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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 3, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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si pntial alert in just a matter of hours nearly everybody you know will get t at on their cell phones. what you can expect and why the new system could save lives in the future. how did you get home? i don't remember. how did you get there? i don't remember. n attack on judge brett kavanaugh's accuser akl bacash from president trump's own frty. hear morm the president and those questioning his words. hot and humid today and tomorrow. we're already at 83 degrees. so when does cooler air move in and when can we be dealing with some rain i'll have the latest in my
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forecast. good morning, everybody. lcome to news4 midday. kavanaugh with that investigation. it's looking into the sexual assault allegations involving dr. ford. it's expected to end soon. with aenate confirmation vote looming in the backdrop. >> news4 tracie potts looks at the new criticism of president trump. >> reporter: at is hour we're iting to see if the fbi might be wrapping up this investigation soon. sources told us last night it could be as early as last night, as early as today. the fbiooking into sexual misconduct allegations by dr. christine ford. esident trump many said seemed to muck here after saying that he found sheed was le. >> how did you get home? i don't remember. how did y getere? i don't remember. where is the place? i don't remembea. how many was it? i don't know.
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>> reporter: this morning this reaction from senator jeff flake. >> to discuss something this sensitive at a political rally is just not right. >> lawmakers trying to move ahead with that vote on judge kavanaugh's nomination before the end of the week. two new developments this rning. an ex-boyfriend of dr. ford sending a stament refuting some parts of her testimony and th judiciary committee asking for therapy notes from six years ago when dr. ford first mentioned that alleged attack. ,from washingt'm tracie potts. rig now there is a boil water alert for southern stafford county. offials issued the alert after complications from a water main break yesterday. that warni affects the areas south of eskimo hill road and east of i-95 as well as the mountain view road area. you want to bring tap watero a full rolling boil, let it boil for one minute, and then lete t
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cool beforu use it. the boil water alert could be in effect for two to three days. now to our weather and really nothing to cplain about. >> you got to appreciate a little bonus summer, i think. >> yes. feeling very much like summer out there already. take a live look outside fro e of our tower cameras. you can see a few clouds out there and it's sti looking very much like summer. it's also not only feeling like it with temperatures that are now around 80 degrees. 83 in washington. but check out the dew points. this is how we measure the hu dity. dew point temperature over 65. we say it's feeling humid out there. so we have dew points in areas at 70 degrees and higher, that is muggy. so it's goinghuo be warm and d out there for your wednesday afternoon. highs today in the mid 80s. we're running good ten degrees above normal but we do have plenty of sunshine in the forecast throughout day today. mostly to partly sunny skies as we look to tomorrow there is a
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chan for somecattered showers and a few thunderstorms. i'm going to have more on that timing coming up around 11:20. >> all right. thank you. now we go to a developingy. st police in rockville searching for a man who assaulted a woman ovit hapnepeftd aererni midnigh t the area of frederick road. tails on who police are looking for. >> reporter: this is frightening. this woman was walking here just after midnight by herself when shekeas att in a wooded area somewhere here in this area near 355. acker is our, the a still on the loose. i just interviewed montgomery county wh ty'here tlielnge m is ttha the woman had gotten off metro at shady grove road and walked down to this a little more thah away. at's when she was physically asulted and raped according to
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police. she wasble to free herself, run away and call police with the help of a security guard. now, this happened close to the rockville corporate center and montgomery county school administration building. police believe she did not know her attacker. >>hi woman clearly just getting off public transportation probably coming back from work or school wanng to get to her destination was attacked without provocation right in this area. detectives have been working on it since just after it occurred very early this morning. >> reporter: now, i just checked in with montgomery county police once again. they confirm to me that theem victimns in the hospital at this hour and detectives, eke he said, heen working this case since it happened. they're continuing to work the case tryingo identify that attacker. back to you. >> all right. thank you. and developing this morning, police in prince george's county are investigating a stabbing.
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this is video from the scene last night off pennsylvaniaav ue. families could be seen peeking out of their windows to see what was happening. the maln victim is i critical condition. and in d.c., police are investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian on central avenue southeast. police tell news4 this crash involved one car, butld they cou not say exactly how that crash happened. a pedestrianls was killed in mcclain late last night. 75-year-old was hit by a car while crossin at dolly madison boulevard and madison mcclain drive. also veloping, the pentagon's mail delivery center remains under quarantine. tests found to envelopes with possible traces of ricin yesterday. authorities say they were addressed to defense secretary james mattis and the naval operations john richardson. a similar letter was sent to the white house but that never made
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it and in houston, a w powdery substance was found in a letter that arrived at the campaign headquarters of senator ted cruz. tests for anything hazardous turned up negative. we're w workingh you on what you need to know about the presidential alert you'll ceive later todayn this cell phone. this is not a personal message from the president. it is a test of the nation's emergency alert system, similar to the system we have on television. that test will happen at 2:18 today. fema will send an emergency alert to every smartphone in the u.s. that is turned on and in range of a cell tower. we are just hours away from the washington capitals home opener at capital onear a. now it's time to defend the stanley club. >> earlier this morning we spoke to the team owner about his expectations for this upcoming season. >> can you put all of thele atory events into perspective. how are you feeling about all of that? >> well, i certainly feel
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blessed and have great gratitude to all of the fans in our community. they livedp to everyone's expectation. i always felt we had the world's greatens and last season we can say we had the world's greatest hockey team. the parade was unbelievable. the viewing parties were over the to >> what are your expectations for the season? >> well, it's very demanding to not have much of an off-season, go right into the new season, and on onenkand i t that momentum can carry us. i do think it's more mental, being able to get up mentally and foc on the here and now and forget about the past, but that's the great thing about sports. when we lose, we say wait until next season. now we have to internalize we won and let'ss see what happ in the next season. >> are you going to spend the day with this beautiful piece of
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art, i want to say, the stanley cup. >> stanley cup is very, very special. this is a populist trophy. and we got our ne on it. t it wille 65 years to work its way up. we will come off the trhy. what i love so much about the trophy and the way our players just shared it with the community. >> thank you so very much. back to you guys. >> here's a lt the major events happening during tonight's homer ope happening. at 4:00, the castle rock the red carp in front o capital one arena. outside the arena there's an outdoor viewing party at 6:30. championship banner will be raised tonight. fans are asked to be in their seats by 7:15. finally, fans will receive a replica championship ba we'll be there too. news4 will broadcast live starting at 4:00 this afternoon. switching gears, parents in
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lo counnty are accusing school leaders are hiding a threat against an elementary school w a look att's being done to prevent it from happening again. and who is eating fast food? the easy answer is a lot of us. this morning the government is out with some intesting out with some intesting inerfo irkaine: my dad ran an working shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill,
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like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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first an earthquake and a tsunami and now a small indonesian island is dealing
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with a volcano. >> the volcano erupted earlier today. >> reporter: this afternoon a volcan erupted about 600 miles north of here. it's spewing ash 20,000 feet into the sky. experts think it might have been triggered by friday's . earthqua hundreds of people were setting up for a music festival here when they felt the jolt and then this man s the water begin to surge so he ran. three massive waves hit within 15 minutes of th quake. indonesia's early warning system alerted people byext messa to evacuate but cell phone out.s had been knocked then officials didn't get ccurate sea level data because the town's sitidal sensors weret working. the united nations calls the
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need vast. aid is trickling in and security is being stepped up to prevent looting. indonesia's presidentirst reluctant to accept foreign aid is now appealing for more scuers to help. the white house confirms he spoke with president trump who said the u.s will offer immediate assistance. and people are still miasing. this manet to find any sign of six relatives swept away here including 3-year-old nephew. he says if the government can't find them,hen it's up to god. ppealing forrs are help to try to reach some of those areas that are still cut off. the fate of thousands of people unknown, conditions deteriorating, and time running out. right now fst lady mill elaa trip continued her sto in
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ghana. this week-long trip aims to promote child lfweare. mrs. trump will visit kenya and egypt also. happening tonight in northern virginia, parents are set to discuss the security situation at a loudoun county elementary school after parents did digging to find a threat made against a school employee. justin finch is at the school with the latest. >> reporter: a lack of transparency left in the dark, these are the complaints from some parents who were due meet this evening on the issue of school safety given what they say they uncovered after doing some digging on their own. back on august 17tayh, they they learned a man called the school looking for his ex-girlfriend. later that day he isaid to threaten to shoot her within three days. the loudoun county sherasf's office on the case and that man arrested and charged. soon after that, some parents say they noticed the loudounri
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county she deputy was on campus. they did not get an answer as to why. they said after asking for weeks it wasn't until september 24th, more than a month after that threat came yin, that the said they got a fuller picture frome th school's principal.n however, that time, parents say there was some real concerns. some weighing whether or not to even bring their children to school. they may take some comfort now howing that man been ordered to stay away from the school and that the woman he threatened, we're told, is no longer at the school. that meeting is set for this evening. topics will include a full schoolwide safety audit as well as discussions on whether or not hire a full-time school resource officer. in loudoun, i'm justin finch, nto you. it seems tipped workers in d.c. will not get a pay raise. the d.c. council votedo stop it from taking effect. t would have required tipped
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workers to make $15 an hour by 2020. business owners said they would have to fireworkers and clo ewo businesses. the council must vote a second time before the bill goes to the mayor. she says she will sign it. smoking in outside dining areas could soon be banned in montgomery county. the council is considering a new law that would prohibit it in areas like patios and decks. chris gordon explains how a smoking ban already in place could get even tougher. >> reporter: montgomery county is considering a new health law that would prohibit outdoor smoking at restaurants, on patios, decks or porches. >> it's the second-hand smoke for people like myself and others who don't smoke, that is the problem for nonsmokers is we end up inhaling their smoke. >> reporter: some smokers feel the outdoor dining ban on smoking is unfair. >> i believe you should ablehao
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a cigarette if you're enjoying a beer at an establishment, absolutely >> reporter: the montgomery county common council has scheduled a public hearing to hear from people fornd against the proposed smoking ban at outdoor restaurants. a new study o found that in three adults eat fast food on any given day. it's about m 85lion people. the study did not find a difference between men and women. higher income families ate fast food more often than lower income families and african americans ate more than racial or ethnic the first federal study to look at how often adults eat fast food. new information in from the national park service on the big rehab project at the memorial bridge. when you can expect a second round ofclosures. a medical mystery. a nearly deadly reacti
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barbara comstock might as well be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against
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expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming." welcome hback. or for two montgomery county elementary schools. they were selected as 2018 national bluechibbonls by the u.s. department of education. the national blueam ribbon pro recognizes public and private schools based on their overall academic excellence. it also looks at the school's efforts in closing achievement gaps among minority students. there were seven schools in virginia to receive that honor.
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the memorial bring will dge closed starting a 9:00 tonight. high, fast moving water prevented work from being pone thist weekend. ore bridge will reopen at 5:00 tomorrow mng but will be closed again thursday and friday night. significant damage caused by a tornado in pennsylvania. it ripped off the roof of a nursing home last night. no one seriously hurt there. the red cross took some of the victims to a local church. the national weather service esnfirms winds from that tornado hit 115 m an hour. >> that's incredible damage there. meanwhile here at at that picture perfect view. it seems like over the summer w had so many rainy weekends just washout weekends and now we're kind of making up for that. 83 degrees in the beginning of october. >> i will take it whenever we can get it look at thoseskies. beautiful shade of blue and then just puffy white clouds. no danger there.
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>> no.y clouds. tt view over national harbor. we'll leave details to the meteorologist in these parts. >> a crazy time in the morning. i have a radio h at the same time. we're talking about feel.erlike temperatures in mid 80s, that's ten degrees above normal. tomorrow we'll be near 90 degrees. not setting a record high temperature tomorrow, but when you factor in the humidity during the afternoon hours, it's going to feel anywhere from about 90 to 95 deg esoutside. so feeling very much like summer today andec elly tomorrow. so that's going to be your first weather headline. hot and humid today tomorrow. we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms around later in the day tomorrow. mainly during the evening hours. that's going to cool us down friday on into it will bring our temperatures
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down into the 70s as we look to the end of theorkweek and the beginning of the weekend. not everybody is going to see storms tomorrow. there's about a 40 percent chance. high temperatures today in the mid 80s. mix of clouds and sun throughout the day. by 2:00 p.m., we're around 85. 4:00 we're at 86. 6:00 in the evening it is still mild out there. 84 degrees at 6:00 p.m. tonight. heading down to the caps home opener, first, you're lucky second of all, the weather is cooperating with getting down there. tomorrow the high of 88 degrees. it will feelike 90 to 95 when you factor in the mity. and an even showing shower and thunderstorm is sppossible with cold front moving through the area bringing cooler temperatures on friday. fwe'll time it out you. starting off tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., it's a mild, sunny start like today. clouds building in throughout the midday and afternoon hours.y ultimaainly sunny for your thursday morning on into the lunchtime hours.
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as we head o into the afternoon hours, i really think most of us are still dry. but once we hit 5:00 p.m., some scattered showers and a few rumbfs thunder are possible. future weather bringing the rain around the baltimore ea. it could be anywhere west and north of washington. as we hit 7:00 p.m. notice this line with a cold front moving into parts of the panhandle of west virginia up aund mason dixon line. 9:00 in the evening tracking rs scattered shond isolated thunderstorm moving through tre d.c. metro by 11:00 p.m., tracking showers in southern maryland around fredericksburg andhe through northern neck where we notice clearing to the no humidity moving in and comfortable temperatures for friday. as we look to the weekend, i can't rule out i'll have more on that coming up in 15 minutes. >> thanks. there is a deep division in the country over the sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee brettug kava a look at what you should be talking to your kids about in
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light of all of the news covera. the crackdown on e cigarette coanies and targeting of teens. theeadquarters of one brand was
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the judge brett kavanaugh
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controve during last night's debate. >>tewart said that the allegation is all based on a, que, rumor, from nearly 40 years. >> my opponent called dr. ford's allegations a bunch of crap. that's what he called her allegations. i think these allegations areou se i think they raise a serious question of character about somebody onhe supreme court. >> members of the united states senate, members of the united states house have for more th 20 years been sexually harassing women in the o halls congress and this wasn't just based upon some rumor 4 from nearl years ago. >> this was the third and final deba between the two candidates before next month's lelection. >>e the debate, people around the country are talking about dr. ford's sexual assault allegation against brett
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kavanaugh. a psychiatrist thinks this is the perfe opportunity to have important conversations with their teenage kids about this sensitive topic. the doctor joins us this morning to offer guidance on how to frame this discussion. one in five women will be a victim of sexual assault before they graduate from college. that's a sobering thing to think about. >> that's why this conversation is so important. parents will talk to their kids and stress you need to buckle up. what's the likelihood that their kid is going to get into aife threatening car crash? it's probably ss than one in ve. i'm sure it is. that's why it's an important conversation to have and it's an uncomfortable conversation to broach for both the kids and parents. this is a perfect opportunity. parents, take advantage of this moment to have this morning conversation. >> even teens are paying attention to what's going on int the world aroum. this has been a big news headline. how do you get into this? how do you begin to bring up thish topic wur teen? >> i suggest you do it in the
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car. it's a time to haveood conversations. have you been following or know about this brett kavanaughnf mation process and allegations. see what they have to say about that. in general, you want to do more lig than talking. i'm not a big fan of sort of prching and giving electure inio kids. what a your thoughts about what happened? have you had these conversations with your friends? have you ever had any friends encounter any situatis where they were in uncomfortable sexual environm what about you? do a lot of listening. that's the way to get the nversation going. >> as you're listening, what do you suggest parents say in particular to their daughters? >> when it comes to daughters, there are a couple things. one thing you do talk to her,ed for forbid you're in th situation, what would you do. so thene thing i suggest people say to their daughters is
11:32 am
one thing thatou cou do is if you're uncomfortable in a situation, you can tellrs the , look, i think i'm going to throw up. that gives you a chance to get somewhere. 're probably not going to continue to hook up with you if they think you might throw up. gives a chance to take a step away and you can get your bearings and do something else. to other thing you must tal them about alcohol and role that alcohol plays. alcohol is involved with women and often involved with the boys. you need a to talkut you need to be in control or you're setting yourself up for damage. you want to lead by example. make sure your daughter knowso that matter what happens, they can come to you. say, i'm not going to judge you, not going to be angry. i just want to know. >> what about sons? what dyou say there? >> here it's no means no. you have to be careful. don't hook up with if you're drunk. if the girl you're hooking up with is clearly intoxicated, this is a bad idea. even if you think you're doing something not inappropriate, the
11:33 am
girl if she's drunk may feel what y n did is wanted or desired and problems could occur and you want to talk about women are not objects. won need to be respected. all of the basic things. you want to have these conversations now and multiple times over the course of time. it's not a one and done conversation. >> really good,mp reallytant advice for parents to have at this time. doctor, appreciate you. thank you. >> my pleasure. today we are learning more about the food and drug administration's surprise inspection at the headquarters of a popular tte-ciga maker juul. the fda is taking a closer look at howpa the c markets its product as the government works to keep the vaping trend out of teens' hands. >> reporter: e-cigarette maker juul is smoking the competition. numbs show salesre skyrocketing. increasing 641 percent from 2016 to 2017 when 16.2 million devices were so.
11:34 am
critics say the small, sleek device and friendly flavors like cream, cucumber and mint are hooking a new generation on nicotine. >> it wasn't really a big thing in the high school and then one day over a week perio just -- everyone was juuling. >> reporter: the popularity may price.ith a the fda last week seizing more than 1,000 pages of documents duringn a surprise inspect at the company's headquarters. the agency saying they were looking for further documention related to juul's sales and marketing practices.k "the new ymes" reporting the company deleted months of social media posts that depicted young people using the doduct. anlso changed its website to a more sober look. the fda's visit coming less than a month after the agency declared a crackdown on sales to teens. >> weust do more to stem what i see is epidemic of use of
11:35 am
e-cigss. among te >> they have 60 days to keep it out of hands of young use or ce a ban. >> it's appealing. it's simple. the hejuul, pod, and it's so small and so convenient. >> beyond convenience, juul has something else that gives it be edge over many competitors. higher nicotine content. with an estimated 3 million regular high school students using juul and other e-cigarettes to get their >> e this year the fda first asked juul for documents to help the agency understand the use appeal of juul products. in t responsethe fda inspection, juul labs tell nbc news it has released more than 50,000 pages of documents to the
11:36 am
government. wisconsining gears, a man is recovering from a rare infection that led to several amputations. the source from all this, licks from a dog. >> greg thought he had the flu this summer but doctors realized t was actually a bacterial infection transmitted from a dog. in this case the dog's saliva wasn't harmless. el i couldn'tve it. around dogs my whole life. >> wht didn't fhis hard to lay down and give up. we know we have a fighto go. >> greg's doctor says he has fought harder than any patient they've had. soon greg will begin the process of relearning to walk. something you ner think about. it's got to be very rare but still surprising. bring on the october heat. amelia is back after the breow with long our warm streak is going to last.
11:37 am
and toys a comeback?ering a look at whether that mns new
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barbara comstock might as well be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthca hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia.
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"i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message... because change is coming." ♪ one act to the other. they all turned around. take a good look. last night sandy blew the crowd away with her powerful performance of "river." all judges turned around. in the end she chose kelly clarkson as her coach. auditions continue next monday night at n8:00 on 4. >> good for her. what would you do with $405
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million? all that money is up for grabs in the next mega millions jackpot. no tickets matched all six numbers drawn last night. the next drawing is on friday at 11:00 p.m. 80 something degrees at the very beginning of october and th're only going to get warmer. how about ? >> we're looking for a high temperature today around 86. 88 tomorrow. this isn't normal. our normal high is about 74ig degrees now. we're running well above normal. it is hot and humid today. it'sia espy hot and humid out there tomorrow. it won't be record breaking heat, but it won't be comftable for early october. at the bus stop for the kids tomorrow and thursday, mild recess.oo ou but hot and muggy. want the t-shirts tomorrow. after school, they'll be fine. later 5:00 p.m. onward, could deal with scattered showers and thunderstorms. something to keep inmind. al talking about the humidity levels out there. today it's oppressiv by october
11:41 am
standards. those dew point temperatures around 70 means it feels tropical almost outside. and tomorrow, well, it doesn't change at all. humidity,actor in the it's feeling anywhere from 90 to 95 degrees on your thursday afternoon. the good news thursday night thosehu shower anderstorm chances with a cold front that will lower ourid hy levels. much more comfortable on friday. much cooler as well. werade off cooler temperatures for more clouds friday and saturday. here's a look at your rain outlook. for tomorrow,ho scatteredrs and thunderstorms during the afternoon but especiallyin d the evening hours. on friday we keep it dry. saturday there's a chance for some drile out there at times throughout the day. sunday and monday we keep it dry. right now sunday is looking like the better of the two weekend days. saturday not that bad either. take a look.r here's y weekend forecast. 65 degrees on saturday. a comfortable start. by the afternoon we warm to normal forhitime of year. 74 with some patchy drizzle
11:42 am
possible throughout the day. s day we start off with clouds but we have increasing sun throughout the day.'s warmer out there. 82 degrees for a high temperature on sunday. and we start off around 70. here's your ten-day caforecast. yo see the big temperature change from thursday to friday and then we warm back up on next week we'll have high temperatures in the low 80s monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. and the forecast really lacking any rainfall, which is good. we reay need t dry out across our area. >> all right. >> thank you. a beloved morning show host in d.c. is offr. the he explains his abrupt departure. foods that will fuel your kids brain and body if you pack lunches you'll want to stick around for this one.>>
11:43 am
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red lobster is saying no to plastic straws. customers will now have to ask their waite for one. red lobster plans to phase out plastic straws by the e of 2020 and replace them with an eco-friendly alternative. that shift will eliminate 150 million plastic straws per year from its more than 700 cations. jeffrey the giraffe may be getting a second chance. toys "r" us's top lenders canceled the bankruptcy aucti of the brand name and other
11:46 am
intellectual assets. they plan to revive toys "r" us name by opening a new branding company which will keep existing licensing duties and can invest in and open up new stores. toys "r" us faililed for balkruy last and closed u.s. schools in june. i'm frank holland. kids are back school and for parents that means helping out with difficult homework and throwing together crafty ojects the d before they are due and, of course, trying to get creative with t brown bag lunches. we're joined this morning with te good ideas that t and also are going to spur on your child's learning. good morning to you. thanks for being with us. maureen is the executive director of learning nrx northern virginia. tell me about what learning rx in and then we'll dive into this colorful array that we have her on thetable. >> wonderful. thank you for having me. learning rx provides one-on-one brainng trai
11:47 am
we went through school w and can increase the brain to be stronger and do well in school at the academic level. what we learn doing brainni tr, there's a lot you can do outside of exercising your brain. what we pack for our school lunches, i try to g parents away from peanut butter and jellys sandwic and get something healthier. hey say my kids will never eat that let's go through this. >> you're seeing the connection between healthier snacks and your learning ability and healthier brain. >> we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. in schoolat you have to throughout the day in order to maintain your energy and your focus and your ability to learn. what you eat has a big contribu you're going to be able to learn that information. >> this isn't really difficult. look at this spread that maureen has put together for us. number one, what you notice is that it's colorful.l if it's coloro me and cameras, it's colorful to the
11:48 am
kids and they gravitate toward that. talk me through boxes and snacks that you prepared that really look simple. >> i want to just get you to think there's three categories you want to include in your lunches. fruits and vegetables provide all of the great nutrition elements that protect your br n. they're called antioxidants and it keeps the brain being very acti and helps it to fight off those bad things that happen in the brain. particularly berries, dark lefye vegetables areimportant. oranges are good with vitamin c. there's a variety. you don't have to havel. it i'm going to give you suggestions on how do you get your child to eat kale and spinach. >> it doesn't always have to be the entire plate full of veggies or fruit. a good combination you've shown us here. >> take us through other okay snacks. >> nextse category are t that build the brain. so we have fish has omega3s
11:49 am
which are important. we have sushi here. we have eggs providing nutrients and also soy is great product for the brain. this helps build the brain. the thit category t is so important is the category which helps fuehe brain. energy. >> these are the healthy carbs. weeararbs and we think bad, bad, bad but you need aood amount. the right amount. the tight type of carb to fuel what you're doing. >> you want them to be whole grain, you want them to have fiber in them because that actually take longer to digest. and s you have multigrain, you have whole ywheat, have a good plant bas grain. you have hummus with chicked peas and you have bleeeans and another idea is roasted chick
11:50 am
peas. >> i like them. i can't get enough of these from trader joe's. they are excellent. this is what you put together to us. look at these examples of how colorful these can be. this would be an entire meal for the kids. these are good snacks. what are these options for? beautiful. look how colorl thoseare. >> to put it into a box because you can have a variety and actually mix it up a littlebit. if your child likes this or doesn't like that. one of the things a lotayf parentss they won't eat vegetables. put salsa with it or guacamole perhaps they'll eat it. here we have sal which is great protein but also a good fiber for you. we have one of the people said my chi would never eat pumpkinseeds. put them with cranberries. it makes a difference. >> great es of healthy snacks as we try to get the kids back into gear. aaron, back over to you. ayhe perfect to test your courage and make extra money. the spooky challenge six flags
11:51 am
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>>re we made to understand it would be terriblevery small one, everybody nibbling ge >> a poet says there needs to be more roomoeory in our lives and now the poet is trying to make w more prevalenth a
11:54 am
podcast. her weekly show is set to late next month. it will be just five minutes long and will include smith readingri and exp a poem. for more than seven years, the tommy show has bee part of many of your morning routines. today was different though. >> yesterday's broadcast was the final one. tomm mcfly was on news4 this morning and helped answer questions about the shocking news. >> yesterday was our last show. today wre kind of figuring out what's next. so we are still together. we are still staying in washington. 're not going anywhere. i sit here today and i sit here over the lastouple of hours just saying thank you. i'm so grateful. i have so much gratitude to our radio family that listened to us and got involved over the years. it's incredible. >> tommy says he's thankful to all of the show's listeners over the years. can catch tommy this
11:55 am
afternoon on nbc 4. he'll part of the caps he opener coverage. i love the response they got from social media world and really just people from all over town thatsay, hey, he's part of our morning routine. we're really going to miss him. >> best wishes. >> absolutely. >> if you're not a fan of enclosed spaces, this story may not be for you. if you can survive the scare of close quarters, there may be money in it for you. >> we get a report on the payoff. >> skeletons, scary clowns, smi ovspiders. >> i halloween. >> monica's favorite time of the year. >> i love it. evything about halloween i love. >> would you love spending 30 hours in this creepy coffin with the lid at six flags? >> no. absolutely not. >> how about chance to win $300 in season paes? >> no. absolutely not. >> that would be awful. >> six flags will pick six
11:56 am
people to take part i the 30 hour coffin challenge during the park'sferight . the spokesperson says they'll pick the contestants this week. >> threeers of your body will be covered with a lid. ng back and sit you're up. >> because i can't do it i can't do it. i can't do . i can do it. >> here are some of the 30-hour coffin challenge rules. you must be 18 years or older. u can't have any medical conditions where participating could be a health risk. you will get six minute hourly bathroom breaks and in coffin als provided by six flags. give it a try, monica. >> no. you add a zero to that 300 and got a deal. >> reporter: fright fest is open on the weekends and this event stao starts on october 12th at 6:00 in the evening and continues until october 13th at 11:00 at
11:57 am
night. ba >> can we just talk about how casual he is sitting there in a coffin like he is getting ready for a photo shoot back in th day. please. come on, man. all right. amelia? >> i got the weather. high temperature today around 86. tomorrow, gu n, we'rer 90 with evening showers and cast.erstorms in the fo friday and saturday we're in the 70s with plenty of clouds l back into t 80s on sunday. next week for the most part featuring temperatures in the low 80s. 30 hour, six-minute bathroom breaks, doesn't sound that bad. >> the money. it's not fair. not doing it. all right. that's it for news4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back on the air at 4:00. >> you can get news and when a new breast cancer patient comes to cancer treatment celaers of america in plphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where thialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would
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help us decide the best course of action. ave so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at
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♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ cry me a river ♪ >> that is incredible. that vocal powerhouse on "the as voice"t night. >> they're delivering night after night. welcome to "access live." comedian la kendra tucks is back with us. >> jenfer hud hair and all. >> i love it. >> it was a four-chair turn around for sandiment


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