht. tracie potts live for us on capitol hill. tracie, thank you. it's 4:48. markcuban, the owner of the dallas mavericks, will donate $10 million to organizations supporting women'snd rights a domestic violence victims. that donation comes after a scathing report exposed sexual harassment by several employees with the teamor more than t decades. while cuban was not the subject of the allegations, the report ncluded his disciplinary decisions showed errors in judgment. today marks one year since hurricane slammed into puerto rico. a year after that devastating storm, the island is still struggling to recover. some tourists have returned, but many residents have not. hundreds of homes are vacant now. full power was not restored for 11 months.
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the initial dea toll was recently updated from 64 to more than 2,000. theigure include deaths caused by maria's impact on fundamental needs like clean water and electricity. the white house disagrees with the number but has offered no proof it's wrong>> a massive $300 million ponzi scheme is no more this morning. federal agents busted a man from maryland and two others, but there may be more victims out there who don't even know it. the arrests were annnced in baltimore wednesday. the victims include bankers, lawyers, professional business owners, and retirees. the suspes asked their victims to invest in consumer debt portfolios and pocketed the money to fund their lavish lifestyle. investigators say the scheme was sohe widespread that are likely more victims all over the country, some of whom mayen not now they've been taken. now to an update on a story about asc homeless higol football player's desperate return to the field. the story got a lot of att ttion
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inhe nbc washington app. d.c. public schools tells us that jamal speaks is back on the fam. >> he was barrem playing with the ballou high school knights because he doesn't he permanent address. the teen was homeless and sleeping on a fr.nd's cou speaks was worried not playing uld jeopardize his offer to join templeiv unsity's team next year. covenant house of greater washington saw our story, set up jamal with place to stay, and now he is eligibley. to p that covenant house does such great work throughout the community. we knew someone would step up. >> and i was talking with the executive director ding our show. i've got this fancy new microphone. i don't know if it's on. go ahead without me. >> the if the light's on, the microphone is on. >> it was on, then it was off. >> only you could mess up a one-switch operation,aron. goodness gracious. thursday morning. hope everybody at home is having an easier start their day
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than mr. gilchrist over there. skies are clear over washington. there is a little fogginess out across parts of central virginia this morning. right now at 71 degrees at national airport with ano light h breeze. if you were outside yesterday, that breeze felt so but the winds have been fairly light overnight. that's the reason for the dense fog temperatures in the comfortable zone. 63, fro royal. leesburg, 64. in annapolis. a nice way to get the day started. nice day t takehe dog out for a walk. babs here is available for adoptiont the humane rescue alliance. good dog walking weather today. upper 70s at noon. afternoon a highs todayund 82 degrees. not much of a rain chance around here for today, but there's a little bit of an easterly breeze expected thison after an onshore wind could bring a sprinkle or two to the western shore of the bay.
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most of the metro a having to worry about rain chances today. there could be a shower or two in the mountains. rain chances here around town ramp up saturday evening. today, no problems. there's your friday forecast. oking okay, no problems on your friday. here's your ten-day forecast. a 30%hance for rain saturday, mainly in the evening hours. then kind of a cl and showery stretch for both sunday and monday. then drying out late next week. >> let's go to first traffic and hear about the commute. >> so nice and clear here on the beltway. adwork earlier bit of hanging around. that's just disappeared. everything looking good. we have that lane change where ha split around bridge work near 4 and 5 on the outer loop. not seeming toause any big delays. in the district, southeast here, eastbound 695, there's a ramp to 6thti street, sll have that closed because of the fire investigation. we've been talking about it all morning long. and taking a look at 95.o
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quantico the beltway, 68mi s per hour headed inbound, about 17 minutes. >> melissa, thank you. it's 4:53. there are new calls for safety this morning along one of our area's most notoriously congested roads. >> you may have noticed melissa telling u about a lot o crashes on i-66 recently. transportation reporter adam tuss reminds us the importance of slowing down on that stretch of highway. >> reporter: well, as if i-66 adwasn't tough enough al now we're dealing with all the construction in this corridor, and drivers who are flowing hrough this area on a dai basis, you really need to pay attention. take a look. this is the new reality along what's an already intense commuting corridor. construction right next to heavy, heavy traffic. >> i will avoid 66 as best i can. >> reporter: this was the scene tuesday morning. a deadly crash eastbound on 66 closed the road, a reminder of how important it is to be alert here. >> safety really is our number
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one priority. >> repter: more lane shifts and closures are expected this week. along i-66, adam tuss, news 4. when painting a jumbo jet, the last thing you want to do is make a spelling mistakoh >> shoot. oh, no. >> but that is exactly what happened to hong kong based airline pacific airlines. whoever painted the name on the side of this boeing 777 forgot to include the "f." so the plane, you cansee, reads paciic. >> supposed to be pacific. >> the airline company took it inprovidstride, poked fun at thf by tweeting out a photo of that stake. >> you have to poke fun at yourself. fyi, they're n going to have the very first direct flight to hong kong from dulles in o area. so you know, there you go. >> so look for the "f" yourself. texas great grandmother
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making heas lines t morning for how she took action against a predator she says was threatening her city. >> that predator, a 12-foot alligator. that's the head right judy cochran is the mayor of livingston, texas. she sayser town has bee looking for that gator since it killed a mini horse on her property a few years ago. the gator killed a horse. can you believe that? >> yes. >> so she hired a tracker to catch the 530-pound alligator, but she was the one who made w sure itld not harm anyone else. >> that's a monster. you ready to get him? >> i became mar in may, great grandmother on friday, and i killed a gator on monday. >> look at that. >> she's busy. cochran made sure to follow the rules. she said gator trapping is only legal in her -- i mean, she's the mayor, after all. it's only 20 days of the yea shepplied for the permit she needed. she did it right. now she said she wanted to keep the gator head for iherself.
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ther is. >> going to put it in her office. >> i don't know where you put it. >> the front door. >> it is a nearly 600-poun gator that eats horses. >> it was a mini horse. >> okay, but these things exist in real life. >> absolutely. that's the world we live in. >> amazon could be building 3,000 more stores with zero dashiers. >> the automa grocery store is called amazon go, promises no lines, no checkouts, and no registers. just grab what you need,yo and ur purchases are automatically charged to your account. how does this work? amazon told bloomberg t expansion should happen in the next threeyears. there are already three locations in seattle. it sounds like it would make sense, be nvenient, but i don't know. i don't trust it. >> i don't like it. not even a little bi p i waple in there. still ahead on news 4 today, school lunches are changing. >> we're looking inside the kitchen at one of our area's largest districts to find out what's being served and where that food is comin fro and we're staying on top of this morning's big story. two police officers st while on the job. we're live with the latest on
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the overnight violence. and what now? less than 24 hours after flames tore through a senior apartmentp x, where the residents are now and what's being done tohe figure outause. stay with us. al
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a lolice operation turns violent overnight. nine officers swarmed a home in district heights, two later taken to the hospital after gunfire erupted. 5:00 a.m. now.
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good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. both police officers are expected to survive. >> justin finch is live with the latest details. it still busy out there. >> reporter: hey there, ron, eun. you're absolutely right, still busy out here. but a sense of relief those injuries to the officers appear toe non-li threatening. here on the ground, officers are still at work, proof this investigation is continuing at this time. here's a look at what w know so far. we have two officers wounded, the second houlder, officer suffering a wound to his arm and hand areaar they were of a special operations team serving a warrant to a top-level apartment here about 10:30 last night at this apartment complex. we're told they knocked on the door, annnced emselves, but could not get inside, so they used a device to open thatdoor. here's what happened next. >> there is an individual inside the apartment armed with a


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