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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 1, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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everything that's wrong in washington. breaking news tonight, a major push five days until the oprah on the campaign trail a call to action from the queen of talk. >> you get a vote. and you get a vote. o ah going door to door trying to help elect the nation's first african american woman governor, addressing her own presidential ambitions swipes at the man in the oval office. a stark contrast to president trump's tear factor. his thhat has video that critics are calling flat o cist. a horrific crash at a school bus stop. children again for the fourth time in
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three days. what is going on? a massive walkout across the country.go ogle employees revolt over the treatment ofomen. the fate of e-cigarett e-cigarettes. the fda days away from taking some off the market and an amazing rescue. a hump back whale is struggling to survive and a fisherman taking a leap of faith to free it. the star captivating new york city and peoplaround the world, a big mystery tonight, how the heck did it get here? >> aouncer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. five days until the republicans and democrats are playing their strongest hands tonight. president trump playing the fear card over illegal immigration with a powerful and racially divisive new video.
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while in georgia, voters answered knocks at the door only to come face-to-face with oprah winfrey. the talk queen coming off the political sidelines today to rally support for georgia's democratic candidate for governor who could make history next tuesday night. we've got it all covered starting wkrh ten welker in atlanta. >> you get a vote. and you get a vote. and you get a vote. >> reporte tonight the o factor, oprah winfrey electrifying voters in georgia for stacy abrarms knocking on doors, hosting a ms knockon oors, hosting a pair of down halls today supporting abrams that could be the first african american woman governor. >> nobody paid for me to come here. i paid for myself and i apove this message. >> reporter: quickly dismissing the question, is her visit a sign she's thinking about running for president? >> i'm not here because i'm making some grand stand because i'm thinking
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abourunning myself. i don't want to run. >> reporter: instead, oprah putting the focus on abrams. >> i said stacy, this is oprah. she said girl, let me pull over to the side of t road. >> reporter: and on turning out the vote, reminding the audience of a painful past. >> for anybody here to who has an anc who didn't have the right to vote and you are choosing not to vote wherever you are in this ste, in this country, you are dishonoring your family. >> reporter: do you see her as someone that helps you energize women voters, voters of color. reporter: her visit comes as abrams is in a tight race with brian kemp. they are accusing him to perch thousands of minorities from the voting roles. kemp has denied any voter suppression. today the vice president stumping for him. >> i'd like to remind stacy and oprah and will ferrell, i'm kind
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of a big deal, too. >> reporprah usually stays on the political sidelines, endorsing barack obama in 2007 and hillary clton in 2016. still, oprah didn't miss a chance to take a not so subtle swipe at the trump era politics of division. >> and i know it's easy for a lot of people to feel that you have no power against those injustices, but this is what i'm here to tell you, this land was made for you and me. [ cheers ] >> this land was made . for you and me that's not just a song, that's the truth. >> reporter: hoping that message will help make history. kristen welker, nbc news, decatur, georgia. >>this is peter alexander in colombia, missouri. president trump tonight upping the ante trying to drive home immigration. the president announcing his plan to sign an executive order next week automatically denying asylum to migrants who try to enter the u.s.
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illegally beeen rts of entry. >> under this plan, the illegal aliens will no longer get a free pass into the tr coby lodging meritless claims in seeking asylum. >> reporter: that would violate u.s. and international law that allows anyone to claim asylum no matter how they got in, and the president delivering this jarring warning. >> anybody throwing stones, rocks,e'll consider that a firearm. >> reporter: it comes as the president is facing sharp condemnation for fear mongering and racism but promoting this web video trying to terrify republicans to vote. the video produced for the trump campaign features a twice deported mexican immigrant sentenced toh dest spring for killing two california deputies. >> i killed two and i'll kill more. >> reporter: it's divisive evidence blaming d without evidence and trying to tar immigrants as invaders. drawing comparisons to on act.lly ho republican jeff flake calling the ad sickening eeting republicans everywhere should denounce it. president trump in a
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new interview with the christian broadcasting network defending himself against . ccusations he's a raci >> the word racist is used to ev republican winning. any time a republican is leading, they take out the r-word, the racist word and i'm not anti-immigrant at all. i'm all for people coming into the country legally. >> reporter: tonight, president trump is bracing for a democratic surge that could cost republicans the house, largely focussing his ngattention on kee the senate. over the next five days hosting ten rallies in eight states. lester? >> peter alexander tonight, thank you. what a horrible week at school bus stops in this country. a series of tragedies involving children on their way to schooer were two more accidents today bringing to four the number of crashes that left five children dead just this week. here is nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> lord have mercy. >> reporter: terror at a school bus stop in mp tathis morning.
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>> there was so many on the ground. >> reporter: witnesses say a speeding car slammed into five children and two adults leaving one condition.ritical the driver now in custody. one of four accidents at school bus stops in the past three days. in central pennsylvania this morning, a 7-year-old killed in a hit and run. the driver never even stopping to help. while in mississpi this man is w charged th aggravated assault after a 9-year-old was struck and killed. and in indiana, a community is mourning three siblings killed this week crossing the road on their way to rihe bus. that dr also facing charges. nome 25 million studenionwide ride a school bus but experts say getting on and off can be the most dangerous time. cially this time of year right before daylight saving time ends. it's often dark as children wait in the morning. so reflective clothing or backpacks can help dr and teach ch to line up away from the street, stay alert and never assume a driver will stop.
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a deadly lesson learned the hard way for so many this week. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> let's hope this is a wakeup call to drivers everywhere. tonight a massive walkout across the country and ound the world to one of america's most prominencompanies, google revolting over the treatment of women. including the handling of workplace sexual harassment. we get more from nbc's jo ling kent. orter: thousands of google employees told their bosses today time is up. >> we demand structural change in the name of transparency, accountability and uity. >> we're walking out to support women and to protest the way that this company handled sexual harassment cas. >> reporter:he protest following a gnew york times" repogle gave andy ruben a 90 million dollar package to leave after a sexual misconduct allegation. ruben denies the
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allegation and calls the report a wild exaggeration why did you walk out? >> i walked out because i think it's not acceptable for a lot of upper management to let this kind of thing >>. reporter: google ceo says 48 emoyees have been fired for sexual harassment in the last two years, 13 of them senior managers. >> moments like this show that we didn' always get it right, so we are ted to doing better. >> reporter: today google employees making it clear, respect and safetynore t things they should have to search for. jo lg kent, nbc news. divers found one of the two black boxes from the lion air crash that killed 189 people. investigators hope the data recorder can reveal why the plane went down shortly after take off. a report claims the pilot of the plane's previous flight had radioed ut technical problems within minutes but was able to complete that trip. tonight, the fda is calling the rising use of e-cigarettes by teenagers a quote public health tragedy. the agency must decide to increase regulations on the products that have attracted smokers trying to quit as well as millions of kids
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who never smoked before. nbc news senior investigative mcfadden has more on the surge in teens and the critical decision to come. >> reporter: olivia gordon is part of what the fda cas an epidemic. 3 million high school students this ar using e-cigarettes. up more than 75% from last year. >> she would hide them in their jacket asleeves and pull them up in and things like that. >> reporter: the fda so concerned about kids usi, they are considering taking some e-cigarettes off the market, perhaps banning the flavors kids prefer. e pod of the most popular brand juul contains the same amount of nicotine as a whole pack of cigarettes and a recent study suggestions there could beroubling long-term effects from vaping. >> the five ma chemicals we found are either shown to be cancer causing or erthought to be ca causing, either in
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humans or animals. >> reporter: dr. mark ruben stein at the university of california san francisco was the chemical levels in kids who said they use e-cigarettes. >> even the fact these were lower levels is still concning. we don't know these kids will continue to use for many years, sh buld they, we expect to see some of these same negative outcomes we see with cigarettes. >> repter: juul labs is valued at $16 f illion. chieministrative officer ashley goul concedes they only have three years of data on their product. is it irresponsible to put a product out there for adults or anybody to purchase if long-term effects. >> the context is incredibly important this product was put duout there for an that uses a product that kills half of them.
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>> reporter: there is the problem, the isroduct good for adult smokert good for kids. you don't want anybody to think the kids juuling are equal to the adults. >> we need to protect kids from acss and use from products like juul and supported 38 million adult smokers in our country, half of whom will die from smoking. >> reporter: juul labs saushed back on the studng you can't draw conclusions about any one e cigarette brand from it because the kids in the study re elf-reporting the products they were using. the fda will weigh in soon. >> thank you. the first cannabis-bed dication was just approved by the fda available by prescription in all 50 states. it treats sere forms of epilepsy and based
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on a chemical component found in marijuana that does not get uss high. we turn to a story hitting home for so many families, perhaps yours. noveer is alzheimer's awareness and millions of family members who care for loved ones with alzheimer's are recognized for a job that can take a serious toll on their health. nbc news maria has more. >> reporr: for 14-year-old hailey and her mom robin balancing work, school and care giving has become a daily labor of love. their 82-year-old father and grandfather jim has alzheimer's. >> love you, grandpa. >> reporter: a former naval officer who lost his leg, jim was diagnosed with alzheimer's last year so robin had to move him and her mom into e tiny apartment she shares with her boyfriend and her daughter. >> not that shirt, dad. >> reporter: every morning and evening they dress jim, make his meals, give him
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meds and keep him safe as he slips into the cognitive fog of alzheimer's. >> i worry aboutalt day when i'm at work. it's draining. it's emotionally ortressful. >> rr: experts say it's a national crisis. of the 16 million family caregivers, nearly 60% suffer from ffigh emotional stress. 40% suer from depression. and it's not just adults, 250,000 kids under 18 also care for loved ones wh zheimer's. do you feel like i don't know how to do this? this is too much pressure? this is too much responsibility? i'm going to make mistake, what's going to happen? >> sometimes it is waike that. i don' to always ask my mom for help because that's putting so much on her plate. >> as her mom, i don't nt her to worry about stuff like that. i want her to worry about being a kid and i don't want her to think that it's tting too much more on my plate. >> you had it backwards. >> reporter: the
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stress is taking a toll. ftcare giving has robin living paychk to paycheck. po she's lost 50 unds and can't remember the last time she went to the doctor. you can understand how caregivers get sicker t th people they care for? >> definitely. >> reporter: but she says the struggle is worth it.y evment with grandpa, a gift before alzheimer's steals him away. >> maria, great to have you here and great to see. l his is such an emotiosue that affects so many people. is there any government help for folks? >> lester, earlier this year the government passed an act to develop a strategy to support caregirs. they have 15 months to implement that but polls show voters overwhelmingly think the government isn't doing enough for caregiver, isn't doi enough for older people and want political leaders to step up and say they would reward them withr thvote if they made this a priority. >> thankou for doing the story. ahead tonight, the amazinvideo. a fisherman jumps into the ocean and climbs on a whale in a rescue mission.
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backow with newly released in edible video from off the california coast showing a hump back whale in disstress tangled antress tang struggling to survive and a daring rescue. here is nbc's miguel almaguer. >> get it. right no get it. >> reporter: this is the wild ride even wouldn't have man believed. ha >> jump on tle . now and cut >> reporter: that is f am leaping on the back oa 30 ton hump back whale. >>ut it! cut it right now! it's right there!
7:19 pm
atop out 40-foot beast with a small knife fr struggling t it from a fishing line attached to a buoy off california's central coast. >> you cell he was stressed and being held to the bottom>> reporter: nickelous was recording the whale'tail as it started the plunge. >> get it before she dies. >> reporter: the while calling out, thrashing alongside the small boat. >> oh! >> we were like screaming at the whale, like this is it, buddy. >> reporter: the catch of a lifetime paying off. >> did you get it? yeah! >> reporter: two fishermen celebrating y.the one that got a miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> there is brave and then there is brave. coming up, the rare sight that has everyone talking and halloween costume got the seal of approval from a former first lady. which can be brought on by many things, like medication and medical conditions. biotène provides immediate, long lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms. it is clinically proven to soothe and moisturize a dry mouth. plus, it freshens breath.
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may provide symptom relief. ask your doctor about xeljanz xr. an "unjection™". ask your doctor saying barbara comstock'sorses je"promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again. what started out with a few random sightings in new york city, hardened new yorkers are flocking to see it. the question is what's it doing here? here is harry smith. >> reporter: it is the talk of the town. cool.his is s
7:23 pm
look at how beautiful. >> reporter: a singular sensation. >> never in my life did i think i would ever see one of these in central pk. >> reporter: dare we say a bird deserving of top billing. ok>> it doesn't lo real. it looks like somebody ucpainted a rubberk. >> reporter: the new manhattan must see. a inuiet corner of central park is a mandarin duck, a bird usually found in asia. >> right down there in that nook, and he is a sight to see. how it got here is a mystery. local zoos have said not ours. is he lost? he stolen? might this be an example of foul play? new yorkers are just happy he's here. has the duck lived up to expectations? >> absolutely. the colors on it, details, it looks made. up >> reporter: why he came and if he'll stay are questions this bird has thus far been able to duck. harry smith, nbc news, new york. >> well do, harry. i got to go see that. one halloween costume this year got a thumbs up from a
7:24 pm
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an exciting neap r for the single mom of five we told hi you about on programmerlier this year after graduating neaw school, she got grea this week. now she's ready for her first case and inspiring america. when this photo went viral back in april, she already had a lot to celebrate. >> it's always been my eam as a young child to become an attorney. >> reporter: graduating from law
7:28 pm
school, her five kids by her side. champs is a single mom, a high school dropout. t when she was pregnan with her fourth child, she lost her job, her f house, and ther of two of her children to cancer. that's when her pastor encouraged her to go back and get hde ee. she did that and much more. enrolling in law school. her kids banding together to help her through. >> the hardest was the crying. i hate seeing my ther cry. sometimes i wanted to cry but i had stay tough. >> reporter: her son wrote her is letter. >> there is nobody i'd rather have by my side than you. you're my peanut and butter and jelly to my bread, my syrup to my pancakes, i love you. >> reporter: this week, she found out she passed the bar. >> all the hours, all the days, all the t tears, all te i've had to sacrifice, all the time my children had to sacrifice, it was so worth it. >> reporew a lawyer and a role model. i love that. my syrup to my pancake. whatn achievement for her entire family and she wants to use
7:29 pm
her degree to help others by practicing family law. that's "nightly news"
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[ screaming ] it was very scary indeed, mixed in with a lot of fun and silly. not to mention the adorable. but you'll never guess the identity of these twins.


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