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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 31, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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new at midday, president trump out with a new order this morning. more troops to the border to stop cavans he sayre made up of thugs. >> a new speed camera in one o thet dangerous roadways in the area. the fight to get it installed and the problem that many will hope it will prevent. >> and we've got beautiful skies out there today, blue utskies, the sun goes down ten minutes after 6:00. for all those trick or treaters, can can we keep the dry conditions around? we'll talk about it coming up in a few minutes. >> "news4 midday" starts now.
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>> so many of you have plans on thishalloween. we want to get straight to today's weather. take a look there. the sun is out and we are hearing today's forecast is a trea so we have lauryn ricketts to fill us in on what we can expect today. let's do it. >> let's do it absolutely. it's beautiful. you need the sunglasses if you're headed out today throughout the teafternoon. eratures now in the 50s. we're going to continue to take those temperatures to right around 70 degrees. let's get into it. 5:00, as the little kiddos aret emperatures in the upper 60s and the sun going down, 6:09, temperatures at 64 degrees. we're going to stay in the 60s throughout the duration of trick or treating. even looking good into the evening, light wind and clear skie will it be dry today? absolutely. will it be dry toght?
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yes. as we go through the next two days, we have rain coming late tomorrow night and into friday and then we'll tk about the timing of that rain and how low those temperatures are going to get coming up in about 15 minutes. >> meanwhile, we're still following a developing story this hour. one persons dead after dozens of shots were fired in ld.c.t night near 11:30 nearba a avenue and e streets. there are dozens of shell casings on the streets. this is the 107th homicide in the district this year. there were 96 at this te last year. >> shock after coathe news that coach durkin will keep his j after the death of football
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player jordan mcnair. >> reporter: the family is heart broken and they are disappointed, upset and they are also notalone. emotions here began coming to a hen this report was released. we heard from the board of regents chairman jim brady a as we university president wallace lowe. they did say they would accept the recommendations of this report. loweedlso annou he'll be stepping down from his post as president in june o next year. back in may you might recall thatordan mcnair, a football player, 19 years old, a sophomore, collapsed in may due to heat stroke. he would die a fewat weeks
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in june. the report did find that more could have been done t pvent his death and treat him on scene that day. that report so went on to recommd that d.j. durkin, the head coach, as well as the director of athletics, damon s evany on board. the report also found, too, no evidence of a toxic culture on the football team but instead it found a o culture silence that was dangerous. this of course a lot for the mcnair family to take at this time. >> i miss my son every day and today it just didn'thelp. >> we started the jordan mcnair foundation so basically the main goal of thats to educate, make aware of preventio and education about heat-related injuries so this won't happen to someone elss child. >> reporter: also echoing the disappointment, government larry
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hogan, saying he was disappointed by the board of regents in this investigation. also mcnair's teammate, ellis mckenny saying hadwasned by the findings as well. students plan to protest at 3:30 tomorrow. justin finch, news4.> olice believe they have found the car involved in a deadly this was the scene last week after jerome ronson was shot during the morning rush hour. witnesses told pol they saw a shooter firing out of a whiteau . robinson was armed when they died. nowev police be they have found the car and are looking through it for evidence. >> and a crash near connecticut avenue last night. police say one person wasfr puld om the car in critical condthion. three oers had serious injuries. no word on what may have caused
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that crash. there is a new effort to improveafety along a busy road that's seen nearly 50 deadly crashes in the pastca . >> we're talking about indian head highwayn prince george's county. today a new camera will be up and runni near the intersection near old fort road ready to ticket people who speed through there. a hi, nicole.ou >> reporter: tout the morning we have seen a significant decrease in traffic but certainly at the peak of rush hour in the morning and the evening, this a is ana where there is quite a bit of traffic going on. again, can you see how there isn't much at this hour. however, highway officials are sending a very strong message about safety today and they're doing that by way of a red light camera at theer iction of old fort road and maryland route 210. and that camera will flash for ery driver speeding 12 miles per hour or more over the posted
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speed limit. the maryland state highway administration statistics really tell the story here. we learned today over ast 11 years upwards of 60 people have lost their lives along indian head highway andhat's unacceptable to safety officials and those who frequent thi highway. the number here of course is caed by what many peopl say it's something they need to curb and that is speeding. >> an unofficial tally of the speed and alysis of this very roadway, 55 miles an hour last year, the average sed was 78 miles an hour. >> it's wide. it's like a speedway. when they take off from the lights, it's like they'reea getting to go to a race. >> reporter: you're taking a live look at that redight camera here at the intersection of old fort road and maryland route 210. we're told this is a experimental project here.
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the camera will be here for five years but of course theope is that over that time it will certainly accomplish what they hope it will and thatot is to only curb the speeding but hopefully save lives as well. back to you. >> nicole, thank yo right now the boston red sox wod series victory parade is starting. players,oaches and team officials are getting on these amphibious duck boats here. people have lined several major downtown streets. hundreds of thousands of fansd are expec to watch this parade. police save security is tight with no public drinking allowed. this will be the city's 11th championship parade since y'200. >> t a little too calm there. i need them to jump up and down. >> change of heart. the new tweet from kanye west. >> plus theeaction to >> plus theeaction to president trump's trip to
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>> now to a special plot against special counsel robert mueller. nbc reports several d.c. reporters say a woman contacted them. the reporters investigated and found her claims did not appear toe true. they then alerted mulellemuelle
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team. ag touch tribute to the 11 victims killed in last saturday's massacre in pigh pittsb tracie potts has more. >> reporter prumesident trump o the road again with a rally after tellingxios he plans to single handedly end birthright citizenship with an executive order. >> we're the only country in the world where a person comes in, has baby and the baby is essentially a citizen of the
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united states for 85 years with all of those benefits. it's ridiculous. it has to end. >> vice president pen backing him. >> we have to fix the system. >> reporter: but legal scholars doubt the president can reverse the 14th amendment on his own. >> yousl obviouy cannot do that, end birthright citizensh with an executive order. >> reporter: this comes as a controversial visit to pittsburgh, amid demonstrations and members of congresscl ing to join them to pay respects to 11 people killed at this synagogue last weend. >> i am sick and tired of this administration. i'm sick and tired of what's going on. >> reporter: critics blaming the president for hate now spreading across america. and president tmp is traveling across america with stops in eight battleground states between now and election day.
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. president trump continuing to send a strong message to migrants trying to make their way to central america. the president tweeting he is sending more tros to the border and will not let them enter illegally. the president's tweet comes as a second caravan of about a thousandra ms forced its way into southern mexico. the other larger caravan is about 250 miles to the north. these groups are still weeks from reaching the border. >> a new poll spotlights young are voters. take a look at the results here. adults 18 to 34 were asked how likely they are to vote in the november midterm election next week. 31% of millennials say they'll definitely vote. 26% say they'll probably vote. 23% are uncertain about whether or not they'll vote, 12% will
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probably not vote, and 7% will definitely not vote. participants were also asked what they thinks the most important problem or the biggest problem facing the country. the top answer was racism. >> it looks like rapper kanye west may have had a chance of heart when it comes to politics and president trump. yesterday west tweeted, quote, my eyes are now wide open and now realize i've been used to spread messages i don't believe in. he continues, quote, i am distancing myself from politics and completely o focusing being creative, end quote. in other tweets, t rapper denied designing the shirts and hats that say blexit. metro is moving its
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headquarters. the transit agency wants to buy anty office building on 7th street and southwest. metro says the move will save the agency $130 million in the coming years. if all goes as planned, metro could be in the new building in about two years. your next uber ride in d.c.f will be and you don't have to do a thing. technology will do everything. >> reporter: if you use uber, u've already got this new technology on your phone and it could be coming to other ride share companies as well. let me show you how it works. you use uber just like you normally do. good morning. y who are here for? >> mark green. >> reporter: so now if there's an accident or any kind of emgency while you're on your trip, you or the driver can get in touch with 911. every uber custor and driver
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that, shield icon, swipe touch the 911 aall rig 1 alert to 911. the app will tell the operator where we are. >> i can see you're near the ntersenction of mississippi southeast. >> reporter: can cyou canetell what kind of car i'm i and who i am? mark., your name is i have you at 13th street southeast and congress street i can see you're north on 13th street approaching savannah street southeast. >> thi had a screaming, yelling
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customer threatening me in my vehicle. 911 could not hear me because of the ctomer yelling in the background. >> reporter: if something like that happened with the new app, 911 wld automatically dispatch help to the uber location. >> about 80% of 911 calls coming today come from cell phones. >> reporter: uber has already launched the new thnology in denver, san diego, nashville, boston and now d.c. the new security shield is already on your uber app and connected to 911 in the district. >> it means it sav lives. >> reporter: go to and search uber911 for more information about the app. >> it looks like nasinkhole in just swallowed up an entire car after a water mai break. just look at this. that car belongs to toronto's
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transit agency. >> you see that car bobbing around and then the trunk i think -- yeah, you can see the back part of it out of the water. luckily here the driver was able to get out safely and was not hurt by this. but i'm just shocked by this video. >> yeah. >> > a major milestone for the closure lation, the that is being celebrate this critical moment in america... in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obamagree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward."s letand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor
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all right, take a look at this dupont circle tradition, the 17th street high heel race. last night dozens of drag queens showed off elaborate outfits and took off down the street. favorite.liday it's said to have started more than 30 years ago when two men apparently decided to race one another from bar to bar in drag. we posted some great photos from the race, just search "high els" in the nbc washington app. people are expected to pack theee s of georgetown tonight. that means several road closures and parking restrictions here. highlighted.s are many of the closures start late this oon. i think this is probably one
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of the nicest halloweens we've had in some time. i remember tm being frigid. >> i do know this is going to be one of the wmest ones we've had since 1950. >> wow. >> 1950 wwere at 85 degrees. r you get to show off y costumes without a coat. >> i remember doing that when i was little as well. s 2011 we hw on the ground. i don't know if y'all remember that bute we did h snow on the ground. but we were in the 50s by halloween. i'm sure that snow put a little damper on p everybodyade out there. but not today. it is absolutely gorgeous. i it a treat out there today. as we head into your thursday, still very nice, stillwarm. the winds will pick up a little bit tomorrow but not looking too bad. w friday we've got rain. it actually moves in late thursday penight. rain through the day on friday. then saturday winds return. i think we'll have a few showers in the morning and then become breezy and much cooler as we get
11:24 am
into your saturday. temperatures out there right now, you can see everybody in the 50s right now, some areas trying to top out into the low 67 60s. for your midday planner, middle part of the afternoon those temperatures are already in the low 70s and the uer 60s by 5:00. the sun goes down just about 10 minutes after 6:00 tonight. we're going to be in th 60s as we head through the evening. s out,'re taking the k look at that. even if you're out to party, the temperatures will be in the upper 50s. tomorrow wll have breezy and warm conditions. those temperatures are going to be in the mid 70s tomorrow. late tomorrow night we do have rain. i widhi out radar. this is the frontal system rolling through the area. this is going to be coming through our area as we get into your friday,y thurs night into friday. so we're dry out there today. we'll start it.
11:25 am
youan seeven 11:30 tonight, dry. if your travel take you into western maryland, may that's where you go trick or treating, there could be showers out that way, well west. that's where they're going to stay. maybe a few showers aheadf that front. but that front gets close to us. afterte the evening com tomorrow we'll have rain in the forecast for your friday. friday againpemild, ttures around 70, maybe a thunderstorm in the evening. those showersill last at least through the first part of the weekend. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend coming up in just a little bit. thank yo >> best in the world. the dominating performance by the women of usa gymnastics. and coming up, importa advice for staying safe this >> a study came out sayingwe ki re over 40% more likely to die in a traffic fatality on halloween than any oer night. >> that'se wa
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oh, the day has finally come. it's halloween. thanks to all of you out there who have tagged nbc washington in your halloween photos. we want you to keep thosees pict coming in. we all know there are precautions that we need to take keep o children safe when they are headed out to trick or
11:29 am
treat. >> but did you know also that even your teen-agers are at risk? halloween is a pretty dangerous time to be on the roads. nbc bchl we have a look at halloween safe tips for everybody. >> reporter: dr. eric ballnows real dangers are lurking each halloween. what are some of the thingse people shoul worried about? t >> ink the biggest thing for kids on halloween is trfic-related fatalities. >> reporter: there's a 43% increase in halloween deaths. it's why trick orat treg adults should always accompany kids. >> my son likes to wear dark
11:30 am
clothes because he's a 13-year-d boy so we try to have him wear glow we try not to have him wear a mask. >> reporter: if they are goi a to wear mask, what's your advice? >> we advise that they take the mask walking between homes, put it on right before they say "trick or treat" and take it off right after. >> reporter: and they say make sure clothing fitsy prope so kids don't trip and be careful that make-ups don't cause rashes. at the university of central florida, police questioned a studen who wore a terminator costume with real ammo. w >>n that call went out, the hair on the back of our necks all went up and we got there very quickly. >> reporter: it's important for adults to check candy before kids e it and avoid homemade snacks. >> we try to eat a pretty big,
11:31 am
hand so meal befo they're not gorging themselves on candy a they're walking from house to house. >> reporter: and police in georgia warn they're seeing methamphetamine pills that look like candy and warn parents to be careful. this is the first morning no families are living inside d.c. general shelter. our cameras were there as mayor muri bowser chained the doors yesterday. they've been relocated into one of the newer, smaller shelters across the city. >>ie we want fam who are experiencing emergencies to have a safe place to land so c they can take care of employment, health, training and provide a tter life forheir family.
11:32 am
>> perhaps the saddest case to comeheut of the shelter was t ruddof patricia she was living at the shelter with her mother and still hasn't en found. the shelter that was once home to 170 families will be torn eown in the next two months. >> reporter: polay an eight-month investigation led them to confiscating more than 160ounds of fentanyl. >> tod today we're hoping to learn more about the death of gangster
11:33 am
james whitey bulger. >> reporter: whitey bulger lived life on the lamb, evadingng the rm of the law for 16 years, but he only lasted five years in prison. this morning both the fbi and u.s. attorney's office are investigating the 89-year-old's death in this federal prison in st virginia. they are looking into whether bulger was b dten toth by another inmate or inmates. bulger had only arrived at the high-security facility monday night. investigators nt to know how d he end up there and who gave the order to move him? for pat donahue, whose husband, michael, was shot dead b bulger, it doesn't matter. she said it's time to celebrate. >> first thing i thought of was getting bottle of champagne
11:34 am
and popping that cork. >>e it's going to m me a happy man knowing for the rest of eternity he's going to be getting a pitch fork in the [ bleep ] from the devil himself. >> he was the inspiration for more than one hollywood movie. >> i'm not thecops. not asking you. >> reporter: his life started on the streets of south boston, tuing to crime at a young age. when you were a sergeant in ha boston,was his reputation at the time? >> brutal in terms of that he was somebody to be feared, omebody who had his run-ins with thelaw. >> reporter: later bulger would become an fbi informant sending rival mafia members to jail, as his own criminal enterprise grew. the federal government eventually charged him with crimes in 1995. but after getting a tip that his arrest was imminent, bulger went ghderground and then hid in
11:35 am
plain living in santa monica with his girl friend for more than a decade, taking a s, vacati including this one to alcatraz, where he actually served time in the early 1960s until law enforcement finally caught up to him, hauling him off andutting him on trial. now the final chapter in bulger's storied and violent life has beente wr >> and this is the third death at that prison in sevennths. you're going to want to carefully watch things delivered to your home after hearing this next story. a wan w caught red-handed stealing packages off the doorstep in texas. watch as she calm live walks to the front ofe this h near houston and carries the boxes to her car. the thief may have thought she was getting away with it and then this happened. >> hey, what are you doing? what are you doing? put my packages backhe on porch.
11:36 am
>> the would-be victim spotted the thief through her security app. she was so calm. >> the woman stopped and returned the packages that were already in her car. she claims thought she was at someone else's house. >> i'm at the wrong house taking your boxes. >> oh, so that's what happed. >> there was only kitty litter in those boxes, though. wasn't anything from a major department store. >> still. >> switching gearsnow, the women's gymnastic team celebrating yet another victory. >> and of course led by four-time olympic champion simone biles. they took their fourth straight title. simone biles competed wit a kidney stone. yesterday' win guaranteed spot for team t usa inhe 2020 olympic games in tokyo. the world championship continues this week with the all-around title and single-event medals still up for grabs.
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today is halloween. thanksgiving is still three weeks out but a national harbor things are starting to look a bit like christma a charlie brown christmas to be exact. sku scenesrs are recreating from the popular hollywood movie. inside things are kept t a frigid 9 degrees. but expect to see charlie brown and the gang along with two-story ice slides s to open in just a couple of weeks. it will run through the holiday tason. >>se artisans do such a
11:40 am
magnificent job. le>> incred at what they do. so lauryn ricketts is here to talk to us about the halloween forecastow the rest of the week is shaping up. >> we do have rain for the rest of t b week not tonight, though. i'm really excited. and that's all i have. ba to you. >> i'm so excited for halloween. this someone of my favorite holidays. we have blue conditions out there. what are y'all laughing at? >> your favorite holiday? how is celebrating dead things and -- >> i know. >> moving on. >> it's probably the candy. >> i just had a snickers bar. i think i also have a cavity. current temperatures in the 50s, 60s closer to central virginia. as far as your halloween plan ser concerned, that sun going
11:41 am
down ten minutes after 6 p.m. tonight. then temperatures will be falling through the 60s as we head into the lat evening. enjoy it out there. even if you're not trick or ou're headed be out to the haunted forest. keep in mind there could be a few muddy spots out there. wear boots considering we could have rainver the weekend. hopefully you can go outside, bobbing forle a maybe. to the movies, take a walk there if you can. it's going to be great . conditio the walk home might be a little scary, especially if you're going to see halloween or something like that. as far as the rain outlook goosgoos goes,ost of you rain will be thursday,idespread rain on friday and a few showers early on saturday morning. no showers out there rightnow. we are dry. widen outhe storm team 4 radar, this is the frontal system that willth comugh our area and bring rain as we get into your fridaydr tomorrow a little breezy
11:42 am
but it's going to be warm in , the mid 70s tomorrow. closer to that front, western maryland could have a few showers late tonight. that's about as far as going to get. i don't think you're going to get any showers in the shenandoah valley. a lot of this moving in on friday and continue through the day on friday, maybe a few thunderstorms as we saturday morning a few rain showers as well but then it wraps up.we and thiend not looking too bad, some lingering showers on saturday. don't forget to set theck c back. we'll talk about the rest of your ten-day forecast in just a little bit. guys? >> and you get that snickers right in between t teeth. you get that -- [ laughter ] thanks, lauryn. this time of year, you can notice a swing in mood.
11:43 am
why it happens and what you can do. do. >> and we'll show you the denise? oh, hey sandy!
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today is a beautiful day, almost spring-like. fall has definitely arrived and with it fewerours of daylight, and the decrease in daylight ours can impact mood and cause
11:46 am
seasonal affective disorder for some people. to talk t us more about this is dr. joshua weiner. u come in and bring us a lot of formation. this time of year people are starting to deal with s.a.d.? >> seasonal fective disorder. it's a depressive episode that occurs in certain times of a year. some people will experience depression in certain times of year, whether it's the winter, fall or spring. this tends to be the most common time. we think the reason it occurs this time for some people is the decrease in sunlight hours. the closer people live to the equator where there's more daylight,he lower levels of people suffering with this. as you go north or further
11:47 am
south, the numbers increase. in this area roughly 5% of people will experience a true seasonal affective disorder. df course many more will get the winter blues k of feeling. >> how do you sow your sympt are a little bit more serious than most people who get a d littlen because it's darker longer. >> what you're going to be looking for is just the magnitude of the effect. if you're just feeling like i'm a little sluggish, a little ustired, i want to be a couch potato and stay in, that's not depression. for most people with seasonal affect of sorder, they're going to sleep more, have c carbohydrate cravings, crying, thoughts of icide. for most people they know after a period of years, they might notecognize it at first but then they realize seems like
11:48 am
every time this time rolls ou nti start having problems. that's when you o take pro active actions. >> i want to get right into it. the light box is something you can do. >> you wantre to ie exercise, if you don't want to do a light box, trite to get y to exercise, 2,000 to 4,000 units of vitamin d, but a light box is mimicking sunlight. you can purchase one on amazon for about $30 to $40. not too expensexpensive. within a week or two, people will notice benefits. it will also increas the energy. people don't use these
11:49 am
correctly. you get one of these devices that needs to be 10,000 lux, that's the measurement oftensit spectrum and does not have uv light so it's not dangerous for your skin or eyes. in the morning youliit with the t box, which has to be roughly one to two feet from your eyes andtou have at like the 10:00 or 2:00 position, while you're drinkin t coffee, reading the paper, looking at your phone. you're sitting at it like that first thing in the morning for about 20, 30 minu is. do y every day and hopefully you're somebody in that 80% response rate where you start to notice a difference in a week or two. >> and people who don't have seasonal affective c disorder benefit as well. >> exactly, even if you're b
11:50 am
winteres category, can you benefit as well. thanks. as a kid, the worst part of halloween is getting stuck with a bunch of candy you don't like. this year reese's is coming out with a machine to help you. kids and some adults can trade in the candy they don't want for reese's peanutbutter cup. there's a huge market for this. according to a reese's survey, many people have said they have traded candy. unfortunately it's only available in new york. >> i want a snickers machine like that. it's the halloween costume making people do a double take. beyonce takes on the tony braxton ok. she recreated braxton's debut
11:51 am
album cover and dropped the photos last night. in case you need some help, that's beyonce on the right. even toni braxton reposted it with her spot-on portrayal. it's a holiday tradition. >> take a look. >> never mind this. this i my nacho hat! >> craig melvin is eddie murphy's character in "coming to america." this year's theme on the "today" show was loving the 80s. al was doc from "back to the future." >> i couldn't figure it out. >> and dylan was marty mcfly. so cute, right?
11:52 am
>> i think hoda is theeest becahe's totally transformed. >> ♪ ♪ if you have recurring constipation and belly pain, talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess.
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most of us are wearing our jackets, especially on the cooler mornis that we've had but some families simply can't afford it. >> a nprofit called operation warm is giving out free jackets
11:55 am
to kids in need. aimee cho with the gratitude being felt at beacon elementary. >> reporter:th the onlg warmer than these coats are the smiles on these faces. >> it's black a purple. my mom is going to be proud. >> isn't she adorable? do you want to wear it? good. >> reporter: each person helpiic each child out the perfect side. >> i am so grateful. i'm overwhelmed. i don't want tocry. i'm so thankful just to know that a school would do somethine this. >> it feels great to be part of the community and lend a helping hand to the kids here in this neighborhood especially. >> let's go over herean so we get your name on it. >> you'll notice all the coats have brirst co they're all brand new and made specially just for the kids to let them ow people care. >> we're going to write your
11:56 am
name in there. it fee awesome. i love babies, i love helping them, love giving back. i love it! >> reporter: and the kids that just got their coats, they already know exactly how they'll get them. >> when it rains or when it's cold or winter. >> all right, baby, you have a good day. >> aimeecho, news4. >> operation warm has been around for 20 years. they've away almost 3 million coats around the country and we're hear they're headed to henl elementary school next week. it's shaping up t be a really nice night for trick or treaters out there. >> no coat needed. ef>>itely not. maybe later on in the evening a light jacket but just eat a whole bunch of canet and that sugar going.
11:57 am
temperatures in the 70s and dropping down into the 60s in we'll have some rain after the evening commute tomorrow, rain through the day on friday still mild on friday, breezy on showers lingering through at least the first part of the morning, probably out by lunchte on saturday. u can see much cooler temperatures. don't forget to set those clocks back. daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. we gain an hour ofleep but also next week that sun goes down in the 5 p.m. hour. rain early next week. guys? >> thank you, lauryn. thank you so much for joining us. this back on the air afternoon first at 4. >> hav ae waiting for a liver transplant.. will die waiting. don't wait. find out about living-donor liver transplants at upmc today.
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♪ ! get off of me. ugh! as if. ♪ ♪ friday night and everyone's >> happy halloween! >> as if! >> "access" loves the '90s. i'm rolling with my homeys. >> totally paused for halloween. >> as if. >> we are talking "clueless." one of the most beloved films of the 'ots. >> i g to take this real slow. realslow. >> one time. >> i'm dionne! >> shows how


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