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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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this morning, the news 4 i-team investigates why a lot of signs are causing trouble. taking a bite out of your bill. this morning we'll show you in less than 90 secondsow you can save hundreds of dollars at the grocery store each year. 6:00 a.m., good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm chris lawrence in for morningis storms hit some of us pretty hard yesterday afternoon. we may be lookingt more rain today as well. >> we'reoing to c on your commute with melissa in just a moment. first, storm team 4 meteorologists sheena parveen and chuck bell are here with yourorecast. >> it will be like nothing ever changed. it's cold to start, but we have more rain in the forecast. >> if you've been here for the last coupleweeks, you know what's coming. another cloudy day. noin sun at all. temperatures are going to be
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about 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than yesterday. a significant change in the weather. four things you need to know about. cloudy start this morning. it'll be a rainy finish later today and tonight. ood watches are up for late tonight into early tomorrow morning. here's good news.s the rain e early tomorrow. the weekend is looking oh, so much nicer. that plume of moisture coming in our direction here. no heavy rain for the morning commute. just hit and miss sprinkles and showers. no big impact. there's the flood watch. could get another inch of rain overnight tonight. temperaturewise, this is as warm as it's going to be all day. don't plan on it being any warmer than this. stuck in the 60s today. yoneed yourjeans, your umbrella, and your rain boots. today's daily grade, a d-minus. it would have been lower, but 's already that close to the weekend. >> you're feeling generous. chopper 4 over this crash in takoma park. this is southbound new hampshire avenue between university andig
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creek parkway. we have that crash there on the right side. hopefully they get that oute of way soon. upper marlboro, northbound 301, ramp to maryland 4 blocked because of a stalled vehicle. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems except you are going to have to work those windshield wipers in some spots. right now 270, outer loop through bethesda and into the tysons area,ll a little wet. eun? >> melissa, thank you. 6:02. just hours before what could be a contentious and hearing on capitol hill, another woman has come forward accusing supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. this makes four women all making allegations that judge kavanaugh has denied. dr. christine blasey ford says kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and tried to take off he clothes during a party in high school. deborah ramirez says while in
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college, kavanaugh exposed himself to her. the third accuser, julie ys swetnick, n the early '80s, she observed kavanaugh and others at a house party where the punch was spiked in order to take advantage of girls. the fourth woman, who came out less than 24 hours ago, claims that in 1998, she saw kavanaugh aggressively shove a woman against a wall. the only woman who will testify today is dr. ford, the first accuser. images of her taking a polygraph testify to verify her accusations have been released. she did pass that test. during today's hearing, we expect dr. ford to detail thousand assault allegations for lawmakers. kavanaugh is expected to repeath his deniose claims and those made by others. rachel mitchell, an arizona prosecutor who runs a maricopa y copecial victims division, will cross-examine both kavanaugh and ford. you can watch this morning's hearing on nbc 4 and on the ap we'll have a special nbc news in report bng at 9:30. and along with the rest of the country, president trump
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will be payin close attention to today's hearing. despite all the allegations so far, he's standing by s supreme court pick. he admitted at a news conference yesterday that christine blasey ford's testimony could change . his mi >> people want fame, they want money, they want whatever. so when i see it, i view it differtly than somebody sitting home watching television where they say, oh, judge vanaugh this or that. it's happened to me many times. i've had many false charges. 'mm going to be watching. believe it or not,oing to see what's said. it's possible that they will be convincing. >> since the president plans to keep an eye on today's hearing, he's expected to push back his meeting with deputy attorney rosenstein. that meeting is to discuss a "new york times" report that claims rosenstein suggested secretly recording the president. rosenstein has denied that report. on the eve of the highly anticipated senate hearings
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involving judge kavanaugh, virgia incumbent senator tim kaine pushed for a full ur investigationg a live debate here on nbc 4. >> let's hear from everybody. do thebi investigation that should be done and do it in a respectful manner. that's what a body like the senate should do. >> if the senate treated each that they're treating judge way kavanaugh, they'd all be in jail. >> the senator and his republican challengey stewart also pressed one another on plans to fix those congested commutes in northern virginia. >> we're still stu in gridlock in northern virginia and in hampton roads and across the us state behe didn't get the job done in his ten years as governor andn the united states senate. >> we had the silver line under construction to wheelie avenue. aset senator, i've worked to funding to dulles and beyond. we did hot lanes on the beltwa you can also see those if you walk right out of this building. >> the candidates also tackled
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migration reform and border security. we posted the entire debate on the nbc 4 washington app. it's now 6:06. good news this morning for federa employees. congress has passed a bill averting another government shutdown. it was feared that the sunday budeadline would be missed yesterday president trump agreed to sign the bill. it funds the pentagon and key domestic agencies and will keep the rest of the government open adrough december 7th. the bill does noess the president's border wall with mexico. now to breaking news. there was a barricade situation happen in northwest d.c. >> yeah, let's get to news 4's aimee cho, who's at the scene. you're learning a lot more about the person whof was barricaded inside, right? >> reporter: chris, right. we're now learning that man barricaded inside the house is a rape suspect wanted by arlington police. ughout the morning, we've been hearing shouting coming from the scene. i want to give you ain look b me. down that way is the house where the rapeusct is barricaded inside. eegotiators are here trying to get him to com out.
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this is on mt. pleasant streetd northwest anrk road. police tell me it started around 9:00 last night. they came here to serve a search warrant, but then the rape suspect started threatehing to hurtelf. that's when it became a barricade situation. ever since then, police have been here on the tene,ing to negotiate with him and get him to come out peacefully. this whole area is blocked o in the meantime. we met one man who lives here and hasn't been able to get inside his home. he didn't want to be interviewee' but he told us been standing outside on the sidewalk just waiting for about nine hours now. he has no idea when he'll be allowed back in. hours, kids wil be dropped off at schools in this area. the sacred heart schoolnd vancroft elementary are nearby. this is also blocks from beach drive, which is popular for runners. this could be affecting a lot of families as they're waking up we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them. >> we can only hope that gets resolved peacefully. thank you, aimee. another accident shut down oute 210 in prince george' county. some are calling this one one of
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the worst they've seen. this latest crash involved a cement truck and two other vehicles. two people had to be cut from one car before they re air lifted to the hospital. one of those victims has life-tletdeni njfe-tlelife life-threateningies. indian head highway was closed in both directions for hours last night. neighbors tell news 4 although speed cameras have been put in along some spots on 210, it's obviously not enoug >> the streets are so long, and drivers get a sense that they can go fast. by the time they get to the corners, the light changes. that's when the problems happen. >> police are trying to determine wther it was speed or perhaps alcohol that caused this crash. today city leaders will hear concerns about bike safetyth in district, this after the deaths of several bikers this
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summer. most recently, tom hollowell, a museum worker biking to work on venstitution avenue. police say the dwho hit the 64-year-old ran a red light and left the scene. a meeting is happening at 1:30 this aernoon in the wilson building. the public is welcome and encouraged to attend. new details on several shooting investigations in d.c. neighbors tell us the area around benning rd northeast feels like a war zone. >> now we're seeing the faces of two men police say are behind the bloodshed. anthony farmer is wanted for friday's qdruple shooting outside of a liquor store on benning road. one man is already under arrest. police s farmer was also involved. surveillance cameras show a clear image of the man wanted r killing someone on benning road monday night. detectives are asking the public to tell them who this person is and where they can find him. >> law enforcement does not know who this person is, but somebody in this community does. >> two people were also shot on
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benning road tuesday night. they were attacked in a restaurant parking police havshared information about the shooter in that case. finding a parking spot in the district can be frustrating, to say the least. >> right. >> sometimes it'snard to e tell if the space is even legal. but one report by news 4 reveals hundreds of signs that are confusing and costly for many drivers. >> reporter: the more pelile who or work in d.c., the more difficult it is to find a parking space. often when you see a space open up, you just want to pounce on it, but it's often difficult to know if that space is legal, especially when there are poles filled with multiple parking signs that seem to give conflicting information. internal reports produced by the d.c. department of transportation show they have te fixed of adjhundreds of signs since 2016, signs that were either conflicting or confusing. some with arrows pointing the wrong direction, others that
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drivers indicated said it was both okay and illegal to park in a space during certain hours. a series of drivers told the i-team these signs cost them big money. it was still unclear how to read the signs. >> this is 7:00 to 6:30 p.m. twe figured we were betwet time. it's okay to park. >> you see the lower sign, you think that's the one to read. >> exactly. but lo and behold, t one above it says no parking 10:30 to 2:30. why don't they just make this 7:00 a.m. to 10:30?te >> rep d.c. officials are making fixes. they say wn it comes to signs, the rule for drivers is to read from the top down. >> even though it seems rather confusg, you might need a law degree, what we're doing is trying to give you a clear direction on when you can utilize that time. th>> reporter: tonight, wh signs are changing so frequently in d.c., and the one thing district transportation officials say you need to ow about reading the color on the signs on those poles. rott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> you have toember so much. read the signs from top to
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bottom, look at the colors. you need multiple degrees to figure this out in some cases. then you still get a ticket. still ahead, grocery bills can cost a fortune. don't we know it? espeally if you're shoppin for an entire family. >> fear not, hope has arred. this morning, we're showing you she places to shop to save money. na? >> well, this morning is cool and cloudy outside. more rain in the forecast later today. look what's going to happen to these temperatures. we are only going to be in the 60s. don't forget the umbrella. chuck has your full forecast coming up. six generatio of one family all under one roof. there's a 1-month-old in her we've got the community of shepherd park out here with elected leaders, community leaders, all to talk about how to create a good neighborhd, next on news
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>> when you think of a good neighbor, what comes to mind? so many things. maybe someone who's been in the community several years, knows everybody, helps another neighbor out. >> just keeps their yar clean. i got a low -- m bar i pretty low. the shepherd park community in t d.c.y go way beyond that. check this out. six generations of one family have lived in this house in shepherd park since the 1950s. ahead of good neighbor day, our molettereen is hanging out with the folks that make up this tight-knit community. morning tor: goo you. that's the key right there, the tight-knit community. and multigenerational living. not unique to this community. along with high voter turnout in this community, right?
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so the community and elected leaders, they all know each other. we've got councilman brandon todd, who's joine us along with councilman roberwhite. i want to introduce you guys to this family. six generations. the newest member right here, 1-month-old ariel. she's so cute. okay. what kept you in this community, and what makes this commuty so great? >> shepherd park is a special be.e to they give wonderful support for our family. our council people are here. our eiccted ols are always great. it is a great place to be. the diversity is phenomenal. we have all gone to the neighborhood school. we have been in this neighborhood for over 60 years. this is home for us, and we're not going anywhere. >> reporter: you're not going anywhere. , you brought in a new family member. so she's got t grow up in this community, right? okay. coming up later oho in the , we're going to keep talking to these guys and of course talk to tips, bring you tips on creating a good neighborhood.
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shepherd park has figured it out, right? all right. back in to you guys. >> awesom. >> wonderf love to see those old pics too. thank you. >> love the fact the weather held off. they could get outside. >> at least for the morning, chuck. not going to last though. >> not going to last. more rain. the rain is going to be heavy late tonight into the early,rl ea parts of tomorrow morning. but that's all okay. we can deal withhat because we have improved our friday forecast. an we have kept our sunshine forecast for the weekend. you just have to make it through toda and tonight. this september getting ready to come to a close it's been a warm one. 5 degrees above average and way above in rainfall with another inch or more possible late stnight. no heavy rain fhing this morning. you can see the rain chances stretch all the way down the appalachians into parts of north aorgia alabama. as a result, this long plume of moisture is going to keep us all cloudy today. no heavy rain this morning.
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our future weather shows reall hit-and-miss areas of light drizzle for the morning commute. steadier showers for the afternoon in the shendoah valley. future weather, 7:00 p.m., heavy rain moving in. that heavy rain expected to come into the d.c. metro area between 10:00 orig 11:00 t and 3:00 or 4:00 tomorrow morning. most of this will be pulling out just about the time we get the morning commute started tomorrow. we may be back to sunshine as tomorrow.noontime how much rain? again, another inch or more ssible late tonight. so a flood watch has been issued for pretty much all of the news 4 nation. keep that in mind. could be high water when you're getting your friday started. there's your five-day forecast. rain ending early tomorrow. it will be dryr for yiday night plans, including high school football. it's going to be a fantastic weekend, melissa. perfect late september weather. >> i love it. i'm looking forward to it. we deserve , by the way. southbound new hampshire avenue
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before sligo creek parkway, chopper 4 over that crash. looks like you're getting by to the lef right. those backups are building this in silver spring, outer loop after georgia, broken down trash truck blocking a lane. springdale, westbound0 before th beltway, right side there is blocked by arash. upper marlboro, northbound 301 ramp to 4 is blocked by a disabled vehicle. eun? >> all right, melissa. still ead, we're working for you, helping you cut down on those grocery bills. and keeping you safe on the roads as well. we'll break down the changes being made to tractor trailers, making you safer in the event of a crash. and later today on "ellen" -- t what do you sleep in night? >> nothing. >> mtoo!
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>> grammy and golden globe winner, oscar nominee and star of the new movie "a star is born," lady gaga is stopping byl she's not talking about the new movie, her music, but muchm . catch "ellen" here on nbc 4 at 3:00. 'll be right back. we
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpente and welders. our economy works best en everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created caer and technical academi across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young peoplen i'm tim and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. i put criminals in prison during t day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a lapractice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support.
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then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away om domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, aat's ahead is as importa what's in the rearview mirror. welcome back. it's 6:23. if your grocery bill takes a big unk out of your budget, it probably has something to do with where you shop. >> and the kids. i blame the yokids. feed them on monday, and by
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tuesday they're crying for more food. >> exactly. what are we going to do with these guys? >> i don't know, i don't know. enougn't get consumer reporter susan hogan working for you to find out which stores in our offer the best prices. cently sent shoppers to ten area grocery stores with a list f about 150 common items to buy, and they also surveyed customers about quality. let's check out the results. >> reporter: wegmans ifan favorite. 94% rated it superior overall. they were on average 7% wer than giant, 14% lower than safeway, 19% lower than whole foods. overall, price rite prices camel in substan lower than all of the grocery stores.f in termsality, though, giant, safeway, shoppers, target, and walmart received low
6:25 am
marks from their that whole foods/amazon impact, well, the survey found produce prices have lowered a t, but it's still the area's most expensive grocery chain. ma>> you have amazon and w and target and all these different companies really spending a lot of money, investing a lot of money to be in this business. and the reason isn't so much that they think th're going to make tons of prot selling groceries. what they wa to do is say, okay, they want to get you used to buyg everything from that company. >> we're continuing to work for you. coming up tomorrow, we are rycomparing grocery delive services. how much extra are you willing to pay to skip the store? see you then. this morning, you need the leave, buefore you it's pretty cloudy out there currently. 68 degrees in washington. cool with some sprinkles around. later tonight, heavy rain in the forecast. we'll talk about who's under a flood watch. he's been here since 25.
6:26 am
now metro's general manager is ised to get a new contract and a raise. a life repove report coming up. and good-bye bryce harper? could last night be his final one as our hometown baseball hero? wh he had to say after his final home game of this season.
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i'm neal simon. i'm the son of an immigrant and a family man. daughter: hey, dad. neal: and now i'm running for the u.s. senat unaffiliated with any party, because they're playing partisan games and getting nothing done, and it's crippling america. created high-paying jobs right here in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and finding common ground, and i'll do the same thing as your senator. they say an outsider can't do it, but... all: together... neal: ...we'll prove them wrong. i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics.
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right now at 6:29, it will be all eyes on our city today for a hearing that has most of the countryde di supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and one of the women who has accused him of assault will take the stand to testify. this is all about to start in three hours. we're going to fill you in on everything you need to know before it begin including a fourth accusation against this judge. >> before we get to capitol hill, we want to take a live look outside on this morning.y it's going to be mostly cloudy today, but you will want too keep your umbrella handy. it should already be handy with as much rain as we've had. good morning, everybody. i'm chris lawrence in for aaron. >> and i'm eun yang. the rest of the team is her y working for. melissa keeping an eye on your
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commute. first, chuck belle and sheena parveen are here with the forecast. we're kind of prepared for this now. >> absolutely. i think once the hearing is over, we should repurpose that countdown clock to count downre thrn of sunshine. people would be all about that. >> and the good news is even though we have moreod rain and rain tonight, tomorrow for the friday night plans, it looks good. don't let today fool you. don't let it putr a damn your plans going forward. this weekend we're actually going to see some very nice changes. now the radar is getting a little more green on it. we have very light showers around the area. a lot of this tha you seeust some sprinkles falling. more consistent light raiall nearinchester and across 81. farther to our south, look at this ttund weather pattern. later today, an area of low pressure will form and move along the coast that will give us heavy rain tonight. here's the flood watch for most of the area. starting later this evening,nd overnight,arly tomorrow. temperatures are cool, about the
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mid to upper 60s. this morning, a couple sprinkles. tonight, very heavy rain. we'll ta coming up.t that let's check the commute with melissa. >> inbound 395, theneexpress still have a lane blocked. very slow getting around that. rampbound bw parkway, the to inbound 50. chopper 4 showing us a little dey there this morning. sounds like we have some slowdowns as well because of a crash. shefrly westbound 50 after landover road, disabled vehicle there.g one lane all of the green patches on the radar here showing you where it's raining around town. it's pretty hit or miss. you may hit it as you're headed into work or school today. silver spring outer loop aftke georgia, b down trash truck now on the shoulder. westbound 50 in springdahe before beltway, right side blocked by a crash there., it's now 6:31. we are staying on top of breaking news in nst d.c. >> you're taking a live look at the area where polic say a man who is wanted for rape by the
6:32 am
arlington pole has barricaded himself inside a home. this is right around mt. pleasant streetr n park road in northwest d.c. negotiators have been trying to get him to come we'll have the latest at 6:45. the stage is set f a blockbuster hearing today on capitol hill. supreme court nomineena brett kah and the woman accusing him of sexual assault, dr. christine blasey ford, will testify before the senate judiciary committee. during her testimony, dr. ford will detail thess allegedlt that allegedly happened at a high school party in montgomery county. this is veo o dr. ford taking a polygraph test to verify her h accusations, whe passed. kavanaugh has said the incident sever happened. you can watch tmorning's hearings right here on nbc 4 and on the app. we will have an nbc news special report beginning at 9:30. rachel mitchell, a prosutor, will be asking the questions at today's hearing. she runs the special v
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division in maricopa county. there are three other women who have accused kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. deborah ramirez claims kavanaugt exposed himse her during a party in college. julie swetnick says back in the early 0s, she observed kavanaugh and others at house parties where the punch was t spiked in orde take advantage of girls. last night, an unidentified woman also came forward saying 20 years ago she witnessed kavanaugh assault a woman. along with the rest of the p countrsident trump will be paying close attention to today's hearing. at a news conference yesterday, hedmted christine blasey ford's testimony could change his mind about kavanaugh' nomination. coming up, kristen welker will have more on today's t hearing. >> man believed to be responsible for a stabbing l logan circle is already well-known to metro police. anthony crawford is accused of killing wendyarnez at random earlier this month while she was
6:34 am
out jogging. ne 4 has learned crawford had been cited six times in the last two years for fare evasion on metro. metro sources wouldn't go as far as to say this murder could have been prevented, but some do say itoints to aeed for tougher penalties against fare evaders. they're stepping up patrols in key areas, like the swing arms, to crack down on fare evaders. happening today, the metro board is expected to offer a contract extension for its general managoo. >> he over at the height of a serious safety crisis. it looks like the board wants to keep him around. megan l mcgrath ise outside met h metrdquarters with more. >> reporter: good morning, guys. metro's boa wants to make sure the general manager doesn't go anywhere, that he stays at the helm here in washington. o later today, the board is expected to approve an extension of his contract. take a look here. that extension would run through november of 2021 z. the base pay, nearly halll a
6:35 am
n dollars with performance-based races. now, he took over as general manager when there were major ns about safety. in fact, he shut down the entire syst for emergency repairs. that was something that hadn never beeone before. he also started the safe track program, whi accelerated repairs and improvements. it caused some delays, some service disruptionsti and s closures, but metro said it allowed three years of work to be done in ia little over a year. however, metro's union not exactly happy about ners that s going to be an extension of his contract. in fact, union leaders have been asking for wiedefeld's firing for quite some time. the yucunion over the summer approved a strike vote, although workers never lef their jobs. so union leaders certainly not happy about a possible extension today. the metro board expected to take this up at their regularly scheduled meter lateting later
6:36 am
morning. >> thank you, megan. you know, bryce harperveay played his last home game with the nats. as i hope not. before the game night, he was recognized as nats player of the year. although, he went hitless with a pair of strikeouts, the crowd gave him a ton of love. whichever team harper signs with the summer of free agency, he says his hea d is in. >> you never know what's going to happen, so in' didt really want the farewell kind of tr atment. i wase to go out there and enjoy that, i guess, and not really think about too much of it being my last game or it not being my last game. >> i hope it's not the last game. when asked about this sign on top of a building that read eight more years of 34, he responded eight years sounds kind of short.e i lhat sentiment. >> ten-year, $4 million deal. >> they'll have to pay a lot for him him, for sure. it's now 6:36. coming up, molette green iin wo for you, celebrating national good neighbor day.
6:37 am
good morning, molette. >> reporter: good morning to you. not one generation but how many? >> six generations! >> reporter: six all under one roof. they're not leaving shepherd park. and we've got the community out to talk about why this is such a of goodighborhood ahea neighbor day. we've got tips for you on creating a great neighborhood in your community, coming up next on news 4 today. plus, improving safety standards for the semi trucks you share the road with. we'll fill you in on the crash test report released whileou test report released whileou were s yle he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marhe's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs
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and fully nd our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead marynd. we can do much better on jobs, on educaon, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor. kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trads then i went to honduras as a missionarys and taught k to be ca. our economy works best when everyone has a skill,
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like shipbuilding. w that i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to oupand job training for people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia,ld we have to bn economy that works for all.
6:40 am
new this morning, crash tests reveal improvements being made to keepam youry safe on the road. the insurance institute for highway safety tested the metal bumpers on the bac of semi trailers. >> if you rearne end of these, those prevent you from going
6:41 am
underneath the back of one of ese trucks. eight north american manufacturers passed all three that accounts for about 80% of trucks in this country. eiihs says manufacturers have made safety improvements in recent years after tests showed weaknesses inhose metal bumpers. >> now here's your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning. i'm eric chemi. happy hour returns today at starbucks. the coffee chain is offering a buy one, get one free deal from 3:00 p.m. time until close at participating stores. if you buy hand crafted educati espresso drink, you can get a second one for free. nonmembers can sign up for a code at that's your cnbc morning business report. and on a thursday morning, i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. startiee to plan yournd. tomorrow, showers quickly coming to an end. if you're beach bound for the weekend, harley davidson, the
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hog fest, is out there this weekend. t if you're goi the mountains instead, apple picking season is almost here. it's going to be cool and sunny in the mountains this weekend. n-eena has your y forecast coming up. a couple brand new problems. one of them a big slowdown. chopper 4 overem the pro delays in virginia as well. what to avoid,oming up. c
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i put criminals inn during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutori and changed diapers at night.w later,n i had a law practice, i voluntt red to help moms collchild support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump.
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aui approve this message b, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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your time is 6:45. we are just now hours away from what could be a ctentious and historic hearing on capitol hill. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing himl of sex assault, dr. christine blasey ford, will testify before the senate judiciary committee. ford is just one of four women accusing the judge of sexual misconduct. >> yeah, nbc's kristenwell kwer -- kristen welker is live at the white house with epmore. >>ter: hi, eun and chris. you are right. we are just hours away from that extraordinary high-stakes hearing on capitol hill with eme court nominee brett kavanaugh and christine blasey fordri pre to take center stage. ford is set to publicly testify
6:46 am
that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party ithe 1980s when both of them were teenagers. now, in his prepared remarks, kavanaugh again denying ford's allegations, saying, quote, in retrospect, i said and did things in high school that make me cringe now. what i have been accused of is far more serious than juvenile misbehavior. i never did anything remotely resembling what dr. ford describes. now, kavanaugh and ford will appear separately before the judiciary committee. kavanaugh is also facing new ccusations thi morning, including from julie swetnick, releasing a sworn statement through her lawyer, michael avenatti. swetnick alleging she witnessed kavanaugh and his friends fondling girls during a series of house parties in e '80s. now, kavanaupo ring very firmly, denying that, saying i don't know who this is, and this never happened. president trump, for his continues to stand by his nominee, but also said at a news conference in nsd york wed
6:47 am
that if ford's testimony is convincing, it could change his mi about kavanaugh. we'll have a lot more about all of this coming up on "today." back to you. >> kristen welker live for us at the white house. thank you. more onhat hearing coming up next on the "today" show. this morning, the bethesda school brett kavanaugh attended at the time of dr. ford's alleged assault is defending its reputation. georgetown prep released the following statement saying in partquote, the image that has been presented on social media and in various new outlets depicts recklessness, illegal conduct, and lack of respect for persons. it is demon th such behavior and culture is tolerated. there are only 40 days until november's midterm elections. we saw the virginia u.s. senatef candidates fac last night in a heated debate here on nbc 4. incumbent democratic senator tim kaine and his republican challenger corey stewart took the stage in northern virginia
6:48 am
and answere a questions from panel that included aaron and our own julie kjacarrie. breaking news now. if you're just joining us, there's a barricade situation happening in northwe d.c. >> news aimee cho is live o t the scene wi latest. >> reporter: a rape suspect has been barricaded himself inside a house. he's wanted by arlington police. morning n here all tracking the situation. we've heard shouting coming from the scene. i want to give you aook behind me. down that way is the house where the rape suspect has barricaded himself. negotiators are now here trying to get him to com out. this is on mt. pleasant street northwest near park road. m police telle it all started around 9:00 last night. they came here to serve a search warrant, but then they say the rape suspect started threatening to hurt himself, andechat's when ite a barricade situation. ever since then, police have been here on the scene, trying im and get e with him to come out peacefully. this whole area is blocked off.
6:49 am
we met o man who lives here and hasn't been able to get inside his home. he didn't want to be interviewed, but he told us he's been standing outside on the sidewalk just waiting for about ten hours now. he he has no idea when he'll be allowed back in. this area should be getting pretty busy in the next few hours. both sacred heart school and bancroft elementary are nearby, as well as beach drive, which is a popular area for runners in the morning. reis could affect a lot of families as theaking up and heading out the door. >> all right. we'll have to hope that situation gets resolved peacefully. thank you, aimee. it's 6:49. another accident shut down route 210 in princegeorge's county. witnesses say a cement truck wd in the north lanes but swerved into the southbound lanes trying to avoid a car at the swan creek road inte pection. twople had to be cut from one car before they were air lifted to hospi tl. one ose victims has life-threatening injuries. a woman and two kids in another car were checked out at the scene. police are trying d toetermine
6:50 am
whether speed or alcohol caused the crash. coming up on 6:50 now. you'll see wet roads out there later h today. let'd over to sheena for another check of the forecast. >> good morning. yes, the wet roads in some areas still, but this morning for the most part we're cloud and cool. we have some light sprinkles around the area. that's about it. t,ter toni we have heavy rain that'll move in. a flood watch for part of the area. the weekend is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. the radar showing us a few sprinkles around the area. you can see that with the green here. we have a lot of clouds around. more moisture down to our south. that's all going to move upon later then we'll have an area of low pressure develop along the coast. that's going to bring us heavy rain for night. all these green shaded counties, which is most of the area, that's a flood wat for tonight. that begins this evening. t expires early tomorrow morning. most of the heavy rain will be here while many of you are, in fact, sleeping. right now it's 68 degrees in washington. n clinton.
6:51 am
if you're walking the dog today, this cutie pie sophie ila ave for adoption at the prince george's county spca. you can head to their website. otherwise f you're w own dog, sprinkles this morning with cloudy skies. is going to be cool. you might want the raincoat around lunchtime. through the ternoon, our rain chances start to increase. there's noon today. some showers off to our west. rain chances creasing this afternoon. this is 1:00 in the morning. so again, while many of you are sleeping, we're going to have some heavy rain move through, leaving the area tomorrow morning. looking goode if you h friday afternoon and friday evening plans. loing gorgeous into the weekend. nice and dry, feeling like fall. low humidity, sunshine. temperatees in 70s. finally we have nice weather in the forecast. and it's going to last for most of next week. let's head over to melissa. >> gooik morning. i that. all right. outhbound bw parkway, the ramp to inbound 50, chopper 4 showing us those delays because of the earlier crash. it really is quite jammed. allow some extratime. i know there's no other great
6:52 am
alternate. beltway look okay. big complaint there is. takoma park, southbound new h hampshire, stie that crash blocking the middle of the roadway. upper marlboro northbound301, the ramp to 4, lanes blocked by the disabled vehicle. and brandywine inbound 4 before brandywine road, left side getting by the crash there. northbound 395, express lanes lookike they have finally cleared. that's great. taking a look at 66 and 95 invi inia. no major issues, but remember all of this green, t radar showing you where it is raining across the area. might have a wet ride into work or school this morning. travel times. 66 inbounds, 95 nohbound, both going about 35 miles per hour at this point this morning. taking a look at 270 southbound, 33 miles per hour. the top of the beltway, outer loop, 95 to 0, 24 miles per hour. remember to listen top wto fm when you hop in your car this
6:53 am
thursday morning. when you think of a good neighbor, what comes to mind? for me, it's jus keepiour yard clean. pretty simple. but a lot of people think of someone who's been in the community for years, knows everybody, and everything. >>ome people in the shepherd park community in d.c. can say just that. six generations of one family have lived in this house in shepherd park since the 1950s. ahead of good neighbor day, our molette green is hanging out with the people that make this tight-knit community what it is. molette, good morning. i love this story and this family. >> reporr: me too. six generations all under one roof. that's not unique to this community. multigenerational living has community ght this close together. everybody knows each other, has grown up together. and of course the elected headers get to know neighbors that way as well. we are thankful to have councilmember robert white, councilmember brandon todd, and the anc commissioner fro this community, stacy lincoln, here as well. i wanto bring on the president
6:54 am
of the civic association here in shepherd park to talk about the garden of diversity. there's the t-shirt with all thosees. what does that mean? >> for our community, most of our streets are named after plants, flowers, andes t so we view ourselves as a garden of diversitye based on ethnic diversity we've created in our community. >> reporter: talk about how that allamstarted. thisy can speak to that. we've got a whole bunch of pictures of your family. tell me who all has lived here as we look at thosere pic >> sure. so my great grandfather integrated shepherd park in the early 1950s. myrandmother lived here, my mother. my sister and ithere raised in home. my nephews, my children, and my great niece who was just bn a month ago is here too. >> we had to let ariel go back in. she was fired of all that face time on television. fome of the tipr creating a
6:55 am
great neighborhood, respect for each other's differences, right? creating a community environment. looking out for one another and sharingalimilars in this community. right, shepherd park? all right. we are live a day ahead of national good neighbor day in shepherd park. back in toyou guys. >> tertainly seem like good neighbors. what are you working on for tomorrow, molette? reporter: oh, my goodness. tomorrow we are marking hispanic heritage month. we're celebrating with our friends at telemundo. we have performances, food, and lots ofulre because this is going to be a really good friday sendoff as hispanic heritage month closes out soon. book to y back to you guys. >> looking forward to that as well. that's what makes a neighborhood wh it is. >>6:55, and here are four to know. metro is expected to give the general manager a new contract and his first. pay rai he took the gm job at the height of the 2015 safety crisi
6:56 am
created programs such as safe track and changed operating hours. news 4 will be at today'sme ing. look for updates in the nbc washington app. good news for folks in our area. congress passed a bill averting an.her government shutdo president trump agreed to sign the bill even though it does not address his border wall with ilmexico. the will keep the government running through december 7th. more on "today. and take a look at this. people are already lining up for today's capitol hill hearing. t nominee brett kavanaugh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault, dr. christine blasey ford, will testchy. you can whe hearing this morning right here on nbc 4. we will have an nbc news special report starting at nd9:30. >> right now, police are on the scene of a barricade situation in northwest d.c. they've been there since late last night. is is on mt. pleasant street near park road. the suspect is wanted for police by the arlington police. and a quick peek at the five-day forecast.
6:57 am
in likely later on today. not too much rain out there just yet. heavy rain tonight, drying up first thing friday ing, and staying dry all weekend. a couple slow spots to point dut here. 270 southbo going about 35 miles per hour. top of the beltway, outgo loop g about 30 as well. and southbound 295 as you're headed southbound inside the beltway, that's slow from an earlier crash. all right. how often do we get rain all week and it clears out for the weekend? >> just in time. >> we'll take it. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. the "today" show coming up next. >> see you back in 25 minutes with your weather, traffic, and local news. until then, enjoy your day.
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moment of truth. this is a veryom big ment for our country. hone, nobody knows who to believ the senate showdown betw brea breath and accuser short h away. these allegations are > this is getting into the twil zone. twog men comorward claimi it could have been them and not kavanaugh involved in the alleged incident in questi the couny, the president eager to see how it plays out. it's possible i willary that and say, hey, i'm changing my mind. with kavanaugh's nominat and hanging in the


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