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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 3, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> the storms tned deadly in maryland. tornadoes hitting parts of maryland have left at least one person dead overnight. >> this morning we're learning more about the man who walked into a florida yoga studio and opened fire. >> months of controversy b tled his week. now the university of marylan football team is getting ready to play for t first time since their head coach was fired. >> a lot to get to on this saturday morning as weyo welcom in. the third of november, 2018. >>od morning. good morning. kicking off a new month. >> that's right. tharting offt 5:30 on this tuh. . rdsa >>ay yes. and a fatality to report. we'll have more on that coming
5:31 am rst, lauryn ricket joining us this morning. i know it's been very busy in the weather center, and weave lingering rain today. >> we do. earlier this rning, we hav lingering rain showers out there. this is kind of what's left frol yesterday andt night. you heard the winds pick up overnight. seeing out we're there right now. again, it is a little -- it's not dicey side last night as we had some pretty strong t rain showert moved through the area. as angie was saying we had severe weather as well. you can see not looking too bad out there. that sun comes up a little over -- under two hours from n, not too bad. we'll have some clouds this morning. some more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. but yes, certainly right. we had the rain showers that went through the overnight. some aretty heavy rain well. again, we are seeing a few showers out there right now. look at the linef heavy rain.
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could have had a tornado. we had a warning down in st. mary's county. we were looking for a possible or the nato touchdown toward baltimore. just showers right now. we'll talk about the rest of your weekend. improving conditions for this weekend we'll talk about coming up. >> thank you, lauryn. hi developingmorning, a night of wild weather left one person dead and anothersi m at an amazon warehouse in baltimore. wvalt reporting a wall collapsed. you're looking -- looking at the outside of the building. e how badly damaged it was here. it left the truck damaged and knocked over a light pole. the chief roman cla says crews found a person under the debris but they died at the hospital. >> let'sh stick we we've
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se severe weather. a t.j. max had a roof ripped off. >> shomari stone takes us closer to the damage. >> right now we're at ridge roai and arch road at the twin arch shopping centerer a firefighters along with the sheriff's office are here assessing the damage at the strip mall heby hind me. that is their command post. they set up shop as they determine if this building you se with the seem goods is stable enough. they determined it's not at this point. that tornado swept through this area coming up from southern maryland according to the sheriff we talked to, a he says it ripped off part of the roof of that home goods and that t.j. max. let's show you part of the ceiling from that store coming down. there were customers inede. th of them have minor
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injuries. police say the tornado here isl ed to have come here. they don't know exactly but the chief meteorologist ss it was a tornado that came here to mt. airy. structural engineers are s goin rch this building to make sure everything is okay. there are some neighborhoods that emergency crews could not get to due to the hundreds of downed trees. now, nearby there was a mobile home park, and there are three mobile homes that are damaged due to trees falling on them. the good news is there aren't any reports of any major injuries, but as for this town, well, as the daylight comes up, that's when they'll assess and see what exactly was damaged due to this bad weather out here. in mt. airy, shomari sne. the terps will play their
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first game since the firing of d.j. durkin. it sta this past tuesday when the board of regents chair defended coachurkin and did a surprise move the university president, dr. wallace loh announced that he would tire in june. a day later, loh said the school was parting ways with durkin and buying out his contract. on thursday the board chair said he was aotepping down. a former board member now senator says mistakes were made but believes loh shouldtay because it would be difficult to find a replacement right now. >> definitely want him to stay. i think he's done a good job. we can see it in college park. i also want him to stay it will be hard for the regents to recruit rsuccessor so close from the problem. >> now theep school'sation is on the line. a house committee will review the process and what played out this week.
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on the 14th and 15th the middle state's commission will review the school's accreditation. w5:35. developments out of montgomery county and a possible high school hazing case. two more damascus high school students were charged with second degree or attempted rape. th makes the total of charg charges -- members of the junior varsity team are involved. all of them under the age of 18. the four victims are all boys. we stopped by the varsity football and spoke with parents about the disturbing charges. >> ais need this point, 14, 15 years old they know right from wrong. they need to be addressed appropriately, not as juveniles. >> thevteam's last game of the season was thursday, but that was cancelled. the school district will not comment on discipline for the
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students of the suspects. >> a similar case in leesburg led to students getting arrested last month. three high school students all unde 18 were charged with crimes ranging from sexual batty to sault. it's alleged the teenagers assaulted a player in the locker room after school hours. because everyone involve second down a minor like the case in maryland, police cannot release a lot of the s.deta an update to a shooting at a yoga studio in florida. we now know the name of the gunman and two victims who died. tallahassee police say the man opened fire during a session last night around 5:40. they say the shooter was later foun dead with an apparent se -inflicted gunshot wound. two victims died. at least half a dozen others were hurt. ight now police are still investigating and there's no word on a motive at this time. tod mar a week since a gunman killed 11 people inside
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pittsburgh synagogue. last night a showing of solirity. folks from different walks of life getting together into the washington he brew congregation in northwest. theyea gathered to s joy. communities across the u.s. are using the hash tagabhow up for shabbats. it is a show of support for jewish neighbors after the nassacre. the on's highest court will weigh in on the peace cross. the u.s. supreme court agreed to hear a case that will help define government enforced religion. it was built to honor wor war one heroes. the supreme court refused to interview with something affecting nearly everyone in the u.s. the court will, rather, not stop a lawsuit over the trump administration's plan to put a
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citizenship question on the 2020 census form. critics say the question would make immigrants reluctant to respond. this is a setback for the white house. attorneys general of maryland, washington d.c. are celebrating a wi yesterday a federal judge denied a request to delay their lawsuit against the president over trump hotel. the case claims the president received improper financialts benefihen foreign leaders stay at his hotel on pennsylvania avenue block from the white house. yesterday's ruling could allow attorneys to gather evidence about trump inotrnational through the discovery process. 5:39. it is election day. and for plenty of folks on tuesday, that will hopefully mean an end to the midterm his te er the ya. we'll show you how people are flip
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day, it's campaign crunch time for the candidates. that means you can t expect see more negative political ads. >> ine see more false, negative ad -- >> nationwide attack ads are up 61% since the 2010 midterms. no doubt you've seenth . there are more negative ads expected over the next few days as theandidates try to discredit their opponents. we spoke with nbc news seniorpo tical contributor mark murray about the strategy behind e advertising blitz. >> they want to ding your opponent. when one sides doing the negative ads, it obligates the other side to do it. >> we also spoke with voters in northernirginia where the air waves are full of the negative ads.
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they say the ads distract from real. issu >> well,ou it could spread t the streets of northern virginia. you might get a knock at thero door someone asking you to vote, but not for a particular candidate or political party. we find out about one group unique get out the vote effort. >> reporter: it was a nonpartisan respite. political opponents coming together from all faiths to mourn those lost in the pittsburgh shooting. this weekend another interfaith effort focussed on voters ganized by voice, people of ifferent faiths will be paire going door to door doing nonpartisan canvassing? . >> purple shirts,nd people of different faiths walking next to each other. that's the beginningf a joke
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almost. >> one of the rabbi's possible partners a muslim fro a mosque. >> when people from different faith tradition walether for a common cause, i think it sends asignal. >> how can you really do nonpartisan get out the vote work? >> it's about the peop. it's not about the parties. >> reporter: and in the wake of the temple i shootings pittsburgh, people in the faith community are hurting. >> people when they get a chance to vote and do itn with inner faith coalition, it restores pe >> reporter: they'll be focussed on the 10th congressional district inclung one where 23% of voters turned up at the last election. >> show out the turnout here the high. or>> while they don't pushny candidate, they do discuss issues, and they hope their message delivers a win for
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democracy.'m in sterling,ulie kerry, news 4. a reminder our team of reporters and experts will beou working forll day on election day. tune in at 7:30 tuesday night for early results on our nbc 4 election special. we'll bring you updates all night on air, online, on our app, and i'm here early in the middle of the night wednesday. itill continue into the night. >> we'll be out there for you. let's give you a live look outside on this saturday. aild sta to your weekend. lauryn rickets tracking some lingering showers after what was lingering showers after what was a rather rough night of weather.
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this is a fight.
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not to the finish. lingering showers after what was a rather rough night of weather. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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you've heard the saying what's old is new again. for one of the stars on the catal city go go basketball team, it could not ring truer. >> as it's tported,nks so a rectangle court, his life is coming full circle. >> he's playing basketball across the globe. d.c. has always been home to devin sweetny. and now his world tour has led him back home. >> that s actually my bedroom window. the top of this hill is like alabama avenue. that's the same avenuese where arena is. >> reporter: that arena in congress heits is whe you can see the capital city go go
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play in their inaugural season. a g-league team where players have a shot to getting called ub to the devin's new home is smack in the middle of his old on >> it' so funny. i talked to mr. hill just now. he used to at 6:00 a.m. in the morning i'de dribbling the ball. i used to give him fits. he's happy it all paid off. >> thatp sign and that stop sign, that was it. >> funny for g a who's playing career has spanned thousands of miles across 12 countries. >> if i didn't play basketball, of these e had some people on this street really looking after my best interests, i don't know where i'd be. >> it change >>yes. >> come back, we talk to you, and say hey, what's going on? >> i appreciate that, man. i appreciate that, man.
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>> reporter: from d.c. to latvia and china and beyond. whennc the chae to play in his home team came up, devin couldn't pass up. >> i don't think people know how big this capital cy go go means to people. hard working people. when you ask me what it meant for me tbe here, that's what it meant. >> news 4sports. >> uh-huh. and the go go begin theirgu inl season tomorrow. they're going to play at the in rtainment sports are congress heights. this is a good year for sports. the redskins are doing great. coming off the caps -- >> d.c. uned. >>erything. and the wizards. they're not doing too bad, i don't think. right? okay. >> you kw what - >> we know the mystic did well. we'll stick with that. >> lauryn rickets, we just know with this, the skins your
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excitent. >> yeah. >> we're taking atlanta. they're tough. >> and listen, we were just talking about this. and if you're headed to the game, it's going to be beautiful tomorrow. going to be gorgeous for that game tomorrow. i think we take on the packers tomorrow. google it. i actuall said the packers, but we also -- falcons. thank you. >> do you ever listen to me? i said the falcons. >> we don't listen to you. >> i thought the packers but i was like no, the falcons. >> i'm going home. i' done with bot of you. >> all right. you said it's going to be nice tomorrow. how about today? >> i know it's going to be nice tomorrow, eithe that's it. that's what i'm concentrating on. yes, it is going to be nice tomorrow. absolutely wonderful conditions out there right now. although w are dodging a few rain showers. if you're headed out this morning, grab thela umbr you're not going to need it the whole day. you'll nee f it this morning. dodging the rain showers this morning. old onto your hats type of
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weather. it's going to be breezy throughout the day today. we do have improving conditions on sunday as i was talking about. looking a lot better as we get through theecond half. ok at the storms that rolled by yeferday. a lot this ended during the overnight. it will loop through. yo can see the heaviest rain after 6:00 p.m. just until about 11:00 with severe weather toware baltimnd to our friends in s st. mary's county. light stuff. we have rain out there right now. a lot of this is stopping at the mountain ranges. but look at that. already getting snow in the higher elevations of west virginia. as far as your morning is concerned, the sun comes up around 7:30. temperatures in the p d 50s. will drough the 7 a.m. hour and start to come back up. thoi winds are to be a main story. northwest winds gusting up to about 30 miles perour at times. it's not that bad out there this morning. the temperatures are in e 40s
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and 50s right now. we'll head to around 60 with rain showers, afternoon caring an breezy conditions. er we see that rain getting out of today by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. i'm going to keep ang linge shower until about noon. other than that, we'll have sunshineooater this afte and keep sunshine going into sunday. temperatures for tomorrow, upper 50s. going to be beautiful for tomorrow. again, we do have clear skies toorrow, but clouds sta roll in tomorrow night. and then take a look. by monday morning commute, more rain. unfortunately, we'll continue to have rain through the day on monday. could have heavy at time. we'll keep rain chances through tuesday as well. it's a chance of rain on tuesday. one thing want to mention about your sunday, set the clocks back. 2:00 a.m. daylight saving time ends for u for most of us around here. angie is excited about it. i think- do we get an extra hour of sleep? >> oh, yes. now i'm eited about it. >> we have a chance of rain on
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thursday. more chances o rain into
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ac baldwin is denying allegations he fought a man in new york over a parking sphe. was aarrested after he allegedly punched a man in the face. he says that's the way it happened. he posted on f hndation's twitter account tweeting he normally wouldn't comment on a
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story calling it, quote, click bait. but that he wanted to go on the record saying that is not true. baldwin is expected to go to court for misdemeanor assault charges. his show on abc will go on as scheduled. lauryn told us about getting an extra hour of sleep. in her case, it's an extra hour at brunch. don't forget, you'll want to turn your clocks back. experts at rutgers sayar con to popular belief, the end of daylight savings time does not give us an extra hour of sleep but just changur sleep cycle. don't be surprise first down you feel tired for about a week. ly>> ment though, i think i'm >> just trick yourself. >> fak it. >> yeah. >> approaching the 6:00 a.m. hour. we're looki at 55 degrees this morning. we had a lot of severe weatherd yest but things are looking better as we go into the weekend. weekend. stay with us.ho meet aimer.
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self proclaimed mother of the chemical weapon corp wheas just insecticiderve gas developed for people. someone who's made a career cashing in on her government contacts- was sued for using her position as a board member to defraud shareholders. and is now pursuing trumps agenda of defunding planned parenthd and denying medical coverage to people with pre existing conditions. the more you know aimee hoeber, the less you want to. m david trone, i approve this message.
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