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tv   NBC4 VA U.S. Senate Debate  NBC  September 26, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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between tim kaine and the chairman of the prince william county board of supervisors, cory stewart, and it's made possible by the northern virginia chamber of commerce, the char school of policy, and
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the northern virginia technology council, and, of course, nbc 4. this debate is airing on nbc stations across the commonwealth, nationally on c-span, and streaming live on nbc let me begin by quickly covering the rules of the debate. it lasts one hour, and we'll begin with 90 second opening stements, and then our panelists and myself propose questions directly the to candidates. thnee questions are deter by nbc news and the panelists and have not been reviewed by the a candidates o of the debate partners that you will see involve with this debate. the canwedate ang first will have an additional 30 second rebuttal. as morator, i do reserve the right to follow-up as needed. we conclude the debate with c secosing statements. there's a time keeper. we'll notify the candidates of their remaining time and when their time is expired. we'll keep to the time limits. i don't like being a cool schoo
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marm. spent 20 years covering virginia both here and in richmond. julie car is news 4's northern virginia bureau chief and has been covering virginia politics for nbc 4 for more than 20ye s, and dr. mark rozelle is dean of the char cool school of policy and has been writing and commenting on v ginia politics for over 30 years. now let me introduce the candidates. republican nominee, prince william county board of supervisor cha cory stewart. [ applause ] and the democratic incumbent senator tim kaine. [ applause ] avairman stewart, you the first 90 seconds to yourself. >> thank you very much, chuck, and thank you all for hosting th debate today. i want to also thank my wife of 24 years, myif maria, and our two sons isaac and luke for their support.
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the united states senate is broken. they're not talkingith one another. they're yelling at each other. democrats. blaming democrats blaming republicans. nothing is getting done. including with senator kane. senator kane is an automatic no to everything that president trump iproposes. bitter about 2016. when the president proposed increasing our military budget, rebuilding our military, senator mccain ved no. when the president proposed ncreasing the pay for our military staff, senator kane voted no. when president trump proposed increasing the modest houng allowance for military, senator kane voted no. when the president successfully fought for a tax cut for all of you, senator kane voted no.
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of actually getting things done. working across party lines, working across racial lines,rk g across ethnic lines to drop taxes, to rebuild our public safety, to build schools and roads and that is why i ask for your vote on november 6th. thank you very much. >> thank you all for doing this wrash i want to thank the sponsors, capital one for hosting. i'm thrilled tbe joine by my wife ann, my son nat, and my daughter-in-w carly, and especially thrilled to be joined by long-time friendormer senator john warner. we are very, very proud of your service to this commonwealth. elections arebout choices,nd there is a clear choice that virginians face in november. it comes down to our campaign themes. i'm running on an upbeat theme, a have a that works for all.
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my opponent is running on an angry and divisive theme, take virginia back. opportunity for all has been my hallmark in my 34 years in virginia as a civil rights lawyer and elected official. i'm proud to work with senators of both parties and administrations of both parties to get things expa medical research, building a 355 ship navy to keep us safe and create jobs. fighting to the sco oge opioid addiction, battalionsing campus sexual assault, recognizingginia tribes. all accomplishments of the kind that i'll continue to work on. corey has lived his theme too, the divisive theme. bitter attacks on immigrant communities, trafficking with bizarre conspiracy theories challenging psident obama's birth certificate, championing white supremacists and folkske oy moore and the failed senate candidate in alabama. the themes could not be different. do we want a virginia that works for all, tr do we wa take virginia back? that's what's at stake. i look forward to discussing
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this with you. >> all right. thank you both. pipretty good on k the time already. let's see if we keep it up for the rest of the hour. mr. stewart, i'm going to begin with you and the big story obviously that's taking place in the nation's capital. there are now multiple ccusations against the supreme courtnominee, brett kavanaugh. i want to hear from a woman by the name of christine blazi-ford. she's brought the most significant accusation against him. allegation due to its timing as a smear tactic. is there anything that she ordg kavanaugh could say tomorrow that could moue you changemind about her accusation? >> you know, here's the thing. it's a circus. this is beneath the dignity of the united states senate. it's not just the democrats. it's the rublicans as well. that needs to end. dragging america through this hoible spectacle iatthe united st senate, and who is doing it? 100 in the united states senate,
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345 in the house are just as guilty in my -- from my perspective. here's what there doing. they spent $17 million to quash accusations of sexual harassment against them and now they're ioing aft judge kavanaugh, and 36-year-old alleg from when he was in high school. who are they to judge? who are they to judge? 268 separate allegations of sexual harassment, sexual o assault aer misdeeds by the united states senate, and they're covering it up. >>enator kaine. >> let me tell you what is beneath dignity.n corey, wr. ford came out with her allegations, you said they were "a bunch of crap." u waited a da and then you tweeted this out. what's next? will someone find t judge kavanaugh pulled a girl's pig tails in first grade?
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there is no ekwifl ens between pulling a girl's pig tails and an allegation that two 17-year-olds barricaded ad 15-year-irl in a bedroom and sexually assaulted her. to minimiz the seriousness of these allegations, says now ford accusers are trying to demean them. you always go afterhe accusers. we have young people watching us tonight. we have people watchings who have suffered from sexual assault or are suffering from it. they need to know that if the bring ford a charge, we want to help them. we will take them seriously. we will get to the bottom of the charge. they don't need to be shut down by the kind of name calling that you have done against dr. ford. >> 30 seconds. >>alabout demeaning women. what about the $17 million that you paid in hush money to the 268 separate complaints, senato against you and other members of the united states congress? that didn't happen 36 years ago. hat happened as late as last
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year. senators like al franken and others. he is gone, thankfully, but onere's others. how come you release the list? how come you won't release the list of all of theseeg aions and the senators and the members of the house that sexually w harassen for whom you paid oney to ion in hush shut them up? >> you just tried to slip in that the were complaints against me, and that is completely false. >> you ho do we know that? >> so you think you can make it up without any >> who is making things up? i think that's the democrats in the senate. >> in the senate i have been working to reform what isn't an -- is an antiquated policy, and i am the one that forced the ethicsommittee to release the information about these settlements that have been paid.
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>> doesn't this prove that you are making a basic qualification decision when it comes to supreme court nominees? >> i'm glad to talk aut justice gorsuch. here's what i do when a supreme court nominee is out there. i read everything t thaty've written. law review articles, judicial opinions. i have them come to my office. i look them in the eye and ask them about the questions that i i wait uhe hearing is over in the judiciary committee and then based on all of that, i make a decision. i have appointed judges to the virgia supreme court. i have tried cases in all courts, including the supreme cour v i take thiy seriously. with justice gorsuch i was extremely concerned when i read opinions of his. that he had habit of going out of his way to be an activist judge on one particular topic. women's freedom to make your own health car decisions. again and again a justice whosa
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he was an umpire would go out of his way to be a judicial activist. i didn't thinkime needed on the court. what i did was i did my homework. you don't see me coming out of the gate and trashing somebody or calling them a name before i even know the facts. i'm going to do my imework befoeach a decision. >> 60 seconds. >> well, it's not just judge gorsuch and it's not just judge kavanaugh. it's 17 appointments by the president of the united states to his cabinet and other appointments. tim kaine automatically votes do. when i s this and, by the way, political fact, a a left-leaning media organization, who is not a friend of minenlnd cert is not a friend of most republicans, even they said it was tim votes automatically against the president of the united states. when the president wants -- wanted to reduce taxes, you vote. the president wanted to improve
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the salaries for our military, you voted no. when the president wted to build our 355 v- youed no. i'm not done. ed i wrote that bill, corey. >> you v against it on january 19th, senator. peghle can see thr this. you are bitter. you are voting against every single thing that president trump does even in doing so you hurt virginia and rginians. >> let's have the whole debate rest on them. have i v aedinst everything that president trump has done? i voted for many oftr president them.ominees, many of president trump has signed about 17 pieces of legislation thatha written. he has signed six pieces of legislation that i have writt nce we last debated at the homestead. i'm going to advance career and technical education, recognizing virginia indian tribes, battling
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opioids, but i'm going to defend the valuef e country and the commonwealth when i need to. >> very quickly, would you have voted to confirm justice roberts or justice -- the last two appointments? >> i would do the same thing i have done with these. i would sit down, read everything. >> you don't want to say? >> i have a big one on my head right now. we have a huge decision about the supreme court that we need to make right now, and i have declared where i have on judge mvanaugh. >> l turn to the topic, prurp, as you know, had promised a massive job creating road and bridge fixing infrastructure enan that wouldit virginia and other states. it has gone nowhere in washington. now, the president said he is a deal maker. where do you think he went wrong on this, and if elected, would you be in favor of direct federal funding on projects >> well, yes, i would. you know, something when tim kaine here was running for e governor,ame from a local
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background. i thought, well, you know, he is a democrat, but i can work with him. now, he comes from a local background. maybe he is going to be reasonable. he campaigned in 2005 rebuilding the infrom structure here inno h virginia. you know how much infrastructure got built under his watch? zero. not a single nickel for transportation, road on construc or anything else got done in virginia when he was governor. now in the six years of the united states senate, not a single nickel for virginia in a infrastructure. we're still stuck in gridlock in hampton virginia and in roads and across this state because he didn't get the job done. in his ten years as governor and the united states senate. ten years. what aissed opportunity. all that he did on transportation is give away the dulles toll road and shut down the rest stops. >> senator -- >> well, if you walk out of this building, there is something called the silver line that you
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will see right when you walk in. that's something -- i meet, that is sng when i came in as governor, that was on a drawing board, and it had been for on 20 years, and i told my secretary of transportation for the good of this economy we're going to hat thing under construction by the time i'm done. we had theilver line under construction and as a senator i worked to get the funding to dulles and beyond. we did hot lanes on the beltway. you can also see those if you walk right out o this building. hot lanes down through prince william. you can see the extension if you go in your own county. i worked on all of those projects. we could do transportation in washington if t president would quit trying to repeal everybody's health care. if he decided t devote to infrastructure what he has devoted to taking away the health care of millions and millions of people, we could do a transportation bill, but you were cheering him on a every occasion, take health care away for millions. let's do turn to transportation.
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>> 30 seconds. >> there you go. blamingthe republicans, the president, blaming everybody else, getting nothing done. now he is trying to take credit for what governor mcdonald got accomplished. do you kno what happened when he was governor he tried to raise taxes four times. the republicans wouldn't go ngong witith a. no with tax hike tim over here. here's what he did. he shut down the rest stops just out of pur spite, and now we have $40 tolls bothays on i-66 because he refused to do his job. >> aaron h gilchrist the next question. >> senator kane, when asked in the august 2018 nbc news-wsz journal poll, what concerns the most aboutts democaining control of congress, gridlock was the top answer. if democrats do regn control, would you work to block president trump's agenda o lead democrats to work towards compromise? >> what aes great on. my goal will be to do what i
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have been doing. th two republica houses, i have gotten a lot of legislation to president trump's desk battling opids, recognizing virginia indian tribes. i wrote the bill to expand t navy to 355 ships and got that through to creatend jobs to increase our national security. i'm going to continue to do i have been doing in my six years in the senate. i am one of theenators that's always working across the aisle to try to find partnerships to get bills to president obama and now to president trump and that's what i'm going to continue to do. if theresident proposes things that are bad, sure, i'll stand up against them. if they're bad forvirginia, if they're bad for the country, i'm going to stand upgainst them. what we need to see is we need to see people who know how to work tether across the aisle. that's not what my opponent does. the last time -- one of theast times we were together he looked at all the democrats and called them all socialists. you can't call t other side names, and then expect to get
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worked up. >> he is going to do what he has been doing for the last six years. that means nothing is going to get done, folks. nothing. t ks about working across the party aisle, but all you have heard from tonight is blaming the other side. blaming president trump, blaming republicane that's whatid as governor. he said there was no money left for transportation in thvirgini. when governor bob mcdonald was elected governor, he comes in there, and my predecessor, chairman of director of v-dot,n did audit, and his administration was sitting on a millionrs worth of road improvement money. he wouldn't spend it. he wouldn't spend o it road construction. he kept it hidden. therefore, we finally started to get some road projects moving ia virginer he was out of office, but the united states senate he has gotten nothing done. he wants to take credit for the 355 ship navy. you mean the one that you voted against on january 19thro?
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>> i the bill, and i helped get a budget deal de to fund a 355 ship navy in march. it's a great budget deal. 18 months. corey stewart sai to president trump, please veto that bill. veto the bill that fundsnahe . veto the bill that increases pay tooo our . look, it is about working across the i'll, and that's why was governor in a tough time, i was able to do it so that we were the bestanaged state in america, best state for business every year, best state to raise a child. under your watch, corey, per pupil spendingoing to the bottom in the region while class sizes are going up, sshing the county health department. >> time - very quickly, if democrats take control of the ess, particularly house, impeachment inquiry apparently might again. how are you going to work across the aisle if house democrats are working on impeachment,u and do hink they should be working on impeachmen
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>> i think the i word isve igation. we need to protect the mueller investigation, protect it so that it can pursue any evidence of criminal culpability by anyone, but also, to tell the story about what happened so we can protect our election. i don't think you should be jumping to the conclusion before the investigation is done, and in this chapter i differ from my opponent. onent has called the mueller investigation a witch hunt again and again. he sd that it needs to be terminated. that would be a disaster. >> since you invoked him, i'll give you 30 seconds to respond on that quick question. >> i think you just heard what he is going t do. if you re-elect him, if the democrats take united states senate, you know what you are going to find? you are going to find absolutely nothing is going to get thaccomplished. 're going to totally stop the president's agenda on making the tax cuts peoianent. you're to find a total stop on rebuilding the military, supporting our veterans, building the wall for the security at our border. dianne feinstein is going to be chairman of theudiciary
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committee. how many of the president's appointments will get through then. bernie sandsers will be the chairman of t budget committee. how much good policy is going to be accomplished for the rg socialist in cof the united states senate committee? >> they have mentioned two corey stewarts. one who entered virginia politics as a pro-establishment figure, and the other corey stewart who has made confederate statues his focus. ramadan tells me he thinks the second i corey stewa an act. is he right, and who is the real corey stewart? >> you know why some of the republicans are supporting him? because they know he won'tg change anythn the united states senate. i will. i will stir things up. they knowit. that's the difference.
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e thing is, yes, i stirred things up. i had to twist somerms and maybe break a few to get things done, but i got things done. we hired hundreds of new firefighters, hundreds of new olice, thousands of new teachers, built billions of dollars worth of new roads andn schoolsarks and the way i got that done was not through part banship. it w working with democrats and republicans. in fact, the closest one on my board that i worked with most closely is a democrat. i can get things done. yes, i can be controversial, and i can stir things up, and i will in the u.s. senate because it needs it, but at the end of the day i can work with everybody to get things accomplished. >> when you ran for governor in 2017 in a primary, not a sgle e of your republican colleagues on the board of prince william supervisors wou support yo not one.
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one stayed neutral, and all of e others decided to support a fairfax guy who had never hel public office, ed gillespie over you. when the people who know yk best l at what you have done in your county and say we definitely don't want to have th that a state level, i think all virginians should pay attention to that. driving per pupil spending down lowest in the region while class sizes were going up. trying to eliminate the county health department and slash iin we during theea last 12 we have worked together, and it wasn't all me. i worked together with folks to get things done. we have a larger road building program in prince william county than in fairfax county, and we're less than one-half the size. we hut an additional $80
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million towards our schools to road up with this we have over 90 schools, over 95,000 kids in our schools. our kids in our schools arego . you would have people believe that they're not good schools. you are insulting our school teachers. we've been hiring thousands of new ,teacheundreds of -- partly because you got nothing done as governor. f we've had tod for ourselves. >> thank you. mr. stewart? >> senatortokane, i wan ask you about something, our colleagues at telemundo 44ve ha d extensively. even some of your colleagues and activists are calling for ice, the agency in charge of immigration andustoms enforcement, to be abolishabioi. my que is two-fold. one, what is your view of that position, and, two, where would you draw t line on ice enforcement? >> the problem with our immigration laws is not the agencies or people. it's the policies. d we have note immigration reform in this country since 1986, and it's well pastime. ll past tile to do
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comprehensive immigration reform. i was proud to be part of a sizable bipartisan coalition in 2013o do an immigration reform that was about path to citizenship, border security, visa reform, comprehensive reform, bipartisan, went to the house, house did nothing. this is one of the things, ch t chuct if the house goes democrat, i think we can put the bill on the president's desk. what i won't do is lead in immigration and always demonize immigrants like my opponent ndes. again and againgain he takes a hard tha has really brt controversy to his county, and made it more difficult f prince william to attract some of the businesses that when i was governor were always choosing to come to fairfax rather than prince william. >> i don't think the senator, and this is the problem, that he understands the difference between an illegal alien and an immigrant to this country. that's wt he doesn't understand. i love immigrants. my wife is animmigrant.
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i'm hosting three foreign exchange students in my home righnow because i love the cultural diversity. i love that. we have to enforce our laws. last year coming back from the mosque, she's 16 years bold. kill an illegal alien. a couple of weeks ago, a 4-year-old in chesterfield killed by an illegal alien. how many kids have to die, senator, before you agree secure the border? >> i'm the only one on this stage who has voted for border security multipltimes. the problem with corey's approach is on immigration he always leads with crime and the bad stuff. i look atti immig as fundamentally about innovation t and opport we're at capital one. we have sponsors here whose tables when we sit down at board etings -- immigrants have come to ourountry, built sinesses, invested in
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virginia, invested in america, hired people. do we have o deal with crim yes, and i was a crime-fighting mayor and a crime-fighting gove gor. we're nng to make our society better by demonizing immigrants. >> he briefly supported that idea. could you have supported that in immigration bill? >> we have to enforce the law. you have to enforce the law. >> that means no -- all these n they weren here w young. you know, one of these kids that came in here killed a nunn in prince william county in 2010. my job as an elected official on the local level and when i'm on the federal level.
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>> crime should be prosecuted. for you, again, to smear immigrants and smear dreamers by focussing on cme instead of work force and opportunity in this wonderfult state t has been so benefitted by new american talent, that just shows this takea back virgieme that you are running on. it's angry. it's divisive. what we need as leaders, especially in this moment, who were upbeat and positive. >>
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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. >> he is an advocate of white supremacy. the proposal would take his name off and replace it withohn mccain who passed away last month. if it came up for a vote, how would you voel? ru or mccain? >> i would vote to name it after john mccai i thi the senate rules committee will work on the proposal, and there's another proposal on the table that ils think is an interesting one, which since john served on the house and senate t name the entire visitor senator complex where all theublic comes in, after senator mccain, i could easily -- >> here's what i think. i don't think you need to make a decision that it's permanent for all time. i meanere's the role in the capital, for example, about statutes. every state gets two statutes. you have to get the design
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approved by the architect, but the statute can be changed after ten years.l the origi idea was that names would change. you honor p differentple over different periods. honoring senator russell is fine, but i would beer very, happy voting for that bill in which my office is john mccaisus officee, to be the mccain office building. >> at least you could say you got something done, i suppose. here's the thing. with these statutes, he keeps bringing them up, the democrats keep bringing it up, the yoo ed keep bringing them wrup, he wants to take them down. i think they should stay up. i think it's a matr of history. we got to focus on what really matters in this country. we got a lot of problems, and when you got somebody who so bitterly partisan, who is deliberately trying to cause a racial dividthis country at every single opportunity, trying to demonize virginians who are proud of their heritage, proud of their st. that's not right. that's not where we need to go. aren't you sick of the division?
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aren't you sick of everybody obsessing over these issues of race all of the time? leave the name on the building. move on to other things. we need to protect our history, leave the names alone, leave the statues alone and let's go and fix our health ca, let's secure the border, let's make sure that we have an economy that iset thriving, build some infrastructure. that's what we need to be focussing in on. >>te by partisan? corey, don't put your bitterness offre me. if youooking at the world through bitter colored glasses, it's you. it's not others. bitterly partisan to vote to change from a democratic name to name my building after a republican senator? is that bitterly partisan? no. john mccain deserve to be nored and recognized. he is an american hero. i had the pleasure to serve with imh him.
7:35 pm
he was my armed services committee chair. i have the office that he was in for 20 years. if anybody deserveinto have somenamed after him on capitol hill, it's john mccain. >> aaron gilchrist for the next qumation. >> cha stewart, you mentioned confederate statues. you support having tm in have a, and you believe every officer arrested should have them -- >> in a state where more than 30% racial minorities, how do you convince those voters that you will be a senator who will represent them too? >> i didn't need if as the at-large -- it's also the first majority minority community in all of northern virginia. have been doing it, and i have been elected and re-elected there county-wide four times. now, if i were all these things that the left-wing media and senator kane and the democrats say i am, i would never have been in that position. i never would have gotten elected and re-elected. i know how to get things done.
7:36 pm
look, folks, the problems in our country are not dl to rac differences. they're not due to race. we're not going to solve the problems in this country by focussing in on race the way that some would like to do. we need to gettogether. we need to take away that hyen, and let'set together to what americans agree on. to focus on things we agree on, building roads, including schools, et cetera. not these racially divisive issues that senator kaine likes to focus in on. >> when you choose take virginia back, you send a message to ll people, espec racial minorities. when you bash immigrants, you send a message. when you question whether president obama's birth certificate was a forgery, you send a have i divisive message. when you skip a prince william unty board of supervisors meeting where they're discussing
7:37 pm
opioid addiction to go campaign for roy moorenlabama after he had been outed as somebody who preyed o teenage girls and harkened back to days gone by, you areng sen a message. when you you do -- pal around with jason kessler or paul kneel and, noted white supremacist, and you choose to associith them, you send a message. this isn't about the divisiveness of others. you about the choices that make. >> there he goes again. reading race intoeverything. everything. you know, it's damaging. 's damaging to this country. he is okay with discriminating against asian-americans. asian-americansn this country en they are trying to go to a high -- good school, harvard, yale, tech, uva. they have to score onverage more than 270 points higher than
7:38 pm
other students toet intohe same schools. that's not right. we have to end state sponsored racism and stop this obsessice with >> thank you, mr. stewart. >> i have never supported discrimination against asian-americans and any i line of work. >> you okay using race as a? fact >> aren't you? what's the answer? you want to answer that? >> .su >> i believe that college classes should look like society was. >> discriminating against asians in order to make sure that happen >> i'm against discrimination against anybody. >> why do they have to have -- >> do i get to answer it? >> we're going io plouf on another question. >> of course. we want to see asian-americans completely well representedan every af public life. elected office, universities, in every -- that's why i put so many asian-americans on my cabinet. eryone needs to see themselv
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themselves. >> next question, next issue that i would like to get to. mark with theext question on health care. >> what do you think believe the future of the affordable care act, in light of commonwealth's decision to join the medicexd nsion program and what changes would you urge democrats to make if they w controlf congress in november? >> i support the affordable care act. i suppo medicaid expansion. my opponent opposes and wants tl rehe affordable care act and opposed medicaid expansion. what would i do? what are the next first, we need to stop the trump administration's sabotage against the affordable care act. cutting out the individual mandate, cutting down enrollment periods, cutting down enabling people to enroll. the insuran for rates in virginia are saying their rates are going up because the administration is tryingo sabotage the program and president trump even brags about it himself.
7:40 pm
i couldn't get it done by votes, but i'mrying to kill it anyway. what we need to do is first stop the sabotage and then, second, my proposal medicare x that medicare offer for americans to buy if they choose an insurance policy to cover the obama care essential health benefits. that would be very strong. we shouldn't eliminate the aca and gut medicaid, which my opponent wants to do. >> senator, that didn't sound very bipartisan to me. what happened to you? you've changed. you have chang a lot. once upon a time when you first came in to office as governor, a lot of us thought we could work together with you, but you have become very bitter partisan figure. you are against everythprg the ident is trying to do. now, let's take a look at what he wants to do. he and bernie sande want medicare for all. you knowy what that reaans? he wants to take it all out of your llets. it's $32 trillion cost over
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ten years. that wld mean that your income taxes would have to double. how many of you out there areo willing pay double your federal income taxes. how many of you could afford last time they said they were going to fix it, they said our premiums were going to go down. they went up by 105%. americans didn't get more. that's not raw. that's less for all. you said deductibles are going to go ent up. we got less. americans are getting less under your program. >> 30 seconds. >> when corey stewart says he wants to repeal the affordable care act and supports plans to take health insurance away for bllions or gut medicaid, you better believe hause that's what he did in prince william county. tried to eliminate the public health department and cut public health funding when- >> i'm not a co-spongsor othe single payer bill. i think americans should have the option to buy on the exchange a policy tha micare would create, and because medicare doesn't have to cover a profit marginur or pay rng
7:42 pm
shareholders or pay taxes. it would be an affordae additionhoice for every american. >> first approved by congress back in 1972. where do you stand on this issue, and should the era be part of the constitution? >> no, it shouldn't, and let me tell you why. it fled many, many years ago. of course, these left wing liberals like tim kaine keep letrying to bring up a f idea. you know why it failed last time? because what the e.r.a. would have meant back then was that women would have been subject to the draft. they would have been draed into the military. we already have federal, state, and local laws against discrimination. adding the e.r.a. just as good as the lit gators, good for the
7:43 pm
lawyers, and i'm a lawyer, but it's bad for america. it's bad for america. it would mean that men would be able to sue to get into women's hletic programs. do we want that? think about the unintended consequences of adopting this amendment before we do it because it would have very b ramifications for this country. >> 60 seconds. good for lawyers. good for litigators. how about good for women? how about good women? of course the e.r.a. should be ratified. i hope virginia is thestate that p it over. what do we have to fear from putting the lity of women in a constitution when we are a nation that has embraced as our north star of jeffersonia equality principle. of course we should do it, and your parade of all these worries about lawsuits, i think women should be valued. i don't think dr. ford should be attacked and called a bunch of crap when she putsat allns of serious sexual assault on the
7:44 pm
table. i n't think her allegation should be demeaned as the equivalent of pulling somebody's pigtails i don't think you should have gone down to campaign for roy moore to be a united stater senator ae had been outed as a predator. serial predator of young teenage gis. theseio a do not suggest respect for women, and that makes europe zbligs to the e.r.a. pretty easy to >> well, let's talk about women. let's talk about women very cle to home, rign the body you serve in, senator. united statenate. y8 allegations of sexual harassment again and the other members of the united states senate in theouse of representatives. why hasn't that come to light? >> it has. >> no, it has not come to light. >> you know the number. you had to get it somewhere. >> 268. >> i've read the article. >> like every other member of the senate and the house is trying to sweep this under the rug.
7:45 pm
meanwhile, you're trying to talk to us about focussing o sexual harassment that's going on with the judge 36 years ago potentially. meanwhile, you're not willing to lean your own house and disclose the identities of the members of the senate and the house who have sexually harassed and potentially been predators up in congress. >> snorks i'll give you 30 seconds. >> it should all be disclosed, skps when the senate ethics committee was refusing to disclose the material that the house ethics committee had disclosed, it was my pressure that led the ethics committee to dme andided to put the facts out. if there's additional facts that need to becl ded, hey, let's have it all out there. you cannot stand here after you have been accusin dr. fordf name-calling her after you just said that you don't support the equals amendment and now pretend that you're a champion. >> thank you, senator. aaron has the next question. >> senator caine, northern virginia made a strong push to become a finalist for amazon's second headquarters and the thousands of jobs tha would come with it, but some are
7:46 pm
concerned that amazon would draw talent away from existing businesses, hike already high housing costs, and further strain roads and where do you stand on brigham zblon to northern virginia? >> aaron, i hopee get it. i want virginia to win any competition we're in. that's whyhen i was governor even in the tough time i was so proud that forbes named uss americest state for business every year i was governor. pew center on state's best managed state, education, best state to raise a child. if there's a competition, i want virginia to winit. now, will there be challenges? there will just like senator warner, you were in the senate when we did the background in 2005, and we added a lot of critical missions to fort belfour. were that good? were there challenges? yes. we will have to pullhe tog and find funding for transportation, pull together to do novel strategies around housing, but the talent while there will be competition for talent and edy in this room knows it, says it will also
7:47 pm
be a huge magnet fortalent. for talented individuals, for talented institutions, for talented companies. i hope that virginia i the winner of this competition, and we can figure out the proeems if work together. you streamline regulations on our businesses. i cut down a app the board has. a billion dollars worth of new roads. that's what i have en able to do, and we've kept taxes lowerd than they were and when adjusted for inflation, 12 years ago. that's what made pri county number one in job growth, number three in the united states ofsamerica, and tha what we have to do in the
7:48 pm
federal level. the federal tax cut that wa passed without his vote because he votes against everything thad prt trump does has resulted in a 22-year record for blue collar wes going up. a 52-year low inem oyment. he is opposed to it. >> tax bill, what a missed opportunoy. we neededo it for the first time, but deep permanent tax cuts for corporations and tax cuts for people -- add trillions to the debt. we could have done so much better. we could have don so much better. cory, you talk about your economic track record, but look, when i was govern, we got hilton to move to virginia and northrop drummond,saic, cs -- all of those in virginia, they all chose fairfax. >> not a single one of theho
7:49 pm
businesses prince william. >> you guys are going to get penalized, so i'm trying to get aouple of more questions in. 30 seconds. >> mr. stewart, what is the proper role of government boosting economic growth. >> the cheaper alternative jo you go downhere and seaboarded u7 shops, and you see people that are struggling, and they want to work and work hard. a itow source, and we have to use it, and it provides jobs
7:50 pm
for us as well. >> cory, you need to get out more. >> we opened data centers and big data centers to move high-tech jobs into russell county. important issues now. 're working on expanding career. >> why did you vote against ? co >> we're working on ebb panding technical education, and why do you think mine workers support me and not you? they know that they know what i'm doing when it comes to coal, and i'm not just somebody that runs my suth. >> you'rtting it down, senator. >> gentlemen, i'm going to take a privilege here and havel the fiquestion. i'm going to return to where we began, which is tomorrow's hearing.
7:51 pm
is the biggest mistake. senator kane? >> i think senators need to approach all t witnesses with respect. i say all the witnesses. i don't think this is just a matter for judge kavanaugh and dr. it we're g to be respectful of the seriousness of the allegation, i think you hav to hear from ms. ramirez and ms. sweatnick. ihink you need to subpoena mark judge to come, and there well, other witnesses as but most respectful thing to do is treateople with respect remember, our children are if an aion of serious sexual assault gets swept under the rug, it will make it harder for people who were suffering sexual assault to come out and seek healthy. that's what i deliberate body like the senate should do.
7:52 pm
>>. >> 268 charges of harassment, sexual harassment against you and other members of the united statesng senate in ss, and you won't even disclose it. don't the american people have a right to know where there's $17 million in hush money that has go to hush up these women who had legitimate claims t andse weren't 36 years ago. that listyou is on and who among you has been charged and accused of sexual harassment? who among you? isn't it -- isn't it for the protection of the i young wom particular who are working up on capitol hill that we have ari t to know who is the sexual predator, who is the sexual harasser? we have a situation where t
7:53 pm
sexual harassers are accusing judge kavanaugh of sexual harassment? >> many of the facts are out on the table because i pushed the senate ethics committee to release what the house ethics committee had released. it was true. it was true that the senate was slower than the house onthis. we pushed for this information to come out. much information is t. scores and scores of information, but there's more information. i want it all out. i want it all out. then for you to stand here after you have called dr. ford a bunch of acraper you have suggested her claim of sexual assault well by pulling somebody's pig tail. >> i'm going to give you each 30 seconds. please answer my filibuster question. would we be ithis positionf the filibuster were in place? 30 seconds. >> i think the 60 vote threshold is the right. >> the democrats get the senate, you're going t it back? bringing >> 60 vote threshold is light for legislation. 50 vote threshold is lights for nomis.
7:54 pm
>> you are done -- you do not belief we should have the supreme urt higherthreshold? >> the reason i don't is this. the president who ge h elected doe a mandate to fill positions. 60 votes for legislation. 50 votes for nomination. >> mr. >> you're get nothing done. you're getting nothing done. thehenly thing that senate has gotten done is the president's tax cut that has resulted in a 52-year low in unemployment. he even opposes everye sin thing the president proposes. everything. the president in opposition even if it hurts virginia.ts even if it h our military. even if it hurts our military personnel. even if it hurts the average men and women who need and depend upon those tax cuts. >> thank u, sir. that is it for our questions. well done to both of you, and now to chairman stewart.av you a one minute closing
7:55 pm
statement. >> well, thank you very much. again, i want to thank all of nku for saying this, and i want to t my wife. it's been a long, long road, and i want t let you all know something. i know i'm controversial. i know i sti things up. we've been able to come together. he is an automatic no to everything that the president proposes. january 19th when the president proposed a5 ship navy, senator kaine voted no. when the preside proposed to r crease the salary and the housing allowance litary, senator kaine voted no. he has voted no against the president. no against you, noiagainst virg and that is why on november 6th i'm asking you to
7:56 pm
vote no to senator kaine and yes to virginia'sture. thank you very much. getting bill after bill passed. ths think iothing to build a 355 ship navy or battle opioids. he thinks it' nothing to battle career and technical education or medical research, but sovirginians think it's thing. i also know this about have a is i there's nothi the rear view mirror that looks better to virginia than what we can see in the win ghieldng forward. if you will support me, continue
7:57 pm
to support me. i will contiore to work that virginia who works for all, together with you, to build a accomplishment help people's lives in every corner of this commonwealth. thank you. >> senator, thank you. >> in northern virginia, the school o george mason, the northern virginia tech council, gh colleagues at nbc 4 for making tos debate possible, and, of course, once again, to senator kaine, corey stewart, for both gra egg to the participation and having a spirited and lively discuss. aaron, julie, and mark, my panel, thank you. stay with nors 4 denying coverage of decision 2018, and please join us fork the faceb live program right now. by the way, don'tfo et, get to vote on november 6th. if you don't vote, you don't get to complain. .
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