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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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developing all eafternoon. weoing to have updates as we get them. also, at 5:30,ite'll talk nbc about what the resignation meanith democrats now set to take control of the house of representatives. that's enough, put dow the microphone. >> sessions' departure cam hours after a wild and often contentious press conferen. the president going after members of the immediamedia andn his own party. we are in the ns room wit a closer look at that today. what a performance. >> what a press conference. the presidentea spoke fory an hour and a half, but when asked directly about possible staffing changings at the white house or cabinet, brushed them off. on several occasions, the a president wener the media. >> that's enough. that's enough. >> mr. president -- >> that's enough. that's enou. >> pardon me, ma'am -- >> that's enough. you are a rude terrible person.
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i'm not a big fan of yours eith >> i understand. >> sit down, plea. sit down. i didn't call you. i didn't call you. >> called yourself a nationalist. some saw that as emboldnd boldn white natucnalists -- >> a racist question. >> this is less than 24 hours after the midterm elections. the president praised republicans for pickups in the senate but poured salt on fresh wounds of some in the gop's >> barbara comstock was another one. i think she could have won the race, but she didn't want to have an brace. for that, i don't blame her. t she lost substantially. >> reporter: the president also said he believes nancy pelosi should be speaker of the houyi she works hard and deserves credit for what she's accomplished. wendy, t'leon, only
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wednesday. it's not even friday. >>t'eels like been a month since yesterday. >> > thanks. ll, we now know why some voters in prince george's county spent up to six hoursn line yesterday. anection officials blame h error. they say they underestimated the turnout and ran out of ballots. 38% eligible voters cast in the 2014 midterms, but 58% voted yesterday alone. we are ilargo with more on what went wrong. >> reporter: well, they are saying they overpredicted the number of people who would come out, butns still t out they did not have enough. they are calling this midterm ed unprted in terms of the number of people coming to the polls. that shows you how important it was to the voters of prince geor george's county. votersw want to knoat happened. long lines, hundreds of frustrated voters in prince george's county last night. news 4 confirmed more than a ac dozen polling in the
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county ran out of paper ballots, leaving people with no way to vote. >> 7:00 this morning, get here, thought we'd get out soon, get here, they run out of ballots, everyone's frustrated. >> we had a steady stream all the way, you know, all the way until closing time. >> reporter: at this elementary school, rebecca wilson called for help seeing theallots running low, but no help came until it was too late. >> they said, well, you might try contacting other polling places near you that u the same ballot style, but they didn'tell us who uses the same ballot style or how to contact them.>> eporter: eventually, wilson received additional ballots as well as others who ran out, but voters had to wait. >> it's been, rewhat, th four hours? >> reporter: some question if the ballot shortage was in efforto somehow suppress maryland's largest democratic voting block. >> here in prince george's county, there is no voter
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suppression. it was just human r:ror. >> reporhe board of elections says least night's turnout was unprecedented and exceeded all expectations and planning. >> we did use the allocation based on a presidential ection, but, unfortunately, we did fall short. comparison and i to the last midterm, participation nearly doubled this time i around, but preparation for that, they did not plan this based on midterm. they planned it based on the last presidential election. iney are s that now they are going to change how they decide how many ballots go to the polls based on what happened yesterday. recording live, back to you in the studio. >> yeah, change might be a good idea. thank you so much, tracee. wendy? three house seats inia virg flipped from red to blue, and for the first time in ecades, denials have more o virginia's congressional seats than republicans. at the center of it all, now congresswoman-elect, jennifer wexton. >> i think we need to fir and
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foremost dlimpb positive results and passonstituents legislation that makes their lives better so i think that's going to be my top priority in congress. >> a key factor in wexton's victory is hundreds of women who volunteered for her. women are a driving force in changing the northern virginia politicale. landscap the bureau chief met with rnlunteers today to find out what they lea about winning elections. >> reporter: kathyunast sy after three hours of d-t door-to-door canvassing. ee my knee and ankles are wrapped, and i've canvassing every weekend for months. >> reporter: last night, the payoff. jennifer wext is headed to congress and credits volunteers like kathy, many of them women, and the grassroots groups they represent for the victory. >> made it happen when you join moms demand action! >> reporter:d moms dem action members taking the day to relax
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and celebrate. >> we worked reallyhard, and so to see it come to fruition and have jennifer win, it was sntastic. >> reporter:e are common with the action, but after president trump was elec d, cindy realized she needed to do more to hit the streets, knock on doors, and she started last fall working f house of delegates candidate. >> and we won. it, wou know, it is uncomfortable, and i don't like knocking doors, but it works. it works, so as soon as we had that election last november, it was, like, okay, well, who is next? l right. jennifer's next. >> reporter: these women swroin hundreds ofer o volunteering on the campaign. this demand action group already talking about the next election. >> together, we're forming the group of wom and people are joining us every day to keep going. going.all going to keep it's not over yet, by far. >> reporter: in louden county, news 4.
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wexton said vice president biden called to thank her for being one of the first seats to flip. open the nbc washington app to learn more about the other women headed to the house. search "decision 2018." breaking news now, the university of maryland, two athletic trains have been fired from the football team. this coming after the death of rdan mcnair who died two weeks after collapsing during a rk woout. wes robinson and steve norwall are fired cause of how the case was handled. last week, the school cut t tie wi head football coach, and university president announced plans to retire. murdered while sitting in his house sipping milk watching television. tonight,ore than two years after someone shot and kille 83-year-old johan, and his family is making a new plea for answers. >> the impacts of his death is
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gut wrenching, life changing, and has left the famy with deep scars that just won't al. >> the reporter is in fairfax county with new details in the search for a ki >> reporter: the tranquility of the river, this is what drew johan and his wife to their dream home after a career as an economist with the imf, t 83-year-old was active from kayaks on the water to seeing the week before his murder. >> window broken open. bullets all over the inside of the house >> reporter: m11th, 2016, wife called 1, someone shot her husband multiple times as he sat in the living room. this sudden loss crushing loved ones. >> our family, there will always be an empty chair at the dinner table. an aching absence, a constant
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reminder of a deep, deep loss. >> reporter:tonight, the latest family speaking for the first time since his murder. they are still trying to answer the questions, who wouldurder him? and why? >> we just simply can't come up with anything. >> reporter: police searched the water and neighboood for days. no weapon. no suspect. no motive. one possible clue? a neighbor noticing a dark pickup truck in the area at the time of the shooting. >> the vehic was seen traveling up mallard road at a high rate of speed. it did not have it lightson, black in color or dark gray. >> reporter: police are not sure if it's connected to the crime. more than two years after he war mu inside his home, leads in the case have run dry. the detectives are asking for help, and the family is offering reward. >> please, help sous. body somewhere knows something. >> reporter: a family coping not only with the sudden loss, but so unanswered questions.
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in rginia, davidculver, news 4. >> if you know anything about thell case, 866-411-tips. there is a $25,000 reward fn informateading to an arrest. an eye in the sky for a local law enforcement. ahead, the police department now using drone technology to keep you safe and cut down on crime. a day afterinning a second term as d.c. mayor, bowser has a pot proposal and why she says 's the right time to legalize the sale of marijuana. how one local police department is working to change minds about mental health and save lives, too. clouds across the area today, rain moves back into forecast, and i'll show you which day has the best chance of rain and when the coldeally
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when a police officer or firefighter is killed in e line ofty, it dominates the headlines. >> when a first responder dies by suicide we rarely reprot it toct the person's privacy. we are here to tell you what a lol police department is doing to try to stop the climbatg suicide among the people who protect us. >> reporter: wendy, the surprising fact is suicide claims more police and firefighters' lives than any dangers they face every day on the job. tonight, the fairfax county police department is trying to
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make a difference with a powerful video featuring the area's bravest, talking openly about their own mental health battles iopes of changing minds and encouraging others to get help. ♪ >> well, in january of 2017, i almost lost my husband. >> reporter: meg has been in law enforcement for 14 years. that experience as a fairfax county police officer helped her realize something was nottuite right home. >> i saw the change in him, his eyeschanged, body changed, his voice changed. memorieser: haunted by as a combat veteran in afghanistan, her husband, ec provo, started having flashbacks and nightmares and trouble sleeping, but he never reach f out help. >> i was worried about losing my oscurity clearance, worried aboutg my job, so i just kept it to myself. >> reporter: eric says he suffered in silence for almost a decade and began a second career as a fairfax county firefighter
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after retiring from the. milita then came the moment that changed his life forever. >> the best way to put it isup just my ran over. it just got wrestling with thes demons . i just got irrational, and i felt that if i take my own life, then i no longer suffer and she no long eveer suffersen >> made a co to our friend that i wouldn't have to deal with him anymore. an i knew. that he was suicidal. >> i took my pistol, went car, and i drove off to a secluded area and sat there contemplating shooting myself until the next morning, and she devine intervengtion or rational thought, but i thought about her a my daughter, and i realized that, you know, i needed to get help, and i wanted to live. >> reporter: eric started treatment the very next day and continues going to therapy for r
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post-traumatics disorder, it's something fairfax county police chief has been candid about too. >> i see a counselor, and i'm a human being. this profession and life in general is something that complicates our day-to-day decision making.rt unately, as first responders, we are seeing horrific scenes over and over again, and, also, dealing with the stress of people that are just having the worst day of their lives. >> reporter: the numbers are alarng. lastyear, more police officers and firefighters dd by suicide than all line of duty deathsmb ed. first responders are five times more likely to suffer from ptsd and depression than civilians. the chief is trying to change that by speing openly about his own ptsd. >> i see a doc every couple weeks to coach me and how to be
5:17 pm
the best i can be, you know, ptsd is not just about combat vets. it's life in general for everybody. cumulatively, life stress sores add up and one day they come up and bite you. it's just liken injury. we have to get ourselves well. >> reporter: he wants first responders to k nw they are alone. that's why he started showing this raw and emotional video at all police station roll calls back in january. >> i felt it's time that my little world waub much better off without me in it. >> ourur bodies, minds were not built tond withstand a hold all wend see endure on a daily basis. c like going through fire. you're going toe out stronger or you're going to melt. it's difficult to watch. it's the reality of first responders telling their mental health battle stories and how they continue to fight daily to maintain their wellness.
5:18 pm
>> i mean, i think everybody, every day, you know, has ups and downs, and for him as the chief the department toome forward and say, hey, look, even i have problems, i think that's akge, and it a huge statement, and i think others should follow the example he set. >> reporter: eric and meg believe the chief opened the doors to saving livings, and they are grateful to join him. >> so, for me, if shares my story prevents one person, one first responder from getting to the point where i was, it's a win. if it gets people to realize that it's okay to ask for help and ignore the stigmas because there's better stigmas, we make more out of them than what we are, then i'll tell my story every day. >> reporter: tt video has been shown at fairfax police station roll call sinceanuary and
5:19 pm
first responders we spoke with say they think it's already saved lives. at 6:00, f hearm the virginia state police sergeant who you saw brieflyn the piece, his first public comments since his wi, nicole, a firefighter, died by suicide two years ago. really proud of all of those -- all of those first responders d the chief for talking openly about their own challenges. >> because we need to hear that because we need to let people know it's okay. >> it's okay. >> and it's ioortantsk for help. >> it's normal. >> help works. >> uh-huh, right. >> how tough it is, he knew he was doing the right thing by sharing the story, he was still having agh time talking about it, although he knew it thing. right >> more to come at 6:00. >> great, look forward to that, thank yo >> great story.u so if e or no someone who is depressed and dealing with thoughts of suicide, there is help out there, list of local
5:20 pm
resources on our website, search "changing minds." locked door to an emergency room led to a woman's death. laura had called 911 from her car just outside the hospital near boston, and what should have been a quick response took ten minutes. in an exclusive interview with husband said she knew she was dying from her asthma attack. >> the entire emergency response system failed her. our entirehc emergency heae system failed her. from the momt laura dialled 911 on the cell phone, pinged in theng w location. everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. >> there's going to be much more on laura's story and about red flags with the emergency response systemonight on nbc b0htly news at news 4 at 6:00> illion merger save you money? just ahead, how cbs is using its deal with aetna to reimagine
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health care. tracking a return of rain and colder temperatures in the forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back. ou in are working for the community with the final document shred for t year. saturday, from 8:00 to 11:00 in the morning at fedex field in landover, there's a four box maximum, shredding is the maximum, shredding is the easiestay to prevent w here's to the stair takers, maximum, shredding is the easiestay to prevent w breakfast makers, c stnters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers
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we're going to be adding the record year of rain here or what? >> yepou >> we got . >> i know. >> we got the amount. we can say stop, can't we? >> we could, but we have two months left and quite a bit in the way of storms. it's a stormy pattern. does it continue into the winter? >> ofoy in another . >> absolutely right, wendy, and that forecast is coming up, of course, on monday, and we'll have that for you. out there right now, though, it's a nice we saw high temperature of 66. that came just after 11:00. we saw sun ear, and then the ouds quickly moved in, clouds in the afternoon, and current temperature at 60 wisconsin south at 5 miles per hour, but really nice evening.57 n frederick, 58 in fredericksburg. 55 in herdon.
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couple showers really sprinkles on the radar, not much is hitting the ground. in frederick, you may have ank or two. all of this because of the storm system to theat south. elped to produce a lot more cloud cover in the region today, but here's the storm, all the rain into georgia, some strong to severe there, too, this passes to the south, and that maintains the area down to the a southfar as rain is concerned for us. we're watching the temperatures. i mean, look at these, 64 in raleigh, 39 in chicago, and new orleans at 76. we are seeing the battle between cold air to the north, warm airt south, and then we get a surge of warm air, but cold air comes back, and then the warm air, the cold air. that's w it we hadthe last couple days. next couple days come in with the cold air, really moving jui in time for the weekend, but tomorrow, cooler, but still not bad. sunshine dearly, 49rees at the start. many of you in the suburbs, upper 30snd 40 chilly start. 53 at noon. that's nice. 57y 4:00. oking at partly to mostly
5:26 pm
cloudy skies,nc cloudsase tomorrow. that moves in on friday. a high temperature of 54 degrees, 100% chance of rain, upwards of a half inch to inch of rain friday, and it's most of the day, although, g out friday night rk, it may end for dinn saturday is breezy, a little bit of a wind chill, and just about everybody below o freezin sunday morning, and a very cold start, even in the city, we could get down toee ng, so we're watching that, but i think a much better chance. we g to 49, there's the winter outlook monday. we go back with the warm air as the storm systemoves up the coast, bringing us a lot of rain on tuesday, and then really changing the weather pattern and brings in theg older air. gor a high of 42 here, nice and warm to the south, cool airbu to the north and west the cold air really comes n and, yes, you may hear this is a piece of the polar vortex comes in late next week so temperatures are below average by 20 degrees, and that will the stage for very cold air. coldest air of the season, possibly first freeze of the
5:27 pm
city in we don't get it sunday, and wind chills in the 20s. especially early on wednesday morning. we see on the cold side all t way through next thursday and . friday more on this thursday and friday, that's at 5:45. >> thank you. the change or adjustmentwen in congress leda to new proposal in the district. just ahead, what thes mayorment to do with the pot laws. and continuing coverage of our top story, with the resignation of jeff it hasn't always been easy, has it? ♪ there have been days when you doued yourself. ♪ and days when you were ready to quit. ♪ but yodidn't. ♪
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. even before the dust settled from the 2018 midterms, news from the white house, jeff sessions out as attorney general. >> his resignation comingt the president's request, comes as we are poised for a shift of power here in washington. republicans held the senate and expanded the majority there, and in the house, democrats poised to tak control for the first time in eight years. >>l may not have been aue wave, but two years after the women's marches in washington and elsewhere, the next congress will include morthan 100 female lawmakers, many democrats, and they include several first native americans, im, and the youngest house member ever. >> and it's women who held the democrats expand the reach in virginia, flipping three congressional districts.
5:31 pm
>> in annapolis, they spoke of a vision of unity. >> a lot of handshaking and good cheer last night with governor hogan telling chris gordon what message last night results sent to president trump andt he plans to do in the next term. [ applause ] >> reporter: republican governor hogan says he was re-elected surviving maryland's heavy democratic voter turnout in part because he reaches across the aisle and keeps his distance from psident trump. >> we had president trump said the election should be abo him, although he's not on the ballot, and in marylanha that's whatened, repudiation of the president. >> reporter: in the second term, hogan says he'll make more progress on the things he's been cused on since first elected. >> we're going to work for more accountability in the schoolem sy be continuing to work on environmental issues in the bay. we're going to try to get tax cuts and continue to work on jo . >> reporter: maryland senate president mike miller says the democratic majority in the general assembly should get
5:32 pm
credit for many of the accomplishments governor hogan claims as his own. t >> he ran on laws we passed. the people love what we have done on education. they love what we did on health eare. they love what did with the environment. >> reporter: this summer, hogan becomesth chairman o national governor's association. >> i think you might see the vernors of both parties weighing in on trying to influencehings that happen or don't happen in washington. >> reporter: governor hogan w asked if he has aspirations ton or national office. he replied, i have not thought about that. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news 4. the governor says the republican party has to take a look at itself. mr. han says voters want to see civn ity and comnse in washington. well, one day after being reelected to a secondterm, one of the first things that d.c. mayor bowserments to do is legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. for more than three years, it's been legal to smoke pot i d.c., but not to buy it.
5:33 pm
the only way to get it is to grow your o or have someone give it to you or get it through ensary. that's because congress blocked the district from regulating marijuana sales. with the democrats taking control of the hou in yesterday's election, bowser sees an opportunity to change that la >> that we have a situatione in th district that i believe makes us unsafe. for as long as we have the ability to possessmarijuana, r law, we also need the ability to procure marijuana legally, which we don't have now. >> reporter: becauser plans to submit new legislation to the counsel next year and hopes this time congress will not interview. ow let's look at what jeff sessions being forced out could mean for the russia vestigation, and how a house controlled by democrats will affect president trump going forward. earlier today, he addressed the fa that democrats will now be able to subpoena him.
5:34 pm
we can play that game, but play it better. we have the thing called the united states senate. >> this is not a game. it's about accountabilitand transparency. this is about what the constitution mandates that we do. >> that was maryland congressman who likely will be the chair of th oversight committee. joining us with more insight on what to see in themooming h is nbc intelligence and national security reporter, ken delaney, sitting here, and not in a box in capitol hill. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> untangle this. president trump, the justice department comes under the executive branch, so how much control over his decision n getting rid of sessions and bringing in matthew whitaker to replace him acting. how much control does anyone have over the president in this regard? >> everyone recognizes the president picks his attorney
5:35 pm
general and the relationship was poisoned, but democrats are concerne that this is an attempt to impede the robert mueller special counsel russian investigation because matthew whe aker m bones questioning the legitimacy of the investigation and now he's in charge. fore sessions was rescued, rosenstein was in charge, and no whitaker is in charge of the investigation. mueller reports to him for budget issues. some people cl ts obstruction of justice in plain sight because they are worried the guy puts the k bosh on whatng done. >> they have been ghquestioned, >> he was the chairman of the iowa campaign for treasurer of a man named sam clovis, he was a witness,, trump campaign ai interacted with the people interacting with russian agents. >> go ahead. >> now -- >> well what is -- he also made some comments on the air, and it
5:36 pm
was no big deal. who wouldn't take the meeting? >> said anyone would take the meet bg, meetingween a russian lawyer offering incriminating information on hillary clinton, and the president's son, or then id cae's son, donald trump jr., and most people who worked in campaigns would not take the meeting, but calli.he it's a foreign government saying here's the dirt on your opponent. the acting attorney general said that was legitimate. >> before the vote was called, we heard talk of democrats going for mr. trump's tax records. >> that's >> today in the press conference said, well, you investigate me, i'll investigate you. how do we see that in the view of many, that's seeming like the president threatening to t use justice department as a political weapon. >> deeply concerning threat in light of today's ws, but before this, i wouldn't have thought much of it because the justice department was not doing what trump wanted it to do, but now we have a man sympathetic to
5:37 pm
trump. democrats taking the house, there's going to be oversight, and they have every right to as and there's issues of child separation at the border, corruption, and issue isd trump using the presidency to enrich himself, and those guys have power. there's nothing donald trump can do about that. >> so good to see you. >> good to be wit you guys. >> i wish we could talk for a half hou like onmsnbc. come back. >> any time. thanks a lot. >> appreciate it. look for all latest ahead here this evening on "nightly news" at 7:00 here after news 4 at 6:00. there are disturbing details about a hazing scandal at a local high school. the new message from school eaders as five students are charged. and one stop shopping, changes at local drugstoreshat coul t d you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect hoitday gift. aneels even better when you find it for less -
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5:41 pm
pill for cattle that is designed to ease the offensive odors in the pastures. >> okay you can finish reading this. >> you want me to? i please. >> i got from here. the drug is called exterior. that's why you didn't want to readththat. controls the amount of ammonia released in manure. not only some of the stink, but it cuts the ammonia cuts atmospheric haze. >> atmospherichaze? >> out of your system now? >> yes. my allergiallergie over in ash burn, eredskins look to rebound after f ap against the falcons. >> speaking of things that stink -- ha-ha -- we report as the skins visit the buccaneers bucking up now after devastating injury ws. >> reporter: back in practice today, just two days after learning three key players will be out the rest of the year. new guys are trying to get up to
5:42 pm
speed while the team looks to bounce back against tamp anotherough test for the defense. the buccaneers lead the league in passing the quarterback, smith, says he needs to play better, but the team does not need to change the game, just adjust with all the injuries. >> it's an answer of going aouut doing job. i got to be accountable. i got to hold up my end. do my job better. a little bet if they take that mentality, we're all right. >> hear from the redskins and how they plan to move on at 6:00. from redskins park, news 4. sports all right. round the friday corner, yes, indeed, it's that time of year. there are some spending trends that have raised flags. susan hogan with information you want to hear before you shop. is murder becoming ordinary in our ty? theci s
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
over the past week, we've seen an nctick in vio in the district, and it may be part of a troubling trend. the homicide rate alr netpacing the total for all of 2017. 4 is live in lincoln heights in northeast d.c. with the details. pat, do we knowri if the has a reason? >> reporr: the numbers, leon. two in northeast. one in southeast. one early thi morning at this apartment house in southwest. four murders in our city in the last five days. murder is becoming ordinary. that's troubling. saturday morning, 68-year-old amad, a clerk at a gasti s on brentwood road northeast shot and killed during a robbery.
5:46 pm
mohamad, his friend -- >> imagineomeone who takes someone's life for $300 i th ridiculous. >> reporter: monday, just after dark,d26-year- dwyane weaver found dead in the courtyard off 50 street northeast. he was a construction worker. the father of three little kids. percy waller, his stepfather. >> dwyane is a good person. i miss him to death. i love h to death. >> reporter: yesterday, in broad daylight on southern avenue, a bursof gunfir a 22-year-old man ends up dead onde the silk. neighbors say gun play here is common place. what do you think of something like this? >> it's terrible. it's teible. it's really no excuse, really isn't. there's no excuse for this. the violence needs to stop in >> reporter: then this morning,
5:47 pm
two men found shot in f ast floor apartment on galveston place northwest. one wounded, a 37-year-old man shot dead. four murders in fiv days. it's hard for police to keep up. is is a list of some of the unsolved murders in our city so far this year. we counted about 70 cases yet to be closed. so what's behind all this? cops tell you illegal guns, and for some, a total disregard of the value of human life. murder is becoming older their inur city. and that's troublesome. wendy, backo you. >> sad commentary, thank you, pat. also in the district, pole swarming around a capitol hill neighborhood overnight. one womanapturing thi video as helicopters flew overhead
5:48 pm
searching for a group of teenagers. they were suspected in at least six rberies and carjackings. d.c. police say after 10:00, the group carjacked a man at gunpoint on blaine street in northeast, crossed the capitol street bridge, made it to mass avenue in southeast, and ditched thecar. they couldn't outrun the police. now four suspects are under arrest and all of them rurare ur the age of 18. >> a school bus filled with students flipped in the county as the bus head to northeast gh school when it crashed with an suv before 7:00 this morning in glen burnie, a bus driver, school aide, and two other people in the vehicle were hurt, but no students injured. it is still not clear what caused that crash. fleesburg polic high with their newest tool. it's a drone, and it's got a camera on board. the drone will be u d for search and rescue operations, traffic accident,
5:49 pm
reconstructions, andod assessments as well as other dangerous situatio right now, one police officer is certified to pilot this, but police say they hope to have a second operator on board in the coming weeks. your neighborhood drugstore may be changing and saving you money in the process. cvs added medical services at minute clinics with focus on five chronic conditions like diabetes, heard disease, hypertension, asthma, and behavior health. the company plans to test the programs in about 1,000 concept stores starting early next year, and eventually expand to 10,000 stores nationwide. cvs is buying aetna, and the company believes this new concept will reduce medical costs. all right. since you are talking stores, hard te believo believe, but ti think about holiday shopping. >> it's after halloween, i'm surprise black friday is not after halloween.
5:50 pm
a new report is released predicting you are generous this year despite the fact you are paying off last year's bills. >> yeah. s ke with someone just yesterday in that situation. consumer reporter susan hogan working with you, for you, rather, witht look the trends now as we head into the holiday shopping season. >> oh, boy, i'll tel you, as we know, it is so easy to let the spirit of the season turn into a spending s iningsunami that cose than expects, and this year will be even more challenging to pay off our bills. nerd wallet surveyed more than 2,000 americans about tir spending plan for the 2018 .oliday shopping seas shoppers say they plan to spend, on average, $776 this season, $116 more than last year. 73% plano use credit cards to buy their gifts. that's up from 58% last year. this at nrly 40 million americans that are still paying
5:51 pm
off credit card balances from last holiday season, and, ladies, the survey found we plan to spend and charge less than men, $716 versus their $842. and shopping on bck friday, the survey found most plan to ppay home sg online rather than standing in long lines at local malls. >> we're laughing. because that's because we buy stuff for you women. >> and your stuff costs more. >> it does. >> yeah. >> well, the good stuff that we deserve costs more. >> so there you have it. >> there, there you go. >> e? >> i'm going with doug on this. >> right? >> we have been there before, >>haven't we? e have. here's a beautiful tie. here's your diamond bracelet. >> right. [ laughter ] >> no, no. >> here's your shoe polish. >> exactly. >> you know you love it. >> good stuff. oh. >> what do you have tonight,
5:52 pm
man? >> well, atonight' nice night. you know, heading out to dinner? no problems out there right now. tomorrow, well, another pretty good day, a little bit cooler the jackeso you nee most of the day, today you might not have. temperates now at 60 currently. cloud cover? yeah. temperatures in the 50s throughout the evening tonight, and temperatures will not drop that fast because we have that cloud cover around the region, 55 in leesburg. f andends there in reston, louden county, temperatures at 57 grees. reston and herdon in fairfax ty co i know, louden county, up in frederick, shower activity, but most not hitting the ground. a couple sprinkles, that's about it. this is all from a storm system that brought up clouds today, and storms well down to the south, anywhere ingeorgia, a next couple dayings, well, there's pretty nice weather tomorrow, but it all comes downhill, on friday, 100% chance n is of, everywhere, and 5 cha
5:53 pm
d.c. and north and west, and south and east has rain, and breezy and chilly saturday, and a really cold start onay su 34, we got in the city, but we could be -- you see the first freeze on sunday, and we don't see it then, then we'll see it later on in the right now, over to amelia standing in front of amelia. >> here, out of the way, a shoutout quick, doug, to the girl scouts, the 5th graders t bl burke yesterday, a th g twihe talking about the rain friday. really want to break it down for you. showers move in early friday the friday morning commute, some of us are dealing with wet roads, but by the middayur most of us are dealing with wet roads in the friday evening commute, for everybody, is looking soggy. the most rain is going to fall in the second half of the day on friday, so the at bus stop, for the kids, friday morning, some showers are possible, and definitely want the rain jacket.
5:54 pm
recess indoors. friday night tonight, picking out a movie or plan something to do indoorsn because r highly likely in the early evening hours friday. so cozy start to the weekend. that's what we'll say. looking to the weekend forecast, saturday, sunday, highs only around 47 degrees, so it's going to be blustery out there on saturday, not only is it chilly, but breezy to windy conditions throughout the day. we get really cold saturday night into sunday morning. we're starting off the day sunday with temperatures in thei 20s and low to30s. widespread freeze in the forecast sunday. that includes potentially inside of the beltway, and doug, overall, this weekend running 15 degrees below normal, and then it stays cold nextweek. >> yeah. you talk 15 degrees below normal for the weekend, and we're looking at below normal after another storm comes in tuesday. that brings rain, and lookow cold we are wednesday. many areas in the upper 30s, low 40s, movg through the whole week, again, a cold weekend. winter outlook, the winter
5:55 pm
foreca coming upt 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 on monday. don't miss it, talking how much snow we may have, cold air is movingst in, and winter fore is monday, winter temperatures next week i did.n'
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
for the first time, we learn about sex abuse police say several high school football
5:58 pm
players had to endure at the hands of their own teammates. news 4 spoke with parts about th hazing allegations at damascus high school. >> reporter: more disturbin allegations are emerging after five damascus high school jv football player wrs charged witu assaulting teammates. the post obtained a copy of the police report that's not been made public. the post says the report alleges that on halloween, four boys were attacked in the locker room by five of their teammates as part of a involving a broom stick. a 14-year-old boy heard screaming, and a 15-year-old boy cried out, stop several times. parents and students are appalled. >>di usting. shocking. and i feel that something has to be done. reporter: montgomery county public schools s they are unaware of the ritual, but in a response, the superintendent
5:59 pm
jack smith sent a video out to high school students monday. >> addressing you from across the sch tl system begin engaging with students about what they are seeing and experiencing to ensure thesebe haviors are not happening. >> reporter: the allegations also shocked a and former students. >> like, i've had brothers that id, hrough here, and they like, that's never happened, that's never been a thing. >> whatever happened inside that locker room is now part of an ongoing criminal investigation. reporting in damascus, news 4. ne> news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking . >> breaking now at 6:00, jeff sessions forced out as attorney general. how this will affect the russia probe. >> plus, surreal moments as president trump addresseshe midterm election results. and feud with the media boils over. >> that'senough. that's enough. that's enough. >> mr. president -- >> that's enough.n
6:00 pm
>> par me, ma'am. >> excuse me, that's enough. you are a rude, terrible person. sit down. i didn't cal i didn't call you. just a racist question. >> reporter: president trump boasting- >> we saw the candidates i suorted achieve tremendous success la night. >> a brawling with the media. >> just sit down, please. >> reporter: as voters democrats control of the house. >> we'll break down the pink wave in virginia. >> how a split congress will change theuture of washington. >> plus, we get to the bottom of problems at maryland polls. >> and breaking news, what happens next as jeff sessions resigns as attorney general? president trump has been foreshadowing the move for months, and he wasted no time make hise territory in post midterm landscape. >> the forced resignation raises concerns about the future of the russ


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