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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 4, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it's november 4,2018. angie is off celebrating ren's first birthday. >> yes, little baby ren. happy birthday to baby ren. third in the goff family. we have our own special person here lauryn ricketts who's always a beam of stun schinunshine and ae base about daylight saving time. >> it ende adam. we're back to standard time. twe're looking at a beul day out there. >> blue skies the sun came up after 6:30. wever that sun goes down at 5:04 so just a little after 5:00 that sun is down. no rain out there.ho ver, if you want to wash that car, i would say take your chances. weayave some rain on the and it's going to be arriving for the morning commute tomorrow so
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rain tomorrow and possibly on tuesday. chilly as you walk out thedoor. those temperatures at reagan national airport, 50 degrees. elsewhere outside the beltway, 30s and 40s. we'll talk about rain chances and let youex know what tct. we have a warmup on the way in 15 minutes. >> lauryn, thank you very much. we know mor about the victims killed after an ef-1 tornado caused a building collapse in baltimore. this happened friday night sidthemaz dtribuon nter. you can see thedestruction. police say andrew lindsay and israel argot were inside the bu ding when the tornadohit. a 50 foot wall fell on top of them. one died in the hospital, crews found the other body underneath the debris. >> and we know a confirmed ef-1 larnado touched down in mt. airy, mad. aerial videos showing the aftermath from above. the winds knocking over fences and taking off roofs.
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some of the worst damage was at the twin arch shopping center. a viewer cell phone video, you're about to see it here, takes us inside a t.j. maxx where a portion of the roof collapsed and water startedod fg in. >> we are still working to learn more information about what arlington police are calling a mestic-related homicid rodolfo rivera faces murder charges. authorities say he killed natasha rivera.nd officers fer body in a crystal city hotel room andre ed the suspect. we don't know how the pair are related or how the victim was kied. a terrifying situation play yesterd yesterday. a man walked into a stuck clms he had a bomb. our cameras captured the takedown. fairfax county police saying "come out with your hands up." they say the man was intoxicated when he walked into the starbucks in arliton boulevard. after refiving to leave, they
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say he told employees he had a bomb in his back. . o hrs later >> it was a smart move on their part instead of waiting for us to come back. the man who police say posed as a customer and opened fire ay aa studio in florida has ties to our area. news 4 has learned thesuspect, scott beierl, was a former teacher in anne arund county. he taught english and social studies from 2005 to 2007 mead high. he resigned the next year. trying to determine the motive for the shooting. investigators say beierl killed o women and then himself.
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the frederick county sheriff's office says someone attacked robert swan jr. >> a murder investigation under arun el county. maryland state police say guards found david stevenson dead in his cell yesterday morning. they haven't said how he died but investigators h identified a suspect who is also an inmate. >> his job is to put out fires. this morning age prince ge's county firefighter is being held on a $25,000 bon charged with arson. our news partners at wtop radio reporting that medic lieutenant sean christopher roth is facing three felonies in pennsylvania. authorities in york county say thearson took place in late august.
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roth has been charged for 19 years. he's on paid administrative leave. and montgomery county school offici officials will aress the alleged rape inside a locker room. dr. jack smith released a statement saying next week montgomery county schools will be speaking with studen about issues of hazing,ullying and harassment to ensure they know this behav is not acceptable and how to report it. ive students take second degree rape or attempted rape charges. police are telling us the incident happened after school on wednesday. the school sayseembers of junior varsity football team were involved and the four victims here are said to be boys. tough loss for the turves. the team losing their first game since the firing of maryland football coach dj durkin.ok players to knee around jordan mcnair's 79.
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the player died after a team workout. dj durkin was fired and t head of the board of regentsce anno his retirement. the team lost to michigan state 24-3. all signs are pointing possibly stal city being the second city for amazon's next headquarters. now, the "washington post"is reporting that amazon is in advanced discussions to move to northern virginia and that report points out that the city's top reala est developer has pulled some buildings off the leasing market. some other reasons t city is so attractive, metroaccess, it's right there one stop from the city, proximity to reagan national airport and office buildingso ready use. last week, ralph northam told bureau chief carey has seen four locations.
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>> we have done everything w can to offer them a good packag package. >> what is amazon saying about it? alexa? >> you just woke her up in several homes. >> amazon isn't saying anything. but let's explore why this is a big deal. they're expected to bring 50,000 jobs. the average salary would be more than $150,000 a year and the project would be a $5 billion -- b -- investment. >> that's huge for sure. we'll stay on top of that. meanwhile, hundreds of people are helping spread the message of lung cancer awareness in a 5k walk d fun run. they're hoping their breathe deep d.c. event on the national mall. check in and registration happening now. all morning long there will be
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refreshnt, kidsactivity tent and other games. our own chief meteorologist doug c kammerer is hosting the event.'l and check in with him in a half hour. >> he's our guy. chances are you haven't heard of the race or the candidates running but the outcome could shape your child'a edon. our i-team looking at the local our i-team looking at the local he turnebusinessman. naacp. ben jealous. "marylander of the year".
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endorsed by president obama for his "vision, experience and courage to move maryland forward." ben's vision: medicare-for-all, fully fund our schools, and an economy that works for working people. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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it's a race at the bottom of the ballot turning into one of the most competitive ehections in district this year. >> the news 4 i-team found folks in maryland, virginia and across the country are cutting check for a contest many haven't heard of. >> scott mcfarlane tells us even the candidates for the.c. state board of education admit it has little power.
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>> so many people are racing to work. or racing home that in this year's election season joe weedon knows he has to get theit tion. he's running for reelection to d.c.'s state board of education. >> i've brkn g with the community there and with d.c. p.c. >> reporter: the campaign is tougher than he ever imagined. why? money is flooding into this r c >> we have to be on the ground working hard to make the connections. >> hisfi rac times as much campaign cash this year as he did in 2014. $15,000 in all. >> teaching civics, which is what i taught, esellent preparation for running for office. >> reporter: his challenger, former teac jessica sutter has raised more. $20,000. you found, toour credit, 250 plus people to write a check to
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you. did that surprise you? >> it humbled me. >> reporter: across town, the war chests are big we are candidates raising $45,000, even $65,000. >> in order to win, elections cost mey. >> reporter: d.c. state board of education is much different than the school boards in the suburbs. this board can't make policy. they ca't hire or fire t mhea t school casndar. ole is obscure. created in 2007 as part of a mayoral education in the dis ict, the d.c. state boa of education can only approve or rnsapprove of changes made by other d.c. govent officials. the i-team pored through more than 1,000 donations and found donors from nozrly two states cut checks to d.c. candidates in this race, that's not counting spending by special interest groups. >> it should about local concerns. local contributions. and that's not what's happening in this race. >> reporter: former teacher and ward 1 candidatemi gasoi
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said she had no idea how expeive it would be. she raised more than $30,000 for the seat but lags far behind her opponent who's raised $65,000 d a last minute challenger who raised $16,000. it's anra arms . >> it has become an arms race. >> reporter: gasoi p wants to a cap on charter schools. an andren who sat on a powerful pro-charter group received their backing but he says the public versus chartier debate isn what this is about. >> i've never made this about pro-charter, pro traditional sool, i'm pro kid. >> reporter: similar wars are raging across t district where the teachers union is backing zachary parkier. democrats for education endorsed his and jessica sutter receive the endorsement of the democrats for
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education reform. worked inrt c schools. for now, the candidates are focused on the fall festivals and forums, convinci skeptica voters like michael turner the relatively obscure board can make a difference. >> i don't have a sense that we do anything. >> reporter: a lesson this election season, getting attention for even down ballot races can be down right expensive. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. and learn more about this other news four i-team stories, go to our nbc washington app and click "investiga>>ons." time 9:14. let's open up the window and take a look outse at the white house. the sun is gleaming down. 50 degrees and the leaves are changing. but there's rain on the way. lauryn is back with your forecast.
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for commuters like my son-in-law. increasing open space where my grandchildren and yours can play. and reducing classroom sizes for all our kids. that's why our next county executive has to require developers to solve the problems their developments create. as county executive, that's exactly what i'll do for every generation. in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben adalous is the bold maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses d president obama agree. let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state
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ben jealous, democrat for governor it can be frustratingin tra accident to clear. >> but we've se clues that ve -- t 've seen helicopters tha swoop in and take away the wounded. >> reporter: fairfax oneomes in for an interstate land iing.
9:18 am
rob murray is a tactical flight officer, part of an elite group of police officers coss trained as paramedics. he showed us around the chopper equipped with what you would expect -- the stretcher that slides out of the back, the heart monitor and a wall of supplies to stabile a patient. >> we have supplies and tubes. >> but also equipped with more advanced tools to safe someo's life. >> we have kits that allow us to decompress their chest should they have damaged lungs and need to release the pressure from their chest. >> fairfax one missions are always flown with a pilot and two officer paramedics whose training isintense. murray was a cop for more than 20 years before joining the helo team and going to paramedic school. >> it'swo ayear program we complete within ten months then we come back to the helicopter division and get aviation training so it's about an 18-month process.
9:19 am
>> these are expensive machines. >> mike mountjoy came back as a civilian pilot, a status necessary to log the required 1,000 hours behind the controls of a chopper before you can fly medevac mission. >> my job is tohe get us safety, i evaluate the weather, where we'll be going, hazards once we get there. can i make this landing safely and leave safnd get to the hospital? >> the helicopter division can respond to a half dozen calls on any given day. most are traumas, car accidents and the like. but murray says when seconds count for burn patients, for example, the traffic-avoiding helicopter is priceless and thes paramen board can do things paramedics on the ground are not allowed to do. >> where we're able to minister medications, sedate a person to thenaralyze them and insert the tube in order to breathe for them, it's important toget that airway established e prior to ther being more swelling or damage. o
9:20 am
>> the wrk has its challenges. helmets and intercom systems make it impossible to hear what's going on with the patient ithe chopper. hese experts are trained to overcome that and do what it takes to save lives. in fairfax county, aaron gilchrist, news 4. p northern virginia is served byvate medevac companies but the fairfax helicopter division serves as a baicup for p agencies across our region. >> dangerous stuff, a bill chilly but clear skies. >> clear skies, ligt winds and then we've got changes on the way as we head into tomorrow. i got changes for everybody. that will be coming overnight. so enjoy your day today because by whe time head into tomorrow, this time tomorrow will be a whole different storyl and it wlook different. blue skies, my goodness, it's
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absolutely beautiful out there right now. as far as four ts hi h oto thek. overnight. we'll have showers through the day tomorrow and then we'll havs mowers and even a few thunderstorms on tuesday. your wednesday is going to be sunny. it's going to be gorgeous and to e looking at sunshine continue into thursday. temperatures out there under sunny skies. 50 degrees in washington. outside the belt way we have 40s. finally some of those temperatures that were in the low 30s hav come up so it was a chilly start but we'll continue to have ,sunshilear skies, the sun goes down now at 5:04. >> that's terrible! >> i was waiting for the peanut gallery over there. it is -- it goes down a little after 5:00. church services if you're headek out, sure you have sunglasses. leaf peeping. we'll talk about the foliage report coming up in my next forecast before 10:00 but we'
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talk about it because the leaves have gotten their act together. if you're headed to the farmers market, it's a lighter wind than what we experienced yesterday. ww we have this rain thal come our way. this is a frontal system that be sweeping through ourea. that will come our way through tomorrow and we have another front on tuesday so one/two shot of rain but not today. if you're headed out to fedex field, temperatures will be in the 50s for ourst win aga atlanta. for road conditions on monday morning, expect some wet weather. you may want to set that alarm s couple minearly. monday night i believe that evening commute will be a little wet but mo stha tofsdtay tn morning, we will have more rain. estomorrow temperatu are going to be in the upper 50s, rain showers throughout the day, let's time it out quickly. you can see more clouds building in ovnight andthat rain arrives overnight and will be with us tomorrow morning but it looks like it gets out of here late tomorrow afternoon. we're dry forni mondayt but
9:23 am
by tuesday morning more rainn he way and a few thunderstorms. the thing about tuesday, those temperatures are in the low 70s wednesday and thursday we're dry, more rain on friday. >> i'm mark murray of n news. >> and i'm carrie dann. >> after all the polls, the tv ads, campaign attacks and theon bilspent, election day 2018 finally herived. >>ain story we're watching is control of congress with democrats needing a net of 23 pickups to win the house and a net o two ckups to win the senate. up for grabs is which party controls the important investigative and intelligence committees ahead of 2020 and special counsel robert mueller's findings. >> we'll also be watching which partywins governors mansions and state legislatures across the country. another important storyline, the year of the woman. with scores of femaleandates and fired-up female voters, who could decide the election. and hovering over all of it
9:24 am
is president trump whose job approvalating has been in the 40s, a danger zone for the party controlling the white house. >> but he's embraced it being a referendum on him which has cr ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time.
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get free games with twitch prime... and get fast, free shipping on over one hundred million items. switch to fios gigabit connection, with the fastest speeds available, plus tv, and phone for just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee and a 2-year agreement. plus, get a year of prime and and echo on us. get fios, the fastest internet in the us. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. go to today. thousands of people rallia in s capital to mark the 39th anniversary of the u.s. embassy takeover.
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prosters burned u.s. and israeli flags. back in in the 79 iranian students stormed the embassy of the islamic revolution, taking 52 americans hostage for mor than 4 turks days. the u.s. caught off diplomatic reln nsatpor i nses re storm hit the area. many homes have been taken a hall of throughout the region. one says he'd likely to be alive. >> with where we would have our house watching television, that's where the tree is right now. if we didn't follow the warning, we'd all be dead. >> good thing he paid attention. >> let's take a live look at you look at the potomac. a bit of]ey: haze. there is fog earlier today but the leaves are changing, a
9:28 am
autiful day shaping up. autiful day shaping up. lauryn does have rain inethck nh z2x54z z16fz
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y2x54y y16fy
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deadly violence at a northeast gas station takes a grim turn afterunfire breaks out. soldiers arriving at the border as the migrant caravan continues to move through mexico but a failed dl south of the border could actually slow that
9:31 am
massive group heading to the u.s. a lot of amazon buzz is morning. a new report says some realat es listings could be a sign that amazon may be getting ready to make a big announcement in arlington county. >> how about that news? >> everody is talki about. >> it alexa, are you moving to crystal city. i want to wake up evybody's alexa. >> stop saying that. >> good morning, i'm adam tuss. >> i'm adam culver in for angie goff. we veuryn ricketts and also doug kammerer. we want to learn about the sunday whforecast. have you got, lauryn? >> it couldn't be better weather r the activities today. plenty of sunshine. temperatures below normal. we'll top out in the mid to
9:32 am
upper 50s. so you'll need the sunglasses. we have blue the day.oughout your monday/tuesday, that's when things start to we'll have r moving in for so you day and tuesday want to have that umbrella and the rain jacket but maybe shorts as well. not that warm today but at least we'll be dry, plenty of sunshine thanks to high this is w coming our way as we head into your monday and tuesd tuesday. right now 50 degrees at reagan national airport. much lighter wind than y'terday. talk about that and we'll talk about the fall foliage repor report. >> runners are running and walking to raise money for lung cancer research.
9:33 am
it's for john llunggivti's brea deep research. >> so happy t together with you guys. the three amigos right there. >> the bro show. this t has grown every yeare this is the 10th anniversary for lungevity. what does it mean to you, to lungevity to breathe deep d.c.? >> this event is amazing and it bringtythe lung cancer commun together. it means so much to our survivors. for a lot of themt's the first time they meet other survivors. for them to meet one another and
9:34 am
see the support means the world to them. mo importantly over the last ten years this event is closing in on raising $3 million. >> $3 million! [ cheers and applause ] and because of that we're able to fund research and programs and gosh just the research that has been developed over the last ten years has been amazing so it's not too late to donate. go to lungevity.orgd support the cause today and we're so thankful for everyone being here. >> and it's a great day for a walk. greta cruz, come over here.t greta, ver here. she was about to give somebody a
9:35 am
hug. this is one of our survivoogs. you may rze greta cruz, she's been living with it for a long time. you're dealing with it right now. >> i'm back in treatment but i'o g well. six and a half years out so it's just a real pleasure to be here and i have a great team this year. so glad to see you ain. >> wouldn't miss it for the world. >> cometh down us at 10:30, we're walking. >> give greta our love, doug. >> thanks, guys. >> check back in with you a bit. ws> in the meantime, an update to a breaking story we brought you yesterday morning t a shooting in northeast. this h00ppened at 6 in the morning on brentwood road. police say when they arrived at the scene they found 68-year-old nazir ahmad shot several times. he died at the hospital. right now the cross-examinati red cross is
9:36 am
trying to help dozens of fks apartment fire in reston. this is becon tr fee lane. te started in someone's kitchen, 30 people without a place to stay. the thousands of troops president trump ordered to the border are creangbarriers, putting up barbed wire and fencing and this is an effort to keepf migrants out the united states. they're the first wave of up to 15,000 troops that the president hopes will help secure the southern er. the closest group of the three migrant caravans is still an estimated 700 miles away from the u.s. border. their journey is expected to be even slower after a mexican state governor suddenly pulled his offer of buses to help. ready for the ads to end?ng getcloser. the midterm elections are this tuesday and more than 30 million americans have cast their
9:37 am
ballots. early voting numbers have eclipsed the totals from the 2014 midterms. friday was the last day of in-person absentee voting. selection officials say more than 73,000 people have voted early in fairfax aunty. your go to source for decision 2018.ha wee a team of reporters and experts who will be working with you e onection day. tune in at 7:30 tuesday night for an nbcon 4 elec special right after "nbc nightly news." then we'll have the early results as polls close. the esupd will be pouring in throughout the evening all the way through news 4 at 11:00. >> a lot going on. a tip led d.c. police to shut down an illegal marijuana party. take a look at what officers found inside the heads up barbershop friday night. they confiscated fskbrars full marijuana as well as a loaded gun. police arrested 17 people at the
9:38 am
shop on new york avenue in northeast. charges include possession with tent to distribute and possessing an illegal firearm. police say an officer was assaulted during the arrest. selling smarn a cri ining marijt private recreational use is allowed. in a matter of days we cou learn more about amazon and their attempts to find their second headquarters in our area. >> the "washington post" reporting amazon is in advanced talks with discussions to move to our area. here's what the report says. the talks are more detailed than the discussions the company has had with other suitors. >> crystal city has seen a
9:39 am
renaissance with a strong corporate, commercial residential presence. now speculation rises it could be the home to amazon's new headquarters. residents and patron are talking. >> it's a good reputation, they blend nicely with the corporations that are here. >> reporter: hints merged crystal city might the spot. vacant buildings and properties once for sale c quietlye off the market and sources tell the "washington post" -- also owned by amaz own jeff bezos -- hat high-leveled a vanced negotiations are afoot. so the winds of change could be blowing. >> change is the only constant. >> great idea. definitely a great location. >> reporter: also could bring as many as 50,000 jobs and the attendant revenue to the area. folks in cstal city worrying about congestion and other issues. >> housing costs will increase. >> reporter: last week, virginia governor ralph northam told virginia 4's bureau chief julie carey that the state has shown
9:40 am
amazon four locations in northern >> whether amazon chooses virginia or not, we have done everything that i think we can to offer them a good package. >> still, pe get excited about the good things should amazon land crystal city. >> i think it's good. i think it's great. great for the community. jobs. could come as soon as the end of this year. this crystal city, derrick ward, news 4. there's more access to tech knees days than ever before. but a digit d divides exist. ahead on news 4 today, leon harris on the local group hoping harris on the local group hoping ha bridge t
9:41 am
announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should betu overrned and the state should decide it." .announcer: that's rig comstoc a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood, 6 timmiting women's access to contraception. and comstock votes with trump ninety eight percent of the time. a woman's right to choose. jennifer wexton for congress. dependence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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everything we do resolves o around tecgy. from phones in our pockets to the computers at our desk. >> it can be tou for adults who can't afford these devices to embrace this digital age.
9:43 am
>> but thankfully for the last 21 years, a group called bite back has been helping people understand comput heivacontr that's why they are th week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: tod denese johnson is heree called b back. >> i had to meet certain requirements to continue getting my benefs and that's what put me at byte back. >> the information she learned here has changed her life. >> i am the e-commerce project lead for the >> reporter: the same goes for bernadine ramsey. >> the way they talked, the way they held my hand, through resume preparations to my classes. >> reporter: byte back teaches doadults how to everything on a computer -- no step is too small. >> we believe everyone should have enough ch skills soat they can fully participate in
9:44 am
society. >> they offer free classes that learning rything from elev w to send an e-mail to fixing software programs. every lesson is conducted in person. students prefer that approach. >> i have to be in a classroom, present, focused, with an actual teacher in front of me to help me to move forward. > and my instructor, he was so positive and he saw my potentiar and heally -- i felt like he ivested. >> thatestment pays off. >> our students gduate and move into a job, they're making $24,000 a year more than they were before they were coming to byte back. >> byte back has so many success stories. >> we had a student last year living in a storage unit and would be here at our dors at 7:00 a.m. because he couldn't be in the storage unit. and he now is working in i.t. >> reerter: bernads proud of the example she's setting for
9:45 am
her daughter. >> she knows i'm moving forward. >> and denice says she's found he purpose in life. >> i never go into the idea with anything that i'm going to ma money. it's the idea of how can this help someone else? >> byte back won a grant that will allow them to offer classes in if you would like to learn more about byte back and the free nbasses they offer, we have a link in our washington app. let's look outside right now on this sunda morning. the flag flapping in the breeze station.union sun is up. will it get cold and windy and rainy later this week? we'll check in with lauryn when .e come back this is not a bed.
9:46 am
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z31blz z10rz
9:48 am
y31bly y10ry halloween has c and gone and we had fun, maybe took pictures of the kids dressed upr in th costumes. >> did that. watched them eat candy. but dressing ap isnways possible for children with disabilities. >> news 4's chris lawrence sho us how a company called magic wheelchair -- this is cool -- made thele impossossible for a manassas teen this year. >> reporter: you can't just snap your fingers to make magic, there's spells and substitute
9:49 am
for sweat. just ask briancnulty who is building a jeep for m a 15-year-old kid, a quadriplegic. >> this is the door hinges. reporter: the costume is made of phone thatits on a pram. it has to fit around the while chair. >> you'll meet dmechb a second but spending the heartest part of putting all this together.ked but spending the heartest part of putting all this together. >> it's not just any jeep, it's the jeep from jurassicouark. >> youldn't believe how many screen shots i have. >> we built this specifically for caregivers to be able to walk into.
9:50 am
>> kevin. look at that. that's for you. >> it'set hard to a costume for him to enjoy halloween. >> reporter: chris lawrence, news 4. >> veruf cool >> what an awe? looking jeep.
9:51 am
>> it's coming our way and the cold air, we're already into november. we've got to have some chillier conditions coming oury. >>at tempes are rising let's talk about the fall foliage finally those leave turned. we have moderate color into west virgin
9:52 am
virginia. this might be one of the last days you hav to see this because we have rain chances and breezy conditions we're up to 50 degrees. college park ingt washn. annapolis 51. serve at the the 30s finally. sun goes down at 5:05. all sunshine out there today. this is our next system. this will be pulling through as we head through you monday and into tuesday. two punches hen . we have rmorrow and another chance of rain on tuday so.
9:53 am
temperatures only in the upper 50s to near 60s tomorrow. it should be gone by the evening commute more rain fortuesday's commu commute. temperatures will be 71 degrees. it will be could bring down sunny skies wednesday and thursday skies wednesday and thursday looking good h . beforewas attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh.
9:54 am
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the next sry might make your skin crawl. we know a little about rats around here in d.c. we have problem. but so does patie, francris, fr >> nbc's lucy cavanaugh has a look at what the city is doing about the rat ra >> reporter: paris, city of light, city of rats? the eiffel tower overrun by hungry rodents. rats nibbling outside notre dame. snacking along the champslysees. experts estimate there's two rats for every parisian. that's around four million rats. >> disgusting. >> gross. >> reporter: at france's oldest exterminator shop featured in the film "ratatouill business
9:57 am
booming. a lot of rats means a lot of business. the owner says construction projects and flood having forced rats above ground prompting a campaign to rid the streets of , rodents setting traps andkucourt litter bugs. but for this mayorit's not enough. he's launched an app to report rat infestation. a >> it's huge problem. >> reporter: a sine pair of rat cans make dozens of pups a year.s n make dozens of pups a year. >> i think rats in paris have a bum rap. >> reporter: alyssa also salzbu lives in pard she says rats may be doing more good than harm. >> they eat the trash we mak they ea what's left over from picnics people won't pick up themselves. >> some parisians love their furneighbors. animal rights tivists say extermination is plain wrong. "rats and humans"he says "have
9:58 am
to find a way to live together." nbc news, paris. >> i don't know. >> no. >> i don't know, man. >> that was too close. >> on the shoulder with the cheese. no. a live look outside at union a live look outside at union station.
9:59 am
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