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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2018 7:00am-8:50am EDT

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[ music aying ] good morning, searching for answers. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific >> investigators and the families o the victimsasking why after theeadliest accident in the u.s. in nearly a decade. a limo plowin through an intersection in upstate new york killing all 18 peoe inside and two anpedestris. among the dead, four sisters and their husband headi to a birthday party. >> they did the responsible thing getting limo so they wouldn't b driving. just ahead the latest on the investigation and the new concerns abouty the s of stretch limos. all eyes on t micha tropical storm gaining strength this morning on track to hit the southern.s. as a powerful hurricane. a state of emergency now
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declared. >> this storm will be life-threatening and extremely dangerous. ls dylan t us when and where the storm could strike. kavanaugh and the court the president set to hold the ceremony for a new supreme court justice brettavanaugh after a bruising battle. less than 24 hours a way, what awaits him when he jones the other justices? all that plus mysterious outbreak. at least six children in minnesota diagnosed with a rare polio-like disease, what doctors want parents to know body miller well coo baby boy. why music super star taylore swift is ighing in today, monday, october 8, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is"t ay" with savannah
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guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studioia 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" monday, october 8, 2018. an investigation into an unimaginable tragedy in upstate new york. 20 people wereilled in an suv accident when a family in an limo went off the road tom costella is live for us this morning. good morning. g, thisrter: good morn is the worst fatal accident involving transportation in nearly ten years since plane crash in buffalo. behind me, these are theut marks the track marks where they had to pull the suv out of the ravine and creek. this was a high limo crash. they believe the limo may have been speeding through a stop sign into a creek and ravine.
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on a quiet country road in up ate new york a gut wrenching tragedy. >> 20 fatalities, it's horrific. >> reporter: the horror an itted on the voices of the emergency responders first on the scene. >> reporter: the question everyone here is owking, h did an suv limousine headed to a birthday party on saturday blew through this intersection taking the lives o 20 people. >> 18 of the victims were in the limousine, including the driver. >> reporter: witnesses say van came igtearing rht down that road and blew through that stop sign. there are no skid marks to be seen on the driveway. he t te rightough the apple barrel cafe's driveway, hitting and killing two pedestrians here before careens right into the ravine. say wanted to see it and good-bye to them. >> reporter: barbara douglas lost four nieces in the crash, all sisters,he three of
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husbands were killed. one of the sts amy stein berg seen here at her wedding last june. her husband axel represented it for her 30th birthday party. >> theyle the did respons thing to get a limo so they wouldn't be driving. >> reporter: the ntsb chief. >> this is absolutely the most deadly tnsportation crash or accident that we've seen in this country since 2009. >> reporter: 2009as the year an air flight crashed into a house near buffalo killing 50. according to records cob tained from the federal motor carrier administration. the company wasnv notved in crashes over the last two years, but it was subject to five vehicle inspections, four of them resulting in vehicles being placed out of service. these photos from the company website, showing several suv limos. like the one in the crash. now they are combing through the
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thk underbrush and examining the records. was there a mecnical failure? what were the road conditions? w was thedriver? >> distracted driving, whether the brakes failed, all that is on the table in. >> everything is on the >> reporter: the biggest question, how did a day of happiness tn into such a tragedy. we believe that at least three children have beeneft orphans because killed in this horrific crash. back to you. >> how hard to fathom. have you had a chance to reach out to the limousinecompany? has it issued a statement? >> reporter: we talked to theli usine company, they said this is a tragedy and referred to the ntsb. >> how about that intersecti? has it been known to be especially dangerous? >> it is a stnge, it's a f,
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few l. so if you come down that hymn and you hit this street, which is right behind the camera. if you don't hit the stop sign in time or you are not paying attention, can you blow right through the stop sn and essentially come right towards me, that's what we saw yesterday or saturday rather barreling right into this ravine. witnesses here say this has happened before but never have they seen fatal injuries like this before. >> just a tragedy, thank you so much, coming up, we will take a look at the safety concerns waln you about the stretch limos. we will look into that coming up. a state of emeency has been declared in florida ahead of what is expected to be the next hurricane to strike the southern u.s. dylan, if for al, she is tracking the storm. >> good morning. this is becoming more and more of a concern as the storm moves into a very ripe environment. it is aropical storm wit winds at 70 miles per hour. but it is very close to becoming
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a then as it moves to the north, it runs into some very warm water in the gulf o mexico. there is the possibility it could where a category storm wednesday with wednesday up to 110 miles per hour, then most likely making landfall late wednesday into thursday as it then races up the coast. so we dhave tropical storm watches and hurricane watches in effect. especially across the pan hand him of florida. there is the possibility that if this does become a category 2 storm, we could be looking at a storm surge along this border of florida as well, this storm is unlike the last storm, unlike hurricane florence, it is fast moving. it will land on shore on tuesday and race all up to sea. before that happens, though, we could ends up with it possibly a foot of rain in parts of the panhandle of florida, especially near panama city over towds tallahassee. >> that could lead to flooding. also we'll have damaging winds
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as a possibind that damaging storm surge. these are all details will iron out, especially tomorrow and into wednesday. hoda. >> dillon, thank you. meanwhile, brett kavanaugh begins the week as the supusme court jce after a bitter storm over his yonomination. can be sure to hear his name a lot with mid-terms a month . aw we have two reports from white house correspondent kristen welker. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good u.rning to in a matter of hours the white house will host a ceremonial swearing i of justice brett kavanaugh in prime time allowing the president to take a very public victory lap ahead of the mid-term kavanaugh was confirmed by the narrowest ofrg s, now both parties are trying to capitalize with democrats trying toca talize women voters and casting them as a dense and angry mob. this morning, brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh, swornn over theek
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wed with a private ceremony with his hand on a family bible. as opponents descend on the national capitol. inside the senate satur vote interrupted again and again. >> the sergeant of arms will restore. >> reporter: kavanaugh confirmed 50-48 the slimmest margin in more than hundred years. >> the appointment of justice brett kavanaugh for the supreme court isco irmed. >> reporter: for president trump, it is a monument am win. >> i stand before y t todrend o victory for our nation, our people, and our beloved ti consti. >> reporter: the victory capping a strong week for mr. trump, who struck a new trade dea with mexico and canada and saw the unemployment rate drop to 3.7%,
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its lowest in nearly 50 years, using off of it as leverageor republicans in the upcoming mid-terms. >> on november 6th, will you have the chance to stop the radical democrats. >> reporter: but democrats are fing up and firing back. >> i said to thee woman who w justifiably angry and dernlgsd i sa determined, i said they should be focused like a laser beam on e election. >> reporter: for moderate republican susancollins, sticking with her party could have real consequences. she was press on "60 minutes kwbt christine blasey ford's allegations of sexual assault against kavanaugh, which he denies. >> and if i had believed ass sexuallt had happened to her. what i think she is mistaken about i w the perpetrator was. i do not believe hesill lansail
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was brett kavanaugh. >> for heidi heitcamp a v noe could cost her a see. acknowledge yes would have been safer. >> this isn't about this is about a lifetime supreme nt on the court. >> reporter: that 58-40 margin occurred, steve danes was attending his daughter's wedding. as for today, president trump traveled to florida for a police chief's convention before returning here at the white house for that historic swearing in later tonight. >> kristen, thanks. numbers justice pete williams is at the supreme court will justice kavanaugh will begin hearing cases tomorrow,th comin ugh this confirmation battle was never easant, this one was kind of emotional. the supreme court is a
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mysterious place for most of us how do you think he will be perceived tomorrow? >> reporter: the court could be perceived as a political institution. but that has more to do wit eir confirmation process. the justices have known him. he's been a justice on a couple blocks away. many of his clerks came up here andkecl they worked with him. here's the fact, it takes five votes to prevail, so every justice is a potential allie. they will pull together, witness the fact that some of the libl rals were at his swearing in on under the in town. >> he isas replacing what long been thought as a swing vote. how do you think that will replace the balance in. >> kennedy in his later years sometimes voted with the liberals in some landmark cases, canada's influence will be felt in a few ways, in future years,
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he'll vote on issues like abortion, affirmative action, presidential power and the limit of mon and politics, but there will be a second way he will be influeial on the court. there are some issues because the justices didn't know where anthony kennedy were going to comeout, they were reluctant to take cases if they didn't know how he will vote. t nowt they're pretty sure brett kavanaugh will be a cdependableservative vote, they may now take up issues they shied away fromn the past. issues like gun control. >> thank you very much. >> craig, is there another story we are following? >> la ges,d morning, health officials in minnesota are on alert there. six children across the state have been diamondback nieced with a rare polio-like case. >> usuallyhey receive one case, they now had six in the last two weeks all in children under ten-years-old. >> good job. can you do 15 this time?
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>> reporter: this morning 7-year-old clinton hill is working toroet er. >> oh, mom's in trouble. >> reporter: happy to be home with his famil instead of in the hospital undergoing tests. clinton was recentlywi diagnose acute myelitis or afm a rare disorder that impacts the nervous system. >>e started complaining he couldn't use his arm very well, his neck turned up to where he couldn't turn his head. doctors were pplexed at first. >> reporter: it was six weeks before they noted he had afm. >> there is no treatment, no cure. that's when the bottom seemedr o out. >> reporter: one of six children diamondback knowsed with the disorder since mid-september, a new health outbreak that has health officials concerned. >> usually they see none or one per year,however, it's still a
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very rare condition. >> reporter: symptoms can include sudden muscle weakness, next stiffness or weakness, drooping in the eyelid or face, or trouble swallowing or speech in some cases, it can lead to paralysis or deh. cording to cdc there has been 362 cases since 2014. when officials saw a spike , says across the country. investigators believe it was linked to a virus. it is not clear what is behind this new outbreak. now we are seeing more cases, there will be attention put to understanding what i causing is >> reporter: as for clinton, doctors are not sure if he will get full of his arm back, but his family is s ying positive. >> we got our son back. he's as happy and playfuls ever. we're grateful we have that. >> unlike lio, there is no vaccine,octors tell people to wash hands, stay up to date on
7:16 am
vaccinations, if a parent sees potential sytoms, they should go to the doctor as soon as possible. thank you. an urgent warning about the daers of climb change. scientists hoping they will limit global warming. that is, unless new technologies are developed to remove igniting gases from the atmosphere. preventing an extra single degree of heat they say lead to an increase in seranus s in weather, sea levels and natural ecosystems. >> all right.7: . let's get the rest . good morning again. we've had a lot of rainth back ugh the midwest. this very slow moving front continues to bring rain through the idwest back through plains and down into texas where we could see flash behind it it's all ofly cold and cold enough to produce significant owfall. that's a look at weather across th country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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i'm tracking thick rng this g swlz a
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i tracking areas of thick fog. dense fog in effect forn everybody gray until 10:00 a.m. today. aside from that, plenty of fog with late dane sunshine. currently at72 grees. by 11:00 a.m., we'll be in the upper 70s. overall high temperatures running about 10 drees above normal. 1:00 we're to warm to 82 degrees. when you factor in thedi hu, that will feel anywhere from 85 to 87 degrees. we'll finalfr cool down by ay. >> thank you. >> another local news update in about 25 minutes. back to "today" after this break.
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[ music playing ] we are back at 7:30 and that little adorable guy is bode and morgan miller's new bundle of joy. the couple welcoming him just
7:20 am
months after a heart breaking loss. latestgoing to have the in the chapter in their family story just ahead. >> so happy for them. first, let get a check of the headlines. we begin with this tragedy in upstate new york. 24 people were killed when it plowed through an inteection and crashed into an occupied vehicle the group was headed to a birthday party. all 18 people died as did two pedestrians. this is the deadliest accident in nearly a decade. the ntsb is there on the scene working closely with state police orying to figure exactly how this all happened. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo says kim jong-un is ready to allow international inspectors into the north's nuclear missile testing sites. it was one of the main staik sticking points, pompeo revealed it to a short trip on sunday.
7:21 am
the secretary of state said both sides were close to an agreement on the details of the second summit. what a day ithe world of sports. a lot of dramatic last-minute finishes on theootball field and exciting baseball as well. let's start with the nfl. right here on nbc, and in-state rivalry all wrapped up between the cowboys and tens. here it is, making the 36-yard field goal to win it for houston. rlier in the day the browns d ravens also went into overtime, cleveland's greg joseph lifted a -yard field goal. it's the first time cleveland has bonn on a sunday since december of 2015. >> wow! >> that was 37 games ago. . >> but who's counting? >> to the diamond, atlanta pulling off a win against the dodgers, the as come through in a huge way, 2nd inning, grand
7:22 am
slam to give atlanta the 5 lead to hold on to win it 6-5. game four tonight, the highlights well into the night after the milwaukee brewers finished off the three-game sweep of the colorado rockies. the final there. onto the nlcs, three more on the schedule today, including that series we are all keeping a clree eye on in the studio the yankees and red sox that game tied at one gamepiece. >> a nice job on the sports. rk return to our big story in new the accident is raisingot af questions about the safety of limousines, gieb ghou tierrez has that stor >> reporter: there are still so many unanswered questions about ehat causeed that deadly crash in upst new york. around the country, regular vehicles are heavily regulated,
7:23 am
but stretch limos are not. this morning with 20 people dead in aerrible crash in upstate new york, there is renewed scrutiny of stretch limousines. >> this is the most deadly accident in this country since february of 2009. >> reporter: witnesses say the little mor a 2001 ford excursion sped down the hill into a parking lot and into an suv. two people in the parking lot, all 18 adults in the little rks including the driver were tilled. >> the front sea passengers and the driver would be required to wear a atselt. the passengers in the back would not. >> reporter: so far it's not clear if they were wearing seatbes, whathe condition of the vehicle was or exactly how it was modified, but previously, there had been questions about the safety of stretch limos. in18, five women celebrating died when their stretch limo died. in 2014, ao l had been cut
7:24 am
apart and rebuilt to accommodate pamore engers. a grand jury later found that converted stretch limos often don't have securit measures, including side impact airbags and rollover protection bars and accessible emergency exits. >> the reality is when these vehiclha areed after market and this stretching occurs, it doeshe change engineered design of the vehicle. >> reporter: fatal lim crashes are relatively rare. there were two fatal onein 2017, down from 2015, regulations experts say are not consistent. >> what we have now across the na on is apatchwork system with these vehicles. it's really impornt to reevaluate where we are and recognize this franken system we have across the country isn't serving consumers well. >> gabe, are any states taking steps to protect peoe who a
7:25 am
riding in these limos? , reporter: well, actual craig, this year in california, a limo retrofit law went io effect requiring more accessible emergency exits. say federal law requires rotect er cars to passengers using airbags, stretch limos don't have thatsa requirement. >> gabe, thank you. across oklahoma yesterday and today we're looking at more of same. more severe storms possible. also torrential wnpours. ere are 18 million people at
7:26 am
risk for flash flooding today. especially in this area across southeastern nebraska through central kansas and extending down into central oklahoma. also down through south central texas we could see the possibility of some flooding because of the saturated ground and some of these downpouruc prg rainfall rates of about 2 inches per hour. we could see anna addit 2 to 4 inches of rain that could lead to flooding through oklahoma and texas but also across parts of the plains and midwest we could see 3 to 4 inches of rainfall on top of what we'velready en. we're dealing with thick fog and spots in the d.c. area. visibility in frederick, gaithersburg, around a quarter rof a mile less and tracking very thick fog around the i-81 corridor as well. fog will be an issue until0 10 a.m. we'll see clouds breaking up and we'll have a mix of clouds and sun until the late afternoon hours. mild and muggy.
7:27 am
83 today feels more like 87ith ab isolated shower possible. pretty much the exact same weather tomorrow. >> that' your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. coming up, a first for taylor swift. why m theic star is now wading into politics. what does the world's most famous rock climber re with an eno his most epic climb? gives savannah a lesson. we'll tell you how t turns out. we'll take you inside al's broadway debut. >> thes joyful n from brody and morgan months after their family's crushg loss. first, these messages. his map se peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. u hear that?
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and that's why we use nothing but the very best sausage that money can buy. paint yourself a beautiful morning. this morning on "in depth" a little lightness for skier bode miller andis wife morgan. >> the family invited a baby after losing their daughter emmy
7:32 am
in an accident drowning. they shared their photo exclusively with us. he doesn'tave a name yet, but this is the very first photo of bo and morgan miller's baby boy, born at home in a pool with e mid-life that helped them. he came into the world in the same place as he is sister did years ago. they shared this powerful words about the exactly one month before emmy's second bihday -- the sun rose and they knew this day would be different. adding, morgan's fingersrasped on to their son who filled such empty arms. the good news coming just four months after the tragic o death their 19-month-old daughter emmy the toddler accidentally drowning into a neighbor's swimming pool, morgan was we nant with her son when spoke about that accident. how are you thinking about the
7:33 am
new baby t fact thatou are going through this and creating life >> that was my first concern. besides the fact of never being able to see my dauter again, it was every time how a i supposed to bring a new baby into this wld without, with just losing mybaby? >> emmy was so excited to be a big sister. she walked around all the time with her baby and now we have the opportunity to get to love that baby not only for ourselves but for emmy. >> last month on instagram, morgan shared this moving message to her precious daughter. i wish i could have one more day to hold you. until that day comes, continue toork through me and give me the strength to bring awareness to my ve, awareness to other families about the real dangers of childhood drowning. . >> there is not a day that goes by that i don't play for the opportunity to go back to that
7:34 am
day and maket different. but now we have this opportunity to make other parents' days different. >> their friend and mid-wife sharing how the famil is feeling now after the birth of their son. while nothing will ever replace fthe feeling aching arms to hold emmy again, this babyom providedhing new this day, joy, inspiration and hope. >>e have been waiting for this day ever since she did that interview. >> it's such beautiful news. i'm so happy for them. i know they're full of joy and you know i just -- theyctlly said when we talked this summer that their kids, older kids arem helping tnd showing them how to move through their grief. because they're so present. you know they know and they miss their baby sister, then they al know how to be present and i think this little baby will contin that and would be remiss if i didn't say the reason morgan and bode are here and thiking about is they
7:35 am
want to make other parents aware about atdrowning, safety so we have to continue that push. >> absolutely. >> that's a heartwarming picture. coming up next, she stayed on the sidelines for years. the sidelines for years. why is taylor swift breaking h don't forget that the past can speak to the future. ♪ ♪ i'm going to be your substitute teacher. don't assume the substitute teacher has nothing to offer... same goes for a neighborhood. don't forget that friendships last longer than any broadway run. mr. president. (laughing) don't settle for your first draft. or your 10th draft. ♪ ♪ you get to create the room where it happens. ♪ ♪ just don't think you have to do it alone. ♪ ♪ the powerful backing of american express. don't live life without it.
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7:39 am
political fray. >> overnight, pop superstar taylor swift getting political, declaring her support for two democrats in the upcoming mid-term tiels, former governor bredesen and representative jim cooper for the house the gram my awarnn g writing, in the past, i've been reluctant toubcly voice my political opinions. but due to severalve ents in my life and in the world and in the past two years, i feelen tly about that now. for the singer that moved to tennessee as a teen and got her start in country music befor moving over to become a star, one fan posting bad moves, politics just ruined your career. you picked the wrong side, we re never ever getting bac together, unfollowed. others backing the bad blood star writing you all can say what you will, this right here
7:40 am
is someone i can support. swift's announcement comes one day after the end of the american leg of her world tour and a day after judge brett kavanaugh's narrow confirmation to the supreme court, following accusations of sexual misconduct. swift recently acknowledging the one-year anniversary of her o legal victory against the colora dj, who she said sexually assaulted her during a 2013 meet and greet. >> this day a year ago was the day that the day that the jury decided in my a favor said they will be me. >> reporter: it comes as swift's one-time nemesis kanye west -- >> i'm happy for you, i'm going to let you finish. >> reporter: is also getting political, backing donald trump, recently wearing a "make america great again" hat on "saturday night live." . swift hinting that the kavanaugh
7:41 am
coirmation and her own experiences led to her political sts now going viral. >> i just want to say i'm sorry to anyone whoever wasn't believed because i don't know what term mye l would have taken if somebody, if people didn't believe me when i said something that happened to me. >> swift has one of the largest followings in the world. s her voi hopes will have an impact. it is a gamble for someone like swift to wade into politics. it's something she says she has to do. guys, back to you. >> all right. mikel, thank you. . just ahead, savannah learns the ropes of rock climbing from the most famous rock climber on the planet. >> not bad, plus, al's broadway we savedundreds on our car insurance when we switched to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn on a sunny day... ...and without even trying, you end up with one last strip that's exactly the width of your mower.
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7:56 is your time on this monday, october 8th. i'm angie goff. let's get to melissa with your traffic. >> things looking better. we hadsh c 270 northbound after the beltway. it's out. way and things are finallyet movingr than they are. rest of the beltway looking pretty goo here. do have a brand-new problem we're hearing about in germantown. t seneca highway near richr farm road. sounds like an overturned vehicle there. forecast next. stay with us. be
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7:47 am
7:48 am
be. i'm tracking fog on your monday morning. the nationaeather service issued a dense fog advisory for everybody in gray. it's an issue infr ericksburg, gaithersburg, otherwise warm and muggy. 78 degrees by 11:00 a.m. a hh today of 82, 83, but h with thidity it will feel like 87 be. >> thank you. more news in 25 nominutes. now, back to "today" after this short break.
7:49 am
i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deals leading to mve tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's ca, this plan what it is the way that it's been rolled out. it'sighway robbery. there's also healthcare rbara comstock votede to sabotag the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- ever whing that's wrong hington. it 8:00 on "today." . coming up, what went wrong? investigators searching for
7:50 am
answers afterimousine on the way to a birthday party crashed into a parked suv a killed all passengers on board and two pedestrians, versions calling it the deadliest accidents in a dede. >> 20 fatalities, it's horrific. we are live on the scene. plus, out on a limb. i go one on one with the world's most famous rock climber. he givess me my own pvate lesson. now what? how am i going to get down? and hanging tough. ♪ hanging tough >> the newids on the block stop by with ast special gue and don't want ent you to miss, today, monday 8, 2018. [ music playing ] >> celebrating her birthday. >> friends from charlotte, north carolina. >> and houston, texas.
7:51 am
>> here from sydney, australia. ♪ i forgot to mention. inthe. >> here in new >>york! oh, yeah, a little pep in our step. it is mondaymorning. nice to have you live. >> it's a grape59 coming on the whole thing. >> when i got out there, there was a line for kids o the block outside, around the corner. >> they have a big announcement. >> it's worth sticking around we will get back to that in a minute. here's the news at the ntsb is investigating that limousine crash that happened in upstat york. 20 people were killed including four sisters. nbc news' tom costello is at the scene for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good mornour sisters, two newlywed couples, severalther family members and several brothers were killed and
7:52 am
three children have been left without parents and this was the scene here where the suv limo came barreling all the way down is grassy section here into the ravine into the cre and everybody on board died. on a quiet country road in upstate new york, a gut wrenching tragedy. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific. >> reporter: the horror transmitted in the voices of the emergency responders first on the scene. the question everyone here is asking -- how did an suv limousine headed to a birthday party on saturday plow through this intersection taking the lives of 20 people. >> 18 of the victims were in the limousine, including the driver. >> reporter: witsses say the van came tearing right dn tha road and blew through that stop sign. there are no skid marks to be seen heren the driveway. he tore right through the apple
7:53 am
barrel cafe's hiveway,ting and killing two pedestrians here before careening right into the ravine. >> all of them are great people. >> reporter: new this morning, their friend, unable to attend that par would have been in that limo, revealing that several of the victims were parents, theren now orphans. >> adam and abb havewo little girls that are absolutely orable. i love those girls and axel's brother rich had a kid as well. >> reporter: ntsb chief. >> this is absolutely the most deadly transportation crash or accident that we've seenn this country since 2009. >> reporter: 2009 was the year an air fliot crashed i a house near buffalo killing 50. according to records obtained from the federal motor carrier administration the little ma was owned by prestige limousine chaufferes serv they're not involved in crashes
7:54 am
over the last two years but it was subject tole five veh inspections, four resulting in vehicles being placed out of rv e. these nos to from the company's website showing serve suv limos nvke the oneved in the crash. now ntsbinvestigators are examining the wreckage of he horrific crash. among the questions, was there a mechanical failure and questions about the driver? whether cted drivin he was intx indicated. whether the brakes failed, all that is on the table in. >> everything is on the table. biggest er: t question, how did a day of happiness turn into such a heart breaking tragedy? we turned to the limousine company, press timing limo in a year community. they say they are devastated by the ss they declined to comment beyond. that the owner they shea is out of the kentucky of which there are 16 ntsbeam members to put together exactly what went
7:55 am
wrong. >> such a tragedy. court judgee brett kavanaugh will start hearing cases on tuesday. he was sworn in late saturday after the senate approved him in a close 50-48 vote. president trump will hold a swearing in ceremony tonight. he gives the court a solid majority. > that could have an impact on rulings that involve aboron, immigration and presidential powers. meanwhile, both republicans and democrats are hoping that anger generated by the onfirmation fight will mobilize voters in mid-terms next month. here we go. are you never t young to show a little style a little confidence when you go out for a swim. take a loo at these young ladies on the way to a pool party. >> hey ladies. wherengou all g to? >> the pool. >> where you are all going to in. >> to the pool. >> what you going to do at the pool? >> swim.
7:56 am
>> amazing. that vid wasreposted by name campbell who knows power and titude when she sees it, to the people. >> i love it. >> i want to get in line and go to that party. >> let's get yourids in. >> i love it. that's cute. much more ahead this morning. g we ang to celebrate al's broadway debut. >> what a night it was. then, up, up and away. >> are you proud of me? >> i am sort of impressed. >> ki come down now? >> i kind of feel like you should rest a little bit. >> the most famous
7:57 am
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7:59 am
so communications stay up. in times of crisis, their calls go through, d they can get their job done. we know what we're getting into when we sign o to take care of peopleur and makeeveryone comes home safe. that's what my number one goal is. we are back with some exciting news from the bushly fa we are so delighted to share this. >> that's right, we received a statement from former president george w. bush announcing their daughter barbara is married. >> yes. >> the lucky guy, they exchanged vows last night. she wore a custom made vera wang gown. first more on the bush family's big day. >> barbara pierce bush was married sunday in an intimate ceremony of j family in kennebunkport on t rocky coast
8:00 am
of maine, a place dear to her and her mily. bash practice's new husband, 37-year-old writer, craig coyne had proposed in the same spot where bash practice's grandparents werenged years ago. their epic love story was an inspiration. on a beautiful fall say, shea walked wown the aisleh her father as her grandfather watched on and aays in her spot her beloved grandmother for whom she w named. the father of the bride, a chance to celebrate hisli precis le girl. >> when my dad came that midland, texas the girls were like 3-years-old i think. it was a political ray. he was the vice president. jenna kept flirting with the crowd, maybe lifting herskirt. >> i think she d h lift skirt. >> trying to get a laugh. barbara was taking it all in as on ab server.s barbar a little more
8:01 am
reserved, jennas a little more outgoing as an cakes of their personalities. >> aay big for our jenna bush hager, oneer by minuted a her dearest friend. >> barbara has a huge heart. she was the type of kid that looked up to everybody else in our class and wanted to make sure that everybody was taken care of. he's gentle. she's creative, a great artist and she's brilliant. >> and on this day a celebration of barbara, a life of love, laughter and y. >> and on the set right now d nna, gmorning. >> i'm crying 24 hours >> i know. >> i can't stop. >> we knew you would cry. we heard every family bush membercried. >> oh, there were so many happy tears. they wanted to get married here because my grandfather's here. so it was a very secretin we
8:02 am
a little bit like my elusive sister, but also just family in a place that mean family love and it was beautiful. >> describe -- i know you gave a ast. i wish we were there to hear. but what did you say about your sister in your toast? >> oh, it's hard to articulate how much i love her because i'm 37 years of love, but we -- iju told her and everybody how much, how much she means to bum. i ended actually with a letter that my grandfather wrote my grandmother, because i searched all the romantics and hakespeare just wasn't doing it it was sitting right next to me 's i read it. >> oh, l get to the good stuff, how was the party after, the dance? >> the party was a lot of fun. and my granoather got stay through the dinner. >> wow. >> wch was such a blessing and the reason why they wanted to do
8:03 am
it here with him sitting on and actually barbara wore her something borrowed was a bracelet that my grandfather gave to my andmother, who she's named after on their 70th wedding anniversary. >> wow! >> oh, wow. >> it's so beautiful. 're looking at the picture, jenna, you both look gorgeous. ti so bel, barbara was a stunning bride and mila and poppy are scene steale. >> poppy was the ring bearer. >> that's a lot of faith on barbara's part. >> i know, it did. poppy realize that the box was empty and so she ran to the front andhe kept holding it opened like this is fake. this is fake. at one point we were all praying and poppy ran and almost tackled barbara and gave her a huge hug. >> oh. >> po t stole show. >> amazing. will you give barbara and her
8:04 am
new hub the biggest hug. >> congratulations. >> congrats. >> oh, thank you. >> love you, honey. >> he's now in our "today" show extended family whether he wants to or not. >> l a's get check of . >> unfortunately, we do have to talk about a potential hurricane. it is a tropical storm right now.ic it'sel sitting just to the east of cozumel and it's at about 70 miles an hour with the wind that means it's very close to hurricane status. as it moves into a very favorable environment, there's the possibility it could be a category 2urricane by the time we get into wednesday morning that has winds at 1150 miles a hour. then it looks like it will make its way onshore and move into the carolinas. it's a quick-mover once is approaches the gulf coast. especially the floda panhandle. this is an area susceptible to storm surge so we could see 7 to 11-foot srm surg
8:05 am
now here's a peek ought your window. >> a mild starts on t october 8th. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 73 degrees in washington with hazy sunshinas well as patchy fog. we'll have fog around until 10:00 a.m. most are under a dense fog advisory until 10:00 a.m. and then we'll have mostly ocloudy mi sun and clouds later. today with a high of 83, feels re like87. pretty much the exact same forecast tuesday with rain on friday. hat's your forecast. carson is in the orange room with new proof about the power of the internet. >> you'll love this. this is like a morning boost here. let me set up the the new york yankees put an end to oland a's season when they played that wild card loss. check out what happened to thi one particular, vy loyal a's fan in the stands here. now, you see the beer is being
8:06 am
sprayed. right there with the colored hair. a yankee fan threw a beer on him. then he threw the cupnd hit m in the head. not a good scene. this video went viral. sympathy rold in for the beers-soaked a's fan incding from the organization itself. do you know this a's n? we'd like to find him and hook him up with gear that doesn't smell like beer. within an hour, he says, that's. never been prouder to be an a's fan. y'all are the best. this is where the story gets grea d the nex spencer got a message from that yankee fan who threw that beer. he apologized and a could meet in person. not only did they meet up, they ended up hanging out all night together, having a great time in brooklyn. they shared their adventures on instagram. this one said, spread the love. that's the brooklyn way. social media users were thrilled to see this was the outcome.
8:07 am
ross writing, veryclassy. found a way to turn it positive. steven w, they restored my faith in humanity today. the a's say they'll send spencee a car package and tickets for next season. an unfortunate day at the ballpark turned around qulikly. social media playing a big part in that. >> finally social media doing good f >> the yanke stepped up -- >> went to brooklyn, drank some apologized -- >> if necessity can get along, can't anyone? >> i like it. >> we'll throw everybody al roker will debut friday night. starring as old joe in "waitress." he did a good job. he nails his solo number. let's take a listen. in an upro. ♪ if you lack the strength of your own on a holdout ♪ hand and ld out your
8:08 am
take it from an old man ♪ [ cheers [ cheers ] >> he sound great, right? he didn't look too nervous. holding a notthere, work, hard at it. that'she curtain call there. everybodype jumd to their feet, gave him a standing ovachlths i wanted to be there i was with my kids. everybody was ere, the whole "today" mily, mike, savannah, oda, kathie lee were there, they brought redwine, which is weird, craig, libby our executive producer. many of the producers on the show. >> i love that. >> there is the "today" family there. uncle al. >> sonny wasthere. >> he brought red wine, which is weird, al's daughter came if from paris for the wbut. a really big night. we're so proud of you, sbuddy. >> i nice to see so many of our families there showing
8:09 am
support, too. in other news, jennifer garner dealing with drama, chicken drama, she raises chickens in her home. it's an la th she was recently asked and said some of the chickens have been fighting especially captain hook and jennifer. we decided to introduce them and our captain hook, one of our older chickens was not nice and she started tryingottack and kill the new chickens, specificallyhennifer. we got a small coup, i said look here, girl,pe you have to s up or it will be solitary isolation. >> right. >> and they're t all goinghave the run of the coup and watching you in here. >> right, yeah d an she shape up? >> no are you glad you asked? >> i am, i am. >> the drama hasn't deterred garner from growing her coup. she says she'sot some mor
8:10 am
chickens on the way, oprah henfriday and hemen degeneres. i. >> i like ethat. >>ure to check your local listings. >> all right. if you are afraid of heights, you may want to close your eyes for this one theimages you will see are literally death defying. >> they are, a national documented profile, that has a man to free solo, no ropes,io sell's el capitan, that means, scale the wall, no ropes, i caughtp with him at our own climbing hot spot in central park. [ music playing ] . >> heying jimmy, do you copy? just started climbing. >> everybody who has made free soloing a big part of their life is dead now. i feel like anybody could onceivably die on any given day.
8:11 am
soloing makes it feel far more media and much more present. >> inun of 2017, he claims the face of semite's el capitan, 3200 feet of sheer granite. >> i can't believe you guys are going to watch. >> one mistake and he'd be dead, no mel e helmet, no ropes. he ascends with nothing but his bare hands and the will to survive. >> you should put someone here, if you leanout, can you see the whole roof. >> they offer insight t into man behind the feat. >> hey, alex. >> yeah. >> i'm timing you. okay? >> okay. i'm climbing. >> okay. >> hi, you walked up like you're walking down thewa si. >> you should try, all timer. >> you will be up here a long time. what is the joy of a free solo climb? >> obviously the big part of the
8:12 am
appeal is to be in this position that should beca totally, crazy, but to feel super comfortable. to be hanging there with air aou around y and just feel good. >> we're going to start the task now. >> okay. >> but is there something about alex that makes him uniquely able to tame fear? >> you are not like everybody else >> it's the same brand, it wasn't showingat accn under certain stimulus which means i have been over sensitized overt . >> you think its more nurture than nature? >> sure. >> you practiced the fear away? >> i know i have been afraid many, many times for many years, at a certain point, it's not as scary anymore. >> the film captures the human toll for those that car him.t this is also a love story. >> it's really hard for me to grasp why hes want this. but if hes doesn't do t jump, he would regret it.
8:13 am
what if somebody what if i don't see him again? >> what was more harrowing when heu watched the film back the climbing shots or ones we get to really know you? >> it's much happeneder to watct the rnship and everything unfold for my girlfriends.or that's much challenging for sure. >> as for his. mo >> i feel that's when he feels the most alive, the mostev ything. how can you even think about taking that away from somebody? >> you guys are riding the summit? >> at the heart a moral dilem for the film crew that tracks his every missouri one ex's action could end life. >> i have always been conflicted about filming a film about free soloing. because it's so dangerous. it's hard to n imagine your friends falling through the frame to his death. >> alex isve living day with intention. he's living exactly the life he
8:14 am
wants to live. so he's thought a lot about. peace we had to make with the idea that this is alex's choice. that's terrifying. >> roxanne switched the snaps, the left foot jams. >> what sets you apart is what you are able to do with your mind and how do few cal your fears, how do you get in that mental space? >> it isn't so much a calming fear so much as preparing to the point where i'm not scary, i'm not afraid. >> part o yourrain secretary to keep those thoughts at bay. there is also a part in the fil where they go through some of the most famous free climbers and they don't necessarily have a long life span. >> well, my favorite statistic is noe soloist has died doing anything cutting edge. several died like slipping or random things as lon as you slip and you will probably fine. >> as for my solo career, let's saw say it was short lived.
8:15 am
now what? how am i going to get down? >> left hand. >> i will get stuck. >> you are upthere. >> are you proud of me? >> i am sort of impressed. >> can i come down now? >> iou think should rest a bit and go to the top. >> is that >>it? e said i think you should go to the top. we need to get the >> my brain is opposite of his. >> he trained two years. he mapped it t. nds here. >> all the moves. what if a bird flies by? >> or wind gust. >> anything? >> no room for >> it's straight ahead we'll turn from rock climbing to camping can lena dunham. she'll tell us about her new show. ids on the block are right here. good morning, everybody. 8:26 on this monday, october 8th.
8:16 am
i'm aaron let's get a look at the roads with fst 4 traffic. >> beltway looking good because lots of fol o work and school. the roads are pretty light. 66/95, no problem. a live look 270 at mondtrose, light volume. a little fog happening around. we'll check on the rest of that fog and your forecast when we come back.
8:17 am
8:18 am
the national weather service isoged a dense advisory for all the counties in gray. this w until 10il:00l this morning. current visibilities, dealing with fog around gaithersburg, count through culpepper, this burns off by 10:00 a.m. otherwise increasing sunshine, a warm and humid day. a high around 82,83, but that will feel more like 87 with the mugginess, aaron. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather just open the nbc washington app.
8:19 am
8:20 am
here are the reasons why. new kids on the bloc good rning. 8: they are here. they have a few surprises. first, they are going to help dylan out with our crowd. hey, dylan. >> you know, it's hard to pick just who remains in the crowd. you want to do weather. need to talk about, there is i somebodythe crowd. we need >> we need jen and rod. where's jen and rod? you guys are huge new kid fans. >> we are. >> you're getting married in six days. >> w>> are. what are you doing for your honeymoon? >> we're going to a new kid on the block cruise, along with our friends.
8:21 am
>> i'm surrounded by my favorite new kids on the block. i'm sure you want nothing to do with me. i'll let you catch up, get to ow each other before the cruise. i'm a little jealous. i'm a huge fan. >> i'm not going to tell you where.le >> we'll justhem talk, guys. >>. >> dylan is in her glee. she loves new kids lena dunham is here. she's got aew comedy series that marks jennifer garner's return to television. we'll catch up with lena. good morning. it's hard to believye this america is celebrating 20 years of harry potter. in honor of that magical st milee, we went in search of the biggest harry potter fans and they are here. >> they're here.
8:22 am
scott and his 8-year-old daughter sophia. good morning. she's very excited to be here. so, how was the weekend? oh, my gosh. it was ito good. >> so good. >> we had such a great time. >> yeah. you got to go see the show, right? what else did you do? >> we g t toour new york but was so cool seeing all the harry potter things here in new york city. it wma ng. >> what was your favorite harry potter thing you saw? >> probably the care of magical creatures. >> what was your? >> the entire weekend? >> the entireweend. >> the play. >> oh, cool. >> that'so neat. you know, we had 3,000 people try to win this contest but you guys are the biggest harry potter fans ever. did it live up to your expectations? >> oh, definitely. the history o magic exhibit was really cool.
8:23 am
ding is n my underst you had to pick a quote out of the first book and talk about why it was so personal for you. >> yes. >> what was yours? >> i knew you were going to ask ais. it's there's kind of courage but it takes a greater deal of courage to stand up to your enemies and even more to stand up to your friends. my child is a kind hard and stands up for kids or other kids, whether friends or not. that one just really hit home. >> congratulations. >> i'm soappy you had fun. >> congratulations, guys. >> thank youor coming here. >> thank you. >> can you just give a shout out here?l the pas that are >> they're taking over the plaza. >> they're literally taking over -- >> they have been here all morning. >> guys, notice i haven't made may way over theecause the new kids are over here. just saying.
8:24 am
let's take a look at what's o goin across the country. a are going to see some warm temperaturesoss the eastern half and below average temperatures out west. a denverut 42 degrees. salt lake city, 85. louisville, 95 our high today. tomorrow we're back in the low 80s. that's about 10 to 20 degrees above north platte, nebraska, down in the 40s. we'll get more seasonable as we gothnto the end o week with temperatures dropping back down into the sxikts 70s. that's a look at at the weather across the country. now here's a peek o your window. >> it's already mild out there. 73 degrees right now in washington. r average high this time of year, about 71. so, at 8:30 we're already 2 degrees above normal. as we continue into the 83.ernoon hours, a high of that will feel more like 87 with the fogginess. g burns off by 10:00 a.m. we'll see clouds diminishing throdahout the rain likely on thursday and 60s friday, saturday and sunday.
8:25 am
w can i just say my sister-in-law,n she found out you guys were here, she was like, oh, my god,he new kids. can you say hi to nicole. >> hi, nicole. >> where are you? >> we're loving you, nicole. >> there you go, nicole. guys? much.lan, thank you so we're here chatting with multi talented lena dunham. her millty award win her "girls" just wrapped and now ck with a new show. >> it's called t"camping"t quickly turns sour. outdoors brings out wild fernality clafer personality clashes. jennifer garner is katherine the type a. >> i'm 'place people call, they call me, i'm their place to fall. >> you were so busy planning this trip. i guess she wanted to give you the space to d that. >> i'm organizing it because i'm the touchdom.
8:26 am
>> lena, good morning. >> good morning. first of all a show about camping. i thought th is this something in your wheelhouse? >> no, this is an adaption of amazing british series by julie davis, jenny caught on, it s something to do, transposing it on to a californi nightmare, but i haven't been camping sense i was 12. i don't plan to ever go ago en. >> i was going to say, when i think of you, i don't think of you going camping. >> i'm what you call a comfort queen. i want to be in a bed 24 hours a day with a cleen divide bet me and the out of doors. >> we were talking about jenniferarner who is really good, she managed to make this adorable lik jennifer garner, this character is kind of annoying. >> you want to slap her. >> i feel if that is the one thing this series, we have done the unthinkable. >> was it tough to get her back to tv or something she was
8:27 am
do?king to >> she was so game. i think that something people don't maybe fully insurance about j is how she, when ople know she she's fun, she's charming. she is capable of mixing her mummer with the sort of hard edge and that was something that she was ready to do something that stretched her in this particular way so when we sent her the first two scripts, she signed on day later. i ft like we were getting pumped. >> but also having your name atnched, are you also incredible writer. are you the executive producer of this series. so what, did youf write some the scripts, how, what is your involvement? >> i did. i wrote -- i wrote six of the scripts, six of the eight. i wrote some with other amazing writers, jenny connor, trayvon free. there were incredible people on thistaff and then i just spent
8:28 am
time on set trying to you know help hone the vision and make sure the actors felt comfortable, engaged with their characters. >> you did have to camp. you weno the set. >> yes, we were there on a mountain in california and i have to say like even, you know, the 12 hours a day of very protected outdoors womans time it was too much for me. >> you tk o your instagram bio. it says, writing saved my life, i think that's dope. what do you mean writing your life in. >> i think were i not a writer i would have no way to understand the complexity and t challenges and the darkness of the experience of being particularly being a human woman at this time in, you know, in history and this country. there is so much to parce so many challenges o existing in
8:29 am
body, i've always grappled with my physical health, my mental health. and so to have wting as a way myselfdeeper, expre and connecticut to other people, it truly is the reason that i exist. >> and you have been through so much, particularly in the last couple of years. you wrote a beautiful piece for "vogue" about having a hi hysterecto hystertomy, you struggle with endometriosis. it's been a time for you. >> i can't say the last few years have been easy. it's been a time and some of ec that has beense of my own behavior. i've grownup. i've developed in the spotlight for better or worse and i'veal ys dealt with the challenge of my own body turning against me. so it's bee a time of tremendous loss and tremendous change aht i always tho when people said like you know with loss comes a lot of gain and a lot of power. i always thoughthat was bs.
8:30 am
but it turned out it's true. there was a lot tha i've also gone and af gained a great sense ofau community b i have been able to write about my experience and other women have reached bk to me. >> lena, real quick, is there movie?o be a girl's we're wondering and waiting. >> i always wanted to do a girl's movie. i thoug we should establish a jump. i want women to deal with peri menopause. >> lena, thank you. a lovelytip. maybe in their 30s. >> i personally don't get it anymo anymore. i who want the cast to come with me. >> every time you come here, you leave us with doozee. >> sunday on-bo. >> just this close. thank you, lena. she just can't help it. ust ahead, who better than presidential historian to weigh in on everything going on in walk. ichael beschloss gives us his take. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
the president, chief executive, commander-in-chief. whatever term you use the elected leader of the united states has a lot of power. it's a power controlled by our constitution. a system of checks and balances, in his new bore,dential historian michael beschloss issues a warning, t many presidents have used war to expands their own power. yes, it could happe again, michael, good morning. >> good morning. >> before we get to this book, it's a labor o love. obviously, we have been through a historic supreme court confirmaon battle. not totally unprecedented i guess if you think of the clarence thomas/anita ll. i think a lot of people think this time is the most contentious ever. i think it's a great time to get a good historian's.on that. >> the good news is it's not most contentious, 1859 slavery,
8:34 am
1940, the country was torn apart ov idea do you go to war with hitler or not. so compared to moments like this, what we see today is not quite as momentous. we'll get through it. >> you are a historian. of course,he think lesson is always that what we see in the past could often be a repeated it's such an interesting journey this book. you are a talkiut something very specific. presidents and the power to declare war. it rests with congress and yet so few modern presidents have used that power. >> that's exactly right. you know what the book does, it goes through 200 years of these guys so far all presidents who were presidents a how the families give them support. they sometimes have emotional breakdowns, they sometimes lie. but the big thing or 200 years at the beginning they went to congress the public would support war a president wanted to get into nowadays as we've seen in ple last c of decades, presidents can take us into war almost overnight,
8:35 am
almost single edha, we've got to be vigilant. >> you cite some historical presidents literally lying their way into war. >> >> or coming one a false provocation. was that preside polk who did that? >> polk, 1840 in the 1840s says there was an attack by mexicans against us. we've got to have a big war with mexico. it was really a contrived attack. 1898, the named american shipo suchg imerican harbor, mckinley said we have to go to war against spain. it turned out spain had nothing to do with it. nowadays it is possible for a president to say something has happened in the middle east or another area of the world that requires me to take the nation to war. it may be justified, but it may not. >> you spent ten years on this book. it was kind of like writing ten books l understand it? >> that's for sure. >> there are a lot of understandings in it.
8:36 am
>> great to see you always. >> td book is cal presidents of war, you can learn more about it " carson, over to >> we have new kids on the block coming out, 30 yearsf ahead time. again, what's happening, brother? look at you. all right, everybody is excited. we have a big announcement. some surprises, o allf it right after this first, thiay is "todon nbc. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones.
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it's training her good cells... to fight the bad guys. stronger is less pain... new hope... more fight. it's doing everything in your power... and everything in ours. stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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[ music playing ] we are back on t plaza with the boy band that gave us hits like step by step. of course, we are talking about the new kids on the block for the last three, count them, decades, they have been entertaining audiences all around the world. this morning, they are here with a special announcement. we will get to that. first of all, great to see you guys. it was like a time warp. >> i was young,though. look at how young you look.
8:39 am
no time haspa ed. >> america's teenager. >> that's right. >> it's beeea 30 since you were hanging out. you did a show at the apola theater. c weelebrated our 30th anniversary at the apollo and the 30th anniversary of the day we fell in love with all thesea g fans. these fans are so excited. you are here, they will get the special announcements, incredible. tell me about las night. what did that mean? these fans are quite incredible. have you the mix tick tour coming. >> you can't forget that actually the ten, this is actually thete year i was in of us coming back. it was on the "today" sho that first morning in the rain and all of these fans showed up and the cwd just went on forever and ever and kind of showed the world like what we had back in the day was special. the last ten years, we have beei
8:40 am
obama, radio it? [ cheers ] >> all right. well let's get to this big announcement. you want to just set it up first without getting into the specific surprises coming around the corner? >> we are excited, but we're bringing special guests, we'ret cr a mixed tape on tour every night, every city, tears, joy, love, most of all. >> let's do it, 53 cities.ea let's h the groups, first up, the all female hip-hop group that still knows how to push it. i'm talking about salt n ppa. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> whew! >> yeah. >> let's just keep itvi . why don't we? i know we are not alone now. because it wouldn'the be ''80s mixed head tour without pop
8:41 am
supertar tiffany! [ chee [ cheers ] >> next up, she's moving from only our dreams to performing on the streets across the country. give it up, singer/songwriter debbie gibson. >> whew!s [ cheer >> how are you? all right. are you ready for this tour? my goodness. let's give it a big hip-hopp hooray to t group by mitchell. it's good. all right. here it is the news, is this unbelievable? this is going to be so fun. firsll of all, of you, what is it like on this tour to have to go back and play theits? a lot of groups don't like to play the hits. tell me about playing the son
8:42 am
that are holder now? >> oh, i love it. i thi everybodyments to see it. >> how about you, debbie? >> i think it's aboutin gthe fan what is they want the music is from such a happy era and a pure era. we want to take people back. we're vital as well to move people forward. i'm so excited. i couldn't sleep last night. i am so excited about this. >> you got to think t about back tour stage like this. 100 years, new jersey in the house. naughty by nature. are you guys excited? what is it like back stage with this whole crew he? >> it's like a time machine, taking us back. >> good to have you guys all here. by the way, tell me about the song. you all performed song towing. tell me about salt n. peppa. >> it's all with '80s, you back to the time that you love. we als want t do a vegas
8:43 am
special. i love the '90s as well. >> we arein wa up. >> congratulations. this will be a lot of fun, ticket for the mixit tour are available starting this friday. everybody is sticking around. we have a lot of fun and games up h hoda, thanks to our g and new kids signed on the plaza. it's just like the old days, ladies and gentlemen, but first, this is oday" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
so, i was elaining opp to. ho >> noud yw you know. >> one and us. how about that? >> i know you're excited. >> guys for the mixed tape tour on sale now. craig i filling for megyn.
8:46 am
good morning. it's 8:56 on this monday. i'm angie goff. let's get a check of tffic in first 4 traffic. >> great seneca highway and richter road have a crash before man martin luther driver. a check on the forecan. when we ret i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton back a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery.
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temperatures right now in the 70s. generally 74 with patchy fog. that will last unt 10:00 a.m. we'll have increasing sunshine throughout the day and it's another muggy day. very similar to a high of 83. it's going to feel like mid to upper 80s whenou factorn the humidity. i can't rule out an isolated shower this afternoon.uc pretty the exact same forecast tomorrow.
8:49 am
rain is likely by wednesday evening into the day on thursday as we transition to more autumn-like weather friday, saturday and sunday. >> so it iscoming. thanks so much. you can get the latest news and weather from the nbc washington app. in [ music pl] . hey, good monday morning to you. will come, i'm craig melvin in
8:50 am
for megyn kelly. she's enjoying a day off with the family today. i hope you had a fantaic weekend. here to help me around makinghi the rounds morning. keir simmonds made the ride for us. political analyst noah rothman. perhapse you h heard that there is some history made on saturday, hours after the senate arrowly confirmed him, brett kavanaugh, officially took his place on the supreme court and if you unplugged this weekend and missed it, you can catch the re


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