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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 5, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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during midday, a critical vote on capitol hill. a look at what's next in the confirmationrocess of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> millions of dollars in damage. investigators tell us this massive apartment fire was causedy a woman allegedly upset with her boyfriend. we'll sort out this new information. >> and good morning, everybody. cloudy skies on a friday morning. ese clouds are here to stay for a little while. i'll give you a complete check of the day and the weekend forecast. "news4 midday" starts now. good morning. i'm chris lawrence. we have to start with the heated
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showdown on capitol hill over bbb bretkavanaugh nomination t the u.s. supreme court. >> the yeas are 51, the nos are 49. >> 51 voted yes, 49 voted no. so this sets the stage for a final vote as early as tomorrow. now, it's important to note we t cannot assumehat this morning's result will same as the final confirmation vote. all eyes arentill these four swing votes. some of the key voting yes, senators collins, flake and manchin. key no votemurkowski from aska. even though collins voted yes, she'll give her vote around
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3:00. bottom line, it's not over until the final votes have beecast. >> protesters gathered outside this morning outside the home of mitch mcconnell, and it's one of several demonstrations we've seen against mitch mcconnell in the last several hours. justin, what are you saying out there? e're seeing a lot of people out here this morning. we've been here for several hours, seeing lots of crowds show up in the last half hour as that procedural vote has just resulted here. these are ministers and men standing in support of sexual abuse survivors just among the many demonstrators we have seen come out heretoday.
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as you can see, ty are in front of the u.s. supre court steps. you are seeing their signs behind them. inu're seeing people out here as well watch this protest. we are seeing media from around the world convergingere as well. i can tell you just across the street at the capitol, there's another protest going ton, tha one involving the group demandj ice. eney are asking for the sate ge kavanaugh m j of course. they're also using stories from victims from across the country of sexual abuse to speak to why they feel aot no v on this judge is so important. we have been speaking with 'apeople on ba sides of this issue throughout the day. i want to take you to an interview with a woman we met out her a sho time ago who said she feels heartened to be out here with so many people using their voices to a make cause happen. >> i was a recruiter for a long time and so you rely on interviews you rely on
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reference checks and you ultimaly have toook at the whole picture toid d is this the best person for this job, right? and if he truly is the bpet on for this job, this lifetime job, there is something wrong with how we're ele havalu people and justice. >> and as you are seeing right now,ot a of passionate protests going on out here. i'ch still wg people come from across the street and from many directions to come here and watch what'soi on here. this protest in front of thesu eme court. we were here when senator murkowski answered her no vote for that procedural vote to move ahead ahead. lots of crowd cheers for that. and this is still very fluid. the protests are setnu to con throughout the weekend. we'll bring you more from the
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scene here. chris, back in to you. >> a tremendous amount of passion on both sides, those supporting and opposin the nomination. judge kavanaugh revealed his regrets in "the wall street journal." he reflected on actions during last week's senate hearings. he writes "i was very emotional last thursday and said a few things i should not have id." judge kavanaugh added that he reveres the constitution and promises going forward, quote, i will keep an open mind in every kay. >> a former supreme court justice is rescinding his support ofug kava yesterday john paul stevens made the announcement while saking with retirees inflorida. he initially praised kavanaugh, saying he was all in on him being confirmed. but now he said his behavior
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during last week's hearing made him think twice. >> he should have been confirmed when he was a nominee, but i think his d performanceing the hearings caused me to change m mind. >> judge stevens retired in 2015 after years of service on the supreme court. again, a final vote on judicial kavanaugh's confirmation is expected yomorrow. ll want to keep it here on news4. got to take a turn now to the weather. some big changes thimorning, chuck. what happened to all that sunshine and high >>humidity? eople voted for cooler weather. that's what happened. >> i didn't get to cast my vote, i can tell you. >> you have to t get ballots in early, chris. cloudy skies have moved in. a cold front came through late last night. not everybody got rained on last night. barely more than a sprinkle at
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my place in northwest washington. thundershowers last nht in prince george's and howard county. these cloud are going a whole lot of nowhere for 3 the next hours or so. as the sun comes up, it brightens the cloud. you can see the thick cloud cover from the eastern shore all the way to central viinia. the front is stalled out near the virginia line. it willventually comeack north on sunday. but between now and then it's going to be a lot ofloud cover. o radar, just an occasional spit or dribbledrop. and temperatures are lower now than they were at 2:00 in the rning. 'll talk about how much of a recovery we'll get over the weekendin c up in a few. >> there's some breaking news in southeast d.c. there's been an accident involving a metro bus. cory smith is live on the scene.
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i know you just got there. what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: we just spoke with d.c. fire and ems. they tell uspl ten pwere injured and nine were taken to the hospital. all of the injuries are non-life threatening. the intersection has been reopened. that is reall good news for drivers. you can see the bus there across th street. investigators tell us that bus was eastbound on w alaban a van made an illegalight in front of the bus causing that accident. that driver was cited for that traffic violation. here is actually a piece of the van that investigators threw away when they cleaned up the crash. things once again moving smooly here at 22nd and alabama. we're going to stay here. we hope to get some more information. ten people injured, ninaken to the hospital. all of those injuries are non-life threatening.
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back to you. >> i think that's the big takeaway, cory. all those folks look to be okay. i want to always also update you on ahaassive fire displaced over 100 people last month. police sayne natasha jr started it because she was upseh her ex-boyfriend. it damaged four apartment buildings and it took firefighters two hours to get it out. no one was injured but the fire damage was estimated to be more than $2 million. >> the morning commute on the beltway can be bad on a normal day but today it turned into a nightmare. an oil spill left to crashes and backups as well. we go out to connecticut avenue with a lot more on how this went down. megan? >> reporter: well, it was a
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tough morning this morning. about it.n if you look at the outer look at the beltway now, you can see everything is open again and traffic is running at sed so a big improvement here. but this morning's rush hour was absolutely brutal. multiple car accidents on this stretch of the outer look, beginning at connecticut avenue, unning to rockville pike, all because of an oil spill. what a mess. an oil spill on theuter loop of the beltway during rush hour thisng sent cars sliding and crashing and tested many a driver's patience. >> it was bad. >> what normally take lamont smith 15 minutes turned into an odyssey this mornin >> it took me an hour. it was bad. no movement. was just bad. >> reporter: state police believe a dump truck lost its oil pan at an outer loop. the truck kept driving leaving a
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trail ofoil. a light misting of rain made thin even worse and police say there were seven accidents between connecticut avenu and rockville pike. crews eventually spread san on the oil but the damage was done. at one point the backium on the ter loop was eight miles long. david atkinson encountered more traffic thansh ousual. >> i went a little further into arlington. >> reporter: you took the sneaky way in? >> yes, the sneaky way. >> reporter: so a lot of people late for work this morning. the were three transports who went to the hospital but were told their injuries are not considered to be serious, they're going to be okay. good news here, things are back to normal. >> hopefully thelo ers will
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understand why they were late. >> police are iestigating a drive-by shooting in southeast d.c.nd thi involves a u-haul truck. two women were shot around midnight. it happened between a shell gas station and post office there on southern. there was another incident involving a u-haul truck earlier this week. right now a woman and a doctor are sharing this year's nobel peace prize. peace prize. and why people are pushing for
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders.
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newhimorning, the nobel peace prize winners have been announced. both recipients have made efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict. presiden among the candidates based on his efforts to work north korea leaderun kim jon to denuearize the peninsula.
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>> working to make federaler work pay raises reality. this could affect so many of you. president trump decided toze fray last month over some budget concerns. the deal lifts a salary freeze on executive level jobs like the hece president's. democrats support civilian increase but opposing, ti execu raises. congress likely won't vote on it until after the mid term. >> the stock market was down ahead of the september jobs report. according to figures released today by the labor department, the unemploynt rate fell a couple tenths of a percentage to 3.7%. it's lower than experts avexpected. we't seen that point in nearly 50 years. at the same me, employers only added about 134,000 jobs. thats the fewest number of jobs created in a year.
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>> a lot of you will have off on monday for the columbus day holida but before you set out on that long weekend, we're working with you toounow what need to know about >> single tracking on the red line between friendship heights on saturday. also the orange and silver line sing tracking between clarendon and east falls church. blue and yellow between pentagon city and nat anal airpo the green line we have normal weekend service. one more thing to remind you of because of monday, sunday service starts at 7 a.m for the army-ten miler race andic monda se running on a saturday schedule for columbus day. have a great weekend. >> some p are so concerned about mold, they're talking about staging a walkout at a
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school in prince george's county. this is some of the mold they'ro oncerned about. the school says the rainy, hum summer created more docondensatn on the pipes. some parents tell us they want their kids moved to another school. >> sniffling, sneezing, mom, i have a headache. i'm thinking do we have the end of the summer cold going on? what is going on? >> a second arrest haseen made for the murder of marty mcmillan. heap dared last year after going to meet a woman he talked to on a dating app. his body was found more than since months later. the woman from that date has now been charged withnthree c
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of accessory to murder. her boyfriend i charged with murder and weapons charges. >> a youth football game ingi southwest va ended in a fist fight but it wa't players brawling, it was the coaches. as kristen dahlgren reports, some arealling out this case of adults behavingbadly. >> a postgame handshake gone terriblywrong. an all-out brawl in front of 9 and 10-year-olds. >> i jt want these cches to e, hey look, your players are looking at your actions. look what you done. >> reporter: today the coach is apologizing for the poor display sportsmanship in front of those we're expected to mentor. it is not an isolated incident the problem so per vavasivperva
11:20 am
referee posted this web site of parents behaving badly. the hopes that sites like thiso might get adults to act their age. >> that's the opposite of whayo want to be showing kids. >> the stars of thi movies
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so y what would do with more than $400 million? well, maybe youran ans that question after tonight's mega millions drawing. no one matched all six numbers tuesday. you haventil 9:45 tonight to buyth tickets t next jackpot. the tickets cost $2 each, but the oddsf matching all those numbers, 1 in 302 million. needless to say, good luck. >> the blockbuster story of man's first trip tbuthe moon ed last night. the stars came out as mcfly caught up with the director, who also worked on the oscar winner "la la land." >> when did you know ryan was going p toy neil?
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>> i first met ryan to propose im this movie. we wound up making"la la land" first. from the get go i saw him as neil armstrong. >> irst man" opens nationwide a week from today. probably no better place to premiere that >> absolutely. they got the real stuff up there. the landing module, it's all in the sphere. >> one of my favorite museums in d.c. we sti have some chances to go out and enjoy some of ts ather. not as hot. >> i thought yesterday was a little too warm for my liking. >> we're getting close. october 11th is the latest we've ever reached 90 degrees in on washin it's not at national airport because the record predates the existence of the airport. october 11, 1919 is the last me we got to 90 degrees.
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that's as late as we can doit it's already the fifth. only about five or six more cportunities. ld potentially get back to 90 after the 11th. it would be an all-time latest record, thgh. e endless summer made our 45th me this year above 90 degrees. job well done there, doug. rainfall, it's been a wet re. still o a 19 inch rainfall sur applause.te eratures, after that 90 degree day yesterday, we're 20 to 25 degrees cooler now than we were yesterday afternoon and temperatures have been going downward steadily during the corse of the morning. w clouds and a pretty stiff and persistent northeast recall as driven temperatures down into the 60s. we were 77 degrees on my way to mornin:30 in the we're now down to 69 in town, 72 in fredericksburg. today what you s y is what get. cloudy. maybe a sprinkle or two. you can see on radar here, not a
11:26 am
very impressive amount of rain, just an occasional drizzle drop or two. that's all you have toorry about. get in the car, take your chances. maybe by sunday things will get better. the extended forecast in a few more minutes. >> coming up, the action taken on capitol hill and what it means for the supreme court nomination of brett
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ou're watching "news4 midday." >> the heated debate shows no sign of stopping ahead of brett invanaugh's vote. the senate held a key procedural vote to advancthe the confirmation vote is blpected to happen sometime tomorrow pos around 5:00. >> cistiania rinaldo could be back on the soccer field, even though he is fing a rape charge in the united states. >> reporter: he's widelyid consered the most popular athlete on the planet.
11:30 am
with lrative endorsement deals, he's also one of the world's riches. but this morning ronal said his fame and fortune make him a target. accused of rape in the u.s., the 33-year-old has been sidelined from portugal'sl natio team. no.h, no, no, >> reporter: taking to social media to defendf. hims >> fake news. >> she found strength andn courage the me toomo vement. >> reporter: the attney for catherin says ronaldo raped his client. a civil suit claims ronaldo pulled the plaintiff on to a bed and attempted to engage in sexual intercourse. she said she was sodomized, screaming "no, no, no." >> thef impact her injuries
11:31 am
have disabled her, impaired hert ability advocate for herself.or >> rr: with las vegas police investigating the game, she had reached a$375,000 nondisclosure settlement in 2010, which her attorney says should now be void. ronaldo says i firmly doo anyway the accusations issued against me. but today new deeply g it's concerned by the disturbing allegations. the world's biggest superstar accused of crossing the line, whe he says it's the accuser trying to cash in on his fame. >> ronaldo is set to play with his italian team tomorrow. the team released a statement calling him areat champion. >> it's coming up a little after
11:32 am
11:30. before youhink about lunch, check your fridge or freezer. there's a massive recall on ground beef products. they're recalling more than 6 llion pounds of beef product because they could be h contaminated w salmonella. the beef was processed between late july and ely september and shipped to stores nationwide. so far people in about 16 states have gotten sick. >> good news for all you curious consumers.ew there's a show coming to your saturday mornings on nbc 4. 's called consumer 1. >> reporter: for decades consumer reports has provided us with alerts and ratings o thousands and thousands of products. so this new show will give us a behind-the-scenes look into the researo and science used evaluate products and services from bikets helme to food labels
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to router security. the show will offer you the formation and tips to make smart, every day purchasespurch. >> how to make the smartest choice, that's what we'reto tryg get at with the show. >> meet daisy. she's shedding light on an age old problem. and how the most common household items are giving away some of your secrets. "consumer 101" airs right after "it's academic." >> i'm social editor brittany johnson. halloween is only a couple weeks away. we have ideas on howmoan you savey. all you have to do is search
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we're working for your health this rning with three letters that can save your life. we're talking about cpr. thers a very unique class you can complete in half an hour. >> reporter: check it out this a 6-year-old, chloe thorpe, s is getting her cpr training with firefighter kevin schaeffer. her sister, 14-year-old carly, can do this as .we
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hands only cpr, why this class is vital for everybody to just take. >> it is jt as effective as cpr.entional you call ou1, take y hand, put it over the center of the chest, push hard, push fast and wait until the fir department gets here to help you finish cpr. >> and jus as effective as the traditional? >> it is. you just need t get the oxygen through the body toia save varivariety -- vital organs. >> i want to bring in debbie, who is putting all of the fall jubilee stuff together as part of the director of historic
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manassis. do i have that right, debbie? >> yes, you do. >> it's one of the my things you could do tomorrow. >> yes, there's tons of crafters and a dare dev dog and all kind of activities. >> repter: it runs all day. please come and do this. it can mean the difference between life and death. >> that's the f latestm manassis. back into you. >> when you watch 56-year-old girl do it, it tells you anyone can do it. >> every now and then we have the story on the news where a child knowsl how to d 911 at age 3 or can do cpr at age 6. you never know. knowledge is powes >> we take a look outside, not as hot as we've been but be that's going t kind of
11:39 am
welcomed for a lot of folks. >> iagree. a little autumn coolness here, otherwise a o those mums my front steps are wilting in the summer heat around here.oo finallyr weather in the next couple of days. if you like the warmth, though, it will be back before you know o. the next coupl days, cooler today. temperatures about 20 degrees cooler this afternoon than they were yesterday. another cloudy and cool day coming uptomorrow. not a big chance for rain. there certainly could be a littleist or drizzle or fog around, particularly early tomorrow morning. for tse of you who like the warm and su temperatures, they'll be back and soon and for most of next week. today we're sll in the cloud in a northeasterly win. it looks impress of on radar. most of that i just ground clutter. it's more just a cloud issue. future weather sort of gives you the overall picture here. cloudy skies with the occasional
11:40 am
pocket of mist, drizzle or light rain here during the early parts afternoon. the models have been trying t continue to emphasize we might see bright skies later today. i'm not so sure that's going to happen. temperatures pushed downward in the last five, six hours will have very little chance to recover. might be able to get back up to 71 or 72. that's about it a gloomy start tomorrow but sunday is looking very nice with temperatures back into the 80s. you can download our app. i'he give you ten-day forecast coming up. >> heading into m october. who would have thought. >> some classic rockersn are town this weekend. we'll run down the big concerts. plus we'll introce you to this
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breed dog. she is available for adoption in our oglethorpe location. she was in a family but they couldn't hang on to her because they were moving. >> what kind of a dog is i her? >> we're calling her a franken dog, a little lab, rottweiler, a little bit of pit bull in there. >> she's been super friendly here in the studio. obviously she likes getting her pats. we'll have to find her a proper home. let's get on to topic of the week, which is leash and harne etiquette. to pick a leash or harness, is that up to the dog? >> want to follow all the local
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leash laws. we tend to recommend a harness. it prevents them from pulling un you down the street. make sure you're holding on to your leash as you're walking your dog downre the . >> the city is no place for a dog on the leash. about etiq when you're out with the dogs and there's other dogs, what are some bes practices for how to introduce your dog to or people and dogs. >> ideally you'd keep your dog off to the side, communicate with the other person, make sure wey're interested in greeting first of all andch the other dog and person's body language, make sure things are looking friendly before you approach and kind of keep everything calm and short. quick nose sniffntaction and keep moving rather than a lot of tussling and wpping up leashes. >> so a lot of people aren't dog people and a lot of dogs that
11:46 am
aren't other dog lovers either. usually the t dogst aren't going to be friendly will give you that sense right away. >> sometimes they will and sometimes they'll just avoid, too. about t's not always aggression either. it's really about socialization of your dog. it's goodpractice. i live in and walk around the city quite a bit. with my two dogs, it's two so it kind of overwhelms the singles of the world. >> the important thing with socialization is that it'ssi ve for both dogs involved. if it's scary, that's the negative interambassador and that does detriment to a dog's socialization. >> jenny has found a perfectly good pot. it's the end of summertime. the cooler weather is coming our
11:47 am
way. about how long should the average dog walk be? mine usually return about an hour. >> that's great. usuallyet anywhereen 15 minutes or an hour. when we get to very o cold warm temperatures you want to cut on thet shorter side. >> thank you for joining us today. be a proper pet owner and make sureafou clean ur your pet as well. go to our web site t find out more about joanie the dog. >> i wish i had an hour to walk my dog every day. when families are at a the most run ors administer not only medicine but hope as well.
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we have the story of abram, a little boy with a rare disease an t the strengthake on an army. >> reporter: this is 8-year-old abram and his friend zily. like most kids, he loves being outside, but this isn't his neighborhood playground. it's t children's inn at the national institutes ofealth in bethesda, maryland. medicineshere for my and giving blood. >> reporter: julia is abram's mom. we have been here probably ten times within the last year. and it has become our home a from home. >> reporter: abram has a rare dseases are one that at this point isficult to cure because it's been difficult to diagnose. >> he said why am i sick all the time and how come no one can fix me? >> reporter: abram hasxtreme lip high grade fevers. they're his norm.
11:49 am
>> once a month he'll have three or four days he'll be at a normal temperature. normally he's around 100end when h flairs, it's 102 to 106. >> and he suffers from arthritic-li debilitating pain. >> you look so strong. >> i don't look sick b a sick. >> reporter: for two years, abram has been coming to this special place. few peoplean understand his heart and his hope le people here. >> it is hard for people to come alongside that and montana run away from it because it's overwhelming and it's confusing. >> what do you hope hapns when the doctors do the test on ldu?
11:50 am
what w you like, abram? >> it will work and make me feel better. >> my god, iov would the gift of diagnosis that's like the the but more than anything, health. i want him to have the life his brother and sister have. hi would like to go out and play without hurting. until then another drug to try before he doesn't need this special place anymore. >> abryou can find out so much e about him on our washington app. just search abram's story. ♪ aren't you tired trying to fill that void ♪
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>> it is already getting oscar buzz. coming up, our entertainment
11:52 am
11:53 am
you're going to sing that song that i love. >> no, i can't do at that. >> look at me. >> pack some tissues if you're going to see the latest version of "a star is born."
11:54 am
editor jon fraley says even though the story' been told before, it's never been done quite like th. >> reporter: new in theaters this weekend is the latest remake of "a star is born." before you say how dare they remake that classic, you have to remember the barbra streisand's version was a remake of the judy garland version, which itself was a remake. we have to judge it by its own merits. it's going to be a best picture contender easily. we get bradley cooper in his directorial debut, starring in the movie andirec dting lady gaga. we get to watch her come into her own as an actor on screen, just as her character is coming into her own as a singer on screen. there are moments maybe you can say she overacts a little bitbu overall, she's captivating
11:55 am
to watch and when she opens her mouth on stage and belts, you've seen it in the trailer, it's going to knock your socks off. bring your tissues. you're going to need them in the end. i kind of knew where it was going because it's this tragic tale we've seen a million times. i was able to keep it together but a lot of peoe in the theater weren't. you'll definitely hear about this oscar time. it's going tbe a big deal over the next two months. the arlington players are producing a very unique veron "the hunchback of notre dame." it's going to have the music of the disney music. the actorlaying quasi-moto will be a deaf actor.l he wil be signing the role and someone behind him will be singing the role. >> reporter: the story of
11:56 am
"hunchback of notre dame" is about a man who has been head up in a tower and he decide to go out and explore, meets a girl and falls in love with her. he's trying to figure out how he fits in with the people around him since he's lived in isolation his whole life. we have phil collins coming to make an appearance as well. and the struts will be coming for a concert along with herman's her mitt and papa roach. >> we are still waiting on that autumn weather that pushes so
11:57 am
many people inside to the theater and museums. chuck, what's on tap this weekend? >> not a bad d to go out to the movies today and tomorrow. a lot ofud c around. temperatures in the low to mid n0s. not a lot of r expected but a lot cloud cover. a lot of great college football games this weekend. notre dame is in blacksburg. chris, up in maryland, mild in the 07s and in the 80s in cotton bowl where oklahoma hopes to hang a half a hundred on the horns. >> all right, chuck, thank you. i'll be cering on the terms. i'll be cering on the terms. thanks for joining
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♪ we're live in five, four, three,, two. ♪ >> lady gaga. ♪ >> she knows how to work it. ladyaga wrapping up "a star is born" press tour. the movie finally -- i'm going tto see this weekend. welcome to "access live." brian is with us today. let's talk about this movie and gaga. the movie star. what about the fashion last night? >> encredible. >> keeps bringing it. everyone i know -- we're all going to support this movie. i can't wait. >> i know it's a remake.


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