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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 9, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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this is an nbc news special report. good morning, everyo. we are coming on the air with breaking news. united nations ambassador nikki ha resigning. the former south carolina governor who has a reputation for independence is one of the top-ranking men in the trump administration. she is one of the first appointments he made almost two years ago as president-electnd the latest high-profile departure from the trump team. the president and ha they just wrapped up a meeting in the oval office moments ag let's go to andrea mitch nell our washingto bureau. >> reporter: nikki haley one of
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the most prominent women in the administration. she denied she was the anonymous critic and the pre saying she has a future role in the as well.ati we don't know why she's resigning recl. -- early. we understand it was a surprise to the white house. in e now have tape coming from that oval office meeting. >> hurricane, another one coming. we have another one coming and a big one, muchigger than they anticipated a week ago, seven days ago. i heard for the first time there was a vy small drop of weather that looked look it was forming and nowt's pretty close to a category three if it's not already aategory three. fema's ready, we're all ready. spoke with governor scott, spoke to everybody that you have to
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speak to and i think that hopefully we'll get lucky but maybe that won't happen. but we're prepared. wand to do this because nikki haley, ambassador to the united nations, has been very special to me. she's done an incredible job. she's a fantastic person very importantly, but she also is hmebody that gets it. she been at the united nations from the beginning with us, right from the beginning and woed with us so the campaign. it's been really a long time, very intense. the told me probably six months ago, maybe a end of the year at the end of a two-year period, i want time off, take a little break. she's been a very successful novernor of south carolina for eight years and t she did this and this was possibly more ldtense with what's going on in the w and very dangerous and
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a lot of things. but she's done a fantastic job and we've done a ftastic jobs together. we solved a lot of problems. at the beginning north korea was a massive problem and now we're moving along. it's moving along really .nice i can speak for secretary of state mike pompeo. he thinks the world of nikki. e're all happy for you in -- way but we hate to lose hopefully you'll be coming back at some point. maybe in a different capacity, can you have your pick. t i just want to let you know. so at the end of the year, nikki will be leaving and we'll be in constant touch.en er you have any idea, you'll call me you know all the players. she got to know the players, china, russia,india. she knows everybody on a very
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first-name basis and they like her, except for maybe a couple, which is normal. they can't all like you. t they do. and maybe more importantly they respect her. so, nikki, iust wand to tell you that we will miss you. we'll be speakingim all the but we will miss you nevertheless and you have done a fantastic job. thank you very much. >> thank you. i want to say, first of all, i want to thank the president for just allowing us to come out and talk to you this way. it has been the honor of a lifetime i said i am such a lucky girl to havebl been to lead the state that raised me and to serve a country i love so search has really been a blessing and i want to thank you for that. but i'm most excited. look at the two years, look at what has happened in two years teth the ustates on foreign policy. ow the united states is respected. countries may not like what we do but they respt what we do.
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they no that if we say we're going to do something, we follow it through and the president proves that, ihetherwas with the chemical weapons in syria, nato, saying other have to pay their share, whether it was the trade deals, they get that the president means tbusiness and they folloough with that. but if you look at just these two years at the u.n., we've cut 1.3 billion in the u.n. budget. sudan, an arms embargo, which was a long time coming.e th north korean packages, the largest in a generation, done in a way that we can denuclearize north korea, a i think you look at the anti-israel bias and the strengths and courage that the president showed in moving
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the embassynd showing the rest of the world, we will put our embassy where we want to put our embassy. all of those this have made a huge difference in the u.s. standing but i can tell you that the u.s. is strong again and the u.s. is strong in a way that should make all americans very proud. i do want to say that it's not just the president iant to thank. the family in general, the first lady has been nothing but very, very kind to me. i can't say enough good things about jared and ivanka. jared is suc a hidden genius that no one understands. i mean, to redo the nafta deal the way he did. what i've done working with him on the middle ea peace plan it is so unbelievably well done. and ivanka has been just a great friend and they do a lot of things behind the scenes that wish more people knew about. we're a better country because they e in thisadministration. i also just have to say
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certainly thank to you my family. michael is a saint and my two little ones, i adore them. and the team sacrificed a lot and they have a lot of heart and anallyd to make america proud. with that, i'm not leaving until yearend of the my goal is that we make sure everything is in good place for the next person to come in. i'm proud t have been part of the team. i don't have anything set to ere i'm going to go. i was governor for six years and we dealt with t hurricane, a thousand year flood ash church shooting, a school, shooti there was a lot. to come in and do two years of russia, iran and north korea, it's been eight years intense time and i'm a believer of term limits. i believe tou have be
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selfless enough to know when y have to step aside and let the next person in. for a of you asking about 2020, no, i'm not running in 2020 but what i can tell y is i will supporting this one. >> reporter: you have a list of accomplishments. why would you want to leave that behind? is it a personal situation because you've been away from your family for snowing. >> my family is very supportive. there's no personal reasons but i think it's very important f government officials to understand when it's time to enep april side. i have g everything i've got these last eight years and i do think that sometimes it's goo to rotate in other people who can put that samnd energy power into it. a lot of people are going to want to say there's a lot of reasons why i'm leaving. the truth is i want to make sure that this administration, the president, hassthe stron
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person to fight. it was a blessing to go into the u.n. with bod armor every day and defend america and always do that. i'll never tly step aside from fighting for our country but i think it time. >> why make the announcement now as opposed to after mid terms? >> well, nikki is goi to be staying until the end of the year, which will be just about two years. i just think and as nikki wassp king, i was thinking when we came into office, it was almost inevitable in t minds of many that we were going to war with north korea. if you ask president obama, i'm sure he'll tell you that wa h b fa biggest problem when we sat and met right here. lt thatked like a real problem.d iran loo like a real problem. it was a question of when would th take over the middle east prior to my coming here.s now iran fighting for their lives. they've got riots in all their cities.
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it's blowing up their inflation, their economy is in tatters and at some point they'll probably come and want t make a real deal. the ridiculous deal they made was unacceptable to me. but what a difference between iran whe we firstcame, i'd like to say the day before we came and also if you look at north korea, there was a deal that there was something that -- it was aotentially devastating problem and now the relationships are very good. secretary of state mike momio just left, had a great meeting, also was in china, had a really ve good meeting with north korea and chairman kim and we've just made a lotes of pro on so many other front also. and i think the world, as nikki said, the world is really respect the united states again, much more so than they have in
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many, many decades. we are respected again i can tell you. and people want to be on our side. even if you look at the votes in the united nations,otes that o would normally go no tes, we're gottietting very strong v now. i wanted to thank nikki. whenou write it out on a piece of paper that ambassador haley ll be leaving, people say what's going on? this is right way to do it. when yy think someb has done a terrific job, i felt this was an appropriate way of doing and we both liked it. i just want to thank the ambassador. i just want to thank nikki, okay. >> reporter:ou who are thinking about for a successor? >> a number of people would l.e to do it's a great position. i think it's become maybe a more
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glamorous position than it was two years ago. i wonder why. she's made it a more blglamorou position and a more important position. i' be talking also to nikki about that and to the general about that and to my sfaiy staf. we have many people that are very, very nterested in doing it. >> reporter: are you frustrated by t actual -- >> no you're talking about north korea. are you with? >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> who? >> it's amazing the med tiaheya thing and what we in three months of negotiation?
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you have no rockets flying, no missiles flying, they're closing up different areas of north korea. we're getting the remains back of our great heros, we got our hostages back and i didn't pay $1.8 billion like the previous administration, i paid nothing. but i havee agreed to and i have agreed to spend time. but how long has it been since left singapore? it was three months or so. that's the media saying how can wee negative? i think it's amazing. you have no nuclear tests, no rockets a a very good relationship with chairman kim, which is very important. i like him, he likes me, the relationships good. mike pompeo had a ry, very good meeting. i spoke to him at length
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yesterday. he'll be coming back, he'll be backtonight. so i think we've made incredible progress. beyond incredible. some of the press really covers itccately and right but some of the press really doesn't. john. >> do you want to take this opportunity to tell us when your next meeting with kim will be? >> well, they're setting up the meeting and we'e announcing that probably a different lotion. singapore was fantastic. but we'll probably be a different location.ld >> w you get him to mar-a-lago? >> that would be fantasti i thinke would like that. people doesn't realize the importance of the first meeting. we said point number one denuclearization. for some reason t press doesn't pick that up. that was actually point number
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one. they've agreed to denuclearization. and theynue to agree. they continue. we haven't removed sanctions, as you know people said what have we done? we haven't removed sangwctions. have very big sanctions. > >> any chance it could be on u.s. soil? >> that's a two-way street. on their soil also. i think the country of north korea is going to be a very successful country. it's going to incredibly economically certainlif success. i want to make i that way. other countries, entrepreneurs, banks, they're calling, wanting to go there and wanng to invest at some point. when chairman kim makes that decision, i think he's going to
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unleash something that's going to be spectacular, really spectacular. i think he knows it and that's one of the reasons we're having very successful nversations. >> reporter: when will ambassador hal be leaving? >> i would say we'll name a successor within the next two or three weeks. maybe sooner. >> reporte mr. president -- [ inaudible ]. >> i have not. no, i haven't. but i will bee at s point. i know nothing right now. i know what everybody else does, nothing. >> reporter: what's your response to shillarngclinton saast night's swearing in of judge kavanaugh was -- >> i s guess never got it.
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that's why she lost. >> reporter: what's your prediction for gop and how's your stamina? >> if you people saw a 5% dropoff, you would say there's something wrong with the president. ing to make a big announcement tonightn iowa. we're going to be making a very big announcement. i have to say the farmers are so thrilled with usmca, the new agreemen i don't use the word nafta because nafta was a disaster for our country. il lostons and millions of jobs, thousands and thousands of factories a plants and b for farmers. you look what happened. farmers over the last 1ea have only gone down. now they're going too up. we just opened up mexico, just opened up it's great for our farmers. i'm going to iowa bnight.
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we'l talking a lililitttle little ethanol in a period of six months, the steel industry has literally revived. u.s. steel is opening u eight plants, and the steel industry in our country is really, really hot but i'll beoing to iowa tonight. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> very well. it went very well. we have a vy good relationship with china. but they took out $500 billi out of our country for many years each year. wet can't let that happen. this should have been talked about by people in this chair for many years. for years and yeare they taking out 200, 300, 400 and
11:19 am
even $500 billion a year. helped rebuild china. note don't do that, china' where they are right now. that's fine with me but we're not doit any longer. >>naeporter: [ible ]. >> 100%. if this dough that, if they retaliate, what does raliate me in. >> they've already retaliated. they've taken out $500 million. china wants to make a deal i say they're not ready yet. i just say they're not ready yet. we've cancelled a couple of meetings because i say they're not ready to make at that dealn it's b one-way street for 25 years. we've got to make it a two-way street. we've got to benefit also. thank you. >> any other questions? new at midday, seral
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udents hit by a car. police still on the scene of that bus top accident. the we're learning about conditions of the teen-agers. >> hurricane michael is getting stronger. it is now aor cat two storm and that has help fm our area already heading sout we'll take a look at their mission along the gulf coast. good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist. u.n. ambassador nikki haley isi resi at the end of the year. she said it was the honor of a lifetime to serve in that role as u.n. ambassador from the united states. hailey says she is not planning to run for president in 2020. we know of course she served as governor of south carolina from 10 until she was appointed to
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president trump's cabinet after his election in 2016. she was the first female governor of the state of south carolina. we're going to continue to follow this as we learnore and bring you more information on this. we're also following a developing story in maryland. a serious crash involving eeniors. fouragers hit while waiting for the school bus this juhort time ago, kennedy morning. high school said the victims are students the. justin finch is at the scene for us with the latest on this. justin. >> aaron, right now how all of this hpened is clear. that's how montgomery county police has its reconstruction unit on the scene they're focusing on two vehicles here, one that volkswagen with heavy damage and to the left, a blue sedan with damage to its rear. they'rki w to figure out
11:22 am
how those two cars collided injuring those teens. the sfud entudents were on a bu here when somehow those two cars collided. one of those cars going off road, going on to the grass where that stop was and into those students. on the scene here seven people were injured. we're told two were treat on scene. five others taken to the hospital, four of them, those kennedy high school students once we are told was seriously injured. witnessesff camera telling me he's a teen boy who had heavyee ng from his nose, they are say. you'll see a school bus in the video, too. police telling us thatchool bus was not involved in the scene. right now montgomery county police stillie working to all of these details together. >> pgaliminary inveson has
11:23 am
determined that some 14 and 15-year-old students were waiting for theakus to them to school. two vehicles collided in the northbound georgia avenue lanes, sending one of those vehicles on to the sidewalk and striking those children. >> as you were looking liv at this scene right now, obviously these s lanes arell closed for this investigation. this is georgia avenue northbou between hewitt avenue and windy lane here in the aspen hill area. in the white volkswagen was a 20-year-old male driver in the hospital, his condition not released and the 25-year-old male driver was not injured but we do have those four teen-agers who were hurt, one of them serisly hurt.
11:24 am
the high school is asking for everyone to keep the students in their thoughts this morning. >> police investigating a deadly ooting onontana avenue. aimee cho has been tal police about that. what have you learned? >> reporter: a man and woman were shot inside a car with two toddlers in the back man is dead, the woman is in the hospital. it'sot clear wheth these were the kids' parents but they say it's likely. we want to ge you a look at the car involved. you can see the car has aho bult and a shattered window. th windshield wipers were going, even though it wasn'tin g. the kids in the back seat were both between the ages of 2 and 4. this were not physically hurt in the shooting, but you can only imagine how traumatic this must be for them. now the searchs on for the
11:25 am
shooter. police tell me some of the security cameras in thissar are wo -- in this area are working,so aren't. they trying to gather evidence and put this all together. >> anyou time have anybody who using an illegal firearm in broad daylight with two children in the car, the public should be outraged behind this, as we are. >> reporter: this is a few blocks and from langdon elementary and this shooting started ate a tim right around when school was starting and a lot of kids and parents were walking around. >> a boy was shot several tes while walking home on stanton road after a sports practice last night when someonean up to him and started shooting. this happened about awa block ay from turner elementary school at
11:26 am
8 p.m. at last check the teen had taken a turn for the worse and needed surg ay. >> were also tracking hurricane michael this morning. that storm is now a category two hurricane. that storm is projected to make landfall tomorrow. officials say hurricane michael could be the worst storm to hit that area in decades. jay g reports. >> reporter: thousands are rushing away from the florida coast rht now as michael starts to move in. >> let me be clear. hurricane michael is a monstrous storm and the forecast is getting more dangerous. >> reporter: it's now a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour and is likely to intensify. >> it's likely to intensify to a category 3, that's major
11:27 am
hurricane status. >> the surf is growing and so is concern here. >> i want to get the propane and wate and makes sure g everythin is taken care of. >> reporter: it's a severe threat, a triple threat with storm surge to 13 et. evacuation orders are in place across the flaorida panhandle right now and a state of emergency has already been declared from alabama thrgh georgia. jay gray, nbc news, panama city beach, florida. >> sin this hurricane has the potential to be so devastating, thelp is already on way to florida. maryland's task force i is heading in that direction. the team from the montgomery fire department was vaactivated.
11:28 am
they will immediately jump in to help residents in need beforeat happens. >> some of these folks just came back over theen we as well as just the week before and that's part of the ability with arge team, the ability to rotate personnel and crews. >> fema has also activated virginia task force one from fairfax county. it'snt getting position to help in flooded areas or wherever they need help. >> it's feeling like summer again in october. lawyer i don't know, we also had these sort of gray skies out inthere this mo you expect anything rain today? >> i think we could see a little bit of rain, maybe a stray shower or two. we saw that yesterday. not everybody saw it but again, we did have a few outer a few little cells that popped up,
11:29 am
same deal today, i though think we're seeing a little bit more sunshine out there today. yesterday we made it to 85. you can see iifs a bea summer-like day out there. temperatures at 77 degree by noon we're already to near 80 and then we stay in the low to mid 80s throughout the afternoon. you may have to dodge a stray shower picking up the kid from school but other than that, just keep an eye to the sky. herwise we've got a few clouds trying to push into the region but, again, this is wha we're talking about. we're talking about hurricane michael, still a very high category 2 hurricane. we'll talk about the latest track that just came out andoi w it's to impact our 'sweather. that coming up in just a little bit. >> lauren, thank you. >> tonight is the drawing forth the s largest jackpot in mega millions history, an
11:30 am
estimated $470 million now. the odds of winning, 1 in more an 30 million. good luck anyway, though. up next, the latest on what is now a criminal investigation into a limo accident in new york that left 20 people dead. >> plus a warning for parents. more cases o a mystery
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> right now police in prince william county as well as canini rs are searching for a dangerous suspect in wood bridge. a man abducted a girl walki to school and assaulted her. the suspect then sexually assaulted the girl along cumberland drive and ran away.
11:34 am
>> hundreds of candles flickering in the night, the image that tells us so much about the impact of that catastrophic limousine accident that killed 20 people in upstate new york on esaturday. family is reeling after the sudden loss of sons, daughters, and siblings. >> reporter: state pol've say theye launched a criminal investigation into how 20 people died in that horrific crash on saturday. the focusow on the limo company and its driver. police cover firmch the str limo involved in the accident had failed its most recent inspection and should not have been on the road. federal records confirm the company prestige limousine
11:35 am
service should t have been operating and the driver should tht have been behind the wheel. >> he didn't have proper license to operate it. >> it ran atop sign, careenedro ethe road, hit two pedestrians bef slamming into a ravine. witnesses say the limo appeared to be speeding. >> the entire engine block moved back behind the driver as sea, thould indicate there was a lot of energy and fo>>e. wo newlywed couples, four sisters, two brothers and many close friends, all on the way to celebrate amy's birthday at a local brewery. her husband hired the limo so everybody could celebrate
11:36 am
safely. >> i hope they didn't suffer. i want to believe it was instant. >> and karina's sister also died. >> i'm going to really miss having her .he >> this morning the attorney insists the limo was safe. >> as far as we ,know there were no mechanical issue with the >>limo. officials are awaiting results of toxicology reports. >> today advocates for lgbq
11:37 am
students are investigating whether the tranender student was sarated from students during a drill. >> now to a child health warning, 16 states h reported cases of a mystery illness that can cause partial paralysis in children. there is no cure and some of the kids affected appear to have long-term disabilities. >> within a week, quenton went from being an active kid to a hospital bed. >> doctors are tel you this is something we don't know much about, there's no no cure.
11:38 am
it's called acute flacci flaccid myelitis. >> they can cause cold symptoms or in rare cases neurological diseases. so far this year,here are 38 cases, including r tent cluster in minnesota. in some casest can lead to paralysis or even death. doctors recommend hand washing to prevent virus spread. while they don't know if quenton willegain normal use of his arm, his parents said he's doing better. >> he's as playful as ever. >> what was known as a normal illness is striking fear in parents across the country.
11:39 am
parents across the country. >> still to co, the lat
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welcome back. lawy lauryn ricketts joins us with the weather. it's supposed to be fall. >> yeah, it's not feeling like it. it's going to be in the 80s and then this weekend it's going to be in the 60s. so people are going to be like it's cold, we want those warm temperatures back. our average temperare is 71 and we still have a ton of hours of more daylight. not a ton, that's not scientific
11:43 am
but we still have a lot more sun to come. we are stickingith summer out there today and tomorrow. even on thursday it's going to be warm but it wil be rainy on a thursday. we're talking about a systemng cour way from the west and also hurricane michael. butum a comes by friday afternoon with temperatures dropping by the time we head into the weekend, it's looking a lot better. temperatures into the mid to upper 70s. still a little cool. everybody t on humid side as you're planning this afternoon into this evening, those mperatures will top o in the low to mid 80s today. could see say shower, less than a 20% chance you'll see it in your neighborouod. i thinkl be good to go for any sporting activities the kid have this afternoon, practices and what not. it is going to be warm out there. sun goes down 15 minutes after 7:00. we're muggy today, tomorrow and
11:44 am
thursday. and then by this weekend, downright freshirefreshing out . maybe a few sprinkles. this is what it's going to be like, stray showers out there as we go into the afternoon. but our eyes turn to this. large category 2 hurricane. i wouldn't be surprised if it's already a category 3 winds winds are at 110 miles an hour now and need to be at 111o get to hurricane 3 status. tomorrow mning we'll have little bit of fog and maybe a few sprinkl around as well. tomorrow night we've got two systems, a frontal system headed our way right here and that's going to absorb michael and a this isoing to push through the mid atlantic. we will see rain through the day on thursday. the track right now, a category 2, but it will come into the
11:45 am
panhandle of florida as a cat 3 and then it sinking a little bit it will be breezy on thursday into friday but maybe on inch rain. we're not expecting much around here. we might havee some m rain early next week. >> thank you. regularly stretching thepuscles regularly stretching thepuscles can k you moving pain free.
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right through there. >> and i should be able to see your face when you reach down. there you go. you feelea that? >> >> you want to switch at some int. >> you stop at some point before i fall over. >> then you have a stretch, this leg is out in front, this is back. an in, reach up. to modify it,ak just your knee down and just push your hips forward. >> stands up still? >> yeah. you feel that? all throughout here. >> ok. crescent lunge. and one more, right? >> our lt one is a figure four.
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out.the nominees are we now now the 15 finalists fighting for their spot in the
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rock 'n' roll hall of fame. look at some of the nominees janet ja the cure, stevie nicks, radiohead. ♪ oh, oh, oh >> mike parker is moving on in the next round of the voice. judge jennifer hudson turned her chair in the blind auditions in the last minute of the show. he was a football star in virginia. and he wasn't the only talent from this area. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> that was a falsetto, my
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friend. he is from atlanta, maryland. he makes it past this round of the show but who he chose as himself coach we don't know. you'll have to find that out tonight. >> one more look at our forecast. what do we have? >> i've got warm temperatures out there right now. we shoul be in the low 70s but we're in the low to mid 80s but a shock to our system coming up this weekend. could see a stray shower out there. we're seeing that in somert ns of our area. sun going down ten minutes after 7:00. and partly cloudy as we head into the overnight. stray shower possible not on today but also tomorrow. stay muggy through thursday.
11:57 am
thursday a combination ofts remnrom michael and a cold front headed our way. it may be an inch of in, possibly two. it will be breezy thursday and friday. feeling more like autumn on saturday and sunday. >> we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. can you get
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♪ we're liven five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> you know what? now i don't have to t! >> ready? >> the red carpet is rolled out. it's going to be a great night. the amas are tonight. welcome to "access live." we have mike bk with us. on the red carpet tonight for the amas. >> he's there. might have a front row seat. taylor swift to open the show. her first ard show performance in three years. now, we know she's in the front row. here's the big deal. there's an empty seat beside her because of boyfriend joe. some think, though, could be


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