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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a smear campaign. nbc'sr repor has the story. >> reporter: good evening. this n accusation against brett kavanaugh has both sides of capitol hill digging in. after a second clafl sexual misconduct against brett kavanaugh interesting supreme court nominee is going on offensive tonight in a tv interview on fox news>> know i'm telling the truth. i know my lifelongrecord. and i'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. >> the appearance follows claim by draeb ramirez that while she and kavanaugh attended yalet drunken dorm room party in the 1980s, kavanaugh exposed himself to her. there were no direct witnesses.
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>> we have someone on the record who remembers him. who describes him as often incoherently intoxi rted. orter: the new claims comes as christine blasey ford prepares to tell senators about her alleged sexual assault by kavanaugh at a high school party. i pressu mounting on both sides. kavanaugh denies both assaults and he i know s hnsis won't be intimidated into withdrawing. >> a smear campaign. >> this could b one of the most single most unfair, unjust thing on happen to aid cae. i am with judge kavanaugh. >> repor delay the hearing and want a full investigation. >> thenited states senate needs to do its job with a full investigation before we do the hearing. >> reporter: now several senate
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republicans wt to hear testimony only from ford. and then hold the vote on kavanaugh. >> all right. thank you. >> before becoming such a pivotal figure, this appeared to be the last day as attorney general but he'll be leaving with president trump on thursday. if rosenstein is fired or re gns, it would be the end of a long and storied career at the u.s. justice department. scott? >> good evening. roegs's professional future may now be fragile but he is known as almost a permanent fiction interest at the u.s. justice department. before his departure, he was the longest attorney general in america. just months before taking the number two justice job in the trump administration he led the takedown of a corruption harpring includes the prince george's county liquor board and
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members of the late you are. a case which included the u of wire or listening devices. all of that was overshadowed. it took responsibility for overseeing he robert mueller special counsel investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. he spoke exclusive when i the news4 i-team late last year to say he was satisfied with the work of temueller's am. at least so far. he was called before congress to talkbout that interview. >> in an interview with inning's scott mcfarland, you indicated you were satisfied with how the special counsel's investigation is proceeding. why after you've heard all the concerns, why are you satisfied with the course of the investigation? >> i'm satisfied because based on what i know which is different from what the accounts that appeared in the media, based on what i know, i believe director mueller's appropriately remaining in the scope and conducting himself
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appropriately. >> rosenstein lives in montgomery county. he brought a top aide with him to help run the office of attorney general. news team. back to you. >> the latest speculation about rod rosenstein's future began friday after n the york time reported that he once considered invoking the 25 t amendment to remove the president from office and to record the president secretly. rumors began flying this morning ndr a couple of chaotic hours. the white house justice department were telling twoen vy diff stories to reporters. >> rosenstein gets summons to the white house to have this oueting with john kelly. the white is saying he's coming to resign. the justice department were saying, no, he won't resign. if they want himll out, the have to fire him. so in any event, we now know that it w all endedh pushing
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this matter o until thursday. >> reporter: and of course the chief concern would be the future of robert mueller and the russia investigation. rosenstein appointed mueller. let's switch gears and look the skiesnd that radar. >> it's just nasty out there. dreary conditions. the showers just continue to woman in thrgh ea. you will notice rain, you are still seeing some drizzle. just aboute sunshine e seeing this. ilok at just to our south. it try to make its way to the north. you can see this southeastlow
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bringing the moisture. watch out for some g. only in the 60s. 63 in hagerstown. yeah. everybody on the cool side. strng to severe thunrerstorms. i'll it down for you and see you back here in a minute. >> all righ ank you. well, this is the story of survival from this. a man found alive. five days after t flames took over a senior apartment complex in d.c. the firefighters evacuated the people and said everyone was accounted for but that changed when the inspector found a manholed up in his apartment. news4' pat collins joins us from the navy yard with this ,nexpected recovery. >> wehey had to use a crowbar to open his door. that man
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apartment here. traps in his part here during the evacuations from that fire. trammed in his apartment during the head count after the fire. that man left here, found here only today. fi days later. he was incredibly lucky and we were incredibly lucky. >> he could have died. >> yeah. i'mot a medical person but i've done these collapses all over the world. sure, he could have died. >> this is allyn, hecu res a 74-year-old man who had been trapped in his apartment at the at capper homes since that massive fire last wednesday. >> when was messing with the door, you heard a voice. and we go, there's somebody in there. he goes, yes. i said we'll get you out. and he said, i'm not going any
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place. >> reporter: it was one of the largest fires inur o city's recent history. it burned for hours like a flaming whack-a-mole. when they got one knocked down over there, another one popped up over here. scores of rescue workers deployed. more than 100 residents evacuated except for that man in the second floor apartmented discov this morning. five days later. i w asked if okay. we put him in a kitchen chair and took him out. >> role andy is a neighbor of the man who was trapped in that apartment. >> can y believehat he was in his apartment? >> no. >> while the fire was going on? >> no. they said everyone has been taken care of. and they also said everybody had
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been evacuated out. this is strange. >> reporter: theck used t dogs to make sure no one else was left behind. when they found the n, they said he was inside the apartment looking at his tv, wting for the electricity to come back on. they've taken the man to the hospital for treatment. they sayeas nonlife threatening injuries. >> you cannot wait for thi to tell his story about what he's been doing the last five days. >> he has quite a story tote . >> we're glad he's here to tell it. d.c.'s department of health has confirmed the case of
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legionnaire's disease. it is a form of severe pneumonia. we're told water restrictions have been put in place now. d. water saidhere's no reason to believe the issue extends outside the campus. shomari stone will have that story. staggering numbers. 14 peoplshot. six of the people, dead. all sense frida night in the district. you can see here most of the shootings happened in southeast d.c. leaving communities on edge. derrick ward is there with more on the suspect. >> reporteee it has a busy weekend for d.c. police and it will be a busy day as investigators try to get to the bottom of the homicides. there are indications that this violence hasn't given up yet and it mayontinue into the
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weekend. >> my father was a hard working man. he loves his family. he kept to himself. >> he waseilled in 3,400 block of 22nd street early sunday. iss son who doesn't want face shown on camera said his father always provided even when he had to go thout. >> reporter: his murder was among six deaths attbuted to a violent spate since friday. >> none of these cases appear to be related. >> reporter: it happened just before 3:00 p.m. today. the police are investigating a high profile murder tha happened in northwest last week. a jogger stabbed to death what appeared to be a random attack. there has already been an arrest. >> we attack any crime.
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police have made one arrest in the weekend shootings. this is part o a disturbing trend. there have been 115 homicides in the distct. thisime last year there were 82. live outside police he back to you. >> students forced out of their dorms and into hotels. >> tonight, a look at how long kit taken rid these rooms of mold. plus, congresss stepping in to give you more space in the sky. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss. a hit and run involving a cyclist. cyclist. take a look athe bicyct le
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kaine: my dadironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies
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across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers.
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in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. tonight, a need to address concerns about a runner in the circle. wenty martinez was stabbed in logan circle last week while she was jogging. y crawford has been charged with the murder in what police are calling a random and unprovoked attack. >> a swisted bikes on the sidewalk after a hit and run along the national mall. the s cyclist wasd to be in
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veryeriouscondition. adam tuss has the report. >> report.r: that's ri we are not releasing his name yet. metropolitan police say they have not notified his family but all of thatappening this morning right here at this busy intersection. the cars are going northbound. that car hs the cyclist and then took off. >> reporter: at the height of the morning rush, perhaps there's a bit t much rushing. a cyclist hit by a car. the bike wrecked and now the cycling community with another crash. the cyclist is in very serious the police want to know who did all this. meantime, the people who k w the cycliet areng the
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news. >> he rides to work every day on his bike. >> reporter:an works at the smithsonian museumur of nat history. he says the bicycli was left on the side of the road. >> unfortunately, this area is known for it. >> reporter: they'll be releasine video to figur out exactly what happened. there are lots of cameras. we're told there's a lead on a black colored sedan. as for other cyclists, we're dealing with yet another serious cras they said everyone needs the pay more attention on the road. >> there are societies where there are tuches bicycle i haves on the road and they don't have these problems so i think it is possut it is a culture change that takes time. we eporter: people that talked to said they are not surprised at all that something like this happened right here. they say there are close calls
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all the time. the faa is trying to figure out how a plane was cleared at the same time as another plane the run way. it not sed a west plane a little farther down the runway last monday. the faa tells news4 there was a low rigs of collision because the planes were separated from one another. united says it ispi c with the investigation. crews are taking care of mold issues in a dorm. mold found on the linens, furniture, even students.
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>> just a really huge nuisance for us. i'm kind of far awarom the classes and now being on the other side of campus, even farther away. >> the university officials say they want to assure the students that they're working as quickly as sxobl the staff is working aroundhe clock to rid it mold. research into spinal cord injury is final paying off. >> patients who have been pearlized for years are now walking with minimal assistance. ey had an electronic stimulator. they went through grueling therapy and eventually, there was a eureka moment. >> it doesn happen the first time or the 100th time. t overtime, each time it is practiced, the circuitry remembers and really relearns to
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do those motor tasks. >> these patients are being treated. the university reports similar successful. >> is that amazing? >> good to hear. >> everybody. >> we need to make some progress. >> more progress. >> it started with a ring at the door bell. now, 34 years later, atate trooper's family is still haunted by what happened. how investigators are trying to investigate new clues. chilling new clues in the d.c. mansion murder trial. so what happened in the moments after family's home was set on fire? >> and the rain is not
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is this a picture of d.c. or london? is thatth hw or london? >> could we clear the fog?
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cute. was never it really isn't cute anymore. >> we need some sunshine out there. s >> such aeak of clouds and rain. pretty much all september along and this goes back to july, august, september. this is a very familiar scene. thenc differe today though, we're only in the 60s. you notice the jackets, the long pants. we are not feeling like summer at all. this is just the second full day of fall. take a look outside toward the bridges. it is justnasty. 66 degrees. winds out of the northeast. here's the current temperature. we still have the showers. we have ahance of rain everywhere. and even where it is not showing up on radar, still seeing
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drizzle. right through tomorrow mornin you can see the clouds east to west. that's whyo we're cool across the region.hi all of has to work its way through. most of the heavier rain will th stay just t north and west. we'll t stay wi tredreary shower conditions. then we start to break out a little bit. only 73 with a good chance of showers right through the early afternoon. some drizzle there. and then i think hopefully, this front will go further to theno h. d.c. could be in the lows. 80 d.c. could be in the mid 70s. it will be a tou forecast as far as temperatures go. so we have some shower activity right through the day tomorrow. a big chance of some storms wednesday. wednesday evening around six
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toy, moreogkr on wednesday. friday is looking pretty good. the best day out of the workweek. >> thank you. we are stayingn top of the breaking news in washington. breaking news in washington. next, the high stakes meetings
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i'm neal simon. i'm the son of an immigrant and a family man. daughter: hey, dad. neal: and now i'm running anfor the u.s. senate, unaffiliated with any party, because they're playing partisan games and getting nothing done, and it's crippling america. i've createdheigh-paying jobs righ in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and finding common ground, ngand i'll do the same thias yo. they say an outsidercan't. and finding common ground, all: together... neal: ...we'll prove them wrong. i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. lenally put people over politics.
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judge brett kavanaugh is defending himself on fox news. he says he has never sexuall assault anyone. that came after a second woman came forward to accuse him of misconduct. the first woman is set to testify this thursday. it sparked a heated protest. police arresd 128 people today. od rosenstein's day seems to be ending differently than he expected. he thought he would bet fired the white house today. rosenstein is still on the job. his futur feels uncertain ahead of a face to face meeting with the president set forthursday. he is under fire after "the new york times" reported the deputy ag discussed wearing a wire around the president. in other breaking news, a warning about potentially deadly disease.
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>> d.c.'sf department health has confirmed a case of legionnaire's disease at a retirement community. live with the developments on this. >> good evening. the d.c. department of health met with residents here at rock creek retirement community moments ago,he letting know about a resident that has been diagnosed with legionnaire's disease. let's roll video. getting a water sample at this retirement community. the department of health, the centers forisease control a d.c. water are investigating to derrell sourc of the disease. the health department said they found out about it on september 17th. they letesidents know over that time but also today, this evening, they had the community meetings. it is caused by bmiathing in the of the bacteria.
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there are full water restrictions. they said they will install o filter faucets and showers as a precaution. not everyone exposed gets sick some of the gros a at higher risk. >> if you're elderly, 50 years or older, 5 compromised immune system from illness or you're taking medications that m suppress your immune system. or you smoke or you're a former , it will put you at greater risk. >> reporter: now d.c. water says the drinking water distributed to the general population outside of ingleside retirement community is safe. that serving fine. that ts isisolated. they said to this facility. worth mentioning, if you feel that you have legionnaire's disease symptoms such as cough, short not of breath, headache,
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fever, call the d.c. department of health. it is worth mentioning it is serious but it tan beated with antibiotics. showari stone. news4. >> thanks for that. there was testimony today given about the scene of the d.c. mansion murders. that includes a sword found in the bathroom nexto the room where they found youngest victim. and a tow truck driver. >> reporter: a few hours after three family members and their house deeper were murdered and their housen set fire on may 14th of 2015, the blue porsche was also set on fire in a church parkg lot in new carrollton. 98 in court jurors heard from a prince george's police sergeant. he took witness stand. the prosecution played this video of the car on fire anded
6:33 pm
then ahe sergeant about how he investigated the scene. the witness referenced a foot path that backs up to an apartment complex where news4 learned it is the same building where daron wint's family members used to live. he said he collected a video showing a person running from the scene moments after it went up in flames. a man said someone appro ahed him aed for a ride to d.c. because he needed his blue mini n towed. the man's name was never mentioned but news4 haseaed that daron wint owned a blue mini van. the tow truck driver was not able to identify him as the man he drove. he said the man asked to use his cell phone to make calls. some of the numbers had asked the witness if he recognized it or knew any of his family
6:34 pm
members. thness said no and went on to say after towing the man's car, he paid in cash. when the trial resumesw tomor morning, a police department forensics experts will take stand. news4. tonight the i-team reports t the montgomery county jail to try to reduce the risk of suicide behind bars. two inmas hanged themselves. this person committed suicide the day he was to go on trial for killing his girlfriend. many things are under consideration. they've swapped out bed sheets and replaced them with softer, bulkier blankets. >> they're not theinal
6:35 pm
solution. the agency says it is inviting the experts to speak. an i-team investigation found 400 suicide attempts at regional jails since 2014. >> among the big races in our i arthe u.s. senate seat in our area. this wednesday news4 is working to keep you informed before you head to the polls. chuck todd will moderate. you can watch itur on o app. > flying the friendly skies is a little cramped up there. you may get a little more wiggle room. >> it's been more than three
6:36 pm
decades since a virginia state trooper was stabbed to death when he answered the door. now his daughter who washeust 2 at time is making a public appeal for information. she has since become an officer but her plea is personal. >> i think there a multiple people thrghout who know what happened that day and those are people that i want this interview t reach. the. the. and more on e severethkain ♪e: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders.
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our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. what makes aldi olive oil oh sweetheart. because only the specialest, most amazing products in all the world make it into aldi stores. something so beautiful and precious, you should never ever, ever, ever, ever let go of. jeez mom it's just olive oil. stop being weird. we hand pick only the most amazing products. that's changing shopping for the better. aldi. shop differentli. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support.
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then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. washington arts community has lost one of its most beloved members. joseph watkins died in italy. he jumped into lake como to save someone. he created beautiful partytt
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gs for the reagans and the clintons and obamasor his was featured in many magazines. he was a long time member of the board and signature theater. he is survid by his long time partner. he was 59 years old. bowman'sroomer johnny daughter was 2 years old whens e killed: our bureau chief has a story you'll only see here on news4. >> reporter: what nicky bowman knows about her hedad, learned mostly from his fellow state troopers. >>aid back guy. home body. didn't like going out and doing anything. he was content on the couch. me.arently adored >> that adoring dad stolen from her when she was just he was killed in 1984 when he went to answer the door bel the family's manassas tnhouse
6:40 pm
very early. anbb attacker s him more than 40 times and fled. chased briefly by's bowm visiting brother. a wig, hard hat and glasses were left behind. >> you can stab somebody a couple times on get the jobne when you're going on 40, 45 times, there is aittle too ch anger going on. which makes me think it is something personal. >> she wonders why her dad didn't take his weapon to the front door. she thinks tha he opened it may have suggested he knew the person on the other side. the hard hat she thinks were meant to throw off ig inveors. she's telling her story now to news4 and in an fbi video with the hop her voice might make a difference. might compel somomne to forward with new information. >> i would hope they could final it in their heart andhe do right thing. 34 years is a long tim of waiting. my life is a constant struggle.
6:41 pm
every d it is hard. >> she said even as a teen she was dorwn to law ement but didn't get her badge as ana as city officer until the age of 31. an age with special meaningful. >> might be fate. i don't know another word. my dad passed at 31. >> she admits it is hard sometimes parks rolling the the town her dad was murdered. now she's calling on that person or those who have information about the attack to tell what they know. >> i'm hoping deep down that these people are still around and that they have the opportunity to come forward. faith inputting my them to do that. >> faith and hope this trooper's daughter might find some closure. >> there is a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. to see the new post created by the fbi, go to our nbc washington app and search johnny
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wman. >> what a burden for her to carry every day. she may be protecting and serving the very person who killed her dad. >> someone may know. get ready for a dramatic te erature swing. doug is back to breakt down. plus, new steps to keep airlines from shrinking the seats even more. what congress is doing to me what congress is doing to me ak
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this is a fight. not to the finish. what congress is doing to me ak but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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this is the case of thecr ible shrinking airline seats. to.ething we all can relate so the faa would be required to set newinimum requirements for seats onan air under legislation being considered in the house this week. so if passed, this wil give passengers a break from those cramped quarters. according to flyers' rights, the space between rows once as wide, es, has , as 35 in shrunk to less than 28 inches on some planes. and the width of airplane seats has declined from 18.5 to 17 inches. red the airlinesaying they've done this to increase the amount of seats onan air to keep costs down low. we'll of course keep you posted on what happs in congress.
6:46 pm
>> she mentioned the airline seats do keep getting smaller and smaller. to put 17 inch seats in perspective. think o a clothes hanger. the average one is 17 i wide. a pair of men's jeans is 34 inches. home plate is 17 inches wide. imagine sting in that space on a five and a halour flight across country. >> we'll see if theyua ay do anything. >> so congressin is consid giving the faa the authority to say, okay, we're going to regulate howr wide y seats can be, how much leg rjum you need. flew on boston and back today. you have to fold yoursf into a pretzel just to get into the seat and i'm not going to last. that's even ouworse. thene sitting there and the guy in front of you puts his seat back right into your nose
6:47 pm
and you can't drink a soda or read the pa this is not just a comfort issue. it is a safety issue. the bottom line is the faa requires airlinesehould be abl to evacuate everybody out of a plane within 90 seconds with half the exits bcked or closed. so think about that. the tiricalaft these days has people who are not really thin, necessarily, right? we have older people, younger people, obese people that's the challenge. you're packing more people in, makes it tough. >> let's talk about the whole service animal issue. someone recently tried to bray service peacock on. >> that was me. i'm very fond of my peacock. this has gottenabsurd. how do they make sure this is a ne ted animal? >>nk the general view is it has gotten absurd.
6:48 pm
and you can go online and fill out forms claim that you have a psychological need t fs animal and some doctor willac tually sign off online. everybody knows this has become a scam. so now the congress wants to give fast the authority to look into regulating this. inhe meantime theirlines are starting to clamp down saying, enough is enough. can't allow peacocks and boa constrictors and alligators and whatever that you want to be your service companion. >> what about cost? if they do give us more leg room? airlines stay reason they're doing is it to make it cheaper to fly. if this happens, it will take forever. the fast goes to a reaking process that will last forever. you'll have objections, he potential lawsuits, the airlines will counter. by the time this happens, i suspect we could be talking
6:49 pm
years down the road. this will be for the new ones. >> by the tim we'll be riding in our cars. w >>ll have much more at 7:00. tell thais here to you it is not over yet. it could get worse. >> oh! >> it was just like what we're talkingabout. >> the person came back in front of me. i could not move. that's another reason people are having a tough time moving on the roadways. it is on the wet side right through tomorrow. we've got fog and showers and we've got a nasty start to the workweek. degrees. the temperatures not going
6:50 pm
anywhere. about 65 a 9:00, the drizzle continuing. look at leesburg. 62 in gaithersburg. a nasty looking monday. this is moving from southeast back to northwest. along with the easterly flow. you can see the shower activity that we've got going on into fairfax. right around burke, toward fairfax ty, t stiff fairfax and herndon. back toward sterling and centervil centerville. heavier rain and steadier rain toward hagerstown. keep the umbrella tonight and tomorrow. you can see we've got a lot more to go. you can see what's going on. we have a frontal boundary that will move to the north. we may t to get in the warm sector tomorrow.
6:51 pm
that's where the temperatures start to rise. here's noon from d.c. northward. we have a good chance of owers. most will be light again. then by the afternoon we'll break out a little bi maybe some sunshine through the south. temperatures will rise a little bit. more fog early. we see some sunshine. again, very warm air. we have a chance of some storms. you can see parts of the area with a chance of severe weather. that is something we'll be watching very, v carefully in the next couple days. tomorrow, the temperatures early.
6:52 pm
a hig of yoif. 72 on tuesday with a chance of showers. better friday. not bad saturday. a chance of showers. really noe sunday i monday. right now,
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you wanted to save on prescriptions... so you went online... and got so lost in a mumbo-jumbo of co-pays, coupons and codes that your brain went offline. next time ask your cvs pharmacist. our proprietary search tool analyzes ways to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in.... before you conk out... see what you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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i know this will shock you. i am not a psychologist. i did not stay at particular hotel last night. there s still traffic but the horns didn't sound as harsh. victony mday is real in this town. everything is better with a win, right? food tastes we usare. nott the win but how the redskins have set themselves .up
6:56 pm
right down, yards pern game o both offense and defense. and the defen rose to the occasion ogainst of the best ever. aaron rodgers, a sweet win before a long break. >> welcome. instead of people saying, you almost had them. good game, good game. any time you can get that from winning anything, great.ea it m a lot to us. it is amazing what you can do as a team. especially whenou're winning. the organization is happy. the team is happy. but you're also uplifting the other people around they're happy. they're excited. they could be having the worst day in the world but if you're winning, they' that a good place. >> see, we don't even believe it is raining. >> the packers, alex smith. i think there's a law of physics
6:57 pm
there. section 2 article 9 says, if the defender lands with all or most of the weight on the passer. >> oh, come. on that's not fathe for the league and for football in l. genera that's not how you play football. game was not designed to play tag. the game is to design to hit people. you sign up for this game to be physical. not to play that. it's not fair. thefestleague. something has to change. it's not football. >> okay. we're pulling the expert panel. >> he gotok . >> do you even know what i'm talking about? >> no. she's wearing packers ld. >> he got the same last week.
6:58 pm
>> always bad call. after up that, i didn't havan her word. happy birds chirping. the wizards with their annual media day. the teams opening up training camp tomorrow. you look at it on paper. he said there are no excuses. we know it starts with john and i. >> i like it.
6:59 pm
he can do it here. >> so sports is er? okay. all right. thank you for joining us. "nightlyews" starts in 60 seconds. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom,
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what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. . breaking news tonight, brett breaking news tonight, brett kavanaugh breaking his silence, his wife by his side. the embattpreme court nominee hitting back. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> kavanaugh defiant as a second accuser comes forward to allege sexual misconduct. also, the wild all-day drama swirling over the m nsrseeing mueller. rod roin summed to the white house. rumors held be fired or resign. what will happen when he meets face-to-face with the president? w >> my exclusive intervth the president of iran. what he told me aboua tential meeting with president trump. bill cosby in court. judge set to sentence the disgraced icon facing the rest of his life behind bars. parents outraged as a school bus driver is caught on camera le


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