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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  October 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. police still searching for the man responsible for a hammer attack in district. but they have new pictures they want you to see. a single crash kills 20 people in upstate new york. most of them riding in a limousine. federal investigators are getting involved. and the supreme court back up to a full nine, but some lawmakers worried about the public perception of the court with justice brett kavangh. we are learnin new details about a violent attacklo i beg logan circle. take a look at these photos. they say this man chased another man into the store, pulled out a
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hammer and started smashing him in the head. we're live outside 14th street. what are you hearing? >> chris, i looks likehis was a vicious, unprovoked attack that happened right in broad daylight out here on 14th street. it all came to an end right here at this wine store whenomeone allegedly hit the suspect over the head with bottle. these photos were just released by police. this is the man they're looking for. these are new pictures. police say the ones they released last week were of the wrong person. they did not s how exactly that happened. this incident did happen thursdayfternoon here on 14th street. and it apparentl startedith the suspect allegedly spit on the victim. you can imagine words were exchanged after that, but then the victim w chased into this wine store. that's what he was hit on the head seral times with metal hammer. now, a witness intervened and
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headk the subpoespect over the with a bottle two times until the bottle bre. the man w able to get away and police haven't seen him since. that happened not too far fwhm e a woman who was jogging was stand to death in another random attack. lit an arrest was made in that case. do need help in this situation. that is why they released those photos today. they need help identifying this man. if you recognize him from those photos, you aresked to call d.c. police. according to the police report, the victim in this case is expected to be okay. chris, back to you. >> let's hope it leads to a brk in the case thank you, darcy. aouden sheriff was on patrol when he came across what may human remains. he was in a would they area in sterling. the skeletal remains were discovered close to sterling elementary school. we learned the name of the
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man killed inoutheast d.c. hot municipality times on benning road. officers rushed to the scene but anderson was already dead when the paramedics arrived. homicides are now up 41% in d.c. compared to last year. 20 peopleiein a horrific limo crash in upstate new york. ntsb a investigators trying to figure out why tonight. 18 of those victims were in that limo yesterday headed to birthday party. we get caught up on the investigation. it was just before 2:00 saturday afternoon in schoharie, new york, where a ford excursion broke through a sto>>sign. hey went to a parking lot and struck a 2015 toyota highlander that was unoccupied and parked. twoedestrians standing nearby
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were also struck and killed. >> reporter: all 1people inside the limousine were dolled, all were adults. barbara less, the aunt of four people on board says the suv was rented for a birthday celebration. >> they did the responsible thing getting a limo so they wouldn't be driving. >> reporter: news of the crash rattled local residents. >> we're a small community and they're all our friends. nobody should ever have to see what happened yesterday. >> reporter: autrities say the cause of the crash is under investigation and would not say if passenger inside the vehicle were buckled up. >> the front seat p the driver would be required to wear a seat belt. the passengers in the back would not. >> reporter: a team from the ntsb has also started to investigate. >> this is one of the biggest loss of lives we've seen in a long time. >> reporter: the ntsb says it's the deadliest incident sce 2009.
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here in c., a supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has one more swearing in ceremony before he takes his seat on the bench. kavanaugh took his official oath of office yesterday, bute'll do it again tomorrow night in a ceremonial event at the white house. b senators onh sides of the aisle were on "meet the press" this morning debate his ability to be imphetial now that on the courted. >> there are good reasons to have doubts about now justice kavanaugh'sandor to the committee given his partisan hearing. >> we have people trying to destroy a reputationith accusations that you know aren't true, and every rumor that comes up about you is the most awful kind of accusation. you'reheot going to sit calmly and take that. yourself ng to defend against people deliberately trying to damage and destroy you, ands i think tha what he did and the fact that he did that is the reason ht.s on the
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co >> that white house ceremony is set for 7:30 tomorrow night. monday is a hoday, so justice kavanaugh will join the supreme court on tuesday. breaking ne rht now coming out of haiti where residents have felt another aftershock. at least 12 people died in the original quake which registered 5.9 magnitude. this is strongest earthquake since 2010 when the devastating 7.0 quake killed tens of thousands of people. today's aftershock is a 5.2. turning to the forecast now, another day that mtes easy to forget we're in october. it's also sol. beauti here's the thing. we are going to get more summer-like weather as we head into the remainder of the week. i made this for you. let's head to the headlines.
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this is what you need to know. the warm-up continues. now, i am also tracking the tropics because it could ver well be our next big rain chance here in the region. we'll have timing coming up.e and have a major cooldown on the wayt. after t it'll start feeling like fall. i'll have all the details coming up. chris, back to you. the search continues for whoever spraypainted swastikas on a jewish community center.iv the posit messages we found when we went back there today. striking a balance between securing your homsc anding in an emergency. in an emergency.
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messages of love overshadowing an act of hate in fairfax county after someone spray-painted a jewish community nter. we found new messages on the ground in chalk. ove and lude the words united we stand. surveillance video captured the person who faintedsa swastikas rday morning. police stillor looking fhe suspect. folks who don't have health insurance, going to the dentist isn't even an option. but today hundreds of people didn't have to pay a de in silver spring. it was part of the hope clinic put on by the seventh day adventist
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patients got cleanings and even teeth pulled if they needed it. >> we love to do this type of service. thers such a great need for dental services. the patients are so grateful for the hp that they get. >> pretty generous. going e clinic has been strong for three years now. next at 6:00, a lot of them get them for safety, but a partickar type of door l might put you at risk. we'll explain what firefighters might have cost a woman preciou seconds in a home fire. somara theodore looking at our ten-day forecast and a
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sometimes it's not easy to escape a house fire and it only gets harder when a door has a double cylinderke look that one here in fort washington. that lock needs keys on both sides and it may have cost a woman her life. we explain why families install these locks and how they can cost youon precious sec in a fire. a woman died after a fire in this home in fort washington this past thursday unrefighters got to this house around 8:30 and enred smoke and found a 65-year-old woman just inside the front door. a front door with a double
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cylinder lock, meaning key was needed to open the door from the inside as well as the outside. th victim was unconscious with that key in her hand. a tragic scenario that happens with frequency. >> we find them right behind the door. >> precious escape time lost looking for the right key amid-toxic smoke and flames. it's already happened three times in prince ge county this year. >> they were just overcome by smoke and weren't able to to open the door themselves. >> reporter: jacob green tells usho locks are popular, a reaching around a window and lo ing a locked door. but they can slow up a hasty exit. >> i want to t recommend people change it to synell-side deadbolt. instead of using a key from the ou have a thumb turn that looks like this. y all have to do is open and you get out. >> reporter: especially on a main the advance, and likely to
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take in a nic. >> the locks have screws on the inside. somebody really wants to t in is going to get in with a wdriver. >> reporter: the fire department also says have a plan before you need it. of course, working smoke detectors are essential. there were none in this home. in fort washington, derrick wa>, news 4. ou couldn't have asked for better weather for today's 10 miler. police reopened the streets after thousands of people wrapped up their run. the race started outside the pentagon and the winners were both from texas on the men's and women's side. julia dall finished second on the women's side from columbia, maryland. congrats. i take my kids out to nurseries, fall fest thing, break it down,
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sweaty, we're too hot, wteneed >> and you just said you need fall. i love smer so i'm relishing in this. fall is on the way. we do have cooler weather to come, so hang in there forecasts. l then it's going to feel like summer. let's take a look outside. isn't that fabulous? >> beautiful. >> i'm feeling kind of sick for dinner. no, absolutely gorgeous out e. th currently they are feeling temperatures in the low 80s. mostly sunny there. we have an influx of air from the south that really helped to warm things up not only today but actually yesterday afternoon believe it or not. current temperatures throughout th region, 83 in gatorsburg. low to d-80s throw the region and that is unseasonally warm. tomorrow a lot morf the same. highs for our monday will be in the low 80s.s the thing it's going to be
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another foggy start. it's going to look like this morning. rain chances are minimal, but there's a chance we uld see a stray shower out there. speaking of which, a few str showers on the board. back west andst south of i 81, pan handle showers. 10:00 p.m. says out there and then fizzles out. notice the time stamp, 7:0 monday, lots of clouds. some of those showers that i was talking about not too long ago, those pop-up stray showers could be a little bit of drizzle and then formulate into a more heavy shower, but i think most of us staydry. 3:00 p.m., notice how we start to see breaking up in the clouds a little farther west and south. so it won't be a cloudy day all day. when is the rainmaker going to come? we have to keep e an on
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tropical storm michael. right now down in the gulfyo as can see. as we head towards thursday and friday, that's when it's going to make its way up the eastern sea board. and we will get a rain chance on thursday and friday from tropical storm michael as well as the system moving in from the west. so good fair chance we'll see rain pretty soon. until then, storm team 4 ten-day outlook. 's the warm air through wednesday. changes on thursday and friday, d then we'll really feel it by next weekendhen we get the fall-like weather. i don't know if y'all remember what the 40s feels like, but it's a rude awakening. probably going to feel like the 40s. >> people are waiting to park out some of that fall clothes. >> i'm biased. coming up, plenty of action in the nfl. how former member of the how former member of the grgundy andold
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they play tomorrow night. >> but we have good news about them. listen, you should remember this. consistency is better than controversy. the redskins are looking to build tomorrow. adrian peterson and josh nor mac haveered from injuries. that's good. it's not the same for the giants who are dealing with controversy created by the words of a star player. odell beckham calling out his team for lack of heart and wasn't glowing in his review of eli manning. maybe we'll call him o on returning punts. better to keep your mouth shut. ends up as a caroline touchdown. later a little trick. passing downfield to aide open, 57-yard touckdown. baed up with a td passing also
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added a touchdown receptionth i e fourth quarter. that's worth shouting about. giants with just0 1:0to play. manning to barkley, wipes the sky-high, yeah,hat's a touchdown. extra point, good. the giants take a hee-point lead nailed the landing with 1:08 to go. that's enough time for the panthers to set up a game winner. remember this guy? 63 yards out. oh, heart break for t-m exration for carolina. listen, a big win over th steelers for ravens. ckmayfield and the browns g up in the second quarter. the ravens knocking on the proverbial doorstep.
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yes, it changes here. denz ward, the fourth overa p piks him off at the eveland three-yard line. there wasn't a lot of scorg. only touchdown, watch it, right here. mayfield to higgins, 19-yard td. browns take a 6-3 lead in the s half. is thia caps score or something? missed badly in regulation, on target right here, not pretty, but a win forcleveland, their first afc north victory in 19 tries, but who's counting? somara probly knows this. steelers hosting f thecons and rumblings of big ben in pittsburgh's demise. 18-yard touchdown. steelers up 13-0. check out the celebration. giving birth to a football baby.
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congrats to the smith/schuster family. wn on the ground, bell, who? yeah. james connor, second touchdown of the game. 110 -1yards, pittsburgh a 0 lead. antonio brown might be keoutspo about his team, but he makes plays. look at this 47-yarder. steelers win big over the falcons 41-17.i ink wayne rooney is a man of his word after he was signed this summer. rooney delivered a video message on social media and simply said, hey, let's get to work, d.c. and he has. eyed has gone from last place in july to close to a playoff spot, but only close, and that means there's more work to be done. this afternoon united opened for business and looking to extend its fiveame unbeaten streak. seco sellout crowd and bringing the heat with chicago fire.
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down 1-0 with the second half. that's wayne rooney. eighth goal in 16 games. and then a lifeline for d.c. united. the fire is going to get in, that's a penalty kick. and wayne rooney, he leaves no nubt. hisinth hole of the season united win 2-1 over the fire for the final playoff spot in the east with two games in hand. ov flyover ater.l fina lap chase elliott in front of the nine car. hamilton hot on histail. elliott holds him up for the win, his second win of the year and second of his career. just don't try that on the beltway you'll get in trouble. >> i'm still getting over that field goal.
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it was likes on his own side of the field. i couldn't believe it. >> and he delivered the baby. that was epic. >>hat do we have as folks heading out tonight? >> this graphic just for you, folks. temperaturesthropping int 60s overnight, a little muggy, cloud building, but dry al. a little c >> all right. stay warm through the middle of the the the news for now. "nightly news" is up next. we'll see you again later tonight after sundll night foot waiting for a liver transplant..
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everything that's wrong in washington. narrow test. test. test. test. the road in up new york. the toll is staggering. >> this is one of the biggest losses of life -- loss of lives that we've seen. >> 20 people are dead after a limousine crashes into a parked suv. young people celebrating a 30th birthday. a journalist feared dead. he criticized the leadership of saudi arabia in the american press. now some are claiming a saudi hit squad murdered him. >> the fight after the fight. the four-round championship bout last night was just the beginning. then came the real fireworks. as wildfires sweep through parts of the west, we're with the next generation being ne tr to join the battle. and giants descend on england. giant puppets, that is. a parade you won't


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