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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 30, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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breaking news at 6:00. a caril explosions three people. the death toll rising afterm a quake and ts in i understand neeindonesia. more than 800 people killed. the white house firing back at reports it's tryimg to who fbi can talk to as the agency investigates sexual misconduct claims against brett kavanaugh. how local activists have trying to keep the judge off the bench. we have breaking news out of
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alle allen, allentennsylvania where a car explosion killed three people. it was intentional but theyay it w isolated. we received an undate from law enforcement ant two hours ago. three men died in blast last night. date from law enforcement ant two hours ago. three men died in blast last night.p date from law enforcement ant two hours ago. three men died in blast last from law enforcement ant two hours ago. three men died ighblast last authorities believe one of them is the suspect. >> i didn't see anything. thh it's i heard. i heard an explosion and my building shook. i thought nothing of it. >> the car was moving. it was still rolling. it burst into flames while it was still going. >> those people forced out of crime scene are being taken care of by the red cross or friends and family. federal and local investigators
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are stressi and they believe this was an isolated incident. rj gun violence in northeast d.c. left a man dead overnight. police found wilbert brooks dead at the scene. this is the same part of the district that experienced an out break of violence last weekend. montgomery countyolice releasing more information about a possible murder/suicide. we brought this to you as breaking news last night. officers found a man and woman in their 5 t shot death in their home on peach orchard road. police say they wvee inv in a relationship and lived in that home. they don't know what led up to it. police will release their identities once families have been notified. the white house insists it's not mro managing the fbi background investigation of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. president trump tweeting that interview whoever they inwant. that was a direct response to an
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nbc news report that the white house is limiting the scope of the investigation. as jennifer johnson reports, one administration official says this shouldn't be ahi f expedition either. >> reporter: the white house denying it will micro manage the fbi's investigation of brett kavanaugh and have not given vestigators a list of witnesses. >> the president very much respects the independent f the fbi and feels as he said last night they should be looking at anything they think is credible within this limited scope. >> reporter: conway admitting she was the victim of sexual assault. the president tweeted sunday the democrats are already come plapiplap i -- complains the democrats are already already complaining about the probe. >> perhaps he doesn't remember what happened because there were reedpeat incidents of this excess i excessive drinking. >> reporter: a drunkly assaultey
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were high schoolers. kavanaugh denied it and blamed democrlis and theons for a smear campaign. >> made me wonder about his suitability to serve on the ben -- bench. >> it was anger. if i werju ly accused, that's how i would feel as well. >> reporter: the lawyer for a second woman says the fbi has .swetnied her. for julie kavr gn kavanaugh called her allegations a joke. the ibiestigation is supposed to take a week. the high court goes back to wory on mon with only eight justices. jennifer johnson, news 4. a blessing including protesters at the annual red . ma it's tradition before the new court begins. demonstrators line the street in
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northwest d.c. they spoke out against brett kavanaugh. the mass celebrates members of the legal profession. jeff sessions was in attendance. turning to the weather now, let's take look. this great weather will stick around for the beginning of your october and he joins us from the weather center to talk more ebout that. feeling more l summer this week. >> have we all been waiting for a weekend we've just had or what. plenty of sunshine. temperatur in the 70 look at the highs all across the area.h our average hight around where we were today. a high temperature of 76 degrees today. 75 in fedrick. tomorrow.reat day chance of storms coming up on tuesday. i'll walk you there that. what does october have in plan
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for us? is ito going be just as wet? boo we'll talk about it. more than 800 people are in neindosi a ma7.5 gnudite qua strigtrigge a tsunami that reached up to 20 feet high. the majorirport was damaged. many roads are out making it harder for humanitarian aid to get to the people who desperately need this help. charities say they expect the death toll to climb into the thousands. protesters come together in d.c. to demand change. one of the youngest people at today's gathering delivering one of the most powerful messages. kanye west stirring up trouble after starring on snl. what he did after his last performance that viewers never
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barbara comstock might as well be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia.
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barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming." not to the finish.t. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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one yeargo terrorn las vegas. a gunman murdered 58 people whiln shooting down a crowded concert from his hotel room. it was the worst masshooting modern u.s. history. today near the u.s. capitol protesters gathered to call for toher gun restrictions. they made posters showing those
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tlled and l flowers. many spoke about the importance of november's mid term election. a lot of voices echoed the came message including tha of a 7-year-old girl. >> here to say enough is enough. we may will little but we are fierce and we will not be afraid. >> one of the many wounded in the attack was. she lost her right eye. she spent months in rehab where she learnk to w again. trying to make sense of cka west tweets is just dizzying. his most recent are raising eyebrows. he wore a make america great n hat. the caption reads it represents good and america becoming whole again and he goes onto talk about some of president trump's platforms including building factories here in the u.s. and creating jobs. then he talks about abolishing the 13th amendment which ended
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slavery. he clarified sayinglet's amend it, not abolish. uncl ar what that means. ♪i love it >> okay. that happened last night on the season premiere of snl. dressed up as bolt ttle as he performing his new song. at the end of the show he made an unscripted pro-trump speechh credit s roll. very few people get to ride on air force one but soon every single one of us will be able to enjoy what it feels like to hop on board. we'll have a sneak peekahead. a 150-year-old church in the district has its last service
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look. it's over. i love you, but i'm not in love with you. she says i can't see you anymore.
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find furniture you'll love at... ...havertys fall savings event. when you spend more, you save more up to $1000. it's time you got the savings you deserve.e these deals eak-up worthy. havertys life looks good you had this rare sight crossing the pomac river today. yes, this is air force one. near the 301 bridge. this is a repreplica. it's arriving on a barge and part of aje p to help educate kids about democracy around the world. it will ben display at the national harbor october 19th. a historic cherch in district held its last sunday service today. linking congregational temple
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has been in the neighborhood since 1868. after a century and a half of helping worship, time and the city's changing demographi have taken their toll. we go inside the bittersweet final service. >> reporter: shortly after its unding the church dove into issues like race and economics. it's staye relevant and there are those who have known no other church momentum t congregationhe dwindled. 23 people attended lt sunday's service. >> the church is part of a journey. unfortunately, just like life, things mt die f new things to come about. >> reporter: it's not just enough revenue coming inp to k the church going. amid the changes in shaw, those who come aren't welcome with open arms or open parking
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spaces. at this last sunday service, the pews w fuller. the greetings and hugs were longernd warmer. memories a little sweeter. >> from '63 of february i've llen coming here. if it's r a homecoming when a church closes and you grieve r toge you mourn together. you celebrate and in a historic congregation like this, what a tremendous life it's been. >> reporter: the building the on the register of historic places so it likely won't be torn down. what happens inside the building remains up in the air. >> we have come here to give g praise for 149 years. that is something to give god aise about. >> reporter: in shaw, derick ward, news 4. beautiful day for sunda services, to be out and brunch
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today. we have been waiting for this for a long time. not one but two excellent days. >> thi was the only weekend this month with all sun and no rain. we got all of our games in baseball wise. yesterday, my dauger's game cancelled because of the rain we saw on thursday and friday. we have se pretty nice weather in the next couple of days. >> that's pretty. >> you see some peoplson the boat as well. we have a coastal flood advisory. good day to get out there. hope that guy doesn't fall in. he doesn't look likes h ready. i think tororrow we'll see in the way of cloud cover. winds out of south at 9 miles an
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hour once again simply gorgeous outside. not going be quite as cool as last night. we'll see more cloud cover. temperatures in the low 60s in the city by tomorrow morning. no irain. on't see much in the way of rain at all over the next week or . not much around here now. notice we're sunny around the d.c. area. look at the clouds down to the south. 're starting to see some of these trying to move our way overnight. notice the jet stream. you can see where the jet stream isor way to our and that means for us we'll see all these clouds continue to stay to our nort too. another pretty nice day out there tomorrow. high temperatures today, 76 in d.c. 81 back towards the west. 88 in nashville. some of that warmer air willlt on in here during the day tomorrow too. i'm going for a high temperature right around 80 degrees. forecast for tomorrow, 80 degrees. sun and clouds. another great day. a great way start off the workweek during our way tomorrow and great day to start
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october as well. out at the school bus, the bus stop tomorrow morning, degrees. sunrise is 6:52. getting earlier and earlier or later and later. 80 degrees by the time you're picking up the kids. looking at a nice day out th te. that's goi be quite nice as well. 81 on your tuesday. 41% shance of awer or thunderstorm. most of us remain on the dry de. that leads us to frontal boundary with beautiful days. 87 on thursday. as of right now, i've got dry almost all the way through next week. that's a veryood news too. right now next weekend looking prettygood. saturday and sunday could be a few more clouds. average high temperatures are only in the mid-70s right now. above average about the entire next ten days.
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. thank you so very mu the redskins have enjoyed their weekend off a bit more after this afternoon's nfl action. the caps worry their big hitter the caps worry their big hitter might not make it forhe t
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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we are talking hits but not the ones on field. we're talking the ones on the ice. >> on the ice. this could cool things off for e opener. lately, our sunday has been reserved for debating the passing penalties. on this sunday, there's not mump debate about the penalty to the capitols. ejected. wilson did not finish the game.s now hrt to the season might be in doubt. second period, oscar gets cut down by tom wilson. taking a couple of looks at it. could cost tom wilson suspension the the gam tied at
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one. 2-1 capitals. still shan chandler stephenson. hope they hang onto tom wilson for the opener. it's the buy week for the red sk skins. they have the survive. we know about the mixed results for three weeks. the redskins he a winning record. that's important in a division where threeeams have two wins including the eagles. tennessee a pineapple for the quarterback hosting the eagles. depending champs. titans battling comeback.
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even more impressive, watch this. how about bowling f touchdown. s >> what will they think of next? >> wenz looking to convert. eagles settle for a field goal. the titans get their shot in overtime. they don't ry davis for ten yards and t 26-23 overtime win for the tans. the eagles stuck it 2-2. in dallas, the cowboys playing. he has some block. wn the sideline. 38 yards. this aould be touchdown. eke puts the cowboys on to 13-10. matthew staffordhanges that.
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he's going to find golden tate. he takes it 38 yards for a touchdown. lions a late 24-23 lead. dallas is not quitting. finds elliot. zeke with 240 yards total in the game. no pressure. he comes through. cowboys beat the lions, 26-24. this season felt like a mile high drop to the nati while they deal with their ownak heartbre, chance to impact the postseason for the regular season. is this the last time we'll see him as a national. doug says 's much we know.battling the
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dodgers. then the third, this time it's charlie black mon. another two run shots. not rogood. ck keys all over the nats today. it was an emotional day in baltimore. adam jones sent out by himself. teammates cheering in the dug out. a free agent this off season. today might have been his last in the orange and black. he's been with the orioles since 2008. fans on their feet. an emotional day in ltimore. let's hit it quickly across the pond. the ryder cup. phil mickelson. the tee shot will find the
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drink. that's it. europe clenches t win. cup.europeans win the 2018 ryder they take the cup and they also have a pretty good party there as well. we've got a big nfl night ahead with the ravens and steelers. that will beomething to look forward to. >> that's the news for no "nightly news" is next. we'll see s you aftday night football. good night, everybody. waiting for a liver transplant.. will die waiting. don't wait. find out about living-donor liver transplants at upmc today. living-donor liver transplants mean less waiting and better outcomes. upmc is the nation's leader in living-donor liver transplants. so, why wait for a liver transplant? call upmc today.
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upmc. life changing medicine bawell be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming."
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tonight, the white house pushing back on tclaims it's trying to limihe scope of the new background check on brett kavanaugh as two senators describe the kavanaugh they saw at that contentious hearing. >> a terrifying night in pennsylvania. why did a car explode killing three people and setting off panic in a neighborhood? >>t was just horrific. it was crazy. something that i've never seen before. the agony of indonesia. more thane 800 peopl now report dead after ther powful earthquake and tsunam a new call by doctors to ban those popular itbaby walkersing injuries to thousand of infants eveyear. the bizarre confrontation between actress lindsay lohan and what appeared tbe a homeless family. >> i won't


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