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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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control and jackknifed a couple of hours ago. took out about 1 feet of guard rail and the main part of it was wedged in there. about fiv minutes ago they were finally able to get that out so they're making someog ss. it was hauling about 8 or 9,000 pounds of meat. a couple of different fuel tanks on there and showed upbout ten minutes ago and they're trying to basically contain that fuel and mak sure that that fuel doesn't spill out on to the road even more than it has and cause additional problems. just talked with o of the crew members. he said right now the hope is that they can get this clear. a couple of hundred yards shy of wisconsin aveue. one lan getting by.
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traffic is slow but it is moving and again they are making progress with gettinghis tractor-trailer moved out of there. the driver that was behind the wheel, no serious injuries in thategard s something to be thankful for. live on the beltway. chris lawrence, news 4. back to yo >> thank you, chris. we still have the closure right noin they're m some progress hoping for another hour or so. so you might want to think of another way to get to your favorite destination this morning. northbound before 202 have a crash and southbound the ramp to kenil worth you can see the delays there. that might be getting better here pretty soon. inbound 66 at sudley arash and northbound 95 ramp to 123.
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right side blocked by the crash there. >> we also have rain around the area. >> it dn't look that heavy on radar but it sure did look like a dowour where chris was. >> light rain. areas of patc fog this morning. here's a close up look. areas of light rain falling. have the umbrella and raincoat through the day today. andbe temperatures wil on the cool side. 65 degrees in washington right now. 55 in leesburg. 65 quantico. so as we go through the morning and closer to lunch me, temperatures are not really going to move too much today. we'll have an on shore wind
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flow. we'll be in the 60s. chuck will tell you when it will be warming up and our next chance for even some thunderstorms straight ahead. >> thank you. your time is6:03. now to a developing story thier morning, ano woman has come forward accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. >> this allegation dates back to his ds at yale university. in the new yorker she says he exposed himself to her when they were classmates. he denies both claims. e white house tells nbc news it stands by kavanaugh but democrats want to delay action on the nomination and they want the fbi to investigation both allegatiays. >> thur hearing is still scheduled to happen when kavanaugh's first accuser before the senate judiciary committee. her lawyers remain disappointed. she claims a high school friend of kavanaughs mark judge was in
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the room when he sexuallyer assaultedt a party in the 1980s but the white house pointed oute judge said doesn't remember that party. senate republicans will not subpoena judge but t sayy are willing to listen to dr. ford. >> unless there's somethingmo , no, i'm not going to ruin judge kavanaugh's life over, thut she should come forward. she should have her say. she will be respectfully treated. >> as far asis friend mark judge not even testifying, that nd astg to me. he was right theren that room. >> two other high school friends named by ford also deny any knowdge of the alleged incident but the washingto post reports one of those friends told them she does believe ford's claims. >> at the time of the alleged assaults dr. ford said that open arms whi-- holton-arms which is
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private school in bethesda. >> this is not have changed. women have the back of other women. survivor verfs the back other survivors. >> holton-arms alumn delivered letters of support. >> happening today, the sentencing hearing begins for ra did comedian bill cosby. he could face decades in prison forexually assaulting andrea constand inis home 1 years ago. they're demanding 30 years in is . that could essentially mean life. he's 81 years old but he could get less time. they'll argue his age, philanthropy and legacy and health problems should be a much ter sentence or even house arrest. look for the latest when sentencing begins in the nbc washington p. >> d.c. police are investigating
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five homicides and 8 shootings since 11:00 friday night. take a look at the map here of the 8 separate shooting scenes. no word on a possible connect n connection. police only have a suspect in custody for one of those shootings. >> this morning, a deadly shooting investigation is underway in silver spring. we're told the security guard shot a customer outside of the store on georgia avenue. christopher mcdonald w arguing with the store clerk. the security guard stepped in and then a fight spilled outside between the guard and mcdonald. police say g therd shot mcdonald. he died athe scene. >> police are searching for suspects beat up gay men on
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u-street. the attack happened last sunday night at u street and new hampshire avenue. the victims say a group of people in thert car s ye yelling homophobic srs at them and then jumped out and attacked them. >> there was a lot o blood everywhere and then i got to the emergency room and the next em thing iber is they're putting stitches in my lip and trying to orient me to make sure that i all right. >> a baltimore police officer is expected to survive following a deadly shootut with a suspect. walt mother polire baltiolice shot the suspect.or thisng parents are frustrated and worried that
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their children were exposed t mold at the university of maryland. photos show mold on windows, furniture and personal belongings. hundreds of fresh men are staying at a hotel while the university cntans the ee building. recent rainh and hig humidity maybe making the problem worsy >> it's v frustrating. school is pretty stressful so 's not the best thing ever. >> i also have severe lung spasms now tha require me to use an inhaler every four to five hours. it'sel defin not fair that we have to go through these medical expenses >> we asked the school about the health complaints and they said students should visit the doctor or the health center. >> michelle obama is urging people to vot at the elections in november. it is the first of twoor stops her nonpartisan group when we all vote. mrs. obama is a co-chair for the
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non-profit organization that encourages people to participate in the voting process no matter who they vote for. the next stop will be in miami on friday. >> residents are still putting their lives back together after a fire at a d.c. apartment complex. >> we watched that tear through a building at the navy yard. >> a firefighter rescued a woman from the 4th floor. the firefighter managed to get her to safety before the roof caved in. >> he had a chance tonk t her for saving his life. >> i just happen to be at tri
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t place at the right time. >> his daughter died -- father on the job in may of>> 2015. he skins didn't need any sunshine to take a win on sunday. how about >>that? hey bounce back from a week two loss to pull off a pretty impressi win from the packers. more now from fedex field. >> after six straight quarters without a touchdown, t redskins scored four in a 31-17 win over the packers. >> you know that you can laugh at and we're herewio n. we're here to win and we're here to win the division. that's the main goal. >> ag not a factor terson. 122 yards for numr 26. a huge turnaround for t burgundy and gold after the lackluster loss in last week's
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home opener. >> that probably was the worst game i've ever been apart of last week and, youknow, to bounce back. >> comes to an abruptause ich the bye week is up next. ore time for the redskins to enjoy this win over the packers. news 4 sports. >> it's 6:11. yore seeing tiger woods back on top of the golfing world. we'll show you how he did >> and the thing in this bag could have killed a woman while she was gardening. the lucky break that may have ved her life as news 4 today continues. y good morning. planning outr school day forecast for today. another gloomy, cloudy, cool, chilly monday. the grade today is an a look at the rest of the wk coming up.
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>> and we're celebrating a black arts festival coming up with music handmade jewelry and so much more. coming up next on news 4 today. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. intoongress, i'll stand up resident trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's thy i created career ahnical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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>> we are talki about the rated pg black artsl festi in prince george's county. e have a preview of what's in store. >> i have a rocking soul band right behind me. all of what you can expect and e ival coming up this saturday and also at a black arts festival we have to talk about jewelry, togemss. 'm wearing beautiful handmade
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designs here on my wrist. this beautiful necklace. her collection on display. i want to talk about whate can expect with the interim executive director. thanks so much for this exciting event coming up on saturday. give me a little bit of synopsis, why is this important to do? >> because we're giving a space for our black women artists in the area. and i'm very privileged t work in an environment where women are a majority here at these so we want to give them the platform to show case their art work and music and talents. it will be a family friendly occasion. >> i love that. leadin up to the event, you have a lot happening. >> yeah. so tomorrowe have yoga, please come out at 5:30 tor get y yoga on. on wednesday we'll have voter
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registration to get people all ready for the november election. >> i love it. and i love the idea of making sure that women in the arts are at the forefront of this event. we're in prince george's countyi thee george's african american museum and cultural center s i would in the hyattsville area if you want a good landmark. all exciting stuff coming up. >> and the festival is saturday from 1:00 to 7:00 right here the museum. >> tiger woods i back on top after more than five years and four surgeries woods ended his at back season with a w the pga tour championship. now he's expected to move up to number 13 in the world after dropping as low as 1199th late
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many are calling this one the greatest come back in sports history. woods now trailed by 2. >> 6:18 now. museums areupsed to be calm, perhaps sacred space, but that wasn't the case for one group of visitors. take a look. >> a serbian performan artis was hit on the head by a painting by a man in the crowd yesterday. can you believethat? this is cell phone video. you can see the man approach the artist and attack her. she did s sheanted to ask why the man attacked >> a montgomery county woman had an encounter with a copper head snake. the person was bitten by the
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snake while gardening. now it was considered a dry bite where the snakebitesut doesn't inject venom. it was captured and relocated. >> i have never even heard of that. a dry bite. so consider yourself incredibly lucky. >> for sure. >> not so lucky with our weather. >> it brings all the critters out. the bugs tryin to get in your house. >> we're all looking for sowhere dry. we are. through the day today, cool, rainy, damp weather as we go into your monday. we're not going to be warming us the sunshine either. you can see the roads are wet but we're looking at the rain on
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theradar. that's the thing today. it's not goira to be heavy fall in the forecast. we're going to see the spotty light showers move through throughout your entire monday. so as you're getting ready to leave now your wipers will be on most likely. we'll be stuck in an unatttled r pattern for the next 48 hours and by wednesday sunshine around. mid to low 60s through t area. that's one of the cooler spots on the map. if you're walking the dog today nd if you need one to adopt walk, this is sammy available for adoption. you can head to their wsite and find out how to get sammy a home. i this morniould say the rain boots. by lunchtime the raincoat and by the afternoon w still have light showers.
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here's a look a we gohrough the afternoon. scattered light showers around. that will keep us cooler throug the afternotoo. have the umbrella through the afternoon. wednesday, though, we finly t a break for most of the day. sunshine will warm up and then we'll have a linef thunderstorms start to move in wednesday evening so we'll be watching that closely. some of those storms could be strong. we will be cooler and heading into the weekend. good morning, melissa. >> gooinmorning, bre news in first four traffic right now, talking about the beltway. part of the beltway still shutdown. the right lane is getting by. they were initially saying 4 to 6 hours before it would clear outf the y. another hour or two at this point. southbound 395 at king str tt
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crashere on the right side causing a litfe bit a delay. eastbound 66, we have a crash. remember all of that you're seeing here, the radar showing you whe it's raining today. northbound gw the ramp to the inner loop right there. >> melissa, thank you. if you'reooking for a part time job to help you get ready for the holiday season, yin're luck. coming up, how some businesses are offering more than money to get you to sign up for the part time. wo >> and a drumming performance you won believe. best friends from maryland wow the audience before getting a surprise from thlen. 's right here on nbc 4:00 at 3:00 this afternoon. wel be right back. 'l look. it's over.
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>> most of the major stores are looking for thousands of workers. >> more on how you can cash in. there's nearly 800,000 retail job openings across the casntry f this summer. that's 100,000 more than last year. seonal hiring is underway at target which plans to add 120,000 workers. macy's is hiring00 80, and ups s bringing in 100,000 seasonal workers. with consumer confidence hitting an 18 yr high employers are offering unprecedentediv ince to attract and retain those workers. >> they're doing whatever it takes. higher starting pay, paid time off or other nefits, suchs getting discounts on things sold
6:26 am
at the store. >> workers already cashing in on the holiday season. >> if you are looking for holiday jobs here, check it out. >> kohl's announced seasonal hiring. >> two new road projects you'll want to keep an eye on. >> what impact it might have on your commute. >> ps new developments in the confirmation fight over judge brett kavanaugh. a second accuser has come forward. the yprotestsou may see today. >> and we're working for you with details on new real estate scams here in the district. >> no sunshine for you here today. cloudy, cool, wet today and rain chances remain highor the next three or four days. we'll show
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>> a blaet of clouds over the nation's capitol this monday morning. a live lookts e to get you ready for a forecast that is rain. with at least at the beginning of the
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week. >> this is all you're getting today. >> good morning, everybody. i'm ron gilcrest. >> good morning. a jackknifed tractor-trailer may cause some trouble on the beltway. >> chris lawrence is on the beltway there in rockville pike. chris. >> well,aaron, right now we're seeing a mangled mass of metal right here. i want to take you inhere. this is the tractor-trailer that jackknifed a couple of hours ago on the inner loop of the beltway shy of wisconsin avenue here. they were able to move it out from the guard rail. feet of ut about 100 guard rail. they got it turned around and they have been trying toook up these wenches to try to pull it seeingut what you're not is the damage on the other side. this thing jackknifed at suchp sh angle that the tractor
6:31 am
actually smashed into part of the trailer. ripped a gaping hole in it so the wor here is they put too much pressure on it. and the entir trail is going to collapse and s everything out of there. so that's the worry now. you can see rht now one lane getting through on the beltway now. they're hoping to havehis cleared in the next hour or so but that remains to be seen. for more on how to get around this iss and other issues that may be tracking your morning commute let's send it over to melissa. >> you can see those delays where chr is this morning. so inner loop as you're approaching ckville pike, that right lane just getting by right now. 270 southbound.
6:32 am
this radar on our maps showing you wha you'll be dealing with. windshield wipers this morning. a lot of stops getting some rain right now. eastbound 66 near sudley still have that crash. same thing in mclean. the right side is blocked there. good morning, chuck, this rain is not helping me. >> not helpi anybod especially people that have to get out of bed and get to work. >> it's vern hard w you rely on the sunshine to get you out of bed, isn't it? >> w were just talking about that. staying inside yesterday. of 's going to be the kin weather we have again for today. cloudy skies outside this morning. no heavy rain out there just yet. it's cool too. only 65 in washington. 67 in anapolis. a cooler 55 in leesburg. so then your planner there for today, no sun for youtoday.
6:33 am
temperatures will be stuck in the 60s for the entirety of your monday. it will be a little warmer tomorrow and wednesday but rain chances remain very, very high. for now back over to you. >> it's 6:33. now to a violentth weekend i district. >> d.c. police are now vestigating 5 homicides and at least 8 shootings all since 11:00 last night.po ce only have a suspect in custody for one of those shootingng happetoday, the logan circle community will hold a public meeting docuss the gruesome attack that left wendy martinez dead. theig meeting t is at 6:30. martinez was stabbed to deathdnn day while she was jogging. police have charged anthony crawford in her ath. >> also tonight there will be a safety walk in northeast d.c. residents will begin their walk at thene c of 19th and l
6:34 am
street to show their concern about the recent violence in the area. >>t's now 6:34. this week the news 4 i team is looking into a wave of scammers said to be taking the district by storm. >> d.c.'s attorney general is warng all would be renters, potential buyers and realtorsab t becoming targets. >> it all starts when you lookl for a rental. this ad seems real enough but the owner told us a it'sually bogus so we went undercover and starte e-mailing the person pretending to rent it. d.c. has one of the hottest rental markets ithe untry. a constant influx of people looking for theerfect place but scammers are getting smarter. >> if i didn't have the family support that ino do, i don'tw what i would do right now. >> this renter was moving from across t krup acountry and had
6:35 am
apartment hunt remotely. she wired $7,000 before realizing she had b duped. they used a fake e-mail from the d d.c. housing authority. >> i tried to call everybody i could. la ers, police,fbi. >> he says fake ads with his name just keep ppingack up. dozens of people contacted him to complain. >> my heart dropped. what am i caught up in? >> the scammers constantly switch bank accounts to keep from being caught. see what youan doo avoid becoming the next victim. 5:00ght on news 4 at >> two major road projects could impact your commute. >> one proje could solve a traffic issue in the years to come while the other shuts a major road for several weeks. >> first loudounounty board of
6:36 am
supervisors has an expansion project on route 15. it will also add traffic circles in key areas of congestion. the plan goes to the design phase. there will be a public hearing on thelan this wednesday at the community center in leesburg. roaow to ashburn where a near the toll road will be closed. v-dot cws will lay down a gas line and widen the road there. residen residents ands businesll have access to the road but it will be closed to all other traffic. it's expected to wra b up october 26th. >> it's one of televisions biggest shows and the voice returns to nbc 4. >> a sak peekt the new season. plus bringing the noise. a decisive victory this weekend. the game packers fans are no doubt hopingo forget. stay with us.
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>> and how women in prince george's county are planning too be way front at a big festival c
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everybody is trying to keep the country singers away from blake shelton. >> all he does is turn his chair around and he gets em. that's it. >> come on. that's not true. >> what is the sategy to that. >> that is not true. i am talking to them, telepathically. >> i'm throwing shoes. i'm singing yousongs. if you're a wanna be country
6:41 am
singer don't you want blake to coach you? done that make sense? >> tomorrow everyone's favorite show this is us comes back after the voice. >> washington d.c. comters are strangers to back up traffic. >> but is the commute so bad you'd quit your job? this morning's business report. >> good morning. is your drive to ahe from office getting you down? the new survey finds nearly 25% of workers say they would quit a b due to bad commute. among workers in 28 cities, new york, chicago, miami and san francisco re-signed most often for ts reason. while 40% say travel improved over the last fiv years one in five say the trips havewo gotte e and they say their company hasn't taken steps to ease the burden. >> more rain ahead on this monday, sheena?
6:42 am
>> yes, more rain on the forecast and it's also chillyth out e. temperatures in the 60s. recesshe bus stop, even for the kids later on. check in with your full forecast into the weekend with changes coming up >> plus first four traffic alert on the beltway, everything but one lane closed on the inneoop. we'll explain this problem and talk about your workaround coming up. also ahead, kavanaugh controversy, a second woman comes forward accusing the comes forward accusing the supreme court nominee of i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton,d as , and changed diapers at night.
6:43 am
later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i workedgecross party lines to tsexual offenders and take guns away from domestic in cons, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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kaine: my dadan an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers.
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then i went to honduras as a missionaryht and taids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like 's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. this as capitol hill is preparing for what could be a contentious week. the first woman to accuse judge kavanaugh will testify before congress. >> and developing this morning, a violent weekend across the district. 14 people wounded by gunfire. five people killed.
6:46 am
residents of the district are preparing to get together and make a stand to end the violence. >> justin finch is live at d.c. potece headq with details on the shootings and the community response, justin. >> that's right. they're holng a safety walk. they say they are fed up with the gun violence in their community. four people shot there on friday and police are focused not only aon that buto a recent spike in gun violence over the weekend that did leave 14eoe shot. you can see 8 locations. 8 shootings now under investigation. etin the southeast area. no word though if these shootings are in connected. only one is in northwest and in that case police do have a suspect in custody. rewa os are beingered for tips in all of these shootings.2 000 here and back out live more on that walk, it begins
6:47 am
tonight at 7:00 p.m..l it w held by a 5-year-old boy that heard the shots and does not like what he heard. he wants the neighborhood t fbe sa him and other children. >> we turn now to the latest on the confirmatio controversy of brett kavanaugh. another woman has come forward cusing him of sexual misconduct. >> this comes days before he's supposed to testify on a previous sex assault claim. in the new yorker yesterday deborah ramirez says he exposed himself to her while at yale university. they want to delay action on his nominati and the fbi to investigate both allegations. what we can expect at this week's hearing.
6:48 am
>> good morning, she will testy in a public hearing about what she says was a sexual assault by supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh at a party decades ago. this is a show downf what has bp a bitter fight over the supreme court pick. they aee to the hearing that despite the refusal to subpoena other witnesses and her atrneys say some aspects of the hearing are not yet resolved. including whether t all male line-up of republican senators would question ford or whether those senators would have female staff attorneys do it for them. now the white house continues th suppor saying he's willing to testify publicly to defend his integrity andoo clear his g name. the latest coming up on today. >> two protests are happening
6:49 am
today. one oup will gather at the capitol and then later this afteuroon svivors of assault and allies will walk out of their jobs, homes and classrooms and there could be another woman coming forward. stormy daniels attorney says he represents a third woman who he says has credible evidence of sexual assault against kavanaugh. avenati says he plans to go public with that evidence in the coming days. it's now 6:49. here's a look at your top ories this morning. d.c. police are investigating a possible hate crime after two gay men were attacked. we te not showing victim's faces in this video at their reques but the men say they feel fear ander sadness a the attack. one of the men was knocked unconscious and police are now searching for five suspects in this case. >> a baltimore police officer expected to survive following a deadly shoot out with a suspect. this happened last night in west baltimore. it's unclear what lead up to th shootout. baltimore police say theuspect
6:50 am
shothe officernd the officer fired back killing the man. >> sentencing begins today for bill cosby. he's facing up to 30 years in prison for sexuallyg assault andrea constand. his otherus as are calling for the maximum sentence which co id mean life prison for cosby that's 81 years old. >> you may remember this video of a firefighter saving an elder apartment last week's fire in d.c. well yesterday she had a chance to save him for saving her life. he was happy to see her but insists he was just doing his job. >> take a look at part of the beltway still shutdown. live picture from the scene here this morning. so just the lef lane getting by. this is inner tor-trailer jackknifed and
6:51 am
got it out of the way there but we still have a fue spill t deal with so it could still be delayed here for the next hour. so springfield inner loop after br braddock road. eastbound 66 near sudley has an accident. all the green showing you where it's raining around the area. and theo rampe inner loop right side is blocked. >> 35 miles per hour on 66. inbound and 95 northbound. and outer loop is slow as well. remember to sten to wtop when you hop in your car on this monday morning. good morning, chuck. >> it's a very gloomy looking start to the day.
6:52 am
here's a live look over national airport this morning where it's w clouds and fog and mist and drizzle and just an overallargly to a monday. likely going to be cool again today. yesterday's high onlyn the mid to upper 60s. probably going to stay below 70 again today. that will be the first time since may 17th and 18th that we had two days in a row belo 70 degrees. no surprise, those two days in may were covered r up withn and so will today be. visibility down under five miles in a few spots. clos to 70. cool and wet and shower keep the umbrella handy. it's not going to be a day long downpour but a chance for rain any time. we're giving today's daily grade an f. 69 degre our high for this afternoon. the sun will be back out by thik d, you can join me and my two dogs, dumb and dumb, i
6:53 am
mean isabelle and lucas, they'll be out at the best in shaw dog and you can register your dog. over $1,500 in prizes available. my two will be there but they are not eligible to win because i'ming the event. showery weather off and onor the day. high rain chances as well. 70% chance ofw rain tomor and 60% chance of thunderstorm wednesday afternoon but at least wednesda will be nice and warm. that will be the warmest day of the week. but there's sunshine in time for your weekend. >> 6:53 right now. if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you might wa to try the rated pg black arts festival. >> people will be celebrating art and culture from a woman's point of view. details onow you can join in the fun. >> hey, guys, i can't tell you,
6:54 am
we have been with this band, one of the featured musical acts for the festival coming up. the rpged black arts festival on saturday. this is awesome. >> always. always awesomef to be part o celebrating our culture abe ing black and amazing and empowering us. like yes this is awesome. >> this is awesome. we got the music for the black arts festival. we have the handmade jewelry, here.ones and how much am i wearing here? >> you have quartz on your neck. i think about 125ish. >> she's going to be one of t featured vendors out there this weekend. malik is the executive director here at the prince george's african american museum and cultural center. we're in prince george's county.
6:55 am
>> we are. welcome t pnce george's and the second annuarated pg black arts festival. >> on wedneay we have community work wednesday. we'll have registration for the november elections. >> okay and people need to come on out this saturday. the festival is going to begin 1:00. all the way to 7:00 right here in prince george's thcounty. ey're going to be the featured band. ♪ >> it's going to be a good time looks ke, sounds like, thank you verymuch. here are four things to know. a second woman isow accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. that allegation comes as kavanaugh and his first accuser
6:56 am
are set to testify this thursday. more on this develop g story ahead on the "today"show. >> sentencing begins today for disgraced comedian bill cosby. f he'sacing up to 30 years in prison for sexually assaultingd constand in 2004. they're calling for the maximum sentence which would mean life in prison. he's 81. >> hundreds of university of maryland fresh men are staying in a hotel because their dorm rooms had mold. otos show mold on windows and furniture. the university believes recent rain and humidity may be worse. >> tonight the logan circle community is planning a public meeting to discuss the attack that left wendy martinez dead. the meeting is tonight at 6:30 at the marriott marquee in northwest. martinez was a woman stabbed wednesday while hogging. polie charged anthony crawford in their death. >> make sure thatou grab t umbrella or raincoa bofr yoefor
6:57 am
head out today. mainly like rain. today and tomorrow we still have e rain in the forecast. wednesday more sunshine. warm into the mid 80th understorms in the evening. >> not s good right now. part of the beltway still shutdown no jackknife tractor-trailer they're working hard to get all the lanes reopened. >> thank you. that is the new fortoday. >> we'll see you in 25 minutes for your weather, traffic, andn local. until then, enjoy your day. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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i'm neal simon. i'm the son of an immigrant and a family man. daughter: hey, dad. neal: and now i'm running for the u.s. senate, unaffiliated with any party, because they're playg partisan games and getting nothing done, and it's crippling america. i've creatt high-paying jobs rire in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and finding common ground, hiand i'll do the same t as your senator. they say an outsider can't do it, but... all: pogether... neal: ...we'rove them wrong. i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics.
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good morning. breaking overnight, new accuser. another woman comes forward to accuse brett kavanaugh of misconduct, a former yale clasate, saying he exposed ng himself du collegearty. the judge pushing back hard, saying he wants to defend his name. the stage is set for a dramatic showdown between accuser and accused. cosby's fate. bill cosby facing the ifssibility of spending the rest of his behind bars. his sentencing beginning thisg, morn the culmination of his dramatic fall from grace. we're there live. new floodfears.


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