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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 6, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning to you. >> we have a big mess on the beltwayth early o inner loop in alexandria. we'll get to that in a moment. first, you're trying to plan your day if you're up this early. >> we've been on the air 30 minutes already. but somara is tracking your focast for the weekend. >> good morning. a few things i want my friends to know you are going to be contending with fog early this morning. let's look at the visibility map. critical point is a quarter to half mile. the worst of the fog is towarda
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fort the rest of us, down to 2 1/2 miles i gaithersburg. six miles at dulles. 9 miles, better visibility south. we should see the fog burn off throughout the day. we do have some drizzle expected in the forecast this mornin other than that, not a bad day. highs will be in the mid to upper0s by the afternoon. we'll even get clearing. no need to cancel any saturday plans if you wake up and see the gloomy clouds. we're not expecting any major rain. i want you t note we have some sun on the way. that's also going to bring s warm air tomorrow we'll have that southerly flow. rain on the horizon. we'll take a better look coming up. >> we've been following the debate on capitol hill throughout the night. >> yesterday's vote sparked hours of speeches. they laste all night. they're in the done. they're still going right now.iv
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that's a look at the senate chambers. >> the heated battle over puttingtt bavanaugh on the high court has sparked protests leadin up to today's vote. >>ca yesterday's vot up down to four senators. only lisa murkowski said she would not support the candidate. she wl be present today. he'll vote present so a fellow senator does ne to leave his daughter's wedding for the vote. >> it's believed despite all the controversy brett kavanaugh will most likely being confirmed today. that means his decisions could have an impact that lasts decades. >> pete williams takes a closer look at what's at stake ahead of today's vote. >> one thing is certain about brett kavanaugh. if he's confirmed, he'll move the supreme court to the right. that h les to do with him than with anthony kennedy, thee just who created a vacancy. his replacement by any ninee
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president trump would mean nong more swi justice. brett kavanaugh would bring the number of conservative votes to five. that could bring a end to affirmative action in college admissions. more restrictions on access to abortion and a further chipping away at the wall separating church and state. but brett kavanaugh would come to the supreme court with ama confon battle and the allegations hanging over him likely for years to co including his sharp attack on democrats. >> fuelled with pent up anger about president trump and the 2016 election. revenge onbehalf of the clintons. >> reporter: in recent years john roberts has worried extreme partnership in the confirmation process could make the court seem -- >> the left will probably begin a veryerious assault on the court because they're both upset about theirection in the law and also his confirmation
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personally. >> reporter: ifonfirmed cavanaugh could take his seat as early as tuesday when the justices come back from monday's holiday. >> and no matter what happens oi capito today, you can get a full recap and analysis tomorrow morni on meet the prez. that begins at 10:30 right after news 4to y. new this morning, two teenagers and a man recovering after ahooting near a walmart in richmond. there we two victims in a parking lot and a third victim at an apartmentalcomplex. three are expected to survive. right now investigators believe the shooting happened nearhe apartment and two victims ran to the walmart. a high promile trial to a close in chicago. a police officer is found guilty of murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old mcdonald. >> we the jury find the defendant jason van dyke guilty
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of second degree murder. >> the jury took less than ten hours to reach their decision. jason van dyke showed no as the verdict was read. this is almost four years after he shot and killed mcdonald during a confrontation with police. this video is new. look at your screen.r this is a dri smashing a truck through the front of a 7 /11 in maryland. it was early yesterday morning. you can see three people dress in black from head to toe. going right for the atm. they try to free the machine or reach the cash but that doesn't seem to work. police say a fourth guy was wheel.the they're looking for this gold ford. it probably has damage on the rear bumper. >> i'd say so. we are always working for your health. the fda approved a vaccine for men and women up to the age of
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49. it wnly recommended for young adults and preteens. ow the fda recommends adults between 27 and 45 receive three doses. each dose costs just more than $200. >> it's one of the best known choirs in america. now aer 150 years, it is changing its tune. ♪ >> the mormon tabernacle choir will n bealled the tabernacle choir at temple scare. the name change is part of an effort by the church of jesus christ of latterday saints toid get of the name. it no longer wants to be referred to as >rmon. he memorial bridge is shut down this weekend. that is not the only traff hazard t look out for.
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we have more. >> a look at the traffic and the roads for the weeken memorial bridge shut down for the weekend. this full closure is effect 9:00 p.m. friday lasting through 5:00.m. on monday morning. because of this, here are alternates. id the key bridge, roosevelt bridge or 14th stree bridge. army ten-miler. closures between 6:00 a.m. and closures. the key bridge, whitehurs freeway. another issue, 295 the bridge replacement, lain ands rolling closure last until 5:00 a.m. on monday. still to come this morning, a tafamily-owned rant on the verge of reopening after a fire that started on its busiestay of the year. there's just one more thing they
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need. we'll share that with you just ahead. first tracking traffic akoubles. >> bg news on the beltway early. this is the inner loop before eisenhower avenue. they are diverting task due to an accident involving half a dozen vehicles. we'll have more ahead on ns 4 we just moved in abouton ns 4 four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice wclients come n and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! a year after a popular restaurant went up a flames fish in the neighborhood on georgia avenue is working to reopenhe doors. >> as we report, the family-owned business stilloras one hurdle to clear. >> it came out nice. >> reporter: for the past 20 year >> mom, her home maid macaroni and cheese. f >> reporteh in the neighborhood has been that spot. >> one day i saw so many people buying fish.
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>> reporter: a place wre the locals gather for the perfect combo of soul and seafood. >> he knows how to make a fish danc my stomach is overdue. it's waitin reporter: that wait started in april of 2017. it was good friday. their busiest day of the year. >> somehow this deep fryer started to fliame up. the fire got started. we couldn't get it out. one of the customers told us to get out. >> reporter: within minutes the fire department took over. after a month-long investigation and insurance sorting, the owner, william white. >> i'm doing aull the work. this is where the fish goes in. >> reporter: he's on his way to a soft opening in a few weeks. >> a hammer head shark. e has theer: community and a go fund me page for$8,000.
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he needs about the same amount more to finish up and restock. >> we need the food. >> reporter: even during our followup, faithful customers were checkingup. >> pop the seats down forme, chief. >> sure, man. >> reporter: also lending a hand. from the inside out, even they can see the finish line. >> the question is how do we get across? we're so close yet so far. >> reporter: to keep the recipes secretut the tradition going. after the soft opening william is hoping for a grand opening soon to follow. if you'd like to help out, download our nbc washington app. nicole jacobs, news 4. a live look outside right now as we are starting off your weekend. somara with us on the other side of the break traing theck
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ground breaking research happens every day. the children at nih is where families are often in their most vulnerable time come to take advantage of this resource. >> it's a special place where doctors bring hope. we have the story of abram, a little boy with a rare disease and the strengt to take on an my
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ar >> reporter: this is eight-year-old abram and his friend. liost kids he loves being outside. but this isn't his neighborhood playground. it's the's childr inn at the national institutes of health in maryland. >> my medicines and taking blood. >> reporter: julia dotson is abram's mom. >> we have beenere probably ten times within the last year. and it has h become oure away from home. >> reporter: abram from st. louis, missouri has a rare disease. one that at this point is difficult to cure because it's been difficult to diagnose. >>e said why am i sick all the time and how come no one can fix me? >> reporter: abram has high grade fevers. >> about once a month he'll have three or four days that he's at a normal attempe. almost always he's 100. when he flares, it's 102 to 106.
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>> reporter: he also suffers with ar tlthritis like pain. pain he fights through like at this game where he got to throw out the first pitch. >> i don't look sick, but i am sick. >> reporter: for two years he's been meeting with medicine's best at this special place, and few peopled can understis hurt and hope like the children's inn at nih. >> rare disease is just aery weirdast. i yoent even have another word for it is for people to come alongside that and not run away from it. because it's overwhelming and it's confusing. >> reporter: what do you hope happens when the doctor tests on you? what would you like, abram? >> it will work and make me feel better. >> i would love that. i would love the 50 of a
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diagnosis that's like the ultimate. i would love treatment, but more than anything, health. i want him to have the life that his brothte and sis have. i would like him to be able to go out and play without hurting. >> reporter: until then, it's another test to take, anotherug dr to try until abram doesn't need this special place anymore. e erika gonzalez, news 4 >> the children's inn serves more than 1700amilies every year. they give new reasons for kids like abram to be hopeful. find out more about the children's inn in our nbc waington app. search abram's story. if you want to talk about seeing an example of strength, walk the halls of one of those places. you'll be inspired. >> and the doctors a part of that. you have a nurses a staff that's all about support and smiles and they do it every day. >> they come together.
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it takes a village. >> it es. >> somara is here. you brought a pretty lovely forecast for the weekend. it's cooler, tha goodness compared to some of the day this is week. >> i know. we're going to warm back up. this is the time. it's a transition seas. that's whaall is. like i said earlier, we know who is going to win thile ba winter. hopefully no time soon. today let's go ahead and a look where we're starting as far as temperatures. in washington d. schooler farther north, and a little coolewe a little bit . now, as we head throughout the day we are looking at highs climbing to the mid 70s. our winds are going to shift. we have winds coming in from the northeast. really bringing that marine layer. gray sky. drizzle out there. fog. as they shift to the south, warmer air moves in. mid 70s saturday afternoon. we move to tomorrow. we wake u again. do this all over again with the early clouds. i think a lotore sunshine is
6:20 am
going to breakthrough for sunday afternoon in the low 80s. here's a look at future cast. not much rain. a little bit of drizzle toward i want to show you this because of the clouds. we move through saturday, 4:00 p.m. notice the breaks in the clouds. we're starting to see sunshine. we don't have to worry about contending this afternoon. this evening a nice, quiet satu a little on the cooler side. temperatures back into the 60s. no rain. we move into sunday, a lot of clouds to start off with tomorrow morning. i think tomorrow is still going to behe better day to be out and about. it will be beautiful by the afternoon. overall, the weekend outlook. all green. the green light for everything you want tdo. just note that yard work is probably better tomorrow and if yo going to do it today, probably later on in the day. sports, drizzle early.
6:21 am
mp pkin patch picking, it's that time of year. the 10-d, a lotf changes underway. warmup comes in tomorrow. sticks around through wednesday. we're in the 80s tough wednesday. pretty dry. going to keep a really close eye onoo monday afte we could see some showers try to pop up. the real rain chances sitting in thursday and friday. that's when we could get a nice dousing, especially thursday night into friday. beyond that, wait until you next weekend. i went a little on the modest side. temperatures in the 50s overnight saturday and sunday. some of the models are hinting at the 40s. the 40s overnight saturday and sunday. that's a look at the forecast. not a bad one. stick around. we have more news on the other side of the break.
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we want to begin with this live shot of the inner loop of the beltway. a messarly on. we have investigators on the scene and response teams right b hereore eisenhower avenue. because eing diverted of an accident involving at least six vehicles. we know that there are some serious injuries involved. not given a timetable. you'll want to avoid the tieup.
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the inner loop in alexandria. avoid the beltway because of th accident. we'll keep you posted not only on air but updates online and on our social media accounts. quite a mess. we don't even know what angie is going to be for halloween. we're not even at halloween already retail analysts have their eyes on the holiday shopping ople. zblim like it's never too early. we were in costco and we s christmas decorations, and i was like yes. th predict peoplere going to be in the spending eymood. 'll dish out the dollar it's anks to a stronger tbills. economy. more s expect a growth of than $3 billion. >> wow. >> and to help you save up for the holiday shopping season, a free sweet treat for you. i dunkin' giving away donut fries this ekend. the fries are pieces of
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croissant style dough -- >> what kind of dough? >> croissant. you get them when you order an iced coffee. the deal is only good for today. well, and tomorrow from 2:00 . until 6:00 p >> i took a picture. >> carb free. that's awesome. >> yeah. good news for all you curious information-seeking consumers. there's a new it's coming to nbc 4 "today." >> it's called consumer 101. susan hogan talks with the show's host and has a look at what to expect. >> for decades consumer reports has provided usith alerts and ratings on thousands and thousands of products. this new show will give us a behind thes sce look into the research and science used to evaluate products and services from bike helmets to food labels security. the show is going to offer you the information and tips you need to make smart, everyday
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purchases >> we're confronted with a lot of challenges every day. there's an overwhelming amount of choices. how to make the smartest choice' that's wha trying to get at with the show. > some of highlights on saturday, meet daisy shedding light on an age old problem and how the most common household items are giving away some of yo secrets. 00nsumer 101 airs today at 1 academic".r "it's >> 6:27. 67 degrees. somara says we'll have another it's time for the ross fall dress event. yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfect dress for every occasion.
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fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. the day is here. in just a matter of hours congress is set for a vote to either put bavanaugh on the supreme court or add more fuel to a political fire storm.a >> rush of gun violence in northeast d.c. continues. hear from a neighborhood desperate for justice. another weekend means mor o wo a very busy bridge in the district. we're going to make sure you do not get stuck in the traffic if you're heading out today. we welcome you t in ons saturday morning, is sixth of october, 2018. good morning to you. >> we do have some breaking news on the roadways to report right now involving the capital beltway. >> t inner op. a live look in alexandria.
6:31 am
virginia state police tell us as many as six cars are involved in a crash in this area. there are several injuriescl ing one person in critical condition. as you can see drivers are being rerouted off the beltway on to e eisenhower connecter. >> we're tracking your traffic early on this saturday morning as well as what's happening in the skies. it's already decent temperature right temperatising from here? >> mid 70s this afternoon. not a bad saturl.y at i personally need a lot more sunshine. i don't know about you. we are going to have a lot of clouds out there the sun is on the way. let's look right now at what we're stepping out tove ook in the district. things are pretty good as far as visibierty is cod. fog is an issue on the road for some of us. 67 degrees out there and climbing through the afternoon. a lot of events going on around town all throughout the weekend.
6:32 am
maybe you'r headed to the taste of bethesda. i may have to sneak away and get a cup cake. you're headed out there, 10:00 a.m., maybe drizzle. by the afternoon, temperatures in the 70s. around 2:00 we'll see sunshine breaking through. agai do not cancel any activities just because you see the gray skies or any rain drop. make sure you done lode our nbc 4 app. that's the most accurate. here's a look at the headlines. not a bad afternoon. we have to talk about tomorrow. it's going to l feel a like summer. >> thank you. h'll check in w you then. at 6:32, now to the senate floor. it has been a busy night. in fact, the image you're looking at to the right of your screen, that is live. democrats are still speaking. they've been doing so all night in opposition to judge brett kavanaugh. >> but barring a last-minute surprise, today cavanaugh will be confirmed as the next supreme court justice. he could be on e court hearing
6:33 am
cases as early as tuesday. wtold you confirmation would come down to the decisions of four jeff flake, susan collins and jeff manchin will all vote yes this afternoon. >> tough to even hear the senators there. you could hear protesters shouting "shame". that was in the halls of caperol hill yestday. they were the last two to announce how exactly they would vote. >> the fourth senator we talked so much about is lisa murkowski, the republican of from alaska. he says brett kavanaugh is a good manut last week raised questions about his ability to be independent. >> it became clear to me or was ng clearer that that appearance of prriety has become unavoidable. >> murkowskiou aed last
6:34 am
night that she will vote present today instead of ving no. she's doing it as a courtesy to montanator stave danes so he does not have to fly back from his daughter'sto wedding y to vote. danes is a yes on cavanaugh. murkowski is a no without their votes, cavanaugh appears to be headed to confirmation by a 50 to 4 margin. let's get you to local headlines. we'll take you to southeast d.c. one person found shot at the corner of mlk and malcolm x avenues. there's no information on any possible suspects. police are asking folks to be on the lookout for a red hyundai that may have been in the area. on> a military veteran is in critical conditi this morning after being shot at 15th and d streets northeast. he's the eighthn to be shot in five shootings over just
6:35 am
two weeks along the benning road corridor. the shoing happened yesterday evening and within minutes police officers arrested two people and they confiscated two guns. officers have been in that area because of the recent violence. residents telling news 4 they are beyond frustrated. >> this is our neighborhood, and now it's getting to be unsafe. because of the gun violence. >> on september 24th two people were killed in that area. no arrests have been made in either homicide. a week ago a nine-year-old girl was hurt in a shooting. no one is in custody in that case. and then go back two weeks, two suspects arrested for shooting and wounding four people. >> 6:35. this morning a man in grave condition after being stabbed on the tr the attack happened yesterday afternoon on a packed green line train. ce say the suspect ran o the rain at the navy yard metro station.
6:36 am
securi cameras captured the suspect running toward this cvs. investigators say the victim and suspect do know each other aha been arguing for a long time. this morning a catholic community high school is trying to cope with the sudden death of a former football player. heer died a jumping out of a dorm window at duquesneer unty. he was a junior on the football team at the university. the university president says brown jumped after campus police arrived in response to a reported disturbance. there are unanswered questions t happened. brown's former teammate is remembering the t laughsy shared. >> this, just a gat person. someone who could light up your day. someone who is giving it his a on and the field. >> this morning pittsburgh police are investigating the death. >> you might remember this video from a massive apartment fire
6:37 am
last month. fire investigators now say it was arson and they arrested 32-year-oldas natha joiner. she srted the fire because she was upset with her ex-boyfriend. the fire damaged four b tldings he hill top apartments on 85th street. it tookirefighters two hours to put it out. thankfully, nobody was hurt. nearly 1 people were displaced and the damage was estimated at more than $2 wamillion. >> i a joke. thing is, nobody was laughing. a teenager says he was kending e made a threat against a northern virginia school. someone tipped off police to a picture of the 13-year-old holding what looked like a gun. the boy a,ording to poli admitted to threatening the middle school in fair fax. he tololice it was just a joke. officers found and confiscated the air soft rifle from the picture. we're told theger is not a student at the school and does not attend any fairfax county public school. it's not clear if the stude
6:38 am
will face any charges. students in maryland are taking actn on mondayhey plan to walk out to protest mold found inside their ebuilding. students attend a performing arts schooln morning side. the parents say they are concerned the school system isn't doing enough to fix the problem. officials say rainy, humid ather caused pipe condensation resulting in the mold. they sayrews have wrapped the pipes in new insulation and replaced ceiling a small town in virginia is taking a step back in time. tthis weekend waterford fair continues in loudoun county and you can experience it firsthand. 19th w century lifeh crafts, performances, one of a kind home tours from that era. and alsong it's g on today and tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening. waterford is located about 45
6:39 am
miles away from d.c. they're going to have lots of food there. >> that t shirt. >> very nice t shirt here. old worldclowns. that's what got me. enjoy datoy. all right. that's t happeningay and tomorrow. 6:39 your time right now. police zooming through baltimore wtrying to keep upith a pair of virginia fugitive just ahead, we'll show you how they wer waiting for a liver transplant..
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the disappearance o one of the top officials are raising concerns around the globe. the president of interpoll. officials say he redisapp after flying to china. his wife says she has not heard from him sce he left last month. chinese media reports ming is under investigation and was taken away as soon as he landed in the country. it's unclear where he is right
6:42 am
now. >> we gotel to t you about this wild ride through thbastreets of imore county. a man and woman wanted for murder in virginia not giving up easily.d this chase lasfor miles yesterday. the suspects right there, see out the window? thoseeaerens being tossed out along the way. david collinsn baltimore explains how this ended. >> reporter: two murder suspects from virginia, acced of leading baltimore county police on a wild chase. it lasted several miles and was captured exclusively by sky team 11. authorities say they tossed to long guns o of the car. oethe male passenger d't appear concerned as he chugs down a drink. the silver car turns into a strip shopping center and is immediately surrounded by police. michelle beans saw it all with a beauty salon. she admits she was scared to
6:43 am
death. >> just the thought that m hbe they coue ran in here to hide. >> we didn't know what was goinw on, and didn't know if they had guns or wereoing to come into the the shop. >> reporter: police cuffed the male passenger. >> they had the guy on the ground fold his shoes and socks off. >> reporter: the suspects are wanted by virginia polic in connection with the shooting death of a man in hampton. his body was found a few miles away. >> it was scary. the police did a great j taking care of everything. i mean, they were very quick-acting, and tooktr c of the situation. >> david collins reporting iere. the "today show next on nbc 4. >> now up to nyork. we are joined with a preview of what you're working on. i assume it's d.c. related. >> that's for sure. in you're correct. >> com up on this saturday morning on "today," the lates om capitol hill.
6:44 am
in less than 12 hours the final vo to confirm judge brett kavanaugh will getunderway. his confirmation all but assured. this morning how his accuser is reacting to the news. we're live with all of it. angie, listen up. ahead this morning everything you need to protect your family this flu season including why the cdc recommends you get the vaccine before the end of the month. >> and the two-year-old who thought he was being helpful but wound up shredding $1,000 in cash. >> a o lot scotch tape, folks. right hereay on "t >> you both have kids. we know this is possible for something like this to hhappen. >>e a shredder at my house. >> i don't have $1,000 in an envelope l envelope laying around. >> wo who carries that much cash around? we'll see you in a few minutes.
6:45 am
a live lookt outside the capitol wheel. we have somara with us. we have somara with us. she'll tell us about the kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
6:46 am
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it! 67 degrees. i want to bring you an thupdaten breaking news on the capital beltway in virginia.
6:48 am
this is a fatal accident. authorities telling us that pedestrian was killed in this accident that involved six cars. >> right. this is also involving several injuries. you can see the inner loop has traffi diverted off the eisenhower connecter. getack on at van dorn street.n a pedestras died. we're not clear if this was simply out of their car or walking along the beltway. we'll work to get you more information. this is hispanic heritage month. we first introduce you to sophia last year. >> she's a young artist who happens to have down syndrome. her spirit has inspired others to focus on one's ability over disability. >> reporter: sophia is a young teen with a determined vision and a gentle heart.
6:49 am
>> she obviously sees the world in a way i wish we could all see the world. >> reporter: she guides a museum president to explain her masterpieces. >> what is tt e? >> we're showing the world that those who are diffe antlyed can do so much if given an opportunity. >> reporter: we met sophia working on pieces focussed on ordinary creatures and infusing them with joy. e parents got requests from friends and strangers a few years back. >> when people said could make that into a note card, that inspired note cards, framedin , sophia's work. >> we're hoping this is a foundation for her indpendence an really for her future. >> the company's finding success and sophia is constantly inspired. each week a new work of art.
6:50 am
still humble about it, though. >> reporter: you've had a lot of success already. >> oh, thank you, david. you're the best. >> reporter: you're welcome. thanks for letting us share it. city leaders once suppressed divert si. today this museum is celebratini anic heritage. they are showcasing the talents of this young latino artist. sophia's curiosity had her walk into our interview just to observe. no pressure with the young artist over my shoulder. >> no pressure. reporter: where do you see the future of this young art tcientist. >> i see her spi everywhere, and she's contagious. she makes you want to dan and smile. we're privileged to have her. >> rorter: a bit emotional, but that's the beauty of art, especially sophia's. >> what do you want people to think of when they see your art?
6:51 am
>> happy. >> reporter: you want to makeha people y? >> i think that is -- that is the realthophia right e. >> oh, thanks, dad. do you love me? >> yes. i love you, sophia. >> reporter: plenty of love to go around. that's a loving spirit right now. we invite you to join us for a celebration of hispani heritage. news 4 is teaming up to bring you stories highlighting the contributions latinos are in our area. you can catch it this morning at 8:30 right here on nbc 4. >> she's adorable and so talented. >> we love her. we also love somara theodore. >> a lot of people happy you're back and you brought good tidings. >> good weather. today a lot of clouds. not only clouds, but fog. let's look at the live picture outside. i think you can see theog pretty good. it was pretty good in fort meade
6:52 am
earlier. right now it looks like the washington d.c. metro area isoo seeing a amount of fog. we'll look at the visibility map. you can see down to 7 miles. that's not bad as far as being on the road. you don't want to worry about being close to a quarter mil up i-95. lower spots. gaithersburg. a lot ofs fog burning off as we head throughout the day. we've been talking about all the different activities goinginn today inclting the taste of bethesda and waterbeurg fair. temperaturess.n the mid 60 by the afternoon we'll really start to see some improvements and sunshine breakinghrough during the second half of the day. highs will peak in the mid 70s through saturday afternoon with the switch of winds coming from the south. and then by tomorrow we're talking low to m 80s. the second half of the weekend,
6:53 am
a lot of clouds. even moreunshine for your sunday. that's going to help us climb t in low to mid 80s. here's a look at the clouds. 12:00 p.m. future cast. lots of cloud everage. we mforward. by the afternoon, there's the breaks in the clouds i was talking about overnight dry, quiet. heading out continue, a nice night. ola little temperatures in the 70s. tomorrow morning lots of clouds. but that is not going -- that does not mean you have any rain to about by sunday afternoon. we should see plenty of sunshine. the weekend outlook not bad. giving it all green. here's a look at the ten-day. a lot of things to dissect. we're warming up as we head through the top of the week. you can see 80s. as we heaoward the end of the week, rain moves in. next weekend we'reng tal real fallweather.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
at 6:56, here are four things to know on this saturday. today senators will decide whether or n to confirm brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. they'll ve this afternoon. two waivers republicans have said they'll back him. a liv look at the inner loop in alexandria. we're told one person died in a crash involving as many as six cars. no word on when all the lanes will reopen. more traffic issues potentially.
6:57 am
the memorial bridge is closed for the weekend. it's shut down as crews finish up repairs. it will:0 open at on monday. a small town is taking a step back in time. experience 19th century life with crafts, performances, home tours and lots of food from the er today and tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the ening. somara, you said up to the 80s and down to the 40 >> overnight. overnight. next weekend at night. we just moved in about four months ago,
6:58 am
but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own search. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
6:59 am
just kind of ties in very well. what makes aldi olive oil oh sweetheart. because only the specialest, most amazing products in all the world make it into aldi stores. something so beautiful and precious, you should never ever, ever, ever, ever let go of. jeez mom it's just olive oil. stop being weird.
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we hand pick only the most amazing products. that's changing shopping for the better. aldi. shop differentli. good morning. l but done. in a matter of hours, judge brett kavanaugh is expected to befficially confirmed as the next supreme court justice. this after a gripping day on capitol hill wher tekey undecidd senators announced. > angry protestershowing displeasure. as the lawyers for kavanaugh's accuser blasts the fbi investigation once again.iv we ae with all of the drama playing out in the ti on's capitol. celebrationth in e streets. >> this is forlaquan. >> joyful marching in chicago after a white police officer was found guilty of second-degree murder of the sho


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