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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 8, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> thousands of protestors were in the streets before that vote.g we're looking at the official swearing in ceremony that will happen tonight and why the fall out from the process couct efhe upcoming midterm. we want to begin with a check on your commute and the forecast. >> yes, we'll get to in just a moment but first let's kick things off with amelia draper. you are in for chuck a you said things will heat up later. >> before we warm up we' dealing with fog and drizzle out there this morning. take a lookod ever in grey is under a dense fog advisory. this includes howard, montgomery, fairfax countynd counties to the north and west. utd patchy drizzle and fog around until a 10:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., mainly cloudy
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skies. it's humid and w alream with the temperature around 78 degrees. an isolated shower this n. aftern here's future weather at 4:00 p.m.. most of us looking at a dry columbus day but coming up i'll let you know how warm it's going to feel this afternoon. right now, though, doesn't look like we're having any major problems. centreville northbound 28 before 66. stillavehat crash and we're seeing some northbound there on 28. beltway is fine this morning. inner loop and outer loop. probably becau of the columbus day holiday. i'll take it for sure. norbeck road a shot of an ambulance on the scene. real wordn what's going on there. crews on the scene there and not seeing too much of a delay
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though. it's going 2 to take minutes. right now aimee is out and about this morningking for fog. where are you aimee? >> i want to show you how roads are looking where we are. it's extremely foggy out there.' >> in place until 10:00 a.m. we'll stay out here monitoring the conditions and bring you more updates later this morning. back toyou. >> amy, thank you. two minutes after 6:00 right now. should limousines face more regution. over t weekend 20 people were killed when a limo crashed.
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this happened just outside alba albany. the driver of this ford excursion limousine was speeding down a hill and ran a stop sign. that driver slammed into a parked car and then hit and killed three pedestrians. the driver and all 17 passengers were killed. four sisters are among the dead. the limo was rented to celebrate the youngest sister's birthday. >> they were wonderful girls. they would do anything for you and they were very close to each other. and they loved their family. they loved their parents. >> the ntsb is investigating this crash. investigators would not say whether any of the passengers inside the mo was wearing a seat belt. >> judge brett kavanaugh takes hisn seat the supreme court tomorrow. but tonight he joins president trump, family, and friends for another swearing in ceremony at the white house.
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kavanaugh was swornn by chief justice john roberts in a pry have the ceremony on saturday. meanwhile, some senators are now being targeted inheir re-election bid and others are defendingheir decision to vote against him. >> he's going to be on the supreme court with a big asterisk after his name. >> i happy that those that tried to destroy his life fell short.ho i'm glad that tried to overturn the rule of law and replace it with mob rulelost. >> in the end, the republicans pushed kavanaugh through by a two vote margin. that's the closest vote for a supreme court justice since 1881. maine republican susan collins spent the weekend defending her ccision to vote yes. her voteld cost her senate seat in 2020. >> i find itt extraordinary t certain groups are now targeting me when i have bee their advocate in washington for 22
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and my voting record clearly showsthat. >> senator collins also said she voted yes because she believed that dr. christine blasey ford had the wrong man. >> we're fol two developing stories in the district. we start at the wharf where police are working to learn how a person was badly injured. police responded to a report of the stabting. the v was not stabbed but wa badly bleeding. the person was rushed to the hospital. we're working to learn more fro. c. police. good r in southeast o hope road a man wasotabbed t death. police say he was found before 9:00 p.m.. there's no suspect's description and the sma identity has not been released. >> five minutes after the hour now, messages of love and unity are spreading throughout fairfax county. >> this comes after someone spray paintedessages of hate on the walls of the jewish community center in virginia.
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we're joinedit now life the very latest. >> perhaps you can see them readingou matter, awesome. we love you. these are just a few of the things that we are seeing here s thi jewish community cente here. do we have you? >> okay. great. >> we're havinub a little t with our signal here. we're going to tryt to get t straightened out for you. >> we do want you to know they do havenc surveil video of the person they believe responsible and we have thatnd available posted in our nbc washington app. well, today we know that parents hope to get more answers about the mold probl inrince george's county. >> parents planned a walk out
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til the school system stepped in to deal with the problem. these are photos taken b parents inside the school building. you can see the black mold here. some parents say it's making their kids sick. over the weekend they brought in an independent assessment teams to ass the problem. >> every classroom, every heating ventilation system and all the piping to see how intense and how great the mold is. >> parents are happy they listened to their complaints and tought in someone. >> we continue track a developing story out of haiti. look at the damage caused by a devastating earthquake there. >> hundreds of others are injured after this 5.9 quake rocked the northern parthe of country on saturday. residents are nowai a aft
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after after shocks forced them to live on the streets. they fear their houses could collapse at any time. >> later this week tropical storm michael is expected to make landfall on the florida panhandle. that storms turning near cozumel mexico and could hit floriday wednesday. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency in 26 counts. it could effect the carolinas too. that's where flood waters from hurricane florence just receded. and happening now there's still no sign of a prominent journalistrom audi arsaudi arab. he often criticized that country. some are afraid he may have been murdered by the saudi government. thessiated press reports he was last seen at theaudi conciliate in istanbul turkey last week. they claim saudiagents murdered him and hid his body. saudi arabia's crowned prince says he has no idea what happened and gave reporters a tour of the conciliate t show
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he was not there. >> this week the investigation into the culture of the university of marylandpr footba ram could wrap up. and the chancellor says that the investigation is ending. he died in the hospital weeks later. we know that the head coach is on paid leave along with some other coaches. >> and it could still be legal for you to make wagers on sports in d.c. things like march madness, for example. last night a d.c. councilman told our news partners that he's very confident the bill allowing sports betting wouldadvance. jack evans was one of six council members to introduce legislation. last may the supreme court cleared the way to legalize betting on sports. they'll hold a public hearing next wednesday. tonight t redskins are back in
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action for monday night football. raveling down to the super dome to take on the new orleans saints. the redskins come in freshff a bye and are sitting in third place in the nfc est. defense, they have been on. they have been hot this season. is it going to benough to take down drew brees and the saints? we'll find outon tight at 8:15. check out the highlights on ns >> in other news, more than 35,000 runners laced up for the army ten miler this weekend. the race started outside of the pentagon. the winners on the mens and women's side were both from texas. and he's from gaithersburg. >> not too shabbysu for . congrats to them. >> still ahead, do you think you paid too much for your you're not alone. ?
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>> the programs you may not know about that could help lower yous bihis week. plus details on the new connection researchers found between weight and your risk for a certain typ of cancer. >> local religious service. it's unlike any service that you may have seen before. details on that. and we're dealing with some thick fog out r thereht now but take a look at later today, just some feels like temperatures at 3:00 p.m.. feeling like 87 in wai'ington. let you know when it filly starts to feel like fall coming up in my forecast. >> and we' ready toe see a hom model with sprinklers and without go up in flames. i'm so glad the firefighters are here to help us out. here to help us out. news 4
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announceroc seen barbara coms fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way thatt's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comsto voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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me back at 6:15. there's new evidence a staggeri number of americans may be paying too much for prescription drugs. more thanoualf the cntry is on medication and of that 67% don't know there are tools and programs to save money on prescriptiondrugs. online tailers like good rx and health warehouse are gaininy populaecause they offer prescriptions at a discount. here's how it works. enter your prescription name and the website is going to pull all the different pharmacies and ioores in your area that sell that med and show you the exact price. >> now some discounts are so deep you can actually save more. >> october is breast cancer
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awareness month and new reseah suggests it could help lower the risk of disease in older women. nowording to an 11 year study, women that lost at least 5% of their body weight12ere less likely to develop breast cancer thanse those weight stayed the same. >> we're working for you during this fire prevention week. >> as weave seen across the area, fire burns very, very quickly, very rapidly. most fire deaths actually occur inside of your home. molette green is live to show us how fast f thee could spread. good morning. >> good morning guys. without fire sprinklers we're going to set this bun beside it. on fire as well with sprinklers and see how t all oft looks and works with that girl scout off joining this morning with the national fire sprinklers
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association. what's the message here as you see this thing burn. >> the fire is fast. we underestimate how fast fire is. but here we have the smoke alarm ing of get out stay out and close the door. he can see the smoke build up in the unit that does not have that's new furniture. this furniture is brand new. all made out of synthetic and that's what causes the smoke. you can see the massive amount of smoke. then we have the home with the fire sprinkler. >> there the fire sinkler just went off. smoke alarm, that's early morning. if you have all three of those, smoke alarm, sprinklers and firefighters, your chance of survival is way greater than without. o thisr here would already be a nonsurvivalable event,ni m
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you would perish. >> do we have homes built without sprinklers today? >> in maryland it's required and california it's required but in the rest ofhe states it's not yet. that's one thing we're promoting is thebenefits. you can see the fire is out over here already. it's under control and it stay in this room and then the firefighters are going to go in here. you can see he this room is going to go and ignite everything in the room. and it's already pumped enough smoke out to fill up a 3,200 square foot house. >> wow, wow. this is pretty amazing. look at that. look at the fire and the difference with the sprinklers. we have to make sure during fire prevention week we take a of this into account. >> make sure that your smoke alarms wor and practice your escape plan and get out. if you buy, rent, orleep overnight, make sure that you have fire sprinklers. you can see it light up at the
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top of the roof. now watch this chair. >> oh,took at t chair guys. can you see the chair? as we throw it bac t in you, i want you to take a look at that chair. just going, ing, and gone. all right. that is the difference betweenn sprinklernonsprinklers. back in to you. isn't this >> it is and molette as we know, the new material they're using to build house these days, that also plays a role, right? as far as how fast a room can go up. that's scary stuff and a real teachable moment for theids out there witnessing that. >> have the evacuation plan, >> and practice. >> it's a hotteamy day on tap. >> another october day feeling more like july or august out there and why not? as chuck loves to say, who is o enjoying tim this week, the trend is your friend and we're not going to see the trend break
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until thursday into friday. take a look, patchy fog out there right now. shows them not all that bad out ther fog is goingo there until 10:00 a.m. and then increasing sunshine in the afternoon hours. warm and muggy day and may set off an afternoon shower but for most of us it's a dry monday. we have tropical storm micha likely said to become a hurricane later today and could impact our next chance of which is later wednesday into thursday and early friday. cold front moves through our area later in the week and depending on the latest track we could see aot of rai or not that much. more on that in a moment but a mar cool downith the first friday, saturday, and sunday. mong in in a big way for the upcoming weekend. right now here's the latest check of visibility. at about a quarter of a mile in gaithersburg. the fog issues in frederick are starting to lift in spots.
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83 degreig for a temperature on your monday afternoon but with the mugginess guys, that's geeng to more like 87 out there. tomorrow pretty much a repeat of what we're seeing today and here's yourm storm t 4 ten day forecast. i'll have much more coming up at 6:45. rain on ursday. th chance for lingering showers on a breezy friday. we go from the0s to 60s from thursday into friday and then the weekend right now, mid to upper 60s for highs. so hotnd humid. how are the roads, melissa. >> bethesda, northbound 270. now the outer loop has seen de ys. so we'll keep our eyes on that one this morning. as we zoom out, thehe rest of beltway looks nice and green. don't have any problems right there now. centreville northbound 28e bef
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66. crash is still there in the right lane. 66 ander 95 l not terrible right now. norbeck road cleared outf the way. earlier crash there. because of columbus day, a reminder trains running until reminder trains running until 11:00 a.m. on a saturday he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies ben's vision: medicare for all.
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a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. governor.lous.
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champ kevin durant is known for charity efforts off thecourt. friday they unveiled basketball court renovations in southeast d.c.
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sedral dozen children pla on the newly painted courts that featured brand new hoops and nets. it's the latest effort to help the d.c. area. >> the much anticipated memoire. this morning we're getting a sneak peek. her husband gave her hisne k last year. she needed an operation right away. her husband immediately offered up his own kidney. turner hadurgery back in april 2017. the memoire my love story will also exploreer abusive marriage to ike turner. >> the show of hot airalloons is underway this week in new mexico. this is the festival in new mexico. there's so many balloons that they all can't be in the sky at
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the same time. >> no idea. i g nothing. >> okay. >> all right. well -- >> 6:46 right now. still ahead, hack or hoax. a wning about a viral message your friends might be sharing what t know before you click. otoday. >> a lawsuit filed against la croix. actually inside those cans of sparkling water. >> the weather having a low to modera impact on your morning comme. it's a h and muggy one out there. as you headon i the afternoon hours including for the after school activities. the after school activities. i can't rule out an isolated
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so if the unexpected happens... (snaps fingers) you stay up and running. we lost power... but not to that. i want that. (laughing) ti for a limite get fast, reliable internet for a new low price. ca now. mcast business. beyond fast. ns 4 today starts now. >> right now as we approach 6:30,oo live outside, national harbor you see there to start off the nework week welcome to monday, everybody. depending on where you wake up, you might be dealing with a little fog as you step outside this morning. we have y covered though.
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>> i'm angie goff. the roads may be less crowded this morning. school districts in our region are closed because of the columbus day holiday. >> alia is i for chuck this week and have a look at our >> good morning to you. so we are tracking some thick fog out there. so much so thathe national weather service has issued a dense fog advisory. this is gngo go until 10:00 a.m. take a look. all the counts here in grey are under t advisory. this includes montgomery, fairfax, loudoun, prince william, again this advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m. some patchy areasf thick fog out there including aroundof pas montgomery county. right now a temperature at 72 degrees. by 9:00 a.m. the fog is starting to lift but still some isolated
6:31 am
eas of fog and drizzle out there. 74 degrees at 9:00 a.m. and by 11:00 a.m., a temperature around 78 so already near 80 degrees b 11:00 a.m. and another muggy day in store. so fog this morning, hot this afternoon. for tomorrow, it's goi to be just like today as we look to win it's dry andarm during the day and rain is possible during the evening hours and on thursday a cold front will start to move through the area and potentially we'll havimpacts michael.pical storm i'll have more on that coming up at 6:50. >>ake a look, it's where this crash is appaching thepur because of the crash. outer loop at connecticut avenue, you cw see the s downs there. the rest of the beltway looking
6:32 am
good rignow. we do have that fog as amelia says all over theac especially think montgomerough county. northbound 28. still hanging around 66 and 95 in virginia. >> thank you lissa. 6:32 and new detls in america's deadliest transportation accident in decade.a a family was out to celebrate a 30th birthday party on saturday when it suddenly turned tragic. 20 people died in a limo crash in new york. >> the driver ran a stopped sign and then slammed into a pked car. two pedestrians were hit and killed there. the nglimo kept g and ended up in a creek bed. the driver and all 17 passengerd four sisters were inside that limo celebrating the youngest sisters bihday. the ntsb is now investigating this crash. >> tonight, president trump will hold a formal swearing in
6:33 am
ceremony for now supreme court justice brett kavanaugh at the white house. takes his seat on the high court. the senate voted to confirm him on saturday and he was sworn in in a private ceremony. >> time is 6:33. here's your top stories. secretary of state mike pompeo is in china meeting with leaders there. the foreign minister told pompeo the u.s. should stop what it calls attacks on its country's relicies. pompeo is t to talk about his recent meeting with kim jon un and north korea's nuclear program. >> a political hit job is how a top vatican offic dlscribes accusations that pope francis covered upllegations of sexual misconduct by the former arch bishop ofgt wash. he accused pope francis of anling sanctions against the former cardinal.
6:34 am
prone francis accepted his resignation this summer and has ordered an investigation into how he rose through the ranks. >> tacoma park police searching for a man that tried to sexually assault a woman. it happened in the middle of the afternoon near washington a adventist university. a man grabbed her and made sexual advances toward her. she fought back and was able to n away. >> new pictures of a violent attack at log circle. this man chased another man into a store and pulled out a hammer andrted smashing him in the head. the victim is expected to cerecover. poli originally released several photos identifying the wrong suspect last week. this is just blocks away from where a jogger was stabbed to death last month >> 6:34 and this morning messages of love and unity are
6:35 am
spreading throughout fairfax county. >> this a comeser someone spray painted messages of hate on the walls of the jewish center. justin iss joining live from the worship center and the latest on how the community isn cotogether. >> angie, that's right. this is a place where children and families gather every day. you can imagine the hurt they felt when they saw that hate graduat grafitti on the walls he. l that's left is these messages all throughout the area now. urthat was on sy and a series of swastikas on the wal of the jewish community center f northern virginia found by children saturdamorning. it was quickly scraped away and replac with words of love and kindness but right now there is a search underwayor a suspect.
6:36 am
a man hunt for whatppears to be a man with his face covered spray painting the building early saturday morning well before things started here that weekend morning and back out live, of course. fafax county police are investigating right now asking anyone who has information to come forward. just 18 months ago they had ar simi attack here and they bounced back and they will so again after this latest on we're live here, i'm justin finch, news 4, back into you at the studio. >> t nk you. 36 right now, monday night football will feature your washington redskins. they head to the super dome to take on the new orleans saints. the team enters week 5 fresh off a bye and isnt cur in first place in the division. kick o is at 8:15 and check out the highlights on news 4 tonight at 11:00. >> 6: w. coming ure working for you. ifis is fire prevention week. >> saving lessons this morning.
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molette. >> absoluly. a burned out home behind me without sprinklers. you can see the devastating impact. impact. hear one woman' persos♪ na kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone s a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technic academieacross virginia like shipbuilding. and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barba comstock's fa male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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6: rightnow. you may have seen this headline on your news feed over the wesend. >> tharight. the popular sparkling water brand la croix i getting sued for lying about what's inside their drinks. they use a number of synthetic ingredients in it's the c markets it's products as being all natural. >> the parent company called the wsuit misleading say the synthetic ingre question occur naturally in fruit. the company plans to counter suit. pow here's your cnbc morning business . >> good morning. retailers are stocking up on toys ahead of h theidays
6:41 am
trying to fill the void left by toys "r" us. walmart and target are setting aside more floor space and a chain that's usually operating th pop up halloweentores is opening dozens of temporary toy stores. amazon will be dtributing toy catalogs but no store can completely replac toys "r" us. analysts say toys "r" us could stock up late in the season because they cld afford to carry unsold inventory later uyto the year. other can't afford to do that. buy those toys early. >> and our average high temperature is now 71 degrees. running about 10 degrees above normal and we continue to run above average. i'm going t have more on that and how it could be impacted by tropical storm michael coming up o my updated forecast. >> a coupl problems.
6:42 am
one of them on the beltway this morning. another one now on 66. another one now on 66. we'll take look at ath
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you're watching news 4 today. >> back now atit 6:45 a story that could change regulations about the vehicles you rent for parties and events. a family fun night out-turnedhe tragic their limo crashed in upstate new york killing everyone inside. >> four sisters were inside of that limo celebrating their youngest sistershd bi. their aunt spoke to reporters shortly after the crash on saturday. >> did the responsible thing getting a limo so they wouldn' be driving. you can't wrap your head around ch a tragedy where you have ters die.our dau >> well, that limo crash is being called the deadliest ansportation accident in nearly a decade. there are already calls for changes this morning. or partners at the "today" show are working on this and we'll have much more ahead at 7:00 a.m. >> tonight a formal swearing in
6:46 am
for brett kavanaugh at thend whe house tomorrow justice kavanaugh will begin hearing cases and the senate voted t confirm him after a fight. both are using this confirmation to energize voters for the midterm elections and beyond. maine senator susan collins brushed aside concerns that her vote could cost her her senate 2020. n >> well, i find it extraordinary that certain groups are now targeting me when i have been their advocate here in washington for 22 years. and my voting record clearly shows that. >> opponents raised mor than $ million for anyone that runs against collins in two years. more on theal politall out surrounding the confirmation coming up on the "today" show. >> locksou on door help keep you safe but for one prince
6:47 am
george's county woman, a particular kind of lost may have cost her precious seconds andly ultimaer life. she lived in this home that caught fire almost two weeks ag fire officials say that she had a double cylinder lock. it's the kind lof loof lock thas a key inside a outside of the home. they have found someone behind the door of a double cylinder lock three times thi year. another live report coming up in a few nutes. >> today parents created performing arts academy i ince george's county cancelled their planned walk out. parents are upset about mold growing inde the schoo building. some parents say it's making theirck kids over the weekend they brought in an independent assessment team to assesshe problem there.
6:48 am
weole alsowing developing stories in the district this morning. we're starting at the whf where police are working to learn how someone was badly injured. police responded to reports of g stab the victim was not stabbed but was bleeding badly. the person was rushed to the hospital and we're working to learn more from dc. >>police. a man was stabbed tode ath. d.c. police say he was found just before 9:00 p.m.. right now there is no suspect and the man's identitys not released. >> a look at how the fog is impacting the morning commute. >> amy, how are thing looki right now? >> hey, guys, good morning. right now i wanto showou what we're seeing out here.
6:49 am
patche fog throughout morning especially in the more rural western parts of the county and there's been patchy fog, low visibility. been having to drive pretty slowly. that fog advisory will ben place through 10:00 a.m. through the morning rush hour. and low beams and not the high beams. we also wanto plan f extra time and slow down on the roads. >> right now we turn back to the forecast and storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper. hey, what's going on? >>inchester and martinsburg dealing with the thick fog with visibility around a quarter of a mile or less. fog is not an issue at all here in the district. so patchy fog andriightle
6:50 am
around. increasing sunshine throughout theto day y. very similar to your sunday afternoon. 83 degrees for aigh today. not only is that 10 degrees above normal but it's going to feel more like 87 with the humidity. can't rule out a stray shower this afternoon. the chance that you're dealing with rain at 10 to 20%. but as the work week moves on, a cold front is going to move through and depending on the track ofmichael, the front could interact with that later in tk and bring us some rain. some more rain if it does interact withakichael but a look at the current track. it's a tropical storm. winds right now maximum at 70 miles per hour. through the middle part of the work week. late wednesday into early thursday morng. it then tracks up toward our area and gets mixed upome what in with the cold front. if this tracks further to the ee a and west we could lot of rain but thankfully rig
6:51 am
w we're only talking about a little bit of rain but a good chance that you're dealing wit rain o thursday. otherwise it's muggy and still warm with temperatures thursday near 80. on friday there's the chance for lig showers early. otherwise much cooler as that cold front clears out the east and breezy with highs friday in the upper 60s. the weekend right now is looking gorgeous. plenty of sunshine and highs in the upper 6 melissa. >> taking a look right now, at the road, bethesda after the beltway is where the crash is on the right side of the road. those delays are ohe outer loop. and they stretch by. you can see thedelays. you add in that crash and it's pretty slow. the rest of the beltway and eastbound 66, they're blocked by a crash this morning. because of columbus day on metro
6:52 am
we have trains running until 11:00 p.m.. that's the saturday schedule. travelimes in virginia here on 66 and 95 no worrs. 270 no problem heading southbound. top of the beltway is slow we just saw it there in that camera. it's going to take you 27 minutes to get from 95 over to2 listen to wtop 102.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> thank you, melissa. the latest febook hoax has some worried about the newest possible hack. >> it targets your facebook messenger or inbox. you would see th medicinssage f an existing facebook friend telling you that they received a request from you. and then to forward it to your friends. and your friends get the message
6:53 am
you got. there has not been an unusual increase in clone accounts recently. >> it's one of the most horrific things, a family is killed when reeir christmas caught fire in their home. live with green is life saving tips to protect your family during this fire prevention week. >> it was incredible for all the girl scouts to see how fast the fire burned earlier in the hour. e showed it side by side with sprinkles and without sprinklers. >> tvet mas house incredibly did not have sprinklers. >> it didn't. wired to ke detectors the alarm system. so it went directly to the authorities. >> think of the minute that it
6:54 am
took for that fire to just go big. >> well, at 3:28 the alarm went of and by 3:21 a neighbor saw flames shooting through the roof of the home and it was a large home. the firefighters couldn't enter. >> they did not t have time escape. they didn't have the firesp nklers. >> that's the message this morning about fire prevention week. i want to put up tips. four things for you to know. sprinklers of course as we have known can save sives andp a fire in under two minutes. home fires claim more lives thao aler natural disasters and it's so important to develop and plan.ce an escape you only have minutes to ocape. i want thank the girl scouts, t.c. williams high school. flash max 911 and allf the firefighters for joining us this
6:55 am
morning as we kick off fire prevention week. thank you so much for coming up and sharing your family story with us this that is the latest. back to you now. >> all right. molette green there in the community with a very important message as we enter the cooler months ar win months. fires happen more often. >> it's 6:55 right now and here's four things the know. it's america's deadliestan sportation accident in nearly a decade. much more o this story coming up next on the "today" show. >> tonight president trump will formally welcome justice brett kavanaugh to the supreme court with a swearing inceremony. tomorrow, he'll take his seat on the high court. coming up on the "today" show find out how the battle over his confirmation could spill over into next month's midterm
6:56 am
election. ♪ >> tonight, it's another round of blind auditions for c's the voice. you can find out more about this duo and the singer from ourth aa will take the stage too. you can find out who that is and whether that person makeso it the next round tonight at 00 on nbc 4. >> areorou ready f some monday night football? the redskins head down south to take on the new orleans saints. kick offt is a 8:15. check out the highlights on news 4 tonight at 11:00. g go redskins. >> f if youell asleep while watching this latat night mch up here on nbc 4, it ended with a win for the texans. the team defeated the cowboys 19-16 in overtit. it didn' wrap up until about midnight. big field goal there at the end secured the win for the texans. >> and for today patchy fog and
6:57 am
drizzle outhere until abo 10:00 a.m. otherwise by lunchtime we're in the low 80s. we have increasing sun throughout the day. 's a warm and humid day. 83 for the high. feels more like 87nd degrees a a mild evening in store. >> feels like summer to me. a crash just after the belt way thers morning and manassas, eastbound 66. overall volume is light. >> melissa thank you for joining us for news 4 today. the "today" showp is next. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with more weather, traffic and local news >> make it a great monday, everybody.
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[ music aying ] good morning, searching for answers. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific >> investigators and the families o the victimsasking why after theeadliest accident in the u.s. in nearly a decade. a limo plowin through an intersection in upstate new york killing all 18 peoe inside and two anpedestris. among the dead, four sisters and their husband headi to a birthday party. >> they did the responsible thing getting limo so they wouldn't b driving. just ahead the latest on the investigation and the new concerns abouty the s of stretch limos. all eyes on t micha tropical storm gaining strength this morning on track to hit the southern.s. as a powerful rr


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