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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> just lingering. and we have clay anderson tracking that as we start out the -- well i guessn the 70s around here, clay. >> david and angie, the key word os linger because these low clouds continue linger throughout the morning. as we look outside, visibility remains to be a factor across our area. those running down across areas of the tidal basin, a flood advisory is ineffect. it shouldn't deter you from running as long as you stay o course and enroute. high tide has already happened so the a.m. fog will around that area. we're talking about the fog, visibility has been dropping throughout the morning. we started out at greater than seven miles in washington, d.c. we're down to five. manassas just a bit over a mile and less than a mile in areas of the shannen d shenandoah. vall this is what you need to know. the it will be warmer than averloe but thes will take a while before they break. the complete forecast coming up in just a few moments.
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back to you. >> clay, thanks so much. happening right now,sa ths of people are participating in the army 10-miler. >> the race started an hour ago and derrick ward i live along ohio drive northwest. derrick, i see folks making their way past you. >> reporter: indeed they are. they don't seem winded at all. this began a a fitness event for the military district of washington and it's grown into something much more, includingw runner veer from the course just a little bit. this is the 34th year for this race and they've raised $7 million to date for causes like family morale, welfare and recreation programs for military members. this is, indeed, a world-clas race. 35,000 runners, as we said. take a look, this is a map o the course of this race. this year's changed somewhat usually they come across the memorial bridge and make an appoint from a diffe nt angle but construction is going on so they veered off a bit but once they get past this point it's
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indeed business as usual.ta a look at some animation -- [ muted ] -- this race began at the pentagon. it will end up there back on the pentagon lot. we are here at a place where spectators come to cheer folks along. we talked to someone who is here now to cheer -along three actually four runners doing this for the first .time take a listen. what brings you out here? are you supporting a particular runner? >> my son andndy husnd my son's father-in-law are all running in difrent waves so we have to catch them all. >> reporter: how b it to get this close to them? >> amazing. i'm so glad we found a parking spot where we could be kind of sort of close. it's awesome. h we'repy to be here. >> reporter: first time run for all of those folks.
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they're here in the crowd, people are trying to pick out a particular runner but they ares ere to support the folks and they appciate it. derrick ward, news 4, bac to you. >> bringing a lot of energy on this sunday morning. derrick, we appreciate it. it has been tcontentious, has been emotional, it has been a long batt that played out over several weeks in front of the nation. i brett kavanaug officially an associate justice on the highest court in the land and he could begin hearing case this is week. >> last night, president trumpa praised kgh at a campaign tile rally in topeka, kansas. he told supporters the supreme court must stay under conservative control with conservative justices and everybody compared democrats to criminals. >> you don't hand matches to an arsonist and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that' what they've become.he >> reporter:resident also
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urged his base to vote in november's idterm elections. with more on what justice kavanaugh's confirmation can mean for the future. here's nbc's chris pollone. >> reporr: his children standing with him and his wife holding a bible, brett kavanaugh took the oath ofe office bef 7:00 in washington. chief justice john roberts and retired justice anthony kennedy administered the oaths, making kavanaugh the nation's 102nd associate justice. earlier, kavanaugh cleared his final hurdng, winni confirmation in the senate while protesters tried in vain to disrupt the vote. >> thear a 50, the nays are 48. >> reporter: the confirmion follows a month's long battle over kavanaugh's judicial record then over allegations of sexual assault and misconduct. protests started early outside he capital and spread to oth cities. kavanaugh's opponents and supporters outto sw yerers out
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sena >> i think she inspired millions of women. nott would be a travesty to nominate him based on such a flimsy claim. >> reporter: president trump claimed victory at a kansas campaign rally saturday night. >> i stand on the heels of a tremendous victory for our nation, our people, and our beloved constitution. >> reporter: but as republicans celebrated, protests continued into the night. both sides energizedhe for t midterm elections just a month away. chris pollone, nbc news. i want to remind you, we have more coverage on this historic t confirmation in nbc washington app. yoll find a photo gallery of the protests and details of yesterday's events. then an hour or so in our 10:00 hour, "meet the press" host and nbc news political director chuck todd will be here in studio with us to talk more about the confirmation, its
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impact on the supreme court and the midterms. executives at the"w hington post" trying to find out if a prominent saudi arabia journalist and "post" contributor was murdered. the associated press says jamal khashoggi was visiting the coayulate and some he was murdered inside the consulate. saudi arabian officials deny the allegations calling itba less. the district grapples with a skyrocketing murder rate. we're working to get more details from d.c. plaolice aftea shooting in t.southeas this is 9:00 last night, pice aren't saying much right now but we know as the news 4 crew was oncene they saw investigators surrounding a body at benning road. as we get more information, we'll pass it to you. shocking new video to share with you. look at thisla survee video. this happened in broad daylight. a robbery in anastia on
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thursday just after 11:00 in the morning. a masked man that you see there, he entered this restaurant on maple view place. he waved the gun at one point and demands the employee hand over sh. at worker manages to keep his calm, his composure and hands over the money. it appearshe suspect puts the gun in his waistband before he walks out. now to a disturbing story this morning. a man is charged with attacking a child with autism at a ol. police say the incident happened at the whittier education campus. that's in northwest friday morning. officers arrested michael dunn. according to witnesses, he hit the child's head so hard itde caused a s to hit their head on a computer. the child was taken to the hospal. police charged dunn with second degree child cruelty. the search is w on forever is responsible for spray painting a symbol of hate outside the jewish community center in northern virginia. take a look. this is what people in annandale
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discovered yesterday morning. swastikas coverin the outside of the building. this is actually video of outside the building the next day we know surveillance video shs a man leaving the scene after committing the act overnight. >> it's sad. it's horrle. this place being a jewish community center, i'm catholic, who cares? like come and be together with people. what's the point of all this? >> reporter: a similar incident at the jccpe hd about a yea nafr a and a half ago. there is a $1,000 reward beingr ofin this case. it's the same type of technology used at some so as to keep our skies safe. now a school is using it to make sure students are safe in the clsroom. weas'l the ross fall dress event is finally here. so you can find a party dress that actually makes you want to celebrate. yes.
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we entrust educators with our most valuable treasures -- . our childr >> given the seemingly constant stream of shooting and other violence we've seen, it's no wonder some in the school communities are turning to this advanced new thnology so as to secure the schools. >> rehema ellis taking us inside one school leading the way. >> reporter: at st. therese school in seattle, the principal says security is his number oner ty. >> nothing is more precious than our children and if you don't feel safe you can't learn. >> reporter: his concern heightened after a spate of deadly school sotings in the past year. that's why starting this semester st. therese is using facial recognition software.f it's one the first schools in the country trying the technology similar systems are already used in some airports, train stations even sporting events.
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do you feel safer? >> i do believe this technology has created a safer environment for our children. we can see where we couldn't see before. >> reporter: here's how the real networ software called safr works. first, video cameras are being placed around the building. teen you regr in the school computer. once approved your name is added into the system. then when you get to the school door, you don't even have to ring the doorbell, just smile and t system lets you right in so you can go straight to the front desk. now just usedff for s here. visitors must be approved before being let in and if someone is a known threat asn this demonstration with a real netwo networks employee, the systeml alerts schtaff and the doors stay locked. real nworks ceo rob glasser is offering 12 cameras for hafree.
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>> safr can help identify are people who are not supposed to be on the campus. >> reporter: but critics worry the information could end up in the wrong hands. >> i have no doubt that some of it will end up on a rogue webt site and won't be able to be gotten back. >> reporter: important concerns asca ers consider high tech upgrades in school security. but wonder whether th 'll pass thst. rehema ellis, nbc news, seattle, take a look. the runners have taken their mark and they are well on their way. you are looking at participants in thermy 10-mile they are morning. this is on ohio avenue northwest d.c. 73 degrees and clouds to start the race. the race. but hopefully we'll see the sun
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: a jennl leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbe. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted he to sabotage the thcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock --
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everything that's wrong in washington. he in the u.s. some seem to think that bigger is better, but there's this tinyouse end that's under way that's catching on in some cities. >> and d.c. ishene of cities embracing this change. earlier this week, mark seagraves took a look at how the d.c. government is using the tiny house business to solve some big-city problems. for years this was one o more than 100 vacant lots ict tered across the dis that the d.c. government owned but today it's home to not one but two tiny houses. that the bowser administration
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hopes is theng beginf a project that willp hel students help with affordable housing r d help g of blighted propert propertie properties. these brand new tiny homes were built by hig s schooldents as part of a pilot program called vacant to vibran designed to turn empty lots into productive properties. shelley kareem's students built these homes over the last two years during their class time. she points out the students not only got real world job skills by doing the work, they got the chance to giv back to their neighborhood. >> my students are very -- they take pride in their work and for them to understand that not only would we see the work but the community would see just how well they orbuild. >> rr: in tiny home is only 160 square feet but has everything you need in a place to live and it could sell for as little as $50,000 according to
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polly donaldson with the d.c part of housing. >> we know there are other vacant lots the city could acquire to be used for.nd portnd baltimore have been used as a way to house some special populations, sometimes it's groups of seniors, sometimes it's been homeless individuals. >> reporter: the tiny homes on vacant lots is just a pilot program for now while city official gauge interest fro residents looking for a different type of place to call me. in northeast, mark seagraves, news 4. >> some people lik that, just having everything you need right there. >> simplifie life. >> it does. cleaning is easier. it's nice and cozy. >> cool to see how students are taking part in that. i know you said you do habitat for humanity. >> yes, we get the opportunity to build those houses, work with peop, it's a great thing to do. >> so wonderful. so wonderful. you are here with us today
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we have a lot of runners out there, right? >> it's nice when you're not dehydrated but you have to other factor where it would be nice with sunshine. it's sundays and we understand that. outside we'll showt you w we're seeing. our temperatures haven't budged much in the lastho several s. 73 is the temperature outside right now. winds are light out of the south. a lot of moisture is outside and if you look really close, really close, that's the washington monument but you have to look close to see it out there. we talk about the visibility. visibility down to zero in martinsburg. you are driving to the west, visibilities are decreasing, three miles in leesburg, other areas just about five to six miles in visibility and the low clouds are keeping a lid on our temperatures as well.o 60sur west with the low clouds, 70s to our east, fort
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meade coming in at 72 degrees. notice if you're outdoors, temperatures will be in the 70 to 80s, still on the warm side but low clouds and fog willtu . speaking of that, we'll m clouds throughout air t area, we see breaks but late into today and the overnight and men then more low clouds come back to the area. ernight tonight 69 degrees. columbus day, partly sunny skies, i would say partly sunny. temperatures 84 degrees. rather than partly cloudy i'll say partly sunny. to the 80s but go but a cold front and this is an autumn fall like col front which means temperatures will drop, we'll have sunshine, low humidity maybe time to take away the
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shorts, low temperatures in the 50s. that word says cool. temperatures will be falling into the 40s so we'll keep an eye on that so fall the end of the week. summer lingers on. it will be time to find yo favorite sweater because the temperatures and wetter are about to change. >> m i'mk murray from nbc news. >> and i'm carrie dan. >> for all the attention on this november's races for senate and house seats which will determine control of congress, don'trg about another set of contests that will be important to watch in november. >> we're talkingbout i gubernatorial races. 36 of them that won't only determin which partyontrols governor sanchez but which party may have a leg up in redistricting. >> the non-partisan cook political report says a real blue wave for democrats might
9:22 am
come with the gubernatorial contests with democrats expected 2 pick up between six and governorships as well as between 400 and 600 state legislative s. se >> right now republicans hold 33 governorships compared with just 16 for democrats. >> but democrats have the opportunity to even the sco in november. >> particularly in key battleground states like florida, iowa, michigan, ohi ando
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basic needs. crews also continue to rescue the wnded in search f survivors. almost 400 people died after that 7.5 magnitude quake triggered a tsunami. strong aftershocks continue to rock the area yesterday. it m be in your fridge right now. a shocking accusation about a popular beverage. there's a class action lawsuit that alleges lacroix isn't all natural. so the suit claims the sparkling water has ingredients that have
9:26 am
been identified by the fda as he syc, even containing artificial ingredients including cockroach insecticide. lacroix's parent company national beverage deny the allegations. comedian kat williams is in trouble again, thi time for an alleged fight over a dog. this happened friday night in portland. police say williams and the driver fought about taking the comedian and his dogs to a performance. well, the driver had cuts and bruises to his face. willia ended up taking another vehicle, police arrested him yesterday morning and now he is ch with misdemeanor assault. first lady melania trump is on her way back to the state after wrapping up her four-country tour o africa. she spent her last day vthiting e pyramids and great sphinx in egypt yesterday. the first lady also met with egypt's president and his wife. now the five-day, four-country tour marks her first major solo
9:27 am
international trip. it is the video gone viral that has everybody talking -- a work by the elusive street artist banksy apparently self-destructed at an auction in london. >> i don't understand that but sometimes i feel like this is a cultured you w are. this is a big deal in the art world. moments after the painting was sold for $1.4 million this happened. as soon as the bidding war ended an alarm sounded. that's the painting. the art work runs down through a shredder embedded in the frame. you can see the painting comes out in a bunch of strips. >> and also people wereouringing their cell phones then they get to a point where they're like my gosh, what's going on, they're trying to take it off ng butll, stop the shred the auction house seemed to take this in stride saying "it appears we got banksied" and now some art marketer wat are suggesting this work of art can
9:28 am
be worth more than what it was sold for in its whole state. >> whent s intact. it really has his touch. >> or$1.4 million than that and it's shredded? >> how do you frame a shredded piece? i don't know. there was a lot of thought put into that. 9:28 is your time. taking a liven look outside the other side of this break. clay anderson tells usbout a
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welcome to news 4, i'm david in for adam tuss. joining us for facebook live. >> we'll keepco you any. >> we're talking about the weather. good morning, happy sunday to all of you. it would be great if we could add sunshine to this sunday and we will. it will take time. the key is patience. outside right now, things you want top do for udur sunday in whatever you want to do outside. it's not a rainy sunday. and that's theood news. but the clouds are going to linger and the warm temperatures will hang around as well as summer doesn't want to give up its ghost. not yet. 80 degrees by early in the n. aftern sun will peek through depending on where you are. 82 degrees.e
9:32 am
we'lllose to our high temperature even at 6:00 p.m. 76 degrees, i had that 7 on my mind. for us for the forecast, more s even. into tuesda into wednesday a cold frontgh comes thrnd everything starts to change as temperatures drop into the 70s and 60s and i'll tell you how cold it will go. the complete 10-day forecast in just a moment. >> see you in a fewminutes, thanks, clay. thousands ofks f in this summer-likeeaer are running in the army-ten miler. >> news 4's derrick ward is live in northwest d.c. along t route. what's going on? >> people are running by, imaginethat. how long does it take for 35,000 runners to get past any givenin i don't know. they haven't done it yet. this is the course for 34th annual army 10 miler. theitness event for the
9:33 am
military district of washington has grown into a world-class race, this is the secon largest ten miler in the country. but they't get to run past the most idyllic iconic sites in washington. they start near the pentagon, come across the bridge. they used to come acrossmo al bridge but there's construction so they've altered the route and come up hereut once they get past the lincoln memorial it's the same route 's always been look at the traffic closures. if you're going to set out t t downtown, you need to be aware of those things because this race closes some traffic inside the city. as they make their way from virginia, through the district and back across the river again. and the raise money for programs to help military families programs that are called family morale, welfare and recreation programs and to date they'veaised more than $7 million for that cause. that's quite a feat for something that started out as a
9:34 am
fitness event and is indeed grown into a world-class event. we'll be back once more as the race goes by. we are live in northwest, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> stay out of their way, derrick, lethem go on. >> move to the left. >> that's right. it was a contentious fight but president trump's pick for the supreme court brett kavanaugh will begin hearing cases this week. >> t president praising kavanaug he said they must stay under conservative control with conservative justices even mparing democrats to criminals. n> you don't hand matches to ab arsonist and you don't give power to an angry left-wing mob and that's what they've become. >> reporter: the president urging his base to voten november's midterm elections. >> here's another look a the protests outside the supreme court yesterday. most of the crowd was against the nomination of justice
9:35 am
kavanaugh but a handful of people came out to support his confirmation were there. both sides passionate about what the appointment means for the country's future. >> i'm a r civilhts attorney and i'm very concerned about this process and the fact that brett kavanaugh is going to turn back civil rights and many otheh that americans have enjoyed for many years. >> i'm super happy. he's a constitutionalist. to judge things base tonight constitution, that's amazing, that's everything. capitol t check, u.s. police arrested 164 people. this is outside the capitol and e supreme court. it's sunday morning which means last night was saturday night and you had "snl," "saturday night live" taking shots at politicians from both sides of the aisle over the whole kavanaugh confirmation but it seems they mainl focus tonight over-the-top celebrations, as they put it, from republicans. >> oh, please, the last thing i
9:36 am
want ed was to make this about me that's why i told everyone to tune in at 3:00.m. so i could tell all my female supporters psych! >> reporter:s comedian cecily strong imitating senator susan collins, the sketch played out like a sports team locker room celebration. tyer this week we didn't see a surprise celeb in the show but you got to see awkwafina. >> making history. first asian woman to host "snl" in 18 years. goodor her. we want to remind you we have much more coverage on the confirmation in the nbc washington app. you'll find a photo gallery of protests andpetailed re of yesterday's events. coming up in our 10:00 hour, chuck todd will join us here in studio to talk the impact of the confirmation. in other news, with a surging murder rate this morning, some closure in one
9:37 am
case. d.c. police made a quick arrest in the most recent killing. we told you about this friday night. o death ailey was shot near 15th and d streets in northeast d.c. policeed charg rodney canard with that murder. police haven't released afo mote bailey's shooting. bailey is the eighth person to be shot in five shootings over two-week span. this is along the benning road corridor alone. one of the shooting victims was a nine-year-old girl. d.c. police have increased patrols in the area. a certain type of lock could make your home a death trap. that's what fire investigators say happened to a ft. washington woman killed after flames ravaged her home. the fire started inde of thi home thursday on old palmer eoad. it had these douylinder dead bolt which is require you to unlock both sides of the door using a key. firefighters found the victim near the door unablo estatescap her own home. fire investigators say this
9:38 am
the third fire this yr where they have found double cylinder dead bolts on doors. >> we have an update on the breaking news story we brought you yesterday morningbout the person killed on the beltway near the fairfax county alexandria line. police need help finding the driver who hit the person and didn't bother to stop. stat police say yesterday morning nathan dickerson ran off the road, hit a jersey wall then an rv. he jumped out of his car and that's when he was hit by onmi traffic. the first driver who hit him left the scene. witnessest describe t car as a red sedan. a local program helps men and women return to a broughtpre life-style after getting out of prison. in this morning's
9:39 am
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right now more than four million americans are rrourning home jail or prison. >> and they're facing a number of issueshat make getting their life back on track difficult. leon harris shows us this week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: it's clear for oeila murphy, helping men and women fresh out prison is more like a calling instead of a job. >> the j data wast really heavy and my heart felt like somebody needs to be concerned aboutthis. >> reporter: 25 years ago she started going into prisons just to talk with s.inma >> one of the sessions the guy said, miss sheila, it's like the word prison is writtenacross m forehead and when i went home i couldn't shake s. >> reporte she created mission to mobilization. this organization providesin retu citizens resources to help them get their lives back ontrack. people like willie mcbride. >> i made up my mind that if i can work inside of a prison, $1.32 an hour, i can work out
9:42 am
here in society. >> reporter: thanks to the il program,e is now a delivery driver and father and husband, very present in the lives of his family. coming home to one's family isn't easy for every ex-offender there's a lot of distrust and hurt because of the past mistakes. >> we carry a lot ofen, financial burden, having to hold it down for the family, having to take care of thebills. it's a lot. >> reporter: to help with, that mission toat mobiln offers free family life group session which is willie w and hise participate in. >> we start there and then we work down. we're not perfect. it took a long te to get here and there's always room for improvement. >> reporter: since they started working together, sheila says she can already see that better life coming together for the mcbrides. they're two ofhe hundreds of people sheila have been able to
9:43 am
help find housing and move onir with tlives. >> they're human and once someone serves their time it should be tim served. let them go ahead and live their life. >> leon harris, news 4.>> we have more information on the program and other servicesn misso mobilization offers in our nbc washington app. l you have to do is search harris' heroes. he does a great job with those highlighting people in our communit making a difference. get on your feet this morning. these folks are part of the army 10-miler. up early, this is in northwest. they are making their wayou . we'll check in with clay anderson who has a look your anderson who has a look your foreatca
9:44 am
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thismorning, n 4 responds to local homeowners who say they were burned by a solar panel company. >> each homeowner tells us they paid the company thousands of dollar because that company never showed up to o thework. that's when they contacted consumer reporter susan hogan for 'slp. >> it dinner time at the waggoner house in arlington and they are eating up a lot of electricity. the microwave, the fridge, microwave again, the lights and the microwave again. the meter spinning costing a ton of money. that's exactly why ryan decided last fall to cut the cord and go solar. a similar reason why tim manning wanted solar panels on his
9:47 am
retirement home in bluemont. bothmen, perfect strangers, have one thing in common. >> i'm niko eckart, i'm founder of independent solar solutions. >> they hired independent solar solutions too the job. their stories almost identical. both signs a pcontractd a deposit and weeks later before any work was started they said eckart asked for more money. what is this check for? >> for the supplies, the solar panels. >> he told you he needs the money up front? >> correct, before they ororder >> rr: in the company's own contract, look at this, it specifically says it's against e law for a contractor to collect payment for work not yet completed or for materials not yet vedeed. unfortunately, neither homeowner noticed this and paid the company thoands more. now almost one year later, both homes don'have any solar nels. >> not even delivered?
9:48 am
>> nope. >> reporter: get your money back? >> nope. >> reporter: did you get a refund? >> i never heard anything. they have just over $17,000 of my money. >> reporter: nbc 4 respondsca ed and e-mailed niko eckart and his business partner numerous times and when they didn't respond we went looking for them niko, how are you? susan hogan from nbc 4, how are you? we found eckart at his home. >> want you to get off the property, too, okay?>> eporter: that's fine. eckart tolds we should have gone to his office instead of his home. there's a problem, the ashburned a dress listed on the site is now occupied by another business. we also checked out the leesburg address that his partner used, turns out it's his ome and look what's in the driveway? n independent solar solutions trailer. no one was at the door. news 4 learnedor of m complaints.
9:49 am
>> we expect independent to do the right thing. >> reporter sariaaron such's organization represents owners who want to go solar. he heard from five homeowners who say the company isn't honoring their contracts. >> it was something that came as a surprise to us and i think we're expecting them to come around and meet the standards we see in the solar industry in virgin virginia. >> reporter: independe solar solutions sent news 4 a statement so we read it to him. independent solar solutions maintains the position of refunding mr. manning's money or completing the project. the company plans on resolving this with do you it? >> no. that's the fourth time i've heard that. >> reporter: as f ryan, he agreed to share his story in hopes that maybe it will have a positsitive outcome. >> this has the potenti to be embarrassing and public that maybe you warning them they're
9:50 am
going to it makes them look like good t guys in end. >> unfortunately they have not fixed . tim says he plans to pursue criminal charges against the company in the way of contractors fraud. it appears independent solar solutions is still in business. their contractors' license is still active. news 4 checked with the virginia attorney general's office and they have three complaints filed agait that company. we have clay anderson with us. folks running inhe army 10 miler initially must have thought it's goingic to be a cool fall morning >> they're running and it's warm. if we couldet sunshine at least we'll have sun. we've got plenty of warmtht but too much sun. isw clouds butility is improving slowly and i did say sewly. the clouds are breaking and notice that the ceilings are rising which means as i talked
9:51 am
about before you could barely see the washington monument but you're seeing more so we're burning off that fog and as we do temperatures will be rising behind that. >> 73 degrees, winds out of the south. still showing clouds but we expect sun across the area. depending on your outdoor plans whether we're biking or jogging, temperatures will cooperate i you enjoy the warmth, clouds, sunshine in the afternoo visibility depending on where you are, location nassas, culpepper not much above one mile. we have dropped down to five miles acrosshe washington area. a little better than montgomery county. temperatures haven't changed over theast several hours. 77 to our east and west.
9:52 am
winchester, hagerstown 68 and 77 respecti respectively. warm outside but the cuds will start to move back in from the west to east. tomorrow 86, plenty of sunshine, morning clouds but we'll see the breaks later on throughout the evening. 80s will continue until thursday. thursday the frontal boundary comes across, temperatures high in the 60s, lows in the 40 waiting for a liver transplant..
9:53 am
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a 25-year-old actress andes cong doctor are both this year's nobel peace prize winners. >> the doctor you mentioned is somebody who treated thousands of survivors of rape in the cong nbc's richard engel visited him at his clinic one of the world's most dangerous locations. >> reporter: dr. denis mukwege won the nobel prize for his work at this clinic congo which we visited in 2016. all of these women have been raped. so i see you have a still nursing little boy. how old is yr son? >> the child is sick and myself i'm sick.
9:56 am
reporter: her name is leticia. the rapist gave her and her baby hiv. doesn't it overwhelm you? >> it's sometimes just breaking my heart and i feel that'm powerless. >> reporter: but dr. mukwege is more than powers ss. militantin congo use rape as a weapon to frighten villagers off their land, especially the land is rich with minerals. dr. mukwege has to travel the bodyguards, the gangs tried to kill him. it didt stop him. >> i can see how women are strong to fight. this is pushing me to gon sand say it's not the end. we have to fight. >> reporter: dr. m here performing surgery when he learned he won the nobel.
9:57 am
now his work giving care and hope is being recognized but sadly it's not finished n richard enge news, coo. at 9:57, a live look outsid a little tough to see. we've got some fog still in the area and clay anderson is tracking a summer that wants to stick with us. stick with us. we'll see what's ahea whend n
9:58 am
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the month long battle to put brett kavanaugh on the supreme court ends with a new associate justice but the fallout could have a big impact come november. a new course for thousands of runners during the army 10-miler. and this is going to mean a slew of road closures for weekend drivs. driv a terrifying armed robbery in broad daylight. police say they need your help tracking down the mass criminal s. adam tuss has the morning off, i'm david culver. >> and i'm an ji -- angie goff. >> summer is overstaying its


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