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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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congrats on ranking highest by jd power for internet service satisfaction this year. oh, thank you! and on being ranked #1 in customer satisfaction compared to cable. well, the 100% fiber-optic network deserves the credit. and he's humble! i should probably go get started. you need me to watch the van? no, i'm good! 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. switch now and get fios gigabit connection with tv and phone with a two-year agreement. and now, get a year of amazon prime and amazon echo on us. tornadoes hitting maryland. at least one person is dead a officials get up to see the first look of damage in the daylight this morning. he sai he was trying to get police to kill him. now a man responsible forn officer's death is set to spent
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decades prison. >> an effort to fix the roads is not targeting the busy streets. we'll explain. good saturday morning. welcome to news 4 today. >> i'm angie goff. wo a lot of us got hit hard yesterday with the weather. leaves all over the place. just a gd reminder that if you're headed out to hit the road later, drive slowly. it's slick. >> it was a mess. lauryn rickets tracking lingering showers on ttus ay morning. lauryn joins us from the storm team. >> absolutelyli ering showers from one last little piece of upper level energyhe passing through region right now. nothing like what we were dealing with last night and even into tho overnight s. you can see there's the heavy rain that moved through overnight. we had severe weather toward baltimore. flooding issues, pretty strong wind. even possible tornadoes out there, especially north in
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through the baltimore areae' right now looking at a few showers out there. mainly what we're seeing in the region is light. real l notking too bad. a lot of that once this moves through, we're just looki at more sunshine by this afternoon. you can see even by abo 9:00 that rain is coming to an end. the temperatures are going to be in the low 50s. sunny skies will behe case today. especially as we head into the afternoon. also the case today some pretty breezy conditions. sun goes down at about 5:04 today. it is going to be a littleth on dark side later on. of course, the clocks set back as well. we'll talk about that coming up. we'll talk about rain chances and time it out. it's coming up in 15 minutes. >> all right. lauryn, we'll check in with you then. developing this morning as we stick with some of the severe weather, an amazon warehousen baltimore collapsing, killing one person. another person is still missing this morning. our nbc station i baltimore reporting that a 50-footll wall
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sed at the amazon fulfillment center as the storm swept through thearea. you're looking outside the building. you can see a badly damaged truck and a knocked over light po. the chiefoman clark says crews found a person under the debris. that persond at the hospital. crews are still searching for the second person. and t wild weather created problems in carol county. >> that's ght. the roof of a store collapsing while shoppers were inside. we can show you the damage. ceiling tiles have fallen ine parts of store. there's water on the floor. police say the store is shut down this morning. >> the folks fm here have come through. shut off gas, power. right now it's been condemned. law enforcement will be hereut throughe night making sure not only this building but the entire shopping center stays secure. >> we're told three people had minor injuries but told crews on the scene they didn't need any
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tree treatmen michael forbe did not fire the shot that killed a police officer but now he's a convicted killer. the jury found him guilty even though another police officer fired the shot that killed an officer. ford was foundesnsible for the death. he opened fire in march of 2016 r pal park. the officer arrived in plain clothes. upon hearing the gfire the officer ran toward the danger. he was mistaken for being one of the attackers and was shot.or ford's atty and family says he suffereh from mental hea issues from childhood. >> medications since he was four. it's kind of odd that when ibr g up his stability since the age of four to 23 and say he's capable and competent of what he did that day. he's always bn a troubled child in his life. >> ford's two younger brothers recorded the shooting on their e
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cell phones witting in a car nearby. they pleaded guilty to related chges. wre learning shocking new details this morning about the mysterious deaths of two sisters from fairfax county. nypd detectives say they deaths could be something other than a crime. wenow the girls were living in a shelter in an area. they were reported misng in august. parents not seen their since they ran away in august. an electronic paper trailth put girls in new york since early september. we have learned that they were staying inhigh-end hotels until police say the money dried up. police confirming they were seeking asylum and chilling new information. yesterday word came from a witness who a says they haunt affidavit seeing the girls praying the same day their bodies were pulled from the udson river duct taped to one another. >> it is entirely credible that the girls entered t water alive. we have them praying the morning they were found.
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a short distance from the water. we also have sources that the edetectives h developed from this investigation thus far, statements made that they wou rather inflict harm on emselves and commit suicide than return to saudi arabia. >> police have ruled out a f scenarios. they say this was not an honor killing. they also ruled out the girls jumped from a idge. were told they had no outward signs of trauma. some people are excited to get the extraepour of sunday when we turn back the clocks but the end of daylight time comes with dangers. the sun will set monday before many of you get in your cars to drive home. monday evening is going to be especial dangerous for pedestrians because drivers are not used to looking for them in the dark. there have already been a dozen deadly pedestrian crashes in montgomery county alone this year. police have this advice for
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drivers. >> stay off your phones. leave your house a little earlier. plan for traffic. plan ahead. and here with lower stress you'll be able to -- be engaged while you drive and observe more things happening around you. >> well, the end of daylight saving time is also a chance to prevent a fire tragedy. fire departments encourage you to protect your family by changing the batteries in your smoke detecters each time we change the clocks. working for your health this morning. the fda approve an opioid painkiller despit criticism that the move could make the overdose crisis worse. it's used in the battle field to treat intense acute pain. it is said to be five to ten times more powerful than fentan fentanyl. critics feart could join the elicit drug market and make it likely for anyone who takes it
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to overdose o it. it will be tightly restricted. workers have been jackhammering under homes east of the downtown area to build this massive tunnel. officials say they'll stop doing the work at night between 9:00 p.m. and 6 in the morning. and they say they're going to test the noise levels to see if it was, indeed, the jackhammering causing a destruction to the neighbors. the 16 mile purple line will connect montgomy and prince george's counties. it's expected to be done by . 20 get ready for alley palooza. crews will remain 64 different he city.cross the idea is to take an alley that riddled with potholes and transform it into one that's newly paved and smooth. neighbors are hopeful. >> issues that residents don't quoe know how deal with. this initiative, you pull it all
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together, it's a good one that gets us grounded. >> the alleys cost between 50,000 and aalf million dollars to fix.ul for the sche in your neighborhood, check out our nbc washington app and search all palooza. we all know if you see something, you say something. but what if you're not sure what exactly you're p seeing?ice in northern virginia are hoping a new app can help you navigate that gray area and keep your neighborhood safe.ou we'll walk through it
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kaine: weliberty and justiceto a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all, with economic opportunity and a chance for a good life. i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let our leaders divide us because we're all americans. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children: nation under god, indivisible... ...we have to be willing to live by them. teacher and children: ...and justice for all.
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we are working for your safety with a way to help keep your community >>fe. his involves a helpful police tool that now has a wider reach. let's say you're walking down the street andet notice somhing that's not quite right, something that looks suspicious.
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but y don't think it's urgent enough to call 9-1-1. and you don't want to get tied up on the phone or give out our name. what do you do? the answer is as close as your smart phone. fairfax county, one of 18 local jurisdictions that's now linked with the iwatchnova app. >> it's easy to fill out an online reporting system. once it'ssubmitted, it will go to the northern virginia regional intelligence center. analysts will give it to local authority for followup. >> how do you know if you should report someone or something? >> if your gut is telling you something is not right here and something is amiss, then report it. go with your gut feeling. the app is very simple. t ites less than a minute to enter the information into the app. and you can also upload pictures to the app if you take a picture of the suscious activity. and all that gets sent to our
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center. >> i think is good idea if the police can get information that looks suspicious that doesn't require a lot of man power. itllows them to assemble information. >> at love of people don't say anything because they're scared they're going to be labeled. if you can do it anonymously so no oneor bullies you saying something, that's good. >> d.c. participates in the app. it's available free for android. >> police want you to know to call 9-1-1 for a crime in progress or if there's an emergency. a liveheook at nation's capital. ht now.ees r will the temperatures be rising and will the lingeringain be out of here soon? lauryn rickets
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to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward." id let us stand up for our let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor let us sz2x54z z16fzour state y2x54y y16fy
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help you prepare for winter and save money the way. >> we've teamed up with washington gaso hope you weatherize your home when the temperatures drop. >> susan hogan is here with another tip on how to keep the cold out. >> reporter: that's right. we're going to start with drafty thndows. we're in a home was built in 1940. i'my joined robert from washington gas. let's start with the drafty windows. youre right n -- you put up what? >> two-sided tape. i'm going to install plastic
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over the top of it. >> why is it important to seal hese windows? is there a lot of wind that comes through in. >> yes. wind comes through. that alsoti- putng the lastic over the windows seals it. it helps him on his energy costs. >> you can seal up all the windows like this. i'm assuming this costs little to buy. >> yes. lowe's, home depot. >> you seal a window, and do the final seal with the hiair dryer? >> yes. ter: does this shrink wrap it? >> it seals it tighter. >> reporter: okay. once you do that and seal it and put the hair dryer on it, you're good to go and take it off in the spring? >> ye bi savings. helps t in arific way.
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>> reporter: and once it's sealed it's tight and you don't even notice it. >> just like l oking the windowec pane. >>se today is areherization day, w joined later with more tips on how to prepare your home for the colder months ahead. that we'll a have 9:00 this morning after the "today show." there's too many things to think about. wind ri winterizing our cars, our bodies. >>ubble wrap. but you said things are looking better on the up and up? >> yes. today looking a lot better. by this afternoon, looking a loe er than this morning, and tomorrow looking better than today. >> for game day? >> yes. we play the falconsn fact another thing is i said the sun goes down at 5:04. that's tomorrow. there we are on the full swin
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obviously when the same change come remind me of winter. winter doesn't start until de nmber, but going to feel like it too much. snow on the radar. it's not too far away from us. we a ro haven on the radar. and one of your weather questions might be is it going to rain allday? no. by this afternoon we start to see clearing. actually, by the m-morning we'll start to see clearing. but the winds are going to be sticking with us throughout day. breezy out there right now. it's going to continue to be windy,specially byhis afternoon. do we have any rain for sunday? no. we're dry morrow. anymore warmups? a few on that ten-day forecast that i'm going to show you. it doesn't look like the temperatures are in the 80s. we have a 70 or two up there. as far as your rain goes, we this ain chances early morning. that's what we're seeing once you look out the window. dry on sunday. rain chances return for monday and into tuesday. and we have pretty heavy downpours last night. we picked up three-quarters of
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an inch of rain at reagan international. light showers across the region trying to get out ofhere. that line brought severe weather to portions of maryland. but again, here we are. light rain pushinghrough the region. it's getting out of here pretty quickly. look at this yeah, snow at some of the higher elevations in west virginia. gall of this isng to stop as it starts traveling east. as you can see, it's dissipating as it hits the mountain. i'm not expecting that toove in. the wave of energy will continue to push out. temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s as you make your way out the door, might want to grab the um bella. sun glasses needed by this afternoon. by 9:00 we'll starto see it drying out. it will be breezy. temperatures in the low 50s. headed to around 60. we have northwest winds that could be gusting uput to a 30 miles per hour at times. there goes the rain. by 9:0030, 10:00, it's
6:21 am
anything west stopping at the teuntains. sunshine this oon. it's breezy but we'll have sunshine. upper 50s for torrow. lighter winds. blue skies. tomorrow is beautiful. clouds roll in tomorrow night. 9:30 on sunday night and rain showers for monday. it could be heavy at times through the day on monday and we ha rain ase get into tuesday as well. but look at the temperatures. low 60s on monday. around 70 on the warm moves through the area. don't forget to set your clocks back for tomorrow. next chance of rain after that on friday. on friday. temperatures notoo tab dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm igail spanberger, and i approve this message.
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now to a big honor for a pioneering film make >> that's right. ♪ >> the 1960 documentary integration reporum nr one was among the 80 highly acclaimed filmst shown l week. >> the director madeline anderson was honored for her outstanding career. news 4's barbara harrison tells us how this remarkable woman made a childhood dream come true. >> madeline anderson has beeno
6:25 am
goinge movies for nearly all of her 91 years. >> i was a film bum. i started going to the movies when i was about seven. i had known from an early age i ed to be a film maker. >> reporter: as he watched hollywood movies when she was young, she was ashamed of how people who looked like her were >> we were clumsy, comical, not too smt, not too brave. >> reporter: her home was in lancaster, sylvania. >> i was born in 1927, so i was a child of the depression. >> reporter: a challenging time for many families. for the poor, it could be devastating? . >> even when you say people lived on the wrong side of the tracks well, we lived on the wrong side of the wrong side of the track. >> reporter: her parents encouraged her to be a teacher and she won a partial scholarship to a teacher's college. >> well, i t wantedbe a to please i really wanted to make films.
6:26 am
>> reporter: after one semester she took a train toework city, found jobs in kitchen and laundries and enrolled in classes at nyu, and then a lucky break. a aife husband were looking for child care offering room and board. >> told her i was a student, and i told her i wanted to be a film maker. and she -- i think that clircncd it because her husband was richard leecoff, a well-known film maker. >> reporter: they liked her, belied inher, and richard, physicist turned film director led the way to her eventually living out her dream. >> he set uct a pron company, and he hired me as the in-house production manager. >> reporter: she turned her knowledge into documentaries. films that could help teach positive lessons. >> we want to be recognized. >> i wanted people to know that
6:27 am
there were people in this country who were fighting for equality. that's the reason why i made film. and that's the reason why i chose documentaries. >> reporter: her films have been heralded around the and were recently honored at a inaugural film festival. >> she's an inspiration. >> reporter: she says she's humble >> that mork is recognized and appreciated. and that is the very joyful thing. >> reporter: well, madeline anderson made history becominge irst african american female film director. >> she had no interes i going to hollywood to make entertainment films.ot she a lot of offers and there was a lot more money to be made in hollywood. rs> a look outside. lingering sho after a rough
6:28 am
night of weather. night of weather. lauryn rickets tra announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it."s announcer: thaight. comstock supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthoodim es, limiting women's access to contraception. and comstock votes with trump ninety eight percent of the time. jennifer wexton: endorsed by the washington post. she'll protect a woman's right to choose. jennifer wexton for congress. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the storms turn deadly in maryland. tornadoes hitting parts of maryland have left at least one person dead overnight. thee're learning more about man who went into a florida yoga studio opening fire and kilng three people.
6:31 am
and ter tps will take the field. months of controver polied over this weekend. no now the university football team is getti ready tolay for the first time since their head coach was fired. >> welcome in on this saturday morning. i'm david culver alongside angie goff. >> we have a lot ofew to get to. it's the first weekend of rivember. >> that'ght. rough weather overnight. >> that's the top story. a lot of people who have plans this weeken they want you to come in and help them out. what's going on? >> yeah. well, no problem doing that. we do have some rain showers out there right now. a but we drying out as we continue through this saturday. now, last night a whole different story. t had those strong rain showers that movough the area, the strong storms. and right now we're look agent the aftermath. although we have clouds. we'll see gradual clearing through the day today. you can seeve w got some pretty strong rain shower that moved through the area last
6:32 am
night. now we're seeing light lingering showers. look at that line. pretty much from about 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. last night. now just light stuff. this is moving out of here quicy. we will see a continued drying out trend throughout the rest of the morning. temperatures starting in the 40s and 50s right now. and as you wake up, that sun rise comes up jus about 7:30. we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. it will becom eezy. it will dry out before the mid-morning. we'll talk about the rest of your weeke and your sunday and how warm we can get coming up in a f minutes. 6:32 right now. deinloping this mo a night of wild weather left one person dead and another pern is still missing at the amazon warehouse dn baltimore. it's repor a 50-foot wall collapsed at the amazon fulfillment center as a storm swept throug this is a look outside the building. you can see how bly damaged a truck was. we had the light pole knocked
6:33 am
fer. ch roman clark saying crews found a person under thedebris, but the person died at the and the rues are looking for a second person. a possible tornado ripping off the roof of a store. there we shoppers inside to got hurt. >> shomari stone gets us closer look at the damage. atreporter: right now we're the twin average shopping center. firefighters along with the sheriff's office are here. they are assessing the damage at this strip mall behind me. as you can see, that's their smmand post. they have set uphop there as they investigate and determine if this building that you see right here with the home goods is stable enough. they determined that it' not at this point. now, that tornado swept through this area coming up from southern maryland according to the sheriff we talked to. he says it ripped off part of
6:34 am
the roof of that home goods and that t.j. maxx. let's show you video where we can see part of theeiling coming down inside of it. there were customers inside. three them have minor injuries. as more mt. airy, police say that that tornado is believed to have come here. they don't know exactly, but our chief meteorologist says it was a tornado that came here to mt. airy. structural engineers are going to search this building to make sure everything is okay there are some neighborhoods that emergency crews could not get to due to the hundretr of downed s. now, nearby there was also a mobile home park, and there are three m homes that are damaged due to trees falling on them. the goo news, however, is that there aren't any reports of any majorri in, but as for this town, well, as the daylight comes up that's when they'll assess and see what exactly was
6:35 am
damad dueo this bad weather out here. in mt. airy, shomari stone, news 4. today the terps will their first game since the firing of their head coach, d.j. durkin. fallout continues after the death of football player jordan mcnair in th summer. it started this past tuesday when the board of regents cir defended coach durkin and in a surprise move the university president announced he was going to retire in june. a day later loh said the school was parting ways with durkin and buying out his contract. on thursday the board chair james brady said he was stepping down. a former board mteber now s senator says mistakes were made, but believes loh should stay because it would b difficult to find a replacement right now. >> i think he's done a good job. we can see it in college park. i also want him to stay because it will be hard for the regents
6:36 am
to recruit a successor so close to the catastrophe they created this week. >> the school's reputation is on the line. a house commi tee is going review the process and what we saw play out this past week. on the 14th and 15th the middle state's commission will review the school's recrediting. a hazing case.we learned two more high school students were chaed with second degree rape or attempted rape. that makes the total of five students charged in a locker happened ent that after school wednesday. members of the junior varsity team are involved. all of them under the age of 18. detectives say the victims are all boys. we stopped by last night's and spoke tball gam to parents about the disturbing charges. >> kids needt this point, 14, 15, they know right fwrm g.
6:37 am
they need to be addressed appropriately, not as juveniles. >> the jv team's last game wf the seaso thursday. that was cancelled. the school district will not comment on discipline for the suspects. a similar case in leeourg led t students getting arrested lastmonth. three high school students all under 18 were charged with crimes ranging from sexual basaery to t. it is alleged the tarngs assaulted a player on the football teamn the locker room after school hours. because everyone involve second down a l minorike the case in maryland police cannot release any of the details. an update to at shooting a yoga sdio in florida. the police say scott barrel opened fire during a session last night around 5:40. they say the shooter was later found dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. two people dd from their
6:38 am
injuries. at least half dozen others werei hurt. ght now police are investigating. there's n word on a motive at this time. today marks one week sin that massacre at a pittsburgh synagogue. a showing of supportt. overni couples, families and folks from many different walks of lif meeting inside the washington he brew congregation in northwest. they gather together to spread much-needed joy. communities are usin using #sho'spforshabbat. show of support for jewish neighbors after the miss ke -- massacre that killed 11 a people insid synagogue in pittsburgh. right.l kissing babies. we see a lot of that around this time whenever the political .lections heat a politician in asia takinghi a approach to try to reach some new voters. se how it looks.
6:39 am
some advertisements up next. before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. so, let's talk about conference calls. th amount of fumbling.n a lot of times it doesn't work. we have problems. comcast business goes beyond fast. by letting you make and receive calls from any device using your business line.
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actor alec baldwin is denying allegions he fought a man in new york over a parking spot. police arrested him after he allegedly peached a 49-yold man in the face. theegsnlar says that's not the way it happened. he posted on thefo dation's twitter account last night. he tweeted he normally would not comment on a storyalling it, quote, click bait. but said he wanted to go on the record saying it's not true. eldwin isected to go to court for a misdemeanor assault charges within 30 days. his show on abc wil go on as scheduled. if you sllse a clock rather than a smart phone, don't forget to turn your clocks back. experts at rutger's university say the end of daylight savings time doessot give an extra
6:42 am
hour of sleep but just changes cycle.ep don't be surprised if you feel tired for about a week. >> ll, we could be getting closer to a universal flu vaccine. it's all thanks to llamas. a team of international researchers took four anti-bodies from llamas and injected them into mice. it protected f themm two strains of the flu virus. scientists hope to eventually develop it into a nasal spray for humans. first they plan to do more testing with the animals.ho >> thinks of that?:4 >> is your time. many are starting t plan their holiday menu. the butter ball talk line is open. this year holiday receives, you can get hands tree support from amazon's alexa with a new butter ball skill. ace activated users can ask cooking questio get answers from the experts.
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there are also some options to text, e-mail, live chat or get expert advice on social media. you can always use the phone to call. can you imagine that? >> i know. right? >>s that about? >> a lost art. >> in taiwan a politician is using an unusualc tac to attract voters. take a listen. >> all right. well, this is taipei's mayor who is expected to run again. do the right thing, do things right. while working in a government ce offi it has a good beat to it. >> it's better than the attack ads. iit like . the video was released last week. it's gotten more than a million views on youtube. >> hres consi popular with voters. people speculate a possible presidential run. he's trying to reach the younger vote. everybody is, i think.
6:44 am
that mighte the way in. >> the presidential run along with a new album. why not? >> climb the ch 6:43. good saturday morning to you. we are waking up to a breezy 53 degrees. how is the weather going to shape out for the rest of your weekend? will thee rain contio linger? lauryn rickets joins us from the weather center the washington post endorses jennifer wexton for congress... saying barbara comstock's "promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across
6:45 am
party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again.
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6:47 am
the "today show" is coming up next. >> let's get a preview. hey, guys. >> good morning. coming up on a saturday morning on "today," we're following breaking news overnight after two people we shot and killed at a yoga studio in florida. the gunmans alsoead after turning the gun on himself. we'll have the latest. also ahead, it's the race to the finish for both republicans and democrap in the ru to tuesday's midterms. how facebook and red it say they're planning to fight election interference next several days. what they're doing to stop fake news from being pushed out on their te. >> a dylan and i decided to teach each other two of ourns pass. golfing and dancing. we're going to let y be the judge of how we did by the time it was ov. >> that was the before. wait until the after. we get startedto here ony" on a saturday morning. >> can't wait to see the transformation. transformation.
6:48 am
that's a good word. >> all right. thanks, gu. >> sia. the buzz around amazon's head quarters has people envisioning a silicon valley-like canvas. >> this morning i was able to get a new tour of the capital one tower. it's the tyson, and it's a story you're only going to see here on ws 4. >> reporter: you've seen it going up. now we take you inside what is the tallest occupiedg buildin in our region, cital one tower. 470 feet to the top. the new capital one tower is giving you rooftop views from the national cathedral to the u.s. capital. under our feet 31 floors showcasing unique work spaces. >> when you brite assoc through, what's their reaction? an they said in awe. >> ste spurlen is part of the team that helped make this a
6:49 am
reality. every clear connected by zipper staircases. a huddle booth, o if you wan privacy, there's a quiet phone room. much of it bui around the millennial working experience. >> we've seen across professionals is environment matters. >> reporter: these convenient and enjoyable workplaces matter in retaining and recruiting employees. amazon will only increase the competition to hire talented job candidates. >> the d.c. region is a warm and wonderfu community. it has amazing talent. we've had the opportunity to be part of that for over two deck ai decades and experience that. >> reporter: this animation shows the new tower , new residential towers and a theater venue that will follow. a future hotel.
6:50 am
all of this not just for employees. much of it open to the mm ity. >> you're creating a community that people want to be a part of. >> reporter: it's taking shape in tyson. david culver,ews 4. >> so what's the traffic plan? that's what i want to know. >> they're hoping to rely a lot on the silver line. >> i know. it's already a con vestgestedar but that campus is awesome stuff. >> that's amazing. >>t'simpressive. >> i feel like northern virginia is constantltr under cotion. >> oh, my gosh. >> always. >> it's growing. >> that's a good sign. ght? that's a good sign. i guess. people are in town. >> what >> unless you're sitting in traffic. >> that's the other thing. and they're just going to continue to take it out through loudoun county. tyson is crazy huge now. i lived there five years ago. it was nut. and now it's crazy big. i feel like it's moving all the way out.
6:51 am
eventuallyowoving outd shenandoah valley. >> we're coming forya. >> listen, if you're headed out in the shenandoah valley, the leaves have changed. it seemed to change overnight. but i think from the weather that we got last night, pretty strong breezes took down a lot of the leaves we rehad. ly hasn't been that good of a fall for fall foliage. >> nailed that. >> i nailed it. i've been working on it. i haven't even needed to say it that much because we hav't had much of it at all this year. t least the beautiful fall foliage. we still have the leaves out there. they are dropping quickly with the breezy conditions. for your saturday morning , activitif you're headed out to get coffee, know they have light showers out walking the dog, showers will come to anutnd after abo 9:00. it's going to become breezy. ,f you want to rake the leav better idea to do it on sunday. we're not going to have this wind yet. this afternoon is going to be dry, but we're not going to have the wds tomorrow i can just imagine everybody
6:52 am
putting the leaves into a pile and theve spread all the place again. we had strong winds last night as the rain passed thrgh the area. that was with a frontal system. ,hat passed through the region, brought heavy ra especially to our friends in baltimore where there would have been a tornado. we also had tornado warnings toward st. mary'scounty. a lot of this moisture is stopping at theta mos. looking at clearing and improving conditi afternoon. 40s and low 50s right now. it's not that bad out there. as far as your wee outlook is concerned, if you want to come into bethesda a see m climb over the edge of a building that's about two bstories, i don't know h it is. it might be 16 stories. i don't know. t it's for maryland. i'll be out there after about 10:30 this morning. te me. it's goingbe breezy. d.c. beer festival. dry a isk. if you're heading down to the virginia tech boston game, one
6:53 am
of the only local games at homer zy but sunny. today temperatures in d.c. 60ee de northwest winds. gusting up to about 30 miles per hour. here we go. byere's the rain pushing out of here. 9:00, we're dry. maybe a few isolated showers west.o the we're clear out and get sunshine for this afternoon. tomorrow full sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s for tomorrow. much lighter wind through the day tomorrow. however, tomorrow night that's when clouds start to roll back in. as we get into monday, especially overnight monday, we're looking atrs showe that will continue through your monday morning and then even last through your tuesday. we have rain on monday and tuesday. not tomorrow. if you're headed off to the redskins game, we' taking on the cfalcons at 1:00. set the clocks back as you head off to bed tonight. daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in chancesmonday, tuesday,
6:54 am
wednesday is gorgeous. thursday also beautiful. and then w m havee rain by next friday. next friday. we ♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital
6:55 am
from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
6:56 am
things to know on this saturday. cr fs are searching one person after a deadly collapse at an amazon ftefillment c in baltimore. onwall collapsed during the storm.
6:57 am
person died. crews trying to find a second person. today t terps play their first game since the firing of d.j. durkin. high ranking officls resigned. the fallout is from the deathf jordan mcnair who died in the summer. it's a time t make sure your home is ready for the cold months ahead. tune in at 9:00 to make sure you're ready for winter. and don'torget before you go to bed tonight, turn your clocks back an hour. >> oh, my goodness. we gain an hour. >> we gain an hou of sle for some of us. brunch for you. >> brunch for . waiting for a liver transplant..
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will die waiting. don't wait. find out about living-donor liver transplants at upmc today. living-donor liver transplants mean less waiting and better outcomes. upmc is the nation's leader in living-donor liver transplants. so, why wait for a liver transplant?
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call upmc today. upmc. life changing medicine good morning. breakinger night. deadly shooting. >> we just heard like pow, pow, pow, pow. >> gaunman opens fire inside a florida yoga studio. two women killed. dozens wounded. police praising the victims who re stuck inside. >> there are indications that several people inside fought back. tried to save not only themlves but other people. it's a testament to their courage. the final push. with just three days to go before the midterms. president trump crisscrossing country. >> thank you very much, west virginia. thank you, indiana. >> hoping he can hold off what could be a blue wave. the president admitting for the first time, publicans could on


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