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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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not be an excuse. >> rain is no excuse. >> news4 at 4:00 starts now. >> voters up and down the east coast getting soaked as they wait in line. >> the rain is final moving out giving you just enough time to cast your ballot if you haven't ready. >> we begin with our coverage. doug kammer standing by. just a soggy day to getro hout and do your civic duty. >> it was really coming down. a ltle earlier today. especially before the noon hour. we told you the best time to go would bee afternoon. after about 3:00, 4:00 and you can see the rains moving out in the area. behind it we're seeing some clearing skies. e will see a pretty nice sunset. you still see the rain in around and district,own toward fredericksburg but clearing toward the west. let's zoom into the d.c. metro
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area. the heaest rain over bethesda, chevy chase, making its way toward northeast portions of d.c. over toward, as well as chevy chase and down towardwa ington. coming right through the city and then making its way out. by e'tonight, looking better and tomorrow, we're looking at c really day sbooxt the day thursday. rain, oh, another area o rain returns on friday and the coldest air t. we're talking winter-like cold is in the forecast. i'll show when you that moves it in a ten minutes. >> and don't forget, you had the hour by hour forecast in your hands, in your pockets, or in your purse at all times. storm team 4 on the map. >> we're seeing unprecedented levels of voter interest. take a look at one potentialr.
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indica early voting. as of today, more than 38 million votes have been counted from early ballots. >> you compare last mid-term ballots. we've almost doubled this time around. voter interest high in every race across our area and across the nation. >> our team coverage begins with blayne alexander at eastern markets. twhat is like where you are? >> reporter: you know what? you guys talk about that voter interest and we are certainly seeing it here inoutheast d.c. you look at the crowd behind me. as a person who works at the polls, they have seenhe constant stream of people coming in since the polls opened early in the morning. bear in mind that more money has been spoenlt this mid-term election than any other in
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history. now it's time for the voters to decide. ? what are typically known as offyear elections, thiye , crowded precincts tell a different story. >> oh, this is the election you havefoo vote >> after a hard fought campaign, candidates starting the day t castingir own ballot. >> just get out and vote. >> i guess i can reveal that i cast a vote for myself. >> to northernin , republican barbara comstock fighting to keep her seat. >> we feel great. >> democrats looking for 23 seats the control the house. in the senate, two more seats. driving voters, immigratio a health car jobs. perhaps the biggest motivator, president trump. >> was trump aactor in your vote? >> absolutely. >> the first national rerendum on h time many office. >> this election will be a very important tell as to which direction america wants to go.
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>> at this precinct in tennessee, a power outage not t enou stop voters who cast their ballots in the dark. >> the batteries work on the machine. >> in a raceaking history even before the votes arecounted. >> reporter: so somewhere president trump this evening? well, he is at the white house. we're told that he has clehied schedule to watch these results come in. >> all right. wee all watching. the polls in virginia close at 7:00. that's earlier than other states. >> t congressional races could foreshadow how it unfol across the country. dave brat who upset the leader at the time, eric canter in 2014, he is trying to defend span berger. >> and barbara comstock is fighting hard for a third term againstocrat jennifer
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wexton. julie carey is live in ashburn to explain what's driving voter there. >> hey, guys. ese of the busiest places in the tenth cononal races. a house race in the national spotlight. rbara mstock trying to fend off her toughest challenge yet from democrat jennifer wexton. and we're talking to the voters. it seems the president and his policies, car quite a bit of influence. it's a northern virginia praise will help determine whether the house lookse to th democrats. barbara comstock out early casting hervote. in loudon county, jennifer wexton doing the same. many voters coming to the polls with that house race in mind. with the goal of democratic control to serve as a check on the president. >> republican party has not been a check and balance on president trump. they just go along everything
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with he says. so i tnk it is important that all voices are heard. >> reporter: another repeated se iment, voters fed one the toechb political discourse, blaming the president. >> do you teachids to get along, don't point fingers, don't say meanhings and the turn on the tv and see the leader of our nation doing exactly that. >> making sure the entire community has aic >> reporter: this couple supporting barbara comstock and other republicans on the ballot. they're pleased with the president's agenda and the thriving economy. >> i voted for barbara comstock. she is supporting the president's agenda and making our country better. >> i support the president. i think he did a great job. i think the e and thank god my children have a job. >> this polling place is extremely bus for a mid-term.
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i'll show what you it is looking ke. >> the west virginia virginia senate race. >> manchin is facing patrick morrissey. he has served as the top law enforcement officer since 2013 and he is a favorite of conservatives. manchin also trying to win over thos voters. he was the only senate democrat to voten favor of brett kavanaugh. the polls close at 7:30 tonight. >> stick around. we've got reporters spanned out l across the region including prince george's and montgomery counties for full coverage over the nextee hours right here. and a quick reminder, polls close at 7:30. we'll letou know whate learn as soon as we learn it rht
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here. some other headlines. flames tearing through a home in fairfax county. you see these picturesre giving a look just off braddock road. we're thld fire started in th back of the house. >> fire investigators still working to figure out what started the fire. >> two men killed in a horrible crash. pablo and prince arthur died last night when theirehicles slammed into a bus. a third person in the car was critically injured. meagan fitzgerald spoke to one of the cousins. >> he is a fun pern to be around. he was so nice. >> pablo's family said he could make anyone laugh. his cousin said pablo's 2-year-old son his greatest joy.
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>> he would put family before anything else. when he became a dad, that s hispriority. >> pablo was a mechanic at a local dealershipn wood bridge. his family said he left work last night and was driving two his friends home. they never made it. just after 8:30, prince william county police rushed there. pablo was speeding northbound when he lost control of his car, crossing over the median before slamming into a bus. the front end of his car ruced to mangled metal. police say pablo and his 19-year-old friend prince arthur died on scene. the back seat passenger is fighting for his life and now three families are left to grieve. >> don't have words to describe howainle it is. >> reporter: pablo's family has created a go fund me page. if you're interested, you can find more information on our nbc washington app.
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the rain was really coming down out there. >> i was loving it because the ool today.t have s sleeping in, some rain. the umbrellas were one thing. the umbllas mayot be enough because the rain was coming down pretty hard at times and that' exactly what was going on. we're starting to get the clearing. >> here's the rain that we've seen. first off, 60 degrees. wind out of th south at six
4:14 pm
miles an hour. nearly an inch around quantico. half a t inchard martinsburg. just a nasty tuesday across our reon. here is the rain. that's some really good news. here's the latest view showing the thrain heaviest around the baltire area. we are done t with rain for the day. that's very good news. behind that, we're seeing clearing skies. we will see a pretty nice sunset coming up about 45 minutes away. that sun is making its way down at 5:02. clear skies, nice mild temperatures. we get a crod and yet temperatures will go up.
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tomorrow'slanner starting at 52. a high of 65. that's a nice wednesday. so looking great fortomorrow. what we'll be seeing the next couple days, thursday, not so nice. we've got a high of 57. but still with a lot of sunshine, dng ay. late thursday into friday. we see the rain movek bn late thursday and then just plain rain on friday again. temperatures around 54degrees. 47 on saturday which rather breezy conditions. we're talking winds. 34. that could be the colde we've seen in the city.
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we're talking abo freeze for sure sunday and then more rain. rain late on monday. into the day on tuesday. with a big storm that comes through. and this sto a game changer. bringing in the first real winter-like weather. in the city, we could see windchills in the 20s. that pattern requesting from mild tomorrow to cold. >> we won't be complaining about standing in line in the rain today. >> ready or not, here it comes. >> let's get tdecision 2018. this ing for sure, mid-term will be historic. >> there are two women candidates and that's just part of the reason.
4:17 pm
>> women are behd t changing politics in america. what are you watching for tonight? is this going to be the year of the woman? >> i think there's a really strongchance. if 2016 was the year of a lot of the rura voter and the trump heter we were focused on. it seems counter action is with a lot of fired up icularly if suburban part of the country. in your nk of the woods. i look at the virginia ten race between bbara comstock and democrat jennifer wexton. in virginia, y go closer to hampton roads, to the virginia second congressional district and all of a sudden, you end up having another democratic woman who is running. outside of richmond, you have abigail besper. so you could have as many as three democratic women end up winning tonight in very tough districts.
4:18 pm
to me, even more than that, the voters themselves. we have to see what tonight gs brin. >> how might we see the rural versus suburban vote? >> yeah. we've actlly seen this kind of urban versus rural divide in this country. it certainly played out in the 2016 election. we saw play on the virginia gubernatorial race where now governor ralph northam did very well across the sta of virginia. republicans and ed gillespie doing better in theural parts. we'll see the same dynamic playing out where democts are favored batouty to do very well in theuburban districts. they are competing in some rural places. where they have a fighting chance twoirngs they even have a candidatekan al they're trying to compete everywhere. the places where i'm looong see have them having the biggest
4:19 pm
pick-ups were places that were nry close 2016, or that hillary clinton won, we really very close the suburban america. >> how likely is that it it will go their way? you would rather it be them. yo never know until votes come in. 2016 was an important reminder. it turned out to be more decisive than people saw it. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a surprise or two coming our way this evening. nflt thank you. we'll see you. >> tonight, you get an all access political pass inside a room few people have seen. >> without a special i.d., you
4:20 pm
can't get beyond this. this is the decision desk. i've never been allowed in here before. it is the beating heart of our election coverage. tonight on "nightly news," we'll show you what goes on inside. how the calls are made. >> stick around for an nbc 4 election special starting at 7:30. wel have the early results as polls begin to close with updates. >> one result is already in. toda we learn who won the confident title of sexie man alive. >> we'll tell hue else made the list. and hers the list. someoneur viewers know very well. >> plus, a big change could be >> plus, a big change could be coming
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>> plus, a big change could be coming (music throughout)
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hey! there you have it. being named the sexiest man alive. jimmy fallon making the big announcement tonight on the s tonighw on nbc 4. and he is already taking advantage of his new title and his new platform. we're here to talk about it all. >> the sexiest man alive y want get out and vote. and he was named sexiest man, i agree with th. >> what is more important is thatou vote in the mid-term elections. >> he is a british citizen. is he t? >> have you heard him speak?
4:25 pm
>> als. peopled him a sweet smoldering super star. another guy we recognize on that list is news4 alum and "today" show anchor, craig melvin. yes! what do you sexy leon? >> yeah. craig, if you happen to hear me say that, he's smolde >> way to go, bro! >> you're looking at good deals you can make if you're heading to the polls. what have you heard? >> cam bike share, uber, and lyft, are all offering free and discounted trips to the polls. some of the a companies offering paid leave for employees. that's amazing.
4:26 pm
dozens are offering food and discounts so save those coins. >> since you brought up food, we have to talk aboutthis. >> if you're interested in having turkeyn a can -- >> for a limited time, pringles is offering thanksgivinged flavchip. turkey, stuffing and pumpk pie. you can only buy them online and i'm recommending you eat the turningy and stuffing together. so that's like a little meal. >> and then the fourth flavor called regret. >> thank you. >> you try it and come back and tell us aboutit.o
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innovation health medicare advantage call today to learn more and we'll send you a $10 visa thward card o obligation to enroll. or visit us online at ihmedicarcom/2019 tracking today's mid-term elections. polls remain a few more hours. >> amazon's apparent split decision on this election day. the company talked about their headquarters. and showers are moving out for those still needing to head out to th polls. >> all right. >>bl voters will be to put
4:31 pm
those away. >> still seeing the rain once again, an incredibly rainy day. yes, the rain is moving out. nothing now in frederick, we will not see any me rain. you see that rain, l thee around the woodbrid ea.r >> o an inch of rain, it has been an extremely rainy time. >> we're setting records here. >> i posted this on our facebook page. you know exactly what i was
4:32 pm
about. we've had so much rain across the area talking about your sump pumpsnd forcing the impact. take a so in 2018, it is the sixth wettest year on record. we're almost at 56 inches of rain this year. heat's 20 i above normal. number one in 1889 with 61.33 inches. we only need about five and a half more inches. we'll continue to chiselwa at our rainfall. we've had about two inches of rain. we saw about three quarters of an inch of rainfall. if the rain was snow, we wou a be talkiut almost two feet of snow across the area.
4:33 pm
we have more rain in the forecast on imply that means by friday, we've hit our average amount of rain for november. today, only november 6. sofar, i reached out to transportation reporter saying, how has this maktd transportation in the area? and he said withll the rain absolutely miserable commutes. personally compared to recent times and recen memory. people are talking about how big the impactt has had not j lately but overall on those outdoor sports. and what does all this water and this wet weather and this kind of stormy pattern mean for our winter is this well, doug will be breaking that down with the winter weather outlooking coming up on monday. we'll have all the latest on what you can expect for this winter. >> thanks.
4:34 pm
decision 2018. one of the most important mid-term elections in recent memory. >> tracee wilkins is live outside a voting destination bowie where people are voting. >> oh, yeah. we've been seeing crowds all across the county west started in college park and then made our w to bowie. and earlier this morning, there were a lot of people at the polls. large numbs. we're seeing a steady stream. had early voting that noubled during the mid-term. peopleupport is of and opposing president trump. >> i thought it was a ltle
4:35 pm
hard t trust a certain party now so i thought it would be in maryland's best interesok to to a democratic governor. >> he has been the middle of the line. he's done a lot more baltimore and the veterans. >> i'm a public school teacher and we ar all behind ben alous. when you're standing on the street, do you get a mixed bag of people who are both for hogan and also for jealous. the polls are saying that there is a double digit lead and it could be pretty tight from our little sampling polling. it does seem like this will be a pretty tht race. >> by most accounts, turnout at the polls is impressive.
4:36 pm
what's driving voters to cometh out irain? >> i voted because it is part of my civic responsibility to do >> so. want to save the environment and democracy. >> illegti immig under control. continuation of the supreme court justices. >> and i'min v because my voice needs to be heard. >> i want to make aifrence for me and my future children. >> there is still time for you to vote. fi p yourling place by opening the nbc washington app and search polling place. next at 4:00, a symphony of soul suspended. >> the marching band coming to a halt after charges of hazing. and energy drinks, you're and energy drinks, you're drinking them to stay alert but
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a lot of you folks had to u grab yourellas before heading out to the polls. that rain is finally moving out just in time for the results of the mid-term election to start rolling in. our team ce continues through 11:00 p.m. tonight. >> and this just in. we're getting a first look at pop star demi leaveatto in more than three months. she posted this fok instagram ying she isime to vote. it looks like she went to her polling station earlier today. she got out of rehab earlier this wk after an apparent drug overdose. no bail for the mailman accused of sending mail bombs to democrats. prosecutors say he is a danger to the public a andlight risk. the judge appointed a public offender to defend him.
4:41 pm
he is accused of seconding mail bombso hillary clinton, barack obama, and other democratic donors. georsoros, for example, i know what other critics of president trump. new developments surrounding the u.s. gymnastics team. the committee is now moving to revoke usa gymnastics status as the governi body. t major move. now the lat fallout from the massive search abuse scandalg involv larry ss. the chief executive of the olympic committee said you deserve better. adding that the challenges are more than capable of overcoming in its current form. >> we are working for your health with a warning that energy drinks. while they sure may give you a jolt, energy drinks may magnitude your heart function. researchers looked at healthy dical students in their 20s after drinking a 24 ounce energy
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drink. the students' blood vessels shank significantly. the smaller the vessels, the harder your heart has to work to pump your blood. the evidence will be presented soon in chicago. a bit of a curveball this week from amazon. >> yes. >> a split decision that is promised for hq2 is more like an hq2 out of 3. one company says it is making a major promise. and here's a che on the radar. still tracking showers east of i-95 with clearing to the west. as the rain move out, what does that mean for tomorrow? into the weend. you're still out therecha.
4:43 pm
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we're looking at election night and how your votes could impact the balance of power in washington moving forwar here's a look at the current balance of power in the u.s. houmts. the gop has 235 seats. the democrats have 193. now on paper it doesn't seem to be an impossiblede we've listed about 100 gop seats as vulnerable and t democrats could pick up the magic 23 by winning 25 in the distrts that hillary clinton carried in 2016. one of the onese're really watching is this one in district ten. while the early races we expect to get some information on, democrat jennifer wexton appears to bt barbara comstock. if this race is really close and it is not cealed y, that
4:47 pm
could be the sign of a bad night to come for the democrats. in the senate, democrats only need to pic two seats in general to gain the majority but those will be hard to b come because they have to pick them up in mostly republican states. nevada, arizona, ssouri, monday tan, a texas, indiana, tennessee, florida, and west virginia. democrats not only need to flip two of the red seats blu but have to hold to their blue seats in red state where they have incumbents like joe manchin inw virginia. it is possible but it won't be easy. they'll watch and see how things play out. news4 will beour go to source for decision 2018.ic raung for an election special right after nbc "nightly ws." and we'll have all the early results as the polls begin to close. so many of us have been watching the news about amazon's
4:48 pm
next headquarters. that's because crystal city was set to be the favorite to land the hq2 and the thousands jobs that would go with it. but it will be split between washington and new york city. iam tuss following this. >> reporter: crystal city and maybe exactly. nazon? >> it is a really interesng twist. >> reporter: the twist is that amazon is reportedly toward split its second headquarters between long island city in queens, new york, and crystal city, which of course is in arlington. jack mcdougal is the head of the board of trade. he said even half an amazoad arters here is better than nothing. >> bringing amazon in any form would be really helpful. bits the technology, the innovation, the international capital. >> reporter:ecause the deals to land amazon have been kept largely secret, we don't yet
4:49 pm
know what arlington was willing to giveup. >> lots of people commented that it would be better without using tax dollars. >> multiple reports including from npr and "the new york times" say this is essential lay done deal. a formal announcement is expected by the end of the year. in crystal city, news4. >> crystal city does get ait s in this hq2 thing. that could mean about 25,000 jobs. >> especially if you're going to drive through 50,000 people to get to where you want to get to. right now w would like to take some better what we've had all day today. >> enough with the rain.
4:50 pm
doug and amelia. turn it off and bring on the sun. when? >> she asked for rain earlier this year. i remember. if you like snow, we'll talk about it. if you did like the rain, we'll talk about it. we have another one out there riiday. >> more rainy and then maybe more rain monday and tuesday. >> did you see the shot? this is amazing. what a beautiful shot. yeah, we have the fall color. and look at these low clouds now. the sun beginning to evaporate the moisture in the trees. there looking nice out down into the 50s.
4:51 pm
now that we're seeing the sunshine and the clearing, really going to see a nic night. here's the rain to the south. charles thcounty. heaviest around the waldorf area, you can see it right al g along. the wider view showing the clearinghat we havehere. but we've got some changes the next couple days. tomoutow is nice then we start to see changes again thursday and friday. it will be a chilly day with temperatures only in the 50s thughout the day. normally our highs this time year. take a look with the rest workweek. by friday, well, you need grab that umbrella with rain potentlly all y. the most rain on friday looks to fall during afternoon and evening then for the weekend, at least it is dry. it is a chillyweekend. especially on sunday moheing.
4:52 pm
at bus stop, definitely jacket weather with temperatures for most of us in the 40s a low 50s in the district. on thursday, we're talking about 40s at the bus stop. on friday, light showers for the kids at the bus st. you do want to keep that in mind. taking a look ate whatknow. we're seeing 100% chance of rain on friday. possibly an all-day rain where we pick up another half inch t an inch of rain. more leaves will come down as the fall color is starting to show up in the metro area. the rain and wind that follows friday will bri the foliage down. that will lead to a chilly weeken at leahe dry weekend and then even cooler next week. >> not just cooler. cold. not tomorrow. pretty nice tomorrow. 57 on thursday. cooler there. friday, a high of 54. again, we've m got raint of the day on friday.
4:53 pm
especially to the northwest. chilly and breezy onrd sa. windchills in the low 40s. and look at next week. another storm monday into tuesday. and that brings in the cold. we're talking serious cold. highs only in the 30s next week. >> you can stop grinning. >> you've got your heavy coat. >> thankyou. bowie state university's marching band hits a sour note. >> coming up next, the band suspension amidst some serious allegaons of hazing. >> with a look ahead. >> we are working the day's big. st we're already setting some records in our area as americans show up to the polls to cast ballots in the mid-term elections. the are more than 150 races happening just here in our area. we've got coverage in the key
4:54 pm
races. plus on, this day we see the power of one's citizenship in action with americans going to the polls. >> we'll meet some of the country'sewest citizens. that includes this 106-year-old woman from virginia. >> incredible. the journey that was decades in the making for this woman. wa why i so important for her to take this step at this point in her le. >> you can bet she's not taking >> you can bet she's not taking her vote for gr
4:55 pm
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the music has stopped for students at bowie state university. echoes of hazing across the campus. >> students tell corey smith, they want the administration to reconsider the decision to spend the school's marching band. >> reporter: lele historically black colleges, when the halftime whistle blows at the
4:58 pm
bowie game, the real show starts. >> it's a band. i'm there for the music. talk to students and they'll tell you, the symphony of soul marching band is an integral part. >> it is the soul of our campus, literally. when they practice morning and o evening, everydy is looking out. >> reporter: today the eerie silence is the result of a hazing investigation. the university has not shared the details but says the allegations are serious and to continue, they areed suspe without notice. >> they work tirelessly. it really hurt me because continuing energy they bring to the school. >> reporter: students were notified in a campus wide e-mail. >> the band is hazing? >> reporter: now an effort is underway to get the band back.
4:59 pm
they have 4 signatures hoping to get it back. >> i don't feel the entire congregation should be punished for the actions of a handful of people. >> reporter: tonight, this suspension applies to the bandm the dance t and the color guard. while the university is doing its own investigation, we're told a law enforcement is not involved. on the lowby bowie state campusa i h voice and i would like it to be heard. >> ballots cast in what may be the most polarizing mid-term elections in decades. >> please .vo >> president trump driving the conversation. >> go out and vore a napublican congress, a republican sete. >> with control. house and the senate, up for grabs- >> oh my
5:00 pm
this is ele you have to vote for. > and key elections in our area. good evening. you finally made it after what felt like never ending onslaught of ads. the first local polls of 2018 will be closing in just about two hours. heree go. today marks a major test for a president who i


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