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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> at 11:00, senate vote on hold. the fbi digs into allegationsai agt a supreme court nominee. >> the country's being ripped apart here. >> after a dramaticutlast-m deal on capitol hill. >> weekend detour.
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a major bridge closed until monday morning, with more disruption on the way. and back on the field. a high school football player once ineligible because he was homeless, now coming up big tonight in his firstame back. news 4 at0 11 starts now. >> good evening. tonight president trump stands firmly behind his nominee to the u.s. supreme court, but he does not havesthe v to confirm him, at least not yet. republican senator jeff flake and other senateil moderates have one more week to make up their minds about judge brett kavanaugh. they will wait at fbi digs deeper into allegations of sexual assault. our coverage begins tonight with nbc's blayne alexander on catol hill. >> reporter: brett kavanaugh's nomination process taking an unexpected pause after a stunning about face by
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republicans calling for a fbi investigation into the nominee, limited to current credible allegations. it comes after a chaotic committee hearing, some democrats walking out, but it wasef republican make who pushed for the one-week delay. >> the country's being ripped apart here. >> reporter: other republicans quicklyoining him. >> i think it was a fogood step today. >> reporter: putting pressure on president trump who agreed to the senators' request, a victory for democratsho spent days pushing for the investigation. >> the fbi investigation must be penetrating and impartial and objective. >> reporter: on the senate floor,eader mcconnell vowing to push ahead. >> we will keep t process moving. the full senate will begin considering judge kavanaugh's nomination today. >> reporter: but no full vote until after the fbi returns its
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findings. and once those findingsenave submitted to congress, we've learned all 100 senators will have access to read them, not jus o members the judiciary committee. blaine alexaer, nbc news, washington. we know a lot of you have questions about the fbi probe, and we want to highlight some key points we've learned about it. we aret the live desk in the newsroom. president trump's order means the fbi reopening its background investigation into brett kavanaugh. it will not result in criminala s. also it has a deadline. a report is due a week from today and is limited to what the judiciary committee calls quote, current, credible allegation. by current, it's not clear whether it wl only focus on dr. ford's allegation. >> in my past.
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i have seen people interviews and re-interviewed again. >> the key figures in the case, dr. ford, judge kavanaugh's friend mark judge whom ford says was in the room during that attack. all say they will cooperate. one weekno ish, nbc is told. we'll see how it plays out. >> more breaking newsight now. district police tell us they confirm aoung girl was shot in northeast tonight. she has non-life-threatening injuries after the shooting at 16th and e streets off of benning road and that corridor there where police have see a rash of shootings recently. police have not confirmed the girl's age or identit yet. look for updates tomorrow morning. a former d.c. police employee who was laalready in b trouble in connection to a
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gang-related shootin is now charged with conspiracy to commit murder in that case. ron ca jennings was charged back in april. prosecutors say she passed sensitive information to a gang member who kille a man in southeast d.c. last year. today jennings was charged with conspiracy to commit the murder herself. she was a station clerk. right now all lanes are closed on the arlington memorial bridge. you're go being toto havind a different route across the potomac all weekend. jackie? >> reporter: take a look behind me. you can see u.s. park police have shut down what is arguably one of the most beautiful idges in the world. memorial bridge with its iconic vihe of monuments. it will remainl closed un 5:00
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monday morning. the weekend work wll origi scheduled in mid september. but rain postponed crews to stop it twice. they will draw a barge under tha bridge a crane ecorrecrected. it comes to changes for the traffic pattern. and they will run through the project's completion in 202 motorists aren't the own only ones affected. many bike across. >> for me, personally, iust had one of my colleagues and friends killed going across on monday. we need t be safer, not more dangerous. >> i sometimes take the roosevelt. >>ba'll py use metro. >> reporter: alternate routes
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include 14thtreet, roosevelt. the national park service will be holding a meeting about the e bridge clon early october. for more information download our nbc washington app and search arlington memorial bridge. live in arlington, jackie benson. >> it is a spectacular backdrop behind you. turning to our weather and what should be a very nice fl weekend. cool nights, but we're getting sun back right? >>his is perfect weather, the kind of weather we wait for in the washington area. windows open at night and sunglasses antd tee shirts durig the day. take a look. all the areas here in green are flood warnings for various waterways, including the potomac, the shenandoah, seneca
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creek and these are going to last into the weekend. can you download our app and click on weather for the latest alerts and more information on those if you live near any of those creeks offr rivers. but right now moist of st of us enjoying cooler temperatures. tomorrowt 00 arg.m., refreshing. there are rain chances in the forecast, i'lle have m on that plus when the humidity returns in the full forecast. >> so much. tonight federal prosecutors sa local u.s. postal carrier stole several iphones for delivery and resold them on his own. court filings show anthony reed
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started working for the postal service in 2013. he's accused of stealing and selling at least 15 phones. they were taken from a mn post office, the one off washington boulevard. he is nor lon a postal employee. the white house will avoid the badptics of a government shutdown before the november mid term elections. the president signed an $854 billion bill to fund the government throu december 7th. the bill includes $1.6 billion for a border wall. the president originally threatened to allow a s if he didn't get the $5 billion he wanted. the bill alsoes g military members their biggest pay raise in nine. years now to some developingaews. wall of water. take a look at this, swamped an island city in indonesia today. the wave spiked toeneet, sending people running for co r
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cover. the tsunami triggered by a 7.5 magnitude quake. there are repor offen ti entire families missing tonight. search and rescueil teams head out once there is enough light. everyone, everyone survived a crash landing into the water th morning in micronesia. a boeing 737 was trying to land here on an island. it came up short of the runway and landed in a lagoon here. all passengers and crew survived. buthere were a few broken bones. here's what an american on board said about the >> i thought we landed hard. until i looked over and saw a hole in the side of the plane and water coming in. and i thought, well, this is not the way it's suppod t happen. >> local fishermen rushed to help rescue people from the
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wings. thene and boeing are investigating what happened and if bad weather may hav played a role. a major hack o facebook, affecting 50 million users could have given attackers access to other apps that let you sign in right through your facebook account. ceo mark zuckerberg is defending his company from yet another scandal. lene kenteports on that and how you can tell if you are one of the 50 million. >> reporter: facebooksinder ege once again, revealing today that nearly 50 million users were hacked. query our did try to information fields, like name, gender, hometown, et cetera, but we do not yet know if any private information was accessed that way. >> reporter: althoug passwords and credit card information weren'taf cted, facebook logged out 90 million users
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today as a precaution meaning if you went there you got this. if you were affected you got this update at the tp op of you news mark zuckerberg says he doesn't know who conducted the attack or where it came from. he is working with the fbi to investigate. >> we are continuing our defenses. and i think this also underscores that there a just constant attacks. >> reporter: attacks it's not clear facebook is equipped to defend against. jolene kent, nbc news, los angele nextt 11:00, sexual assault hotlines working overtime. the local resources available to survivors who've been inspired to come> forward. he was once homeless, now back on the football fieldor the first time. tonight you'll hear from jamal speaks about how it feels to get back on the gridiron, and what back on the gridiron, and what to expect
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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you mayk remember a w ago, we told you about jamal speak the high school senior with a scholarship oofr scholarship offer to play football in college. problem was he couldn't play for his own high school team. he was declared ineligible was he was homeless and the'tchool coul verify his address. after our story aired, that all changed. omari caught up with him as he got back on the field. >> reporter: und friday night lights, fans cheer for jamalea ks as he returns to the
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field and scores a two poi conversion. we caught up with him on the sidelines. this is your first time backn two years. >> it feels great. i'm glad we got ts w. >> reporter: the ol18-yd senior was kicked off the last week because he was homeless and ineligible to play without a permanent address. a council member wrote a letter in support of jamal. >> i think it's just right. when you see someone when that amount of talent sitting onhe, it hurts my >> reporter: the next day, covenant house greater washington, a local youth shelter gave him a place to live, making him now eligible to play. ow does it feel to be back o the field >> it feels great. i'm bessed to here. >> reporter: and he sayse's blessed to still have an opportunity to play at temple universi and hopes his story inspires others to not give up on faith. >> keep god first, because god
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is always watching. he's got you. keep god first. >> reporter: so balou won. as you can see, they're happyo see jamal speaks back on the field. and the best is yet to come they say. shomari stone, news 4. >> every team needs a jamal, good for home. local groups that wk with sex assault victims are seeing an uptick o peep askiopleheskin lp this week. experts thi the cosby trial and christine blasey ford's testimony may be emboldening svictims. >> i on the news it happened to, youknow, dr. ford or all the gymnasts at michigan state, i'm realizing that's what happened to me. >> for victims who go forward with forensic exam, the next step is often the forensic
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assessment and fact unit. the offices focus on streamlined and sensitive treatment for survivors. we have a hotline for sex assaulturvivors in our nbc washington app. well, are you ready? snl is back for its 44th season and two of the htest stars from hollywood and the music world are ready to shine bright on the season premiere. >> ah-oh, kanye got that look. >> i don't know, what areou up to, kanye? >> adam driver is hosting and kanye west is the musical guest. west just confirmed he will release his new album tomorrow night. don't missw. the s it's right after news 4 at 141:00. we will all be tuning in. it's been a while. we have summer withdrawal, don't we? >> that's a sign that facl is coming we have football and now snl. >> it felt like fall.
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> cool, comfortable, clear skie this is what we wait all muggy summer for. and we're going to continue t see nice weather over the weekend with low humidity. take a look at your weather headlines. gorgeous both saturday and lasunday. weekend, less than perfect, this weekend making up for it. as we look to the workweek, we'll have temperatures generally around 80 degrees, low 80 aittle warmer for this time of year, but it's going to be mainly dry. we'll finally have time to dry out, hopefully not dealing with ground by next weekend. it's been so wet that we're now the top20th wettest year on record. and get this. if wege get ave precipitation for the rest of the year and we've been well above, but if w at least get average, we're going to be the fourth wettest year ever on record. that's how sogs ien across the area. currently, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 58 in gaithersbu 6, in
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culpepper. tomorrow we start off around 62 in washington and 60s in the suburbs. by lunch time, low 70s. just gorgeous, plenty of perfection. it is going to be warm. it's not sweater weather by any means. 77 degrees at 4:00 p.m. that's the high with plenty of sunshine but as we head into the evening hours you will want to grab the long-sleeved sweatshirt jacket. with temperatures falling into the 60s for the majority of the evening hours. on sunday, pretty much a carbon copy of tomorrow. a p tfect weekend head to the pumpkin patch either saturday or sunday. golfing, ough, i think it's going to be cart path only m because of hh rain we've had. those outdoor barbecues awesome. you'll need sunglasses. trees, grasses and weeds come io
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but mold spores because of the rain coming in high. if you're sniffling and sneedinsnee sneezing, it's because of the high mold content. as we book to theinning of the workweek, monday, tuesday, wern wednesday, starting to feel a little humid. take a look at this ten-day, not too shabby. not a drop falling from the sky. mondayt keeping dry. maybe some scattered showers around tuesday during the late ternoon and evening hours, but most if not all of the day looking dry. wednesday, thursday, friday we'll keep dry and next weekend, the first weekendn octobe which i can't believe, maybe some showers out there on sunday. >> we have earned this weekend. >> we have. enj enjoy it. >> will do. we are less than a week away from the cats season. looks like obi is
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look. it's over.
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okay so it's almost time for the games to start counting for the caps. tonight with the penultimate preseason game before they get to defend their title. the regular season starts next wednesday, october 3rd. carolina hurricas undefeated this preseason. goals coming, accurate mid season. ex ovechkin. check it out. f of the defender's skate.
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first goal of the game. and in the cond, caps trail 3-2. this one a no-doubter, ovie cleans up,t ties i at 3. they went to overtime tied at 4 and ended pretty quickly, 19 seconds in. canes win 5-4. caps wrap up the preseason against the blues. year, nal series of the nationals visiting the rockies. it's a former national doing the damage. ian desmond, his 22 homer of the season. sixth inning. damian dahlta looking to s hot. up that, count to five. rockies go up 5-2. that's also your final score, colorado alsolenches a playoff spot.
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beautiful night in virginsc for high ol football. home team gets out t a great start. leo bur looking for someone in the end zo,on any no. 7-0, potomac falls. 42 straight point billy wiles, felton and the ground game, that's why they're one of the top-ranked teams in the state. this one from 39 yards o. stone bridge,5-0-the 42-7 win.on ingress heights, the rst chance to see howard in the wizards' uniform. they held a dunk contest. howard's coming to d.c. with a new mind-set. the 32-year-old center is looking to expand his game to add longevity to hisee carr. >> i can't look back to theld
11:28 pm
dwight. for me to continue to be effective, i have to travel the perimeter. i'm going to stay away from the paint? not atll. but i order to grow in the gap, i have to do those things, especially in the defensivend. especially in the defensivend. >> redskins on a geico has over 75 years especially in the defensivend. >> redskins on a of great savings and service.
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i'm ne simon. m the son of an immigrant and a family man. daughter: hey, dad.
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neal: and now i'm running for the u.s. senate, unaffiliated with any party, because they're playing partisan games and getting nothing done, and it's crippling america. i've created high-paying jobs right here in maryland by listening, bringing people together, and finding common ground, and i'll do the sahing as your senator. they say an outsider can't do it, but... lll: together... neal: .. prove them wrong. i'm neal simon, and i approve this message. let's finally put people over politics.
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e've got a cool night ahead. people in south dakota got an eay shot of winter. eay shot of winter.
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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