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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. z31blz z10rz y31bly y10 oh, god, this is so hard. oh, son, i love you so much. >> agony for the families of victims kild in a southern californ bar. tonight, we're learning new stories of survivors who have been through a nightmare like
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this before. protests around the country aimed at protecting the independence of the mueller investigation. the message sent tonight in front of the white house. and up to an inch of rain on the way for some of us tomorrown doug has more the timing and what to expect this weekend. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. tonight, there aretill no known motives for the shooting that took 12 lives in southern california. i'm leon harris. >> i'mnt doreen er. a community is reeling tonight, after a 28-year-old marine veten stormed into a bar and opened fire. ter, we're24 hours beginning to learn more about the victims. they include a ersf'sant who responded to the scene. a veteran, a husband and father. a college freshman. and so, so many more. >> hundreds attendeil a v for the victims tonight. nbc's jay gray has the latest on the investigation in thousandia oaks, califo >> reporter: nightfall, but still no relief from the attack
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th's gutted this community. investigators continue to search for evidence inside the borderline bar andgrill, a place that, hours before the attack, was filled with students, like every wednesday. >> we heard the gunshots -- a lot of gunshots. >> reporter: fired, investigators say, by ian david long, a 28-year-old marine t veterat served in afghanistan. armed with a pistol and smoke canisters, aseording to tho inside the club. firingozens of rounds, killing at least 12. more than g 100 inside scrambl to escape. >> mys friend got the bar stools and started slamming it into the wind windows. >> reporter: sergeant ron helus rush in. >> he's not going to wait. he's not going to hesitate. and he -- you can't describe it as anything other than totally heroic.
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>> reporter: helus leaveswi behd and son. jay skson coffman lost his son, cody, in the attack. >> oh, heavenly father, just please -- >> reporter: also confirmed among the dead, alaina housley, justin meeks and sean adler, who leaves behind a wife and two sons. >> there's a lot of emotions. i don't really know what to >> reporter: this community, numb, in the wake of country's latest massacre. today is the 312th day of 2018. ere have been 307 mass shootings where four orpe more le have been shot, 328 peop attacks.ed in those jay gray, nbc news, thousand oaks, california. and there are frightening reminders tonight of how common deadly mass shootings have become in this country. maybe the most startling is that there are survivors in thousand
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oaks who are living through this time.secon they survived the massacre in has va las vegas, just 13 months ago. that because the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. 58 people killed. some of the survivors of that ght also go to the borderline bar in thousand oaks. one who wasre last night, danny merrill. only 25, and she's done this twice now.e >> we w standing near the dj booth, almost, one of the high tops, and then we heard ap, pop, and i said, run, because that's my reaction now. you walk into places and your thought now is, where's my exit, how can i get out? we picked upir a with us, she was running out behind us and i just shoved her in the car with us. do this e, i can't again. i don't want to do this again. nobody should have to do it again or do it it all, in general. that's my home that's my second home. it's one of those places that we
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all got to come to after route, and we all got to heal together and come together and now that's taken from us, too. >> stay with news 4 and nbc news for our continuing coverage of this story. starting with any news developments overnight. news 4 today startles s at 4:00. angry people took to the streets tonight in new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c. and hundreds of other communities. they're out protesting the man president trump named as the country's new top law enforcement official. we saw rallies all over the dmv and across the country tonight. news 4's shomari stone is live se to e the white h explain the protester's demands. homari? >> reporter: gooening. the protesters were fired up, demanding thatwhatthew aker, the acting attorney general, recuse himself from the russia investigation. this was the "nobody is aeve th law" rally, and they say that president trump is not alove t
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above the law. protesters demand new acting attorney general matthew whitaker recuseheimself from t russia investigation. they hold sns that read "no one is above the law." "resign." and "treason." th is one of several rallies around the nation, including this one, captured by chopper 4 in silver spring and i v rockville. these phot show people demonstrating off route 7 in sterling. this group 408ds a sign that reads "protect the mueller investigation." protesters contend whitake is a trump loyalist and they believe he will not defend the justin department's independence agicnst pol interference. >> i want him to recuse himself from the russia investigation, buzz donald trp should not be above the law. >> he should step down and he should let someonetohat's going be impartial and unbiased lead the way. >> reporter: now tonight, the attorney gener attorney g maryland and virginia signed a letter to matthew whitaker asking him to recuse himself,
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urging him, from the russia in lstigation. noer on this month, some senators are expected to introduce a bill, saying that they will prote the investigation. once they return to capitol hill. outside the white house, shomari stone, news 4. nearly one year after bejan gaithers' death, there are still few answers for his family. they want to know why he was shots a shot and killed. news 4's jackie bensen heard from the familytonight. >> you people are the proof that humanity is not dead. >> reporedr: james was m to tears by the candles lining ft. hunt road at the spot where his son was shot and fatally wounded by united states park police officers one year ago. >> our s a did not have gun, did not have a drug, wasn't under the influence. was as innocent as he could be. it could be anybody's son. >> reporter: on november 17th, ntant who r-old acc lived in tyson's corner, was
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drivingear the national airport when his jeep was rear ended. he drove away from the scene. dash camm video f a fairfax county police officer invved in the effort shows a park police officer approaching the ep, gun drawn. the pursuit continued for miles, to a residential area, where park police officers fired nine shots into the suv. >> it's very frustrating. i know the fairfax county police and the fairfashion commonwealth attorney would love to act on this. >> reporter: the department of justice has releasedrm little infoion. some of the few answers have come not from united states park police, but from fairfax county police police. while not involved in the actual shooting, they have been compelled, they say, to be transparent with the family and
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public in fairfax county, jackie bensen, news 4. ra demonrs are under investigation by d.c. police after setting up outsi of tucker carlson's home last night. house e of the fox news heard chanting, saying, "we know where you sleep at night." when she says sheid in the back of the house after loud banging at her front door, police arrived and found the anarchy sign spray painted on the driveway. neighbors say no one deserves protesters at their front steps because of their political views. y> i wouldn't want people camping outside house because of my political positions. >> i don't think it aealthy thing to go to people's houses and scare their wife. >> last night's demonstration is now under an active criminal investigation andaro far, no rests have been made. turning tour weather now, and more rain coming our way. l seeme every friday lately. >> pretty much. we've gotten this pattern down now. doug, what' word? how bad is it going to be tomorrow? >> it's going to be pretty bad
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at t tes during afternoon, but the morning hours, you're going to be okay. however, if you're thinkg abou leaving and it's not raining, still, take the umbrella with you. out there right now, i want to show y thehighs. 61 degrees in the city. it was a pretty nice day with plentyf sunshine. 54 in hagerstown. much cooler weather to the west. this ah61, we're not going to see anything close to this any time soon. we're in for a big pattern change. satellite radar showing showers to the south. we could see a few overnitot ght. but it's really this storm back to the west that has rain and ith it. snow making its way towards chicago. for us, it is all rain, but it iis going to bring some much colder weather for saturday. so, again, another rainy friday. the cold moves in for saturday and even colder next week. we've got se real cold air, winter making an early appearance. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> all right, doug, thank you. a holiday weekend. travelers beware. starting tomorrow, and lasting through the weekend. the roads aroun reagan national
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airport will be an even bigger heache than usual. on a normal day, traffic grinds to a halt because of airportco truction, but this weekend, blue and yellow lines will shut down for repairs between brad dock road and pentagon city through tuesday morning. that means no trains at the airport, and many more people catching rides instead. the p airportns to have extra police on-hand to help keep the peace. a d.c. catholic priest charged with child sexual abuse was iowa accuaccused of two ot- other girls. accordin to courtdocuments, the girl's mother reported that incident to the church's head pastor, but police were notfi no about it until last month. duringheir investigation, they uncovered two other from 2015.s the archdiocese says it willel immediat remove that priest f
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when itirst heard of the allegations on october 26th. we're following breakingth news in nn california tonight. thousands flee a wildfire that destroyed hundreds of buildings. new video a new accounts of the destruction, coming up. also ahead, a maj crackdown on e-cigarettes coming from the federal government. a new plan to keep them out of the hands ofteenagers. and if you need something to lift your spirits tonight, stay up for this one. a local college professor whoha donated more than $1 million of his own money to students. >> it's incrediblyes sel and inspiring and it makes me want inspiring and it makes me want to be
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here's some breaking news that we're following out of northern california. police say that a raging wildfire has devastated a town northeast of san francisco. this fast-moving blaze has wiped outundreds of buildings and forced thousands of people to evacuate. people hghe had to drive thr walls of flames to escape, and there have been injuries. the wildfire exploded in size or today,ching tens of thousands of acra and sparking state of emergency. we're working for your health lonight, fng reports the government is about to stop convenience gas stations from selling e-cigarettes. it would be a major change in an effort to curb the growing number of teenagers who are vaping. "the washington post" reports thefda will crack down on flavored ee-cigarett sales as early as next week. the government is reportedly
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also going to ask people to verify their age when buying e-cigarettes online. typically, major donations that come to colleges come from big-wig alumni. >> but we have the story about. >> reporter: does il like home? >> oh, yes, it does i come here every day. >> reporter: recently retired, he still has an office here. inside, you can tell, math was his subject. >> my mother was a secretary, my father was an electr,ian, i ended up in a field quite a bit different from what they were doing. >> rorter: raised in a humble home in rochester, new york, richard was a competitive runner. chasing his dreams beyond athletics and into academics. >> some people helped me along the way, so, i thought it was necessary for me to help others. >> reporter: on apr essor's salary and working extra jobs, richard began donating his money
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fund scholarships for his students. every few years, a cake to celebrate milestones. $100,000. then, $400,000. there's only so much frosting to go around. this year, he marked $1 million in donations. >> it's $1,008,350. . >> reporter: to be precise. the notion of a faculty member giving $1 million is remarkable. he's truly as generous an individual as i've ever seen. office to the magic here. >> reporter: this is a man who has lived much of his career without taking any vacations. he doesn't buy any new things like a shiny newcar. doesn't own a cell phone. >> it's incredibly selfless and inspirin >> reporter: tom is now on the receiving end of one of the many grants. >> it's made a he difference in my life, and i'm going to have a four-year degree pretty soon. >> these were all the families that got houses in that neck of the woods.
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>> reporter: the doctor's pride extends beyond his students and into where he spends his free time, bui hinges with habitat for humanity and delivering meals. >> if i had to do it all over again, i would dot this wa i wouldn't make any changes at all. >> reporter: a life of sacrifice. a man for others. david culver, news 4. >> that's amazing. >> i hope they nameld a bg after him or something. >> at least one. >> absolutely. >> how inadequate do we feel now? >> exactly. have to make some changes. >> that's great. >> talk aut changes, doug. we're not going to like these changes, are we? >> no, but you know, we've seen them so much lately. we just can't stop the rain. like i said -- >> soggy friday. >> friday after fridayfter friday. this will be the third friday in a row with half an inch to an in of rain, leading into what will be a fairly chilly weekend. this is going t be the coldest weekend we've seen so far this season. out there right now, on the cool side. 51 degrees.
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winds out of the northeast at 7 miles an hour. notice the temperatures around th rest of the area. 30s in west virgin. around 46, culpepper, herndon coming in at 45 degrees. silver spring at 47. so, it's chill night. going to be a chilly start to our day tomorrow. we're not going to see any rain. rain on the radar currently. can't rule out showers overnight tonight, but it's really going to be with our system back to thest. showers moving in, but it's f r fairly dry. we may see some overnight from this. it's all back to this guy. this storm right here, which has snow to the north and rain to the south. right around the st. louis area, they're looking at a mixle of rain and snow. this snow moving towards chicago. this will move well to the north of our area. the rain is going to be'r what dealing with tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., cloudy skies, not much in the way of rain around our area at all. by around 11:00, you see the rain mostly well west of i-95, but getting close to leesburg
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and frederick. by noon, it's starting into the d.c. metro area, and by 2:00, it's everywhere. you don't need the umbrella when you leave tomorrow morning, but take it with you, because you'll need i during lunch and the late afternoon. look how heavy the rain gets during the 4:00ur. that's the friday evening rush hour. perfect, right, for everybody t there on the beltway, or 270, down 95. out,00, if you are going you got date night on friday night, take the coat, but the rain starting to move out. i think it'sy really done 7:00, 8:00. could see a few more showers. no snow for us, but the ski resorts have been getting snow. something else to look at. this is satusaay now. rday at 11:00 a.m. look at the wind chill. 37 in d.c. 26 in win chchester. 36 in leesburg. that's a cold saturday. it's going the be coldsaturday.
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sunday, not going to be much better. less wind on sunday, so, it will be illy. i'm going for 34 for a low in the city. that puts most of us, if not all of us, close to the freezing mark, or well below freezing, some in the 20s. 56 tomorrow. it will be cooler to the west tomorrow, only in the 40s there with that rain. so, kind of a nasty day on your friday. the winter outlook coming on monday, i'll tell you how much snow we can expect this year. anotherig storm, and this one changes the pattern again to a ch colder pattern, and boy do we stay well below average. averag highs, close to 60. yeah, we've got 40s all next week, including high of only 43 on wednesday. i think if we don't freeze in the city on sundaywe morning, l do it on wednesday or thursday morning next week. >> cold and colder. >> yep. >> heat staying on for good now. >> true. >> all right, still ahead here, the redskins finally, finally get some good news today at practice. practice. as sherree h
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> no need to hit the panic button yet, redskins fans. the team is 5-3, still atop the division, but likeast year injuries are starting to wreak havoc on this roster. buthe redskins may be getting somendelp ay. wide receiver jamisonwd cro practicing. he's been out sce week four jay gruden wants to see more tomorrow, though, before making a decision on his status. also back, rookie receiver trey quinn, who suffered an ankle injury week one and placed on injured reserve. the team will hav toecide whether to use one of their two designations to take him off ir.
11:26 pm
now, despite the constant injury talk, this team iooking on the bright side. a thre still first in the division, with plenty of football left to play. >> we're not going to look on the negative. we're going to find the positive everything we do outere and we got a lot of good weapons and we're ready to play redskins football stain. >> the falf of the season is over. the next stretch of emeht s, starting with this first four,o we have put everything behind us andovocus oning forward. we're still in a great positw,n right leading the nfc east,ro and we contl our own destiny ch. >> well, one guy t redskins could use right now i wide receiver desean jackson. do y remember watching this? >> yeah. >> d-jack spending three seasons with the redskins before signing with the buccaneers in free agency. but now in tampa, jackson continuing to show why he's considered one of the nfl's best playmakers. 626 receiving yards, four touchdo
11:27 pm
touchdowns. his former head coach knows the redskins needo prevent desean from stretching the field. >> well, i think the big play abilit that he has is well documented. i think he's number one or two in nfl history in plays over 40, 50 yards. so, that's where you have to really worry about desean. n jackson out there, act jackson, they call him. so -- yeah, git's --oing to be a challenge for us.ay it'ss -- every week is. just got to rise up to it and accept it and go outinnd make someof it. well, just wrapping up thursday night football. ben roethlisberger and the steelers hosting the panthers. big night in pittsburgh. first quarter, carolina up 7-0, but the steelers' first offensive play, big ben to juju smith-schuster, taking it 75ya flash.the house, in a the steelers tie this game up at seven. now, the next offensive play for the panthers, cam ntonsu under pres from t.j. watt. cam gettingt right to vince williams, he returnst 17 yards
11:28 pm
for theto uchdown. steelers scored two uchdowns in 13 seconds. they're up -7. yeah. they weren't messing around second quarter, pittsburgh keeps it roisberger going up top for his favorite, antonio brown hauling it in. does the rest. 63-yard touchdown for brown. steelers blow out the panthers, 52-21. pittsburgh's fifth straight win. and panthers now lost three on the season.ns redseed one of those
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all right, get the umbrellas ready. >> absolutely. >> okay. you've been warned. you've been warned. that's it for us tonight. stay tuned. jimmy fallon coming up next. >> emma wtone is onh jimmy. see you tomrow. >> seeor y
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- emma stone, bridget everett,


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