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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 7, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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ton. narrow test. test. test. test. the road in up new york. the toll is staggering. >> this is one of the biggest losses of life -- loss of lives that we've seen. >> 20 people are dead after a limousine crashes into a parked suv. young people celebrating a 30th birthday. a journalist feared dead. he criticized the leadership of saudi arabia in the american press. now some are claiming a saudi hit squad murdered him. >> the fight after the fight. the four-round championship bout last night was just the beginning. then came the real fireworks. as wildfires sweep through parts of the west, we're with the next generation being ne tr to join the battle. and giants descend on england. giant puppets, that is. a parade you won't want to mi.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" th kate snow. good evening. it was planned as a fun saturday afternoon for a group of friends celebrating a birthday milestone. today authorities descrid what happened when the suv limo they were riding in sped into the parking lotf a popular country store, killing everyone inside and another two pedestrians. the crash so disastrous the national transportation safety board was called in. we begin tonight with matt bradley in schohairie, new york west of albany. >> reporter: in a matter of minutes a 30th birthday partytu ed to tragedy. >> there's a multi-vehicle mot hicle accident. >> reporter: an suv limousine carrying 18 people careened off a new york state iowa. >> everyone inse was killed. >> reporter: witnesses said the limo sped down a hill, through a parking lot and collided with a parked car. two pedestrians in the parking lotere killed. >> i heard some
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screaming and just it looked serious because people were just, you know, running back and forth. >> reporr: the snarled wreckage ended up in had a nearby creek bed. state officials declined to comment on whether the driver had been drinking, refusing to answer questions about what might have caused this tragic cident. >> i've been on the board for 12 years, and this is one of the bigges losses of lives that weave seen in a long long time. >> reporter: saying they won't rease the victims' names until autopsies are complete, but some family membe are already speaking out. >> i can't believe i you know, it's not somethingou can wrap your head around. >> reporter: barbara douglas said four of her nieces, all sisters, among the dead. >> they were very smarer and they beautiful, and -- and they were -- they lived life to the fullest. >> reporter: the collision said to be the worst highway accident since 2009 is now the focus of a federal investigation. the ntsb sent a go team to the site.
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that ntsb team is er going to be for several days trying to reconstruct this accident. as you can see, thi tire track, they are the only thing that's really left here. they want t determine how so many people could have died from the same vehicle a when these massive stretch limousines are even safe. kate? >> mate bradley, thank you. we to politics and what has become a big winning streak for president trump. his secon supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, of course, was sworn in this weekend, so what's next for the president, and what does this historic accomplishment mean for the upcoming mid-term elections? nbc's kelly o'donnell has more. >> reporter: with one hand on the bible, justic brett kavanaugh's sworn oath was not an end point but instead a political orreboot energized and sometimes angry democrs. i said to the woman who are justifiably
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angry and determined, they should should focus like a laser beam on theio ele. >> and a recharge for the republicans. >> i want to thank the other side for the tactics that have allowed us to kind of energize and get involved our own vote sneers today the president headed for hthe golf course w senator lindsey graham, justice kavanaugh's most fiery defender >> i'm going to go throughout this country and let people in these, you know, purple states, red states where trump han, know i thought, know what i think about this process. >> reporter: the president in rally mode saturday night. >> got to involvement got to vote. >> reporter: made the bitter confirmation fight a call to act. >> on november 6th you will have the chance to stop the radical democrats, and that's what the become. >> reporter: but sticking with her party could have real consequences. republican susan collins' yes vote unleashed instant anger to unseat here in 2020. i> i have to do what
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think is right, and over the years the mpeople ofne have trusted me to exercise my best judgment. >> reporter: while north dakota democrat heidi heitkamp who d co lose her seat next month, tells "60 minutes" voting yes would have been safer. >> yeah. i don't think there's any doubt about that. i think that the -- the politically expedient vote here was a -- a yes vote. >> why not then? >> because this isn't about polics. reporter: the white house is planning to extend its own celebration by hding ceremonial swearing in for kavanaugh tomorrow. while several other justices have had a public and private ceremony those were daytime evts. president trump announced this would happen tomorrow evening that. maximizes the live tv audience he can tout this accomplishment right before the mid terms. kate? ll >> kelly o'dont the white house, kelly, thank you. another accomplishment for the president thi week, what some are calling nafta 2.0, but not president trump. insists the new
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trade agreement signed by -- last week by the united states, mexico and cans a huge improvement. it's still not a done deal, but how could tim pact american farmers, facto rkers and businesses? nbc's dave gura breaks down. >> reporter: scrapping nafta is something president trump has wanted to do for a wh e. >> nafta is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere. >> reporter: and the new deal known as the united states mexico canada agreement or usmca will change what comes across the borders. trade among theu.s., canada and mexico is three times what it was almost a quarter naftary ago when came into effect. this is one of the biggest crossings on the s.-canada border. every day 1,200 vehicles carrying everything from cars and car parts to fruits and vegetables t coough here. today the trade relationship is valued at $1.2 trillion, and the agreement would affect automobiles, agriculture and copyrights. when it comes to cars, more components, three-quart, would have to be made in theit states, mexico
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or canada, and more of those parts would have to come from factories that payorkers more, at least $16 an hour. and u.s. f dairyarmers would get more access to canada's milk >> this gives us hope in a tight margin business to be able provide for the land, the community, our families and provide the farm to the next ra geon. >> reporter: a lot has changed since 1994. so there were new safeguards for intellectual property and new protections for pharmaceuticals. >> just a improvement upon or a change to the existing deal? >> i mean, i think this is a cnge to the existing deal. >> reporter: usmca is not a done deal. there's still a lot o political uncertainty. the three countries have to ratify it, and e mexico will h new president in december. >> i think the biggest risk is in the united states. >> reporter: members of congress have to vote on it, and the mid terms are just a few weeks away. david gura, nbc tesprings, high vermont. >> he was a vocal critic of the saudi regime and now a inent journalist has did i appeared in
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turkey mission since tuesday. it's feared he may ovave been murdered by thenment he so often criticized in the american press. here's our chief correspondent nbc's richard engel. >> reporter: the mystery deepens tonight over the fate of jamal khashoggi. did the saudi royal family have him rdered? khashoggi was already living in self-imposed exile, afraid he'd be arrested in the saudi kingdom because of his erce criticism of the country's de facto ruler, crown prince mohammed bin salman. from abroad his attacks continued. he wrote articles in hington post" with headlines about a reprifs regime now unbearable. up headline comparing the crown prince with vladimir putin, but l tht week khashoggi walked right into saudi hands. he went to the saudi consulate in istanbul. he needed paperwork to marry a turkish woman. she stayed outside on alert. >> he gaveis featuresee his own toal phone and he said quote, unquote, if i don't get out, if i don't come out in four
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or five house, call, you know, the office of the president of turkey. >> reporter: she sounded the alarm when he never emerged and protesters soon gathered. up named oicials reportedly claimed more than a dozen saudi agents flew in, murdered khashoggi in the consulate and hid his body. >> saudi arabi is ror ng state t against its citizen, an what is happening now to mr. jamal khashoggi is partf this policy. >> reporter: but today turkey's president erdogan said that turkey wants to avoid a costly fight with the lte kinom but one may be coming. the crown prince says he has no idea what happened to-by and reporters were given a tour of the consulate to show he wasn't therny ritics of bin salman have been
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arrested inside saudi arabia but murder on foreign soil, if that's indeed what ld happened, wake his crackdown to a totally different level. >> i know you'll continue to follow t.richard engel, thank you so much. breaking news tonight on another mystery, this one involving the missing president of interpol, the international police organization. interpol received a letter of resignation om meng hungwei. meng, a chinese national, who lives in france where interpol is located, was traveling in china when his wife reported nghim mis the chinese government says he's being investigated for unspecified violatis of law. he is presumably being held by chinese authorities. now to haiti where kan earthquake str last night in a remote northern part of the try killing at least 12 people. the magnitude 5.9 quake damaged and destroyed dazes -- dozens of buildings including a jail allowing a priner to escape. >> more than 1,700 people are now
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reported dead in the earthquake and tsunami in snoeshia. another 5,000 ste l missing much time having passed. authorities fear the missing may never be this thursday rescue workers say they will officially sto the search. pack here at home quite a scene in las vegas last night. an ultimate fighting match lasted four rounds, but the real fireworks started after it was over. even mike tyson thought it was kin of crazy. kathy park has that istory. >> thicrazy. >> reporter: the highly anticipated ufc fight between mma kivals conor mcgregor andbib took an ugly turn after mcgregor tapped out in the fourth round. >> reporter: the brawl lshows himping into the crowd after they allegedly taunted him and then watch as thi man quickly climbsin the octagon punching the back of mcgregor's head. m> people have been sayin things to each other for 18
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years here at the ufc. t nothing likes has ever happened. >> reporr: khabib multi-million dollar purse being withheld pending an stigation, his title also in jeopardy. >> i know this is not my best side, you know. this is not my best side. you know, i'm a human in >> reporter: in the post-fight press conference he brought up the bad blood tw between the men going back to when mcgregor pled guilty to disorderly for attacking his bus last april. >> he talked aut my religion. he talk about my country. he talk about my tather. he com brooklyn and he broke bus. >> reporter: the scuffle en creating quite a spectacle on social media with fans, celebrities and even box me tyson 2003ing in saying the thans was crazier my fight riot and while mcgregor didn't press any charges he's indicated this fight is far from over tweeting knock. look forward to the rematch. kathy park, nbc news.
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we're following a newly named tropical stm michael now just south of cozumel, mexico. here's the way it's tracking so far. it's expected to get more powerful in the of mexico and may become a hurricane by tuesday or wednesday. it's threatening parts of florida's panhandle where a state of emergency haslready been declared. it has been a record-setting year for wildfires in the western u.s. in fact, right now therere 53 large fires burning in ten states. fighting these fires isaunting and dangerous, and it requires serious training. nbc's tammy leitner went to carolina college with a unique program teaching the next generation howo battle the flames. >> reporter: in a year omfraught with s of the worst wildfires in history the race is on to train the next generation of iirefighters. >> thi a burn unit. 110 acres. >> reporter: meet the clemson university fire tiger. th are student in a unique program that's
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teaching them wildfire prevention in and out of classr>>m. so i'm going to put a dot. >> reporr: for junior caroline sharp these lesns are personal i 'm very excited. >> reporter: she's never ventured very far from south carolina, but beneath her hometown southern drawl this fiercely determined 20-year-olds knhe wants to battle wildfires. >> my dad is ast ctural firefighter back home and i'm a third generation. >> the tigers graduate as certified wild land firefighters. training alongside veterans like helen moore who start the program two years ago. >> there is a greater need for wildwood firefiters. we need people towns how fire works and how to use the fire to manage our land so we in the future have lessop catasc. they fight fire with prescribed burning, it duces hazardous fuels which protect from more extreme fires, promote growth and minimize the owth of insects and disease. >> we like to put fire on the ground under , under ditio our terms.
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>> reporter: they are also learning to use the same innovative technolot firefighters out west are using. >> there's a lot of new map applications, apps out there for the ipads, t phones. >> reporter: once they ro complete theam, they are certified to fight fires anywhere in the country. >> you come out of college you're literally ready to hop on a fire crew right there. >> reporter: tommy leitner, sumpter national forest, south carolina. >> still ahead tonight, s born into slavery, owned by one of our founding fathers, and now the story of sally hemmings is on display at a historic home. and have you seen this? asupersized parade this? asupersized parade dazzling what does it take to make this? asupersized parade dazzling digital transformation actually happen? it takes dell technologies, a family of seven technology leaders working behind the scenes to make the impossible... reality. we're helping to give cars the power to read your mind from anywhere... and we're helping up to 40% of the nation's donated blood
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inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. for all the things that move you. ask your doctor about taltz. we're back with a story about a little justice at las for an important figure in american history. ally hemmings, woman enslaved by one of our founding fathers, thomas jefferso she had six children with him, and until recently was almost entirely absent from the exhibits at monticello, er jen's home. now that's all changed as we hear from nbc's jeff bennett. s >> reporter: i public reckoning of the founding father revered for penning the words all men are created yet owned slaves throughout his lifetime. >> it's the great paradox of the founding of the country, right, so jefferson writes the declaration o independence, and yet he's the man who owns and men, women
6:49 pm
children. >> reporter: here the story of sally hemmings now takesce er stapling. after more than two centuries of ignoring or covering up an open secret during jefferson easily. enslaved by jefferson, hemmings is believed th toave given b six of his children. dna evidence backs it up. visitorsearned about hemmings' life through the recollections of her son madison. >> it' emotional. you really feel it. >> i think it's important again to acknowlehat truth about our founding fathers. they were deeply flawed human begs. >> reporter: sally hemmings' story now embraced, wasn't always welcome here. >> i came on lots of tours of monticello and i remember when a tour guide would say, well, we don't talk about her. >> the sally hemmings exhibit were housed in what were once slave quarters her at the home's south wing. it was once a hidden space, but now the room andhemmings' new prominence are a much larger part of the monticello. >> so when i had a chance to step on that dirt, actually got on knees, and i rubbed
6:50 pm
my hands in the dirt because i wanted to feel the presence of my ancestors and i did. >> reporter: gail just yep white descends from one of jefferson's enclaved men, peter hemmings. hundreds of descendants returned to monticello in june. >> i think you can't understand this country if you don't understand how it was founded, and i don't think you can understand race in this country without understanding slavery. >> so monticello is more than a mansion on a mountain? >> yes. it's much ore. it's a crucible of really what our country has been and what it means today. >> reporter: sally hemmings' story and others a monticello capturing the country's early aspirations and its stark contradictions. jeff bennett, nbc news, csville, virginia. news, csville, virginia. you need insurance. but it's not really something you want to buy. it's not sexy. or delicious.
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or fun. but since you need both car and home insurance, why not bundle them with esurance and save up to 10%? which you can spend on things you really want to buy, like... well, i don't know what you'd wanna buy because i'm justa g. esurance. it's surprisingly painless.
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banksy has long been known as sort of the prankster of the and his latest truck is one for the amgts. take a look at this video for h instagram account. one of his paintings was being auctioned of a at spot busins in london and seconds r i te, tthis. for $1.4 million, by the way, the piece begins to self-destruct. it partly shredded itself. if you're worried about the buyer, don't be. many think the stunt will likely cause the painting to increase in value. in london, there was a new group protesting brexit, though they looked a little rough around the edges, sorry. hundreds of dogs and wn their os marched on westminster to protest the united kingdom's exit from the european union. it all ended with a rally at parliament.
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finally tonight, we go toengland, and if you like big parades, you'll want to see the one they held there thisek d. lucy kavanaugh tonight on the march of the marionettes. >> reporter: in liverpool this weekend, a spectacular spectacle, giants roamed city streets. >> it feels like an actual living person. >> reporter: towering over buildings and trees. >> it's just bringing it back to what really
6:57 pm
is magic and imaginary. >> reporter: more than a million came to be ericans kathy lean and pete. >> i said they are n.ggoing to liverpool agai i've got to go. so we bought tickets and here we are. his off ross the bucket list now. >> reporter: it's puppet of colossal proportions. at 20 feet ll, there's the biggest little boy you'll ever see. his playful cane companion always nearby. >> the dog is my favorite, and he just looks so real. >> the l >> reporter: the pair working up big appetites. nearby a two and a half tonight giant slum percent by the life coming t with the help of 44 artists and lots of acrobat sxwliks it feels like the whole city has come mogether, but this is so muce than a street theater performance. the giants inspiring us to dream big. all this the dream o a french artist, reimagining an art form that's enthralled
6:58 pm
audiences for centuries. >> we don't call the puppets. they call them the giants. they are alive. yes, that's it. >> reporter: bidding farewell and leaving behind aam of a world where anything is possible. bc news in the land of the giants, liverpool. ♪ >> just love the giants. that is nbc "nightly news" on a sunday night. tomorrow night lester holt begins his trip across amera, fir stop texas. i'm kate snow. from allor
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nbc , home of the olympic names and prime time's number one show. "sunday night football." . >> sunday night football we got to be great tonight. >> we telling it's sunday ght, baby! ♪ i'm in thsweet spot i'm feeling good ♪ s ♪ theun is shining ♪ i knew it would ♪ the world's a pyground clouds ♪ th ♪ let me show you what it's all about ♪ ♪ check it out ♪ i'm going to light it up


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