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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 25, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> it does feel that way, doesn't it? this morning we're still seeing it scattered showers. >> more rain now and so now we have officially eclipsed. as have more rain this september than in the five septembers combined. that's how crazy wet this one has been and it's also a testimony to the fact that the last five septeers have all been unusually dry septembers. another messy morning commute. it will be 10 or 12 degrees t warmay than yesterday. we're watching a thunderstorm chance for tomorrow. right now though there's the rain across fairfax, loudoun and montgomery county. that's higher than our high yemperature yesterday. we'll eas jump into the mid and upper 70s for highs today. have that umbrella ready to go. the ride home n will be as
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rainy. melissa. >> that definitely helps because inthe ride pretty wet in a lot of spots. southbound 270. do have a crash ere. this camera is at montgomery village so it looks pretty iggo. it be a little slow. northbound 95 before 123. take. lo all of that crash is on the right. still here this morning so just getting by in that left main lane. allow some extra time through there or perhaps root 1 now for the next 40 minutes or so. inbound on 395, it's getting better. had the earlier issue with the car re. before 202, right side blocked by a crash there. >> thank you, it's 6:01. breaking news in d.c., detectives are investigating an overnight shooting. >> it happened near a station and continues a days long streak of violence in the district. chris lawrence is live in northeast nowith what w know. chris. >> ll, the victim was shot several tim and is in cardiac
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arrest. i'll tell you why that's so significant. but first, what we know, this shooting happened outside of thl shel station on eastern avenue. a couple of hours ago, we have seen detectives her onhe scene for several hours. some of it is cleared out now but i want to take you to shot in the last hour. you can see the canine units on the scene near the sidewalk. we saw a lot of the detectives there taking some shell from that area directly in front of the gas station. and we're trying to determine if that's where the shooting hamened but the vic suffered critical injuries and was in cardiac arrest when this haened. as ientioned before, the significance of this, just checked d.c. homicide statishecs. they say are standing at 115 homicides right now. th is justne shy of the total for all of last year.
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back herean live you see it still shutdown and police say they're searching for a man wearg a whiteshirt, black pants. sort of a brown derby hat and sneakers at this point. the suspect is still out there. live in northeast d.c., chris lawrence, news 4, back to you. >> chris, thank you. >> that shooting is just the latest in a string of shootings that plagued the district since friday. nour shootings happened yesterday all wit hours of each other. a man was found shot in downing place northeastas nit. >> another person was shot and it's the same blockou wherer people were shot on friday. this happened as people prepared he neighborhood commissioner kathieenderson was at the walk last night and said the community is sick of the violce and it must stop. >> it's 6:03. now to a developing story,
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supreme cou nominee brett kavanaugh was unapologetic on national tv last night. kavanaughs s he's innocent and not going anywhere despite a second woman coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> he repeatedly denied the allegations against him. he insisted he always treated women with dignity and respect. his c commente as he and his first accuser prepare to tes ffy nt of the senate judiciary committee on thursday. kavanaugh says he wants the process to be fair. >> i'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. america's about fairness. andearing from bot sides and i didn't do this or anything resembling this. the are -- this is wrong. >> the lawyer for stormy daniels says a third woman accusing kavanaugh of sexual misconduct will come rward tomorrow. yesterday he declared the woman
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is, quot 100% credible. >> the kavanaugh controversy isn't only causing drama at the white house. it appears to be t a toll on senate a republicans thatre standing by the nominee. theyim forced h and his wife out of a local restaurant. they did not let up until the couple left. demonstrators showed their disapproval on capitol hill earlier in the day. >> this is your second warning. >> capitol police arrested 128 protestors gathered inside of senategsffice build yesterday. the group targeted the offices of swing vote republican ssaator n collins and jeff they demanded the senators vot against kavanaugh. >> also developing this morning,
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deputy attorney general rod rosens rosenstein still has a job. he was called to the white house yesterday leaving many to speculate he was about to be red. he considered trying to talknt others io using the 25th amendmt to remove the president from power. he'll meet with the president on thursday but his future with the administration is >> today bill cosby, the man once dubbed america's dadill be sentenced for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. prosecutors are ask for 5 to 10 years in prison. the defense asked for a sentence of house arrest citing cosby's advanced age and blindness. the victim gave an impact statement during the first day of the sentencing hearing. she says shes, want quote, justice as the court sees fit. cosby was convicted back in april.
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it's now 6:06. happening now, concern among residents of the ingle side at rock creek retirement community rthwest. >> a person living there is diagnosed with legionnaires disease. d.c. health oicials are working with the centers for disease control and d.c. water to investigate the source of t disease. residents are worried. >> they won't let us use our -- the water any place other than one bathroom. >> health officials sayhe problem is isolated to this retirement community and they installed filters on the faucets and showers there as a precaution and they're evaluating the water quality. >> it's 7 minutes after the hour now. we have been following a huge spike in synthetic drug overdoses in recent months. now the mayor says she will introduce emergency legislation to the d.c. council.
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it would change how synthetic drugs are classified. she says the legislation would make it easie for police to arrest people who make andell synthetic drugs. investigators are trying to figure out whether k-2ye p a role in the murder of a jogger on logan circle last week. the man charged with killing wendy martinez waswn a k k-2 user. >> district detectives hope surveillanideo will help track down the driver that hit a cyclist and koit on yesterday morning. take a look. you can see the badly damaged bicycle on the corner ofan2th constitution northwest where the accident happened. co-worrs say he biked to his job at the smithsonian naturalo hi museum every day. he's recovering this morning in the hospital. >> an elderly m trapped in a d.c. apartment building for five days after a masve fire is expected to be okay. the 74-year-old was found yesterday in the senior apartments in the navy yard neighborhood. the man is believed to have been
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inside that apartment from when the firetarted on wednesday afternoon to when a crew found him. he had no ectricity and was stuck in his apartment because the door was jammed. crews searched the building inch by inch yesterday to make s e that no one else was in there. coming up in the next half hour you'll hear directly from the engineer that foundhim. >> breaking news out of california now, hundreds of firefightershe battling charlie fire. angie goff at the live desk. >> we're following this closely, aaron. we jus checked and they said that the fire is now 50% contained. take a look at what these firefighters are up against here. it's massive. you can see thelames here on your screen rising. this is actually near castaic, california. it's supposed to be 102 degrees. two firefighters we a know already treated for heat related
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injuries. the charlie fire startedn saturday. they're expecting it to be fully contained by fday but it seems fuelled by dry grass and brush right now. still no word on what caused it but at this point no homes have been damaged. back to you. >> tha you, angie. outrage in indiana. me parentshere just can't believe their eyes. >> a bus driver was fired after some new video shows her letting an 11-year-old get behind the wheel and drive the bus with children on board. take a look. >> it's all good it's all good.ok ay. okay. first, what you got to do, put your foot on the brake. >> now this video was taken by other students as the driver seemed to be coaching the student driver.hi apparently theld was not the only one aowed to drive. she also let a 13-year-old and 17-year-old take the >>wheel. t's terrifying. i mean, that bus driver put 30 to 40 kids at risk.
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>> anything could have happened to not only the kids on the bus but a pedestrian or another car coming by. >> police charged her with felony negligent. the school district says they're angered and disappointed in the actions of the tidriver. >> ahead, we're working for you with new ways you can save on homeowners insurance. >> how you can save and your home at the same time. plus walking again, decades of research finally paying off for some men that never thought they would walk again. >> well it's anotherainy start to the day. you need the windshield wipers. take your time onds the r out there. messy morning commute coming up in a few minutes. a closer look at what you can a closer look at what you can fpect
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i work t across party lines toget sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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tak look at this footage out of pennsylvania. this happened right outside of pittsburgh. you can see a school bus on the side of the road. it tumbled down the embankment with children on board. at least four people were injured. >> this morning decades of research into spinal cord tjuries finally paying off. >> several peoplet have been paralyzed for years are beginning to walk with minimal help. these patients had an electronic stimulator implanted on their spinal cords. after hardork and physical therapy the patients started walking again. >> it doesn't hap the first time. it doesn't happen the 100th time but tiov, each time its practiced, that remembers and really relearns to do the motor tasks. >> these findings bring hope to more than a million people in the country that are palyzed because of a spinal cord injury. now.:16 almost right
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what is it about a chili winning recipe >> a little elbow grease. >> and beef. >> you're not into vegetarian chili. >> i don't know what that is. a local firefighter is putting hi recipe to the test. >> eddy dumire has one hour to beat out four others around the country at the hormel cooking challenge in new york. >> firefighters and chili, you know wnow something about that, right? so we're in the kitchen period here atbe station num 13 with captain dyed dumire. all your ingredients are laid out here captain. you're in this big competition. nationwide, you're one of five finalists to competing for the title to win. what's the secretingredient? >> the big secret is bacon. most people don't expect it but it sets it apart. >> i love it. so you're stirring that up and when you win, let's say you will
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win, what do you get? >> the wner get $10,000 for our department and we're going to use that money for our santa visits we do every year where we put santa on the fire truckshe d oes around and visits terminally ill children. >> i love that. our let me sample the winning recipe right now. there we go. we're c tastingtain eddy's recipe. oh, yeah. you're goi to win. the competition coming up ony tuesn new york city, captain eddy dumire competing. one of five finalists in the hormel chili cook off. give me a high five. let's go do it. back in to you. >> we were all tking about the delicious chili. texas chili has no beans. >> and one is a second place and
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third place finish rht here at nbc. >> share with the class. >> yeah. it was good.y i like chili with a little bit of -- >> kick. >> a little kick to it. get the day started right. so we are talking about more rain today. >> . >> yeah. >> let's go back to talk about chi chili, shall we? another one with rain in it. so far this september has been warm and wet. more than 4 degrees above averse in temperatu and more than 5.5 inches above average in rainfall. 8.5 ihes ofain so far here in the month of september. the last 5 in a row. 2013, 14, 15, 16, and 17 all put together. so an incredibly rainy september uere and that pattern is going to cont more rain today but warmer. chance of some thunderstorms. a little strong tomorrow. back to cool and showeryrseather on ty and the rain should be coming to an end on friday. just in time forour weekend.
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but today take the umbrella. most of the heavier steadier rain is going to be acrosssy peania, new york and new england. we're sort of on the tail end of the rainhances for today. notice the clearer skies down round southern virginia so i'm optimistic. especially the southern half. you're more likely to actually see a breaks of sunshine later on in the day today. not this morning, though. it will all come in the after hours. probably up closer to 5:00 or 6:00 this hour. there you can see storm team 4 radar. lots of rain today. the hviest rain will be in northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. the 60s to near 70 on your way out the door this morning. the commute forecast. 68 this morning. 70% cnnce of r through noontime with a high temperature 74. rain chances dropping though as you get later on into the day today so that's welcod news and by the time you get to the nats game this evening they'll be able to play baseball.
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will be cloudy and humid and it will be over. a warmone, 85 tomorrow and then a cooler shower day there on thursday. rain ending early friday and saturday looks fantastic. sunday looks good too. let's go to melissa. >> oh, gosh. i'll pay you later. thank you, chuck. northbound 95 before 123 here. still have that crash and a big response onidhe right of the main lanes here this morning. two are now getting by in the main lane. that's an improvement. a lot of volume coming northbound. still a little slow as well fro an earlier problem and taking a look, once again here, nortound near 123. that's the back up as you're looking at the map. southbound 2 before montgomery village avenue. crash on the shoulder there. trav times, 118 to the spur. take you 45 minutes. top of the beltway slow between 95 and 270. inbound on 66.
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95 north that's what we just saw, quantico to the belt way. >> now do you have any home improvement projects you have been putti off? coming up we're working for you. why getting those upgrades done now cou help you save money on insur.nce la >> and later this afternoon on ellen. >> she said what are you going to wear f ellen? and i said, you know, i'm going to wear some -- is i cocktail? well, i'm wearing like trousers. butck il. > she does a good sophi sophia vergara,right? >> the show has now been on for a decade. you can che out ell today at 3:00 right here on nbc 4 and be 3:00 right here on nbc 4 and be sure to stick aun forro
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his then i wenonduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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welcome back. 6:24. nbc's the voice is back and stronger than ever. we have our returning coaches. kelly clarkson. come . >> jennifer hudson, adam levine. blake shelton, they reclaim their red f chair season 15. >> here's a look at one of the dreamsso jennifer h helped come true last night during the blind audition. >> i dreamed to sing with you. >> i'm ready. >> yes. >> do you know how hard that song is to sing? >> thats contestant i 13 years old. the two part premiere of the
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of the voice is tonight. >> home improvement projects can add to the val of your home but they can also lower your insurance rate. susan hogan has some of the updates that canou help save. >> replacing a roof can be one of the most expensive house repairs. >> it's a significant up front cost. >> but it prevent even more expensive issues caused by water aks and insurance companies know that. >> it will reduce the insurance claims drastically. >> you could seediscounts ranging from 5% to 35% depending what kind u live and of roofing materials youch se. >> no surprise, insurance companies are lking for upgrades that will improve safety and security so it's worth considering a home security system. you might save on premiums. >> discounts may be more likely if your home secury system is connected to an outside
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monitoring service. >> any type of accidental misuse of an outlet, these will trip. >> upgrading toafer standards s not glamorous but a definite plus for insurance companies. >> we found one company that would give up to 8% off your premiums if you upgraded your electrical and plumbing. >> add in stationary generator to keep everything humming and a power outage and you might also get a discount. >> don't forgetec tions like upgrading your smoke detector can save you an extra 2 to 6%. ey really do add up. >> it's now 6:26. coming off diting diet. weight watchers is changing it's mission and it's name. we'll take a closer look at the new goals. >> and this w morninre dealing with rain again. showers across the area s you wake up and walk out the door and have the raincoat and the umbrella and windshield wipers
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and showers for your morning commute a for the first half of today. that's the highest chance. we'll see where the rain is coming up. >> pluab a found in traffic crawling across the road. we hear from the neighbor that
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>> it could be wmer out there. chuck and sheena are here with a closer look at the forecast and will check in with melissa on traffic. >> the weather pattern is reducing to rain, rain go away. >> now i understand what's going on with chuck today. it will feel more like a summertime rain as opposed to yesterday'fall-like rain. this morning we have showers
6:31 am
across the area. light scattered showers mainly for your morning drive. if we look west of 81 west o winchester that's where you see more moderate rainfall there. that's going to move up into pennsylvania but local scattered showers are out there. rain around manassas and across 66. we're seeing lht to moderate rainfall. light rain down around quantico but everybody this morning is looking at wet roads. we're in a veryunsettled weather pattern. second half of today still a chance of some showers. milder this morning, though, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. by recess still highs in the upper 70s. let's head over to melissa. >> in your first four tffic now, northbound 95. before 123. still have that right side ke bl two left lanes are getting by.
6:32 am
take a look you can see that delay northbound. that's looking good if you want to consider that if you're leaving sometime soon it might be a really good idea. as we zoom back up here to the beltway, overall looking very typical here right now. l of thatreen showing you where it's raining across the area. 270 right now. slow all the way down to gaithersburg. going to te you down south there. 71 minutes. just 25 miles per hour. >> all right, melissa, thank you. it's now 6:32. we're tracking breaking newst righ now where the rash of violence continues. police are iestigating another shooting this time in northeast. >> homicide detectives had canine units on the scene there eay this morning. news 4's chris lawrence was at that scene. he'll bring you a live report in
6:33 am
a few minutes. >> now to a developing story of brett kavanaugh is now calling or a fair process ahead of his hearing on thursday with a woman accusing him of sexual assault. o>> last night fox news kavanaugh denied the allegations against him andze empha he always treated women with, "dignity and respect". >> we're looking for a fair process where i can be heard and my integrity. my lifelong record, my lifelong record of promoting dignity and equality for women,witarting the women that knew me when i was 14 years old. >> on sunday a second woman came forward accusing kavanaugh of sexual misconduct and yesterday stormy daniels attorney announced he's representing a third woman. president trump and many senate reans remain behind kavanaugh. justin finch has more on the
6:34 am
protests that interrupted one member of congress's dinner. justin. >> that's right. we'rs watching we get closer to thursday's scheduled testimony from judge kavanisgh and accuser dr.. ford gaining e you to video a lot of attention now online. >> we believe survivies. we bve survivors. >> that video posted by thep grous in d.c. showingde nstrators coming face to face with texas senator ted cruz and his wife at a d.c. restaurant last nigh c they'rehanting in support of dr. ford all as all sexual abe survivors. this confrontation in that restaurant got so heated that cruz and his wife just cho to leave that restaurant. and now, let's go to capitol hill where dozens of protestors were arrested outside of t office yesterday. they wore all black and they did
6:35 am
not vote in favor of judge kavanaugh. we canel you, collins is ought to be a critical vote, a swing vote that could whether or not judge kavanaugh becomes a supreme court justice. live on capitol hill, i'm justis finch, n 4, back in to you. >> justin, thank you. >> it's 6:, a 7-year-old girl has died in what police are calling a tragicccident in loudoun county. a tree fell on top of her while she was swinging in amm k. she was in the hammock with another child on saturday. the tree t hammock was fastened to suddenly collapsed. the other child is expected to be okay. in a statement to news 4 her father says she was amazingly kind and completely loved. he goes on to say her family
6:36 am
will never recover from the loss only survive. >> now to new video you have to see to believe. a aby boy crawling acro road in new jersey. police are investigating this after that 10 month old was found on saturday. police suspect the baby slipped out of a door that a sibling accidentally left open. >> the man and woman that lived nearby stopped traffic to save the baby. the m held his own infant as he talked about rescuing someone se's child. >> there was a few cars that went by me. i blocked traffic and got out and stood by the baby. i didn't feel comfole picking the baby up because i didn'tnow what was goi on. to me anybody in that situation would have done the same thing. >> another neighbor helped return the baby to i parents. people in the neighborhood described the baby's family as warm and caring. so far no charges have been filed against the parents. >> 6:36. coming up 5 days after one of d.c.'s largest fires in years, a survivor is found.
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still ahead, we hear from man that found him in a burned out apartment building. >> but first, dropping weight watchers. a new nam and a new mission for a new nam and a new mission for one of the mostur
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he td around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". 's helped grow twenty companiesa anthousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun tuys jealous has "the s and gravitas" to lead weo much better on jobs, on education, on hlthcare. but it means we've got to belve in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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weight watchers ss it's changing it's name as consumers ditch the diets for overall wellness. the name will be ww. the move is in part to expand the company's focus beyond just weight loss t encompass overall healthy living. it will also have a new logo, wellness that works. >> t company also announced its eliminating all artificial ingredients from its products. a new program called wellness wins begins next month and will reward customers for working
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toward healthy habits. >> it willhi take to get used to that. >> i'm eric emi at cnbc headquaters. snapchat is testing a new camera feature to let users buy ims fr amazon. you scan a physical object that brings up a cart showing the item with and availability and you'll be sent to mamazon's app or website to purchase it. with your cnbc morning business, repo'm eric chemi. >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. other day, starting out with clouds and rain chances pretty high. temperatures areay higher t than yesterday though. we're already close t 70 degrees. make sure that you have your jeans and umbrellaen and rain boots this morning. another f coming because of a higher rain chance. your 10-day forecast is coming >> big delays on 95 in virginia. >> big delays on 95 in virginia.
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught k ws to be carpenters aders.
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our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. thatnd why i created careerechnical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training foroung people. ai'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virgin, we have to build an economy that works for all. w i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, worked across party line tas and take guns away from domestic ongress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is n important as what'se rearview mirror.
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e're tracking breaking news in d.c. this morning. detectives are investigating an overnight shooting. a gas happened near station and continues a days long streak of violence in the lstrict. chrirence is live in northeast with the test. chris. >> we're being told the victim was shot several times and was inac cardi arrest when police got here and i'll tell you why that is son significant just a second. but first take a look behind me as you c this shooting happened just outside the shell gas station on eastern avenue. you can see the crime tape up and multiple police cars all around. i want to take you back to video we shot in the last hour and you can see it righthe in front of shell station. we saw detectives, the canine unit, mobile officers in that area right in front of the gas tation. we're being toldy're looking for a man about six feet tall wearing a white shirt, dark pants and sort of a brown derby
6:46 am
hat. that's the s description at this point. you can see that eastern avenue is stihuown between new hampshire and againc. police say when this morning started they were standing at abo 1 homicides so far this year. the district only had 116 all of last year which gives you some context about the spiking murde ra here in the district of columbia. chris lawrence, news 4, back t you. >> thank you. 6:46 we have new developments in d.c.'s violent streak. police investigating new shooting all that happened within an hour of each her. a man was found shot on downing place northst last night. this was near the brentwood center.on we're working to find out hisio condit at this hour. about an hour earlier, another person was shot on benning road northeast. that happened just as community
6:47 am
members prepared for an anti-crime walk stoppinghe violence. th is the same block where four people were shot on friday. >> d.c. police just reased new video in that investigation into friday's quaupleshooting. it shows two men walking near the scene on benning road. both are wearing black. another has on an on button down shirt. police believe this man is responsible for thatshooting. or>> deputy ay general rod rosenstein still hasis job for now. he was called to the white house yesterday leaving many to speculate he was about to be fired. he raised the idea of using the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. his future with the administration remains unclear. >> also developing this morning, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh was unapologetic on
6:48 am
national tv lastgh kavanaugh says he is innocent and not going anywhere dessete a nd woman coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> last night on fox news kavanaugh repeatedly died all allegations against him. he insisted he always treated women with dignity and respect. the comments come as he and his first accuser prepare to testify in front of the sate judiciary committee on thursday. kavanaugh says he wants theoc s to be fair. >> i'm not going to let false accusations drive meut ofhis process. america's about fairness and hearin from both sides and i didn't do thisth or ag resembling is wrong. >> now attorney says a third woman will comearfo the woman is 100% credible. it's the attorney representing stormy daniels.
6:49 am
the woman thatays she had an affair with president trump years ago. >> we believe survivors. >> we believe survivors. >> it's coming at a cost for some. protestors ran texas senator ted cruz and his wife out of a local restaurant. the demonstrators were ang t abhe confirmation process andshouted we believe survivors. more coming up onsh the "today" . >> here at the live desk. pope francis acknowledged the sex abuse scandal is driving people away. they want to preserve future generations. speaking on the final day of his pilgrimage he said we have to realize that in order to stand by your side weo need change many situations that, in the end, put you off.ha
6:50 am
words follow a recent record of decades long sex abuse and cover up in the church in germany. weave more onhis story in the nbc washington app. >> all right. thank you, it's 50 and this fire at the senior apartments in southeast d.c. burned for hours. east wednesday crews rushed to get all the peout of this building. we're oold everyone wasut and safe. that's not the case though. during a sweep of the dame yesterday, a structural engineer found a 74-year-old man stuck in his apartment. the man had been tre for fiv days and was remarkably doing fine when he was found. >> when i was met with the door, yo a heard voice. and we go, there's somebody in there and g hes yes. and i said, we'll get you out. and he said, i'm not going any place. >> edgewood management has not returned our request for comment on how this happened. >> happening now, concern among residents of the ingleside at rock creek retirement community
6:51 am
northwest. person living there has been diagnosed with legionnaires disease. it's caused by breathing in a bacteria. d.c. health officials are workin with the centers for disease control and d.c. water to investigate the source of th. dise residents are worried. d.c. water says thepublic's drinking water is safe. health officials say the problem is ilated to this retirement community and they installed filters on fauce and showers as a precaution and are evaluating the water quality. plans to crack down on k-2 in the district. she willro ice emergency legislation to the d.c. council. >> that legislation would make it easier for police to arrest people that make and s l synthetic drugs. investigators are trying to figure out whether ityed the role in the murder of a jger last week. the man charged with killingnd martinez is a known k-2 user. >> now a check on your recast.
6:52 am
morain, sheena? >> yes, more rain this morning. it's actually a lot like yesterday morning. most of the rain is light. we have some areas of fog. windshield wipers on out there. visibility might be an issue too with the rain. tomorrow we'll be weath alert. but then a dryweekend. scattered showers across the area. right aroundde frick and brunswick with moderate to potentially heavy rainfall here. we'll be watching that and it will continue to move up to the north. around the beltway not too bad. just mainly very lht rain falling. as we go through the first half of the day that will be our hiest rain chances. lower rain chases here t afternoon but still a chance. 73 in nalis.
6:53 am
64 degrees in gaithersburg. as we gou the through the day, s future weather. through the afternoon mainly just cloudykies and still the chance for a couple of showers but if you're walking the dog this morning, is when you need the rape coat and the rain b boots. this is norm, by the way. mid0 7s. you'll still need the rain boots this afternoon. tomorrow here's a severe weatnr threat yellow that includes the d.c. metro area. points north and west. this will be for tomorrow evening. most of tomorrow is dry until we get to around sset or so and we should start to see the storms moving. still a chance of a couple of showers but we're cooler into the weekend. look at that beautiful forecast. finally more sunshi. >> i love it. saturday, sunday, monday,
6:54 am
fabulous. and westbound at the beltway, we have all traffictopped for an accident there and then clinton and 270 southbound. we have dams mill road all lanes shutdown there. taking a look here at 270 southbound 25 miles per hour. top of the beltway slow at 19 miles per hour. inbound on 66. 35 miles per hour. at 95 hop i car on a rainy tuesday morning. >> you have ssomething, i piece of candy.
6:55 am
>> do you g it? it all starts tonight at 9:00. to catch this is uit's such a . can't say enough about it. a local pastry chef is sharing his inspirational story on the eve harvey show today. >> he is from maryland and he is on the autism spectru but he has not let that stop him when achieving his dream. he has ttco-w a book with his mother and is now ready to take his talents to the next level. >> how does it feel when you're in the kitchen? what is it wke? n i'm in the kitchen cooking it makes me feel confident. lso makes me feel happy and
6:56 am
that i can accomplish anything. >> how about that. watch the entire interview today at 2:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. >> it's now 6:56. here are four things to know before you head out the door. todaos bill will be sentenced for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. prosecutors are asking for 5 to 10 years in prison. the defense asked for a sentence of house arrest cit gcosby's age and illness. >> supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh denied all sexual assault aegations against him. he declared his innocence during an interview. >> the president is expected to emasize his administration's intent to distance itself from packs the u.s. previously embraced. watch this live starting at 10:15. >> the violence in d.c.
6:57 am
continues with another overnight ooting. details are limited but we're told one person was shot there. this is the latest in a number of shootings recently. there were four last night. >> and another couple r ofny days. today's rain, mostly in the mo ing. tomorrow thunderstorm chances mainly in the ternoon. all eyes on the weekend both saturday and sunday look nice. >> northbound 95 before that has cleared out of the main lane southbound. we have a brand new crash. >> all right. thank you and that is the news today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for weather, traffic and local news. until then enjoy ye r day. >> m a great tuesday everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. >> i am not going to let false accusas dri me out ofs thi brett kavanau launches an unpreced bid to save his nomination, speaking out alongside his wife in a new interview, denying all allegas against him. >> the truth i i have never sexually assaulted anyone in high sl or otherwise. his feet on the high court hanging in the balance. does he have the votes or not? ?o after a dramatic day about his future, rod rosenstein now set to meet face-to-face with presidenp t week. his fate and the russia n n up in the ai we are live at


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