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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 31, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, sacked and stunned. >> they just fired d.j. durkin. >> wow. >> oh, tman. university of maryland ousts head ftball coach d.j. durkin. >> the school forced to reverse course, just 24 hours after it
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said durkin was staying >>on. ny coach that allows a player to die under his watch should not keep his job. >> tonight, news is first with reaction from the fathe of jordan mcnair. >> team coverage of the coach's dramatic removal and fallout arts now. news 4 at 11:00 begins wit breaking new >> and good evening. facing a fierce backlash, tonight the university of maryland sidelines it football coach, a day after it said he was returning to the bench. >> durkin's been under fire ever since the death of football mplayer jordancnair. >> mcnair's father, you saw there, learning about durkin's exit during an interview with nbc's tom costello, that was airing live, right here on news 4. >> what is your reaction now to the fact thad. durkin is officially now out of a job? >> ll, i'm gladhat the right thing was done to fire coach
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durkin. coach durkin was a cancer to the university of maryland football program. i command them for having the courageous effort to make the decision under hard ci umstances and letting m durkin go.ymu hy, the whole state, it seems, came out and was really surprised by the decision to keep the coach and, whilehe meantime, dr. low was supposed to be leaving. and now there's been a ground swell of anger and protest over this. >> we're not surprised, because the board of regents' dsision horrible. against common sense, against morality, and would have doomed the university of maryland's football program. the board was in a bubb p. not aple on the board agreed with the decision, but they're in abb . as a political agenda, they had to keep cch durkin and fire
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dr. low. dr.lw low hads been in favor of doing the right thing, and he did it undernd tremesly high pressure circumstances to do the wrong thing to follow what board said. >> mr. mcnair, there is no bringing back jordan, as much as everybody wishes they could. does the ft that coach durkin is out, does that help as you continue to mourn? >> it's a step in the right direction. >> people across our area and throughout the collegiate sports news are reacting to the that d.j. durkin is out. >> our team coverage continues now. what terps players are thinking about the change. >> but first, jackie bensen with reaction on campus. jackie? >> reporter: those we spoke to tonight say they approon of this deci >> it's been - b it'sn interesting. i was planning on going to the protest. >> how quickly things change,
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li, it was literally not even a whole day later that the students were like, no st of us were like, we don't accept this, we don't think this is okay. >> at first, i doesn't knothat the coach was getting fired, so with the coach bedng f now i'm a little more happy about that. >> reporter: reaction at the university of maryland's college park campus, after a24-hour roller coaster ride of emotion following the results of an investigation that began after the heat stroke death in june of terrapin football player jordan mcnair. in a letter outlining his decision to fire d.j. durkin, university president wallace low, who yesterday announced his own retirement, saidh he met w groups including the student government association leadership, the senate executive commit de, deans,artment chairs and campus leadership. the letter went on t say, "a departure is in the best rnterest of the university and this afn, coach durkin was informed that the university will part ways." and we are told that the student
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government planning a press conference for tomorrow afternoon. live in college park, jackie bensen, news 4. >> all right, jackie, thank you. for the maryland footbal players, the last 24 hours have been an emotional roller coaster. ve johnson joins us from the newsroom with a snapshot of how some of thera tns players are reacting to the coach's exit. ,dave? >> we doreen, under the heavy yeuipment of the maryland football p are young men with heavy hearts, used to physical pain, but trying to deal with the pain of losing theirteammate, jordan mcnair. understandably, some players were upset when j.urkin was reinstated. now that he's been fired, more rawemotion. senior linebacker tre watson taking to twitter, writin "pressure busts pipes, doesn't it?" juniorffensive lineman ellis mckennie wrote in allcaps, "it's never the wrong time d to what's right."
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according to reports, many maryland football players cheered when they were told about durkin's departure. amazingly, through it all, the maryland football players have a season to continue with. more on that difficult challenge coming up in sports. >> all right, dave johnson, thank you. we're still waiting to heare frm thoard of regents, and from coach d.j. durkin himselng we'll briou all the new developments on thisn story o air, online and on ur nbc washington app. in other news now, new tonigh a deadly apartment fire in northeast washington. firefighters responded to this multtory senior citizens re fdence here on lincoln drive northeast, jus before 6:00 this evening. one man died in the apartment where that fire started. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause. ed other injuries are repo gunshots ring outso in heast d.c. as children are walking home from school. tonight, we know the man who was shot is dead.ou officers the victim about
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3:00 this afternoon on mississippi avenue southeast near hallie terrace. police roped o an area three blocks from an elementary school.ay detectives s they need witnesses to help identify the gunman. leon harris here at the live desk in the newsroom. a two-state investigation intensifies, following ohe deat two sisters from fairfax county. now, new york cityve detec are turning to the public for help. for the first time today, we received pictures of 22-year-old eytana andol 16-yea tala f farea. ere found in the hudson river last week. both had on coats. the sisters disappeared in late august. in a strange twist, their mother says someone from the saudi embassy called her the day
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before her daughters disappeared. >> and again, we're looking at a two-month gap. and we're looking at a two-month gap, the detectives' work has filled in many of the pieces, but there are still some gaps that we would like to fill in and get a real clear picture of what happened in the last two months. >> the medical examiner's office says it's still not clear how the girls died. though apparent trauma was found on their bodies. detectives are not ruling out the possibility of suicide. rotana falla was en at george mason university, but she left in the spring. >> leon harris. leon, thank you. fter an all-out brawl near a prince george's county high school, parents are demanding the school district do more to stop violence among students. there's even a dedicated youtube page to fights like this. news4'sory smith has the last on newecurity measures, plus whyolice are struggling to hold kids accountable.
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>> reporter: this is the intersection where that roving melee took place. and now the schislict and police are both investigating, but no one has come forwardo identify those responsible. hat's the first problem. the secondproblem, fights like this b areng glorified on social media. >> it's heartbreaking. it's painful to watch. this does not reflect the area that i know. >> reporter: yet that is the image being portrayed to the world on social media. for edward burrows, this video is a breaking point. >> we need our students to feel safe when the come into our school, because if you are not safe, you feel threatened, you rnnot learn. orter: the fight occurred bufcampus, making it a police matter. a quick youtube search shows fights inside the school. ntt good luck finding anyone to identify the stu involved. prince george's police tell us no one has come forwardnd that parents need to talk to their kids about speaking up.
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e parent who wasoo afraid of retaliation against their child to go on camera says kids feary that t be targeted for pointing fingers at their classmates. that same parentet says they nervous every time their child heads to the bus st. for burrows, a crossland alum himself, that has to change, or something tragic could happen. >> we need ourt students tha are being bullied to come forward and know that the school system will prote you. >> reporter: tonight, in a statement to news 4, the district says, quote, since than dent, crossland high school has changed dismissal procedures, additional security assistants were added and we have coordinated with the police department to control the locations offcampus where the incidents seem to occur. but again, jim and doreen, it's really up to students to identify the people who are starting these fights and doing this bullying, and while it's happening offcampus, parents say the school district could be doing more. we're in princ george's county, cory smith, news 4. a loun county public schoolteacher is locked up in a
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jail cell tonight. 28-year-old lindsay mages is accused ofsing physical or mental harm to a child in her care.ig inveors say the nonsexual relationship happened with the student between j t and august s year. mages was a teacher at discovery and hillsidelentarial the time. a judge denied her request for bond. a woman dead tonight after her car flipped on the south side of vw parkway. police tell us the crash happened here this afternoon, just after 2:30, between route d inand powder mill r prince george's county. the woman who died was 58 years old and from florida. u.s. park police say there's no obvious reason for the accident. >> jump on the whale right now and cut it! see a fisherman cuto i the water to try to help a humpback whale. and we've got a sweet story
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for you, as you enjoy trick or treating with your kids tonight. howne company made a special local teen's halloween dream comes true. > about it was a beautiful day today, especially for trick or treating, but check t out.stem this is going to impact us with rain to the endf the work week. week. i'moing to g
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big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. it's what parents love to do on halloween, taking those precious pictuf your kids all dressed up. >> but dressing up isn't always possibleor kids with disabilities. >> news 4's chris lawrence shows
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us how a company called magic wheelchair made the impossible happen for a manassas teenager. an reporter: just ask b mcnulty, who is bidding a jeep for a 15-year-old ad, qu quadripleg quadriplegic. the costume is made of foam and sits on a frame. ovs to center around a wheelchair and with it. >> where i'm sitting right now, that's where kevin would be sitting. >> reporter: you'll meet kevin in a second. but first -- what's the been the hardest part of putting all this togeth? >> fitting. and movement, arms, you know, when w put the extra foam on the arm, he won't hurt himself. >> reporter: it's not just any je, it's the jeep from "jurassic park." >> must go >> reporter: you have looked at all the scenes fromov the mie. >> you wouldn't believe how many screenshots i have. >> reporter:rom those images, he started a sketching tossing any ideas that doesn't work.
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we builthis specifically for caregivers to be able to walk into.ep >>ter: he volunteered for a nonprofit that builds epic lcostumes for kidse kevin. >> it's an amazing thing with magic wheelchair. they'll seal the costume first and won't see the disability. >>kevin. look at that! that's for you! this is fantastic, like -- >> i hope you like it, buddy. >> reporter: kevin is nonverbal, but his mom jessica isos at a l for words. >> it's hard every year to get a costume for him to go enjoy halloween. i don't even have any words for it, it's -- i'm just grateful. so grateful. >> reporter: that's when you realize the magic isn't in the wheelchair, but in this moment. >> good jo buddy. >> reporter: chris lawrence, news 4. >> awesome.
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a lot of kids have been chowing dow on all that halloween candy night. some of them picked up plenty for their sacks here in old town this evenin kids got an escort around the area from the police and also from t-rex. we saw some pint-sized super heroes. kids weren't the only dressed up, either. adults accompanying their kids were in ndcostume, those passing out candy were, too. and from little pumpkins to p p peppa pig, we have a photo galler of cool halloween costumes on our nbc washington . ap >> they are rocking it outhere tonight. a crazy rescue offhe lifornia coast. check it out. an eel fisherman jumped into the ocean here whe he saw a humpback whale tangled in a rope. >> jump on the whale right now and cut it. cut it. cut it right now. it's right there. right there. get it!
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>> the group of fishermen rays thope kept getting tighter ound tha whale, as it struggled to free itself. it took tee attempts. that fisherman was able to cut the rope off the whale's back and it swam free. >> wow. and american airlines employee dozed offn the cargo hold of a plane and was stuck there for the entire flight "usa today" reports the man is a baggage handle nbc news confirms he was intoxicated and wasn't hurt. the cargo hold was heated and pressurized during the flight from kansas city to chicago. nothing was loaded into the cargo hold, so nobody knew he was even in there until that plane landed. >> maybe there w a liquor cart down there. >> oh, my gosh. >> he woke up, he was in for a big surprise. >> he was. >> where am i, chicago? yikes. >> great weather for the trick or tryaters and edy who wanted to be outside on this halloween night. >> it was so fabulous out there today. and we're in for another nice
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day tomorrow. tomorrow going to be even warmer than today. and i said this earlier tonight, we never really get the 70s here in october like we so very want, but tomorroi, it's to be a beautiful autumn day. temperatures in the low to mid 70s for so, nice and mild on your thursday. we're going to have some occasional rain on friday, but plenty of dry time, as well. friday night, i'm seeing the potential for heavy rain, maybe some gusty winds and rumbles of thunder. that aeavy rain potential wit cold front and that puts temperatures for the weekend only in the 50s and s. so, make sure you soak up that mild air tomorrow. now.a look out right it's not that bad. we're generally around 60 degrees. washington. 57 in frederick. and 58 in manassas. we're going to startwi tomorrow temperatures in the 50s. comfortably cool out there. kids might not need a jacket. they're definitelyot going to need it for recess and coming home from school. by lunchtime, we're around 70, a
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high tomorrow of 75. that's about ten degrees above normal. a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day and a bit of a breeze during t afternoon hours. a really nice day. tomorrow evening, we're dry, but there's chance for showers overnight after midnight. but even at 8:00 p.m., we're still around 68 degrees. here's future weather. friday at 6:00 a.m., notice the widely scattered showers, but mainly just tracking cloudys. sk maybe occasional showers on friday. its keeping mainly dry throughout the day. i think we'll definitely be dealing with at lea a shower, but here's your friday evening. notice rain on the map and notice thesright col moving through after 5:00 p.m. there's that potential for some heavy rain and, again, maybe even some strong winds and some rumbles of thunder, as well. my saturday morning 8:00 a.m., that rain is out of here and we start to see the sunshine coming out, so, all in all, the weekend not looking that bad. feeling likeutumn out there. so, saturday and sunday, because we're going to be so much cooler thane were today, tomorrow and
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even on friday, it's still a mild day out there, maybe some showers until about 7:00, 8:00 on saturday, after that, it is looking dry and daylight savings time comes to an end. we get that extra hour of sleep, which we love, and we hate going to bed or thinking about going to bed at 5:00 p.m. when the sunset is happening. i hate thatbout daylight savings time coming to an d.en forecast. for saturday, temperatures in the 50s to mid 60s throughout the day. sunday, wre only in the 50s. so, we are running below normal. next chance of rain after friday is going to be on tuesday and wednesday, next week, not lo looking all that bad. teeratures warm to near 70 on tuesday and wednesday and toon we back down, really not that bad of a forecast. >> sounds okay to me. thanks, amelia. coming up, with d.j. durkin out, what's next for the maryland football team? maryland football team? >> dave johnson has spor
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before he was attorney generbr ian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws,
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frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> just a whiplash for students and players and they've got three days to justl s down before their next game. >> and they still are continuing on with their stooudent lives. this is part ofheir young lives are continuing. and sometimes we lose sight of that. death is certain. university of maryland's response to it, less so. i d.j. durkin out as head football coach, only a day earlier, his job was saved. but durkin's reinstatement in the wake of the death of jordan mcnair following an offseason workout, it drew criticism from students to maryland governor n.rry ho mcnair's former teammates play
11:26 pm
on. in fact, many players reactingv farably to the departure. so, what's next for the terrapins? well,nterim head coach matt canada will resumesis dutie on the sidelines. done a good job so far. 5-3, one away from becoming bowl eligible. and with all the confusion and hurt surrounding this team, there's still a goal for the players and fans to rally around. giving their all for jordan let's make sure that does not get lost in all of this. and making a bowl game, thatjo urney continues saturday in college park against michigan state. you heard the one about the rich gettingghricher, this is not one of those stories about how valuable the redskins are off the field. they're still worth a lot of money, but now as theids say, they're money on the field, especially on defense. specifically in the secondary. already boasting d.j. swearinger, and now ha ha clinton-dix. yeah, clinton-dix, fun to say, t practicing withe redskins for the first time, wearing number 20. he's not a laughle pickup for the burgundy and gold. he's t for second in the nfl
11:27 pm
with three interceptions and leaving no doubt he'll be suiting up sundaynd already imposing defenses adding another strong piece. ha haha cl l ha clinton-dixing everything about being here, including the brass section. >> every time i came here, i felt like i was at home. from the crowd, from the stands, from the fans, even to the band, i lovehe band. you know, they're -- their room is right across the hall from ours every time we play here. i always told them tannk you d, you know, how much id appreciathem. just being part of it now really is exciting to me. yi'm ready to p ball. i'm so excited to be here. you guys don't even understand. you'll see. >> if you play trombone, you're helping out. when he arrived in july to join d.c. united, wayne rooney said, let's get to work. he's a finalist for mlsmvp and now their work continues in the playoffs against columbus at home, where united has only lo
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twice, and jim handly likes getting the free food. all right. >> he said, what a great face. with that, the great eight approving of his jack-ovechkin. very excited about his carved pumpkin. an artist,hoarved a beautiful pumpkin for doreen the other day, her latest work of heart one that all hack cockey will love. maybe she can car a new jim -- >> doreen had all her eth. >> jim would like a new one. >> susie, please. t susie.ets around, t >> she does, she does. by the way, i dressed as middle aged sportscaster.
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i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america.
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i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mike d and adrock from the beastie boys,


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