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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 24, 2018 11:00am-11:50am EDT

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defense attorneys did argue that rhaps the prosecution's case was not so fully formed afterall, essentially that the jury was misled byhe prosecution's case, as well as even their witnesses. the defense here poking some very shortstop holes into the prosecution's argument ande planting s seeds of doubt that perhaps, for example, wint's brothers had a hand in the murds.
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>> 17-year-old -- police say she refused to kisshe victim. that's when he allegedly pushed her into a nearby parking garage and raped her. she said he then walked her bact to the station and she called police. >> keeping prescription drugs out of the hands ofs,deal addicts. the event taking place this >> and with thousands of igrants making their way north
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through mexico, president trump is sending a mixed message aut the danger to the u.s.
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. with jt two wee to go until the midterm election, president trump is ramp up his rhetoric o immigration. a good ed "just take look at what has topped to europe over the last five years, a total mess." tracie pottsas more. >> reporter: after admitting n there' evidence that middle easterners are infiltrating a o carava migrants. >> there's no evidence but there uld be. >> these people are hard working people. >> reporter: a senior intelligence official tells nbc middle eastern and african immigrants make up less than 1%
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of border arrests last year. the president is backing off his promise to unveil a 10% midute class taxext week. >> we'll start the work sometime after the dterms. >> it could take weeks, if not months, of hearings and dates to arorive at a tax cut plan. >> but he's bearing dow on the death of "washington post" journalist jamal khashoggi. >> it was one of the worst coverups. >> reporter: did you thedi s government order it? back to the caravan, 7,000 people are expected to be on the way fromon duridurahonduras. sources arehecking out another one headed in from el salvador. >> reporter: this morning nbc host megan kelly apologized for her comment defending racist
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halloween costumes, including a black face. >> i'm sorry. you may remember we have a conversation yesterday about halloween costumes and the conversation turned whether it was okay for a person of a different race making it a costume. i defended it and i was wrong, r am >> she went on to say sometimes i talk, sometimes i listen and yesterday i learned. >> today president trump will get an date on howhe fight on the opioid crisis is progressing. a program this weekend is also set up to help battle the growin problem. newss aaron gilchrist explains how it works.
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>> this saturday is national presiption drug keback day. it's a chance for people to safely and anonymously turn their expired, unused or unwanted prescription medications at designated sites throughout the regio dr. winer joins us today to talk about why it'so important to have a takeback day. this is a bigger problem than some might think, right? this is a huge problem. more people are dying frompr cription drug abuse than illicit drug abuse. 40% of allpid deaths are prescription opioid and more ary g from prescription drug overdoses than allraffic fatalities. >> you just blew my mind. i wouldn't have thought the numbers were this big. why is it so critical forpl p to properly dispose of unused prescription? >> because these drugs find
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their way intan the of people through the medicine cabinet. we're worried about young people, teen-agers, messing around with this stuff. a few yearsgo i had a patient who told me he went to a party where basically everybody stole medicine from their parents' dicine cabinet, dropped their pills into the bowl, and when people came intohe party, they picked a pill out of the bowl and there's what they had that night along withl. alco crazy stuff. >> so how big is this? >> there are some numbers. the cdc found 14% of high school student will misuse prescription opioidti medis, roughly 10% will misuse stimunt medications, benzodia npines. they'r misusing the cholesterol lowering medication, right? that's not fun. pills that ng the are going to have an effect on how they feel emotionally. the risk there ithe potential for obviously death and bad
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outcomes but also abuse leading to dependence andor m drug addiction essentially. >> let's talktl a lbit more about the dea's takeback day and how this works.s >> i this saturday from 10 to 2. basically you go on takeba and type in your address or zip code and find withi a radius where the location is to drop pills off. within ten-mile radius of this studio, there are ten locations. you go in and bring your medication between 10 and 2, you drop it off. it's out of your medicine cabinet, out of the potential hands of your kid or people who could get their hand on it. >> and no conversation, you drop it and move on. w should people dispose of medications that have expired or done using them? >> what you do not wantflo do is h it down the toilet.
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then it'sat getting into the supply. either mix it with used coffee grounds or l kittyter and put it in a sealed container like a ass jar or go on dea's web site, plug in your address and there are participating pharmacies where you can go turn in thes. pi done deal. >> some really useful appreciate you coming in. thanks. >> a tropical depression could cause problems for parts of the south. we'll have the latest on damage left behind in mexico. ♪ >> oh, yeah! >> and the musical "anything goes." we'll introduce you to the woman we'll introduce you to the woman with that voice.
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depression. it hit mexicoast night as a cat three. the damage assessments are still ongoing today. thelltorm is s expected to dump two to four inches of rain along its path as it movesow rapidlyds mexico and into texas. >> so to talk more about the weather iur area, storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper ins us now. >>ou could fee the chilly start this morning. >> whatasn't an issue this morning was the winds but they have really picked up in th past hours. not only are we cooler out there today, but it's going to be breezy throughout your wednesday as welldi , talking about that storm that's impacting mexico moving into ptexas,t of that storm, the remnants of it among other e factors, going to bring us rain friday into saturday. ltake ak at your weather headlines. we're cooler today and we're going to stay cool throughout the end of october until at
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least early november. our normal high about 66 degrees. we are staying in the 50s every ten-day ay on the forecast is in the 50s. so bring out those falld coats vests, you're going to need them. especially tomorrow morning with patchy frost possible in the suburbs, mainly north and west of washgton. rain does move on in friday after into the evening hours. rains likely on sunday during the morning and midday hours and a chance of rain later on sayrday. so sunill be the better of the two weekend days. right now we're at 52 degrees, breezy throughout the afternoon hours, 55 degrees by 1hi p.m. . today around 58. we'll have a nice mix of sun and cloud throughout the day. tomorrow we lose the winds and keep the chill. a high temperature of 56. mix c ofud and sun tomorrow on your thursday. future weather wants to hold off the rain moving in until about 5 p.m. i i thinks going to get here
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around 3, 4 but you get the idea. we'realing with rain saturday morning, waking up to rain. when doe dry out and how does it impact all of the weekend events? more on that in 1 minutes. >> the city being called a front-runner. >> coming up, whyany believe it would be perfect for amazon. >> and
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the washington post endorses jennifer wexton for congress... saying barbara comstock's "promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again.
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you're watching "news4 dday." a bit of a scare for the duchess of sussex. >> the duchess only spent ahaut of her allotted 15 minutes there. after chatting with one vendor, by s whisked away security. she is four months pregnant and husband, prince harry, was not with her. >> the's still no clear reason why she was rushed off. more see if we can get details on that. >> it is the top-20 list everyone wants to be on. excitement is growing after port claims crystal city is
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the location for the new he tquarters. ishe transportation network ready for that? adam tuss hit the streets to find out. >> reporter: crystal city and amazon. really? this is crystal city. this is crystal city. this is what crystal city looks like most times in off hours, beyond lunch, whatever. but there are some things t crystal city does have going for it that could land amazon. ah, good old crystal city. when i say crystalcity, you say -- >> i'mrg unund. isn't that awful. i think of it underground. >> reporter: let's try again. when i say crystal city, you say -- >> the airport? what are you looking for? ra >> reporr: amazon is looking for room to grow. >>hink it makes sense.
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>> reporter: some say crystal city is perfectly suited. >> we have the infrastructure, we have metro, we have the new expansion on bus rapid transith we hav capacity to absorb this. >> reporter: terry is the director f the center for north regional analysis. >> what's the f of transportation anyhow? if we're talng about hitting 50,000 in a 20-year period, in 20 years, are we all in atubers? >> reporter: when i say crystal city you say -- >> close by. >> that may be the biggest reason of all that this location could be chosen. in crystal city, adam tuss,
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news4. ♪ >> that's the all new production of "anything goes." and that beautiful voice belongs to one of the stars of the show. she isor here with on what audiences can expect. that's a lot of power up in there! >> thank you very much. >> welcome to washington. >> thank you very much. i'm reallyrateful to be here. it's a beautiful city. it's a beautiful city. thank you for having >> we just heard that incredible voice. we're happy to have you uhere. te what we can expect. what is it all about? this is a very diverse cast? >> yes, incrediblydivorce. my leading man is corbin blue. it's a love of course, celebrity and the obsession with celebrity and there's some female empowerment there's a lot of comedy and there's dogs and tap dancing and
11:24 am
incredible music by cole porter. it's really a show for everyone, i believe. >> okay. so beside the beautiful singing at will be coming from you with classics like "anything goes" and "i get a kick out of you," some incredible wencing. e going to see some dancing. we're going to show some video of some tap dancing that's really cool. this is a little bit of the rehearsal there. who is this? what's happening? >> that's parker and that's corbin blue. they're doing part of some tap gncing in "anything goes." >> are young to be dancing? >> i'm dancing and singing and acting and trying to be funny, all in one. so it's going to be -- it's a beast of a show for all of us, and we're working, wre sweating, we're sweating a couple of us are maybe crying a little bit b we're doing a lot of laughing. it's a great piece. >> do you love the intimat setting, being in the round there at arena stage?
11:25 am
how isthat? >> i love being in a round because it's just as close to real life as it gets. you get to see and do and do everything. >> look at you! >> you can look everywhere. nelove being in a round. >> that will c with the audience. >> yes. we're aboard a ip, the "u.s.s.ic am." the audience will feel like they're part of the show. it's incredible. >> i can tell this is going to be 'rfun, y going to be fantastic, that voice is awesome. new york girl down here in c. >> i love d.c.! you a the best. "anything goes" november 2 through september 23rd at arena stage. so next week you're on.
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litz let's do it. >> we're on. come and see us behind the lights. >> coming up, out of control. an escalator speeds up catching riders by surprised. riders by surprised. a closer look at the video spanberger: i'm abwhen dave brater, and i appwent to congress,. he went washington. [ camera shutter clicks ] while virginians struggle with rising drug prices, brat's taken thousands from pharmaceutical, insurance, and other health care companies, voting them billions in tax breaks while voting against lowering the cost of prescriptions and voting against protections for pre-existing conditions for the people he represents. brat serves his donors' interests. we need someone who's for us.
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saying barbara comstock'sorses je"promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again.
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that scares me to death. investigators are working to figure out what caused this terrifying situation in rome. an escalator sped out of control at the train station yesterday. you can see this pile of people down there at least 20 people, mostly russian soccer fans were injured. the in rome for a champions league soccer game when this happened. >>hat's incredible. unbelievable. >> ooh, ooh. >> scary there. it almost looks like a metro station potentially ind.c. >> that's why it gives me the heebie jeebies. >> appropriate. >> wind is the story right now.t t what it is? >> it's breezy out there. it's much cooler than sterday. yesterday we were at 72 degrees, a gorgeous autumn day.
11:30 am
still not bad out there today but you need the jacket heading t. saturday is whether we're dealing with rain, sunday is looking mainly dry. here's your weekend forecast. a high temperature on saturday of 55 deees. its going to be rainy during the morning and midday hours. we start to dry out as we toward the afternoon and evening hours. scattered showers are possible later in the date on saturday. e area will pick up about one to three inches of rain. e've been dry for some to we shouldn't be dealing with flooding issues but it's something we'll keep an eye on. sunday, maybe a shower or two. latest information is painting sunday as the better of the two weekendifdays. ou're heading to the pumpkin patch, i would definitely pick sunday. on saturday, you'll want the rain boots and rain gear and know you're going to be dealing with mud. there's a sea witchesval at
11:31 am
rehoboth this weekend. the big parade on saturday morning at 11 a.m. could be impacted by rain, so something to keep an eye on. otherwiseezy with high temperatures at the beach this weekend in the low to mid 60s. so about ten degrees warmer than here.ri ony night, the costume will get a little bit wet. saturday night u should be okay. then we have the big marine corps marathon on sunday many of us at channel 4 are goinghe to be so if you're running, keep an eye out there. i can't rule out a shower or two, but i think more so it jus all about dressing in layers for the marathon. running out there sunday morning is going to be very similar to if you'reng run out there this morning or tomorrow morning. here's a quick peek at the ten-day. another look at 11:55. sunshine returning fl force
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next tuesday. amelia.k you, sunday is national chocolate day. >> coming up, a look at how one of oar 's top chefs is celebrating the paying less for my medicare? i'm open to that. lower premiums? extra benefits? it's open enrollment. time to open the laptop... ...and compare medicare health plans. why? because plans change, so can your health needs. so, be open-minded. look at everything - like prescription drug plans... oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th.
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i waso i'm used tor, getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me. many of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message. ar
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er this year a renowned chef was named executi at the the iconic st. regis and was given the task of relaunching the menu. he is here with more on his relaunch and how the restaurant will be cebrating national chocolate day. good morning. thank you for being here with us opinion the restaurant is now d.cuterranean fo ur yocukgisine. >> ye >> tell me how all of that comes together and how this was kind of a perfect blend for yo >> we want a lot on the plate.
11:36 am
you can see the lobster and the beautiful fillet mignon. >> the color is just gorgeous on this. what you're looking at is what chef ispaoing to p for us. it is a lobster tart that is topp with caviar and traditional white chocolate butter sauce. weow don't always t down on a wednesday so today we're gonna. this is what you can try at the st. regis. > we have a wonderful base of lobster with a lobster medallion. we have with this chocolate 35% of cocoa. >> you don't normally think of chocolate and lobster, why do they marry together well? >> this we want this licorice and this i chocolate the perfect example of licorice and
11:37 am
chocolate. >> you don'trobablyat 35% chocolate. i presume this is quite bitter. actually, no, it's not. ,oh, my go i would have this all day long. this is 35%?>> yes. >> this is fantastic. avally, really good. do i that itreversed? would be more sweeter? i get to try this one? excellent. so what is it that people can try when they head over to st. regis for national chocolate day? point out a few of these other things while i take a bite of this. this is fantastic. feel so spoiled. mmm, that is so good. mmm. talk to me about national chocolate day while i finish this, chef. >> we put cream and pastry cream mixed together and this is typically french,
11:38 am
you know, very, very heavy in butter. >> not low in calories, by t way. very heavy in butter. >> the chocolate is a special we have. this is very heavy. >> it's i don't want to put my hand on it. it's gorgeous. what goes with it? oh! oh, man. it's delicious. so this is for national chocolate day for the chocolate connoisseur wine dinner on get a sampling of this, the french toast with fillet mignon. it's phenomena you must be so proud of what you've done. >> thank you. >> chef, thank you for bringing
11:39 am
lobster to our wednesday. >> i could just swallow thatg. th >> i'm going to stay right here. >> from that fine dining -- stop it, erica! mcdonald's plans to roll out a new breakfast menu. the triple breakfast stacks are revamped versions of the mcmuffin and mcgriddle. each will contain two sausage patties in addition to the bacon there. the fast food giant hopes the new items will lure customers back. >> coming up, the horses have arrived in washington for the washington international horse show along with the country's top riders. we'r going to hav preview of the event that has been a tradition for years.60
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barbara comstock might as well be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia.
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and if you order online, you'll get a $100 visa prepaid card. but hurry, this is your last chance, because this offer ends october 31st. go to today. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. new this morning, drake, the canadian rper and music mogul
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has a lot to celebrate. he squashed the beatles record for most hit singles in the top n a year. the beatles head that record for more than 50 years, in fact. tomorrow also happens to be his birthday. very nice present there. >> oh, ayeah. we have another local guy to keep rooting for on nbc's "the voice." >> he avoided elimination last night. take a look at part of the battle round he barely survived. >> love that. ♪ ♪ >> so adam had to choose and he went with deandre. but blake shelton literally saved the day. >> there it is, the steal! >> blake shelton saving the day.
11:44 am
funsho saved him. and we've been watching mike parker. they're both still alive.s parker on team jennifer. yes, horses are going to take over downtown d.c. they've already done it. we're usein to s mounted police, right? but this a little bit different. the washington international horse show i t inn celebrating 60 years. i had a wonderful time spending some time out there this morning with some experienced riders t preview the wonrful event. >> hey, hunter and jumper competitions getting ready to start up this morning. i'm standing beside a beautiful 13-yr-oldhranis csotind a local from middleburg. good morning. i'm going to feed christiano first. all right, virginia, let's talk about how exciting this is for
11:45 am
you first to be able to be here once again. >> oh, gosh, it's incredibly, sighti incredibly exciting. there are not a lot of s ws like this anymore. it's so special. >> and i noticed christiano's braid herend nice aluminum shoes here. can you give us a quick once over oft that's all about? >> it's all part of your presentaoron. every h that goes in the hunters today will have their mane and tail braided as well. >> reporter: you were talking about the whole style and your attitude when you're competing. how are you feeling about all of that? >> oh, well, i'm feeliab great t it. he really loves this arena. we've had great success here the last few times that we've been here. >> rorter: top prize i $135,000. >> unfortunately i'm not in that class. >> reporter: that's okay.
11:46 am
>> that's 'mokay, rooting for him anyways. >> reporter: four things we've been told we need to kno about horses, you got to move slowly and useour inside voice around them. ntey read your body language, hundreds of diffe breeds, 20 to 25 dominant breeds here in the u.s. christiano isut a bul horse. >> that's a special kind of life, i tell you. i had aet chance to on a horse. >> how did that go? >> the going up was good. coming down, yeah, that wasn't so great, amelia. >> all right, amelia, why don't you go ahead and finish us out. >> oh, my gosh. for today we're going to be breezy out there through hhe afternoors with the winds subsiding in the afternoon. highs tod in the mid to upper 50s for .tomorr patchy frost possible in the morning hours, rainoves in on friday and continues on saturday. >> i'll need to see the og phpher's raw video.
11:47 am
that's it for "news4 midday." that's it for "news4 midday." we're back this afternoon at
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announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it." announcer: that's right. comstock supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception. hand comstock votes wump ninety eight percent of the time. jennifer wexton: endorsed by the washington post. she'll protect a woman's right to choose. jennifer wexton for congress. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> jennifer garner is ding again, guys. we are so happy for her. everything you need to know about the secret, new romance. welcome to "access live." scott evans ish w today. cue the love song. whoo. owy. >> i love this guy already. i just love him for her. >>k do you thennifer is like, guys, i'm fine. martha stewart said she wan to set her up. i think she is like, people, i will be okay. >> dating for six months now this guy who's apparently a regular joe. >> a regularjoe. >> yes. hisam


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