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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 3, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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now, not everybody saw the gusty winds and the storms out there last night and another early portion of the overnight. our frien to the north through baltimore saw them. we'll talk about the damage co ang up inittle bit. maybe some tornadic damage around that area. we had wind gusts around here and now nothing showing up on the radar. rain earlier that moved to the eastern shore. we're left with blue skies. the wind is picking up. guste winds. we're dodging rain this morning that's autoof there unless you're headed east. hold onto your hats type of weather. it going to get gusty. we have improving conditions this afternoon and throughout r ur sunday. we'll talk about ynday and tuesday. we have a warmupwa on the 10-day coming up in about 20 minutes. >>ounds good, lauryn. developing this morning, a second person has died in that amazon warehouse in baltimore.
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police saying that a 50 foot wall collapsed athe amazon fulfillment center. this is a look outside the build. you can see a badly damaged truck, a knocked over light pole. among other things, chief roman clark says th found a person under the debris. the person died at the hospital. the second person was found a few hourslater. and a possible tornado that ripped through and tore the roof off of a t.j. maxx in maryland. veral shoppers were inside at the same time. >> and shs us a closer lookt the damage. >> reporter: right now we're at the twin arch shopping center andef fhters along with the caroll county sheriff's office, they're assessing the damage at the strip mallbe nd me. that's their command post. they've set up shop as they investigate and determine if this building you see with the
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home goods is stable enough. they determined it's not at this point. that tornado swept through this area c fing upm southern maryland according to the sheriff we talk to. he s it ripped off part of the roof of that home goods and that t.j. maxx. let's show you video from inside the t.j. max x. you can s part of the ceiling coming down. there were customers inside. three of them have minor injuries. as more mount airy police say that tornado is believed to have come here. they don't kw exactly, but chief meteorologist dug hammer says it was a tornado that came here to mount airy. structural engineers are going so search this building to make sure everything okay. there are some neighborhoods that emergency crews could get to due to the hundreds of downed trees. w, nearby there was also a mobile home park, and there are three mobile homes that are
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damaged due to trees falling on them. the good news is that there aren't any reports of any major injuries, but as for this town, well, as the daylight comes he, that's they'll assess w and seehat was damaged due to the bad weather. ws 4, shomari stone. so we arehree days away from the midterm elections. in fairfax county today that's your last day for in person absentee voting. >> that's wre we find derrick ward. more than 10,000 voters through the doors? >> reporter: indeed. this is usually the busie place, especially for in person absentee voting. in 2016 they had about 10,000 rtople. it s at 9:00. it will go with me now is gary scott.
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mr. scott, you were talking about the turnout here. it's alwaysn good. what have you seen so far? >> absentee voting has been heavier than we operated for a mid year election.ct we'velly passed the levels we experienced in the 2012 presidentielection. although we're not anywhere nearly close to the 2016 pridential election, but we've had almost 67,000 blots cast so far. i'm expecting another 6,000 to 7,000 inerson absentee voters today. we have about 12,000 mailed ballots that have not yet been returned. we have the potential of reaching almost 90,000 absentee voters. >> the weather has lped. ittopped raining. there's some things you. need t kn virginia is an excuse-based state. what does that mean? >> under virginia law you have to have a reason why you can't go to the polling place.
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therare 20 different reasons which will cover a wide variety of thin. religious obligations, you're a student. you're working outside of the area. yo commute and your workday extends longer than 11 hours on there are plenty of reasons why you can do it. but you do have to have a reason. it is not no excuse absentee voting. >> i'm told you can go online as well to check out the maps that tell you what the lines are like at the nine other locations. >> well, ye we have ten locations today where people can go vote on our website f each individual location. you can -- there's a radiott that you can check so you can see the approximate wait time once you get in line for voting. >> thank you for talking to us. we want to encourage people. if you have that reason, you cao prove it, com and vote. this is the last day. >> actually, you don't even have to prove itju come in and fill in the
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application, provide your i.d. form and you're good to go. >> thank you for talking to us this morning. get out and vote. we're live in fairfax county. you.t >> derrick, impressive to think 6,000 people expected there today. also today the terps are going to play their first time since the firing of d.j. durkin. it's been awe wil in college park. fallout continues after the death of jordan mcnair. the board of regents chair defended durkin, and then the president announced he would retire. and later the college said they were buying out rkin's contract. then james brady said he was stepping down. a former board member now state senator says the stakes were made -- mistakes were made but lowe should stay because it's difficult to find a repl ement righnow. >> wooes done a good job. i also want him to sta because
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it will be hard for the regents to recruit an outstanding successor so close to the catastrophe they createed this week. cern the s wider c school's reputation is on the line. on the 15th a house committee is goingvio the board of regents process and what played out this past wehe. on4th and 15th the middle state's commission will review the school's accreditation. news developme out of montgomery county in a possible high school hazing case. we've learn that two more damascus high school students were charged with second degree rape or attempted rape. at's a total of five students charged in a locker room incident that happened after school on wednesday. the school say membe of the junior varsity football team are involved. all of them under the o age 18. detectives say the four victim are all boys. the jv team's last game of thea season w thursday, but it was cancelled. the school district will not comment on discipline for the suspects. we're working for you this
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morning by helping you get ready for the winter to come. >> yes. it is the district's annual day of weatherization project. and storm team 4 is in capital heights. amelia, you're up with us early on a saturday morning. what's going on out there? >> reporter: well, we're getting ready for the cooler months with washington gas. it's their weatherization day. e're doing simple things like putting plastic over the windows. his helps keep the heat in and the colder air out. i found this incredible. rf you do simple things like this around y home, this can saveou close to $3,0$300 annual. is this your first time getting your hom weatherized? >> yes. >> washington gas is going to go around throughout the day doing thpu like this. tting plastic over windows and strips in doors. we'r joined with the president of washington gas,ia a
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chapman. adrian, talk to me about what this event mns for washington gas. >> we're going to do 125 houses. it's important to help customers like mr. drew get bills lower by putting in low cost measures. otherwise they wouldn't have these services. it really helps him lower energy bills, gives himey more m to spend on other things important in life. >> this is the sixth washington gas is out doing this. $300 is make a hugedifference. it's a much chillier morning out here. it's only going to get colder as we head into the rest of november, december, and january. back to you. >> that's right. thank you, amelia with some great tips that could save you a lot of money. >> yeah. and to mr. drew for letting us in his home this morng. 9:09 is your time. it's a speciro pject that's aimed at fixe g morthan 60 streets. if you live in the district, this may be something that makes
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you ilsm you might not note all the work. we'll explain the project and the effort behind it when we continue on news 4 today. the washington post endorses jennifer wexton for congress...
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saying barbara comstock's "promise has turned to dust." she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice. "smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wexton and i approved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again. before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay.
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so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. right now d.c. police on the scene of a this is on brent wood road at a gas station. they have crime scene tape wrapping that area. it happened this morning around 7:00. what we know is one person was shot. we're still workiur to f out what condition they're in at this hour. no other details have been onreleased inspect as s we get more we'll pass it along to you. >> 9:12 right now. some people are excited to get an extra hour of sleep sundayn when we t back the clocks, but thef end o daylight savings time comes with certain dangers. the sun will set monday beforeo many of getting your cars to
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drive back home. monday evening g it'soing to be especially dangerous for pedestrians because drivers are not used to lking for them in the dark. there have been 12 deadly pedestrian crashes in montgomery county alone this year. police there have this advice for drivers. >> stay off your phones. leave your house a little earlier. plan for traffic. plan ahead. get there with lower stress and you'll be able to be engaged while you drive and observe more things hapning around u. >> the end of daylight savings time is also a chance to help prevent a fire tragedy. fire departments encourage you to protect your families by chanteng the bes in your smoke detecters each time we change the clocks. also not a bad idea to go over your fire escape plan with your family. an date for some residents in silver springs. workers have been jackhammering underhe homes east ofowntown area to build this tunnel. officials say they're going to
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stop that work at night between 9:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. they s they're going to test the noise levels to see if it was the jackhammering causing disruptions to neighbors. the 16-mile purple line ised expe to be done by 2025. get ready for alleypalooza. it was kicked off yesterday. crews will remain 64 alleys across the city. the idea is to take an alleydd led with potholes and transform it into one that's newly paved and smooth. >> issues tha rendents don't know how to deal with. this initiativ is a good one to get us grounded. >> the alleys cost between $50,000 and half a million dollars to fix. for the scheduler in neighborhood, open up our app and search alleypalooza.
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the showers lingering until this sirning. live o right now, it looks clear. lauryn rickets tracking what we n expect in the next day and the rest of your weekend.
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there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. i voted to protect them. morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid companies. my work as your senator took a billion opioid pills off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors
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big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. the buzz around azon's second quarters has millennials envisioning a silicon valley-like campus. >> already starting to take shape. this morning we get a rare looka inside company that's already
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offering that in our area. i was able to get a rare door inside the capital one tour. it's huge. the story you'll only see here on news 4. >> reporter: you've seen itve going up four years. now we take you inside what is the tallest occupied buiing in our region. capital one tower. 470 feet to the the t giving you rooftop views from the national cathedral to the u.s. capitol. under our feet 31 floors showcasing unique work spaces. >> when you bring associates rough the first time, what's their reaction? >> they sit in awe. >> reporter: she helped make reality. every floor, trendy common rooms prrks huddle booth, or if you should acy, they have a quiet phone room. much of it built around millennial work experience. >> it's been fascinating what we've see is that across our
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associate base and professionals in general, that environment matters. >> reporter: these convenient and enjoyable workplaces also matter in recruitg and retaining employees. if amazon chooses the d.c. area for the second head quarters, it will only increa the competition to hirete tal job candidates. >> d.c. has amazing talent. 've had the opportunity to be part of that for over two recades and experience that. >> reporter: and ts more to come. you can hear the transformation underway. this capital 1nimation shows what's planned with the new tower already up, a live theater venue will follow. plus me office spaces and a future hotel. all of this not just forem oyees. much of it open to the community. >> you're creating a communityan that people to be a part of. >> a metropolis taking shine in tysons, david culver, news 4.
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>> it's pretty cool at >> that place is skyrocketing. growing at rapid spd. not good for the traffic situation. >> no. but where is that goo anywhere >> that's true. >> we started out with rain this morning. overnight was rough weather. the live pictures, they looked beautiful. >> beautiful. i teted out a picture. i think it was less than a hour ago. we had a lot of cloud cover. blue skies right now. rapid clearing right now. beautiful toy. >> and our sun down is going to change tomorrow? >> 6:05 today. 5:04 tomorrow. okay. >> because we lose an hour. >> no, we gain an hour. hour. gain an and you'll note every meteorologist gets that always -- well, i shouldn't say everyone. i was like no, we gain an hour. she was like no, wait -- it was a wholeyo thing. always have to think twice about it before you say it. i didn't right there. but set the. clocks ba one extra hour of sleep.
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daylight savings time does end morrow morning at 2:00 a.m. again, set the clocks back. also check the smoke detecter. ang angie are you saying something to me? you were wavi. >> i w fixing my hair. >> i thought you were waving like i needed to see something else. all right. will it rain all day? no. the rain is outre of we're not expecting more rain out there today. we aree expecting s breezy conditions for today. northwest winds gusting up to about 30 miles per that's going to be the main story today. no rain for your sunday. tomorrow is going to be dry. it's going to be beautiful. especially ifou're headed to the redskins game. a few warmups in the forecast. first the rain that passed through last night. erain, we had heavy rain during the ght and late last night through the overnight and pretty gusty winds, and then we had some earlier rain showers. you can see they have cleared
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and now we are dry as we start to getore sunshine out there. 53 degrees is our temperature. the winds are startg to pick up a little bit. and we'll have winds anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles per hour with gusts up to about 30 miles per hour. you can see the temperatures are pretty much in the upper50 40s d lowe and we'll top out around 60. a lot of places are going to u stop in ther 50s. below normal for this time of year and feeling brisk, especially because we have the gusty northwest winds. asouar as your weekend ook is concerned, join me after this, i think at 11:30. over the edge down the side of metro center in bethesda, i don't know h many stories s. it's going to be breezy. i'm repelling down abuilding. pat collins is also going to be out there. he's going to my em scee for that. virginia tech, that's one of the only local games. playing boston. breezy and cool.
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plenty of sunshine for at. late afternoon game. 60 back here at ayhome. ourme high, and again, breezy northwest ow, no wind. temperatures around 60. another beautiful day for your sunday. if you're headed off to the redskins game, we're playing the falcons. not that bad. again, sunny conditions. light rfwinds. t football weather. i want to mention we'll have more clouds increasing late sunday night, and then we have rain showers to start off your monday. won't be raining the whole time. we'll have rain showers on monday a maybe a few steadier showers into monday afternoon and monday evening. more rain possible on tuesday. temperatures around 70 throughout wednesday and thursday with more rain chances more news right after this. announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock:
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barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned anddehe state should deci it." announcer: that's right. comsto supports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception. and comstock votes with trump ninety eht percent of the ti jennifer wexendorsed by the washington post. she'll protect a woman's right to choose. jennifer wexton for congress. independblce usa pac is responfor the content of this advertising. proclaimed mother of the chemical weapon corp where she referred to nerve gas as just insecticide developed for people. someone who's made a career cashing in on her government contacts- was sued for using her position as a board member re to defraud slders. and is now pursuing trumps agenda of defunding planned parenthood and denying medical coverage to people with pre existing conditions. the more you know aimee hoeber, the less you want to. e, i'm david tr i approve . when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban,
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attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety laws to protect the people of maryland. attorney general brian frosh. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill.
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four things to know on this saturday. two people have died in a collapse. this is at an amazon fulfillment center inbaltimore. a wall collapsing last night during the storm. crewsound both o those individuals under the debris. >> today the terps will peiy first game since the firing of d.j. durkin. it was a wild weekev of seral high ranking employees resigning in the wake of a report of the l school's foo culture. the fallout is from the death of jordan mcnair who died this summer. it's weatherization day. ke sure your home is ready for the cold months ahead. a tonight turn your clocks
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back an hour. that means we gain an hour, lauryn rickets. >> gain. >> gain. carry the one. >> gain an hour..m 2:00 daylight savings time ends tomorrow morning. set them back before you go to bed. blustery this afternoon. >> 70? >> 70 on tuesday. but showers and thunderstorms possible on tuesday afternoon. we'll have rain chances monday and tuesday. >> that's been up about four times during the show >> i know. >> sorry, just saying. all right. anyway, that does it for us. >>okay. >> we're on facebook live after the show if you want to hang. f jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. fo jennifer wexton ht the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%.
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barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
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dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks,
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making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. >> what's up red skin nation? the boyontinue to get the job done against division the redskins now sit atop the division. they're now in the driver's seat before they face-off tomorrow. let's take a look back at metlife stadium. >> we've been playing well but we know how much better we can get. the way you work, the way


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