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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  October 31, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i'm not exactly sure what's going on. we're at 20th and behind me is where all of the activity is at new hampshire avenue in the 1300 block. just getting our way down. police have kind of allowed us to move further down the road here. what we just saw was the police removing the crime tape -- crime scene tape from aroundhe building. this is a high angle rescue operation that they are working and investigating here along new hampshire avenue here. not exactly sure. waiting on t commander who is down there on t scene to give us an update on what they're dealing with this morning. we can tell you that a lot of the seets have been blocked off but moments ago just as you were coming to me we saw a lot of police cars moving out of the way. they have been blocking t streets here in this area where this activity is so we're going
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to get an update. l weet you know what is going on in jt few minutes. as soon as we get that. melissa mollet can talk about r some of thds in this area that have been impacted by the police activity. >> that's right. thank you, molette. t looks like a molette's saying, this could be clearing out of the way. not quite sure at this point if you're leaving some time you might want to avoid n street and dupont circle. we have other roads through that area some intersecting streets shut down. you can that closure here was we zoom in on the map. zoom back out, southeast northbound 295 near cmlk,sh there. picture from chopper 4 heading out to maryland,utorthbound, ound bw parkway. frederick southbound 270 after 70 single lane still getting by the crash there. good morning, chuck bell. i am liking you with nice t weather fck or treating. >> no doubt. everyone will start liking me just a little bit more.
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beautiful weather coming your way for halloween. indeedsh plan on se for today and highs in the 70s. if you're like me, already stting to think abouthe weekend. here's the weekend planner. saturday likely to start off withshowers. it will be cooler by the time we get to the weekend as well.rd sa's afternoon temperatures in the 50s and then on sunday after we set the clocks back on saturday night, chilly onunday morning and bright sunshine on sunday afternoon. coming up in the nt half hou we'll show you today's trick or treater forecast hour by hour. the redskins forecast, too, stay with us. chuck, thank you. 6:02. one person is dead after dozens of shots were fired ernight. the gunfire was reported around 11:30 last night near the intersection of alabama avenue and e street. police did say they're looking for a man in the area wearing all black clothing. investigators say there are dozens of shell casings at the scene. this is the 137th homicide in d.c. this year. there re 96 at this time last
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year. 6:03. developing right now this rning. shock and disbelief that university of maryland football coach d.j. durkin will keep his job following the death of a young man you see here, jordan mcnair. outraged student governmentl association hold a rally to let the administration know students find this decision unacceptable. ne 4's justin finch is live in college park with more reaction from mcnair's family to the decision. justin? >> reporter: eun, aaron, you know we were hearing that many here in college park looking forward to thiseport and its findings. now that it's out we're hring disappointment from jordan mcnair's family, friends, teammates, down to some state and local lawmakers a well. tuesday, yesterday, the board of regents chairman jim bdy and university president wallaceid love dake questions about this report and its recommendations as president low also revealed that he'll be stepping down in june of 2019.
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jordan mcnair, a sophomore football player, 19 years old, collapsed f duringtball practice back in may due to heatstroke and he did die a few weeks the report did find that more could have been done to treat him in that moment and perhaps save his life. the report though also controversicon trohrow versely recommends that the coaches remain. the mcnairr family law questions those recommendations. >> dying before their eyes with no actions taken and yet no one is being held accountable. the university had an obligation to keep its students safe and it fail failed. >> reporter: and more reaction coming in as well from junior offensive lineman ellis mckinney. a teammate.
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as wells governor larry hogan and they're saying they're disappointed with t way the board of regents have gone. live in college park. >>6:05. now to the latest on the deadly synagoguhoing in pittsburgh. hundreds of protesters met president trump as he arrived in pittsburgh yesterday. he visited the tree of life synagogue and paid respects to those killed in saturday's attack. president trump has failed to denounce whitena tionalism. along with the president were first lady melania trump, his a daught his sob n-in-law. they laid stones and visited two of the four officers who were shot on saturday. also developing this morning, nbc news has learned special counsel robert mueller wants the fbi to look into reports that a woman was offered money to make sexual assault allegations against him. several d.c. reporters say a woman con.cted th
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the reporters investigated and found her claims did not appear to be true. th then alerted mueller's team. mueller's office is investigating whether the trump campaign coordinated with russia to influence the 2016 election. >> it's now 6:06. new details on a heartbreaking accident in indiana. these are the three siblings who were hit and killed while trying to get onoo the s bus yesterday morning. a fourth child was hit and is io critical cond police say the bus stop lights were working at the time. the driver accused of hitting the kids has been charged with recklesshomicide. the driver is already outn bond. this morning several changes happening on local roads designed to make you feel safer. we begin on indian head highway in prince gorges countbe d one of the most dangerous intersections in all of the regions. a speed camera will be up and running at the intersectio old fort road and indian head highway. anyone caught going more tha 12
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miles per hour faster than the speed limit can expect at least an $40 tickete mail. this is good news for anyone traveling that road. there were nearly 50 deadly crashes on indian head highway 2017een 2007 and 6:07. in the district you'll get a little extra time to cross some of the busiest streets. d.c. mayor muriel bowser announces the city will retime signals at 93 intersections to add more time for pedestrians. it will start at the navy yard and wards 7 and 8. the goals to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries. fairfax county police joine forces to report crime. the county ise one of 18 jurisdictions plugged into the iwatchnova app. anyone can report crimes while remaining anonymous. >> very easy to fill out. online reporting system. once it's submitted,il it go to the northern virginia regional intelligenc center
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where we have analysts who will separate this and to the local authority for follow-u >> this is also in use in d.c. free for iphone and android. police emphasize you should call 911 for a crime in progress or an emergency. are early two dozen people facing charges in connection to annssive drug bust in arundel county. police say an eight month investigation led them to confiscating more than 160 unds of fentanyl, a powerful opioid that's beeninked to overdose deaths. and they impounded xylefene which is a lar animal tranquilizer. it had val 600,000 and nearly $300,000 in cash. it's today we're hoping to learn more
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bout the death of james whitey bolger. >> he was killed inside a west virginia prison. he had recently been transported. guards fou him unresponsive yesterday morning. the 89-year-old was serving a life sentence. he inspired the jack nicholson chacter in "the departed." looks like kanye west may have had a change of heart when it comes to politics a the president. yesterday west tweeted, quote, my eyes a now wide open and now realize i've been used to spreadon messages i believe in. i am distancing myself from politics a completely focusing on being creative. you might remember another eet, he denied designing the hats and shirts that said blexit. it comes a few weeks after his
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sit with president trump at the white house. he is giving very vocal speeches there. >> it's now os6:10. >>n police going to be very busy with the normal halloween stuff, but there's also a massive victory parade today, too. the boston red sox will he the world series victory parade today. this is the video from the parade after3 winning the 201 seri series. boston is getting used to this. this morning the smiles will be a little bigger in river dale, maryland. j plenty of students have brand newkets and coats thanks to operation warm. volunteers handed out coats to children. they helped the kids pick out the perfect size witttle room to grow. >> i am so grateful. overwhelme i don't want to cry. i don't want to cry.
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i'm so thankful just to know that a school would do something like this. >> operation warm has been around for 20 years. they have given away almost 3 million coats to kids around the country. well done. >> not done yet. they're going to be at henley elementary school today handing out coats for kids there in soheast d.c. still ahead. politics may give you headache, but is the constant bickering imp mting thetal health of our younger generation? >> plus, a sinking situation caught -- yes. >> thieves trying to make off with packas fromnother person's doorstep. wait until you see what happens next that stops herer right in tracks, chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. great story. all right, kids. this is the big day for you. halloween costume time this evening. temperatures will be near 70
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degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. trick or treat temperaturee will be in 60s. 0% chance for rain today. that's not the case for the rest of theeek. of theeek. five d way announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it." announcer: that's right. comstock supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraceptio and comstock votes with trump ninety eight percent of the time. jennifer wexton: endorsed by the washington post. she'll protect a woman's right to choose. jeifer wexton for congress independence usa pac is responsible fovethe content of this ising.
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when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban, attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defendinour gun safety laws to protect the people of maryland. attorney general brian frosh.
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you're watching "news 4 today." it looks like something out of a movie. a sinkholeanna swallowed an entire car after a water main break here ino. toro the car belongs to the toronto transit agency. at one point it bobbed around with the trunk popping out. the driver was able to get out. probably not going to get that car back. >> no. every time i see that i think what's in that sinkhole. >> monsters. scary. new developments in the fight over cell phone towers. >> theyontgomery cou council has canceled a vote that would have allowed cell towers to be placed in residential neighborhoods. yesterda they were seto
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change zoning laws that would allow towers 30 feet of homes and schools. ould improve cell s vice for 5g networks. opponents say they're toohi clo to cren and can cause health problems. right now it's not clear when and if they wi revisit it. >> metro transit agency wants to buy an empty office building on seventh street southwest. it will save metro $130 million in the coming years. if all goes as planned, m could be in the new building in two years. in news 4 your health now, new survey shows members of gen z are stressed out over issues in the news. the survey shows those between the ages of 15 and m21 aret stressed out about mass shootings. st over half of those eligible to vote will head to the polls for the mid term election next week. that's compared to 70% of
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adults. with the mid term elections een & jerry's is getting political with ce cream. they're rebranding pecan resist in response to what the company is calling the regressive policies of the trump administration. the limited flavor is chocolate ice crm with white and dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts and fudge covered the company also plans to donate $25,000 to four aivist groups. >> pecan. >> pecan. >> pecan. >> we havebo debates pecan, pecan. >> tomato, tow matteau. >> i'm from the south. u want to carefully watch packages delivered to your home after this story. >> a woman was caught red handed stealing packages from a home in texas. ke a look at thi video. you can watch as she calmly walks to the front of th he and carries the boxes to her car. now the thief may have thought she was getting away with it and then thisen ha.
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>> hey, what areou doing? what are you doing? put my packages back on the porch. >> she wasn't expecting that. the icwould-bem spotted the thief through a security app and spoke to her through the do bell. the woman stopped and returned the packages already in her car. she claimed shehe thoughtas at someone else's house. oops. >> right. av now we technology, you can't mess with that stuff now. 6:18 your time right now. chuck bell is keeping an eye on a warmup for us going into the f november. >> certainly am. going to be a fine day for trick or treating today. temperatures going to easily get back into th -- not just t 60s but into the 70s for your halloween. yes. we love mil weather and the cool season. 49 right now in washington. just a couple of fair weather clouds around. it will be a near 100% amount of sunshine for today. very light wind. winds are calm.
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lighf wind oute south later on in the day. that will help temperatures recover from the chill 30snd 40s now. 39 in morton, virginia. 37 in manassas and leesburg. 41 in frederick county, nd mary and 53 down in st. mary's city. the south wd andll of the sunshine, nothing to worry about for today. sun's up after 7:30 this morning. down at 6:09 this evening. any time after 6:00 once the sun is down, drivers be careful. watch out for the little ghosts and gob blintz coming out on the side streets in the neigtoorhood. forrrow, more good news temperature wise for thursday. tomorrow morning temperatures will be some 10 to 20 degrees warmer than this morning. mid to upper 50s early thursday but clouds will be on the increase.ur temper will yb agep ithid ta 70l wsel tomorrow. nckeeping rain c out of your thursday forecast but there's a 70 chance f rain on friday. rain likely to be here in time
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for the morning commute. last into ce eveningmute on friday. rain should be tapering to an end sometime during the first half of the day on saturday. dry weather for leaf peeping will be sunday. good morning. update to the problem northwest atew hampshire avenue is open. both lanes near dupont circle. we had police activity blocking lanes this morning. we'reosure point now going to start seeing traffic slow through here. it, again, has just reopened. chopper 4 over the beltway. inner loop, l outp near georgia avenue. southbound connecticut avenue at thebeltway. medical emergency blocking the right lane. we were single tracking on blue and yellow between pentagon pictures. 270 south looks good. standard slowdown. 95 north in virginia. no big issues. no big issues. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
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i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing.
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that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic,and pede but we can't make progress when we're divid, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to youan focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president oba agree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward." u lstand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor sayi barbara comstock'sndorses "promise has turned to dust."..
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you're watchy.g "news 4 to 6:24. halloween can be tough for some children with disabilities. most costumes are not made with them in mind. >> but a mom in manassas park is getting help from a company called magic wheelchair. as news 4's chris lawrence shows us, they're transforming her son's chair into atu cosme worthy of hollywood. >> reporter: you can't just snap your fingers to make magic. there's no spell to substitute for sat just asking brian mcnaughty who's building a jeep for a 15-year-old quadriplegic. >> that's for a door handle. >> it's moving and that's where kochb would be. >> what's the hardest partf all of this together? >> sitting, movement so he won't
6:25 am
hurt himself. >> reporter: it's not just any jeep, it's the jeep from jurassic park. >> must go faster. >> reporter: have you gone back and looked at all of the scene from tmovie? >> you wouldn't believe how many screen shots i have. >> reporter: fm those image he started sketching and tossing any t idet didn't work. >> we built this specifically for caregivers to be able to walk into. >>eporter: he volunteers for a non-profit to build epic costumes. >> it's amazing. they will see the costume first and they won't see the >> kevin!y. look at that. that's for you. >> this is fantastic. >> i hope you like it, rbuddy. >>orter: kevin is non-verbal but his mom jessica is at a loss for words. >> it's hard every year for him to get a costume to go enjoy
6:26 am
hallowee i don't even have any words for it. i'm just grailful. so grateful. >> reporter: that's wren you ize the magic isn't in e child chair. families like kevin's don't pay anythi >> they depend on donations. we'll post the link on our app. 6:26. getting you in the halloween m spirit aorning long. looking at the halloween tradition where heels are . required >> plus, the dream machine fors rees peanut buttercup lovers. we'll show you how the candy converter is letting fans only the good stuff. good morning, everybody. forecast for today. the daily grade, a plus are you kidding me? it's halloween i was a navy doctor, so i'm used to
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getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me. many of them worry about id prt trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women arfrightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. he's my friend ben. i hopi'm ben cardin and too. i approved this message. kaine: weliberty and justiceto a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all, with economic opportunity and a chance for a gd life. i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let because we're all user i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message
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because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children: nation under god, indivisible. ...we have to be willing to live by them. teacher and children. ...and justice for a , i'm dave brat said he'd votea. to reduce the deficit. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why?in brat went gton, taking hundreds of thousands from bigrug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. in maryland, democrats are on the front lines.
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with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courore to move familiesrd." let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way th it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage thhealthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washingto
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right now at 6:30, a live look outside in our backyard on this halloween morning. it's anything but scary out there at least when it comes to the forecast. that's a good thing. >> yes, especially trick orrs trea >> good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eunyang. goodnews, you won't need to cover up the costumes with a coat or jacket. >> i was worried about that. >> look at these. thank you for sending the photos of youelebratingalready. keep them coming. ag nbc washington on social media. do you know who those two guys are? >> chuck bell and pumpkin head ther >> let's go over to chuck bell now with more on storm team 4 forecast. >> talk to melissa about the roads. chuck, what do you have? >> aaron, you're right. wen't those some scary pocket squares we had. 4 things to know about the
6:31 am
ather today, a real treat for all ofooour ou activities. warmest halloween in ten years. 70sin here a tomorrow. rain is on the way. friday night football games could be a little on t soggy side. but your wednesday morning is clear, cool, and dry. mostly in the 30s and 40s across the area now. hour by hour planner, plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the upp 50 to near 60 by lunchtime. most of the afternoon temperatures in th upper 60 bds and low 70s. if you live in mart continuesberg, 69. 72 right here in town. as i mentioned, ten day forecast and the hour by hour trick or treater forecast coming up. ood morning, melissa. >> goodmorning, chuck. just got off the phone with d.c. police, brand new here. beach drive near connecticut avenue from the bottom, crashes,
6:32 am
two overturned vehicles. shut down on beach it is really quite a mess and that's happened very quickly. chevy chase southbound avenue after the beltway, medical emergency in th right lane. as we zoom out, look at hamilton. overturned vehicle shut down eastbound. afford route 1 a forest and wootsds drive. southbound lanes blocked because of a crash there. chopper 4 over to 70. you can see the southbound traffic in the main and local lanes looking pretty good near montrose road. eun? il>> ssa, thank you. 6:32. l following some breaking news in the district this morning. several roads around dupont circle have jus reopened in the last few minutes. poli tell us a high angle rescue was successfer. the pn has been taken to the hospital. >> in southeast d.c. one person is dead after dozens of shots were fired overnight. the gunfire was reported and 11:30 last night near alabama avenue and east police did say they were looking for a man wearing all black
6:33 am
clothing. is is the 137th homicide in d.c. thats a 42% jump from this time last year. ew developments this morning. university of maryland football coach dj.kin will return to the sidelines this weekend. the board ofegts said he will keep his job following the death of jordan mcnair. many have accused the coach and the athletic departmental loug for a toxic culture. news4's justin finch will have reaction from mcnair's reaction. >> happening in pittsburgh there are four more family members. they traveled toitburgh to lay flowers at the memorial. he came to spend time there. 6:33 right no deadly crashes like these are
6:34 am
common along route 210 in prince gorges county. this is part of the reason officials are doing this. good morning to you, aaron. highway safety committee as well as pnce gorgesounty police are trying to send a very strong message here for drivers to slow down here on indian head highway. we'll get you to some video and a map showing you exactly the area where a new red light camera will be positioned. of course, the hope is that that will curb speeding in this area. the numbers over the years ally tell the story. 47 fatal crashes over the last ten years. two people have died just within this year. we've spoken with john townsend this year. here's what he had to say. >> residents stepped out of cars, have speed cameras placed on this roadway. this is the only roadway in
6:35 am
ryland, a roadway that has a speed camera that's not connected to a work zone or a school zone. >> reporter: all right. john also tells us this is really a trial run. the camera will be up for five years and they'll see how it goes and, ofcourse, if it seems to do exactly what they're hoping, perhaps there will be more cameras with you he says this is an effort as well as communit and civic groups are behi >> nicole, ks. this is the first morning no families areiving inside of our cameras were there as muriel bowser chained the ors. it will be torn down. ies that four fam lived there moved out monday. they've been relocated into one of thenewer, smaller shelters across the ty. the saddest case to come out of there is thepe disance of
6:36 am
alicia. dupont circle tradition. the 17th h streeth heel race. last night dozens of drag queens and others who want to join in on the fun showed off their elaborate outfits and others were coming down the road. this is a favorite celebratg the lgbtq community. it started 30 a years when two guys decided to race each other from bar to bar in drag, in heels. posted great photos. search high heels. >> t costumes are pretty amazing. >> go all out. >> yes, really. hours away from the start of trick or treating. coming up, we'll have the reminders for you and your families. >> plus, more on thewa
6:37 am
a navy doctor, so i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lottif patients who are co on me. many of them worry about presidtet trump taking away pions for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. n ben is aational leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. b
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he's my frie. i hopi'm ben cardin a d, too.d i approved this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the ficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why?br went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporat special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks,
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making the next generation pay. and all we got was the bill.n,
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you're watching "news 4 today." reese's is giving kids and adults new way to deal with unwanted holiday candy. it's called the candy converter machine. >> this is genius. >> anybody can trade in the candy they don't want and peanut buttercups pop out of thisg. th >> why didn't i think of this? it's only available in new york but maybebet wil so popular -- >> fingers -crossed. maybe they can move it here. i'm frank holland here at cnbc headquarters. pizza hut is teaming up with toyota on a new delivery vehicle. it's called the tundra pie pro. it is a hydrogen sealedtruck. it cooks pizzas and uses hydraulic arms. it bakes them, slices them and even slides them into a box. the whole process takes aut seven minutes so the truck could actually makea your piwhile it's driving toour house.
6:41 am
i'm frank holland and i remember when 30 minutes or less was a big deal. this is crazy. back to you. get to thaiz in three minutes, it will be $4,000. rescue is where you can go to adopt this littlea fe teddy. chilly, bright, sunny, mild today. ten day forecast coming up. first 4 traffic alert in northwestwashington. beach drive, a portion of it shut down right no shut down right no w.fu before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay.
6:42 am
so when donald trun 's epa attacks our ter laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing.
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that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opiohe epidemic, and pediatrithcare. but we can't make progress whene're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. that matter to virginia and to arica. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies,ee wall strt banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big x breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went wasngton, and all we got was the bill.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> 6:44. we turn to a possiblelot against special counsel robert mueller. a woman was offed money to make sexual assaulteg aions against him. >> kristin, how was this diorovered? >> rr: good morning. this was discovered by reporters
6:45 am
who effectively went to the speciaunsel's office. as you say, robert mueller's investigation into russian interference into the 2016 presidential election is moving forward. now the special counsel is dealing with this bizarre new development as h confronted a team that falsely accused him. mueller's t im saids asked the fbi to investigate women paid to smear mueller's investigation. they've been contact by a woman who was offered tens of shesands of dollars if would accuse mueller of harassment when she allegedly worked at a law firm in 1974. that woman said she refused to do of the reporters, as said, they couldn't corroborate that. nbc news has notontacted the
6:46 am
woman. they have no record of the woman working from them. no comment about the white house nor from the president's legal team. multiple officials say it's highly unlikely there will be any major developments before the mid terms. this is a very bizar twist to this ongoing story. aaron, eun, back to >> more from kristen on the "today" show in a few minutes. thanks. >> reporter: thanks. with the electayn six away, we're learning more about younger voters. new overnight news 4 received a gen forward millennial polls. adults 18 to 34 were asked how likely they were to vote in the mid term elections next week. 31% of millennials say they will definitely vote. % say they'll probably vote. 23% are uncertain about whether or not they'll vote. % said they probably will not vote and 7% w said theyl
6:47 am
definitely not vote. participants were also asked what they think is the most important problem facing this country. the top answer was racism. this re breaking news mornin russia's space agency says it will go back to space as soon as december a fault sensor is being blamed for a botched launch earlier month. everyone aboard the rocket did survive. the next mission to theat intenal space station could happen on december third. >> shock and disbelief this morning before the university of marynd football coach will cease his job following the death ever player mcnewer. news 4' justin finch is live in college park with more reaction from mcnair'ct rean too this decision. justin? >> reporter: hey there, aaron, eun, the mairamily heart broken. they were expecting swifter action as well as accountability in this report and they say they
6:48 am
did not get that. instead, they are now disappointed. they are upset. they are not thalone. emotions here came to h ad yesterday. on tuesday when we heard from the board ofir regents c as well as university board chairman wallace low. they accept the recommendation. they will be following them as well. low also announcingbee wil stepping down next june. it was back in may that 19-year-old jordan mcnair collapsed due to heatstroke in practice. he died a few weeks later in june. the report did find, however, that more could have been done to prevent his death and also treat h at thescene. the report also went on to find no toxic culture in the football program but did find that dangerous culture they say of silence. they also recommend that head coach d.j. dkin and damon evans remains with the program for the mcnair family. those findings, those
6:49 am
recommendations were much to take. >> i miss my son every day and today it didn't help. >> we started the jorn mcnair foundation so basicaln the m goal is to educate, make aware heatstroke injuries, heat-related injuries so thi won't happen to someone else's child. >> reporter: larry hogan and ra shan baker said they are disappointed with the regents board and their decision making in the process. also mcnair's teammate ellis mckinney echoing the same sentiments on tetwit i'm justin finch, news 4. >> thanks. 6: now. now the latest on the deadly synagogue shooting today. at least fiv more victi from the tree of life shooting wil be laid to rest. this one day after the president visited the scene. hundreds of protesters met
6:50 am
president trump as he laid ayowers at the victim's memorials yesterd along with the irpresident, f lady melania trump, his daughter and n-in-law. demonstrate against his policies. >> new details on a heartbreaking accident in indiana. these are the three siblings who were hit and killed while ting to get on the school bus yesterday morning. w the fourth chi hit and is in critical condition. the bus stop lights were working at the time. the driver accused of hitting the chiren has been charged with reckless homicide. the driver is out of jail on bond. there are some -- actually very scary numbers about pedestrians and halloween. >> children are four times more likelyyo be hit a car on halloween than any other day. here a four things t know to have a safe halloween sell will ak .
6:51 am
you would watch for kids in the street and costumes may not be n.ying attent avoid the neighborhood short cuts. there are more likely to be pedestrians on the side streets. slow down. a person is twice as t likely survive being hit by a car going 25 miles per hourhan 35. that extra speed does make a big difference. then drive sober. nearly one in five fatal pedestria pedestrians. this is the halloween costume that a wholepe lot of le are talking and doing a double take. that is beyonce on the rightki on the iconic tony braxton look. do you remember that? dropped the pto on instagram last night. beyonce on the right, toni braxton on the left. even toni braxton reposted that praising her spot on portrayal. >> nailed.
6:52 am
>> very nice. andkake a l at these cutis. a lot of wonderful halloweenes costut there. thank you for tagging nbc washington. keep them coming. want to see all of your duties dressed up, ds, pets. those are angies kids, bob and . wr where's adora? she's so cute. okay. >> time to check for the halloween forecast. all ghusd. overhead. not much of a breeze to worry about. 49 degrees at national airport. little colder in the suburbs. 37 princeilliam county. 37 in loudoun county. 39 in front miroyal. 40s in prince gorges county. mid 40s up towards gaithersburg. your halloween forecast, nice and warm. likely going to be above 70 degrees on halloween. that doesn't happen too often. the last time we had halloween
6:53 am
70 or higher was almost ten years ago in 2000 fine. we hade a n little stretch there, 2004, five, six, nine all above '70 grs. here trick or treat time temperatures nice. sun is down at 6:09. after sunset, be careful. keep your speeds down and avoid the little side i streets at all possible. temperatures staying in the 60s for trick or treater this cold front will bring cooler weather by the weekend. out ahead of it we have not just today above 70, this is tomorrow's forecast increasing clouds. breezy tomorrow with a gusty southwest wind. 75 degrees on your thursday. iish we cou keep it going all the way. it staysyild on fri but there's a 70% chance of rain on friday and rain unfortunately could affect the morning and evening commutes on friday.
6:54 am
showers endsing hopefully by noon on saturday. >> gd morning. first 4 traffic alert, we have a crash involving two overturned vehicles. one person trapped, three other injuries. this is going to be very lot of peopler a here this morning. you can do connecticut avenue. you can hop off on to porter street. that's going to get you around northbound rock creek parkway. southbound beach drive diverte there at national zoo. inner loop and outer loop looking very normal right now. westbound 50 at the beltway. chopper 4 flying over. thank you chopper 4. that r crash looks like has been cleared. still has volume westbound approaching the beltway. crash on theight side at glebe on the right side. crash in the northbound and southbound on 95 in virginia. looking pretty good. noom majoraints on my part.
6:55 am
maryland, travel time 270 southbound germantown to the spur 32 miles per hour. outer loop 95 to 270 going 21 miles per hour. 66 in bound, 95 northbound looking verynormal. listen to wtop 5 f.m. when you hop into your car this early morning. 6:55. here are 4 things to know. one person wasilled in a late night shooting on alabama avenue in southeast d.c. we're told there were dozens of shellnd casings f at the scene. there have been a 42% increase in homicides compared to this time last year. this morning a speed camera is going up at the interseion of old fort road and indian head highway in prince gorges county. people caught on camera can expect at least a $40 ticket in the mail. one of the deadliest in our region. >> special counsel robert mueller is being asked to look into reports that a woman was m
6:56 am
offeredey to make sexual allegation reports against him. a woman contacteveral d.c. reporters. her claims did not appear to be true. the "today" show will have mor on this story. get out the costumes and candy. lloween. be extra careful on the roads. share your pictures how you're celebrating. nbc washington got the sun there. 72 and sunny. 75 and breezy a lite bit more cloud cover tomorrow. rain likely much of the day tfriday. rainreeing. bla early friday. set your clocks back saturday night. change the batteries in your smoke dehactor. >> get extra hour. beach drive near connecticut hour, we have a crash. beach drive there is shut down. this is a large scene and a large response here you're going to wanto avoid that if you possibly can this morning. >> melissa, thank you. join us torrow as we celebrate national men make dinner day. molette gen is going to kick things off with doug kammerer.
6:57 am
we're live every day. you don't want to miss a minute. >> i'm bringing something in tomorrow. >> everyone's getting in on it. >> aaron's bringing chick-fl-a. >> aaron's bringing chick-fl-a. >> tha there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. i voted to protect them. morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid companies. my work as your senator took a billion opioid pills off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message.
6:58 am
kaine: weliberty and justiceto a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all, with economic opportunity and a chance for a good life. i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let our leaders divide us because we're all americans. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children: nation under god, indivisible... ...we have to be willing to live by them. teacher and children: ...and justice for all.
6:59 am
we have some fantastic schools slipped. and we have a lot of schools that are in crisis. our current governor has withheld money that could've been spent on education. maryland needs a governor whose top priority is public schools. ben jealous has a plan to fully fund education, to bring teacher pay up so that we can attract the best and brightest. ben's education plan is supported by teachers like me. if parents want better schools, then ben jealous needs to be the person they vote for. my name is rachel and i'll be voting for ben jealous for governor.
7:00 am
good morning. torn in the usa on the eve of the elections the president makes a stunning claim. he can end birthright citizenship guaranteed in the w constitutih a stroke of his pen. the backlash fast and furious from democrats and republi the president makes his final whirlwind push. 11 stops in six days. strange scheme. the fbi now apparent smear campaig targeting special counsel robert mueller. women allegedly offered money to make false sexual harassment claims against him. who was behind it? prison justice. new details emerging on the killing of


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