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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 8, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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right now on midday, thech se is on for a sexual assault suspect after a woman is attacked near a college campus in tacoma park. how nearby sdents are reacting what they want to see done to improvesafety. justice brett kavanaugh confirmed and ready to take the pen bench. i'm tracie potts. coming up, will the politics of is contentious nominatio spill over into november's electi election? >> and we're taking a look at a cloudy day out tre right now. could we have rain on the way? we'll talk about it, but now we could have a hurricanen the mix that could impact us by the week's end. we'll show y all of that in
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that ten-day forecast, coming up. >> news 4 midday starts now. >> andy good monmorning. thanks for joining us. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm molette green. let's kick things off on news 4 midday with a check on the lauren ricketts has some news just into the weather center. what's the latest onst this m? >> molette and pat, we have a hurricane now on our hurr michael has just been upgraded at the 11:00 a.m. update. we're just getting that into the storm team 4 weather center right now. that could have an impact on our weather. right now it's hanging out in the gulf, but it our weather and bring us some rain as we head into this week. no rain out there right now, in fact, just a little bit on the cloudy side. really depending on where y w arel depend if you're seeing any sunshine. but we still have some fog out there creating some low visibilities. but you can see the clouds spreading across the area. we have thi southerly, southeasterly low-lovell flow that's helping to bankome
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clouds up along the blue range mountains. look at this sibility. loll the way down through the shenandoah valley. so still dealing with some fog en through this mid-morning on your monday. we've been stuck in the 50s and 60s. think we can make a run into the 80s for daytime highs today. so we'll take a look rt anyn chances coming our way and show you thatck tf hurricane michael. that's all coming up in about 15 s,nutes. >> thaauren. tonight, justice brett kavanaugh will be formal lynt sworn the supreme court after that bitter fight between democrats and republicans. >> now both sides are using that toe energ voters for the upcoming midterm elections. >> a public swearing in for ijustice brett kavanaugh set for tonight. >> he's going to be on the supreme court with a huge taint and a big asterisk after his
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name. >> we must not agonize, we must organize, house speaker nan pelosi tells democrats. they're urging thousands who demonstrated to speak out again with their vote in november. >> i we want t correct the course, what do we need to do? we need to take the power. >> but republicans, i amappy as a clam. >> reporter: are ready to move on. >> theoverreach of the protesters at the capitol have actually energized the republican base. >> reporter: at risk, maine's susan collins. she voted yes for kavanaugh as pointed raised some $3.5 million for whoever runs against her in two year >> i have to do for what i think is right. and over the years, the peoplen of m have trusted me to exercise my best judgment. that's what i did in thisca . >> reporter: there's talk of an effort to impeach kavanaugh on sexual misconduct algations th fbi says were not substantiated, even some democrats say, thas too much. >> and i think talking about it
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sn't necessarily healing us and moving us forward. >> reporter: the fallout may defend on which party can turn out the vote t lesn one nont from today. >> reporter:n the meantime, vanaugh is set to take the bench tomorrow morning. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. now a story that has a loca community onedge. a woman tells tacoma park police that she was simply handing out brochures over the weekend when a man grabbed her and tried to sexuallyssault her. news 4's aimee cho is live nown tacoma park. aimee what makes this especially alarming? >> reporter: pat, this attack happened ingh broad daylit around 3:30 in the n.aftern as you can see, there are a lot of homes in this area, also this church, and a college, washington adventist university. so that's a lot of people now dealingith the news of this attack. over the weekend a woman was passing out broture brotures ne
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intersection. that's when police say a man grabbed herinappropriately. the woman was able to fight him off and police say the man ran away. now concerns washing over the neby campus in light of the recent attacks. >> i always have a lot of like, fear, when it comes to sexual assault. so hearing aut that it made me really nervous, because live around hear and it's like, it happened right down the street. >> reporter: in the area, with several surveillance cameras keep watch over the intersection and students pledging to also be on the lookout. b >> i'll keeping my eye out if i se sympathetiomething going f somebody else, i'll do what i have to. >> our guy friends are like, you cannot be going oute. al so just being aware. >> reporter: today, as students walk to and from class, a search is still on for the suspect. >> i'm hoping thatt we talk ab around campus, because i feel like it needs to be talked about. >> reporter: and there's also a nursery school andlentary school both within a mile from
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here. so a lot o i familyacted by this news, as well. live in tacoma park, aimee cho, news 4. right now there's a search for the person who spray painted messages of hate on the walls of the jewish community center. justws finch s us the community's reaction to this crime. >> reporter: unfortunately, this ofcenter has seen this kin thing before. 1d a similar hate graffiti tack here almost months or so ago. so they are able to bounce back. that's what they've done in thia , as well. you can imagine the shock it must have been fo families t find a series of swastikas scrawled on the wall here over the reekend, but the gone now and in their place are these colorful chalk messages of love and support. we can show you what it was like here over the weekend, out those swastikas as they were found early saturday morning, foundery children coming for activities, when they came
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across that sight. again, those image s were quicky taken down and replaced withnd ords of love and support. and we can tell you right the now, there is a search for a suspect nowunderway, what appears to be a man wit his face coverted, seen spray painti those swastikas on the side of the jewish community center about 4:30 or so saturday morning, very early. and we canell you fairfax county police are right now, with searsearching f suspect and asking anyone with informat tn to bring it their officers. in andale, i'm justin finch, news 4.nt back you. well, today parents are hoping to get more answers about the mold problem at benjamin feloy academy. >>arents were planning a walkout until the school district stepped in to dhl w the problem. we'll show you some photos taken by student inside the schoo you can see the black mold. some parents say it's making
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their children school. so over weekend, the school district brought in an independent inspection team to take a look at it and assess it. >> in everyoo clas every closet, every heating ventilation system, and all the piping, to see just how intense and how gre the mold is in benjamin faloy. >> parents say they are happy thathe school district h heard their complaints and finally brought someone in. schoolls offic blame the mold here and at other schools on the extremely wet summer. in we're traa developing story out of haiti. evok at the damage there caused by atating earthquake. residents are bracing for more possible aftershocks. at least 12 people are dead and there are hundreds injured after at 5.9 earthquake just rocked the northern part. and this happened on saturday. and then there was the aftershock, almost as powerful, that hit yesterday. many people tre are afraid to return to their homes for fear of themap cong. and haiti takes a beating when
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you talk abou hurricanes in that island nation. pat, what's the latest?y' >> t certainly had more than their share, molette. should limousine operators face mor regulation back here in this country? that's the question lawmakers in washinon and new york will be asking today. over the weekend, 20 people were killed in a limo crasne it hap just outside ofschoharie. it's thetr deadliest sportation accident in nearly a decade. the driver of a ford excursion limousine was speeding down a hill and ran a stop sign. the driver slammed into a parked car and hit and killed two the limo kept going and ended up in a creek bed. passengersand all 17 were killed. four sisters are among the dead. their aunt says the limo w rented to celebrate the youngest sister's birthday. >> they were wonderful girls. they'd do anything for you and they were very close to each other and they loved their
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family. they loved their parents. >> the ntsb is investigating to determine the cause of the crash. investigators won't say if any of the limo passengers were wearing seat belts. more on that crash and the people who lost their lives coming up in just a few minutes. well, it's one of the most popular drinks i picked up groceryor . we're talking about la croix. >> but now there's a lawsuit claiming contamination inside the cans. we'll tell you what's being sa about the ingredients in the sparkling water, when news 4 midday continues.
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a deadly limousine crash in upstate new york is raising new concerns about the safety ofsi those m stretch limos. 20 people died when the limo blew a stop sign on saturda and careened into an suv in a parking lot. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> this morning,eo with 20e dead in a terrible crash in upstate new york, there's renewed scrutiny of stretch limousine. >> this is the most deadly transportation accident in this country, since february of 2009. >> reporter: witnesses say the limo, a 2001 ford excursion, ted down a hillough a parking lot and crashed into a parked suv. two pedesians in the parking lot and all 18 adults in the limo, including the driver, were
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killed. >> the front seat passengers and the driver would be required to wear a seat belt. the passengers in the back would not. >> reporter: so far, it's not clear if they were wearingt s belts, what the condition of the vehicle was, or exactly how it was modified. but previously, there have been questions about the safety of stretch limos. in 2013, five wom celebrating a bachelorette party near san francisco died when their stretch limo caught fire. in the summerf 2015, four women on a long island winery tour were killed when their lincoln town car crashed. in that case, the limo had been cut apart and t rebuilt accommodate more passengers. a grand jury later found that convted stretch limos often don't have security measures, includingide impact air bags, roll over protection bars, and ency exits.eme >> the reality is, when these vehicles are changed after market and the stretching occurs, it does change the engineered design of the >> reporter: fatal limo crashes
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are relatively rare. there were two deadlys in 2016. that's down from 2015, when there were seven. but experts say regulations are not consistent. >> whatve we now is across the nation, a patchwork system when it comes to these vehicles. it's really important to re-evaluate where we are and to recognize that thisfr kenstein system that we have across the country isn't serving consumers well. >> and locs say that intersection where the limo crash occurred is a notorious trouble spot. they say several accidkets have place there in recent years. the popular sparkling water la croix is bei sued for allegedly lying about dpree ingredients. according to the lawsuit, la cr ox uses a numbsin thynthetic ingredients in the water. they market it as being all-natural. the synthetic ingredients in question are the same ones that cur naturallyn fruit, they
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say. the company is planning to countersue. there is newvidence a staggering number of americans are paying too much for prescription drugs. a recent survey found more than half t country is on medication. of that, 67% don't kno there are tools and programs to save money on prescription drugs. line retailers like goodrx and health warehouse are now gaining somepopularity, because they offer precipitation prescriptio discount. here's how it works. >> all you need to isnter your zip code, enter your prescription name, and the e, webs is going to pull up all of the different pharmacies and stores in your area that sell that prescription medicati and show youhe exact price. >> wow. okay. some discounts are so deep, you can actually save more than when your insurance prescription. got to take vaadvantage. now to se other news 4
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your health. october is breast canc awareness month and new research shows losing weight can help lower the risk of the disease in older women. according to an 11-year study, women who lost at least 5% of their body weight were 12% less likely to develop breast cancer than those who did not lose weight. wellf you love emojis, you may love this. apple is adding 7 new emojis in its newest ios update. the notable new additions include an emoji with a hat and streamer, a swan, and a llama. >> yes, because you need a llama. >> yes. for foodies, there will be a new cupcake and a bagel. and all of these will be automatically added with the iis 12.1 edition. >> 70 new editiadditions. of e got to go through a this. no word yet on exactly when this update will take place, but we're going to keep you posted.k . well, check it out. these soccead players h quite a surprise when a stray dog
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interrupted their match. how cute is he? this was yesterday in georgia, the country, that is. it ran aund theield for about three minutes, playing with the players, disrupting the game, eyn securit had a tough time controlling the eventually, ar was able to field.t away from the >> it just wanted to get in on a me. that's all. >> maybe it will be a mascot. you never know. are you ready for some monday night foball? well, tonight, washington travels to thesuperdome to take on new orleans. the team comes into week five fresh off a bye and sitting inc first p of its division. our defense has been hot this season, right? but will it be enough to beat the saints? we'll find out tonight at 8:15. be sure to check out the highlights on news 4 tonight at 11:00. we'll run it all down for you. puts it through. >> if you fell asleep while
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watching this game late last night here on nbc 4, it ended with a win for the texans. the team defeated the cowboys, i 19-16 in over . it went on late and didn't wrap up until close to midnight, but a 36-yard field gold secured the win. >> anytime you can beat dallas, it's a good night. >> no matter what time it is. new this morning, exciting news from the bush family. former first daughter and granddaughter, barbara bush, is now married. >> she exchanged nuptials with creenwriter craig coyne during a private familemony in maine yesterday. coyne proposed on the same spot where barbara's grandparents were engaged more than 70 years ago. how romantic is that? >> yeah, they all look lovely. her dress is beautiful. >> and she wore something borrowed during the ceremony, a bracelet her grandfather gave to her grandther on their -- >> beautiful. >> very touching. we've reported on so many stories over y thers about
11:20 am
fire ripping through homes, some cases ending in tragedy.s >> fire prevention week gets underway, i want to make sure you'reakg all of the steps to protect your family. how fast can sprinkler help clear a fire inside your home? a r enswewhen news 4 midday
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it was oos of the horrific scenes in our area. a family of six killed when their christmas tree caught fire
11:23 am
inside their annapolis home. >> now we are working for you to help prevent tragic scenes like this in your community. earlier this morning, i was at the alexandria fire department at station 210 t andse folks gave me some tips on how to protect your family during this fire prevention week. >> reporter: take a look at the aftermath, a side-by-side of a home with sprinklers and without. you can see the home without sprinklers is completely lost there. fire canut burn in m. as we kick off fire prevention week, we want to give you some vital safety. ti and our girl scouts were witnesses to that fire going up. so, some students from t.c. williams high school joining us this morning. hiso what did you about that? what's your takeaway? >> i led it a lot. it was really cool. that's probably the first time i've ever seen something like that. >> reporte a yeah, it's big lesson for all of us to learn. i want to thank flash max 911 for coming out and talking about
11:24 am
safety and showing his shield,la that smoke there. flash max, incredible. one tip for people to take away. >> absolutely. please practice a home fire escape plan tether with your family. not until you get it right, but until you can't get it wrong. >> reporter: and we have the personal story of sher coming out to talk about her family tragedy. that h ue that went in flames in 2015 and the family only had minutes to get out and didn't make it out. >> yoright. would never imagine that you wouldn't be able to make it out, but honestly, you don't have time until the firefighters get thereo fight the fire. >> reporter: tell me about the minutes. >> basically, a flashover in under three minutes and did in my brother's house. a flashover is when the whole room combusts and even the smoke is flaming. itese girls saw that this morning. so scary. >> so at 3:20, the smoke alarm went off. yes. and by 3:31, the names saw flam shooting through the roof. >> it only takes minutes. >> the four things we want people to know. three minndes to escape get out of the house.
11:25 am
if you have sprinklers, you have under two minutes. those sprinklers can really help save a life. home fires se more lyes than any other natural disaster. and develop andraice your escape plan. >> really vermportant information. and flash max 911, who is also a fairfax county firefighter, flash max 911 has a book out, very good for kids to teach tm abou fire safety. you can get it anywhere. check it out. >> pick up a copy of that. well, turning to the weather, which is, it's kind of yky today. >> yes, it's kind of like, so-so. it feels still like summer out ther average temperature for this time of year, mid- to upper 70s. at's where we are right now. we're headed into the 80s once again today. summer's holding on to us quite a bit. but w don't have any rain pinpoint may be a stray shower. shouldn't say we don't have any chance ofrain, but it's slim. we've got the cloud cover out there. you may be seei ing peeks of sunshine, depending on where you are, be you mayeeing some
11:26 am
fog, depending on where you are. that's mainly to the west. and you can s visibility still down from the northern shenandoah valley all the way up to gerstown. even into frederick maryland. so mainly west, we're seeing those visibilities low. same deal tomorrow. what's happening is, we've got this southeasterly the flow. d it's getting tracked and clouds,bringing us the bringing us the fog. and it's really banking up right against the mountains of the blue ridge and the appalachians. forost of us, some clouds, some veiled sunshine, but tt's as good as it's going to get. we'll have some patchy fog believe it or not at noon. but it's going to be humid and warm today. temperatures for the m part, low 80s. but i think a lot of places, especially those that stick with the cloud cover and the fog, will be into the 70s. so current temperatures across the area, pretty much in the 70s. some areas in the upper 60s. t headed int low 80s today with patchy blue skies out there and maybe stray shower. and again, it will be stray, if
11:27 am
we do see anything popping up throughout the afternoon, highly isolated. eoi don't think a lot ofe are going to see them. we'll have to deal with fog and cloud cover once again tomorrow mornomg. and thenrow through the day, low 80s. another stray shower possible. so tomorrow, very similar to what we're seeing out there today. we still hav hurricane chael. that was the newest update at 11:00 a.m. andt could come onshore of the eastern panhandle of florida, of west virginia, a as a cat 3. that's a major hurricane. and it will continue to move up om there. so we'll show you the track once it gets into the mid-atlantic and show you what we're pecting from michael towards the end
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you're watching news 4 midday. >> back with you at 11:30 this morning. supre court justice brett kavanaugh was sworn in soon after his confirmation saturday, but there will be a ceremonial swearing in tonight, president trump to take a public victory lap. here's nbc's kristen welker. ow reporter: this morning, brett kavanaugh is n justice kavanaugh, sworn in over the weekend in a private ceremony, with his hand on a family bible. as demonstrators on both sides descended on the nation's capitol. inside the senate chambers saturd f, the vote kavanaugh again -- d >> sergeant at arms will store order.
11:31 am
>> reporter: -- and again. >> clerk will suspenor >> rr: kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48, the slimmest margin in more than a hundred years. la the nomination of brett m. kavanaugh of ma, an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> reporter: for president trump, it is a monumental win. >> i stand before you today on the heels of a tremendousor vi for our nation, our people, and our constitution. >> reporter: t a strong week for mr. trump, who struck a new trade deal withca mexico andda, and saw the unemployment rate drop to 3.7%, its lowest in neay 50 years, using all of it as leverage to energize republicans in the upcoming mierms. >> on november 6th, you will have t chance to stop the radical democrats. >> reporter: but democrats are fired up and firing back.
11:32 am
>> i said to the women who are, who were justifiably angry and determined, and i said, they should be just focused like a laser beam on re election. orter: for moderate republican senator susan collins, who delivered the decisive "yes" vote, sticking with her party could have real consequences. she was pressed on 60 minutes fbout christine blasey ford's allegations assault against kavanaugh, which he denies. >> and i believed that a sexual assault had happened to her. what i think she's mistaken about is who the perpetratorwa i do not believe her assailant was brett kavanaugh. >> reporter: while north dakota democrat heidi heitkamp's "no" vote could cost her seat next month, acknowledging votieining "yes" would have been safer. >> this isn't about politics. this is about a lifetime appointment on ure supreme
11:33 am
>> and this morning, nancy pelosi is telling her democratic colleagues to focus on the midterms. in an, open lett she wrote, in her words, we must agonize, we must organize. for the first time, pop star taylor swift has weighed in on politics in a major way.y, yester she released a major statement saying, she will democrats tennessee in the upcoming midterms. swift says she'll support candidates she thinks will protect and fight for the human rights she believes people deserve in this country. swift is a registered voter in tennessee. now, more on that tragic crash in upstate new york that killed 20 people when an suv limo packed with family and h friendsding to a birthday party careened off the road. both state pole and the ntsb are searching for answers. let's get this report now from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: on a quiet country road in upstate new york, a gut-wrenching tragedy. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific. >> gonna need multiple ambulances. >> reporter: the question everyoneere is asking, how did
11:34 am
an suv limousine headed to a birthday party on saturday blow through this intersectaon, ng the lives of 20 people? >> 18 of the victims were in the limousine, including the driver. >> reporter: there are no skid mark to be seen here on the ew driv. he tore right through the apple barrel cafe's driveway, hitting and killing two pedestrians heng, before caree right into the ravine. >> reporter: their friend, sal fringo, who was unable to attend that party and would have been in that limo, revealing that several of the victims were parents. >> adam and abby had -- have two little girls that are absolutely adorable. axel's brother,rich, had a kid as well. >> this is absolutely the most deadly transportation crash or accident that we've seen in this country since 2009.r: >> repor according to records obtained from the federal motor carrier safety on administra the limo was owned by prestige limousine chauffeur service. the company was not involved in any crashes over the last two
11:35 am
years, but it wasct sub to five vehicle inspections, four of them resulting in vehicles being placed out of service. now, ntsb investigators are combing through thick underbrush and examining the wreckage of this horrific crash. >> to underscore the tragedy t here, family and friends tell us that they believe three children have been left orphans because their parents were killed in this horrific crash. the limo opetors declining to comment beyond saying, this was a terrible tragedy and the ntsb is now running the investigation. i'm tom costello in schoharie, new york, back to you. >> that was nbc's tom costel. the intersection has been a problem spot before and ten years ago, it had to be redone. but a manager of a cafe near there says that even after that, three tractor-trailers ran right through the same stop sign and landed in a field. we are working for you this morning with an important health announcement. >> the american cancer society says millions of additional
11:36 am
tens would needbe vaccinated against hpv in the coming years. details on this latest push when news 4 midday returns. waiting for a liver transplant.. will die waiting. don't wait. find out about living-donor liver transplants at upmc today. living-donor liver transplants mean less waiting and better outcomes. upmc is the nation's leader in living-donor liver transplants.
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so, why wait for a liver transplant? call upmc today. upmc. life changing medicine
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important health news to talk about, kids. well into the school year, it is prime time fords and the flu. >> yes, unfortunately, it's also peak seasonor another illness. hand, foot, and mouth disease. cerice cole tells us what to look out for and how to prevent your kids fm getting that. >> reporter: mason is typically a happy, healthy kid. so when he got fus and a fever this summer -- >> we had called t doctor. >> s "ahh." >> they looked in his throat and he h all of these like lesion-type white spots in his that and some red dots around his lips. and then we took off his socks and he had them on his feet. >> reporter: all signs of hand,
11:39 am
oot, and mouth disease. >> this is prettpical. >> reporter: dr. sarah grommanr says chi under 7 are most at risk. kids like mason who attend day care are even bigger target. >> it's common in areas where there's like this fecal/oral transmison, so verommon in day cares because of the potty training and changing of diapers. everyone is putting stuff in their mouth, tching toys. it's just constant, it's kind of hard to avoid. >> reporter: so when mason got it, his big brother, hayden, got it too, again. >> so how many times have you experienced this in your house? >> probably five times. >> reporter: so how do you avoid getting it? this is your best defense. doctors say if you haveids or work with kids, you should be washing your hands often. and treating it? well, that's not as 'smple. >> theot really a whole lot you can do. so for the fever, tylenol a ibuprofen, and then just fluids. >> reporter: fluids are b criticalause of those mouth
11:40 am
sores, kids may not want to eat or drink, and canasily become dehydrated. >> he would kind of do this, and kind of scratch at his throat a little bit. >> reporter: popsicles and pedialite are a good and soothing alternative. > how many fingers do you have? >> reporter:mason's hands and feet are now looking good, but mom isn't taking any chances. >> scrub them together. it's so fun. >> reporter: they're washing hands, all the time. it yay! >> reporter: it works. >> and by the year 2026, the american cancer society wts 80% of dleheadolescents to have hpv vaccine by their 13th birthday. but to meet that goal, they estimate 14 million more teens would need to get it. i know it doesn't feel lik cold and flu season, but you've got to take precautions. >> it's here. we're in october already. it's crazy to think that we're still in hurricane season. >> until november, right? >> november 1st, yeah. >> so we've got a little while
11:41 am
yet. and we've got hurricane now on our hands. hurricane michael, that could impact us, as we head into the end of thi week. so, do we have any rain today? not really. simean, maybe a stray, p shower. but for the most part, we've just got the cloud cover. it looks like it's going to rail st at any time, but for the most part, we're going to stay humid. it's a little muggy out there, and that mugginess is goueg to conto stick around, today, tomorrow, thursday, and starts to drop a little bit as w into friday. i think i skipped a day there. today, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. there we i. will michaact us? yes. and there is a possibility we could swing michael off coast, but i'm going to show youhose tracks coming up. and it looks like by thursday nnd friday, we're really going to have to keep eye on what hurricane michael does. and will it ever feel lik fall? ce we get towards the weekend, humidity drops, those temperatures drop, in fact, we'll go into the 50s, 40s overnight, a we get intohe weekend. so it's going to be a lot better as we get into the weekend. of course, we need cool temperatures at nig to start
11:42 am
changing those leaves. visibility out there, we still have some fog wins out in the shenandoah valley. that should lift as we go through the afternoon, but it's lding on tight with this southeasterly flow. again, we've got some cloud ver out there with some available sunshine. temperatures only in the 70s right now. most of us will make it intolohe 80s today, but some of us will stick into the upper 70s. but we're expecting about 82, 83 for our daytime high today. and maybe a stray shower. but for the most part, we're goin to bedry. highly isolated showers, if we do see anything. i'm not expecting anything too heavy. and then tomorrow morning, once again, we'll have that fog, t we'll hav cloud cover out there once again. low 80s for tomorrow and again, morrow is going to be very similar to today. hurricane michael, just kind of hanging off the coast of cuba right now. and again, the eye is becoming a ttle bit more well-defined. but take a look. it could move into westeid fl as a cat 3. and again, that will be wednesday. and look at the track, what happens to it. it mouasff the coast of
11:43 am
virginia beach and most all of the models have it moving o the coast of virginia beach. we have a frontal system coming through, but that's for thursday and friday. should be out of here by saturday. we'lly show you exacat rain chances are for us with
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cancer is smart. it pushes us. we push back. challenginconventional thinking. finding smartesolutions. that's what makes cancer treatmt centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and
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immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any me. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. a story now about l atle bit of justice at last for an important figure in american history. sally hemngs was a slave who belonged to one of our foundinga
11:46 am
ers, thomas jefferson. >> and she had six children with him. and until recently was entirely absent from the exhibits at monticello, s jeffersohome. as nbc's jeff bennett reports, that's all changed now. >> reporter: it's a public reckoning of the founding father revered for penning the words, "all men are created equal," yet owned saves throughout his lifetime. >> it's the great paradox of the founding of the country, right?f sorson writes the declaration of independence, and yet he's the man who60 owns men, women, and children. >> reporter: here, the story of sally hemmings now takes center stage. ester more than two centuf ignoring or covering up an open secret during jefferson's life. enslaved by jefferson, hemmings is believed to have given birth to six of his children. dna evidence backs itup. visitors learn about hemmings' life through the recollections of herson, madison. >> it's emotional. you really feel it.
11:47 am
>> i think it's important again to acknowled that truth about our founding fathers. they were deeply flawed humanbe gs. >> reporter: sally hemmings' story, now embraced, wasn't always welcomed here. >> i came on the lastour of monticello and i remember when a tour guide would say, well, we t don't talk abher. >> reporter: the sally hemmings exhibit is housed within o what wee slave quarters here along the home's south wing. it was once a hidden space, but now the room and hemmings' new prominence are a much larger part of the story of monticello. so when i had a chance to step on that dt, actually got on my knees and i rubbed my hands in the dirt, because i wanted to feel the presence of my ancestors and i did. >> reporter: gael jessup white descends from one of jefferson's enslaved chefs, sally's brother, peter hemmings. hundreds of descendants return to monticello in june. >> i think you c this country if you don't understand how it was founded. and i don't think you can understand race in this country
11:48 am
without understanding slavery. ore than a cello is mansion on a mountain? >> yes, it's much more. it's a crucible of, really, what our country has been and what it means today. >> reporter: sally hemmings' story and others at monticello, capturing the country's early aspirations and its stark ntradiction. jeff bennett, nbc news, charlottesville, virginia. for the first time ever, the city of columbus, ohio, will not celebrate columbus day. today is the controversi federal holiday honoring italian explorer, christopher columbus. critics say the holiday honors the mass genocide andti coloni of native americans. the mayor of columbus, however, says it's a budget issue. the city can't afford to give thousands of workers both veterans day and columbu day ficer. city officers will, with instin close on veterans day, which of course is in november. the annual spectacular show of hot air balloons is underway
11:49 am
this week in albuquerque, new mexico. this is the 47th year for the albuquerqu international balloon fiesta. look at these beautiful creations. they are a sight to see. take a look there. look, hundreds of hot air balloons. they will d the city skyline this week. there are, in fact, so many balloons, they all can't the sky at the same time. the theme of this year's festival, "carry me haay." more a million people will visit albuquerque this week for that balloon fiesta. it could soon be legal for you to make friendly wagers on sports evchts, like mar madness. last ght, a d.c. councilman told our news partns that wtpo radio is very confident a bill allowing sports betting will advance. jack evans wasne ofix council members to introduce that legislation last month and council chair phil mendelson says he' support . last may, the supreme court cleared the way for states to legalize betting on sports. the district will hold aubc hearing next wednesday. two-time n champ kevin
11:50 am
durant and prince george's county native, rather, is known for charity efforts off the court. on friday, the kevin durant charity foundation unveiled basketball court eninvitati-- r at potomac gardens and at hopkins apartments in southwest d.c. several dozen children played on new c paintedrts that featured new hoops and new nets. it's the latest effort by durant help children in the d.c. area. >> yes, he does a lot of good here. >> he sure does. switching gears now,ere is some information and a diagnoses you never want to hear. you have cancer. but a recent study shows fewer patients re actually getti that news in person. teresa snowe explains how theta di age is changing the way doctors break bad news. >> reporter: a mammogram, ultrasound, finally a biopsy. testing for cancer can be a long
11:51 am
and scary and if there's bad news to break, doctors say, ideally, it should be done face to ace. >> you're to look at someone, you're able to see, how are they reacting to the news and change how you're delivering things, based on that. >> reporter: but more and more frequently, patients and doctors are opting for a phone call, instead. researchers at the university o missouri school of medicine surveyed nearly 2,900 breast cancer patients. in 2000, about a quarter of patients learned about their diagnoses over the telephone. by 2005,50% received the news that way. and in 2015, the number climbed to more than 65%. >> i could speculate that part of it is the digital age. so i think that these days, people are more interested and more connected, more used to getting information more instantaneously. and so that transcends to the. health ca >> reporter: in addition, scan and test results are often made available to patients online. >> so i think the first thing we need to do is have that
11:52 am
conversation with the patient. how do you want to hear? >> reporter: the study has prompted professors at the school of medicine to change the way they teach future positions, preparing them to have toughon conversa over the phone. >> you still need to really check in and make sure that you're addressing emotions, beingempathetic, listening, and setting a follow-up appointment to talk about it in person i reallycritical. as doctor and patient prepare to tackle cancer together. we're going to get aal f check on the forecast when we come back and then later today on r"ellen," jenni garner stops by. she's going to talking about her new hbo comedy. >> "ellen" airs at 3:00 and stick around for news 4 at 4:. stick around for news 4 at 4:. we'll be00 r
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: se barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. female announcer: blatantly false. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway s also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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gasce p are on the rise again. new data shows the average pricr of reg spiked 7 cents over the past couple of weeks to $2.97 a gallon nationally. that's 41 cents highern t year ago. analysts say higher oil prices is the main reason for the increase at the pum and they are rising ahead of expected sanctions on iran production starting next month. wa,art, meanti is teaming up with mgm to create content for its video on demand service, vudu. reports say the focus listen on family-friendly movies and aows. a formaouncement is expected to come on wednesday. vudu currentlyffers 150,000
11:56 am
titles to rent or buy. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm bertha coombs. ♪ falling in love ♪ with you >> tonight, another round of blind auditions for nbc's "the voice." superstar coaches, blake shelton, kelly clarkson, jennifer hudson and adam levine will battle it out to add singers to their teams. and here's another reason to tune in tonight. a singer from this area will be featured during the blind auditions. so find out if that singer makes it to the next round and what happens to this duo tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. they battle it out on that show, the judges. >> they do. and once again, we have a chce, you know? we're going to win. >> we're going to root for whoever it is. >>inrs crossed! let's get a final check of our forecast. lauren? >> oh, guys, yeah not the prettiest of days out there on this columbus day. a lote of peoave off, but
11:57 am
the good news is, even though it looks like it's going to rerain weot going to see too much. maybe a stray shower with patchy blue skies, low 80s. hurricane michael, let me show you this track realquick. those winds are at 75 miles per hour. could be a major hurricane as i moto western florida. and then depending on what a cold front does will depend on whether we can see some rain out of that for uer in our area. right now, we just have stray showers, today and tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be veryr simio today with that fog in the morning. rain chances increasing through wednesday. oks like we could have rain thursday and friday, i michael stays on track. but right now the weekend looks good and looks more like fall. guys? >> thanks, lauren. okay, thank you, lauren. that's it for news 4mi ay. thanks for joining us. >> we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. until eten, you can news and weather updates anytime with the nbc washington app.
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12:00 pm ♪ we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> was little stephanie making those homemade blanket dresses giving her fake academy awards talking to you throughout the process? >> no. absolutely not. this was never a career choice for me. no. not in any sense. this was all because of bradley. i believed in him so much. ti believe in him so much. >> "a star isborn" crushed it this week. a major oscar contender. welcome to "acss live." mike is with us. >> hello. >> that waou


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