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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 28, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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well, now, president trump is calling on the fbi toig invee his supreme court nominee. >> big twists and turns today and it all comes after a day of high stakes maneuvering up on capitol . first, the judiciary committee voted to move brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the full senate jeff make the made his vote conditional with a last-minute demand for the fbi probe. >> other members joined in eventually forcing the president to act a tonight reaction is pouring in from both sides of the aisle. >> we have team coverage for you. let's start with blayne alexander to break it down. >> reporter: president trump agreeing to a senate request to order an fbi investigation into sexual assault allegations againstupreme court nominee brett kavanaugh whoays he will continue to cooperate. a stunning reversal for the president.
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bringing the confirmation processo a standstill after mounting pressure from key swi republicans. >> i think it would be proper to delay floor vote up to and not more than one week. >> senator flake -- >> is it going on happen? or did you cut the vote? >> no. this was all gentleman and women's agreement. >> a short time later president trump himself not clear what had happened, reacting to the news.j >> it want to it work wellfo the country. the president commenting othe woman accusing kavanaugh of sexual assault. >> i thought herestimony was very compelling she looks like a very fine woman
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to me. >> saying that the allegations need a cser look. has president trump ever considered a replacement nominee for judge kavanaugh? the president said not even att li bit. nbc news, washingt. most people calling the process unir. ♪ >> the folk singer joan baez introduced herself to a new generation of protesters with a song from the civil rights era. ♪ turn me around ♪ keep on a walkin ♪ keep on talkin ♪ going to build a brand new
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world ♪ >> the day begins withrs proteste arrested and removed from the senate office building as the judiciary committee beginsts i work. hundreds rallied. they hear from some of the democratic members of the senate judiciary committee. >> yesterday, we saw a profile in courage. a woman who will give inspiration and heao millions and millions of others. >> the protesterhaing and feering for speakers saying kavanaugh is not for a seat on the supreme court. that a the news possible compromise has been reached. they marched back to the hart
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office building channelling their support for dr. ford's allegations. >> the consideration for this woman and the women who have been hurt is sometng we're looking for as survivors. so we consider it a little victory. >> shortly after that interview, president trump ordered the fbi wvestigation. t to make a point. yesterday we interviewed a number of supporters of judge kavanaugh here on capitol hill. >> they paermly didn't we went looking for them. it is likely they'll be back as the confirmation moves to the full senate a the battle moves there. that's the latest. amid the protests, some questions about the process and ere do we go from here. >> scott helped cover the hill
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for us. he's at the live desk. >> it is happening at leastn part because senator flake had leverage this is a numbers game. republicans have a 51-seat majority. they nee 50 votes for kavanaugh, assuming the vice presidenman's to break the tie. if they lose senator flake and one othersenator, it is possible the nomination will crumble. it is worth noting naat all four rs are democrats. all expected to oose the nomination. the fbi has ordered the view and said it must be compled in less than one being. kavanaugh lives in montgomery county. his accuser said it occurred in montgomery county as well.we now the fbi baltimore field office has agents in rockville. they declined to answer oures ons about whether they would be equipped to handle it.
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in the meantime, the chari and police department received a letter saying they haveiv not rece any statements from any victims but they stand ready to igate if that happens. >> do you have an answer? >> no thank you. >> what do you say? >> i understand. tell me. i'm standing right here in fro of you. >> that video of a protester stopping senator flake in an elevator today who annoued pport for judge kavanaugh has made it across the world. the senateill be in session next week so we expect a lge capitol police presence.
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many senators who expected to go home will be here to vote. >> you mentioned montgomery county and judge kavanaugh. his friend mark judge. has he beent locatede beach? we keep hearing delaware. do we know where he is? >> judge has been made aware ofu this and cooperate under some conditions. it indicates that he is somehow.e some way, >> all right. thank you. their ford's powerful testimony is inspiring survivors to tell their stories and galvanizing the me too. moveme coming up in our next half-hour, julie carey t us inside the local hospital that's giving victims a voice.
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the rain still lingers. you're looking at the scene over montgomery county. and amelia is tracking the a thre joins with us a closer look at the communities that are impacted by this flooding. >> take a loo behind me. this is more video of the potomac. the water coming out of the banks h because of much rain we saw yesterday and how much rain we saw into early. autu our waterways cannot take any more water at this point. 're not only having these issues along the toll ,to the shenandoah river, down at the tidal basin. massive issues sometimes there. take a look at the flood warnings. a lot of them in effect until the weekend. some at the latest, it could be extended longer.
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you can you can see coastal advisories. these coastal advisories will go until at least tonight and they may be extended even longer. more than a year after thea of a loved one, a family feels like they're getting justice. two people died in a hit and run in beltsville. only on news4, darcy spencer with howhey found the driver. >> she thought she would never get justice for her boyfriend. >> he made me laugh a lot. and miss having him here. >> he was killed by a
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hit-and-run driver more than a year ago. she says police told the family in july, they didn't have enough evidence to charge the driver. >> we have gotten new that they closed the case. >> then they got another call from police this week. they had made an arrest. they did have conclusiv dna evidence. >> it is still not over but it till some relief. >> a u.s. park police spokesman confirme that the initial dna test results were inconclusive but then thjustin smith was the owner and driver of the car that hit the man. link by dna fou on the driver's side airbag. ri left behin his girlfriend of 17 years. his daughter nicole and his dog lucas whoscaped the crash.
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>> they keep each good company. >> they said they miss his jokes, his smiles, his love of motorcycles, and now they focus getting his memory. theodore mccarr sic living in kansas. in july, pope francis him as a cardinal and banned him from publi ministry after sex abuse scandals surfaced. now we've learned that he's living in a small town in kansas. a hack attack. up next, a new warning fromce fabook. after a security breach exposes the accounts of 50 million users. what do you know to protect your
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personal information. we'll tellt you w a u.s. postal worker did wit people's cell phones. a legal fight over the
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. facebook is under fire again after hackers exposed a weak know andcc gaineds to 50 million accounts. liz mclaughlin has more on the problem as the social media giant tries to regain your trust. >> facebook says discovered the massive security breach on tuesday. in a statement saying hack eers found a vulnerable area allowing them to take over 50 million accounts. >> it sits on your computer that tells facebook you are you and doesn't force you to put in your password every time >> it locked about 90 million people out of their account. the investigation is still in the early stages. the full scope and origin of the
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attack are>> unknown. facebook has identified it. >> reporter: it comes at a tough time for facebook at the center of an ongoing investigation as to russian interference in the 2016 election and s reeling fromhe cambridge an lettica investigation in march. >> we're talking about a spevs has more than half the world's online population using it. things like the happen, they affect large swaths of oppele. >> now facebook has to convince users that it can keep your data safe. a u.s. postal worker is make some packages to how federal officials tracked
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him down. >> police a often investigating. m the theft happen here at the arlingtonain post office. indstigators believe he wo get packages by picking them up in the outgoing mper. >> they said anthony reid who has been with the postal serv e service. he would go thrgh the packages and find one that had an iphone. they tracked phones to those suspiciously activate, he hadtt ad that he made approximately $1, ng he did it to pay medical
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bills. most every interaction she's had with a postal worker has been positive. >> they're great. they've never been anythingith you b outstanding. i have nothing bad to say. >> i have groups that i sendy packages. >> you hope it works. >> he is no longer with the postal service. a montgomery county school aide is asuspect. he allowed two special needs tudents to walk out of the building alone. lopez was working one-on-one with the 16-year-olds. both boys have autism.
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beau were found miles from the school. when w asked he didn't tell anyone why they left, he said it's not my problem. it just a local problem. >> he is charged with two counts of neglstt. al0 years at rock terrace school. the halls of district is about to get more they're using new methods to predict future enon the . >> high drama over a high court nominee after dr. christine blasey ford testifies before
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congress. h her. an alarming statistic about last year's no season and the last year's no season and the urge empty warning to save kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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it was so cool this morning. >> that will be the casehis weekend. saturday and sunday morning. cool and crisp. >> i love it. and the plenty of sunshine. the temperatures warming into the 70s. our normal high in the upper 70s. pretty much where we'll be saturday anday su so just spectacular this weekend. as we look to the the weather will not be all that bad as we start untober, a 80 degrees pretty much every day and mainly dry conditions. we can dry out and d weinitely need the dry time.
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we're the 20th wettest year on record. tomorrow morning, you will n.d long sleev 64 in annapolis and a high tomorrow around 77. partly to mostly sunny skies saturday and sunday. and st importantly, low hult levels. it won't be an issue this weekend. know that the ground is likely muddy. and the sail thing for the golf course. outdoor barbecues are looking awesome. you will neeun the screen. at your all righ
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report. a chance for some eight-day showers. >> all right. thank you. a dramatic tst involving the supreme court nominee. a were tracking this pivotal moment in history. e plus, high stakes hearing with judge kavanah. and a police training controversy. why they were saying they were diouraged fromsc
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we're on top of that breaking news from capitol hill. they say they will cooperate with a knew fbi background investigation. into the supreme court nominee amid allegations of sexual misconduct in his past. president trump ordered the investigation after a last-minute move by republican senator jeff flake. he called for one-week delay. so the fbi could investigate his claims. >> we will keep the process moving. the full senate will begin considering judge vanaugh's
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on today. >> the senate says there will be no up or downote on judge kavanaugh's confirmation until at least next friday. calls to a national sex assault hotline spiked dramatically yesterday when dr. christine blasey ford td her story. we checked in with two local groups who work with victim to ind out whether thi controversy is having an impact on our area. >> there has been no surge in phone calls, domestic and violence hot lie but they are already hearing something different in the wake of both the cosby trial and christine blasey ford's testimony. >> i thought i was the only person and now i'm seeing on the news that it happened. now i can come forward and talk about it.e
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>> h the first response, simply to listen. to find out what v help thetim needs. >> this was just yesterday. >> here's what is important to remember about these hotline numbers. they're not just for somebody in crisis.we talk about how people can be better supporters and listen better and support better. >> for victim who want a forensic exam. to a special secured unit to lessau their . >> this is where they would meet. >> if the victim wants to report, ty come re. records are stored and later lab. to the crime >> i think we all work together to empower them. to make thehoice that is best
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for them. whether it is reporting or not. >> with the drama on capitol hill, they're ready to see their already growing number of clients increase even more. >> and we have the number for by hotline and the program going to the nbc washington hotline. news4 obtained documents showing multiple electric code violations on the mgm national harbor plaza where a little girl was electrocuted back in june. police found improper led wiring. wires improperly buried underground and exposed. the county executive says no one pressured mgm to speak you this
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the process. mgm says they take it very seriously. we're working help from your doctors. last year's flu season broke re rds. it killed more americans than in 40 years. 80,000 people died from flu complications in 2017 and tha includes 180 children. the cdc says more than 900,000a americanso be hospitalized. doctors are urging people to protect themselves and get flu shot and get it now. >> i'm tired of hearing people say, i didn't get sick and i didn't get the flu shot. th00e 80eople who died from the flu last year. from what, they got i someone. >> the u.n. surgeon jeg hoping to lead by exple.
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there he is,li rng up his sleeve. >> breaking up is hard to do and sometimes i can be really, really expensive. a local lawyer fighting g to back the $100,000 ring he gave his former fianc after they called off their wedding. and we'll go behind the scenes of the washington ballet. >> clear skies overnight. >> clear skies overnight. it will help coo
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. this week theashington balleticks off its third season under the artistic director julie kent. it returned to washington after a long run as the principal ballerina for the arican ballet theater shelf believes in show casing local talent as well. one of the stars performing
6:36 pm
in the seasonper at the kennedy center got his start in his mother's local dance school. >> you sight conner walsh has come full circle. coming home t washington today. his life again here and his interest ineg performing in his mother's dance school when he was just 6 yearsol >> my boys hung around the studio and they just joined in. they started dancing and that's how it started. >> the two sons were both recruited to m dance theale roles in her school's productions. his brother gave it up. conner, the family agrees, was captivated by the athleticpe s of ballet. >> it is a big part. he loved to ru very active when he was young. still is. i think he lov the interaction of the dancers. who wouldn't lik a to workund
6:37 pm
a bunch of lovely women? >> the washington ballet's new season opens with what they call a welcome. >> he would welcome the audience, four guest artists. >> she invited outstanding dancers from aroe world to kick off at the kennedy center.w ith the houston balance them., this is one of >> an incredible dancer. an exceptionally moving artist. i am so excited that he is giving us the opportunity to connect with his family and his many people whoupport him here and don't always have the opportunity toee himdance. >> they slipped in to watch him on stage at a rehearsal. then surprised him backstage.
6:38 pm
>> they say watching their son dance i always wonderful. but they don't get to see him very often these days. i said it is wonderful to perform whereris car got its start. true. is a dream come i'm getting to perform for people who haven't seen me dance in almost 20 years. i'm going to know a lot of people throughou so it is really great. >> thereere just a few of us in the audience there. there are still seats open they have something for everyone. thre is the e popular nutcracker which comes the day after thanksgiving and this
6:39 pm
winter, an exciting new reprisal of the classic, sleeping beauty. >> i was at the ga and they did a big show. their dancers are sublime. beautiful. we are so lucky to have them. >> a lot of people haven't discovered them. > and they arean dng their little toes off. >> they are. >> thank you. w n we come back, they say love doesn't cost a thing. a sbreak-upe does. even if you're not married yet. >> get a load of this. a man who works in a d.c. law firm recently filed suit against his fiance, suing her to recoup the loss of a 4 carat plus diamond gament ripping that cost more than $100,000. in that lawsuit he calledt a conditional gift. the couple started dating in 2015. they were supposed to be player i had this year -- they were
6:40 pm
supposed to be married but it fell apart. this is not the first time. >> last year, a judge said engagement rings conditional gift. if no marriage occurs, they must be returned. good news for the almost group. >> i put this on my faceboo page. this almost bride told him exactly, inside the diamond. whether it had fluorescence or not. it is aery good ring. >>e a lit high maintenance. this is such g aood read. it is on my facebook page. police and the people they serve. tonight news4 has learned hundreds of officers did not finish a crucial part of a course. we'll explain why. and the rain has moved out of here! making way for this gorgeous stretch of weather. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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without risking her bones. it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power...
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and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. sta plan that focusesr on the whole you.. that's why innovation health takes a total approach to health and wellness.
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we offer a range of medicare solutions designed to support a healthy body, mind and spirit... to help you age actively. innovation health medicare. me learn more at >> the prince george's police department broke new ground. >> but tracee wilkins talked with multiple officed here's s they're being discouraged from fully participating in this training and they're calling it a political farce. >> this canine handler saying this video went viral t group of kids. many who saw on it social media asked, doe the prince george's
6:44 pm
county police department have a bias problem? in february of is year, a few months after the u.s. justice department announced a investigation into accusions ofape discrimination among officers and the prince george's county police department, she joined with county leaders to debut a new department. an implicit bias training class m howy officers ident perral prejudices theyay not know they have. >> this t about 92 yangss if we're not aware of the lenses we have. >> the class was painted before we were allowed to make decisions. >> this officer is describing what happened before and during the bias training. the class was part of the officer in service training. this oicer said problems started at the prince george's training academy wh the training academy instructor. >> we spent about 45 minutes
6:45 pm
talking about how bad the class was and how it doesn't benefit us. that we shouldn't participate with it. >> who is the they? >> the academy instructors. >> the acade instructor is telling officers before they take the implicit bias training not to participate? >> >> class has two components. the proce the professor talked about it. >> we can say, what areetter ways we can take that information, give to it police departments and police officers so they can better po>>ce. his officer and a number of officers .to about the training said academy instructors strongly encouraged them not to participate because their score could go into it. >> is there any other service training do you where your superior said, you can avo the
6:46 pm
testing portion, or the testing portion is optional? >> no. >> during a june 12th bias s training, t class of more than 30 chose to leave before instruction was over. the prince george's pol se departmentd the officers left because the university of marylandte violad its agreement with the police department and they had permission to go. that's not how this officer described it. >> the instructor had givens e ten-minute break. then we went into the llway that's when we collectively, i guess, decided to just walk out of the class. >> so it was a group decision. let's all leave. >> correct. >> the officeraid eventually the classle was c back. >> there will be no consequences walking out.
6:47 pm
>> so no punishment for walng out. >> correct. >> did you all get credit for the class even thoh you walked out? >> yes. we got credit. even though weidt attend the full class. >> do you think this was a missed opportunity for some officers? >> yes. eri think off should have been allowed the opportunity to go in. to allow the officers to make up their own mind, their own decision. >> reporter: according to the police chief, 900 of the 17,000 have taken part in the training. initially, the police department nssued a statement. late this afternhe chief agreed to an oncamera interview. f had a message any staff who opposed the training program. >> people whore satisfied with the way things are resist change. but my community and the vast majority of my officers expect
6:48 pm
to us move forward and to address critical sue. i can't be satisfied with there way thingsr the way they used to be. >> do you wish you could have that information so you congress what it is you need on work in terms of bias? >> obviously, if i had scientific will you validated date across my entire institution, that could tell me where i can improve training and make my offices safer, who wouldn't want that? >> the chief is saying he will go back and look at that class that didn't complete the training and have all of them go ba through the training again. >> all right. >> a good story. thank you. and it's good to see you. >> lovely to see you. we want to turn now to the weather. nice to see amelia.
6:49 pm
>> after a cloudy and damp start, we're looking for temperatures to warm into the 70s. we picked up a lot of rain yesterday. a half inch to around two inches of rain. the potomac, the shenandoah, as well as the creek, to name a few. you're alsoheeeing water in those locations, you will gee some minor flooding as well as if you're by the water. highlighted in green including athe tidal basin. at least midnight tonight. wee warmer today and the clouds have moved out.
6:50 pm
not jus the range. temperatures going in the right direction. it was chiy out there yesterday. today, tls in the 70s and we're 50 to 20 degrees wmer right now. about 15 degrees warr in district.n 59 college park and 70 at this point in reston. we started at 62 comfortable degrees in washington. 50s in the suburbs. so tomorrow, a perfect morning to go for the run, take out the bicycle around lunch time. it's gorgeous. 73 degrees. a mix of clouds and sun. 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. not only is wt thekend but we'll have temperatures around 77. really nice. then tomorrow evening is looking spectacular. we're looking at dry,
6:51 pm
comfortable weather. as we walk the the humidity levels over the weekend. . the throughout this weekend. monday, dntuesday, day. it starts tol f a little hu dity. it does return thursday and 48. we're not done with humidity yet. here's your storm-team 4 ten-day forecast. 83 on wednesday. most of the day is dry on tuesday. only about a 30%hance you're dealing with the showers later in the day. on wednesday, highemperature the low 80s. the muggyness is back again friday. and the temperatures stay in low 80s.
6:52 pm
to say, it has been mainly dry.i it is loong like we'll have highs in e low 80s. >> all rit. the wizard! >> dave johnson says about scott >> dave johnson says about scott ooks asbr
6:53 pm
kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers.
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then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. i'm hoping these nature sounds will help me relax a bit..
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at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. feeling better? i love you, pookie bear. [parrot 1] i love you, pookie bear. [parrot 2] i love you, pookie bear! [parrots] i love you, pookie bear!!! get to know geico and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. the fans getting a chance to see them. >> they had the first open practice for the season. the first pre season game. that's not until monday night. less than three week before the pre season opens.s ite first night they see the team. and the new facility.
6:56 pm
here's more from the entertainment and srts arena scott brooks. >> usc should beworking. i appreciate the time here. >> you still have game. this first week in this building >> our players cannot talk enough about it. >> big, spacious, top of the iart. like said, i wish i was aying these guys right now. everybody is inside having some fun. th first week of training camp. day ave a game coming up m night. >> a lot of good work. some of our new faces have been able to come together. and be with the team.
6:57 pm
there is not a lot of time. john played well. a lot of guys i camento camp in great shape. >> we'll send it back to you. >> in case you missed it, the rmer ranked teca. you koiss had an electric qb tool. on the final drive, that happened. that happened. a 38-up there win. it cost five touchdowns. the vings fall t 1-2-1. day one of the 42nd ryder cup from paris. tiger woods fresh off hisin at the tourchampionship with patrick reed, woods,reat
6:58 pm
approach. sets him up for an easy birdie. >> a t35 putt. they won the early session 3-1. the late session, thisime it was all europe. the americans didn't win a single point. they held 5-3 lead saturday. stay upr late get up early, you can see game two. coverage starts at 3:00 a.m. th teams scored at least five touchdowns. i think my photographer is goiav to a lot to choose from. >> it is so nice to see high school football coming back. >> especially when it is not raining. >> it is starting to feel like high school football weather. >> thank you. that will do it for us.
6:59 pm
"nightly news" starts in 60 seconds.
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breaking news tonight, the fbi background stigation of brett kavanaugh reopened. the vote delayed as the feds dive into the sexual assault allegations against the supremurt nominee. the dramatic reversal playing t on live tv. nators and president trump forc to bow to a last-minute demand. >> this country is being ripped apart here and we got to make sure that we do due dilige >> a key republican senator's change of heart coming after this confrontation with a sexual assault survivor. 'm>> look at me when talking to you. you're telling me it doesn't matter. >> mark judge, the alleged other man in the room says he will cooperate. we have late reactiofr dr. christine


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