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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 10, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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surf here has been constant and continues to build. and everything here really will start going downhill pretty no quickly >> jay gray in panama city beach waiting out hurricane michael. we have the latest on the storm that hasgt gained str and how first responders are getting ready for the worst. and unfortunately, this thing is still gaining intensity right now. getting ready to make landfall we are hours away. and then the aftermath astrt els through the deep south and up into on our area. we'll talk when the track of it that just ca out coming up. and new information on this man who refused to appear in
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co he is being accused of kidnapping andau aing a young prince william county girl. good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm melissa mollet. >> and i'm erika gonzale . hurricchael is now a powerful category 4. is this a live lookt panama city beach. the massive storm is bearing and is that area expected to make landfall this afternoon. is first responders from montgomery and fairfax counties have been sent south toll help withf this. >> and as jay gray reports, hurricane michael is about to become the most intense storm on record to strike the florida panhandle. >> reporter: much of florida's panhandle shut down right now as michael moves in. forecastane michael is rm be the most destructive s to hit the florida panhandle in a secentury. >> reporter: this monster storm expected to bring torrential
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in, powerful winds and storm surge. >> 8 to 12 feet, it is all deadly. i cannottress enough how dangerous this storm surge can be. >> reporter: the time for boarding up and pulling out is over. remain in thewho strike zone, the wait for hurricane michael is over as well >> we've been ready for this for the last two days. now it is just following the action plan. >> reporter: the gulf coast bracing as this life-threatening storm barrels toward the shore. and this storm still will be an issue as it makes landfall. michael is a massive hurricane. it will continue to cause exoblems as it pushes inland over on the several days. in panama city beach idflora, jay gray, back toyou. and hurricane michael will be making landfall soon. > so let's turn things over to lauryn. talk to us about what we can expect as we see this thing kind of move into that area.
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>> everything around that area is rapidly -- everything starting to definite in stigation state. we are talking about strong thunderstorms already coming in. about this alking just hours away from making landfall. look at this eye, this is the infrared satelliteer im and this thing is massive. andfi the wind on this, of course they are already starting to see well into florida, well into alabama. anain, there is the eye right there. getting ready to just move right into the panama city area. and again just hours away from that. but the thing that i'm concerned about, look at the rotation of this. the winds have been pushing water up into the big bend area for days. and the storm surge will be devastating. right now the winds, 145 miles an hour. it sd up just a little bit
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north/northeast at 14 miles an hour. a category 4 e.hurric a strong category 4 hurricane. one thing that i have noticed, the pressure has dropped a little bit, so that means that it is intensifying before it makes landfall. even as it travels into georgia, it is still going to be a category 2 hurricane. so over land it will still devastate. and it will head up toward virginia. we'll talk about the storm and impacts here w on ourther coming up. t news morning, d.c. police are investigating a deadly stabbing and the suspect on the run in the victim's truck. it happene overnight on minnesota avenue in northeast. we're still working to find out ic them knew the attacker. we're told the suspect was inside of the truck when the stabbias beened. the truck police are looking for is a 2011 ford pickup with maryland tags. and we have new developments from prince william county where the man accused of an ductibduc
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child faced ajudge. >> and chris lawrence was in hearing. the bizarre >> reporter: yeah, i was in the courtroom right here for adam seth walters video arraignment. and the guard had to push himhe before camera in a nwheelchair because he sa only does walter refuse to communicate, bullpen he physically refused to come to th the entire time the judge was talking, walter was slumped over in the chair like this, never raised his head, never said a word. police are saying that yesterday morning an as11-year-old girl walking to school in wood bridge when walter grabbed her and told her that he had a gun. a neighbor saw what was happening, she tried to he. police say walter beat her with a pistol and forced her and the girl into her home and threatened to kill themboth. her son heard the struggle but
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by the time he responded, waltef had the house with the girl. now this woman tried to run after them, but she stopped her son because she was afraid that waould shoot and kill him. now, walter police say took the girl to a home nearby and sexually assaulted her and then took off. the girl then wt topolice, told them what happened and they were able to track him down. back here now live outside the courthouse, i can tell you that adam seth walter has been charged with a number of crimes includingab ction, rape and sodomy. and because he refused to communicate at all, t judge appointed a lawyefor him toonld htold him his next hearing is december 13. chris lawrence, news 4.g this morn a pedestrian involved crash in montgomery county haseighbors calling for increased safety efforts. font high school stu are recovering after being hit while waiting for as.chool
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it happened yesterday morning in the aspen hill area. a two car collision sent one vehicle directly into the students.m all of t from kennedy high school. and each of them taken to the hospital. one of them a 15-year-old boy, we're told has life-threatening injuries. and if there is a day to be extra carefully, it is stoday. it i walk to school eathis morning students at gaithersburg elementary participated in that event. so keepour eye on the road and do not use your phone while you are driving. more than half a billion dollars and counting, the mega millions jackpot is growing after no tickets mated all six numbers. >> so you now have a chance to win $548 million frir nighday n. the cash prize option will pay t $309 million. and if you have lotto fever, the
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power ball is tonight. and imagine winning. where would you retire? >> anywhere. >> let's be specific. there is a new list of the best spots that are out there and we'll take you through some oft th ranked cities. >> anything warm i'd be fine. and plus pop music and politics are mixing that best.o taylor sw see what she had to say. and we're keepi a close e on the gulf coast as hurricane michael moves closer to making landfall. the national guard on standby, bridges closing and local leaders bracing for what the categorytorm 4 will bring. more on the track and preparations later in the broadcast. for tile, wood, and stone,
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david trone's first store was held togetherh with scope, and hope. but he ended up with one of america's largest retail chains. creating over 7,000 jobs, where every worker and every community got to share in it's success. now david's running for congress, with the same goal he had as that young man. to get big things done, create jobs, help communities. and failure isn't an option. i am david trone and i approve this message. ♪ taylor swift stole the show at last caght's ame music awards. but you music seemed to be a little bit secondary almost.
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midter elections were a s are t topic on stage. taylor swift gave a call to action. >> every single award given out tonight were voted on by the people. and do you knowhat else is voted on by the people? the midterm elections on november 6. get out and vote. i love you guys. >> to close the show, knight led a tribute to aretha franklin. one of th top women in the trump administration is calling it quits.ns united nat ambassador nikki haley will resign at the end of the year. >> tracie potts is on capitol hill where the move took some by surprise. >> she done an incredible job. >> reporter: president trump praising nikki ley, now leaving at the end of the year. her resignation letter dated last week. >> i think that it is just very
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important for government teficials to understand when it is time to as side. sometimes it is good to rotate in other people who can put that same energy and power into it. >> reporter: haley says that she will support mr. trump in 2020 and has no plans to run for office. a u.s. spokesperson denies a watch dog group's request to investigate her use of private jets has anything to do with her unexpected departure. >> somethingrioesn't smell t. something is weird. i can't put my finger on it. >> she is ready to step down. sometimes it is not a conspiracy and mt is note dwra dra mramatin just that. >> reporter: and the president continues a week ofes ral to top democrats from winning in november. >>ou don't hand match to an arsonist and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that is whathe democrats have become. >> reporter: with women voters expected to sway the elections, the administration is losing one of its most powerful female
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voices. but it may not be long. president trump says that ne willinate someone to replace haley in two or three weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. pope scis says having an abortion is like hiring a hit man to take out a human life to sf sol solve a problem. the popeven addressed abortion where the mother's health is at riayg that how can an act that attacks a defenseless life be therapeutic or human. the wkly address was dedicated to the fifth commandment, thou shalt not kill. and lgbt advocates packed a meeting last night after reports that transgender middle schooler was separed from other students during an emergency drill. students were sheltering in boys and girls locker rooms and the transgender student wasy forced
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to s in the hole withall with t teacher. they want more training to address the needs of twrnlg stude transgender students. >> i'm tired of students being afraid to be themselves and not being able to address these issues with fellow staff members because honestly most want to give equity to all of our students. >> the school superintendent has apologized acknowledging that nt stafford cpublic schools should be a place of respect, fairness and dignity for l. family and friends gathered to mourn the loss of a teen who was gunned down. elijah cole was shot and kild wednesday night after an argument. cole was a senior at thomas jones high school where he was well liked. last night a crowd gathered at that high school to help each other work through the loss. >> i'm upset, but i know that
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god has him and we'll push through and i know that he is in a better place. i wish he was with us. >> investigators aren't sure what started the argument that led to the shooting. no arrests have been made. a wanted man is now off the streets after a dramatic takedown in prince george's county. y he led police on a wild chase before being captured. he had slipped awayrom police last month during a standoff at a hotel. he fell off the radar until yesterday morning when he was spotted in fairfax county. he was wanted for grand larceny and credit card fraud. washington, d.c. is home to one of the top 20 places in the country to retire. u.s. news and world report ranked 100 cities. lancaster, pennsylvania number one. ft. myers andsa sota, florida are number two and three.
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not surprising there. c. dropped from the top ten to number 12 now. richmond, virginia, baltimore and virginia beach alsoaking the list. the cities are ranked using a number of factors including happiness, hou and health care. so now to an apparent case of racia bias. a georgia man saying he had the police called on him for what he calls baby sitting while black. >> the man watching two white ildren says he g confronted by a woman who followed him home and wound up calling police. >> he streamed the whole ordeal on facebook and as morgan radfor report, he is hoping this incident can lead to change. >> got these little kids scared. this lady following us. a >> reporte baby-sitting job taking an unexpected turn for cory lewis. >> all because i got two kids in the back seat that do not look lime. this lady took it upon herself to say that she is going to take my plate down and call the
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police. >> reporter: lewis who runs a youth mentoring program in marietta, georgia streaming on facebook live after he says that he was b confronted a white woman while watching is addison and nicholas parker. weird, said something was something was weird here. and i said i assure you are fine. >> reporter: after lewis refused to let heralk to the kids, he says the woman followed them back to his house and call police. >> iad no idea what was happening. >> i was really shocked, angry, scared. i'm being followed and harassed. that's what sucks. rurt are the officer a wr . >> reporter: the officer asking to question the kids. >> what would happen to us if he wasrrested. >> he was doing us a favor. how they ended up on the side of the road, being spoken to by police was something tt i couldn't wrap my head around.
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>> reporter: it is not clear what happened before lewis arted filming, but his videos now have hundreds of thousands of views. it is the latest in a string of viral videos appearing to show alleged racial bias. one woman earned the nickname barbecue becky after calling police o black men having a barbecue in a park. and there was also permit patty who called police on an 8-year-old black girl selling ter. lewis now just hoping that the kids'd experience will he indica -- educate others. >> just because someone does that look like how you brfr fyo for them to look didn't mean they are a bad person. switchinggears, changes at c d change how youick up a friend, a family member, anybody from the airport. and we'll keep you updated on a monster storm, landfall expected this afternoon fch hurricane l. coming up, where and how quickly
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everything that's wrong in washington. this is what a category 4 hurricane looks like from fr space. cameras outside the international space station caught a look at hurricane michael. the natiol hurricane center upgrade the storm early this morning. it is expected to make landfall later today. and these are live pictures from panama city. it has been raining for much of the morning andhe surfs aycking up. brock long his agency has nearly 3,000 people in the field ready to help with hurricane michael. >> so lauryn ricketts is joining us. this is no typically an area that mass seen a lhas seen a lo hurricanes in the past. >> and especially not this strong. i think early '70s we saw some
11:24 am
of this magnitude. and a lot of people -- i mean the time has come and gone for people to evacuate. and i think a lot of people from at i've been reading early this morning stuck around becausehey haven't baby dealing with this type of situation. and you just blow it over. especially people around the big bend. this is no joke, it should come on as a category 4 hurricane in the next couple hours. look how you close the eye is right now. it is traveling at 14 miles an hour, so it has sped up a bit. but this wind field is gigantic. stretching in to montgomery, alabama. and again, the thing that i'm concerned about this, we have got these winds aund this hurricane that will continue to bring the storm surge into the big bend. and this is the area that could
11:25 am
be definite sta be devastated a lot of this area is just above sea level, so it will be easy to get storm surge 9, 12, 13, 14 street in some of these region around the area. be somethingt will that they are going to be watching as th go through the next couple of days and the devastation will last for weeks. so let's talk about the storm surge. winds are continuing to blow on. sh and that water has nowhere to go except inland. here is a house right here, and this is 10 feet. and they are calli for storm surge above that. so thewill be dealing with this for weeks to come. again, it is a cat 4. even as it goes through georgia, it is going to be a cat 2. and then it will continue to push off to the southeast coast, should exit around the virginia, north carolina coastline friday morning. and so for our weather here, could we see any flooding?
11:26 am
maybe around southern maryland, parthern neck, eastern shore. but for the mos, we'll have a few showers and we'll have the wind. and it will be pretty windy on friday behind this. fall.midityoes and it will be chilly this we iend. so there the ray right now. we are looking at a few showers around our area. we could see a few sprinkles. this is the game of the game throughout the day -- name of the game throughout the day. and let's show you futurecast. have a few sprinkles, but also a cold front. and watch what thint cold f does to michael. it starts to push it offshore. that is goodews for us. we will get rain around here maybe even a few thunderstorms, yavy rain by thurs night. but by friday morning, we are dry. we'll talk about the weekend forecastoming up. and hurricane michael incredibly song storm, fema is working here in washington to make sure that the response is fast wenough. wh learned from a briefing held a short time ago. lance video, the
11:27 am
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we are continuing to track hurricane michael, this is now a powerful category 4. this massive storm bearing down as y see there on the florida panhandle this afternoon. meanwhile herat home, we ha first responders from montgomery and fairfax counties that are being sent south to help in the situation. >> hurricane michael is about to become one of e most intense storms on record to strike the florida panhandle. fema held a news briefing a couple hours ago, stressing how large of an impact this storm could have. >> unfortunately hurricane michael is a hurricane of the worst kind. and theitizens in georgia need to pay attention. bottom line is this will be the wotorm southwest georgia and central georgia has seen in
11:31 am
many decades if not the worhe thattate has seen. and it will pass through and impact numerous counties. >> officials at knnoa say that t will impact areas 200 miles from the storm's eye. jamal khashoggi is a saudi journalist living in exile and writing critically about the regime in his nature tife count. and he disappeared last week and now there are troubling reports. that the saudi government sent a hit tm t take him out. lucy kafanov reports. >> reporter: this was an explosive report alleging that the saudisad deployed a 50 man hit squad to lay in wait for the journalist inside the consulate. the new york times reporting asthat among the team a forensic expert who brought a bone saw to dismember his body.
11:32 am
and we know security forces were hunting for a black van that may have carried khashoggi's body as well as two saudi chartered jet that the arrived l and istanbul airport. the british foreign secretary says that they need to provides s, but a somewhat muted response from the u.s., secretary of state mike pompeo has called on the saudis to support ahorough investigation. president trump said yesterday that he does not know anything about khashoggi's disappearance. >> i know nothing right now. i know what everybody else knows. nothing. >> reporter: khashoggi was a vocal critic of the crown prince and told the bbchree days before he went miss thaeg kning had made powerful enemies. and his fiance now has a police escort. lucy kafanov, nbc news, london.
11:33 am
and the case against darren wentz is wraing up. he is the only witness to the killings. the trial is expected to last severalore weeks. the next time you are at reagan national aiort, you might know something a little different. the cellphone waiting area is no closed until further notice. >> adam tuss reports on what you need to know i you will b picking somebody up at the airport. >> reporter: the pickup game at oue airport,now for so many of us, you just made the phone call to someone waiting in theelhone lot. ant the cellphone lot is now gone here at re national and a lot of people are trying to figure things out. >> the cellphone lot is -- >> cellphone lot. >> that is awful. >> reporter: the cell lot was an owe andasis these days as more more traffic has been building. airport leaders say that the lot was becoming a congestion
11:34 am
issue. >>l the c lot is small, very popular, it tends to filld p quickly an creates traffic backups around to the terminal. that is exacerbat by the lane closures. gridlock. >> reporter: now you can park in the regular garages for up to an hour for free. so more changes to keep in mind as the traveling around the airport itself becomes a bit more tricky. adam tuss, news 4. lauryn is back after the break with a look at ra and cooler temps. >> finally will feel like fall around here. so you just celebrated your 13th wedding>>nniversary. yes, we did. been together 20, married 13. >> and what did he give you? >> a really beautiful ring, one that said love. and i gave him a jitter bug phone. >> melis mccarthy is stopping by the ellen show later today. it airs rightere at 3:00.
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and then stick around for news 4 at 4:00. in thei'm tim kaine.ked to keep all virginians safe. i helped lead efforts to grow our navy to 355 ships and increased troop pay. but corey stewart said this about that budget bill... stewart: it's just an absolute nightmare and a disaster. i wish the president had vetoed it. that would hurt virginia and threaten our security. i approve this message because keeping america safe has to be a top priority.
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get ready for some karaoke with a twist. an area group is putting their vocals to use for a good cause. >> molette green has details. ♪ >> reporter: check it out, we have a snake, a turtle. all part of our karaokemorning. thanks so much to big mike karaoke machine for getting us pepped up for this morning. a lot of people didn't need the words to sing look in t s effort to raise money to allow children's field trips to nature and all of the wood lands out here. we want our children to learn about nature.s and thatat it is all about. sarah is with the society and
11:39 am
talk about why kids need to learn about nature. w >> a provide that first experience that children have to touch and explore nature. and to enjoy it and have fun. exploring a beautiful snake for example. >> reporter: absolutely. the stone and hope foundation is supporting this effort. raising money, taking your donations. they were brothers who passed away in a crash and their mission lives on. and caroline can talk about the mission. >> our foundation supports the nature field trips for underser they caredo scause working on environmental projects when they were kill. >> and w know many of you care about children, learning about nature, all about nature. so if you want to support, you can do it right now. go to our website and we have a link to theed aed as aety.
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so don't let a day by without supporting this effort. and tomorrowhe will be more fundraising and more fun. so check that out in georgetown so we're happyo support these efforts. that is the latest. back into you. right now we are showing you live pictures of venice, florida. hurricane michael, a category 4 storm set to make landfall in a few hours. conditions on the gulecoast willetting worse by the minute. the area already seeing rn and high surf. and this is just the beginnin t >> ands is not snag they are usarehi -- som that they are used to. so that makes it more scary. >> and it is incredible a lot of people stayed for this because, one, they didn't have time to
11:41 am
get out because this thing, michael, kind of -- it quickly intensified. and you can see this thing is a monster. almost the whole state of florida, that's what the size of this was when it was still out in the gulteyesterday oon. that's just getting ready to move into panama city within the next couplehours. t before that, i mean the effects are already being fel across the portions of alabama and even down on through the pan handling andand -- pan handliha moving in to big bend. winds are a 145 miles an hour. tt is till going to still going category 2 whenoves through georgia. so don't be sleeping on this secause there will be widespread power outages acrhe deep south. not only into georgia, but then you get into there carolinas w
11:42 am
they were dealing with florence d flooding. they could tack on another additional 5 inches of rain from that. d then it will head off to sea. winds by friday morning will be at 65 miles an lohour. at the wind field. the red is hricane-force winds. 145 miles an hour possibly. and then the orange is winds. and it will continue into e carolinas and even our areas. so we will have breezy conditions friday. so heric is the hurrane. we have a frontal system off to the west. we are seeing a few sprinkles out there for us, that will be e game throughout the day. low to mid-80s for us. and some of these cld be a little heavier on the downpours. but again, this will continue to join us with the frontal system and that will b tng rain our area through friday. could be heavy at times, maybe even a few thunderstorms a ll. but we dry out by the time we afternoon.riday we'll talk about that 10 day
11:43 am
bit.cast in a and meanwhile improvements to the capital one arena, we'll get you ready for your next visit. and we're also cooking. and it looks and smells good. a look atow to add a little mediterranean flare to your mediterranean flare to your favorite meal.
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he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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a maryland man is taking the lessons he lomrned from his in the kitchen and sharing them aten his restaurant insington. chris is jois with a look at some of the food he is passionate about and we have a lot of people come in here, this looks good. and it svells better. >> thank you. >> so you named your restaurant for your daughter.e and you been there three years and reviews are off thech ts. >> thank you. we have a lot of passion.
11:47 am
we like to takeue care of expectations. >> a family run business. >> exactly. one daughter is talia, andls sh is like the taste tester. she comes around and tastes everything. >> that is a great job. so if you need a replacement -- >> sounds good. and my other daughter keeps me ou line, calling me >> tell me what we will make today. we have lotsf beautiful things. >> this is a grilled aaragus and portobello mushrooms. and mixed peppers. we grill them with a glaze. and we have fresh dill, cucumber. call the s what we greek taco. we use roasted pork, a touch of lime, fresh dill, red onions.
11:48 am
>> believe me, this will be gone soon. >> and these wraps with feta cheese, diced tomatoes and fresh use a lot of dill in all ingredients. and baklava. >> and so this lamb, what will we do? >> we are known and it is a big seller of lamb. so we do a lot of lamb. and so we roast it in the oven about seven hours. >> it just pulls apart. >> exactly. >> and then again the dill on the top. >> exactly. and just break it apart. and then out of that, we just create a little ->> hat is delicious. and you say you were inspired by your mother. lu ably. >> and you grew up part of your child hood?
11:49 am
greece? >> with my grandparents and then my mother back in montreal. and olden day, mothers cooked at home all the time. fresh ingredients. and so i learned theeces and i twisted them a little bi still use the old recipe, but with a little extra touch of the ghoe at dheez cheese on here. and then some fresh dill. >> can i taste it? >> absolutely. >> and you do catering. but you can also thinking about expanding? >> we're working on that expansion in a couple years, looking for another -- how does it taste? >> amaz tg. >>nk you very much. >> i can't speak. >> that is awesome. yes, we are l for another
11:50 am
location in the metropolitan area. what i want to do is master and really excel and get all the ingredients, all the recipes down. and so whoever comes in the kitchen, you know, will be able to have -- not the same passion, but to execute exactly how i want it done. >>hank you so much for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having us. >> erika, you have to taste this. >> i'll be there in like two seconds. >> thank you very much, ladies. you are awesome. i enjoy being here. >> so if you are going to go o the capit arena anytime soon, arrive hungry. news 4 took a tour to check out the upgrades made over the summer including the new oncession stand where you can customize your meal. they have many new items. and if you a maybe into pouring your own drinks, there is a pr you own beer iwall.
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thisall part of the $40 million renovation that began the day after the catches won twon ft -- the day the caps won the stanley cup. moving day for the birds postponed. hurricane michael delaying their trip south. coming up, we'll explain whylo thei time home in this area is closing.
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barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. a rare majestic flock ever whooping cranes is making a comeback thanks to helping hands innd mary >> mark segraves explains ho>> eporter: here in rural maryland, there are 200 acres defeated to saving the whooping >> we'n doing it for bcrane. slightly over 50 years. and many of our scientist and staff have dedicated their whole careers to working with whooping cranes. >> reporter: and they have had a lot ofsuccess. in 1942, there were only 16
11:55 am
whooping cranes in north america. now there are me than 500. >> and the birds are still highly endangered. >> reporter: and the vast majority wereonceived and born here at this research center. and it all w starth one whooping crane who broke his wing and was rescued by scientists in canada back in 1964. that crane was eventually brought he to laurel, maryland where he lived for more than 30 years. because he had a broken wing, he couldn't mate. >> the male has to have two wings to use to balance. >> reporter: so the sentists here developed a method of artificial insemination for bird >> he really was the father and grandfather and great grabb grandfather of mbe 40% of our birds. >> reporter: and dr. olson has
11:56 am
been care for thing for them to years. >> we'll be missing most of them. a few that are characters that maybe we won't misses a much. >> reporter: the 75 who currently call laurel their home will be loaded into crates like this one and wil f bewn to new homes in louisiana and texas by the u.s. coastguard. mark segraves, news 4. >> incredible work they have done there. all right. how are we look something. >> fine right now, but n so much to the south will hurricane michael will come on shore right around panama city within the next couple o hours. ands 145 miles an hour, that hurricane will move pretty quickly through gegia, south carolina, north carolina, exit of the coast so for us, stray showers today. but you with the hurricane michael, remnants of it and the co frontombined, thursday we
11:57 am
are looking at rain, possibly an inch, could be more southnd east. and then a chance of sprinkles early on thsaturday. temperatures will be feeling more like fall this weekend. >> and that is it for news 4 midday. thank you for joining us. we're back at 00. and get updates anytime with the nbc washington app. when treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our cent. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at
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with two by fours,t frheir counr stand buil scraps of wood. their first beer cooler was slapped together david trone's first store was held together with scotch tape, and hope. but he ended up with one of america's largest retail chains. creating over 7,000 jobs, where every worker and every community got to share in it's success. now david's running for congress, with the same goal he had as that young man. to get big things done, create jobs, help communities.
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and failure isn't an option. i am david trone and i approve this message. ♪ we're live in five, four, thre two, one. ♪ ♪ you say i did something bad why does it feel so good ♪ >> i love it. >> she is back. ylor swift kicked off the amas in a performance of "i did something bad." she made history last night. no kanye. rumors of - >> did something darn good let's just say. >> breaking the records. >> gave tecee shes and there was no kye. i think -- >> she's good. we have scott evans and


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